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Letter from the Editor I

am beyond excited for Iconic Magazine’s official launch. Though the first couple of magazines are virtual, this truly starts the journey I once tried to begin a few years ago. When I first wanted to start a magazine, I had all of the ambition in the world, but the resources, at the time, were not available for me to do so. So, I waited...

This first magazine is just a preview - a mock up of the various editions, in one magazine. Each month afterward will have full spreads of the month’s particular edition. I will ask that you please bear with us as we still are finding our way on this journey. As time passes, we’ll get better stories, better pictures, and the design of Iconic Magazine will be more defined.

man and urban woman of substance. I wanted Iconic Magazine to be different - not the same ole same ole like every other magazine. That is one of the reasons why I created different editions of Iconic Magazine, so each month, the readers will have something entirely new to enjoy.

is the Carolinas and the southeastern states. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this letter and for reviewing Iconic Magazine. I hope you enjoy this first edition and the future editions we have in store.

“The word Iconic was chosen to Fast forward to today set a standard and Iconic Magazine is actually launching and Finally, the word Iconic with a team of Go-Getters and we are going was chosen to set a behind it, including standard and we are to make sure we myself! going to make sure we adhere to that standard! adhere to that We are accepting stories I call Iconic Magazine and submissions from all the “Urban Luxury” standard!” over, but our initial focus magazine for the urban

When you read the various editions of Iconic Magazine, I would love for you to be motivated to travel to a destination you didn’t know about, get inspired to connect with a business entrepreneur, become open to try new ideas, check out a genre of music or an artist you probably never heard of, or even try the latest fashions you thought were only on TV.


~ Love and Live Iconic

Iconic Magazine FEB2013  

Iconic Magazine's Introductory Issue.

Iconic Magazine FEB2013  

Iconic Magazine's Introductory Issue.