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Gods of Valor Gaga for Gacha Behind Kirsty’s Lens

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Editor’s Note We’ve survived 2012! I can’t believe Hollywood and the Mayans lied to us! The world didn’t end, the Kardashians are still polluting our screens and unfortunately my ex’s are still breathing! On the bright side though, now we’ll get to see how the Hobbit movie ends! Damn you Peter J for making it a trilogy!! And I did achieve one of my goals this year. I finally got my inventory below 50,000!!! At present it’s keeping at a steady flow between 45,000 and 46,000. Maybe my new goal could be to get it down below 40,000. I know that’s a huge ask for someone addicted to hair and poses and skyboxes and Glam Affair skins, but I’ll give it a go. Get Jordan’s Look: Skin - Amberly from Glam Affair Makeup - War Paint Cherokee from {katatonic} Hair - Nyx from Truth Headband - Hemp Hair Beads from Earthstones Choker - Milky Way from Mandala Eyes - Eternal in Hazel from IKON Photo by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

It’s been an epic year full of changes, good and bad, on the grid. Mesh has exploded on the grid and now everything from hair to eyes, homes to furniture and most importantly - clothing - is more realistic and flows so mush better in our virtual world. Stores have come and gone, amazing new talents have emerged and old favourites have retired, but we’re still here to inform and introduce you to them. I look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for us, and hope you come with us for the ride!

Jordan Whitt Editor in Chief




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Ispachi’s Diarmuid Miklos shows his am passion for fashion and le

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From London with Love Behing the Lens - Kirsty Oherlihy Over the Moon for Wolfie DJ Top 10

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Blogging - Who Benefits? Confessions of an SL Addict More Than Just a Second Life The List On The Cover

mazing style in our gorgeous cover shot by Julie Hastings. Read about his earn more about the talent behind the Ispachi brand in the Radar section.



Written by Luc Fray Photos Courtesy of Filipa Thespian

It was a few months ago when I first came across Gods of Valor (GOV). I’ve always been interested in mythologies and when I heard about the sim, I had initially perceived it had some sort of mythology in the mix. However, as I went on and visited the sim and read its guidelines, I came to realize that the role-playing background was more factual than mythical. It is a different genre of role-playing than I’ve previously been exposed to as it’s focused on ancient worlds and you have to have some knowledge and a bit of background on Roman history to be able to play your role well.



Filipa Thespian and Crito Galtier, owners of Gods of Valor sim, were more than delighted to talk about their brainchild. “The name ‘Gods of Valor’ actually started off as a ‘placeholder’ name tossed into the sim description until we decided on our city name, and it grew on us. I fell instantly in love with it and insisted we use it. It’s very memorable, marketable and using something so custom gave me the ability to copyright it,” shared Thespian. Initially built in May 2012 as an escape from another roleplay sim, 25 other roleplayers (Filipa and Crito included) decided to start a sim of their own. “It was a horrid situation full of lies, deceit, manipulations, vicious attacks and other mistreatments that would turn your hair gray,” says Thespian. Opting to make a roleplay sim instead of joining another, Thespian continues “ didn’t matter if we had only the two of us, just a handful of people, or if 100 people were here all role-playing together at once, what mattered was

that everyone was good to each other, that the role-play was top notch and that we all just had fun! None of the terrible stuff we’d lived through in that other sim, just fun, friends and family building amazing story-lines and friendships that last a lifetime.� Together with Denebola Fairywen, who helps them with administrative and moderator duties, they are all currently hands-on in running the place.



Inspired by the Spartacus tv series, the build took months of hard work before it was ready to be opened to the public. Set in Casilinum in the time of Augustus, it is designed to run like a live-action theater where scripts are impromptu as you encounter each scene with another player. Thespian says that the flow of role-playing in GOV is much like a soap opera or a drama series.

Filipa, who plays the sim’s Lanista, expressed her obvious pride in Gods of Valor’s hallmarks spots, the arena and the fountain. “As was the case in our original sim, the large fountain that once was the center of town and is now the first thing you see upon entry, and it still gets a lot of visitors and players milling about. Likely this is for the same reason as in real life. People find fountains soothing and pleasant. But what is most different here, in our new home, is the arena. Standing 75 meters long, 45 meters wide and roughly 21 meters tall, the new arena sits atop a hill overlooking the whole of the city and creates quite an impressive view upon entry. Many flock to it to ‘have a look’ and remain among its stones and canvas to continue to absorb the authentic magnitude of it.”

Whether they new to roleplaying and still learning the ropes or well-seasoned paragraph roleplayers, people always come to visit the sim. “Our roleplayers are such a joy. They’re fun, considerate and everyone’s always working toward building bigger, better story-lines with everyone else. There are huge discussions about it, those ‘what if ...’ conversations. Everyone seems to seek out others, especially those left off in a corner by themselves, and there’s always room in anyone’s personal story for anyone else. I have to say, our people really warm my heart in ways I thought I’d lost not too long ago. “





According to Filipa, they’ve had next to nada troublemakers or griefers. In the course of GOV, they’ve only had to ban two people, but it wasn’t due to griefing, but to the vicious mistreatment of others. “We have a very clear policy - mistreat others and you’re done. I personally will not tolerate nastiness. It’s just so not necessary. Be good to each other and you will be treated well in return. If you’re relaxed and happy, things will remain positive - good karma and all that.” Thespian was quick to add, however, that conflicts do occur, but the mods and admins are objective as they make sure to listen to both sides of the story before passing judgment.

Misinterpretation is a common thing on the internet since everyone always has a different perception to everything, so the staff’s duties include being fair and unbiased in situations, as well as keeping things in order in GOV. The mod’s word is final though; whatever decision is handed out will be carried through without qualms. So far the only rules commonly broken are by those new to the historical roleplaying community. Most are usually clueless about what life is like during that time. But with a little help and coaching from the more experienced players, mistakes are pointed out and apologies are usually heard from the parties that had offended.

Crito thoughtfully observed, “I think a lot of people are intimidated by Historical role-play, Ancient Roman role-play more specifically because it sounds like you need a degree in history to participate. Nothing could be further from the truth! We have lots of basic information on our website, including a page called Ancient Roman Life 101, that gives a lot of the basics one would need to know to role play here. Think of it this way - if you role-play in a fantasy sim, you have a lot of reading to learn about say, Dragons, to role-play one of them accurately. It’s the same thing, only here, well, this stuff REALLY DID HAPPEN once upon a time! If you have a great imagination and love to role play we’re a great place to be. The people here are all so wonderful about sharing their knowledge that anyone can become an expert in ancient Roman role-play in no time at all - and have a blast doing so!” If you want to hop in the next wagon to Gods of Valor, be sure to visit their site first ( to update yourself with the sim rules and news.





Petite Kingdom

Text from Petite Kingdom Press Release Photos by Honour McMillan

In January 2012, the first Petites shyly ventured into our world. Curious creatures by nature they were fascinated by our world and quickly captivated the hearts of those they encountered. Offered land for an embassy by Yabusaka Loon, the Petites set up a home, only to quickly outgrow it.

Thanks to the quick minds of Alia Baroque, Sharni Azalee, and Marcus Inkpen, a larger space was built for the burgeoning Petites community, but as more and more Petites came to explore our world even this new larger garden paradise began to seem too small.



After much thinking and planning by their friends, it was decided that the Petites must have a place of their own in our world, a place to come together to share their community with one another and with the people who had so warmly welcomed them to this new world.



Ringed by mountains, a lake as smooth as glass waits poised to reflect the silhouettes of the nine floating islands of the Petite Kingdom. A portal was created above the lake linking our worlds together. Five islands made the journey from the Petites’ world to ours before the magic that powers the portal ran out.

These islands are filled with stores selling everything you could ever need for your Petite - starting with your avatar, clothing, hair, accessories, homes and more. Explore this amazing sim and islands and see if you can resist the allure of Petites, or will you discover that futile.



Decorated by Coco Lierfatte Photos by Qopi



Dion B Set from Dark Tears Furniture - $10 Tutti-Frutti Pics from LISP Bazaar - $0 Steampunk Prints from LISP Bazaar - $0 Spotty Teacup from LISP Bazaar - $0 Button Flowers from LISP Bazaar - $0 Paper Mannequin from What Next - $0

Written by Luc Fray Photos by Qopi

Envision yourself a character in a sci-fi movie like Dune. Now imagine walking across that hot desert, long endless stretches of sand surrounding you while the sun burns brightly above. If you’re having trouble getting that scene in your head, head on to Splintered Rock and maybe imagining that just might be a little easier. One of the oldest RP sims in SL, Splintered Rock was founded way back in January 2007. It’s running well now, but the journey wasn’t all smooth sailing when it first started. It had its own share of problems - one involved having lawyers from the New York literary agency Trident Media Group (who also maintains the Herbert Estate) visit the place and alert them, via legal notices from Linden Lab, about using materials from Frank Herbert’s novel Dune (source: http://nwn.blogs. com/nwn/2009/04/enforcers-of-dune.html ).



Vooper Werribee and Joan Vhargon each own three regions in the clusters of sims they’re currently handling, and have around 7-8 staff members who help them run and coordinate events. Delta Sweetwater, one of the Administrators, offered to share a little of what the setting is like. “It’s a dry, hot, hostile world with water almost as precious as the planet’s most sought-after mineral, which is colloquially known as ‘the spice’,” she explains. “Independent settlers look to make their way in the world, and prospectors search the desert for the spice, while factions compete economically, politically and sometimes militarily.”



According to Werribee, “Sci Fi is not nearly as popular as many other RPs in SL - so usually the main difference from other RPers is that they want to play in a sci fi universe.” Though the place was originally inspired by Herbert’s series, it’s not surprising that their audience was not only limited to Dune’s fans as they get visitors and players from the Starship Troopers, Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Babylon Five, Star Wars, Traveller, HALO and other futuristic and sci-fi films/tv series/video games fanbases. Maintaining the sim is very difficult, and the main source of income is through rentals. Purely for the love of the game and not just for business is what fuels the staff to keep the sim going, which was clear when Werribee confessed that, though traffic is a little low at the moment, “ we don’t run a Mall, that isn’t really a problem. We have enough people renting to cover the sim costs and there’s usually enough Rpers around that anyone who wants to RP or just socialise can find someone to interact with.”

Splintered Rock does not impose players to use any specific combat meter but does welcome the use of any if players find it necessary for the role-play. There is one meter made specially for the sim, however, available for use for players to allow them to mine spice from the desert. As for role-playing events, arena fights and asteroid racings are just some that one can enter, but there are also regular meetings of factions for those interested to dabble in the sim’s politics. Interested in joining? To learn more about the sim, click on the link to take you to their Ning community:




Style Editor’s Note Whoa...2013! So 2012 happened… I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and a super safe New Year. This month is pretty much JAM PACKED with sugary goodness. I have stalked and harassed tons of people this month and it was all worth it. For our Style ICONs we have a double feature with Oakley Foxtrot and Jayy Fallen. Both are amazing photographers and stylists. We are also featuring Paperbag in our Style Feature and have all my other favorite things returning to the section this month. I hope you enjoy it! If you are a designer and would like your designs featured, please contact me in world or via email @ Daija Arida Style Editor for ICON Magazine Get Daija’s Look: Hair - Pussy Galore in Eve from Shag Skin - Indy in Caramel Tone from Meghindo’s Tribal Makeup - Arbore Face Paint in Full Mask from HANDverk Eyeshadow - My Love in Black Love from Glossy

Photo by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

Top - Buttoned Shawl in Black Pants - Leather Highwaist Hellraiser in Black



Styled and Modeled by Taya Renfold

Photographed by Zachary Zufreur

Paperbag popped up on my radar a couple of months ago, so I had to feature them. I like the urban feel of store and the designs. Mainstore:

Shirt - Doughnut Overload Sweatshirt in Grey

Dress - Tie Dye Maxi Dress - Grey

Photos by Oakley Foxtrot I have been stalking Oakley on plurk for like EVER. I love her photography and her style, it’s so unique and fun. She has fun in her blog posts and that’s what it’s all about in my opinion. Check out her blog here,



Dress - Dress with spikes in Black from FANATIK Shoes - Classic Pumps in Black from FANATIK Upper Tattoo - Notorious from Ink’D Up! Lower Tattoo - Love Has Many Faces from Actchio Skin - Amberly in Artic from Glam Affair Hair - Ewing (The Arcade Gacha Event) from Tableau Vivant

Cardigan - Summer Night Cardigan in Black/Cream from TokiD Shirt - Love Hands Shirt from aRAWRa Jeans - Rise Skinny Jeans in Blue Denim from The Secret Store Belt - Part of Dress Coral from Emery Scarf - Wrapped Scarf in Black from Tres Blah Necklace - Candy Love Necklace from Maxi Gossamer Boots - Range Boots in Chocolate from Leverocci Tattoo - Shippy from Sleepy Bozer Skin - Amberly in Artic from Glam Affair Hair/hat - Straw Fedora/Clara in Reds from Argrace



For our Style ICON for men, I stalked Jayy on Plurk. I’ve always checked his blog and thought I’d featured him in the past. But when I went back through my notecards, we hadn’t and I wanted to kick myself for it. I love his quirky style and find him HILARIOUS! Check out his blog @

Headshot by Oakley Foxtrot

Jacket - Dean Blazer in Coffee from Not So Bad Jeans w/ belt - Straight Jeans in Blue from Ronsem Hands - Relaxed Hands from Cheerno Boots - Walker Boots in Brown from Redgrave Hat/Hair - Beck Beanie hair in noir from NSD Facial Hair - Beard 1 in Brown from Egoisme

Photo by Jayy Fallen



Sweater - Nordic Brownie from Bleak Pants - Basic 3/4 Length Jeans from Ispachi Scarf - Tye-Dye Scarf in Brown from Shakeup Boots - Shoe Riven Boot in No.04 from (red)mint Tattoo - Japanese Gods from Vestigium Hat - Odilon Fedora in Brown Texture from Entente Hair - Jimmy in Light Blonde01 from Burley Hairbase - Hairbase2 in California from Exile Pipe - Churchwarden Style Pipe in Leprechaun from Adjunct Ears - Stretched ears in Omimi from Mandala Facial Hair - Shaggy in Light Brown from Zovo Camera - Vintage Grandpa’s Old Camera in Rare from Tee*Fy Hands - Mesh Hand from CheerNo

Photo by Jayy Fallen

Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Jule Lemondrop

The northern globe, entirely covered with white snow. Fluffy snowflakes, falling,  iceflowers, growing on old windows,  icicles, hanging down from roofs like daggers,  branches, wearing a glassy icecoat,  lakes, carrying a massive ice plate,  this is, what we see at first glance.  Now let´s have a closer look,  just to dicover all the lovely details of...  ... snow variations!  ICON MAGAZINE


Dress - Deena 2 Gown in Bridal from MOLiCHiNO Stole - A Big Deal Stole from &Bean Socks - Knitted Tunic Mini Dress Socks in Gray from Kyoot  Shoes - Baby T’s Plain 2.0 in Snow from PixelMode Jewelry - Alair set from Donna Flora  Flower Ring - Mimma set from Donna Flora  Hair - Raspberry Beret in Stefani from Exile  



Dress - SoLovely Dress in White from NV Madworld Wrap - Ribboned Fur Wrap in Black/White from Laville Tights - Transparent in White Flowers from Lemondrop Armwarmer - White from Gawk! Boots - Radical Boots in Suede Chamoisee from Maitreya Jewelry - Winter Flower Set in Silver from Yummy  Hair - Valerie in Blonds Pack from Wasabi Pills 



Left - Diaxm Right - D

Styled and Modeled by Daija Arida Photographed by Spartin Parx

m & Spikes Diamonds

Shoes from STG

Opium in Black

Shoegasm in Black



Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Hikaru Enimo Winter is in full bloom and so is amazing winter fashion. This month Hikaru has style some very chic and savvy styles as a guide for winter mens fashion.

Coat - Duster coat in black from Deadwool Shirt - Dress Shirts and Tie from Iruco Pants - Skinny Trousers in Black from Iruco Boots - Walkers in Brown from Redgrave Gloves - from FATEwear Scarf - Fur Stole02 in Gray from Iruco Bag - Travelling Bag in Cocoa from TokiD Sunglasses - Ati Sunglasses04 in Mouth from Iruco Phone - Phone 5 from Z U L U Pipe - Samara’s Pipe in Antique from Duboo Dreamer Hair - Revolver in California from Exile Ears - Stretched ears in Omimi from Mandala



Coat - Mods Coat 01 Unisex in Black from Chronokit Fur - Mods Coat 01 Fur in Black from Chronokit Jumper - Thin Knit V Neck Jumper in Grey from Iruco Shirt - Formal Shirt Collar & Tie from HaVoK Pants (with Boots) - T.Combat Trousers from Tokugawa Heavy Industries Gloves - from FATEwear Sunglasses - Compulsive from Gos Cigarette - Ultimate Cigarette from Hermony Phone - Phone 5 from Z U L U Hair - Boys&Girls*34 in Butter Rum from Dura Ears - Stretched ears in Omimi from Mandala


| Olive Ruffle

Pinchy Amelia

| Summer Fun

| Gothic

e Top and Jeans


PAGE 100


| White Silks


| Evil Fairy


| Gypsy Coin Dress


| Platinum Ball Gown


| Luna


| Seduce Me


PAGE 104

Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Alex1985 Diabolito January...2013...and yes, you read right, we are still here! January is in the heart of winter and what better season than this for a quick visit to that pretty little town you saw in the holiday guide. The end of the world didn’t come but that doesnt mean you don’t have to enjoy the little things, like the nice smell coming from that old bakery or the taste of hot coffee while it’s snowing outside. Enjoy it while you can though cause I heard the new “end of days” date is around summer, better be prepared!

Coat - Trench Coat in Gray from Epicosity Sweater & Shirt - Sweater with Shirt in Blue from Hoorenbeek Pants - John in Void from FATEwear Shoes - Allen 2.0 w/Buckle in Brown from Hoorenbeek Hat - Cashmere Flat Cap in Grey from LaViere Hairbase - Egypt from AITUI Skin : Ryan in Tone 5 from Tableau Vivant Facial Hair - Beard.07 from Cheerno / Full beard from Unorthodox Ears - Stretched ears in Omimi from Mandala


PAGE 107

Blazer - Casual Blazer M4 in D Pants - Curtis Sweatpants (su Boots - Survivor in Brown fro Scarf - Harry in Quagmire fro Hairbase - Monumentum fro Hair - Revolver from Exile Skin : Ryan in Tone 5 from Ta Facial Hair - Beard.07 from C Ears - Stretched ears in Omim


PAGE 109

Dirty from Kal Rau uspenders sold separately)Â from Not So Bad om Redgrave om FATEwear om AITUI

ableau Vivant Cheerno / Full beard from Unorthodox mi from Mandala

Styled and Modeled by Draakje Dailey and Tristion Paine Photographed by Tristion Paine

This section is dedicated on bringing real life fashion into Second Life for both men and women.

Courtesy of

Jacket - Blazercape in Black from Remy Sweater - Merino turtleneck sweater in Pink from Baiastice Pants - Skinny Pants Denim in Grey from GizzA Shoes - Alexa Wedges in Black from Maitreya Jewelry - Late Night Earrings from Maxi Gossamer Glasses - Cateye from Gos Hair - Cachet Pony in Blonde Fun from LeLutka Skin - Ginny in Brr & Etci from Glam Affair

Jacket - Biker jacket in Black from COCO Top - Slim Jersey Top in Black from GizzA Pants - High Waist Woolen Pants in Black from GizzA Shoes - Siberia Boots in Nero from Leverocci Jewelry - Jewelled Owl Necklace from Maxi Gossamer Clutch - Studded Clutch in Noire from Glam Affair Hair - Swish Bun in Blonde Fun from LeLutka Skin - Lilith in America from Glam Affair


PAGE 113

Courtesy of

Vest - Padded Vest from IronClaw Shirt - Vinnie from FateWear Pants - Au Fait Jeans from Entente Sneakers - Low Cutlerz from 2Real Hat - Cadet Hat from Action

Courtesy of

Coat - Derrick from FateWear Pants - 2 Piece Suit Trousers from Kauna Shoes - Oxford Shoes from PixelFashion Gloves - FateWear


PAGE 117

Courtesy of

Adam N Eve Afia





PAGE 122


Written by Sahara Mehrtens Photos by Julie Hastings

Females have always had a wide variety of clothing, hair, skins etc to choose from since the beginning of SL time. Men’s fashion always seemed to be lacking for one reason or another. That’s when Diarmuid Miklos, owner and designer for Ispachi, decided it was time for him to step up and fill in the fashion gap!

“When I joined SL I was learning various 3D tools and needed the practice which prompted me into starting an art/sculpture gallery; however, when I got into avatar appearance and clothing it was due to the lack in men’s products on the grid,” he says. “It’s nice to be able to offer products for like-minded clients as I can relate to them and to what’s needed.” Designing skins, clothes and other accessories isn’t just a hobby for Diarmuid, it’s become a passion for him. He loves putting his ideas into physical forms and using his artistic side to create a product that he loves. “Every part in the designing process is enjoyable,” Diarmuid explains. “I enjoy the planning and textural part of designing as my passion has always been drawing and painting, and the feeling I get when painting is amazing.” For many people, designing comes from inspiration from outside sources, but Diarmuid focuses more on his artistic side when it comes to designing. For him, it’s more of a product of his own mind and inspiration. “A lot of times I get an idea and while am in the middle of working on it I get another idea and focus on that instead, or simply alter what I was originally working on,” he says. “It’s different almost all the time.” For Diarmuid, the high fashion industry just isn’t what Ispachi is all about. The pieces he creates he wants people to be able to wear all the time, not just to events and fashion shows. “My style is casual,” he explains. “There are a lot of designers who offer high-quality products for various occasions, but I feel more comfortable working with items you can wear on a daily basis.” Through offering a wide variety of skins and fashion, Ispachi has become very well known in the world of men’s fashion.


PAGE 126

“My Gabriel skin is definitely the most popular item in the skins department and my Casual Mesh Jeans has been my most sold item in the clothing department,” he says. “But my chinos are definitely my favorite. They were the least problematic piece I’ve ever designed and I actually didn’t pull my hair out while working on them.” Designing takes a lot of time and energy, and for Diarmuid, that is no exception. “Sometimes it can take days, sometimes weeks and sometimes months, depending on what am working on, and most of my contacts can vouch that I do this for several hours every day,” he explains. “I occasionally get free time and I regard those as holidays as they are so rare. During those times I visit places that catch my attention in the Destination Guide. I love it when I visit breath-taking sims. The creativity of many designers amaze me and I enjoy being amazed.” Diarmuid explained that there are many challenges a designer faces in Second Life. “The biggest challenge for designers is change (ie, adopting new methods). Changes made in the SL environment has resulted in the departure of many content creators and the biggest question is whether you are willing to learn new methods so you can keep up with these changes or not,” he says. “The best business decision we’ve ever made was venturing into the mesh realm. In fact, I’ve always been a supporter of mesh even when everyone was complaining about how mesh would fail. Due to these comments I was worried that my mesh products weren’t going to take off and was absolutely stunned at the response from customers.” An artist, a designer, a creative soul, Diarmuid offers this advice for new designers: “When I first started creating in SL my first product was a sculpture called “Birth”. This sculpture has evolved 3-4 times, but I’ve always kept it with me even to this day. It may not be my favorite creation, but it is my most cherished,” he says. “Creativity requires some measure of patience so be patient, but most of all have fun!”

Written and Photographed by Jordan Whitt

It started in September. A small, fun event that has spiraled out of control to become one of the biggest crazes in 2012. In December it hit again, and was just as incredible, addictive and successful. The Arcade is a quarterly event that brings together some of the grid’s best loved and fabulous designers in one place with new and exclusive items in a gacha frenzy that is not only huge fun, it’s dangerously addictive too. Gacha originated in Japan, where it is known as Gashapon or Gachapon - gasha/ gacha for the sound made by turning the crank on the vending machine, and pon for the sound the toy surprise makes when it lands in the receptable. In its simplest form, its a lucky dip system where you pay a nominal amount into the machine and it spits out a random prize from the pool which can include any amount of prizes and some rare and highly desirable ones. Gacha is a craze that entered Second Life in a small way with stores having their own gacha machines for you to play and collect exclusive items from them, and even a few gacha events cropped up on the grid. The Arcade has taken this to a whole new level. Inspired by penny arcades of a bygone era, Loz Hyde (Meshworx) has created and built a custom setting on land donated by The Grove which really does bring visions of the penny arcades of Brighton Pier and Coney Island from the early 20th Century. Anya Ohmai (Mischief Managed) has created the most amazing gacha machines inspired by early motion picture machines, known as mutoscopes, adding an authentic appeal and feel to the build. Together they have created a setting for an event that is not only unique, but its full of whimsy and nostalgia. ICON MAGAZINE

PAGE 132

Archie, the event mascot, was back this December round, and just as hot as ever. You’ll find him standing outside the door where he gives out advice and helpful links to the group where you can trade your extras for items you want. And ladies back off - he’s mine! With so many amazing designers and stores involved, it was hard not to keep clicking and trying my luck to get the items I wanted. I almost went broke trying to get all the Glam Affair skins. I just kept telling myself “one more” and then had to try one more after that and after that, until I ended up with dozens of spares I didn’t need, and never got the one skin I needed to complete my collection. Begging in the swap group for it didn’t work, so I settled on being one short and donated all my extras to anyone who wanted or needed them. If you haven’t joined the gacha craze yet, then never fear. The Arcade closed it’s doors on December 31st, but it will be back in March with more fabulous items you never knew you needed and that you will keep throwing lindens at until you own them all! It’s frustrating, it’s endless buckets of fun and like I have said - it’s highly addictive, so prepare to let go of your sanity as you try to getcha all the gacha!!! Here’s a shout-out to Octagons Yazimoto, Katharine McGinnis, Emery Milneaux and Umberto Giano, the team behind this amazing event. Thank you for all your hard work, and I would like to offer a suggestion for a March gacha - one containing my sanity so I can try to get it back!

Written by CallieDel Boa Photos by Qopi


PAGE 137

What could be more fun and peppy than a group of hot ladies displaying the acrobats of cheerleading? The Second Life Cheerleading Squad started out with a Calendar Shoot, which at the time was very popular and was a group of just a few, but now ranges to over 200 cheerleaders that perform regularly.

I spoke with founder Christi Charron and public relations representative Kristina Curtau, the two people that managed to make an icon of SLCS and bring in enough cheerleaders to cover all events. They generally have approximately 20 cheerleaders at each event, with their main goal being to help charities and non-profit organizations, although they also perform for $L and are willing to meet most budgets. The amazing thing about this group is they sprung up virtually overnight. They now own their own sim which is a Stadium where they sell cheerleading goods, as well as rent out shop on the mezzanine to support their simulator.


PAGE 140

At first the SLCS was taken as a joke. Many were teased or made fun of, but what might stop one person made this group even more determined to ignore the petty distain of others and go on to become one of the most successful groups I’ve seen in Second Life in a long time. While it seems many entertainers die out or move on to first life, clubs and groups come and go, but SLCS has managed to find a system that makes them very popular. They have also been present for Second Life birthdays and the annual Burn 2.0 event. These women have managed to find something that works and are always looking for more people interested in being a part of their team. Cheerleading is mostly an American event, but even so, the excitement has spread to people of other countries. Now Christi finds herself helping other cheerleading groups get started. What was once viewed as something to joke about is now being seen as something to participate in and they certainly make Second Life fun. Currently they perform 5-8 events a week and are prepared to take on more. At your next event consider having true entertainment and invite the SLCS to come perform at your venue.

Written by Lacy Muircastle


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Second Life is full of highly talented, extremely creative residents and without these people our Second Lives’ would not be all that they are. Generally speaking we are all aware of who these wonderful people are, but there other residents that are equally dedicated to making SL a better place for all of us, yet who are not in the limelight. It is my great honour and pleasure to introduce just such a dedicated resident to all of you, Skintrader Greyskin aka Ahn. Those of you who participate in hunts, and in particular the MenStuff Hunt, will know him as one of the managers. I managed to have a chat to Ahn just as he and the rest of the ‘Stuff team were getting ready to launch the most recent MenStuff Hunt.

I asked Ahn how he came across SL. He told me that back in the day when Yahoo! chat had user based chat rooms, he was often found in a Gorean chat room ‘role playing’, in a chat based client, as a slaver. One of his girls had found SL and asked Ahn to try it with her.  Apparently that little interlude only lasted two or three days since his computer at the time wasn’t compatible with SL.  He returned about six months later on his own, albeit with a different avatar. After his initial start-up and epic technological fail, this avatar was dormant for over three years.  When he returned, he headed straight for the Gorean role play.  After about six months he found himself partaking in MENstuff’s first hunt, helping others in chat while trying to find those elusive blue shirts himself. He quips “I must have done something right because, before long, Ivy hired me on to be her assistant and eventually manager of the group.”   I was curious as to where the display name Ahn, came from and he explained that it was chosen for him by a former Gorean owner who was part of a group called Darkest Ahn.  His (then) owner had such fond memories of the group that it was decided he should be called ‘Ahn’. Ahn’s job with Ivy Maverick’s Menstuff Hunt Group is where he makes a difference in everyday residents’ lives. When he started, his job was to check the stores to see if they qualified for designer status and then get them set up or politely decline them, check to make sure notices were in compliance with the group guidelines, add to the designer directory, and serve as a general purpose customer service rep.  During hunt times, he gathered the store LMs, checked to make sure they had their group inviters up, put together/delivered the shirts and double check them to make sure they were ready for the hunters.  Ahn was quick

to point out that because of the popularity of the groups, another resident, JShawn Thirdborn was also made a manager and has been handling a much of that type of thing lately. Ahn now handles the blogs and anything concerning the websites.  He has been with Ivy for about three years now. laughing as he explains, “I’m so terrible with dates.” But it’s a job he enjoys, full of fun and good memories. “There have been a few pretty funny moments over time,’ he says.  “I let Entropy put me in a skirt once - we matched; group chat can get downright hilarious - a sense of humor is a definite MUST!  I’ve met so many great people through the groups, it’s been amazing. I’ve learned more about fashion and the behind the scenes stuff it takes to make fashion look so seamless.  It’s certainly not as easy as it looks!” In his free time Ahn continues to role play or sit and visit with friends.  Ahn dabbles in Battle star Galactica RP, Crack Den and Gor as time permits between hunts. His time online is limited so he doesn’t get as much free time as he would like, he added “but there’s a lot to be said for the ability to multi-task.” I asked him if he thought that Second Life as an entity was sustainable to which he replied that it depended on ones definition of ‘sustainable’.  His avatar is pushing seven years old so he reckons there’s definitely something going right for him!  He adds that in his opinion it depends greatly on what you came to SL to accomplish as to whether or not it will be sustainable for users.  He originally came for role play and there’s certainly no shortage of that in SL. With that said Ahn went off to continue making sure those little blue shirts were where they were supposed to be.


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Written by Amelia Harsley Photos by Qopi

For almost two years The Club Underground has been a favorite hangout spot for many Second Life residents. Getting its start in SL’s London, it has relocated and grown with many people around the grid think of it as their second home. Owner, Seany Blinker, has been with The Club Underground since its start when it was in London. “I started working in a club called The Underground Club in SL London,” he says. “I worked my way up from host to DJ and then on to manager for over a year. Sadly the club had to close, but I thought I would have a go at opening my own club, along with a friend - The Club Underground.” Seany was thrilled to get the opportunity to open his own club, and has ran a successful business for almost two years now, keeping the people coming back for more every time. “Having worked in clubs as a host from the start of my Second Life it was something I had always wanted to try,” he explains. “We want to keep building on our success but not forgetting we all had to start somewhere.”


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There’s a long list of DJ’s with a wide variety of styles and music at the club. “We play most types of music, apart from trance and jazz, but anything possible,” he says. “We have events every Saturday where I totally rebuild the club into the style of the event being undertaken and there’s always a linden prize. Everyone loves our Saturday events.” The club is small in size, but the parties are always huge with lots of frequently returning guests. It’s more of a family atmosphere than anything, and the people who are involved with the club are very dedicated. “It’s a warm and friendly place where everyone is welcome and made to feel at home,” Seany says. “I would not be able to do this alone without all the hard work that the staff put into helping me.” So if you find yourself at a loose end on a Saturday night, pop on in to The Club Underground and maybe find yourself a new hangout.


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One thing all great photographers need is fabulous poses. WIthout them photographs really wouldn’t be the same. Many artists and photographers have a secondary love in Second Life, and that is pose making. Kirsty Oherlihy is one amazing photographer who did decide to step into that arena and has gone on to share her posemaking with the grid through her store - RACK Poses. If you are looking for fun, romantic poses, then check out the PG store, but if you want something a whole lot naughtier, then the adult RACK Pose store is the one for you! Kirsty is someone I have known and admired for coming up on five years now, and I still never tire of looking at her pictures.

ICON: What is the best part of the work you do? What gives you the most pride? Kirsty: Seeing it work and grow. When we (Cheyn & I) first opened RACK Poses it was one of those things that could either fail after a month or surprise everyone. Thankfully it did the latter. We had a lot of support from friends and bloggers in the early stages and are truly grateful for that. And now after being open just over a year RACK Poses is recognised name and known to be the place to go to buy some of the sexiest and naughtiest poses on the grid. ICON: What frustrates you the most about being a photographer? Kirsty: Having a rubbish PC! Honestly though, lack of knowledge and concentration. Everything I have done I have taught myself, whether it’s been looking at tutorials or accidently clicking something and been like ‘Oooo I like how that looks’ kind of thing. There is so much still to learn and I have the attention span of a fish.


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ICON: How do you manage to keep the creativity flowing? From where do you derive your influences? Kirsty: I make sex poses, should you be asking this kind of question? With pictures it varies alot. Most come from memories or moments, some come from how I am feeling on that day so I’ll make a picture to fit my mood. Some come from a song I’d have been listening to on repeat that day, and a particular line will stand out to me and I will make something to suit that. ICON: What is the most unusual thing/person you’ve been asked to photograph? Kirsty: I get asked alot to make adult pictures, mainly because of the store. I think most unusual thing I’d been asked, though it wasn’t to photograph, it was to make. It was an adult pose for a proposal. And I can assure you a ring wasn’t the only surprise that person got when they hopped on the pose. ICON: Have you ever refused to photograph something because it was so far out there that it made you uncomfortable? Kirsty: Not really. I tend to avoid making pictures for others unless they are friends. I like to make pictures for fun with no pressure. As I said in the previous question I do get asked a lot to make adult pictures and some of the suggestions have managed to shock me, which doesn’t happen that often.

ICON: When you look back at your first SL photographs, what makes you cringe the most? Kirsty: Everything! But it’s great to look back at them and realise how much I’ve taught myself and how I wish I knew what liquify was back then. ICON: When you see the art that you create now, what do you feel? Kirsty: Proud, and knowing that I made others proud doing it. Five years ago for my birthday I was TP’ed to a photo studio, one that I soon learnt was built for me. It was kitted out with everything and they even gave me what was then the most up to date version of photoshop. This person told me they wanted me to use a talent they saw, that I didn’t realise I had. It totally overwhelmed me, but I wanted to learn as a way to say thank you back, and I’m still doing that now. Everyday I’m learning something new.

ICON: If you weren’t a photographer and had to pick another profession in SL, what would it be? Kirsty: I would love to be able to build. I see all these amazing mesh creations and I’m in awe. Houses especially. The talent that is in SL is truly amazing. ICON: When you have time for fun in SL what do you do? Kirsty: If I’m not busy making poses, then I love to hang out with the special people in my life. I’m lucky to have such a great bunch of close friends who I adore and make my time in SL so much fun.


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Written by Sahara Mehrtens Photos by Apple Fall

Since he was 8 years old, Wolfie Moonshadow has been using his talented vocal chords to entertain anyone who would listen and a few years ago they brought him to performing in Second Life. “I was contacted by someone in SL who had heard one of my recordings online,” he says. “Fieryredhed Denimore told me in the e-mail that I could do a lot more to further myself as a performer and got me started at her club. From there I branched out to other clubs and slowly got used to performing behind my avatar.”

Wolfie has performed with several bands in Real Life, spanning over more than 20 years and three countries (Gibraltar, Spain and the UK). Since June of 2010, Wolfie has built a following and become one of SL’s most popular performers, being recently nominated for an AVI Choice Award. He performs songs from several genres making his shows varied and adaptable for each venue he plays. “I love rock primarily, but enjoy amazing classic blues and pop songs,” he says. “I cannot really define myself to a genre as I try to be versatile in every style to entertain, that way people who come to my shows get a chance to hear a little bit of everything they enjoy.” It’s the people listening to Wolfie that drive him to push harder and become a better singer and performer. “The audience at my shows always give me the smile and kick to want to be the best performer I can be,” he explains. “I have been a ‘Live Artist’ and frontman in bands for the better part of 25 years so it was a whole different ballgame to get used to when I first started in SL. All the support that I have received over the past two and a half years is what inspires me every day when standing on a stage.”


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Though he uses his tambourine, Wolfie considers his voice his instrument, and like any instrument, he works very hard to practice with it and make it perfect for his performances. “My voice is my instrument and is what I train on daily to provide the tone and mood needed for every show,” he says. Second Life has really allowed Wolfie to expand his horizons and has provided a different way to use his talents to reach people. “This is an incredible medium to reach hearts and people that you would never be able to from where you are. Work it right and you will have the best medium to being heard because this is music’s future. Persevere and stay strong in your dream,” he says. “This is a big world and slowly music is migrating towards what we are building in our metaverse. I do not have any illusions that I may make it as a singer at this late a stage in my life but as long as I can make people happy in my shows, that is what keeps me going as a performer/entertainer.”


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You can check out samples of his work on Youtube: Music Videos (Filmed By Fuschia Nightfire):

Photos by

y Qopi

LovelyMi jumped into DJing around three years ago, but it’s not something she spends a lot of time doing nowadays. “I am more focused on design and photography now,” she says. But you can still find her spinning at private events or when she is asked to. She started out that way too, playing parties after being taught the ropes by a friend. Her musical stylings run from Top 40 into Electronic, J-music, Pop and Rock. Her advice to upcoming DJs: Always keep learning. Try and find new ways to attract the public, learn from the best and always remain humble. That’s always a good thing to learn. LovelyMi’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. The complete Jamiroquai discography 2. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk 3. DARE - Gorillaz 4. Ode to the Bouncer - Studio Killers 5. Paparazzi - Lady Gaga 6. Talk Show on Mute - Incubus 7. Closer - Nine Inch Nails 8. Float On - Modest Mouse 9. Kabuki Danshi - Miyavi 10. Chiquitita or Dancing Queen - ABBA ICON MAGAZINE

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Ben started DJing in Second Life under a different avatar back in 2007. “My old SL parents were both successful DJs and they made me learn the trade,” Ben says. And Ben hasn’t looked back. These days Ben can be found spinning anything people want to hear at the Greek Gold Lesbian Resort. “However my all time favourites are 70s disco and 80s old school mash-ups,” Ben adds. Ben’s advice for upcoming DJs: Give it a try guys - The girls dig the DJ! Seriously though, I’d recommend trying it. It’s not as scary or hard as people make it out to be and it’s one of the best ways you can make friends. Ben’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Footloose - Kenny Loggins 2. Gangnam Style - Psy 3. Sweet Dreams (Are made of these) - Eurthymics 4. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson 5. Push It - Salt n Pepa 6. Pretty much anything by Pitbull 7. Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO 8. Don’t Stop Believing - Journey 9. Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer 10. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Dauphiness was a Theatre Sound Technician in High School and College, aqnd her love of music led her to DJing here in Second Life three years ago. “I also owned my own club, The Rabbit Hole Cabaret, for two years,” she says. Now she can be found playing alternative rock and punk, occasionally dubstep and techno, in various dives throughout Second Life and on special occasions she reopens her club for events. Her advice for upcoming DJs: I would like to tell upcoming DJs that it is not all about playing requests. DJing is about getting people excited. You have to build excitement in listening to a set together. In Second Life it is super important to engage your crowd and get people into the mood or they disappear into their Private Messages! Dauphiness’ Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. This is the new Sh!t - Marilyn Manson 2. Hell Yeah - Rev Theory 3. Coming Undone - Korn 4. Blue Orchid - White Stripes 5. Bounce - Timbaland 6. White Rabbit - Emilianna Torrini 7. Inspector Gadget - DJ Chrispy 8. Ricochet! - Shiny Toy Guns 9. The Pit - Silversun Pickups 10. Fitzpleasure - Alt-J ICON MAGAZINE

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Written by Anne Daumig Photos by Solitaire Highfield

Web logs, or as we now call them, blogs, have been around the world wide web for almost as long as the internet itself. Even micro blogging, known as Twitter, is a life force all its own. Now it appears that blogging has a second life as well. Second Life blogs pop up in every shape and size. Though the Second Life fashion industry holds the lion’s share, entertainers, clubs and roleplay groups are among other virtual businesses to join the bandwagon. Even Second Life runs a blog. What service do blogs provide? That is a very good question! In the beginning, blogs were meant to inform and educate people on issues and solutions, upcoming events, the latest options and the latest trends. Of course there is also the element that goes along our right of Freedom of Speech, which is abuse. Rather like the political campaign advertisements in the United States that focus on the faults and failures of the opponent, some blogs resort to character bashing and accusations of theft. Or some blogs only serve to feed egos who think they are the be-all, end-all authorities on everything fashion. What happened to uniqueness and individuality? Once blogging was a way for builders and designers in Second Life to promote their wares and get their name and products out to the virtual residents. It was an inexpensive way to advertise new releases and generate sales. Now new releases flood the blog sites with all the subtlety of a shovel to the face. In some extreme cases bloggers are penalized or ostracized for using a competitor’s product on a post. Has exclusivity taken away freedom of choice? Just because you are given something to blog, does it make this it an obligation? ICON MAGAZINE

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Oh, bloggers are by no means saints. The latest fad is to create a blog of your own and go to designers and demand review copies (freebies), because you should be given everything for holding the supreme title of ‘blogger’. And when demands are not met, slander and even griefing begin. Does blogging give us rights to build an inventory on the backs of hard working designers? Whether a designer gives out review copies to a select few or a wide range of bloggers is their choice and their profit and/or loss. Second Life businesses are no different than real life. They pay tiers for their stores, salaries for employees and fees for advertising and promotions. But what if the proceeds for the sale of a creation were donated to a charity? Should a designer give away review copies of items when they are designed for fund raising events? Should a blogger pay for charitable items to ensure that they are actually promoted and not just ignored? I will admit to being a blogger and enjoy creating a style and look and sharing them with others. I have worked with many wonderful and generous designers who have sent me review copies and have no objections whatsoever if I use another designer’s skin, hair, clothing, jewelry or shoes in my posts. I appreciate all the hard work designers put into their creations and love to see them earn welldeserved kudos and Lindens. There are many amazing bloggers on the grid whose love of fashion drives them, rather than what they get for free. My advice to you is to find a blogger(s) you like, whether it be for their styling talents or writing ability and follow them. Freedom of Speech is our right, but does that give us the right to abuse others to make our voice heard?

Written by an Addict Photos by Pinch Pinazzo


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Some of my favorite things in SL are toys and gadgets. Sure, like all girls, I love clothes and shoes and skins and all the girlie things. But I love my toys, too. Two things that completely mesmerize and delight me are pets and babies. I’ve had a Welsh Corgi from A.I.F for years. They have realistic behavior and you can set all sorts of options with the included HUD. They can follow you, give you a hug, you can feed them and watch them eat while they make yummy munching sounds. You can also give them a bath in their own cute little personal bath tub. When he’s all clean and shiny, he jumps out and shakes himself off. Too cute. They also come with all sorts of outfits that you can mix around - hats, coats, shirts, goggles, costumes…you name it! And who doesn’t love babies? The Zooby babies are just incredible. My baby daughter Alyssa is just a little miracle. They interact with sounds and actions. They crawl around and giggle, you can hold them and feed them, put on all sorts of outfits and interact with various accessories. If you want to get even more real, you can get them ‘brain booster’ stars that make them grow and learn, and they can have a 24-hr emotional interaction cycle. I also like to amuse myself with a variety of interactive instruments. Jester J’s Playable Pan Pipes have a hud that let’s you play different notes and hold them softly. The sounds are real pan pipe sounds - very sweet and enchanting. I also love to sit and play my Medieval Lute by Navan Design, especially when I am on a Gor or Medieval sim. It gives you a variety of song choices and you can play it sitting or standing and makes me feel like an enchantress.

One of my favorite toys in SL is my Hamster Ball made by Abranimations. You can make like a little hamster and get right inside it, change colors, add glow and kick up a smoke trail if you like. I’ve even had my friends sit on top and go for rides. Silly fun. Another great invention from Abranimations is the Frisbee. You can toss it and play just like in real life. The hud lets you do all sorts of throwing tricks and you can use your motion keys to do tricky catches. When I discovered surfing in SL it blew my mind. The first place I surfed was at Braata Beach. There’s plenty of surf shops where you can get your boards, clothes, gear, whatever you like. And then there is the wave. Once you learn to master your surfboard and all your tricks using your hud and keystrokes, you can play on the wave, paddle out, wipe out, go again and again and try tricks until you become master of the wave. It’s so much fun and your clothes are always dry.

Another awesome thing that I love in SL are the games. Board games like Greedy, Greedy and Uknow that you can play with your friends are not only fun, but a marvel of technology and scripting. It’s great fun to get on open mic and play with your friends just as in RL. You interact with the games and each other, rack up scores and points, in some case bet and win Lindens. It’s a real hoot. So much to keep a kid at heart forever happy in this crazy, creative world.


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Written by Tiana Foxtrot Photos by Phe Bruun

Your lifestyle, or simply way you live, is one of the biggest choices you will have to make in your life. Aside from your life long partner and what to cook for dinner tonight, lifestyle has been a big part of living. Believe it or not, Second Life has many different lifestyles of its own in which out of my many years of being here I now know is more than what meets the eye. From the cute furries to the ferocious Goreans, not only are these different lifestyles but they have different races, beliefs, and practices which differ them from others.Often, different cultures can be very interesting to study. In this article I will be giving you an overlook to some of the lifestyles I have been exposed to, having experienced them first hand and witnessing and talking to the many people who do. Starting out as a “noob” coming into Second Life I did what everybody else did - searched different places and hopped around. The time I passed as noob has gotten me into a lot of “situations” that I couldn’t get out of. As a free wanderer I hadn’t a place to call home, until I met a person by the name of Gevoden Sak who introduced me to a culture called Gorean. He took me in and showed me it was way more structured than your “Disney Masters”. Disney Masters are people who feel they need to be worshipped and what to have as many women to please them as they can, thus resulting in the lack of knowledge of a real Master’s mind and comprehension. It is more of a “pimp and ho” type of thing, unlike the real Goreans. Although the dominant lifestyle of Gevoden Sak and the Goreans differs from my “do-as-I-please” way of life, I am an open person, and I decided to give being a “kajira” a try. ICON MAGAZINE

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Often the Gorean lives follow the Warrior ways, and this often divides them into small groups of Clans. Some are in wars with others, while others are very close. However, often different Clans have different rules and ways to act, as well as different names. There are many different rules and regulations that if not followed correctly result in tedious task, public humiliation, many lashes and whips or whatever your Master has in mind at the time. Goreans refer to their girls as “kajirae” while a normal Dom/Sub refers to them as a “slave”. Goreans also have many different Tribes or Clans that are located in different regions with different climates in which the titles can differ between Clans. While “slaves” are referred to kajirae in this clan, they can be referred to as “bonds” in others. Although I wasn’t a kajira for too long I learned many things. A note from your author: As I end this article I hope you, my readers, will enjoy travelling through different cultures with me as your escort. One thing I want my readers to take from this article is that there is more to Second Life than just having sex and making money. There is a whole world out there that is at your fingertips. Use it to your advantage - explore and wander. You are guaranteed to notice things about yourself that you never thought you knew. Thanks for reading!


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THE LIST 2. Embrace Change The latest big thing (no pun intended) taking off around the grid is not new, but it is growing more widely accepted these days - prim boobs, in particular, Lola Tango prim boobs. Gone are the days of unrealistic looking enhancements on your chest, Lolas look Pam Anderson good! With many designers jumping on board and adding applicators to their designs, you can have the big boobs you want in the fashions you want! Thank you to DeaSantis for modelling herself with natural SL boobage and Rielle Kalinakov for modelling her Lolas!

1. Relax Tis the season for stoking up a fire, grabbing your hunny and curling up to enjoy the chilly winter nights with a hot chocolate and hot...conversation. What Next has some fabulous rugs, like the Pineknot Fireside Rug, which has inbuilt animations for singles, couples and even interactive anims for roasting marshmallows, warming hands and drinking hot chocolate.

3. Propose a Toast FreakyDesign has the bag all toast lovers need! The Toast Bag is fabulous for adding a bit of whimsy and fun to any look and with three versions (hand relaxed, fist or unscripted) it’s sure to fit your style.

4. Be a Winner There’s still time to join the Flickr group and post your entry and be in with a chance to be on the cover of Too Sexy Magazine’s April issue and have the opportunity to join the modelling pool and appear in future issues of the magazine.

5. Think Like a Man Back me up here men, nothing is sexier than coming home to find your lady giving you the ultimate tease...panties down. Mesh has been a godsend for anyone wanting to add a bit of spice to their look or photography. FireBird Designs has the uber-smexy Oops My Panties set which comes with bra, dropped panties and an oversized shirt. Give your man a tease that he will love!

6. Be Chic Nothing is more chic than wearing his shirt, and there are lots of choices from some fabulous stores when you want to find mesh boyfriend shirts. Our pick is the Tamara Mesh Shirt from .:EC:. Enelya’s CrÊations. It comes with a HUD with 14 textures built in so you can have the right shirt for your look anytime you want it.


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7. Live to the Max I admit it. I cheat at Hunts and with the FreebieFinder from Jenni Sideways you can too. Let’s face it. With so many hunts going on and so many stores involved, who has the time to spend hunting for a tiny box in a huge store for hours on end? Just wear the HUD, type in what you’re hunting for and it gives you the co-ordinates to find it. It saves my sanity. Let it save yours too.

8. Stay Sharp Be an angel with a difference. By Snow’s Metal Wings are just the thing for adding a touch of danger to your angelic or demonic side. With seven metals in the pack awesome value - including silver, pewter and gold, you are spoilt for choice.

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ICON Lifestyle Magazine Vol 5 Issue 1 Jan 2013  

We're exploring the passion for fashion that drives Ispachi's Diarmuid Miklos, peek into the world of the Petites and the addiction that is...

ICON Lifestyle Magazine Vol 5 Issue 1 Jan 2013  

We're exploring the passion for fashion that drives Ispachi's Diarmuid Miklos, peek into the world of the Petites and the addiction that is...