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Editor’s Note Three years? It feels like only

can be done when you have an

yesterday that ICON burst onto

idea, and a great team of people

the grid bringing stories of people,

behind you. Umberto is a true

places and events that made our

inspiration and icon dedicated to

virtual world unique and such

making this an incredible virtual

an amazing place to be. We are

world for everyone to enjoy.

delighted to welcome a new addition to our Icon family who is

I’m on the edge of my seat in

going to take us in style into our

anticipation as to what will come

4th year, the amazing Marie Cox,

over the next year. But one thing

our new Layout Director.

is for sure, we’ll be there for the good times, the bad times and all

I’m also thrilled that we have the

times inbetween, bringing you the

incredible Umberto Giano gracing

stories to make your world a little

our cover. He is proof of what

more iconic.

Get Jordan’s Look Gown | Flawless Gown from GizzA Jewelry | Sinra from Mandala Hair | Eva from Catwa Skin | Lacie 2 from Laqroki, Eye Makeup from R.icielli Photo by Gasolinealex Serevi

Jordan Whitt Editor in Chief


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Sexing Up Sexytimes

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On The Cover Second Life businessman and iconic entrepreneur Umberto Giano shows off his impeccable taste and style in a dazzling shot by Julie Hastings.


Home SweetH

Written by Anne Daumig Photos by Sophielle


As I ascend the brick steps I smell the carefully

tended roses in the built in planters along the front of the house. Beautiful stained glass double doors stand at the end of a long porch, which is reminiscent of a gentler era when an evening’s entertainment was watching the setting sun from rocking chairs. When I enter the spacious living room my breathe catches at the abundance of windows, rich paneling and stone masonry. A feeling of peace comes over me when I realize I have arrived home. Who do I have to thank for such an amazing house, nay home, but Pamela Galli, Owner and Creator of La Galleria, a four SIM store filled with everything from spacious houses to the smallest dÊcor pieces. Pamela’s attention to detail puts real life furniture to shame. She has created modern kitchens that would make a Master Chef drool and elegant dining rooms of the highest quality wood with appetizing meals fit for heads of state. There are comfy and cozy living rooms where you can curl up with a good book or entertain friends and serene bedrooms with beautiful fabrics and timeless decor. Like many of us, Pamela happened upon Second Life by chance, in this case after reading a magazine article. Curiosity got the better of her and once inside the virtual world, Pamela ICON Magazine

Page 20

fell in love. In the beginning it did not occur to Pamela to start building anything. It was only after she finished decorating her own rental house that Pamela wondered if she could make a chair. That first chair led to a table. In the end, Pamela replaced everything in the house with her own creations. “When I had done that, I thought, “Why not?” and set it all for sale. That is when my home became my store.” With a background in fine furniture and antiques, Pamela brings her passion for different styles and designs to our virtual lives. Though Pamela loves

creating houses, from sweet bungalows to romantic cottages to stately villas, her first love is creating beautiful furniture. La Galleria, her Second Life

business, is no hobby by any means, but her source of income since June 2009. And like other business owners, customer service is as important to Pamela as her designs. “I also handle all customer service, which is as important as designing, since I get to spend a lot of time listening to and getting to know my customers.” What impressed me most, beyond her design talents and concern for her customers, was her appreciation for the people who work with her. There is Nacy Nightfire, Pamela’s design partner, with whom she enjoys collaborating and choosing designs. Pamela also added a Manager/Marketing Director. “This year I have a wonderful assistant, Turbokitty, who handles many of the more routine management tasks, which leaves more time for me to spend on designing and customer service.” What does the future have in store for Pamela and La Galleria? Mesh, of course. As of the writing of this article, La Galleria has released two dining rooms, one bedroom, one living room and one kitchen set in mesh. And I am

here to tell you from experience, they are amazing! I was not a fan of Mesh at first, but after seeing Pamela’s creations, I am sold. Eventually Pamela will turn her Mesh designs toward homes, but will wait until more Second Life residents are able to enjoy the benefits of a Mesh viewer. “Mesh will save you prims and make your home more beautiful,” she says. Of one thing you can be sure, whether you choose house or furnishings, Pamela Galli’s creations will make your home more beautiful. La Galleria makes your house a home, sweet home.

My Favorite oom . . . R

Bedroom Jordan Whitt

Editor in Chief ICON Lifestyle and Too Sexy magazines

ICON: How would you describe your decorating style? Jordan: Hit and miss. I have a few fav stores I am addicted to and I tend to be there eagerly buying up on new release day and then redoing my entire home to fit around whatever I just bought. I always end up living in a What Next showroom! ICON: Does your style change at all? Jordan: Not really. I guess when it comes to decorating I am minimalist because I’m not particularly good at it, but its always home to me. ICON: Does it reflect your RL style? Jordan: It’s very much what I wish my RL style was. My SL is very much a reflection of me in RL in many ways. ICON: What is your most favourite item? Jordan: Definately the bed. I love the sweet romantic poses and the fact there are anims for single avatars as well as couples. Plus I love the textures and detail that goes into it. ICON: What was your most extravagant purchase? Jordan: Everything! I missed buying the furnishings when they were part of a $75 weekend sale so bought them all full ICON Magazine

Page 28

price. I had to have them because I had just changed to a new skybox and they worked with the new colour scheme!

ICON: What is the one store you would call your decorating weakness spot? Jordan: Without a doubt, it’s What Next!


Sexytimes Written and photographed by Solitaire Highfield

Remember back in those chatroom days when you’d just “get to it” (usually with no foreplay), just a throw down and do it then and there on the floor? Not that there is anything wrong with that. Sometimes it’s all very nice...but it got old and boring pretty quickly. Scene setting was so important. It could have been something as simple as a bed, couch or chair. Or a bit more detailed like a hotel room in Vegas, a cabin in the woods, a deserted island in the middle of the ICON Magazine

Page 30

Pacific or in the car on the way home from a movie. Second Life has added a whole new dimension to online sexytimes. You’re no longer bound by mere words.

You can create whole worlds or places to go to away from everyone and everything. It sure as hell beats the just throw them down and get busy scenes of our chatroom yesteryears!

Which bring me to Role Playing. It’s a wonderful thing. You can find pretty much anything and everything to Everyone knows what this is. Its playing help you create the perfect environment for sexytimes, whether its intimate times with a loved one, or down and dirty role play with strangers. The imagination is limitless and so are the possibilities now brought to pixel life by the talented builders and scripters of Second Life. But why just stick to the cliched bed, bath and couch when you can take a trip to a stunning island beach sim and make love under a waterfall as the sun slowly sets, or a sleazy motel room with a vibrating heart shaped bed that takes quarters and all you can watch porno channels. Or even a dungeon with all those delightful toys...stockades, swings, spanking benches, suspension bars, St Andrew’s cross..etc.

a part, being someone else, changing who and what you are to add some excitement and fun to the experience : Master/Slave, Teacher/Student, Boss/ Secretary, Nurse/Patient, Cheerleader/

Quarterback etc. Or maybe you just role play a situation : Car breaks down/stranger stops to help, pickup in a bar/grocery store/gym etc.

before slowly moving into the more sexual side of things.

Combining the two, setting and role playing, you get a fun and adventurous encounter that is sure to be remembered. Its a way of adding something new Or if you are serious about your partner, and exciting to your loveplay that is beyond the “lets just get naked and make its a way to share a part of yourself, a fantasy you wish could come true, places whoopee” you would love to go and see and share thing. You with them. can create elaborate Anyway...its a big wide grid out there and scenes and it should be used to make your sexytimes act them more real and pleasurable. out, and with the amazing amount of costumes as well as sexgen furniture and toys you can find in SL, it’s opened up a whole new realm of role playing. You can create your environment, or even rent a specially themed skybox and then all you need to do is enjoy the conversation and flirting,


Style Editor’s Note I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day with the people they loved. On to this month’s holiday - HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY! Please be safe and don’t drink and drive! We have a lot of goodies for you this month that I’m stupid excited about. My team has done an AMAZING job bringing in some awesomeness for you guys. Along with my team, our Style ICON this month is Kenneth Uxlay. He’s a very talented young man with an awesome sense of humor and amazing sense of style. We still have our other favs in the mix for this month as well. We hope you enjoy it! If you are a designer and would like your designs featured, please contact me in world or via email @ daijaarida@gmail.com

Get Daija’s Look

Daija Arida

Shirt | Structures in Grey from Villena Hat | Ball Cap Diamind in blue from Flit Ink Hair | Helena in Mocha (modified) from Truth Glasses | Nerd Glasses from Sovi3t Star Skin | Olivia #004 limited edition w/ freckles from Fresh Fx Body Shop Photo by Gasolinealex Serevi

ICON Magazine

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Style Feature

Models Tara Renfold photographed by Zachary Zufreur Alf Whittaker photographed by Gasolinealex Serevi

Eve Tank Dress in Black

It’s Mesh Madness in this month’s Style Feature. We introduce you to J.H. Couture, a new store that has a range of clothing that is stylish and wearable.

Ivy Jeans Jumpsuit in Blue

ICON Magazine

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Jacket Ava Suit Jacket in Black Skirt Ava Pencil Skirt in Black

Alf styles some sexy mesh jeans with fabulous shirts from 6T

Shirt Penny Tee Jeans Light Blue Jeans Mesh Size 1 from Kal Rau

Shirt Efn Jedi Tee Jeans Classic Jeans in Indigo with belt from Hoorenbeek

Shirt More Cowbell Tee Jeans Classic Jeans in Ocean with belt from Hoorenbeek


Jacket | Studded Biker Jacket in Tan from BeetleBones Pullover & Shirt | Lloyd Sweater in Mustard from Young Urban Jeans | Denim 1929 Cigarette in Light Gray from Mon Tissu Boots | Survivor Boots Cotton in Camel from Redgrave Socks | Scrunched Primsocks from Maitreya Bag | Leather Satchel in Mustard from Maitreya Skin | Tiger in 06 Tan from The Body Co. Hair | Charlie in 2 Black from Pocket Mirrors

HER Pullover | Austen Pullover in Mustard from Mon Tissu Dress | Ruche in Nude from Epoque Leggings | Legging in Black from Maitreya Boots | Leopard Booties in Bare from Leverocci Bag | Hello Goodbye in Floral from DDL Skin | Chocolata in Extra Light Ebony from The Body Co. Hair & Hairbase | Parted Hair Updo in Black from Paper Couture

ICON Magazine

Page 41

This month our Style ICON is Kenneth Uxlay. He’s a very talented stylist that I stalked for weeks on his fashion blog. The way he puts things together, I’m in LOVE with. Not to mention that his photography skills are insane. Go check out his blog @ http://kennethdotuxlay.wordpress.com Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Kenneth Uxlay

Shirt Andreas Mesh Shirt from Nanuk Jeans Used Grunge Denim in Indigo from Sleepy Eddy Shoes Slip’ Ons & Socks from Eskimo Bag Satchel Bag in Brown from Izzies Scarf Fringe Scarf in Solid from Miel

Shades Timeless Shades from Epoque Hairband Native Indian American Night Wolf from The Plank Skin Ash in 03 Light from The Body Co. Hair Poland Highlander Bun in Ash Blonde from Vive9

Bunnies, Sheep and Tulips! Blogger Spot

Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Jule Lemondrop

Bunnies, sheep and tulips, all kids of spring. The icy cold white steps back to welcome a gentle green. The awakening sun magically puts a smile on our lips. Everything is new still not unknown. ICON Magazine

Page 46

Stola Fur Wrap in Brown from Saikin Shirt/Dress Chloe Upper in Blue from Sweeter Than Candy Skirt Set Julia Skirt from Censored Boots Relax Boots Left Plum and Right Slate Blue from Slink Earrings and Necklace Uva from Miel Bag Stumble Bag Light from TokiD Hair Rivers Run in Maple from Exile Skin Sakia Camelia in Cacoa from Al Vulo!

Dress Lumiere in Green from Couvertur E Socks Soft Resolution Knee Socks in Cream from Kyoot Boots Charro Boots from Crazy Earrings Abalone Bud from Concrete Flowers Necklace Lace Heart Dual Necklace from Addiction Watch Troupe watch in bright from Miel Ring Elegance Ring Series in Silvy from Mons Bag Straw Bag from Izumiya Hair She Sells Sanctuary in Bombshell from Shag Skin Mely* You Can’t Resist Me in Sunkissed from Al Vulo!

Scarf Undone in Beach from Tulip Top Lilly in Petal from Tulip Jeans White Capris from Crazy Belt Studs Rock from Ronsem Sandals Boho from Crazy

Necklace Strawberry from Concrete Flowers Ring Apple Ring/Red Silver from AddiCt Bracelet Ade from Kosh Hair Girls of Summer in Nectar from Exile Skin Acorn Frex April Pure 4 from Curio

ICON Magazine

Page 50

Shoe Freak Photographer: Aspen Huntress Model: Daija Arida

ICON Magazine

Page 51

This month we’re shoe freaking over Haut Monde and Pure Poison. I’m OBSESSED with both of these stores. Haut Monde I loved immediately. They have the trendy styles that are in real life fashion now. Sadly the inworld store has closed. I hope they have one on Marketplace.

Brooklyn Boot in Red

Haut M

Natalee Shoe in Beewax Set

Uproar Boot in Russet


Pure Poison has that classic heel that I adore. Every girl needs a good pair of classic solid heels. Glam Pump in Pistacho

Boho Chic Top | Adyan Kurta Tunic in Saffron from Zaara Chinos | Chinos in White from Zaara Shoes | The Twine Shoes in White from *FIR & MNA* Necklace | Surfer Necklace from Emery Sunglasses | Custom Eyewear in Goscan from Gos

ICON Magazine

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Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Hikaru Enimo

Spring has sprung, and Hikaru has found some awesome styles for this time of year.

Classic Preppy Outfit | Classic Outfit 2 from Redgrave Glasses | Aquila Sunglasses No.3 in Si from Rozoregalia

Get That Style Get That Style is dedicated to the transference of real life looks and styles and brings it into Second Life. We were the first to do so, and we are proud of that fact. This month we are celebrating some AWESOME spring styles.

On Daija Jacket Porter Jean Jacket in Dark from Mon Tissu Tank Tank in White from LIF Skirt Maxi Skirt Meena Charcoal from Jane Bag My Tote Bag in Sisca from Milk Motion Shoes Flip Flops in Eclipse from Maireya Gold Glasses Pilot Peppers from Miel

Photographer: Gasolinealex Serevi Models: Gasolinealex Serevi, Taya Renfold and Daija Arida ICON Magazine

Page 61

Courtesy of pinterest.com

On Taya Dress Julia Dress from Crazy Boots Curvaceous Boot/Wedge in Brown Leather from Gos Hat Borghild Hat/Wood in Turquoise from Lelutka Glasses Custom Sunglasses in Butterfly from Gos Bangles Pallav Clear Bracelets from Zaara

Courtesy of googlesearch.com

On Alex Jacket Pea Coat in Black from Amerie M Shirt Contrast Long Sleeve in Black/White from Whippet & Buck Pants Woven pants in Red from Mr.Poet Boots 2-way Belt Laceup Boots in Black from Anexx Belt M Leather Belt from The Abyss Courtesy of GQ.com

On Alex Jacket Air Wing in Aavy from Ronsem Shirt 2in1 Tee Brown & Gray from Mr.Poet Pants Carlo Pants in Gray from LeLutka Shoes Aviator Loafer in Black from Redgrave Bag STD.Madame in Gigi Bag from Cheerno

Courtesy of GQ.com


Endless Shadows


Beauty ICON Magazine

Page 68

Endless Shadows





Eden Butterfly

The Plastik





Duinne V2


For some, Second Life is a way to escape who you are in real life; a means to be someone else. Umberto Giano sees the opportunities presented by Second Life in a different light however. Just like in his real life, this self-proclaimed workaholic hasn’t been able to sit still since he rezzed for the first time.

Written by Sahara Mehrtens Photos by Julie Hastings ICON Magazine

Page 73


On the Move “I own my own business in real life, and it’s not my style to just sit around,” Umberto explains. “I first joined Second Life to relax a bit and chat with people during slow times at work. I am not a gamer per se - in fact, people who know me in real life would be surprised at the thought of me spending my spare time in a virtual world - but I got hooked early on and became a passionate devotee. Of course, I am also a workaholic, and the original motivation for being here –relaxation – didn’t last long. I had a SL job within weeks of rezzing.”

Umberto’s resume is a long and impressive one, spending one year as a senior writer and two and a half years as editor-inchief of BoSL Magazine; a model for several agencies; a contributing writer for numerous publications; club owner; owner of the SFL and VSF Browns football team; owner of the new restaurant - Del Vino Italian Tapas and Wine Bar; co-owner of the upcoming Pyramid Theater; coowner of Role Play Guide Magazine and proud owner of The Grove Country Club and Estates. With his hands in so many ventures in Second Life, Umberto is one of the most successful businessmen and ICONic people on the grid.

landscape and amenities at The Grove may be some of the best in Second Life, he feels it’s the residents of The Grove that create the community atmosphere and make it such a joyful experience for him. “I had two goals in mind when I opened The Grove,” he relates. “My primary focus is to create a luxury estate that fosters a real sense of community, and in this regard we are successful. My team and I created a network of roads and driveways which connect all residents to our regular events, such as Open Mic Night at Common Grounds Coffee House. Our residents also hold their own informal events, from dinner parties to game nights, where they host poker and greedy games in their homes.

“I’ve done a lot of things in my time here in Second Life and been successful at most of my endeavors,” Umberto says. “But without doubt, my greatest “My other goal was to create a accomplishment in Second Life is my estate beautiful custom-built community – The Grove Country Club Estates.” with a sense of realism that is sometimes lacking in Second Umberto’s dream for the Grove was a place Life. I place a lot of attention and where people can live in SL and experience detail into our public structures a true sense of community. While the and sims, and many of our

residents have their homes built custom by some of Second Life’s best builders (but this is not a requirement).” Umberto’s endeavors in the magazine world have also given him a sense of pride and he has been a well-known and celebrated magazine icon amongst the SL publishing trade for years. “I have been involved in the Second Life publishing industry since late 2007,” he explains. “I began as a writer before becoming a magazine editor – a position I enjoyed for over two and a half years. Last May I left my former publication for more fulfilling and better pursuits.” Since his departure from that magazine, Umberto has been involved with many other publications, including

magazine, Role Play Guide Magazine. “Role Play Guide Magazine (RPG) is a bimonthly publication which explores the immense and under-reported world of role-play in Second Life,” Umberto says. “In RPG Magazine, we inform our readers about the art of role-play and explore everything from historical and scifi role-play to Gorean sims. Working with my good friend and co-publisher Filipa Thespian on this project has been a dream.” When it comes to giving advice to going into magazine publishing, writing, editing, etc. Umberto knows the key ingredient to true success. “Truth is, pay in Second Life is a woeful pittance for those employed in the publishing and magazine trade,” Umberto offers. “The hours can be long and, in the end, only the very best and most talented are recognized for their work, while most labor away anonymously. Only a select few publishers make a decent amount of money from their efforts, and most are lucky to break even. So I would advise anyone who wants to enter this field to examine their motives. Low pay, hard work and very little recognition lay ahead. I have questioned my own motives for remaining in the magazine world many times. Why do I continue putting in hard

hours on a publication? Love. “I love what I do. I love the excitement of planning an article or issue. The thrill of matching photographers with the perfect subject to suit their style and ability. And most of all, I love the rush of finishing a beautiful product. A job well done. It gives me so much satisfaction. A genuine feeling of accomplishment. I suppose more than anything; however, my passion is for creating experiences for myself and others within Second Life. In every project I undertake, my goal is to add an extra layer of realism previously unseen on the grid. Pick any major work I have been a part of – my estate, my club or my new restaurant - and I’ll tell you how, I hope, we helped elevate Second Life lifestyle.” Umberto is quick to point out that; however, that he does not work alone and is one part of a fantastic team.

“I don’t operate in a vacuum,” he notes, “I am surrounded by amazing and talented individuals who contribute to The Grove, Role Play Guide Magazine and all my projects. “In reality,” he continues, “The Grove is no longer just my vision, but a new vision shared by all the principles involved: Patch Thibaud, Viola Rookswood, Dar Writer, Bren Betts, Frederick Lancaster, Coralie Bilasimo, Filipa Thespian and the entire staff. They all contribute ideas and concepts to the estate making it better and more unique. “Of course no one shares in my work at The Grove more than my partner, Emery Milneaux. Emery has been around since the beginning of the community, acting as my sounding board and adviser. An artist irl, Emery’s perspective is invaluable. His attention to detail is absolute, and he refuses to allow corners to be cut anywhere and insists on the best in any given situation. He inspires and even sometimes pushes me to do better and to be better, and his influence is evident in everything I do. I suppose you could say, he is my muse.” Umberto concludes his thoughts, chuckling, “As well as we work together, I think Emery would prefer if I sat still more often and just enjoyed hanging out. Unfortunately, that’s one thing that has always been hard for me to accomplish.” Umberto may not be able to sit still long, so we will always be keeping one eye on him to see what his next great adventure or journey entails.

Make Your Eyes IKONic Photos by Rainey Manx

We sat down with Ikon Innovia, the creator behind some of the most stunning eyes in Second Life, to find out about the rebranding of Fashism into IKON, what inspires him and why eyes should never be overlooked when you create your avatar! Icon: What was the reason for your rebranding of Fashism to Ikon?

Ikon Innovia: From the beginning, I wanted to name the store IKON, but I was worried people might confuse it with some stores with similar names and with Icon magazine. So I came up with the name “Fashism� as a play on fascism, which is an authoritarian political idealogy. Although real fascism has negative connotations, I figured most people would understand the fashion related play on words and my lightICON Magazine

Page 81

hearted intent. However, some people were put off by it, especially in Europe, since they’ve suffered under fascism. Also, for them English is usually a second language, so the switch of the C for an H was lost in translation. Although it hurt to forfeit the brand recognition I’d built up, the mileage I got out of a memorable but provocative name just wasn’t worth offending customers over. I went back to my original plan and rebranded as IKON.

ICON: How long did it take you to develop this new concept?

Ikon: I agonized for months over whether to change the name, weighing the loss of valuable brand recognition vs the risk of offending some potential customers. In the end, I decided to do what felt right and to rebrand. IKON was the obvious choice, since it was the name I originally wanted. That part didn’t take much time at all.

ICON: What new products do you have for the re-opening?

Ikon: IKON relaunched in February 2012 with the new ‘Utopia’ line of eyes. We

made sure to cover the basics with the initial launch of this line and included several realistic colors and a few bold colors too, but lots more are on the way soon.

ICON: Which eyes are your best sellers? Ikon: People want real eye colors: blue, brown, green, hazel and gray. Blues outsell everything else by a good margin, but browns are very popular too. Within a color range, like blue for instance, half the people prefer more muted, realistic tones while the other half prefer more vivid, saturated hues. Lighter shades sell more than darker ones. Fantastical colors like purple, pink, red, sell a small fraction of what the others do.

ICON: What do you see as a next step for Ikon?

Ikon: My intention all along has been to expand into other beauty and fashion products besides eyes.

But I have been surprised at how well the business has done selling just eyes. I think there is a lot of room for growth in that single product category, so we plan to come out with several more lines of eyes and then go from there.

ICON: What inspires you? Ikon: In a word: Beauty. Avatars are an opportunity to express ourselves, to demonstrate our personal tastes in beauty and style, to shine and project everything we’ve always wanted to be. I think the products that sell best in SL have a critical mix of beauty, realism, impact and relevance. But for me, beauty is first; I want to see it, immerse in it, create it, and share it.

ICON: How long do you take designing one pair of eyes?

Ikon: I spent several weeks, on and off, studying RL eyes and assessing the eye competition in SL. I then developed the Sunrise eye design in just a few days, but then fussed with it for months before I was happy with it. It was kind of ridiculous! The Utopia line took about a week to come up with, but I didn’t obsess over it for nearly as long - just a few weeks. That is still too long!

ICON: What is the biggest challenge concerning your business?

Ikon: Motivating the masses to bother buying quality eyes. I think eyes as an avatar beauty component are underappreciated by

most people. Maybe it’s because eyes are a relatively small detail, size-wise, compared to the rest of the avatar? But to the “eyegnorant” masses, I’d like to point out that humans are attracted to faces and zoom in on them, in both lives. The more beautiful and realistic the eyes are, the more attractive the face is.

ICON: What advice do you offer to aspiring content creators in sl?

Ikon: There are a lot of stores in SL, so it can be very challenging to stand out. Make sure your product is high quality, reasonably priced and relevant. All three of those are moving targets as the technology, market and tastes evolve, so do your homework to see what is out there now, what seems to be catching on, and how your product can be a meaningful addition to all that.

Happy Birthday


Hey! It’s our birthday again!

It feels as though we just celebrated our birthday, and now it’s time to turn around and do it all over again! What a crazy and wonderful journey we’ve had!

For three wonderful years we at ICON magazine have had the opportunity to meet the most amazing people, see the greatest places and experience the most fantastic events SL has to offer. The pages of the magazine tell a history of the ICONic people, places and things that have impacted our lives here on the grid and a journey through this history brings back

nostalgic memories, causes us to celebrate the present and look on with new hope toward what will come in future years. It has been quite a ride for us, filled with so many fond memories and amazing stories that have touched our lives,

inspired us to dream, pushed us further and made us smile.

three years and we look forward to celebrating in the future! This issue We have had the opportunity to cover kicks off a new year for us and we can’t so many unique individuals and sponsor wait to continue on with our tribute to the ICON’s of SL! some of the most exciting and fun events across the grid throughout the Thank you to all of you who have read the issues, supported the magazine and been a part of this journey. Through the years you have been the backbone of this magazine and our reason we continue to publish.

years. Each issue has been as unique as those who are featured inside it. Celebrating the people and places that make this grid one of the most fascinating places to explore and be a part of has been our joy over the past

Celebrating our birthday has caused us to look back, but now we look toward the future and can’t wait to see what amazing things are brought to light in the coming year! We look forward to putting out this year’s issues and bringing you new stories, people, and places in our pages.


Terror by day + Fear by night = Fun for all Written by Amelia Harsley Photos Supplied by Club Razorpill ICON Magazine

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Imagine a place where Freddy Kruger is a permanent resident, a constant spray of blood barrages those dancing on the chainlinked floor, razorblades hang from chains, and everywhere you turn a skull is staring you in the face. Sounds like something from a horror flick, but for many residents of SL, Club Razorpill is the spot to chill and listen to great rock and metal tunes. Razorpill was started in 2009 by Remy Frimon and though it has been a journey with ups and downs, it’s become one of the hottest nightclubs on the grid with a full DJ list and a constant crowd of people. “I came up with the name in around 2003 as a band name in real life, got it copy-written then it fell through. I held on to the name until 2009 when I created Razorpill the store,” he said. “Then I wanted a club for friends, so created Club Razorpill within my store. It closed due to a lack of RL time to put into it, but I just recently reopened it again.” The theme of Razorpill was inspired by horror movies, as Remy is a huge fan of horror flicks and loves the style that comes with it.

“I’m a HUGE fan of horror movies and love the dark gritty aspect of them and how they present a beautiful light on such dark subject matter,” he explained. The club has a huge fan base and constantly has people rocking out, and Remy attributes it to the different atmosphere. “All clubs have two drawing factors, the music and the prize during events,” he explained. “But what keeps people coming back to Razorpill is the fact we are all different yet share the same love for horror and the styles of music played here, and that’s what we love about each other. I mean hell, if everyone was an elf in Second Life it would be a pretty boring place. We might as well play World of

Warcraft then, am I wrong?” And through this journey, Remy attributes the club’s success to those around him, those who constantly push him to succeed. “My friends, my open minded nature and the fact I don’t let a slow day get me down, as well as my partners, are what I attribute the success of the club to,” he explained. “Most clubs in SL are fly by night. They have no theme, other than location. At Club Razorpill we thrive on horror, and the horror film industry is forever changing. As it does, so will we.”

urlesque! B Photos Supplied by Yohighnus

Six amazing sets, three teams of gorgeous models, six incredibly talented designers and music from some of the best productions were all brought together by The Runway Cafe in Burlesque, a new way to experience fashion and theatre in Second Life.

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Stunning designs from Blacklace, Hugo’s Design, Insolence, Lady Thera, Mon Cheri and deviousMind enveloped the stunning models as they performed to songs from such movies as Moulin Rouge, Burlesque and Caberet using custom made animations from MyAnimation, as well as others from Animazoo and Vista Animations. Each song featured a set custom made to showcase the models, the music and the theme of the stunning creations they wore. If this is the preview of things to come for Second Life fashion shows, I may find myself going to more of them!

DJ Top 10 Photos by Sophielle

Slarty Albatros Slarty Albatros started out working in clubs dancing and hosting, and it wasn’t long before he moved into a more managerial role. After that, it only seemed natural to move into learning how to DJ as well. Three years later he can still be found spinning at Club Industry.

His music runs more towards EBM, noise, industrial and aggro, but that’s what works in an industrial club. His advice to anyone wanting to get into DJing - don’t be scared. Make sure you’ve got a really good supply of music, and also, make sure your internet connection can handle you being on SL, streaming, and downloading as well, in case you need to get someone’s request.

Slarty’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Throat Full of Glass - Combichrist 2. NoiseBastards - Faderhead 3. Dirty - Grendel 4. Mitternacht - E Nomine 5. Rituals - God Module 6. Annihalate Destroy - Rotersand 7. Genocide - Pysclon Nine 8. Closer - Nine Inch Nails 9. Bind, Torture & Kill - Suicide Commando 10. Spit it Out - Aesthetic Perfection ft Grendel ICON Magazine

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Anubis Darkwatch A DJ in college before moving into online radio DJing, Anubis Darkwatch is an old hand at the DJ field. In Second Life he has been spinning since 2004. “It’s a whole new ball game!” he says. “Not only did I reach a larger number of people, but my mind was opened to a lot of new music from all over the world as well.” Not one to like being in one spot too long, Anubis can be found playing for Rock, Metal and Industrial music as well as Dance, Trance and Dubstep, with the occasional Top 40 set thrown in at several clubs around the grid, such as Ignibus, Rouge Lounge and Iron Fist, as well as at events for the likes of Modavia and Avenue.

His advice for anyone wishing to get into DJing in Second Life - Be flexible, listen to your audience and play what they want, even if it doesn’t ‘fit’ into your set. A happy listener is a repeat listener.

Anubis’ Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Ghosts n’ Stuff - Deadmau5 2. Point Of No Return - DJ Encore 3. In & Out Of Love - Armin Van Buuren 4. Reptile - Skrillex 5. Bass Cannon - Flux Pavillion 6. Get Down Lay Down - Ajapai 7. Switchback (Klayton Revision) Celldweller 8. Pong - Eisenfunk 9. Pretty Toy - Velvet Acid Christ 10. Wishmaster - Nightwish


The Zombie P roblem The stench of rotten flesh

fills the air as I pull out my

Breach 9mm hand gun, cock it to one

side and begin to blow each of the slowly moving remains of what once was a human life to oblivion. There’s only one good way to kill a zombie… a direct kill shot to the head … or two… or three just for good measure. Sounds like something from a horror flick, but the problem is starting to slowly make its way to Second Life and I kind of feel like it’s my job to protect everyone I know from these vicious ICON Magazine

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Confessions of an SL Addict

Written by an Addict Photos by Phe Bruun

brain-eating jerks. I’ve been spending much of my Zombie hunting time at the Mad Hatter Shopping District, not to be confused with The Mad Hatter Hattery. Behind the gates in the streets right outside of the shopping district, they lurk, slowly walking the streets, waiting for their next unsuspecting victim to rez in and be devoured. Those who are unprotected will pay the price. It’s a dangerous job, but somebody has to do it. And, as of late, I feel a bit addicted to the adrenaline rush zombie killing has given me. There could be hundreds roaming the

streets, and it’s my job to rid the grid of these foul and evil creatures. The key to a perfect shot is having the perfect weapon. Many who choose to fight alongside me choose weaponry closer to a machine or tommy gun to do their business. But me, nothing gives me more confidence than to accomplish something and know that I looked amazing doing it. Not many girls can say they handle the force of the handgun, but I can, and some find that extremely sexy. The smooth touch of the prim metal in my hand, the curve

of the trigger on my virtual finger, the cool surface of the gun’s shaft gleaming in the sunset light… nothing like it. Zombie rezzers don’t stand a chance when I’m around. Another very important aspect of zombie murder 101 is the kick-ass outfit that you have to put together. From leather jackets to holey jeans, the perfect zombie hunting ensemble is a must-have. Some wear skirts or cute outfits because they

use shooting as a way to find someone to fall for them. I look for the outfit that screams, this girl is tough - be afraid. I will be continuing my search for zombies across the grid, making sure they no longer harm the people of SL. Your brains are safe, for now.

The List

1. Relax

Nothing is more relaxing than laying back in a hot bath full of scented oils and bubbles. What Next has the fabulous Ondine Bath that comes with several animations sure to make this a relaxing time indeed. It has animations for single avatars as well as some gorgeous PG couples animations.

2. Embrace Change

JCNY has created a mood ring that you can change via menu to create the perfect look to match your mood! You can also change the metal band and surrounding gems, making this as unique to you as your mood!

3. Propose a Toast

I love the Floatin Toast Ride from BiTz. It’s seriously fun and a great way to get around the grid. Amaze your friends and be the envy of everyone when you zoom around on your stylish ride. And if you get hungry, just have a nibble!

4. Be a Winner

You don’t need to enter a contest and spend thousands of lindens to be a beauty queen winner. Eduardo Trafalgar has the awesome Winner Salute animation which comes with sash, flowers and a crown to complete your winner’s look. You can even walk whilst doing your winner wave!

5. Think Like a Man Astin Miles has the Neko Think Chair as a freebie on Marketplace. It has a built in thinking pose and is great for a man cave, an urban club or just as a prop in photos or a deserted house.

6. Be Chic

Mesh is very in right now and tres chic! Maitreya has released some of the hottest mesh on the grid sure to make you look the height of fashion and tres chic too! I especially love the Athena Sweater, a comfy sweater with a low cut back that will dress up jeans or look stunning with a maxi skirt.

7. Live to the Max

The biggest pet peeve with models, photographers and bloggers is hair through the body. The amount of time and effort to find a hair for a look that suits the pose, and then to edit around issues such as hair in body is astonishing. Mesh hair is my new love for saving me time and effort and also looks good on! Check out Elikatira, Wasabi Pills, The Alice Project and Exile, amongst others, who are creating hair to save you pulling yours out!

8. Stay Sharp

The Safety Heart is a cute dollarbie tattoo from Letis Tattoo which looks good on men as well as women. Its a painless way to keep a heart safe. Be sure to check out the rest of the range at Letis. They are stunning!