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the gist of the complete visionary experience. Lila’s energy is harnessed within their sound, and they leave it to one’s own intuition to naturally feel and share this energy with the rest of the waiting world. To steer away from the propaganda of signing with major labels of the sometimes ruthless music industry, Lila stays independently run and prefers it. Each member operates within an elected position on the business aspect of their company. Knowing that most labels want as many pieces of the pie as they can eat, the group knew that live shows would be what they needed to fuel the demands of equipment, product, and advertisement without push and pull of major labels or industrial loan sharks as they see the picture. Anyone who understands marketing knows that good branding comes from having a unique product that many people want. Understanding that their band is essentially their brand and that there are more people creating brands than ever

before, Lila knew that their hip hop folk rock band stood out uniquely. With this, one has to incorporate a community of associates to broaden the horizon of the band’s success, and they do so by outsourcing to local Durham artists who provide the album art, flyers and merchandising. “Reaching out with a co-promotional idea is one of the best methods to get your brand fanned. Know what your local businesses are about and be wise about who you choose to put your name out there. Essentially who we work with also represents us and what we stand for,” explained Le Sueur. Every Christmas they allow themselves one musical gift if they feel a good job was done for them throughout the year. Naughty or nice, this band is proving to be a sure rise to a musical climax. After first asking yourself “Lila Who?” ask later “Lila Where?” and find out how you can experience Lila live in a city near you.

MEMBERS: CEO Eli McDuffee (Emcee) CFO + Custodian Jon Le Sueur (Keys, Acoustic Guitar) PR Rosean Alexander (Bass) Treasurer + Negotiator Griffin Wade (Drums) Marketing Michael Petersen (Trombone) Mediator Kyle Cox (E. Guitar) Big Ideas Guy LiLa (The Band)


Iconic Magazine March 2013  

IconicPreneur March 2013 Edition

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