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VOLUME 4 • issue 4 JULY 2012

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ICON STAFF CEO and Publishers Potvin Tigerpaw & Sahara Mehrtens Editor in Chief Jordan Whitt Managing Editor Sensuous Soulstar Layout Director Marie Cox Style Editor Daija Arida Staff Writers Amelia Harsley Jule Lemondrop Luc Fray Sahara Mehrtens Solitaire Highfield

Photography Harlow Heslop Hikaru Enimo Julie Hastings Aspen Huntress

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Pinch Pinazzo Sophielle Spartin Parx Zachary Zufreur

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Editors Note I’ve done something I have never done in my whole SL life. I have changed my shape! It’s not something I thought I would ever do. My shape has always been the same since the day I registered and was created - by a male friend of mine. Aside from a few minor tweaks (downsizing the boobies, making the man-hands a little smaller and my T-Rex arms a little longer), I have never tinkered with the shape at all. So why change now after over 4 years?

Short answer, I found a face I liked on a shape that came in a in a group gift. The new me is MUCH shorter and the face is taking some getting used to, but I am growing to like it. But the best part - my head size is smaller now and I can finally fit mesh hair without having to disguise the gaps with hairbases and alpha layers!!! I’m going to keep test driving the new me, at least for a bit longer, before deciding whether I miss the old me so much I want her back...or not. Jordan Whitt

Get Jordan’s Look Hair - Daisy in Coalmine from Lelutka

Editor in Chief

Skin - Lacie 2 from Laqroki Makeup - Misty Eyeshadow in Water from Rozena Necklace - Metal Rose Choker in Silver from G Fields Photograph by Hikaru Enimo

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25 Sanity Falls 37 50 Linden Challenge 59 Timber Wind





71 Style Editor Note 73 Style Feature 85 Style Icon: XxMistixX Melody 91 Blog Spot 97 Shoe Freak 103 Men’s Style 107 Get That Style 115 ICONic Beauty

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121 Rebel With a Cause 127 Roller Girls 137 Ultimate Exposure


ENTERTAINMENT 147 151 163 175

Steely Sounds Behind the Lens A Sensual Arrangement DJ Top 10



181 Confessions of an SL Addict 189 Pixel Sex Turn Offs 195 The List On The Cover Rebel Hope dazzles in her stunning mesh gown, “Fabria,” in this gorgeous shot by Julie Hastings.


Written by Luc Fray Photos by Sophielle

What would you do when your wife suddenly got abducted from right under your nose? You were drugged and have no memory of what exactly happened, only that you woke up groggy and confused in the middle of the road with nothing but your bloodied clothes on and a ringing cellphone a few feet on the ground from where you were lying down. Picking it up, a

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stranger’s voice reaches your ear, telling you that he has your wife and you must play his game to get her back. Imagine then what Alex Blackwell, a well-renowned psychologist, must have felt when he was placed in that position. Together with his wife, Livea, they had visited the small town of Sanity Falls (, hoping to get a bit of rest and recreation from the stresses of daily life. He woke up the next day with his wife missing, no recollection whatsoever what had happened for the last 24 hours. Worse, he picks up the phone that was ringing beside him, and it turns out to be from some guy who said that he had Alex’s wife and that Alex only has a day to ransom her. All over Sanity Falls are “Missing” posters of Livea that he has put up, and all Alex had to do was find these posters to rescue his wife. That’s where you come in.

You play Alex’s character and you will have to search for these posters that the kidnapper mentioned. Upon seeing these posters, you will call the telephone numbers written on each of them. It will instantly teleport you to another sim, and landing there, you will be given clues to find an envelope containing a hunt prize (sent to your inventory) and 20$ in-game currency which is not consumable lindens. The money is automatically registered on your hud when you touch the envelope, which you will later use to ransom Livea. All in all, there are 50 posters in Sanity Falls and 50 envelopes that you will have to look for. This game, in my opinion, is one of the best hunts to ever grace SL land. Sanity Falls is excellently

ICON Magazine

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landscaped, so much that it manages to capture the psychological thriller/horror theme that is central to the storyline. The creepy atmosphere, the spooky ambience... everything is perfected to the most minute details in the sim. And it not only ends there. Fifty generous designers gave out wonderfully bizarre and horrific prizes that hunters all over the grid are sure to love. The hunt is wonderfully organized too, from the production to the advertising to the hunt itself, I was very impressed by how smooth it was. Bonus points were also added to my list when I discovered new sims and stores through this. The talented organizers truly took the hunters hunting to a whole new level.

But the most important factor, I think, that really counted most for me was that the hunt focused more on thinking and figuring out where the hints lead to, rather than on making the hunters blind from scouring all over the place due to the hunt items reduced to almost microscopic size. The hunt items, which in this case are the posters and envelopes, are visible enough to be spotted, but the challenge is in figuring out the clues. Overall, I think this hunt is a very enjoyable game you can play with your partner and friends. The HUD costs 100L to play, but the fun Sanity Falls Hunt generated is undoubtedly priceless. Unfortunately the game ended on June 30, 2012.

Fantasy - $40

One room, 50 Lindens and Marketplace. Can you furnish a room on the cheap???

ICON Magazine

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Fairy Sex Bed from Kayala Bruun - $10 Flower Shelves from Zigana - $0 Hanging Dress (previous group gift from Dutchie)

LYLY Lounge Victorian from Step Inside - $10 Heart Topiary from Wedding Day - $0

Flower Shelves from Zigana - $0 Roxy Candle from Roxana Paulino - $0 Mirror Cabinet from LISP Bazaar - $10 Persimmon Window with 3 Plants from LISP Bazaar - $10

ICON Magazine

Page 42

Child’s - $53

Bed - Among The Trees Set from Bubble Electrik - $10 Rabbit Picture Frames from Doce Aquarela - $1

Teddy Bear from Step inSide - $0 Butterfly Chair Admiral from LISP Bazaar - $10 Piggy Bank Shelves from LISP Bazaar - $10 Rabbit Picture Frames from Doce Aquarela - $1

Bear Flower Pot from Springfield - $1 Cupboard - Among The Trees Set from Bubble Electrik - $10

ICON Magazine

Page 48

Tapis Rug for Kids from KiDs BaZar - $9 Kids Coloring Table/Chairs from Ak Furniture - $10 Treasure Chest (retextured) from Loui Market - $1

Contemporary - $39

ICON Magazine

Page 52

Modern Romantic Bed from This & That - $3 Artwork - 5 Buddhas from The Dreamer Creations - $0

Happy Colors Rug from Zigana - $0 Beatrice Chair from LISP Bazaar - $10 Cherry Branch Bookcase from Sakuramoon Rang - $0

Areca Palm in Pot from Q creations - $1 1 Prim Closet Orange from Betty’s Bargains - $25

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Written by Luc Fray | Photos by Sophielle

The ancient Romans built their greatest masterpieces of architecture, their amphitheaters, for wild beasts to fight in. -Voltaire

Timber Wilds ( Hills/210/186/23) is an RPG sim that, though doesn’t necessarily look like ancient Roman Empire, might as well have been one. A project that started out first as a lion and wolf roleplaying venue, Rand Lupindo, one of four founders of the place, shared that it originated from the dissatisfaction of not having enough feral animal-themed RP sims in Second Life. It was established originally by himself, Rabid Ghost, Raven Seraph and Raukoth Vollmar based on the suggestion of one of their friends. Timber Wilds started out as a homestead sim, mostly running it on freeform RP focusing mainly on wolf packs. They don’t necessarily have a storyline, nor was it based on any established fictional universe. However, with time, the place had grown to be what it is now today. It had tackled and encompassed other species and plotlines, including human refugees at different points. The emphasis remains on its temperate forest environment and overgrown natural wilderness where RPers as animal compete for survival. Timber Wilds cater to all kinds of RPers, from long-term RPers who frequent many other sims and have a quite a long list of characters, to newer types who are notso knowledgeable about RP-ing and don’t have a lot of

experience in that area. And because the sim is only one of the few feral RP sims around, there’s quite a few that had stayed out of continued interest. A tightknit community, it has continued to build up over the years. The whole sim had been beautifully landscaped by Raven and Rabid, and the two had put together some of the best natural environments on SL. In the past, the sim was re-landscaped every few months, but since they thought that it was better to maintain a sense of constancy, they’ve opted to just choose one design and stick to it in the long run. According to Rand, “It was depressing to simply throw away all our beautiful work from prior redesigns. I think that the whole sim is certainly worth seeing at least once, for anyone on SL - there is an incredible amount of detail everywhere, with hidden caves and dens in places, and obscure clickable objects with their own surprises to find.” The lifeblood of Timber Wilds and the one that keeps the sim afloat are the profits of their feral animal avatar line, Timber Wilds Industries. Rand observed that the sim would be on shaky ground if they would solely rely on donations alone. The product line is a

ICON Magazine

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great way to lure in potential RP-ers to the sim, while at the same time, a support to pay the sim’s rent. He added that “making avatars or RP-related accessories can fuel interest in the storyline or theme, giving people a constant source of new props and items to stimulate their imaginations.” Rand mentioned that combat meters are not being used in Timber Wilds as they felt that meters are obtrusive and would only get in the way of RP-ing. “We prefer that people discipline themselves and try to restrict their characters to realistic and sensible behavior.” Though they have the occassional problems with griefers, Timber Wilds a very effective 3-strikes policy to offenses such as harrassing, advertising, money begging and spamming. That rule takes care of the worst troublemakers without being too draconian. Rand added that visitors coming into the sim without any purpose of RP-ing but only for the sake of running around to disrupt other people’s conversation are quite vexing. Many would wander or fly around aimlessly without taking notes of the posted rules, and it is usually up to the staff to round them up and bring them to the proper OOC or shopping areas, as one of the sim’s major rules is that people should be wearing their feral avatars and be in-character mode during their stay in Timber Wilds.

Though things are pretty heated right now in Timber Wilds as two packs --- Solstice and Last Hope --- are vying for territory, but the flow of story is not always that serious. Other times, funny and light-hearted moments break the ice. Rand recalled some of them. “One time we disguised ourselves as trees and fought a comet battle to My Little Pony remixes. Also we make gestures of text-to-speech readings of poorly translated japanese phrases and spam them to confuse people. Rabid sometimes explodes for no reason and Raven pushed us around the sim in a grocery cart. We also build embarassing/scary/funny things around one another when caught afk.� For upcoming activities, they are planning on updating the sim theme and rules so that human characters can now be incorporated into the storyline. Their idea is that these humans are refugees preyed upon by the mutant wild animals. As more feline characters show up, Rand proudly announced their store has also just released the new Cougar avatar with the hopes it will bring in more RP-ers to Timber Wilds.

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Style Editor’s Note I hope all my fellow Americans had an awesome and safe Independence Day! This month is just as awesome as month’s past. Its jam packed with Style goodness. Stylist and Style ICON for this month is Xxmistixx Melody. Our Style Feature for the month showcases two very talented and amazeballs designers from the stores Lethal Couture and Ispachi. We also have the other awesome sections returning, to round out an AWESOME Style Section. If you are a designer that would like your items featured, please contact me in world or via Daija Arida

Get Daija’s Look Hair - Deena in Thoughtful Brown from Hairpiece - Anemone Headpiece in Lagoon Blue from LaGyo Skin - Olivia #004 from House of London Makeup - Loute Makeup Pack 3 Pink from Shakeup! Cosmetics Photo by Hikaru Enimo ICON Magazine

Page 72


Photographed by Zachary Zufreur Modelled by Taya Renfold

Lethal Couture is one of the most unique and urban stores that are in my “must hit up” roaster. It’s full of very awesome and trendsetting items.

Mainstore: secondlife:///app/worldmap/Cancun%20Isle/162.219/34.0938/23.4195 Love Games Maxi Dress - Tan ICON Magazine

Page 74

Market Catsuit - Turquoise & Aztec

Silk Circle Skirt - Neon Spaced out Blouse/Baggy Tank Top - Grey

ICON Magazine

Page 78

Photographed by Spartin Parx Modelled by Alf Whittaker

After some nice ole fashion stalking, Ispachi’s owner Diarmuid Miklos, finally agreed to be featured in our magazine. I am in love with all of the new items he has coming out and especially excited that it’s men’s clothes. Because as you all know, men’s clothes are hard to come by.

Mainstore: secondlife:///app/worldmap/ISPACHI/214.797/130.094/21.7142

Opus Sweater and Executive Pants

Mesh Long Sleeved T-Shirt and Mesh Basic 3/4 Jeans

Brandit Cardigan & Tee and Mesh Casual Male Jeans

ICON Magazine

Page 84

Photographed and Styled by XxMistixX Melody

This month’s Style ICON is XxMistixX Melody. I stalked her flickr account and convinced her. I like the stalking. That’s the only way I find awesome stylists and photographers. She’s an amazing stylist. The way she puts things together and her style is spot on. Check out her blog:

ICON Magazine

Page 86

Look of the Left: Top - Bodysuit in Turquise from Munique. Shorts - Mesh Summer Short from Kim Sandals - Ilena Sandals Standard in Aqua from Slink Earrings - Dont Bring Me Down Earring from [DDL] Necklace - Dont Bring Me Down Necklace from [DDL] Bracelet - Takara Bangle from Mandala Clutch - Bad Day from [DDL] Nails - Classic Nails from Izzie’s Hair - Athena in IdontBleach from LeLutka Skin - Orchid in 06 Tan from The Body Co. Eyeliner - Cat Eyeliner 2 from Izzie’s Lipstick - Slick in Slima from !nona. Look of the Right:  Top - Greek Mesh Shirt in Orchid-Blue from Baiastice Skirt - Skater Skirt Basic Solids in Orange from Tee*fy Shoes - Caresse from N-core Bracelet - Sedrah Bracelet from LaGyo Bag - Wicker Bag Pattern in Black from LaGyo Nails - Classic Nails from Izzie’s Hair - Nicole in Almost Goth from LeLutka Skin - Petal in 06 Tan from The Body Co. Make up - Petal in 06 Tan Makeup in Poison from The Body Co.

Top - MyCropCorset in Milk from Color.Me.H.O.F Skirt - Sunah Mesh Maxi Skirt in Tangerine from Baiastice Earrings - Venus Earring from BenS Beauty Necklace 1 - Green Butterfly/Wood Necklace from Tea Time Necklace 2 - Heart Necklace from BenS Beauty Bracelet - Indra Painted Stacked Bangles from ZC Sandals - Moxie Summer Violets from Maitreya Gold Ring - Heart Ring Bronze from BenS Beauty Nails - Classic Nails from Izzie’s Hair - Demeter in Overcooked from LeLutka Skin - Summer in 06 Tan from The Body Co. Make up - Summer in 06 Tan Makeup in Exotic from The Body Co. ICON Magazine

Page 89


Written, Photographed, & Modeled by Jule Lemondrop

Now it´s time to take a deep breath, to feel the strong north sea wind. Endlessly wide, no borders, no walls. The taste of salt on my lips. Beauty is amazingly simple, yet rough. Crashing waves, crying gulls. Little shells, nothing spectacular... sand between my toes. Disturbing thoughts floating away, leaving space for new adventures.

Dress - Mignon Dress in Sky from Maitreya Feet - Jolie Pied Barefeet Medium from Slink Bracelet - Friendo from Meil Hair/Hat - Siobhan in Kala Jeeral from Maitreya Skin - Ania 07 in Nougat from LAQ

ICON Magazine

Page 92

Blouse - Malibu Top in Reef from Mimikrit

Shorts - Malibu Leather Shorts in White from Mimikrit

Feets - Womens Natural Barefeet from Slink

Sandals - Ilena Sandals in White from Slink

Necklace - Seahorse Necklace Chic2 from [glow] Studio

Earrings - Ansuka Pearl Drop Earrings in Night from Zaara

Watch - Industrial Watch in Blue from Kari

Sun Glasses - Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses from SteinWerk

Hair - London Rain in Wedge from Exile

Skin -  Ania 07 in Nougat from LAQ

Bikini - Bikini “Wild Thang” for Chic from DeeTaleZ Feet - Womens Natural Barefeet from Slink Earrings - Color Beads Earrings in silver from [EY:NO] Necklace - Seahorse Necklace Chic2 from [glow] Studio Watch - Industrial watch in Blue from Kari Sun Glasses - Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses from SteinWerk Hair - Milano in Soil from Vanity Hair  Skin -  Ania 07 in Nougat from LAQ

ICON Magazine

Page 98

Styled, Modeled, & Photographed by Hikaru Enimo

This section is dedicated to our styleless men that need a little direction. Our talented stylist, Hikaru, has some awesome trendy looks for you all.

Him: Shirt - Chris Model IV T-shirt from Countdown Pants - Homme Jeans in Blue 1 from NSD Shoes - Sneakers Miles in Dark from Redgrave Bag - Pastel Brushed Leather Bag in Black from NYU Sunglasses - Sunglasses Holly / V1.1 from Redgrave Necklace Men’s Love Choker Chain from !WG! Watch - Watch no.36 in Dio Black from Chronokit Bracelet - Nornir Bracelet from Rozoregalia Hair - Tidal in California from Exile Skin - Sky in 01 Fair Blonde Brows from The Body Co. Goatee - Face Fuzz California Stub Goatee Blond 2 from Fruk

Her: Jacket - Cupio Splatter Top in Passion from Maitreya Pants - Zipper Skinny Pastel in Pink from Maitreya Shoes - Etoile in Pure Pink from N-core Shades - Sunglasses Laurita / V1.1 from Redgrave Bangles - All Colour Bangles from Je Suis Nails - Retro Nails Colormix in fushia from Mons Ring - Here Comes The Sun in Ring Lemon from Finesmith Hair - Cynthia w/Roots in toffee from Truth Skin - Ivy in 02 Ivory from The Body Co. Lipstick - Ivy in 02 Ivory Lipstick in Soft from The Body Co. POSE: Bicycle Love - Pose Prop from What Next

ICON Magazine

Page 104

Jacket - Jeans Jacket in Washed Blue from Sey Shirt - Basic Deep V-Neck in White from Armidi Limited Jeans - Kirk Jeans in Light 1 from Muism Shoes - Triumph Boot Male in Black from Gos Necklace - Men’s Silver & Rubber Choker from Dahlinks Bracelet - Cord Cross Bracelet Watch - Triple Strap Watch in Black from Kari Hair - Pipeline in Honeypot from Shag Skin - Sky in 01 Fair Blonde Brows from The Body Co. Goatee - Face Fuzz California Stub Goatee Blond 2 from Fruk House by L2 Studio Beach View House by Lindini2 Lane

Courtesy of

Get that Style is a section were we bring real life styles into Second Life. We were the first and the original ones to introduce this concept into inworld magazines and we’re proud to say so.

Top - Early in White from coldLogic Jeans - Skinny Pastels in Pink from Maitreya Shoes - Siesta in Pink from ClichĂŠ Bag - Leather Satchel in TaupeGrey from Maitreya Earrings - Hiral from Zaara Hair - Clara in Mocha from Truth Skin - Lily from Belleza

Styled and Modeled by Laya Felisimo Photographed by Pinch Pinazzo

ICON Magazine

Page 108

Dress - Floratta Dress in Tulips from Reale Vest - Regular from Airflow Scarf - Scarf Wrap in Camel from League Shoes - YaXkin from Maitreya Sunglasses - Bella Peepers from Miel Jewelry - Wanderer in Oak from League Hair - Cale from Mirai Skin - Lily from Belleza

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Denim Shirt - Indigo Denim Shirt from Arai Blazer - Classic Blazer from Entente Pants - Herringbone Pants from RedGrave

Styled, Modeled, & Photographed by Tristion Paine

Shoes - Mokka Classic Loafers from RedGrave Watch - ICL Black/Gold Watch from RYCA Hair - Pomp It Up from Epoque.S Skin - Trent in Tone 4 from Kento  

Shirt - Raul Striped T-shirt from Myosotis Pants - Melly Rigged Mesh Jeans from Spirit Store Shoes - Beige Suede Dockers from Horeenbeek Hair - Dimitri in Dark Browns from Burley Skin - Trent in Tone 1 from Kento

Courtesy of


ICON Magazine

Page 115

Glossy - Black

Dark Style - Chaos

Exile - Bimbo

Liquid - Silver

Starlight - Siren

Kenos - Raisin

Lost Soul - Dragonblood

Dark Half - Ultra Violet

Shimmery & Smoke - Peacock


Rebel Hope celebrates 7 years of design

ICON Magazine

Page 121

Written by Sahara Mehrtens Photos by Julie Hastings

A name almost synonymous with the world of formal wear, Rebel Hope has been making gowns, tuxedos and other designs since March of 2005, making her one of the longest-running designers on the grid today. Her adaptability has helped her roll with the changes and her work continues to be some of the most well-made items you can find. “I started designing in SL in March of 2005,” Rebel explains. “I had been a developer in another program similar to SL and had the insight on building here. I’ve always loved fashion, so I decided to tackle it.” With her huge inventory and portfolio of work, Rebel’s designs can be described as stylish, classy and sophisticated. Rebel explains that she pulls inspiration from many sources to keep her ideas fresh and exciting. “My inspiration for designing comes from so many places in RL and SL,” she said. “Magazines, websites and real life fashion stores as well.” Since 2005, there have been so many changes and updates to the way designers design, from prim additions, to different types of fabrics, to the newly added mesh phenomenon. Designers have had to update and adapt to the way they design, and Rebel has done it with grace and ease. When asked what her best sellers are, she explains, “Of recent, my mesh gowns have been very popular, along with my wedding and bridal creations” But if you ask her what her favorite piece she has designed is, she says, “Probably would have to be my Lumiere Gown.”

The creation process is Rebel’s favorite part of designing clothes and the magic that goes into making each piece. She explains she still gets a thrill with each piece created after more than 7 years of designing in SL. “My favorite part about being a designer is taking textures and molding them into something out of my head,” she says. “Just the creativeness of the whole process.” Rebel explains that she puts lots of hard work and effort into each piece. When you combine the amount of work that she puts into the designs alone with the promotions and events that she has been part of throughout her time in SL, Rebel puts a lot into her brand. “As far as events go, you name it, and I’ve pretty much done it,” she says. “And as far as time spent on design goes, I design more than just for Rebel, so in total I probably work about five to six hours per day on design work alone.” Rebel says that if you are meant to be a designer, and it truly is your calling, never give up. Her love for her work and her passion for fashion is an inspiration and you can see it in each piece she creates. “I’ve been content creating in SL for over seven years now and proud of the brand I’ve created,” she says. “I give a lot of attention and detail into what I create. I also put in a lot of my own sweat, love and tears, which to me makes my designs more special to me. My goal is to make someone feel pretty in something they wear of mine, and if I’ve done that, it makes it all worth it.” We are honored to celebrate the work of the ICONic Rebel Hope and can’t wait to see what is next on her shelves!

Story and photos by a new Derby Girl

I never knew I was a mean girl, not until I joined Roller Derby in Second Life, anyway. The Second Life Roller Derby Association (SLRDA) has teams joining and competing all over the grid and the popularity of the sport continues to grow as new members join each day. The moment you lace on the skates, throw on the helmet and prepare your skating hud, power surges through you. It’s your job to either knock ‘em down or get knocked down yourself… the choice is yours, and failure means the other team scores. There are three main positions in Roller Derby. The pivot who kind of acts as the lead blocker and is in charge of watching the pack and setting the speed as well as watching for the other team, the blockers who try their best to take down the other team and not let them by, and then of course, the jammer, the one who skates as fast ICON Magazine

Page 128

as they can to try to get around the pack and score points for their team. When a jammer makes it through the pack they put points on the board. Each “jam� or time period where jammers can attempt to beat the pack and make it through, lasts for two minutes, or as long as the lead jammer, the one who makes it through the pack first, decides it

is over, as they can call off the jam at anytime. The pivot chooses formations and strategies for the pack of blockers to try out to do their best to get the other pack on the ground and especially the other team’s jammer. The blockers do whatever they can to get the other team off their skates and on the floor. From hip checking, to a back elbow, to the illegal punching, blockers have to get the other team down by any means necessary, even if sometimes it results in a punishment in the penalty box. Not only is all this girl-on-girl action stimulating for the fans as the teams bloody each other up, the outfits and uniforms are amazing! From sexy one-piece off shoulder bodysuits, to lingerie and corsets, each team uniform has its own unique style that makes them who they are.

Beyond the team look, creating your own Derby Persona is of major importance. Coming up with a creative name that fits what you want to personify. Miz Psycho, Gauge Paige and Hellavator are just a few examples of some of the names chosen as derby names. The name needs to personify toughness and the ability to intimidate the other team. Also, your own personal flair adds to the uniform as well. From spikes, to tattoos, to different makeups, to different skirts or panty hose, your style comes from how you choose to wear the uniform and what message you want to send from your look.

Being a derby girl is a blast. With practices two or three times a week, each team gets better and better as SLRDA heads into its next exciting season of Roller Derby! Let your mean girl out and join a team! It’s so much more fun being a part of it than just watching! Get in the game!

ICON Magazine

Page 133

ICON Magazine

Page 137

Written by Amelia Harsley Photos by Jordan Whitt

Modeling in Second Life is a very competitive field to get into with high standards and it takes lots of time, effort and money. Finding the modeling work is painstaking and keeping the work is even more difficult. Though it is a tough field to get into, it is very rewarding, and that is why VioletCrush Bravin started the Ultimate Exposure Modeling Agency and Academy (UEMA) back in 2009. “The reason I decided to start the agency was I loved the fashion industry. I felt it was fast and ever changing and I can identify with that,” Violet says. “I wanted to create an agency that could do great things for the models and the fashion industry.” Violet started the full-training agency to help models get started in this tough and competitive world of modeling. “We provide full training from basic to advanced for one price. There is no need to pay to advance in your model training,” she explains. “Once you have graduated from UEMA you are invited to our model group. Once in the model group you

are given job opportunities around the grid. “ Violet tries to make her agency different from other agencies because she works hard to know and be friends with all of the models in the agency, as well as understand their strengths and help them work on areas for improvement. “We try to be friends with our models, we have an open door policy and they can come to us at anytime if they need help with anything regarding their modeling,” she explains. “We offer them many ways to excel in the industry and we try to provide information to keep them all up to date on procedures and new products as well as jobs that come about for them to cast for. We take care of our models in the agency and we stay in house to provide jobs for our models. We pride ourselves on the quality of models over quantity of the models that we have. “ One thing that Violet sees as a challenge in the modeling world today is the lack of diversity. “There needs to be more opportunities for all ethnic models,” she says. “The world isn’t all

just one color. I think a model being true to his or her ethnic background is beautiful regardless if you’re Ebony, Asian, Indian or Caucasian. All men and women are beautiful and we were created to be who we are. We support an array of shapes and sizes in our models. We know that no one is a perfect “thin” model in reality so we strive to make our modeling as real as possible, and we include child models. We want to see models in every shape and size do beautiful things.” For anyone interested in modeling, Violet offers her advice. “Be true to yourself,” she says. “Investigate the agencies you are looking into for training and representation. There are many good agencies out there, but you need to choose the one that will benefit you the most in all aspects you wish to be represented in or taken care of. “

ICON Magazine

Page 144

There are lots of things to expect from UEMA in the near future, and we’ll be keeping an eye on them. “We will be doing pageants and contests in the future,” Violet says. “We are looking to branch out and expand in many directions. Our expansion will provide jobs for other SL residents as well as our models.”


Page 147

Written by Sahara Mehrtens Photos by Harlow Heslop

Whatever type of music you are in the mood for, there is an artist out there that is sure able to handle it. From the Beatles, to Jimi Hendrix, to Kings of Leon and much more, Steely Decosta is one of the most flexible live performers gracing the sound waves of clubs and venues around the grid. His Kentucky background and his love for music has blended into a beautiful noise that his fans have come to love and adore. “It’s hard to say my favorite type of music,” Steely explains. “I like almost all music. It depends on my mood I suppose.” The music he lists in his profile includes some of the greatest song writers, singers and bands of all time. “I play a variety of covers and original jams with my loop station,” he says in his profile. “Including CSNY, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Ben

Harper, Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, Sterophonics, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Noel Gallager, Steely Dan, U2, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, Young Rascals, Todd Rundgren, Jackson Browne, John Mayer, Amos Lee and a host of others.” Steely’s talents have a wide range as well, as he is versed in several different instruments. “I play guitar mostly,” he says. “I also play keyboards and bass.” It wasn’t the music scene that brought Steely into Second Life in the first place, but it is what has kept him coming back time after time for several performances a week. “The first time I came on the grid, I had watched an episode of CSI and came in to solve a murder,” Steely explains. Steely performs five to eight gigs a week and can be found at several favorite venues and clubs on any given day. “I have regular gigs at Ce Soir, Bound to Excite,

Melodies, Gughries, The Pier, Oceanus, Palazzos and Tranquil Café,” he says. Steely explains that he is inspired by many things, but mostly his inspiration comes from nature. “The beauty of nature, the harsness of reality and it’s acts of kindness, that’s what inspires me,” he says. Though he isn’t sure what might be coming up next for him, Steely has some plans to expand his resume in the future. “Right now I’m just taking it day by day,” he says. “But someday maybe I’ll do some recording.” To anyone wanting to break into the live music business Steely cautions that it’s mostly about being the right kind of talent and practicing. “If you’re wanting to be a great live performer in SL,” he advises. “Try to get a consistant sound and even voice with your music.”

Photos Courtesy of Spartin Parx

Having just celebrated her 4th anniversary as an SL photographer, Spartin Parx just keeps going from strength to strength. Her photos have graced magazines and been seen in stores and profiles around the grid. Her work is very creative and Spartin is a talent to watch in Second Life. Join me in stalking her Flickr spartinparx/ and enjoy great work...with a little bit of naughty thrown in. ICON Magazine

Page 152


What is the best part of the work you do? What gives you the most pride?


Doing this line of work has given me the opportunity to channel my abilities to make some cool stuff. I mean, there are a great deal of top level artists in SL that are far more advanced than me, but I take so much pride the fact that I came here not planning to do what I do now, and yet I have built this portfolio of work that I have done and have posted on Flicker. That gives me a sense of pride in what I have managed to teach myself and then turn it around here and make it into something that allows others to enjoy as well. Who knew I had this in me? It is overwhelming sometimes to look at it all and realize holy crap! That came from me?


What frustrates you the most about being a photographer?


As an artist you get faced with a great deal of challenges when you meet someone who is as passionate as you are about what you are doing and you don’t see eye to eye. That can tend to create the unmovable object being placed in front of a unstable force.


How do you manage to keep the creativity flowing? From where do you derive your influences?


Nearly anything can muster a spark of inspiration for me, but music seems more an influence, since I am a musician in RL. When sitting down to actually ask myself what is it I want to do next, I gain so much from my friends and dare I say muses? However my biggest influence happens to be my boyfriend Ace Somersley. He came to my studio, after a chance meeting, for a shoot and asked me to do some shots of an idea he had. I knew then and there he was someone special. He not only gives me this lightning rod of ideas and tremendous focus, but he also is the most patient and caring person. So I found myself more reinvented, inspired and overall this machine of creativity where I have evolved into an artist who isn’t afraid to think outside of the boxes most artist tend to get trapped in sometimes.


What is the most unusual thing/person you’ve been asked to photograph?

Spartin: Top few of my favs include a giraffe woman in a wedding dress, a couple of insects having relations and a very scary stalker who posed as several different avi’s just to be around me.


Have you ever refused to photograph something because it was so far out there that it made you uncomfortable?


No. I have a open mind and an open heart. My personal beliefs don’t influence me into refusal. However, I have refused to shoot rude individuals. I am a firm believer in respect and trusting me behind the camera. If I don’t receive trust or respect I have been known to walk off a set, or ask them to leave and not return.

ICON Magazine

Page 158


When you look back at your first SL photographs, what makes you cringe the most?


The lack of knowledge I carried with me on lighting, layers and trusting my abilities.


When you see the art that you create now, what do you feel?


Proud. My work and myself have come a long long way. I am my worst critic and no matter what I will pick apart an image. But I know it will help me learn and remind me that there will always be a better image to be proud of and feel a sense of accomplishment about.


If you weren’t a photographer and had to pick another profession in SL, what would it be?


Since poses / makeup / styling creation come from my line of work in photography, I would have to say my passion would have either been in designing hair or hats. I have no patience for creating clothing, although I still secretly make them and just fail epically at it.


When you have time for fun in SL what do you do?


Fun away from the camera for me is spending time with Ace. We have the best time just doing nothing specific. I’m also a shopping monster. Considering the amount of time I pour into shopping in SL (and lindens), it makes me wonder that if I had this sort of money and means to travel in Real Life the way I do in SL, would I be in some Betty Ford clinic somewhere trying to wing myself off of invites for weekend sales? God bless the genius who invented Market Place!

Club Sensual merges with Pheremones and Krash Radio By Sahara Mehrtens

ICON Magazine

Page 164

One of the longest standing clubs on the grid today, Club Sensual has been keeping SL club goers entertained and excited for more than four years. What started as a job and small hobby for owner Brooklyn Landau has exploded and grown to a massive endeavor with a VIP group list with more than 7,000 members and land traffic in the 10,000 range. “At first I started the Club as a hobby,” Brooklyn said. “My very first SL job was as a dancer/host. The managers/owners of the club that I worked for were not kind to the staff. I knew I could do it better. I opened the Club in February 2008 and have been in business now for a little over 4 years. “

Recently, Brooklyn joined forces with Pheremones store and Krash Radio owner, Landau Shippe, and the two have been working on many joint projects together, such as the shopping mall that now surrounds the club as well as many other opportunities for new events and a new concert venue. “Our new merger has allowed us to add a concert arena,” Brooklyn explained. “We plan to have bi-weekly concerts and we have added additional stores with 100+ prims to offer to our renters. Overall that will equal growth.” One of the unique things about Club Sensual, besides its crazy fun times and amazing VIP group, is the fun events they have, all of which are sponsored by SL store owners from around the grid.

“We have so much fun with our event themes,” Brooklyn said. “Some of our favorites are Latex, Neko, and Staff look alike contests are incredibly funny. Our sponsors and their store themes contribute a lot to our own event themes. Club Sensual is 100% fully sponsored. At each of our two hour events, we highlight & feature one SL business. We promote their products, pass out their landmark/notecards and send notices to our customers in both our local chat & our VIP group. Our sponsors have contributed greatly to the success of our Club and its growth and in return we have committed to helping them as well.” When Brooklyn inherited the VIP group, the numbers were small, and for her it was truly just a hobby, but her love for the club and dedication from her and staff members has grown the VIP group to the outstanding numbers they have today.

ICON Magazine

Page 170

“My favorite thing about owning our Club is watching our group grow throughout the years from 30 VIPs to 7000 VIPs,” Brooklyn said. “I have enjoyed seeing both new and old VIPs continue to return to our beloved Club. It’s very rewarding to see others enjoy what we have worked so hard to build and seeing them have as much fun with it as we have.” With so many clubs opening and closing their doors constantly around the grid, Brooklyn has this advice to offer for anyone wanting to open a club. “Have a plan, set short term and long term goals, be organized, and be consistent and firm with the expectations you give your staff,” she said. “So many great, dedicated people have had a hand in making Club Sensual what it is today. I am so lucky to have such a great managers/staff & awesome sponsors in place to guarantee our continued success. Four years in business and still going strong. We are definitely here to stay! Come check out our new stores and our talented staff 7 days a week 6pm to 2am - secondlife/Shippe5/106/138/1005.”

Photos by Sophielle

Potvin Tigerpaw aka DJ 4-Play A DJ in Second Life for over four years, it was timing, opportunity and a love of music that got Potvin, aka DJ 4-Play, into spinning tunes around the grid. “A couple of girls I knew owned a club and were looking for DJs to add to their roster,” he says. “They had heard me talk on voice and persuaded me to give DJing a try.” And Potvin has been hooked ever since. His playlist includes a range of music, and requests are something he very much loves. These days he can be found playing randomly around the grid with no set schedule or location. But it’s well worth finding him if you can! His advice to upcomign DJs: Based on the positive feedback I’ve received from those I’ve partied with over the years, the best advice I can offer is to simply be yourself and have fun doing it. Don’t let your ego run away from you and don’t say “Ummm” or “Like” too much on the air. ICON Magazine

Page 175

Potvin’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. It Takes Two (96 Mix) Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock 2. Get Buck in Here - DJ Felli Fell 3. In my Bed (So So Def remix) Dru Hill 4. Amongster - Polica 5. Kiss (Rene Amesz Mix) - Prince 6. International Love (Jump Smokers Radio Edit) - Pitbull 7. Flaunt It (DJ 4-Play Theme Song!) - TV Rock 8. Somebody for Me Heavy D & The Boyz 9. The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson 10. Written In The Stars Tinie Tempah Ft. Eric Turner

Gracie’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Wonderwall - Oasis 2. Over & Over - Tami Chynn 3. Use Somebody - Kings of Leon 4. Animal - Neon Trees 5. You Make it Real James Morrison 6. You da One - Rhianna 7. Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon 8. Wild 2Nite - Shaggy 9. Santa Monica Everclear 10. Drive By - Train

Gracie Kangjon It was two DJ friends that bullied Gracie into becoming a DJ in Second Life. “Potvin Tigerpaw and Tristain Savon, were teasing me about my voice one night and said I should DJ! They came up with the name DJ Gspot and I thought it was funny,” she says. And since 2008, she has been gracing (no pun intended) the airwaves of clubs and events with her sexy voice and rocking music. Her playlists includes lots of Top 40, Rock, Hip Hop, R & B and some Reggae, but she warns, “I tend to be very lovey dovey.” Like all DJs, Gracie loves taking requests and seeing people having a good time. “I just love seeing the chat fill up with gestures so I know people are having a good time,” she explains. Her advice to upcoming DJs: Make sure to invest in a quality mic and play music people will like, not only those obscure songs no one knows but you. That isn’t cool because no one knows what you are playing. Be able to laugh at yourself, and most of all show people you are having fun! If the DJ is having fun and chatting in room the whole club comes alive!

Yo High Nus

(Yohighnus Resident)

A professional partying pilgrim and a love of music in all its genres and styles is what has brought Yo into the DJing world. “Many times when listening to classics from all genres, I would hear myself mixing music and beats to other songs with a similar tempo beat,” he says. “In essence I was starting to mix music in my head and it became apparent that DJing was my next chosen path.” It was mixing beats, exploring music production, remixing and creating new sounds are what is most attractive to Yo. It’s the crowd that determines what music he spins. “I’m specialized in most all genre’s,” he explains, “so if you tell me how you’re feeling, I’ll be able to spin to your mood.” But if pushed, Yo picks Electronic Dance Music as his most preferred genre. But you won’t find him in clubs around the grid. Using a mobile DJ setup he has built himself, he is ready to party where and when the mood hits him. “I’m more of a spontaneous type individual where I spin when and where I want,” he says. He enjoys flash parties in all sorts of locations. “Beaches are my favorite with a nice sunset or evening mood.”

Yo’s advice to upcoming DJs: Don’t DJ for prestige, or to be the something you’re not, it will be short lived. Spin for your crowd and infect as many people as you can with your talent and love. Don’t get sour ever and always be grateful of your fans. Start small if you’re getting into the DJ element for the first time. Learn how to beat match, build and tune your time codes… take some basic music lessons on what makes a beat, bar, etc. Read and utilize YouTube to learn, talk to your local DJ’s and music stores for tips. Don’t ever copy someone else’s mixes and call it your own, nobody likes posers. Don’t give yourself the DJ name “Five Dollar Holla.” Most importantly, you need to “know your music” before even mixing… love it and be intimate with a genre before crossing into others so that you’re not overwhelmed. Be in it for the right reasons and my number one advice, always keep it fun.

Yo’s Top 10 Must Have Songs 1. Just a Kiss - Lady Antebellum 2. Welcome to the Jungle Guns n Roses 3. Fever - Peggy Lee 4. Shined On Me - Praise Cats ft Andrea Love 5. Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) - Temper Trap 6. Full Focus - Armin Van Buuren 7. Iko Iko - The Belle Stars 8. Holiday - Madonna 9. Voodoo People - Prodigy 10. Change - Markus Visionary


Written by an SL Addict It is 7:30 pm in Second Life, and like clockwork, I rush home and head up the stairs. One more flight of stairs and I’m here. It’s 7:30 pm…and it’s time to change my babies.

ICON Magazine

Page 182

Call me crazy, call me “over-imaginative,” but most importantly, call me “mom”. I look around the room and count out my ever crawling and walking prim children. All seven are here, and it’s time to start my nightly routine. First comes holding each baby for a little “mommy” time, then comes the bottles for each. Next is getting the two sets of twins into the bath and then to the changing table. The night ends with every baby tucked safely into their respective beds and cribs. It is now after 8:00 pm and I can continue on with my night. It didn’t start out this way. At first it was just an innocent curiosity. How does it work? Do they cry like real babies? Do you have to take care of them? What is the allure? And then…I tried it. I gave birth in Second Life to a prim baby and things were never the same. I guess you can say I graduated from prim pet to the prim baby.

It started with one. She was so precious, so sweet and she depended on me. I got on a schedule and I kept her “stats� up no matter what. If I went shopping, she went shopping. If I visited friends, well, guess who tagged along the portable crib. She was my pride and joy, but as she progressed through the stages and started turning into a toddler, I yearned for the helpless infant that fully depended on me. And when I saw that glorious notice, it seemed the SL gods had heard my cry.

I will never forget the words that began my addiction “these babies are looking for a new home with you”. It was a fairly short notice, but it was the beginning of the end. I told myself I just wanted to look, that it was only a curiosity, and that it would change nothing. How wrong I was. That first day I left with two more bundles of joy, a set of twin newborns that were just as adorable. I expanded the nursery, added more bottles, diapers and baby wash, reworked my nightly routine, and all was well. I was content for about two weeks, and then the dreaded notice appeared again. “These babies are looking for a new home with you.” This time, I didn’t bother to lie to myself. I knew why I was going, and I knew I wouldn’t leave

empty-handed. It was that moment that an addict finally acknowledges that they are an addict and reality sets in and says “you are going to do this”. But the difference is, at this stage, you feel no shame. You know you’re going to do it and you do it. And you go on like nothing is wrong. This time, I left with another set of twins. I made three more visits to that adoption agency, leaving with a newborn on each visit but the last, and that was only because someone beat me to the punch. By the time I arrived, all had been adopted. Do I tell everyone about my babies? No, not at all. Heck, my family only really knows about 4 of them and they think that’s crazy enough. It’s not that I’m ashamed, I just hate explaining myself to others. Then again, I still can’t explain it to myself. What do I get out of this? Is this even healthy for me? Am I the crazy old lady with a house full of cats, except in this case, the cats are babies? Who knows. All I know is this isn’t the end. I’ve got a full sim to myself, and plenty of room to expand my nursery. Heck, maybe I’ll dedicate a whole skybox to a gigantic nursery. Only time will tell. All I know is that this is my Second Life. I can do what I want, and be who I want. I may be the crazy hoarder lady, but at least I can rest assured that the secret of addiction is still safe.

There are many things that can ruin the moo sexytimes, just as they can in real sex. So lets out a few.

Finding Wrong Genitals: Now I bet many men in SL can this point. Cringing when you find out that your gorge sex goddess is really a guy. Hell it’s not that uncommon never get found out. And some don’t even care. As long stick their dick in, what does it matter. As one person sa long as they are pretending to be female, I’ll be pretend them. Nice to know some men aren’t picky.

ICON Magazine

Page 189

od in pixel s check

n relate to eous pixel n, most just g as they can aid ding to fuck

Written and Photographed by Solitaire Highfield

Ooooh baby: Sure its nice to hear that every so often so you know you are doing something right, but as every response? Ack it’s the cyber equivalent of shagging a dead fish. Although you should start worrying if all your partners start replying like that. Why bother doing your best cyber work when you get no reciprocation? Bat Signal - it’s probably a guy who has no idea how a woman’s body is sposed to respond as they keep up with the oh baby’s and mmmm’s so you don’t stop. Badly Named Body Parts: There is nothing worse than cringe-worthy euphemisms for body parts or flowery metaphors. Words that should NEVER be used in cyber include : manmeat, throbbing love truncheon, tunnel of love, vagina, penis, vulva, crawlspace, premature. It’s either bad trashy novel material or Health Class terms and they are so very wrong. You are most likely to end up being laughed at or suffering from “SL booted me” moments. You are usually much safer using the blunt, straightforward terms. Can’t go wrong with them. The Actual Body Parts: Yes we are talking about Freenises and badly colour matched sexytimes parts. If you don’t want to be laughed off the grid, invest in quality parts, get them matching your skin tone and looking realistic. Seriously, who wants to shag something the size of a baby’s fist holding an apple? I don’t need holes out my back, through my stomach or in my head.

Interruptions: Sure sometimes these can’t be helped. Real life will intrude at the most annoying times...and during cyber seems to be its favourite. The action is all hot and heavy, you are all worked up, really into it...and the bloody phone rings, or the Mrs/Mr/boyfriend/girlfriend/flatmate/child walks in, or the server decides you need a time out so disconnects you. Sometimes the universe just doesn’t want you to get cyber laid! Narrative Shagging : One this that is a huge turn off for me personally is people who tell you what you are doing or experiencing which is not to be confused with being told what to do. There is a huge difference between : you are sliding onto your knees and looking up at me and baby, slide onto your knees, I want you to look up at me. But the thing that miffs me off NO END is being told when I cum. ...sucking on your *censored* until you cum hard... Um HELLO!!! You’ve been doing that for 2 minutes AS IF I cum that quickly. You’d soon know when I do cos hunny, I don’t cum - I arrive! But as with all things, people have different likes and dislikes, turn ons and turn offs. It’s easy to pick them up and adjust to who you are with. With some, it requires holding back and with others, you can really let go. Keep paying attention, talking and watching. It’s amazing what you can pick up.

1. Relax It’s Summer! Time to kick back and relax by the pool, in the garden or anywhere you like with the Recliner from Edberg Design & Architecture. It is mesh and comes with two fabulous recliners with 18 built in poses all for the amazing price of....FREE! It’s just what you need for kicking back this Summer. ICON Magazine

Page 195

2. Embrace Change With so many gorgeous skins out in the stores at the moment, it’s time to update your look and try something new. Two stunning new additions to the gris are Lily V2 from Belleza and Mia from Glam Affair. Try these new looks on your avatar and see just how beautiful your pixels can be!

3. Propose a Toast If there is one thing your SL will not be complete without, it’s the Kawaii Happy Toaster Backpack from Epic. Available in a range of colours, its adorable, affordable and brings out the inner toast loving child in anyone.

4. Be a Winner Bitch Tail has a complete outfit for you, and it’s called - Winner! The purple dress is sexy and looks amazing with or without the leather jacket that comes in the pack. There are also fishnet stockings and a pair for slinky heels. It’s super sexy and great value!

5. Think Like a Man If there is one thing men love, it’s lap dances! I must have spent hours searching Marketplace and stores all over Second Life for the perfect one, and I found it! From HSF Erotics, the “Sit On It” Lap Dance Chair is a must have for playful teasing times through to cuddles and foreplay and to a bit more *adult* pursuits.

6. Be Chic Be Tres Chic with this cute tee from T Junction. It comes in a soft blue shade that will melt easily into your existing wardrobe, and whether you wear it with jeans or a skirt, it’s going to look perfect! It has all the clothing layer options so you can wear it your way.

7. Live to the Max If there is one thing that drives you crazy when taking pics, it’s waiting for your eyes to be in just the right spot for the photo. Sure you can rezz a box and shift/alt onto it, but a much simpler way is to snap up the Auto Focus from Glorious Insanity. This simple HUD has nine eye opens and also has a built in emoter. It’s a godsend!!!

8. Stay Sharp Want to make a real statement with your look? Then try out the Artifical Tears Piercing from A.S.S. It comes pearl brow (both brows, left or right), brow base, eyes and the eye piercing (left or right). It’s a unique addition to your jewelry collection.

ICON lifestyle magazine


JULY 2012

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