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Love at First Bite!


Over the last few years, dating has undergone a complete revolution, with many people more familiar with swiping right or left, than breaking the ice and saying “hi” in a coffee shop. The art of conversation is facing a challenge and the scenes that play out in restaurants across the city, where embryonic couples sit across from each other, faces buried in their respective phones, as opposed to engaging in dialogue, are a depressingly familiar sight. The tales of serial daters and those juggling several informal partners at once are frequently shared, as trust between the sexes is being eroded, swipe by swipe.

Consequently, the single are becoming conditioned to a dating life founded upon apps that trigger surface-deep likes or dislikes; illustrated by unimaginative, often generic, personal sound bytes; accompanied by frequently out-dated and misleading profile photographs. Don’t like the look of Samantha? Don’t worry, Jemima, Amanda, Leah, Claire, Lucy, Sophie, and Rachael all have their clichéd quotes and 10 year old photographs just one more click away. Still not satisfied? There are another few hundred candidates out there, doing the same thing, sitting across from you in the virtual world, faces buried in their phones, as they ride the bus home from work. Fortunately, there is a more appealing alternative, that offers a friendly



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guiding hand, experienced in bringing together like-minded singles from all over Vancouver and introducing them to each other, in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, at local restaurants. Dating expert Andrea Hill founded The Dinner Party two years ago, after arriving in Vancouver and being dismayed at the lack of engagement and connection she observed in the local single scene. After sampling what was on offer, Hill realised that there was a need for a rather more personal approach to, what she had found to be, a decidedly impersonal and daunting experience. The Dinner Party was born and since conception, has introduced over 200 love-hopefuls, with one marriage, one baby and a number of long term relationships on the resumé. Hill explains, “The Dinner Party’s mandate is to create opportunity and an enjoyable environment for those that are single to authentically connect. To bring fun back to dating and connection - it should be an enjoyable process, not a pressure-filled exercise that feels like a task. The Dinner Party attracts the best guests, dynamic professionals and successful entrepreneurs between the ages of 30-60 looking for a committed relationship. They are active, spiritually minded individuals that don’t want to date endlessly, but instead invest their time and energy wisely in those that are on the same page. Outside of the service, Hill also provides coaching and programs to help support people so they can date positively and attract a meaningful relationship. Hill selects her venues carefully; ambience is key, good quality food essential and friendly, attentive service non-negotiable. One of her favourite restaurants is Lift Bar Grill View, located on the waterfront at Coal

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Iconic Concierge Vancouver Winter 2018  

The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for the Affluent Gentleman ... Motoring | Watches & Jewellery | Electronics & Gadgets | Yachts & Boats | Style...