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Wine By: Liz Mitchell

First, let me introduce myself as a food and wine, travel and arts writer. I cannot claim to be a wine expert for sure, although I can do a pretty good job drinking it. I’ve learned a bit about wine through research as well as through some fabulous events and tastings with true aficionados. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that it’s not necessary to follow any rules to simply order wisely in a restaurant or grab a bottle from the grocery store on the way home from work. It’s ok to drink what you like. Sample something that looks interesting, or ask for a recommendation if you’re in a nice restaurant which offers an intimidating wine list. In any restaurant

to the heartier foods. But that too is a matter of preference, and many wine

you can ask for a house red or white; then if you like it ask what it

lovers prefer strictly white or red.

is. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be good either. One of the lovely grapes used to create a wide variety of wines to please The simplest rule you might want to observe at home is that white

almost any taste is the pinot. Pinot noir wine is a light fruity red, with some

wine is usually served chilled, and red wine is served at room

of the better ones resembling a luscious liquid fruit salad in a glass. It pairs

temperature. That is a matter of emphasizing the wine’s best taste,

well with appetizers or light dishes. A popular white wine during the past

but if you want to chill your reds or put an ice cube in a glass of wine,

few years is pinot grigio (Italian name) or pinot gris. It’s also made from the

just go ahead and do it your own way.

pinot grape without the dark skin. A novice wine drinker can easily begin with these somewhat light tastes. Meet up with some pinot and let us know

White wines are recommended for fish, poultry or light foods, while reds are suggested for meats with the heavier darker wines suited


some of your favorites.

Iconic Magazine FEB2013  

Iconic Magazine's Introductory Issue.

Iconic Magazine FEB2013  

Iconic Magazine's Introductory Issue.