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Remarkable. Rechargeable. The new Panamera E-Hybrid achieves a miraculous contradiction. Panamera luxury and Porsche performance in a plug-in hybrid. This remarkable vehicle is the technological flagship of a completely revamped Panamera lineup, combining sports-car performance and limousine luxury. Commute every day emissions-free, travel the country in comfort, and accelerate up to 135 kph on electric power alone. Porsche. There is no substitute. Ask about our attractive Porsche Financial Services Lease and Finance options today.

Introducing the new 2017 Panamera E-Hybrid.



publisher’s LETTER

parli italiano?

after a full week in italy and some of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had, we sure wish we spoke italian. jason will be back in june for pitti uomo fashion week, and i will make sure to join lamborghini for test-driving the new urus suv next year.

and now we are back with the fourth edition of iconic concierge vancouver, which also marks our one year anniversary! a lot has happened in a year, and we want to reach out to our clients and readers to say ‘thank you,’ it’s been a blast. ‘concierge’ is now an on-board magazine on several private jet airlines, it can be found in lounges, luxury hotels, private clubs, at luxury car dealerships, jewellery and fashion stores, and many events. we are sending copies to readers in the united states and europe, and you will soon see us branch out to video and tv appearances.

olaf robrecht publisher

our dream team is growing as well. we met fellow vancouverite and famed fashion blogger meagan faye in milan, and created a whole new section of the magazine, introducing local vancouver women and the perfect gifts for the lady in your life. we also welcome jim gordon and leeta liepins to the team. they introduce ‘our city tonight’ to us. and now ... have fun and enjoy the magazine! summer is around the corner, see you on one of vancouver’s great patios or at one of the many upcoming events.

out of the ordinary ... It is always interesting and usually a lot of fun when we schedule photo shoots or prepare our editorials. However, this edition clearly stands out with two team members traveling to Europe for a feature article (needless to say, the rest of the gang immediately handed in their ideas for future stories. They will have to travel for it, of course...). “Unusual” is a mild way to describe the weather we had in March. Anything but mild. Snow and rain made it impossible to get some nice “Spring” backgrounds, but our amazing photographers made the impossible possible. A big ‘Thank you!’ to DeBeers Vancouver, who after only 10 mins and without any notice provided us with a $1million 8-carat diamond ring and a diamond watch - at the photo shoot location!




The moment you got lost in time.

SONOMA VALLEY’S PREMIER DESTINATION RESORT World-class spa, championship golf and Michelin-rated cuisine. 100 BOYES BLVD. SONOMA CALIFORNIA 95476

+1 800 441 1414 FAIRMONT.COM/SONOMA



vol. 4 [2017]















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dreamT E A M


An entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for new projects he is passionate about, Olaf has run several businesses since he came to Canada 16 years ago. These days you will find lifestyle and car magazines as well as a design & marketing company connected to his name, although he might be better known for his little collection of spirited automobiles.

ROBBIE DICKSON chief gear head

Born in England, Robbie is a selfstyled entrepreneur with a passion for exotic cars, boats and watches. He owned pretty much every car you can imagine although he still calls a Lotus Elise he once owned his favourite. Tracked extensively, Robbie claims it was “the most affordable fun you can have with your clothes on ...”


bespoke stylist & fashion editor When Jason found the world of bespoke suiting and styling, he had little choice but to turn it from a passion project into his life’s work with Style by Sarai. He has gone from being fashion advisor for family and friends, to the trusted bespoke stylist for professionals and grooms-to-be, by enhancing their confidence and helping them become their own style icon.

CRAIG STOWE luxury events

Craig is recognized as Vancouver’s #1 creator and producer of luxury events bringing together affluent buyers and sellers of luxury brands in an engaging business social event setting. He is the President of Luxury Alliance Group, Luxury & Supercar Weekend, Porsche Rally, Hublot Diamond Rally and VP of Partnerships for Pacific Polo Cup.





lifestyle editor & data nerd


Meagan is a full-time lifestyle blogger, fusing her passion for data and style together to create successful campaigns for the brands she partners with. Her career has brought her to fashion weeks all over the world where she works directly with leading luxury brands. Her goal is to disrupt the influencer industry by helping brands measure the success of their campaigns with key marketing metrics.

Allie is the only Lady in our Gentlemen’s magazine team. The former professional freestyle motocross racer is now a successful entrepreneur, running her own company “Temple Foods” and promoting and coordinating car related events. “These guys simply needed a woman on their team, how else would things happen otherwise?”



luxury real estate specialist

wealth advisor

Having worked as a Global Executive for a multi-billion dollar corporation, Jesse has a decade of international business experience and is now one of the top luxury real estate agents based in West Vancouver. He truly cherishes the relationship he has with his clients, helping them navigate the process of selling and buying their spectacular residential properties.

As the founder of VELA Wealth, Jason is fuelled by watching clients fulfill their vision of life success for their family, community and legacy. Focusing on inter-generational wealth transfer, life insurance, legacy and estate planning, he advises successful entrepreneurial families on how to make meaningful choices at the intersection of their life and their wealth.



imbibing authority

wine expert

The Brand Ambassador for The Glenlivet and Aberlour for several years now, Keith is a veteran of the restaurant industry in Vancouver and has extensive experience as a bartender, mixologist and chef. As a Connoisseur of single malt whisky he tirelessly pursues the finest dining and imbibing experiences the city has to offer.

It was a bottle of 1989 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet that changed his life. That was in 1990. The addiction to wine was set. And the journey to know everything and anything about wine. Today, after many travels to all notable wine regions in the world, Barry has a broad knowledge of the nuanced interplay between food and wine.



automotive photography A self-described petrolhead and horologie addict, Kevin combines a passion for automotives, nature and design to create vivid imagery for private and corporate clients. He has worked on local and national projects across Canada and is known for an almost surreal touch to his images, using the best of natural, ambient and artificial lighting.

city experts

They are the hosts of JoyTV’s “Our City Tonight” covering Vancouver’s entertainment, fashion, nightlife, food & wine events, interesting people and exciting places. Jim is also the co-host/producer of “The Travel Guys” TV show and the weekly CTV Vancouver film critic. Leeta is also a columnist for several other publications and a brand ambassador.





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Stefano Ricci

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“When we are 100% commited and do whatever is possible and more than that ... when we work like mad to reach the maximum, without having enough time, without having the resources, without having the experience ... If we finally get 80%, I’m pleased.” Horacio Pagani






Think about a very beautiful woman, so beautiful you spend $10,000 in a second to get her: you must be crazy to do such a thing. My car should be like that: making you go crazy to the point of thinking that the only reasonable thing is to do an act of folly to have it. Horacio Pagani


e’s the son of an Argentinian baker who wanted to create the most beautiful car in the world. As a young child he used balsa wood, baking powder, clay, and paint to create his first model cars. And now we are here, in San Cesario Sul Panaro, Italy, in an architectural masterpiece of glass, steel and concrete.

We’re in the home of the Pagani museum and production facilities, looking at the exact clay models that youngster built over 50 years ago. We are surrounded by some of the most beautiful cars we have ever seen, as well as a variety of sculptures and artwork. But before we dig any further into the history of Pagani Automobili, we have to apologize to all Robbie Dickson fans who were expecting another one of his brilliant articles. Unfortunately Robbie couldn’t join us when we visited Pagani earlier this year, as he had to attend an event in L.A. to get a sneak peek at his newest purchase, the McLaren 720S. Tough life, but he will survive. And he’ll be back in the next issue, promised. Horacio Pagani, born in 1955 in Casilda, is a designer with a passion for beauty and aesthetics. Horacio says that he gets his inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci. He may have started with clay models, but Horacio would eventually become part of automobile history by opening a new chapter in a story that started with Ferruccio Lamborghini visiting Enzo Ferrari. There was a time when the Lamborghini logo could only be found on tractors. An automotive enthusiast, Ferruccio Lamborghini bought a Ferrari with part of the fortune he had made with his

tractors. He was none too pleased with it, however, and took his feedback directly to Enzo Ferrari. Enzo took the criticism poorly, and it was then that Ferruccio decided to build his very own super car. So how does Pagani fit into all this? Well, Horacio Pagani was the lead designer at Lamborghini and the man responsible for the Countach Anniversary Edition. He tried to persuade his employer to produce their own carbon parts. The request was rejected, and so Horacio left Lamborghini in 1991 to start his own business, Modena Design. It was only a matter of time until Horacio founded Pagani Automobili in 1999, the same year the Zonda shocked the automotive world. History repeats itself. In 2003 Horacio had started to work on the successor of the Zonda, whose design dated back to the early nineties. His aim was to produce a new creation, one that would be the ultimate expression of automotive technology. The experience acquired through the development of the Zonda family played an important role in the following eight years of research and evolution, always looking for the best technical solutions, such as the industry-first carbo-titanium central monocoque and frame. Pagani created several scale models, including two 1:1 models, always on the never-ending hunt for perfection. In 2011, at the Geneva Car Show, Horacio Pagani unveiled the breathtaking Huayra, another masterpiece with pure beauty in all shapes and surfaces. Named after Huayra-tata, a Quechua wind god, the heart of this supercar is once again a Mercedes-AMG engine. The 6-litre, 12-cylinder turbo engine has been developed exclusively for Pagani, and unleashes 730 hp and 1000 Nm of torque.

Built for Bond. Produced exclusively for Spectre, DB10 was designed, engineered and hand crafted by a dedicated team at Aston Martin’s Gaydon Headquarters in the UK. It gave a glimpse to the future design direction for Aston Martins.



The Huayra raised the bar for lightweight builds and innovative performance-based technology, earning it plenty of accolades in the automobile industry. In 2016 the Huayra BC was introduced. Using the initials of the very first customer of a Pagani car, Benny Caiola, it shows revised aerodynamics, an updated powerplant with more than 750 hp, a new transmission, and a race-inspired interior. At 2 G, it is capable of the highest lateral acceleration ever seen on a car with road tires.

THE HUAYRA ROADSTER “If we think of the Huayra Coupe as a personification of elegance and timeless lines, the Huayra Roadster was to be the rebellious sister, shapely and beautiful, but with a sharp edge for those who are careless.” Horacio Pagani The work on a roadster version of the Huayra began in 2010 with the simple idea of removing the top and adding conventional doors, similar to what the company did with the Zonda Roadster. But three years later, the design was scrapped and Pagani started over from the beginning of the design process, essentially making the Pagani Huayra Roadster a completely new project. We saw the result a few weeks before the official debut. And no surprise here - it is stunning! Every last detail seems to have

been revised, every contour made more defined. More aggressive and pronounced, with wider wheel arches and an upgraded interior. Another automotive marvel, that actually does something seemingly impossible. With a dry weight of 1,280 kilograms, the convertible variant weighs 80 kilograms less than the coupe. The engineering team further refined the development of the carbotitanium composite and combined it with a new form of composite material that is considered more advanced than the materials used in Formula 1 cars. The roadster is powered by a new 6 Liter Mercedes-AMG V12 with 764 hp and more than 1000 Nm of torque. A 7-speed gearbox with a hydraulic and electronic activation system is combined with new carbon synchronizers, resulting in seamless precision gear shifting, but it doesn’t stop there. The suspension uses a lightweight aluminum alloy, called HiForg, designed specifically for the Huayra Roadster, which lightens the car by 25% compared to the coupe. And long-time partner Brembo developed a new carbon ceramic implant (6-piston caliper in the front, 4-piston at the rear). The Huayra proves that beauty is a marriage of form and function – and it looks like auto enthusiasts agree. Only 100 Huayra Roadsters will be built, and all of them have already been pre-sold. A big ‘Thank you’ to Pagani Automobili for the warm welcome and the exclusive tour of the facilities.

CHASSIS: Pagani Carbo-Titanium & Carbo-Triax HP52 monocoque, front and rear frame steel tubes ENGINE: MB-AMG V12 60°; 5980 cc. MAX. POWER: (562)kw 764/5500 rpm MAX. TORQUE: Nm/rpm +1000/2300-4300 TRANSMISSION: Rear engine longitudinal central; rear-wheel drive GEARBOX: AMT 7-speed (plus reverse) w. electronic mechanical differential BRAKES: Brembo CCM, 380x34 mm, front 6 piston caliper monolithic; rear 4 piston caliper monolithic WHEELS: 20”/21” TYRES: Pirelli P Zero Corsa, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R SUSPENSIONS: Independent double wishbone; upper rocker arm w. coil spring and adjustable shock absorber; anti-roll bar; HiForg forged and CNC machined arms; forged and machine controlled uprights WEIGHT: 1280 kg



The new Pagani building, completely designed by Horacio Pagani, is just a stone-throw away from the original facility in San Cesario sul PanAro. It spans more than 62,000 square feet and was inspired by the greenhouse of a French chateau owned by one of Pagani’s customers. The building houses a showroom, store and the museum in the entrance area, while all the carbon fibre production and cabins for detailing and polishing of the carbon fibre bodies, are in the main hall. The second hall is where the Pagani Huayra is build. Pagani says that they could build up to 300 cars a year if they wanted to, but production is capped at just 45 units annually to retain exclusivity. The original headquarters, which was responsible for the complete production of the Zonda and the first Huayras, will remain home to the design office and R&D department. For more information please visit



Expensive Water Want to really impress your guests? All it takes is US$60,000 and you can own 750ml of the most expensive bottled water in the world. Fernando Altamirano of Tequila Lay fame designed the bottle for the Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo A Modigliani. The hefty price tag mainly comes from the bottle itself: It is hand made from solid 24-karat gold. The water itself is a mix of natural spring water from Fiji and France and glacier water from Iceland, infused with 5mg of sprinkled 23-karat gold dust.


FALKE Vicuna Socks When nothing but the very best will do. Gentlemen, you always wanted your socks be a limited edition, delivered in a luxury wooden case with an engraved and signed plaque, right? Well, here it is. German knitwear designers Falke offer these socks, knitted from the wool of Peru’s national animal, the vicuña (a distant cousin of the Llama). The wool is the finest available at 12 microns thick. The price? Not too bad at US$1,200 a pair.

Montblanc Johannes Kepler

Golden Dumbbells

Montblanc’s new collection of writing instruments pays tribute to a key figure in the history of science: German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer Johannes Kepler. The High Artistry Stella Nova Limited Edition 1 fountain pen is covered with 5,294 blue sapphires and 570 pavé diamonds. The cap crown houses a 6.2-carat D-flawless diamond inside a white gold frame, while the compassshaped clip, white gold fittings and cone are decorated with diamonds using different techniques. US$1.5 million.

This exclusive and rare dumbbell pair by Hock Design is made of real 18 carat gold and Grenadilla wood. With a kilo of gold per dumbbell, the pair rings up at a price tag of US$105,000. A bit too much? The product range starts from $500 to $1,000 for a pair of stainless steel dumbbells, to entire sets for $6,375, complete with stands in oiled walnut and brushed stainless steel.


Sonus Faber Sf16 A speaker system with a difference: Switch it on, and two satellite speakers sprout slowly from the sumptuous wood-wrapped sides. The Sf16 is a modern-day reboot of the company’s Snail system of the early ‘80s,adding the latest in driver technology, a powerful 1400 watt amplification system complete with wireless connectivity and an elegant new look nothing short of luxurious. £9,900 (~ US$12,500).

James De Wulf Concrete Pool Table

Panerai Radiomir Table Clock A table clock is a great statement piece for any home, especially when it comes from Officine Panerai. Two large domed crystals create a spherical bubble that fully showcases both sides of the clock, including the stunning caliber P.5000, an entry-level movement also found in the Luminor 8 Days 44mm. The table clock measures 65mm, and stands upright on a stainless steel ring. US$5,100.

Now you can play a rousing game of pool outside. The James De Wulf Concrete Pool Table makes it possible. It is regulation sized and comprised of a solid concrete top and steel frame, with Sunbrella fabric top and rubber pockets. Available in various canvas colors and 2 concrete colors: Light grey, and a natural tone. Starting at appr. US$20,000.

The CocoOne Lounge This is lounge furniture like you’ve never seen before. It has two flexible swing doors that open at any angle to counteract the rotating glare of the sun, and to also create the level of privacy desired by those cocooning. When the sun fades and temperatures drop, CocoOne by Delfin welcomes you with a deep heat radiator and an array of atmospheric lighting choices. Which are not just for show: With CocoOne, you can treat yourself to the same kind of chromotherapy offered at many upscale spas. Appr. US$60,000.




images by Blake J Photography




4 On February 15th Lamborghini Vancouver unveiled the new 740hp next generation V12 flagship during an invite-only event. “The Aventador S Coupé is a beautiful example of Lamborghini’s commitment to design, technology and its customers,” says Asgar Virji, President at Lamborghini Vancouver. “Not only does this expand the performance envelope, but we will be witnessing technological and performance milestones in super sports car development.” 1) Robert Rons 2) Sara Le Blanc, Cynthia Legault, Natalie Rossiter, Vivian Hung, Nafissa Gokalbhai 3) Nadia Iadisernia, Craig Stowe 4) Asgar Virji 5) Brian Lin, Ken Lo, William Law, Ron Chan 7) Kai Hensler, Mike Jones 8) Robbie Dickson, Natalie Rossiter, Olaf Robrecht, Vivian Hung, Nafissa Gokalbhai 9) Garth Jackson





6 5





STEFANO RICCI “Luxury is family; luxury is friendship; luxury is a glass of water in the desert; luxury is health.” - Stefano Ricci


words by Jason Sarai

ith a bigger than life personality and charismatic character, Stefano Ricci lived up to his iconic figure in the world of fashion and style. A meeting in Florence that was intended to be a tour of their headquarters and interview with luxury menswear founder Stefano Ricci, discussing the new opening of their Vancouver flagship boutique, became so much more than that. It became a conversation that displayed his well-versed knowledge in travel, food, wine, cars, yachts, and all things luxury.

Meeting Stefano Ricci was truly an honor. He has created a luxury culture and brand that embodies everything he and his family enjoy and aspire to do. Entering the headquarters of Stefano Ricci in Fiesole, just outside the city of Florence, his symbolic eagle is overlooking his offices with pride and power. The eagle, Stefano explained, acts as a guardian overlooking his travels that his family would encounter. The eagle would be seen, high in the sky, flying over, guiding them to safely return home. Travel has been a part of their life and has played an integral role in the overall design and concepts of their brand. The Ricci family have traveled all over the world where Stefano will find a few hours to design and create. His passion for detail and perfection has clearly been influenced by their travels: “In the wilderness, the senses become more intense because of the majesty of the forests, deserts and mountains. I can best describe the materials I use based on memories of my travels. I am inspired by geography, especially by the colours of nature and the harmony of creation; for example, the beauty of East African Rift or the Namibian Desert.”

A big surprise at the 45th anniversary show at Florence’s historic Palazzo Pitti was the finale when Ricci’s friend Andrea Bocelli walked the runway flanked by his sons Amos and Matteo.



The sense and drive for utmost perfection have been embodied in each of its flagship boutique’s around the world, and their headquarters, located in a beautiful valley in the hills just outside of Florence was no different. California walnut wood, along with Italian custom millwork were on great display throughout each of the offices, and gives a nice contrast to the (that stone they have...).

Paris, Beverly Hills, Russia, Dubai, New York, India to Shanghai. Stefano still heavily involved in designing of all pieces and has final approval. It is truly a family business based on passion which is their ultimate strength. Strongly rooted in Florence, the family dines together regularly and have vacationed all around the world for over three decades. Decisions for their brand, design, production and direction are made at these times among the family and will continue to do so.

AUTOMOBILE ENTHUSIASTS The entire Ricci family race in Italy’s famous annual Mille Miglia road rally and it only made sense that they had a vintage car showroom found behind Stefano’s office, including the likes of Jaguars, Ferraris, Aston Martin DB5, and an Aston Martin DB2 that once belonged to former US president Gerald Ford. The Stefano Ricci headquarters reflect the Ricci family and their passions for Florentine design, high craftsmanship, and artisanal expertise.

“To discount the quality of your product is to discount your passion. This cannot be done.” Stefano Ricci THE TRUE MEANING OF LUXURY To Stefano Ricci, Luxury goes beyond just fashion. “Luxury is family; luxury is friendship; luxury is a glass of water in the desert; luxury is health.” The word ‘luxury’ has lost its meaning and been overused by many in the world of fashion. It’s now used to identify something only as expensive or to add perceived value to brands. Super luxury is a term that the Ricci brand is known for as they have reinforced the values and traditions of a true sartorial garment, a handcrafted technique to create all of their products.

A LUXURY LIFESTYLE BRAND The Florence based operation has evolved from a distinguished menswear fashion house into a full-spectrum lifestyle brand, offering a SR Junior Collection, home furnishings, and a yacht interior design division partnering with the highly renowned Italian yacht company, Benetti. At the core Creating and designing luxurious Stefano Ricci in the famous “Mille Miglia” Rally remains their loyalty to Italian artisanal items requires understanding and craftsmanship, hand-made expertise anticipating the needs of their predominantly out of Florence, and a global clientele. Their products are significant investment in research and development to continue created for gentlemen around the world who already have to take the brand to new levels. everything but are constantly searching for the highest level of quality in terms of fabrics, tailoring and overall experience. A FAMILY AFFAIR Today, it’s a thriving global business under the direction of Stefano Ricci’s sons Niccolo, CEO, and Filippo, Creative Director. Fifty-two beautiful boutiques across the world from

This is a strength of the Stefano Ricci brand as they are on a quest for only exclusive, unique, and distinctive products, not dictated by industry trends and forecasts. They look for new designs and rare fabrics and textures to work with. They

The love for spirited automobiles is in the blood of the Ricci family. Seen here is his sons collection of rare Ferraris.



The new Stefano Ricci boutique on 1139 W Georgia St in Vancouver.

accept the challenge of always remaining one step ahead of serving their highly demanding customers who are familiar with high craftsmanship and quality by delivering on their desires. THE 45TH ANNIVERSARY This year marks the 45th anniversary of the luxury menswear Maison. On January 11th, Florence’s historic Palazzo Pitti reopened the Sala Bianca to only companies and fashion shows that have led to the creation of the acclaimed “Made in Italy”. Stefano Ricci has embodied this philosophy and celebrated in pure Italian style by displaying his 100% Made in Italy A/ W17 collection during Pitti Uomo. A better venue couldn’t have been selected other than the Sala Bianca, historically known for hosting the first ever Italian fashion show in 1952. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to this show, and I still got goosebumps when Stefano asked us if we would mind watching the show with him once again. This would be his third time watching it in full since the show. He worked diligently with every aspect of the show even down to the flow of the music with the composers. As the classical music from the likes of Cloud Atlas Finale, Life by Ludovico Einuadi, or Hans Zimmer’s XXX filled the room, Stefano would tap his fingers to pace of the music as we embraced in the sheer beauty and perfection of this masterfully composed runway show.

The Stefano Ricci flagship store in Florence.

world. With its 735hp it accelerates from 0-100 in 3.0 seconds but as Mr. Ricci says it’s actually 2.9secs. Which we believe in a heartbeat, trying to follow him on the curvy roads on our way back to Florence, where he had invited us for lunch at a very special restaurant. “Osteria delle Tre Panche” is a well-hidden cullinary gem. Only 3 tables make a reservation far in advance mandatory. We truly enjoyed our 4 course lunch, which Stefano Ricci paired masterfully with some amazing Tuscan wine. THE CONCLUSION It was an honour to have met Stefano Ricci in his hometown, listen to his amazing life stories and to be able to spend many hours with such an iconic person in the world of fashion. And his story is far from over. Even now, after 45 years, Stefano Ricci continuing his search for new designs, patterns, textues and techniques in artisanal craftsmanship. It has been like this since he started in 1972, and it will carry on with his family business. When asked what challenges him to grow when he has already achieved such global success, his simple answer was ...

“You can’t live in the past, you have to keep moving forward.” Reunion with Stefano and his sons, Filippo and Niccolo, at their Vancouver boutique. The store on W Georgia St is operated by Manuel Bernaschek (President).

THE NEED FOR SPEED As we walked out of the headquarters of Stefano Ricci, we were still captured by the just experienced. Only to get surprised by another one of Stefano Ricci’s passions. We have mentioned his classic car collection, but being on the road a lot Mr Ricci enjoys the combination of luxury, comfort and performance, which he found in his limited edition Audi RS6-6 by renowned German car customizer ABT. The hunter green wagon is number 1 of only 25 in the



The Gentleman

They should have taught you this in school....

by Dr. Christian Brix

The Travelling Man “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” - Henry Miller There are very few ways to expand your horizons more than through travel. Not only because it gives you insight into other cultures, nature’s beauty, culinary delights, and different ways of life, but also because it helps one appreciate more where one comes from. Henry Miller said “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” I am writing this article from Europe, and I am absolutely surrounded by inspiration. When time and finances allow, get on a plane, in a car, or on a boat, and go learn about the world. Before we go though, it is important that we make sure we are qualified to battle the line-ups, the chaos, and our own ignorance. Here is a list to help with that: - When packing for your trip, try to think of your clothes in terms of “outfits.”  I am aware that it doesn’t sound super manly, but life is much easier if you don’t have 5 pairs of pants and only one shirt. Always be prepared, but make sure you don’t bring a bag bigger than the one your girl brought. - Caveat to the last one: you may have a bigger bag if it is to leave extra room in case she needs it for her purchases abroad.  - We are aware of the pain that checking a bag at the airport can be. It costs money, they will potentially lose it, and you have to wait for it on the other end. Nothing is as bad however, as being “that guy” frantically trying to stuff or punch an oversized carry-on bag into the overhead bin. Give up buddy... It’s not going to fit.  - Always bring a swim suit - On the airplane, for the love of all that is holy, go into your row, get your stuff together and THEN put your items in the overhead bin. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting to sit, while somebody stands blocking the aisle trying to decide what magazine to read while untangling their headphones.  - Just so you know, whenever there is a line, chances are you will be arriving at your next spot in the same amount of time regardless of whether or not you are bumping the person in front of you every time the line stops. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 feet behind me or 2 inches behind me - you will still reach the counter at the same time, I guarantee it.  - If you are the person who cannot understand that the rows in front of you on the plane will get off before you,



be prepared to be tripped on your way by. - Whenever possible, do your best to not be the ignorant tourist. I’m sure they do have a burger at “America Cafe,” but since you travelled all that way... Maybe try the local cuisine? - Just so you know, if the shop owner or server you are communicating with doesn’t speak English, it doesn’t mean they are stupid. It means they don’t exist only to make sure you get what you need in this moment.   Speaking louder and with a more condescending tone should help for sure (that was sarcasm).   -With the above point: it is a great idea to know a few local phrases to make things easier on everyone. “Hello,” “thank-you,” “please,” and “bathroom” are a good start.  - If you are renting a car and can get a GPS unit, do it. I am literally writing this while we are lost between Amsterdam and Bruges. I only know that because we drove for 30 minutes and just passed the same building twice. Am I on a ring road?? - Don’t forget your power adapters for the countries you will be visiting... electrical fires are frowned upon almost universally.  - If you are staying with people, ALWAYS bring a gift. It can be flowers or an offer to make a dinner for everyone. Be sure they know you appreciate the hospitality.   Seeing the world is part of most peoples’ bucket list, and it can be a life changing endeavour no matter how extensively you get to do it. How we carry ourselves can not only determine the quality of our experience, but it can also contribute to how people in other places experience us as Canadians.   Gustave Flaubert said “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”  Go away, explore, and be adventurous, but do it without the socks and sandals. 

Dr. Christian Brix Writer – Chiropractor - Broth Baron - Gentleman





words: Olaf Robrecht

taly – The charming fashion capital of the world filled with timeless glamour, a culinary epicenter, and a cultural Mecca home to some of the world’s most iconic architectural and artistic masterpieces. Who wouldn’t want to savour some of “la dolce vita” in the home of da Vinci and Botticelli? Italy encapsulates a lifestyle that’s hard to beat, and if we have but one short life on this earth, seeing the very best parts of Europe is an essential bucket list item. With snow piling up in downtown Vancouver around the end of February, it was a very easy decision to leave it all behind and explore the Italian countryside. The timing was serendipitous, as Jason had scheduled a visit with Stefano Ricci in his hometown Florence anyways. Just a few days later, and after some phone calls, the trip was planned. Italy, here we come!



2017 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster An “unrivaled gem of a supercar,� combining the elegance and vanity of a Roadster with the power of a naturally aspirated 6.5 liter V-12 engine putting out 515 kW (700 CV) @ 8250 RPM and 690 Nm of torque @ 5,500 RPM. 0-100 km/h in 3.0 secs, reaching a top speed of about 350 km/h through a 7-speed ISR transmission and push-rod suspension system. Undoubtedly one of the fastest cars in the world.




From Fashion to Passion

fter 13 hours of travel, including a stop in London, we arrived in Milan. The “Global Capital of Fashion” had just marked the start of the renowned Fashion Week, and we decided to spend a full day there on our way back. Taking the Autostrada south towards Florence leads you through the 2,200-year-old city of Modena. Foodies may describe it as the home of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; we describe it as the capital of super car manufacturers. Less than 20 minutes apart you will find Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani, and we had scheduled appointments with all three of them.

Automobili Lamborghini After a restful sleep we arrived at Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. in Sant’Agata Bolognese, halfway between Modena and Bologna. Founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company is now owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Simone Mollica, Manager of Communications, was already waiting for us, and our first stop was at the Lamborghini Museum. Established in 200,1 it features the most iconic models of the brand, from the 350GT to the Miura, from the Diablo to the Sesto Elemento to the upcoming Urus SUV.

real! Now our “Iconic Trip to Italy” had started. Time to visit the very manufacturer that was, in a way, responsible for the birth of Automobili Lamborghini: Ferrari.

Ferrari N.V


Next was the production facility of the Aventador and the Huracan, an experience that showcased the brand’s skilful craftsmanship and advanced technology. The tour provided a fascinating step-by-step insight into the assembly of the Aventador, from the bare frame to the interior.

Enzo Ferrari founded Ferrari in 1939, and the first car was built in 1940. Today, Ferrari is a public company and the world’s most powerful brand, according to Brand Finance. Ferrari is also home to the world’s most successful racing team, and has built some of the fastest supercars in the world. The Ferrari Museum in Maranello is another must for any sports car lover. It offers a unique and enthralling voyage of discovery, a story told through cars that have made automotive history on streets and circuits the world over. The museum takes you back to the roots of the cars with the Prancing Horse, from the 166MM to the 288 GTO, from the Enzo to the LaFerrari Aperta.

The highlight of the day, however, happened right after the tour: Simone gave us the keys for our loaner, a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador Roadster in Blue Nethus. Paradise is

After this visit the day came to an end, and thanks to our helpful concierge, we found an amazing restaurant: Antica Moka in Modena. Anna Maria will take good care of you!



natural materials as terra cotta, wood, weathered steel, and glass. Half hidden in the hillside and merging into the landscape, it was conceived to have a minimal impact on the environment and to be highly energy efficient. The vineyard is home to Sangiovese, the typical grape variety of Chianti Classico, along with the other grapes once used in the wine’s blend: Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Malvasia Nera, and Mammolo. As we arrived right before lunchtime, we opted for the “Rinuccio 1180” restaurant on the rooftop of the winery. Highly recommended! In the afternoon we returned to Florence, where we stopped at ...

Stefano Bremer

With Stefano Ricci and Gianluca Tenti, Director of Communications

Pagani Automobili S.p.A. The youngest and smallest of the three supercar manufacturers, Pagani Automobili is a true boutique carmaker founded by Horacio Pagani in 1992. It has its headquarters in San Cesario sul Panaro near Modena. You will learn more about the history and the current model, the breathtaking Huayra, in a separate story in this edition. We had an invitation to visit the old and new factories, and you should definitely have both on your list of “mustsees.” Just make sure to contact them from before, as the tours are by reservation only.

Cradle of the Masters

The Italian bespoke shoemaker, founded by the late Stefano Bemer in 1985, stands as synonymous of both style and refinement. An old chapel now houses the showroom as well as the production facility, and even a shoemaking school. We learned a lot about the craftsmanship that goes into these superb shoes. Another day had passed, and thanks to the wonderful people we met every day we enjoyed another delicious dinner in one of Florence’s gourmet restaurants.

Castello Nipozzano A short half hour drive from Florence, the Nipozzano Castle is situated in the heart of the prestigious Chianti Rufina territory, on the mountain slope overlooking the Arno River valley. Built in the year 1000 as a defensive fortress, the castle now houses the wine cellar, where the estate red wines are produced and cask-

Florence is full of Italy’s finest Renaissance art, history and architecture, and was our home for the next 3 days. A short 3-hour drive (the Aventador does it in two), and we had arrived in the Tuscan capital city. As we entered the city streets, the Carabinieri seem to shout “Bellissima!”, giving us the thumbs up and inviting us to rev the engine every time we passed them.

Stefano Ricci We arrived early in the morning to meet Stefano Ricci at his beautiful office in the outskirts of the city. The ultra-luxury brand has just opened its store in Vancouver, and we had the most amazing time with the patriarch who also showed us his amazing vintage car collection. A wine connoisseur, Mr. Ricci quickly made arrangements for us to visit the Antinori Winery the next day. He also made us trade in the Lamborghini for his personal  605hp Audi RS6, which we were to drive for the rest of our trip!

Antinori Nel Chianti Classico Now this is modern architecture at its best. Established in 2012, the cellar is reddish brown in colour and constructed with such



aged. The Frescobaldi family had a private experience prepared for us. After a warm welcome we visited the underground wine cellars and toured the estate that has welcomed presidents and celebrities. The highlight, however, was a wine (and Grappa!) tasting, paired with a delicious “salumi” - the Tuscan version of a charcuterie - and some amazing cheeses. We were served in the historic castle kitchen of the castle with kitchen, which still has its original open wood-fired fireplace from 1745.

Historic Panerai Boutique Watch aficionados will know that Officine Panerai was born right in the heart of Florence, facing the impressive Duomo. In 2014 the brand reopened and enlarged its historic boutique from 58 to 285 square metres and from one to four large display windows.

The boutique is the only one in Italy with an exhibition area for periodically displaying instruments from the Historic Museum that tell the story of the brand. The shop also houses a work area for the watchmaker, who is available to carry out repairs and assist clients. Needless to say, we got our private introduction to the fascinating history of the brand.

At the architerctural masterpiece, Antinori Nel Chianti Classico

It was our last night in Florence, and the bartender at The Savoy Hotel took very good care of us. Ask him for his very special Tuscan Negroni.

Milan We had left Florence early so we could make most of the day in Milan. A financial hub also known for its high-end restaurants and hundreds of luxury brand shops, Milan’s most famous landmark is the Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral in the center of the city. Make sure to visit the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent, housing Leonardo da Vinci’s mural “The Last Supper.” We strolled the city, met with people from the fashion industry, and had some of the best drinks at Bamboo Bar in the posh Armani Hotel Milano. An amazing trip had come to an end. We will be back, that’s for sure. Hopefully in about a year, after the Lamborghini Urus has been released.




BEST HOTEL: Set in a 15th-century convent in downtown Milan the Four Seasons is just minutes from Italy’s most fashionable shopping districts.

BEST HOTEL: Grand Hotel Majestic “già Baglioni”, Bologna, sits in the heart of the city within walking distance of Piazza Maggiore and the famous Due Torri.

BEST HOTEL: The Westin Excelsior neighbouring the Ponte Vecchio; St. Regis; Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy

BEST RESTAURANT: Milan offers some exceptional restaurants. Try Il Luogo Di Almo E Badia. This family restaurant has become a big hit in Milan having been awarded two Michelin stars.

BEST RESTAURANT: Osteria Francescana, Modena. Often heralded as Italy’s top chef, Massimo Bottura’s restaurant earned a third Michelin star.

BEST BAR: Bamboo / The Armani Hotel. MUST-SEE PLACES: Too many. The Duomo. The Sforzesco Castle. And, of course, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. The iconic fresco is located in the refectory of the monastery next to the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, not far from city centre.

BEST BAR: Just go to Piazza della Pomposa which is packed with bars and cafes whose large outdoor terraces hum on warm weekend nights. MUST-SEE PLACES: Ferrari; Lamborghini and Pagani. Piazza Grande in the historic center of Modena. And rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini at “PushStart” for a few hours!

BEST RESTAURANT: Gurdulù in the artisan’s quarter of the Oltrarno serves some of the best modern Italian cuisine. For the freshest flavors, try Il Palagio at the Renaissance Palazzo della Gherardesca, who sources seasonal ingredients from artisan producers throughout Tuscany. BEST BAR: Moyo, located in the Santa Croce area, one of Florence’s big centers for bars and nightlife. MUST-SEE PLACES: Galleria degli Uffizi; the vDuomo; Ponte Vecchio; Piazzale Michelangelo (best sunset view of the city); Antinori Winery San Casciano Val di Pesa



REACHING FOR THE STARS A Tribute to an Icon by Kevin Englund

For 6 missions and counting, Omega’s Iconic timepiece has taken part in NASA’s space program. Since 1962 when Walter Schirra first wore his Speedmaster into space Omega has been a part of the inner fabric of the US space program. It is the only wristwatch to have successfully completed the rigorous testing by NASA engineers in order to be considered “Flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions.” It also has the distinction of being the first watch on the moon, worn by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong when they first set foot on lunar soil and walked into the history books back 1957 Speedmaster in 1969. Broad Arrow

It is no wonder then that Omega is incorporating it in their 60th anniversary with a highlight reel of each of the models produced since the very first Omega Speedmaster, Broad Arrow released in 1957. Originally designed for racing the Speedmaster had a distinct variation from other chronographs. The tachymeter which was routinely placed on the dial face was now part of the bezel itself making it very easy to use. The Broad Arrow would ultimately land a spot on the wrist of a young test pilot named Walter “Wally” Schirra who wore the watch on October 3rd 1962 when he flew the Sigma 7 mission of the Mercury program. The watch designed for the rigors of the racing scene had now become the only watch to withstand the rigors of space travel. Constructed with anti-vibration and shock absorption technology, the 2017 Speedmaster Moonwatch stays true to its heritage, the caliber originally a 321 and the rarest of the calibres used has been upgraded slightly with a high-grade rhodium-plated finish. The latest mechanical movement caliber 1861 to power the Moonwatch is still virtually unchanged from the original. With a bold black dial and tachymeter scale still etched onto the bezel, this 42mm engineering masterpiece is still very comfortable on the wrist. The addition of Super-LumiNova coating on



the indexes and central hour and minute hands lets the wearer tell the time, without issue in the dark. An extremely durable Hesalite crystal encapsulates the watch face with 30-minute, 12-hour and small second sub-dials. Hesalite was used and at the request of NASA for its ability to withstand impacts without shattering. Broken glass in zero gravity was apparently not a good thing. Rounding out the rugged yet sleek design is the stainless steel case and accompanying bracelet, with an additional black leather strap available. For the real collectors out there the presentation box is very appealing. There is even a loupe for us really into having a closer look. Omega currently has 11 variations of the Speedmaster Moonwatch available each with its own unique finishes. One in particular stands out from the rest. The Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Award” limited edition. This particular watch celebrates a very special award given to Omega by NASA in 1970 for its role in saving the lives of the 3 members of the Apollo 13 mission. The Silver Snoopy Award is given to employees and contractors of NASA for significantly contributing to the human space flight program, flight safety and mission success. It was this award given to Omega by the Astronauts of the Apollo 13 mission that signified just how important the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch was to them. It was an Omega Speedmaster 2015 Chronograph with Tachymeter worn by Silver Snoopy Award John L. “Jack” Swigert on that fateful mission that allowed him to accurately calculate a 14 second burn of fuel and manually adjust the course of the craft allowing the three astronauts to safely return to Earth. The Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Award” limited edition is Omega’s tribute to the over 40 years since the award was

presented by NASA in 1970. The classic black and white peanuts comic strips are represented on the dial face with “What could you do with 14 seconds” printed underneath. Black varnished hands, a white hand on the small seconds subdial, indexes with black varnished top cavities ad a polished black ceramic bezel ring round off the elegant Chronograph. The case back is unlike any other. A 925 silver Snoopy medallion, mounted on a plate is surrounded by a dark blue enamel finish. This medallion is hand engraved in Le Locle, making each piece unique. At a price of $8,250 this tribute to history is worth every penny.

The OMEGA 1957 Trilogy limited editions released this year at BASELWORLD 2017 give privileged collectors the chance to enjoy a 3-piece collection of the iconic metal masterpieces with the 60th Anniversary edition watches. These limited edition pieces are each cased in brushed and polished stainless steel with black dials. Maintaining the watches’ classic OMEGA feel is the retro-style logo on the clasp. Limited to 557 sets, all three watches are engraved with identical Limited Edition numbers and come in a specially-engraved Swiss oak box. The box also includes a leather watch roll with six spare straps (three leather/ three NATO) as well as a wooden spring bar changing tool. A must for true fans of the brand. The Speedmaster The Speedmaster professional Moonwatch is the keystone of the Speedmaster collection. This timepiece holds significant meaning to the members of NASA - it has been an

unmistakable workhorse for the Astronauts of the space program. Consisting of a black dial and black bezel ring with the Tachymeter scale, the Speedmaster has become known for accuracy under pressure. The chronograph - which can be read using the three sub dials - is powered by a robust yet traditional manually wound movement that is very close to the original. This watch is simple, elegant and yet very powerful on the wrist. Sitting at 42mm overall it wears proudly and with a pedigree that includes every manned space mission since the Gemini program. A must have for any collector. Retail price is set at $5,950, an absolute solid price for a solid piece of horology. The Seamaster 300 First released in 1957, the Omega Seamaster 300 was the company’s answer to divers and those who worked underwater. Present day at Baselworld 2017 Omega has re-released this master of the sea in the 1957 Trilogy collection. The newest model introduces all of Omega’s latest innovations, the Master Co-Axial mechanical movement is fully anti-magnetic and the additional features include the use of Liquidmetal, 18K Ceragold, 18K Sedna gold. The Railmaster Resisting fields of 15,000 gauss, the newly released Master Chronometer 8806 movement’s antimagnetic feature is incredible. With cell phones, laptops and the plethora of electronics pumping out electromagnetic fields all the time, this watch keeps tracking time perfectly. Originally designed for use specifically by scientists, technicians, electricians and railway workers who at the time were working in areas most saturated with anti-magnetic fields. With SuperLuminova on the dials and a clean design keeps the Railmaster of today a solid working man’s watch.

1959 First Omega in space

1979 - Alaska IV

1992 - Skeleton

2008 Alaska Project

2014 Dark side of the moon ICONIC CONCIERGE


TAG Heuer CARRERA HEUER-01 Rose Gold


“Raising the bar” - Presented for the first time two years ago at Baselworld, the Carrera HEUER-01 is THE signature Chrono model from the TAG Heuer manufacture. In 2015, the watch formed the cornerstone of a burgeoning new collection, with a new design, a new HEUER-01 in-house calibre and a new modular case design with 12 different elements enabling multiple combinations of materials and colours.

the original Heuer-01: the skeleton dial (now a signature on the model), the 45-mm diameter case (this time in titanium), and the bezel with tachymeter scale. To add a touch of luxury to the piece, the watch’s lugs, hands and indices are made from 18K rose gold. The piece is finished with a full-grain calfskin leather strap with the TAG Heuer shield embossed on the sections close to the lugs, for a look that is both sporty and elegant.

True to its image as a luxury Swiss watchmaker, it was a natural step for TAG Heuer to release the brand’s bestseller — the Chrono Heuer 01 — not only in a version made from modern materials such as titanium, but also in a more precious metal: 18K rose gold.

Having benefited from five years of continuous improvement and optimisation, the HEUER-01 calibre has attained a very high level of quality while its production costs have been carefully managed, making it the only 45-mm Chronograph produced entirely inhouse with these types of materials available for under $12,000.

This manufacture chronograph shares all the same features as

The Carrera HEUER-01 is C$11,300.


B O U T I Q U E VA N C O U V E R 1080 Alberni Street

Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis One of the most talked-about watches at Baselworld 2017 was the new Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis. With its new limited edition Manufacture Piece (MP), Hublot is pushing back the boundaries in terms of multi-axis tourbillons. Here, the function defines the form. This perfectly reflects the prevailing philosophy in the design of all of Hublot’s “MPs”, namely to develop an exclusive movement dedicated to a function and to design specific external parts to highlight this motor. “With our Manufacture Pieces, we are taking the expression of our watchmaking savoir-faire very far and making the most of it to give each watch a specific aesthetic,” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. The MP-09 corresponds in every way to this concept. It beats to the rhythm of the calibre HUB9009.H1.RA, a mechanical movement with self-winding featuring a 5-day power

reserve. It also features a fully visible bi-axial tourbillon at 6 o’clock that undertakes a complete rotation per minute for the first axis and a rotation every 30 seconds for the second. The MP-09 also stands out because of its innovative date corrector: Via a simple winding movement of the lever up or down, the date moves respectively forward or back by a day. The construction of the dial over several levels also enhances the elegant character of the MP-09. Around the hours and minutes display, the date indication—instantaneous—is arranged in tiers in two half-circles on two distinct levels, while the 5-day power reserve is displayed in a gauge at 9 o’clock. Price: C$229,000 (Titanium). Case: 49mm | Water resistant to 30 metres | Titanium (20 pieces) | King Gold (50 pieces) | Titanium w. pavé diamonds (TK).



Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon

Van Cleef & Arpels Heure d’Ici & Heure d’Ailleurs

Presented in a limited series of 75 pieces, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s platinum Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon is a true masterpiece. The elegant grained white face on the front of the watch with its blued dauphine hands is an expression of watchmaking sophistication. A day/night indicator is subtly housed at 11 o’clock and the dial is adorned with a sunburst guilloché decoration that echoes the finish of the horns of the watch.

The Heure d’Ici & Heure d’Ailleurs (which translates to “Time Here & Time Elsewhere”) is the newest addition to Vanc Cleef & Arpel’s Pierre Arpels Collection.

The view of the tourbillon is unobstructed, but the true expertise of Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s rare handcrafts (“Metiers Rares”) is unveiled on the back of the watch. A combination of an entirely skeletonized hand-decorated movement, gives a remarkable face to the dial. Exemplary watchmaking features are on display: a second time zone, a day/night indicator at 2 o’clock, and a small seconds hand at the Gyrotourbillon. €270,000 (approximately US$290,000 at time of publishing).



Since 1949, VC&A has offered men’s timepieces, but this watch is more than the relatively simple two hand designs with manually wound movements. It is the first dual time complication, featuring an automatic movement, specially developed for Van Cleef by Agenhor, with double jumping digital hour display and retrograde minutes. The winding micro-rotor is made of solid platinum, with 48 hours of power reserve. The crown is located at 3 o’clock and features a set-in brilliant cut round diamond, paying tribute to the to the manufacture’s roots as a jeweller. “T-Bar” lugs. Sapphire case back. US$39,500

Ulysse Nardin Marine Tourbillon Grand Feu

Vacheron Constantin Artelier Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication

Produced in-house at Le Locle, Switzerland, the self-winding UN-128 caliber of the Marine Tourbillon Grand Feu is entirely new. Expressing the brand’s development and continued independence in the movements manufacture, it harnesses the properties of silicium technology, with a 60-hour power reserve and a flying tourbillon, one of the most impressively complex mechanisms in the world of Haute Horlogerie. Its cage, wheels, screws and hairspring are produced entirely inhouse by Ulysse Nardin.

Vacheron Constantin selected the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2017 for the debut of their astronomical watch, the most complicated wristwatch Vacheron has ever created.

The name Grand Feu dates back to the 17th century, when the technique of fusing the enamel powder in a kiln was invented. The skill of the Ulysse Nardin DonzĂŠ Cadrans enamel specialists at creating these delicate dials is renowned, and their work highly sought after. 43 mm stainless steel case. Water resistant to 100 metres. Alligator strap. ~ US$28,000

The new integrated movement measures just 8.7mm thick, and consists of 514 parts boasting 23 horological complications. It is housed in a white gold case measuring 45mm x 13.6mm. Some of the complications, in addition to the time, are a moonphase, a sunrise/sunset complication, an indication of the length of the day and night, and a sector showing the current Sun sign in the Zodiac, as well as the Equinoxes and Solstices. The front of the watch is a full, instantaneous perpetual calendar with leap year indication, and a Mareoscope, showing the relationship of the sun, moon, and the tides. The price is approximately $1 million.







Snowy Vancouver weather did not deter a giving spirit among guests at the Scotiabank Feast of Fortune on February 3, 2017. It was the 10th anniversary and guests enjoyed a spectacular evening of entertainment and helped raise over $883,000 to support the Surgical Program at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. On a typical day, more than 60 patients undergo an operation or special procedure in the Surgical Program at MSJ. These range from operations to remove cancers or restore eyesight, to emergency procedures for potentially serious health problems. As well as the local community, MSJ serves surgical patients from as far away as northern BC. Proceeds from the 2017 gala will support purchases of high-tech equipment for specialized surgeries that include breast, ophthalmology, urology, plastic/reconstructive and gastrointestinal, as well as equipment to benefit all patients receiving surgery in MSJ’s operating rooms. To find out more about the Tapestry Foundation for Health Care, please visit www.



Top 10 Award-Winner 11th Consecutive Year

MAKE IT A SUMMER TO REMEMBER At M&P Yacht Centre, we are passionate about the West Coast boating lifestyle. It provides an escape from stress, recreation for family and friends, and the opportunity to bond with people and places in an extraordinary way. We proudly represent the best premium boat brands backed by award-winning customer service and an amazing list of fabulous boating events all year long.

C O M E E X P E R I E N C E YO U R B OAT I N G D R E A M S : Call us at 604-692-0333 to arrange a private tour and discover how boating can enhance your lifestyle today.

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AN ICONIC LINEAGE DB11 is the Aston Martin you’ve been waiting for. Spectacular standard-bearer for an all-new generation of cars, DB11 is the most powerful and most efficient ‘DB’ production model in Aston Martin’s history. At its heart a brand new twin-turbocharged V12 engine delivers phenomenal performance combined with vastly reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Pioneering aerodynamics cheat the wind, generate exceptional stability and preserve our world-renowned design purity.

To experience the DB11’s formidable new standard for yourself, contact: Aston Martin Vancouver 1770 Burrard Street Vancouver BC V6J 3G7, Canada For information call 604-734-2905 or visit © Aston Martin 2016. Vehicle shown for illustrational purposes only.


Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, we subscribe to the idea that the path of life is not a straight line, it is unique series of detours. As such, it is important that your financial plan services your unique set of circumstances and delivers the solutions that matter most to you and your family.

A variety of players sit at your personal board of directors and may include your financial planner, lawyer, accountant, business coach and others. These advisors build up your personal board of directors. This team should help you clearly articulate your vision for your business, your family and your philanthropic desires and align your intentions for the future with a goal-oriented plan. From a financial perspective, this plan should include: • Maximizing tax-efficiency and financial security • Creating clarity around the next phase or future ownership of your business • Identifying the most effective charitable giving techniques for you • Clearly defining the transfer of the family wealth, to whom and when

A lack of clarity with these matters often causes unnecessary confusion and potential complications for future generations. Therefore, it is important to facilitate discussions around these sensitive matters by asking questions others are often afraid to and subsequently leverage your wealth manager’s expertise to develop a clear road map for your definition of success. THE STEPS 1- DISCOVER Start the process with questions, and lots of them. Questions that others are often afraid to ask, or have seldom even thought to. Questions centred around what concerns you the most: • Your values, goals, ambitions • Hopes, fears and motivations • Your family, business, community and philanthropic desires

Understand the facts of your current situation, including corporate and financial structures, cash flow and tax planning and any other strategies you may currently employ. 2 - DESIGN Only once there is clarity surrounding the vision for your future and the facts of your current situation can you move to designing a plan. We recommend focusing on a comprehensive, goals-

based financial plan. Review what’s possible and examine the what-if scenarios, assess the trade-offs and narrow the options, and ensure flexibility in the design, because we know change is a constant. The outcome is a personally-relevant plan, tailored to what’s most important to you and adaptable to shifts that will inevitably occur in your life. 3 - ACT Through a collaborative effort between your board of directors, implement your plan in a priority sequence that corresponds to your most pressing needs. The result is a plan that comes to life as intended, seamlessly executed in the appropriate timeframe with accuracy and transparency. 4 - MONITOR We believe that once a plan is implemented, the most important thing to do is to review it, regularly. It is a common occurrence for us to see plans that have been left on the shelf and are out-ofdate, seldom having been reviewed, if ever. Through regular reviews, we continually ensure the plan maintains its relevance in the face of change such as; shifts to your goals and objectives, new opportunities for your business or your family, or changes to tax laws and/or economic circumstances. Monitoring the plan on a consistent basis allows us to quickly identify and act upon any misalignments, opportunities or risks that might arise as your life changes over time. By knowing these important financial considerations have been thoughtfully managed, your personal board of directors and financial planning team should help provide the peace of mind for you to focus your efforts on your business, your family and living your life to the fullest.

Jason Boudreau CFP, CLU Wealth Advisor Principal & Founder - VELA Wealth Management



Three Incomparable Miles

Inspired by a Legend

Gilles Villeneuve

Designed by a Champion

Jacques Villeneuve

Join the Club

Real History Track Drivers Fun... A Circuit Unlike Any Other

DRIVEN TO BE DIFFERENT ! Roop Gossal of Inc Ridez says that starting his own luxury auto customization shop has been a spectacular adventure, and he’s eager for the next evolution of his growing business. Roop Gossal’s journey as an entrepreneur started in an unexpected way. Two of Gossal’s friends approached him in 2008 and asked him to join their new auto restorations business as an upholsterer and automotive electrician. The role originally started out as a part-time job for Gossal, but quickly became much more. “They moved all their stuff into the shop and disappeared,” Gossal says. “One moved to Alberta, the other took a job. And then I didn’t get a promotion I was expecting at my job, so I walked away and started the shop with my upholsterer.” Gossal says his sudden transition from part-time employee to business owner was fast, terrifying, and worth it. While Gossal’s friends and family were busy asking him about how he was going to get customers, the accidental entrepreneur was making deals with tire stores, A/V companies, and auto shops, moving into progressively larger venues. However, Gossal quickly learned that while partnerships can make growth easier, they can also create rifts and blind otherwise savvy entrepreneurs to the signs of a bad decision.



The shop’s new location was on the same premises as a local restaurant. Gossal soon learned that the city had not yet given the restaurant a permit to operate. “I’d gone to France to scout a factory, and while I was there I got a call from the city. They said we couldn’t run our business out of that building because the restaurant next door didn’t have a business permit.” Once again, though, hard work and a little bit of luck saw Inc Ridez through its next evolution. Gossal had been eyeing the property at 13395 76th Ave for some time, and when unit 301 became available for lease, he immediately snapped up the new space. “There was a tire shop owner who wanted to sell his shop and move to L.A.,” Gossal explains. “This guy was doing $300k per month in sales. We made a deal to move into his building, and it went horribly. As soon as he took over the business, there were a lot of misunderstandings about how it was to be run.”

“We’ve always been in Surrey. Grew out of a few shops when we needed more space. At first I was scared of starting Inc Ridez because it was the first time I’d have to manage everything on my own, but that’s why I went into the smaller shop first. And then when this new shop came up for rent – it’s about 5,500 square feet – I rewrote my business plan and just went for it. It’s been a huge success.”

Gossal’s upholsterer grew tired of the new owner’s incompetence, and left the company for a full-time job. Eventually, Gossal followed suit and found a new space for his venture. But what he thought would be greener pastures was simply more gray asphalt.

The next evolution of Gossal’s business isn’t far off on the horizon - and in some ways, it’s already started. Inc Ridez has recently instituted a by-appointment-only policy that Gossal says will provide the garage’s clientele with a more refined experience. “I’m a one-man shop,” Gossal says. “The by-appointment-only policy means if you come in, you can sit down with me, you can have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and I can give you my full attention.” Gossal says his aim is for Inc Ridez to be a bespoke auto shop, one where a more personal approach to maintenance and customization allows him to invest more of his time and attention into each individual project. “After I lock the doors (and stop accepting drop-ins), I’ll be able to manage my time a lot better. I love being able to be creative – to design everything from scratch – and to see the end result.” With a more streamlined system for accepting new clients in place, Gossal plans to use the time saved through this and other efficiency improvements to take on more custom work in the exotic car market. Inc Ridez also recently became a member at Area 27 in Osoyoos, a members-only racetrack designed by Canadian Formula One legend Jacques Villeneuve. Inc Ridez is Area 27’s preferred audio and radar equipment installer. For Gossal, the best part of running Inc Ridez is the design work.

Roop Gossal 604.593.0363

“I love being able to be creative, to design everything from scratch. I used to have a photo of a Lamborghini on my wall when I was a kid, but I never thought I’d be taking them apart for a living. Exotic cars are my passion. There’s something different every day. Plus, the customer’s reaction when I deliver a job is just priceless.” ICONIC CONCIERGE





words by Mike Straus photography by Caitlyn Van Nice

BIG FISH TO FRY COASTLINE MARKET - How two young entrepreneurs are reinventing BC’s struggling seafood industry with an innovative new mobile app.

Soaring seafood prices at the grocery store. Overworked and underpaid fishermen depleting fish populations to dangerous levels so they can make a subsistence-level income. Obscure middlemen pocketing up to 85% of the profits. And a bloated enigma of a supply chain that allows product to go stale, obfuscates the product’s origins, and often labels products incorrectly. The minds behind the new Coastline Market mobile app say they have the solution to all of these problems, and more, quite literally in the palms of their hands. “The biggest thing we learned (during our 8-month research phase) was that there’s a huge inefficiency rooted in the number of middlemen such as storage facilities,” says Coastline Market co-founder and Chief Product Officer Joseph Lee. “Some of the fish that ends up on a restaurant plate has had the price tag bumped up six to ten times what the fishermen were paid. We’re trying to make the value chain more transparent.” Lee and his business partner, CEO Robert Kirstiuk, are striving to create better market conditions for fishermen and consumers by democratizing the fish purchasing process. Their smartphone app provides a variety of unique functions for commercial fishers and buyers alike. Restaurants can browse different types of fish like cod and perch, and have the ability to immediately view price per pound, method used to catch the fish, region where the fish was caught, and which fisherman brought in the catch. Lee says that this functionality benefits fishermen by turning a commodity good into a good with more value. The app’s storybased marketing approach humanizes fishermen and creates a fully transparent supply chain, both of which ultimately mean the product sold through Coastline Market is more valuable than other fish. “Our app provides more information to the

chefs and restaurants,” Lee notes. “We’re creating more value behind the fish, which means the fishermen get paid more and the restaurateurs get a superior product.” For restaurants and other buyers, the Coastline Market app provides a means of verifying that the fish in question is the species that it’s advertised to be. Mislabelling of fish products is a rampant problem in the industry, and American nonprofit sustainability organization Oceana says that up to 30 percent of all seafood sold in North American grocery stores and restaurants has been mislabelled or substituted for another product. Lee explains: “In some places, like Los Angeles, up to 58 percent of the fish sold has been mislabelled. It’s a huge problem, because the consumers aren’t getting what they paid for. And in a lot of cases they’re getting product that isn’t fresh, isn’t traceable, and isn’t healthy.” The fish’s journey through multiple middlemen makes mislabelling far too easy, Lee says, and by removing the middlemen, consumers can have confidence that they’re buying the product that has been advertised to them. Cutting out the middlemen also provides higher margins for fishermen and more reasonable prices for consumers, as a shorter supply chain means fewer markups. Another major challenge keeping fishermen at subsistence-level income is a lack of predictable demand for their catch. The current fishing industry is almost entirely supply-driven, Lee says, which means fishermen are often forced to sell their entire catch to the same low-paying middle-men, with no way to earn a more reasonable wage. But Coastline Market pre-sells fish at offload, which means fishermen already have buyers lined up as soon as they return to port. The result is fresher, more

affordable fish for consumers, and much higher profit margins for fishermen. Lee says that Coastline quite popular among restaurants, but the rendering obsolete are being eliminated.

Market has been fishermen and middlemen he’s taking offense to

“We’ve definitely ruffled some feathers. In the future we run the risk of orphaning fishermen – that is, the middlemen could say they won’t buy from fishermen who sell to us. We’re aiming to solve that by buying up to 60 percent of each fisherman’s catch. That way, they’re making the same income as they were before simply because their per-unit margins are much higher through our platform than they would be selling to a packer.” Coastline Market is also striving to improve the fishing industry in other ways. The fishing industry is a $250 billion market, Lee notes, and while the industry has more or less stayed the same for the last several decades, Lee believes that new innovations are most likely to benefit industries that are resistant to change. Lee’s next priorities? Expanding the business side while also advocating for sustainable fishing practices. “We definitely want to work with the government on sustainability. Coastline Market can definitely help tackle overfishing in the future. If fishermen can get more money for each fish, they no longer have to catch as much as they can.” Coastline Market is currently closing its American seed round of funding. Lee and his team initially raised $230,000 in preseed angel financing, and have forged partnerships with 40 restaurants and six fishing boats all over British Columbia. Coastline Market now aims to expand into the Victoria and Seattle markets, and will be growing its team over the next few months to accommodate future growth.







SUPERSPORTS AT FIRST SIGHT. With 710 horsepower from its twin-turbo W-12, the Bentley Continental Supersports is not only the most powerful Bentley ever, it is also the world’s fastest four-seater. And a rare one. Only 710 Supersports coupes and convertibles will be built, with just 250 allotted for the North American market. One of them made it to a very special appearance in Canada. On March 18th, and together with some amazing sponsor partners, Iconic Concierge and Bentley Vancouver organized a private launch and viewing of this phenomenal car. Bentley Motors had sent the official “20 TU” pr-car for this exclusive event. Dressed in Granite grey with a stunning race-inspired interior design in the form of a uniquely bold chequered carbon-fibre to the fascia plates, and a completely new three-tone diamond quilted interior with Supersports emblems stitched onto the headrests. Aurora Jet Partners, M&P Yacht Centre, PureImage, Verus Art, The Glenlivet, and Showcase Pianos joined us unveiling the Supersports to an audience of 120 guests. It was an evening filled with live music, a cocktail bar by The Glenlivet, and a fine dining canapes experience by Design To Dine. Thank you to Jim Gordon and his team who filmed the event for an episode of “Our City Tonight.” A successful event ... and we hear one of these rare supercars sold that night. Congratulations to the proud owner! 1) Behnoush Kia & Yana Levkovich 2) - 3) Mark Cheema & friend 4) Simon & Marie-Claude Biancardi 5) Polina Stringini, Jonathan Wang, Manuel Bernaschek, Sharee Dong 6) Jim Gordon, Leeta Liepins 7) Teri, Michael Wong 8) Jason Sarai 9) Ling Q, Melissa Wu, Layla Yang, Alfie Yang, Moujan Motamed 10) Tim Thom, Paulina Pashkovsky, Mike Ko 11) Nafissa Gokalbhai, Harry & Pilar van Hemmen 12) Sandy Hu, Louise Shum 13) Daniel & Natalia Stenz 14) Jeff & Nanette Kufeldt 15) Nafissa Gokalbhai, Byron Lawson, Vivian Hung 16) Alexia Bortolazzo,Ewa Rojek, Carly Matossi, Adam Graham



















RIAZMEGHJI featured by Jason Sarai

What do you do for work? I learn for a living. Every weekday morning, I host on Breakfast Television Vancouver where we connect with and learn from leaders, experts and inspirational personalities before most people have had their first cup of coffee. How did you get into this career? In 2002, during my final semester studying business at SFU, a co-chair of a conference I was facilitating some sessions at in Quebec City pulled me aside after the event and told me he saw potential that I hadn’t really thought about yet. That being a career in front of an audience. At the age of 22, he challenged me to explore the idea of presenting ideas either on stage or on TV instead of pursuing the safer route of becoming an investment broker. I will never forget his words - “When are you going to stop playing safe and start living your life?” The words hit home then and still resonate to this day. I’ve learned more and more that complacency cultivates mediocrity. Having a clear intention to create new and unforgettable experiences is a priority in my life. One of the most important lessons I can share is ‘knowing the right question to ask is much more valuable than sharing what you think is the right answer.’ Never stop learning. What do you love about your role as host? The true high of this gig comes from the personal relationships that are built every single day in a matter of minutes. I treat the hosting role with BT Vancouver, not as a job, but a platform. One that comes with great responsibility to ask important questions and that also comes with many privileges - with the greatest perk being access. The access to get people’s attention either to come on the show or collaborate in different ways to help serve and inform an audience about the issues that impact their lives. How did you start, every conversation counts? Three days before I gave a TEDx talk at SFU in 2012, a very good friend, Sam Thiara, shared a vital piece of advice. He said “Title your talk.” The point was that too many brilliant minds have useful information that gets lost without a clear message. Simplicity stands out. I knew my TEDx SFU talk would be a candid look at how some personal conversations

shaped the way I look at life. The intention was to share those stories with takeaways that would make the audience do three very important things: Think. Feel. Do. The message was ‘Every conversation counts’ [ECC] with the goal of reminding people of the impact any given conversation can deliver at any moment. When I saw how this message landed with the audience, I knew that was the start of something special. Today has become a research platform that shares conversations with leaders and champions of their craft who share their defining conversations and how they build meaningful relationships. The goal of the platform is to inspire people to have powerful conversations of their own. It is a message that has allowed me to contribute as a keynote speaker at conferences in North America. What has been a defining moment while presenting ‘every conversation counts’ message on stage? One of the biggest moments happened in January of this year. Two days after President Trump’s inauguration, I found myself about to take the stage in Austin, Texas, to deliver a keynote in front of 1200 educators and fundraisers at the Case-Nais Independent Schools Conference. Imagine this. One of the most polarizing political events in modern history just took place with a controversial new president now officially in place. This American audience was digesting their new reality and you have a Muslim Canadian about to take the stage to speak on the power of conversations. I didn’t know what to expect. My amazing wife Lori, who has been a massive support in building the ECC brand, was beside me holding my hand before I took the stage during the opening plenary. I was ridiculously nervous because this was the first time American keynote and these people had no reference of my broadcasting career in Canada for credibility. I would live or die on that stage based on the message. Gut check time. Lori whispered in my ear “Your hand is ice cold. I’m nervous for you.” I looked at her trying to calm my own nerves and said “Whatever happens here today, good or bad, we are going to learn.” She then nodded her head and looked straight ahead and said “I’m going to barf.” Thankfully, nobody barfed and the

photography by Matthew Chen

audience appreciated the message. That day, I met many of the conference delegates after the talk and what became clear, which I think is an important narrative for all of us to consider, is that some people didn’t know how they should feel or react. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to focus on ‘how to think’ versus ‘what to think.’ There are many issues that people will debate and I think our challenge is how can we disagree productively while still defending our own beliefs. The point I want to make is that the best conversations are collaborations, not confrontations. Asking creates awareness, reacting creates resistance. What’s in store for 2017? The research and conversations on the website continue to evolve. Two highlights for the year include speaking about the secret behind building meaningful relationships at TEDxKelowna coming up in June. In November, after three years of hosting TEDxVancouver, I will transition to a speaker role for the first time at that showcase. How would you describe your style? Tailored and trendy metrosexual. How is style important in connecting with others? Style is a conversation without words. It tells me how people feel about themselves. The creative expressions can be conveyed through vibrant colours or maybe thoughtful/ risky combinations. I’ve come to learn first impressions happen in the first five seconds you meet someone. Style can help you establish commonalities the moment you are seen in a room, on a stage or maybe on TV. How can people best reach you for your services? If you want a jumpstart with a local twist to your mornings, you can find us on Breakfast Television Vancouver ( For those looking to collaborate on speaking/ emcee/ moderator opportunities, everything you’ll need is at



sunglasses: handmade italian sunglasses (suitable for prescription lenses) scarf: made from “modal” - a fibre produced from a natural resin that doesn’t trap heat and adapts to regulate your body temperature bow tie: incorporates wood with fabric. hand crafted in italy (all available at Cappelleria Bertacchi)





The fashion landscape has evolved, and we have, in recent times, seen a mini hat renaissance within menswear. A good hat is arguably the most potent accessory in a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. There was a time when a gentleman wouldn’t leave his home without one, but these days a hat is a choice rather than a necessity. Now, the challenge is to make it yours. The right hat can make a persuasive first impression. The wrong hat? Will send a regrettable message. Wear it - don’t let it wear you! So don’t be shy and dress up your game. We asked Adi Bertacchi of ‘Cappellerai Bertacchi Italian Haft Crafter’ in Gastown, whose family crafts the finest hats in Tuscany, Italy, to give us some ideas for the best hat for the summer. Whether it is for business or pleasure, whether you’re having a meeting downtown, join a summer party, for relaxing by the pool or strolling the beach, a straw hat boasts the ideal blend of style and sensibility.

the Panama dress hat is most likely the best known. Its popularity soared at the start of the 20th century when a photograph of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt sporting a stylish fino made it around the world. The demand grew, companies around the globe started distributing them and by the mid 1940s the Panama hat was Ecuador’s

They are lightweight, provide shade and often allow in cool breezes. They come in many shapes, sizes and straws, although


primary export item. They are true classics, but there are many other hat styles that are available in straw. So how can you choose the right hat? What do you need to know about hat styles, Panama hat history, and incorporating hats into your wardrobe? We’ve already done the hard work for you.

not breathe. A genuine Panama is light and airy, and it lasts a lifetime. The finest in the world, Artesanias Montecristi, come with a unique certificate of authenticity, stating the date of production and the time involved in the process of making, as well as a stamp inside the hat.

As always there are big differences in the quality. The hats may look the same at first sight, but there are inexpensive mass produced variations of straw hats, all the way to imitations of the genuine Panama. However, many of these crack; others do





Material: Natural straw

Material: Raffia straw

Material: Toquilla straw

Material: Toquilla straw

Occasion: Perfect for everyday and less formal occasions

Occasion: A more casual style, good for out in the country or the beach

Factoid: The trilby was first popularized in the 1960s and has been revived as a style by shows like Mad Men. It has a loose weave, great in hot weather as it will breathe and let fresh air in.

Factoid: Raffia is made from Palm leaves and is very soft and lightweight. Practical and timeless, something you will keep close at hand when the hot summer sun is burning.

Occasion: So versatile - can go from the beach to an outdoor formal occasion with ease

Occasion: A great ‘everyday hat’, less formal than the Montecristi and a looser weave which keeps the price down

Factoid: The traditional Panama hat is actually hand woven in Ecuador. The Montecristi is such a fine weave it can take 4 months to complete.

Factoid: First popularized by the Jazz crowd of the 1940s and the Beatniks of the 1950s, more recent appearances of this style is Gene Hackman in The French Connection and Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Cappelleria Bertacchi

207 Abbott Street, Vancouver

Tel.: 778-379-4744




Dapper Gent!



Get yourself a Signature Scent – The Secret Style Weapon. It tells people who you are!

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake A woody aquatic perfume to wear on different occasions. Top notes are yuzu, lemon .. hey, who cares, who actually knows what that means anyways? It’s a classic, it smells refreshing and is great for summer. There you go! Allure Homme Sport by Chanel Woody is always good, right? Add some spicy notes and Allure Homme Sport with its fresh and sharp notes is right for you! Versace Pour Homme by Versace (duh!) We love the clothes, we love the fragrance. And even more important, the ladies love it! This fragrance is perfect to wear during the daytime since it helps you to be always ... fresh. Chrome by Azzaro “Dedicated to moments of authenticity and to joie de vivre it celebrates the values of sharing by paying homage to the unwavering bond between a father and son” .. ? Well, here’s what we get: Chrome has some serious notes of musk and sandalwood going. VERY masculine! Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci Spicy and alluring. We definitely get some cedar wood thing here, too. Let’s call it classy. And a great fragrance for the summer.





MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Finding the right car for the woman in your life...

photography by Kevin Uy

Choosing the right sports car for a woman is no easy task – it’s kind of like Mission Impossible, but without the sequels. Just think about it guys: How many times did you buy your woman a gift, only to have her ask if you kept the receipt? So now think about spending close to $100k on a gift that is non refundable. If you get it wrong your life will be misery for an eternity, get it right and you’ll be getting kisses in all the right places, for at least a year... ok maybe a day. The funny thing is there is little to choose from in this category, when you think about it. Seriously, who’s going to choose a domestic car for the love of their life? There’s nothing that says “I love you” like “Honey, I bought you a new Corvette, and the trunk is big enough to fit your mother!” That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the legwork for you. The only real contenders for your woman’s next car are the Mercedes SLK, the Porsche Boxster and the Jaguar F-type Spyder. But each of us could only pick one…

models: Nafissa Gokalbhai, Marketing Specialist Dilawri Group of Companies. Rebecca Traub, Founder “Populist” cars: Dilawri Group of Companies: Porsche Centre Vancouver. Jaguar Vancouver.



Unparalleled performance, for all of life's roads. Bentayga. Introducing the extraordinary SUV. Visit Bentley Vancouver or call 604.730.8998

Bentley Vancouver

1770 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC V6J 3G7 Canada For information call 604-730-8998 or visit The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2016 Bentley Motors, Inc. Model shown: Bentayga.

JAGUAR F-TYPE Naturally, the Jag is the correct choice. It’s a front engine beast with very curvaceous lines, and the optional 4-wheel drive “R” model for those hardcore car chics would make any woman happy enough to dampen the leather seats. Now I knew Olaf would pick the Porsche, not just because it’s German, but because it also has about a million years of history that went into perfecting that car. If you want a sports car that is track ready, perfectly balanced and has the engine in the trunk, then the Porsche is definitely the right car for you. But even the base model F-type, with its snarling 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 pumping out 340 HP to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic, is still more than the base Boxster’s 311HP - and it sounds better too. So I’m sticking to my guns and feel the Jag has a certain elegance about it that would be appreciated by any woman who just happens to need a smaller trunk space. (Shockingly, the Boxster has 280 liters of trunk space compared to the Jag’s 196 liters - but that just means she will not be able to do as much damage on your credit card as she could with the Boxster).  

PORSCHE BOXSTER Ok - I never really liked the Boxster. The old one, that is. Presented in 1996, the first generation was the poor man’s Porsche, and quickly became the “girlish one.” The third generation, dubbed the “718” since 2016, is a whole different story. Ok, it only has four cylinders, but it’s turbocharged, pushing 350 BHP in the case of the “S” that I picked, with a launch-controlled sprint from 0-100 in a bit more than four seconds (slightly slower without the PDK dual-clutch gearbox and Sport Chrono options). That’s pretty impressive. And it has several parts from the 911. The new Boxster is a great mid-engine sports car, and the perfect car for the lady in your life. (What lady doesn’t want a German in her life?) She’ll love the power and how easy it is to handle. Add the stylish interior, the comfortable yet firm seats, and the fact that you can open and close the roof with your remote or while you are driving, and you’ve got something she’ll love to drive. And don’t forget: The Boxster has two trunks, offering a total of almost 280 liters. That’s 70 liters more than the Jag! Even after she’s done shopping, you can still have her pick up some stuff from Home Depot.

So guys, when you’re buying the ideal car for your woman, smaller is better….at least when it comes to trunk space.

This isn’t just the best Boxster yet – it’s by far the best car of its type. Just order it in silver, white or black, and she’ll have to fight you for the keys!

Supercharged 3.0L V6 340 hp @ 6,500 rpm 6-speed ZFmanual transmission RWD 0-100 km/h 5.7 seconds Top Speed 260 km/h Weight 1,587 kg MSRP C$81,500

2.5L 4 cyl. 350 hp @ 6,500 rpm 6-speed manual transmission RWD 0-100 km/h 4.6 seconds Top Speed 285 km/h Weight 1,355 kg MSRP 718 Boxster ‘S’ C$78,000




women of


NICOLE YANG President LEONE International Marketing Inc.

home and getting back to her arts school and the world of acting and TV, she went to her customer to speak about the work she performed. The customer listened to her story, saw her enthusiasm, integrity and potential. They also realized that there was an opportunity in this trade, importing Canadian made paint that China didn’t have access to and desperately needed for commercial buildings in a thriving economy. Nicole presented all of her statements, documents, expenses and receipts to show that she was truthful in her business, and when everything met the standards of the customer, they presented her with a massive contract opportunity and access to money that she never knew was possible. This was the first of many entrepreneurial endeavors in her illustrious business career.


STYLE GUIDE Dress: Versace Shoes: Dior Ring & necklace: DeBeers Earrings: Dior Photography: Dave Hamilton Words: Jason Sarai

his is the story of a local successful Vancouver business woman, who came to Canada almost 20 years ago with little more than a suitcase.

Nicole Yang was born and raised in China with dreams and aspirations of finding happiness and wealth like so many of her friends and family. When she got accepted into one of the most prestigious arts and acting schools in her local province, she made the first step towards creating independence while bringing pride and joy to her family. Considered in her country as a dream come true career, Nicole won multiple national awards in China for her performances on stage and on TV. But although she loved the acting in plays, and being a known TV personality, there was something missing both personally and professionally. Her entrepreneurial spirit caused her to leave acting as a profession to pursue an opportunity to begin importing Canadian made paint into China and to develop successful marketing channels for the product. It became one of her best experiences, as it taught her the art of brokering deals and intricacies of how to run a business and its balance sheet. Fairly soon she also realized that even with a successful completion and execution the involved costs ultimately made the deals unprofitable, and that it would need more in order to make this a business from a personal profit standpoint. It was the taxes, shipping, expenses, and trades - everything added up to leave nothing for Nicole in her first true business endeavor. Most people would have carried the losses at this point, and quit, knowing that all of their hard work resulted in just breaking even when they still had their own personal expenses to pay. This was not the case for Nicole. Instead of going back to her family, moving



To respect her father’s wishes she paid for her theater to maintain a spot should she not succeed in her new business. However, it didn’t take long to see that one of the things that make Nicole stand apart is that she takes the right action, is strong with numbers, and calculates her risk accordingly. If she can live with the downside risk, she moves forward. It has always been like this and this will not change any time soon. Nicole’s success as an entrepreneur created an opportunity for her immigration to Canada. Barely speaking any English, she enrolled in Finance at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and taught herself the language at a fast rate. When Nicole went to purchase her first car in Canada, she showed her business savvy and negotiating skills with the manager of a Toyota dealership on Kingsway. They immediately offered her an opportunity to join their sales team. Just a year later, while studying at BCIT, Nicole also started to work for Royal Bank of Canada where she continued to develop her business and financial skills.  This was an area that she knew would gain great experience in understanding the core of business and finances. Driven to step up the ladder in her new home country, her entrepreneurial spirit caught her once again. She left RBC to start her first company importing steel wire rope for use in the utilities and forest industries. This opportunity came up as she helped communicate with China to broker a deal for a business owner in Vancouver. When she saw the growing need and demand, she decided to create her own business. Despite the industry being male dominated, Nicole grew her business from scratch into a successful enterprise that is now going on to 20 years. Recently, Nicole has diversified her business portfolio to include luxury fashion, an area that she has always had a deep passion and affinity for. Through several acquisition meetings she purchased LEONE, a high-end luxury fashion store housed within a 25,000 square feet space in downtown Vancouver’s historical Sinclair Centre on Hastings Street.  The iconic boutique celebrates their 30th anniversary this year. As for Nicole - we can’t wait for her next endeavors.

STYLE GUIDE Dress: Dior Shoes: Dior Clutch: MiuMiu Ring & necklace: DeBeers Earrings & bracelets: Dior






Ah, women. Always so hard to please… or are they? As a woman myself, I can fully attest to how difficult, stubborn and slightly crazy we can be. However, we are also quite simple in a lot of ways as well. Maybe you happen to be on our bad side, or perhaps you’re just feeling like we need a little reminder to show us who our dream man is. A simple gesture, apology, night out and and token to show your love should do the trick. Whether you’re wanting to give her a gift to get back on her good side, celebrate a moment or show a small token of appreciation, we’ve got you covered with these unique and highly sought after pieces from the world’s leading designers.

FOR THE ROMANTICS Roses are always a romantic sentiment, but what about pairing those delicate stems with the perfect fragrance? Personally, I have always loved receiving fragrances as a gift. Scent is something that makes a person memorable. Picking a scent for someone is like picking a bottle of good wine. You think of the ingredients, or notes, and ask yourself if it is something that you think the person would like. Would it pair well with them? A lot of thought has to go into finding the perfect one and this makes it personal. Women know this, and appreciate that someone went through the effort to choose this for them. A fragrance choice also tells a woman a lot about the man, what he likes and what he thinks about her. DIOR J’Adore Eau De Parfume for instance, is the ultimate expression of femininity and luxury. Its sparks of fresh roses and jasmine immediately awaken the senses, making it the perfect summer fragrance for her. Price - C$165.00

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERYDAY The recently launched Dior J’Adoir Wallet on chain pouch is the perfect everyday gift for the fashionable woman in your life. This bag has already been making headlines after being spotted on the world’s most fashionable women at all of the major fashion weeks. Its classic calfskin material and bold statement lettering will make this bag the next big thing among fashion connoisseurs. That combined with its unique aged gold will make it the perfect statement bag that can be worn everyday. The wallet on chain pouch (also referred to as a clutch) ranges from $4000-$5000



FOR THE ANNIVERSARY This Lugaro Fancy Yellow Diamond Anniversary ring features a 0.51 carat center stone, 4 additional 2.14 carat total weight Fancy Yellow diamonds and is accented by 16 beautiful 1.64 Carat diamonds. The wedding ring symbolizes one of the most important moments in a woman’s life, it only seems fitting that she be given another to remind her of that day and all of the moments you have shared since. C $24,800 For those who want to spend a little more: These Lugaro earrings feature two 10.15 carat total weight fancy yellow diamonds, accented by 0.46 carat total weight colorless diamonds. The earrings are hung on beautiful stems of 18k gold. Together with the ring, they make a set that is perfect for the queen in your life. They are worth a pretty penny, but then, what woman isn’t? C$370,000

B O U T I Q U E VA N C O U V E R 1080 Alberni Street

THE STATEMENT PIECE Hublot Big Bang watch in Gold White Diamonds This 18k polished and satin-finished gold watch is the the perfect statement watch for spring. Each timepiece is set with 114 diamonds and is fit with unique structured rubber straps. Their innovative repurposing of rubber is the very foundation of Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” cornerstone, and is part of what made them infamous in the world of watches today. Your girl will be nothing short of yacht-ready with this elegant and powerful watch on her wrist. Price - C$37,000. Hublot Vancouver.


SPARKLING HILL RESORT Sparkling Hill Resort sits nestled in BC’s beautiful Okanagan and is just short drive from Kelowna’s airport and a few hours away by car. The entire property is glittering with over 3.5 million Swarovski crystals placed delicately throughout its halls. Known for its top of the line spa experiences ranging from Thai massages to Fango, there is absolutely no way she won’t be happy here. Pair a good spa weekend with a view that overlooks the lake, a romantic fine dining experience at Peakfine and you will have given her an experience that is unparalleled. The Sparkling Hill Resort is the perfect destination for a getaway within reach of Vancouver. 888 Sparkling Pl, Vernon, BC (250) 275-1556



photography by Todd Duncan location: Suquet Interiors, Yaletown


CEO Arius Technology photography: Kevin Uy words: Mike Straus



Verus Art’s new 3D mapping and printing technology now makes it possible to reproduce classic works of art with the original brushstrokes and texture intact.

RE-CREATION PROTECTING THE WORLD’S ART Throughout most of human history, art connoisseurs with a taste for the masters typically had only two avenues for acquiring Monets, Van Goghs, or Vermeer : Either buy the originals at auction for several million dollars apiece, or buy the significantly more affordable (but lower-quality) prints sold in private art galleries and lifestyle retail shops.

it. For the Verus Art system to succeed, Lindahl would have to invent a technology that can compare the perceived and actual colours – and then compensate accordingly. Through some innovative engineering, Lindahl’s software developers created a program to do exactly that.

But now, advances in scanning technology and 3D printers have made it possible for art enthusiasts to buy their own 3D reproductions that mimic the originals down to the brushstroke.

Lindahl says that Verus Art is aiming to make art more accessible while simultaneously preserving important works.

Arius Technology, here in Vancouver, is leading the way in laser scanner engineering and is making big waves in the art world with its advanced Verus Art system, a marriage of art and technology made possible through global partnerships with U.S based Berkshire Hathaway company Larson-Juhl and Océ – a Canon Company from the Netherlands.. Arius CEO Paul Lindahl says that his original vision was for a system that would preserve classic masterpieces for future generations, but high-quality reproduction was a niche that came to him by accident. “The Mona Lisa was deteriorating, and the National Research Council of Canada wanted to understand why,” Lindahl says. “The 3D scanner was originally used to study the degradation. “Arius Technology spent years refining the original 3D laser scanning technology and was approached by Larson-Juhl about doing 3D recreations.” Lindahl says that Verus Art’s scan-print system is so precise that it can measure and recreate brushwork just 10 microns thick, about one tenth the width of a human hair. Brushwork is very subtle, he says, which is why a specialized system like Verus Art is necessary in order to faithfully recreate the original.

“There’s a lot of art that never sees the light of day anymore because the light damages the painting. But now, we can unlock the museum vault and make that art accessible to the public. We’ve partnered with museums and artists, so we can get authentic results. We can even send paintings out to schools for art education – you can’t do that with an original $100 million masterpiece.” Verus Art is currently working on expanding its catalogue of artworks, starting with two pieces from Mauritshuis in The Hague. Lindahl says that he also wants to develop a portfolio of contemporary art to help today’s artists gain global exposure – and has received a $2.75 million investment from the federal government to do just that. “We want to reach out to new museums to develop a portfolio of work form contemporary artists around the world. Contemporary artists tend to be very regional. We’re talking to a museum in Europe, and we’re going to be sending our scanner there shortly.” For more information please visit

“The scanner needs to be in an environment where we can control the light and airflow. So we created an enclosed system. Another challenge is the varnish on the painting’s surface – when the laser hits the painting and bounces back to the scanner for measurement, the scanner can’t see the painting because the varnish creates a flashback. So we had to overcome that.” But the biggest challenge Lindahl faced was one that could have stopped Verus Art dead in its tracks: colour. Lindahl says that the way the human eye perceives colour is very different from the way scientific instruments measure



Aurora Jet Partners is one of the most innovative and progressive private aviation companies in Canada that specializes in providing custom-tailored, high-quality private travel solutions to discerning clients. Services include jet charters, managing fractional jet partnerships and providing complete turnkey flight departments. With more than four decades in private aviation, our experienced group of dedicated professionals consistently provides on-time and on-budget service to exacting safety standards. With Aurora Jet Partners, The sky is not the limit.


888.797.JETS (5387)

UNBOUND BY CONVENTION. The Embraer Phenom 300 is the world’s most delivered business jet for a fourth year in a row. 63 Phenom 300 light jets went to their new owners in 2016, the highest volume of any business jet model for the year, according to a report made by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). This is the fourth consecutive year that the Phenom 300 achieves this mark, and it has accumulated 266 deliveries since 2013. The Phenom 300 is one of the world’s fastest light jets, with a high speed cruise of 453 knots and a six-occupant range of 1,971 nautical miles (3,650 km) with NBAA IFR reserves. With the best climb and field performance in its class, the Phenom 300 costs less to operate and maintain than its peers. The aircraft is capable of flying at 45,000 feet (13,716 meters), powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E engines with 3,200 pounds of thrust each.

A FLYING CRUISE. So you always wanted to see the world? All the great sights, all the countries, the Seven Wonders? But you just don’t have the time to hop on a cruise ship? Good news - you can do it all in just 29 days! Bad news? It’s $159,000 a person. At least that’s what “Crystal Cruises” charges for their “Around the World: Iconic Sights” trip. But there are other companies, including Four Seasons Hotels Ltd., who offer dream trips around the world, often including a private global star chef for the most amazing culinary experience on board. All these trips are on private jets, and the industry is booming. It grew at least five times over the last few years, and the list of companies is getting bigger. “We began offering Private Jet trips aboard a third party vendor in 2012,” says Four Seasons’ President and CEO J. Allen Smith. Since 2015 the company has a fully branded private jet—a 52-seat Boeing 757. “We started with a custom 24-day, nine-stop, $119,000 debut itinerary. A first for the hospitality industry that was met with tremendous enthusiasm. Every trip sold out that year.” And when Crystal Cruises launches their trips this fall, private jet tourism will be at a new level of luxury: They bought a custom-built Boeing 777 and a 787 Dreamliner with lie-flat beds, a wine cellar, and the highest staff-to-guest ratio anywhere in the skies. The sky is most certainly not the limit - it’s the starting point.



STEAMPUNKED Urban Motor’s Jawa Sprint Motorcycle

With a whopping 18 horsepower on tap, this little 1964 Jawa 350 by Berlin-based Urban Motor won’t set a new speed record, but it is one of the coolest and most outrageous customs we have seen in a long time and seems to break every rule in the book of custom motorcycles. It is a bespoke build of Steampunk perfection, of minimalism, of precision and craftmanship. It was built for Glemseck 101, a two-wheeled celebration of gasoline and good taste set on the former Solitude racetrack in the German town of Leonberg, just west of Stuttgart. Part of the show is the “Essenza Sprint” event, where sixteen teams will compete with bikes that are limited to two cylinders and a 1200cc maximum.



Peter Dannenberg, the owner of Urban Motor, built the Jawa 350 in collaboration with designer Henry Schulze and Marvin Diehl from KRT Framework. The metal bodywork wraps around the custom made frame that cradles the 350cc two-stroke engine of the Jawa as tightly as possible to give it an unbelievably slim profile. The handlebars are integrated into the forks, and looking at the driver’s position it gets clear that this is a build that focuses purely on the visual experience. It is a sculpture, an artwork, and the best way to appreciate this masterpiece is to put it in your livingroom, pour a good glass of wine and just admire the gorgeous design!



BUGATTI NINIETTE 66 THE SPORT YACHT TO MATCH YOUR CHIRON. world premiere in March 2016. Consequently, the designers and engineers went back to their drawing boards to eventually launch the highly anticipated Bugatti Niniette 66. The 20-metre-long yacht features a slender main hull with two sponsons left and right. “This construction allows for a wider build compared to other boats in this class, thus offering the experience of a much larger yacht,” explains Timur Mohamed, CEO of Palmer Johnson.

The makers of the world’s most powerful, fastest, most exclusive and luxurious production super sports car, and the world’s most innovative motor yacht builder, Palmer Johnson, announce the release of the Bugatti Niniette 66. Inspired by the Bugatti Chiron, it will be the first in a new series of yachts, starting from 50ft, up to 88ft. Most car enthusiasts don’t know this, but Bugatti was once a boat builder. Commissioned to create a one-of-a kind speedboat in 1930 by Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi, founder Ettore Bugatti named this low on the water beauty the Niniette – the family pet name of his youngest daughter Lidia. When Bugatti and Palmer Johnson met the first time with the idea of a joint project, the goal was to create an innovative sport yacht based on the proprietary strengths of the two companies, while encapsulating the unmistakable design DNA of Bugatti. After first renderings of the yacht had been presented in late 2015, a large number of potential buyers – among them several current Bugatti owners – expressed great interest in the project. However, they wished for a closer connection of the yacht to the latest supercar from Bugatti, the Chiron, after its



The spectacularly designed exterior is complemented by a sumptuous interior, offering the highest level of comfort for its passengers. Only the finest materials – polished metal, carbon, leather, and marble, are used for furniture and decoration. Reaching top speeds of 44 knots, and with a shallow draft of 0.83 metres, Caribbean friendly cruising is possible for the weekend. Unique Bugatti-designed helm chairs and a futuristic command centre with interactive infotainment system further enhance the experience.






ADRENALINE ADVENTURE Experience the world’s most natural infernos. Go on a volcano adventure!




hen Jules Verne wrote “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in 1864, his novel was filed under the Science Fiction genre. But as it turns out, the notion of touring an active volcano may be more of a Science Fact.

Forget the pristine white beach, the all-inclusive resort with all its modern amenities, and the peaceful spa. Welcome to the most masculine adventure there is. Visit a volcano, get dirty and exhausted climbing it, feel the heat of the magma-filled crater, smell the chlorine and sulphur gases, see the lava flow, get your adrenaline pumping. In this environment, no life can survive for long – so defy the odds. Volcanoes have shaped the surface of our Earth and are nature’s most awesome manifestation of power. To be able to see them erupt is one of the most spectacular events nature has to offer, but only very few people will have witnessed it in their lifetime, and most of them not by choice.



There are many specialized travel companies, from swimming with sharks to climbing the highest mountains in the world; very few though offer tours to active volcanoes. Which means if you want the real deal and expect the organized adrenaline rush package for 2, you have to do your homework. Many companies promise the glowing fireworks, but few actually deliver on live, flowing lava. So first of all, find out which volcanoes give you the best chance to see some magma. There are actually a few companies specialized in monitoring volcanic activity around the world, so if you can leave on short-notice you may be able to capture the pyrotechnics in all their glory. Next, how to get there. Yes, you can just pack your backpack, hop on a plane and leave for Ethiopia to do your self-guided tour, but if you want to come home safe and sound, you’re better off hiring a guide from a company that works with volcanological institutes and observatories. To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve talked to some expert lavalovers who have traveled the world. These are their four favourite volcanoes. Step safely into the line of fire, and have a blast!

THRIHNUKAGIGUR, Iceland Sorry, no lava here: The (unpronounceable) Thrihnukagigur volcano is dormant – it last erupted over 4,000 years ago. But nothing is more similar to a Journey to the Center of the Earth than this. Through an opening that is just 12 feet in diameter and with a cable lift, you will be able to get right into the magma chamber, the heart of the volcano. Usually, hard lava closes off the crater after an eruption, but this one is a rare exception, as the lava most likely retreated. The chamber is huge. 160 x 220 ft. ground space, and 700 ft. deep. Ok, that’s not exactly the Center of the Earth, but the whole Statue of Liberty would fit in here. And what awaits you is well worth the trip. A vibrant mix of geological murals, an extravaganza of crystalline frescos in hues of yellow, orange, purple, magenta and emerald. The entire trip takes around five to six hours, and unfortunately you will only spend about a half an hour inside the volcano so drink up every second of it.

AMBRYM, Vanuatu Ambrym, named by Captain Cook in 1774, is the Jewel of the Pacific. Sometimes called the Black Island due to the black sand beaches, the ashen plains, and the black magic that the people of the island used to perform, it is not only one of the most active volcanoes of Vanuatu, but in the world. Lava lakes, which occasionally erupt lava flows onto the caldera floor, or even exit the caldera through erosion gaps, regularly appear in the summit craters. Ambrym typically erupts several times per century, and quite violently so. The most recent eruption, in 1913, forced mass evacuations. While Ambrym may not erupt during your trip there, you may witness occasional smaller explosive eruptions, which mostly occurs because of water-magma interaction. Do your homework - some treks from the north are only open in certain months, and certain parts of the Black Island are accessible only by boat.

MOUNT BROMO, Indonesia Standing at a massive 2,329 meters tall, Mount Bromo is the most iconic and the most hiked mountain in Indonesia. It is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world. You will see and smell white sulphurous smoke coming from the blown off top of the volcano from far away. How active is Mount Bromo? So active that some rather perilous areas are off-limits to tourists due to the risk of imminent eruptions. It’s an easy and very rewarding 1-2 hour hike to the massive 10-km-wide caldera, and the breathtaking view and scenery during sunrise (5:30am) is out of this world - and reason enough to go there. Mount Bromo is accessible any time of the year, although June - August is tourist season (less rain = more tourists). Watch the local weather reports when you are there to find the best clear sky day for your volcano sunrise experience.

ERTA ALE, Ethiopia There are only a handful of continuously active volcanoes in the world, and Erta Ale in the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia is one of them. The volcano has erupted in 1873, 1903, 1940, 1960, 1967, 2005 and 2007. And just a few months ago, in January, a fissure eruption at the southeastern flank of the volcano produced large amounts of lava flowing into the direction of the town of Afdera, filling another crater on its way. “The Smoking Mountain” (or “Gateway to Hell”) is in one of the hottest regions on the planet, and is home to two long-term lava lakes, making it a very unique site. The lakes go through cycles and occasionally, due to pressure, will form “fountains” of lava, spewing in 6- to 13-foot-high plumes. The current status? “Erupting” ... so get your backpack ready.




by Jesse Dean Cook

How to Break Into An Untapped Real Estate Market

Over the last five years there has been a high demand for family homes with a very particular layout. While the square footage may vary, ideally there are 3-4 bedrooms upstairs, an open concept main floor for entertaining, along with half of the basement being used for a 1-2 bedroom legal suite that acts as a mortgage helper or nanny suite. So what happens if this type of property does not exist in a highly sought after area? Well, in this case, my clients, a Father/Son team of builders, decided to create an opportunity by constructing the perfect family home in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.

Traditionally my high-end clients have been seeking out older homes, on large lots in Vancouver West, West Vancouver and North Vancouver, but more than a year ago I met with my clients who were excited to break into an untapped market. They believed that Deep Cove was ready for something new and felt that the area was ready to handle a higher price point of home. They saw that the majority of the homes are cozy and family friendly, however, there aren’t many newly built properties to choose from.



Deep Cove is an oasis of rainforests, mountains, ocean, wildlife, solitude, recreation and exploration. The community is made up of a tight-knit group of friendly people who are proud to call Deep Cove their home. There is an abundance of local shops and eateries in the Village, perfect to visit before or after going on a hike, paddleboard, boating adventure or outdoor picnic. While Deep Cove can feel like you are a million miles away from the city, in actuality you are only 10 minutes from Highway 1 and less than

30 minutes to downtown Vancouver.

down and meet you in the secondary kitchen.

Some important lessons that we can learn from my clients’ experience about breaking into an untapped market are:

The stunning main floor features the ever-popular openconcept layout. The formal living and dining areas join the magnificent chef’s kitchen to create the ultimate family and entertainers’ dream. Attached to the main kitchen is the wok kitchen, which is where the dumbwaiter travels to and allows you to place your groceries directly into the secondary refrigerator and pantry with ease.

Choose the right lot! Your location is the most important element and the most static of all your choices. Work with a realtor who is an expert in the area. Decide what type of house you are building and for whom. By understanding your potential buyers, you can meet their expectations and needs, resulting in a quick sale. Work with the best materials, technology, appliances, and designers to maximize the value of your property. It’s imperative to be on the cutting edge of all current trends. Respect the neighborhood and do your due diligence with the City or District.

I am very proud of my clients and how they’ve handled this project. I’d like to outline the highlights of their completed build below. 2422 Badger Road was carefully selected as the perfect site to create a home that offered privacy, tranquility and stunning ocean views. From the street you’ll marvel at the modern contemporary lines that allow the home to blend in with the natural surroundings. Enter into the two car attached garage and the first thing you’ll want to do is climb the set of stairs that lead you up to your very own private roof-top deck. You’ll soak up the sun with total privacy while looking down at the ocean and Deep Cove Yacht Club below. The top floor boasts three bedrooms including a gorgeous master bedroom with spa-like ensuite that enters onto a private patio with an open flame gas fireplace. The fourth bedroom and den/reading room are located on the main floor. As you walk in from the garage or front door you have the option of placing any items such as groceries into another unique feature, the dumbwaiter! This mini elevator will travel

This open concept area has eclipse folding doors that allow you to enter onto the private patio with gas fireplace. Above the sink area there is another unique set of eclipse folding windows, which allows you to have the feeling of nature being all around you. The spacious entertainment patio leads you out to the flat, fully fenced back yard, which is perfect for any family with children or pets. The lower level is split in half with one side being an open entertainment area with a 3D overhead projector hooked up with full surround sound. There is a fully serviceable bar with two wine fridges, a dishwasher and microwave so all of your glassware and popcorn can stay on this level. The second half is a legal 2-bedroom suite with soaring ceilings and brand new appliances, which would be perfect for any executive tenant. Other exciting features of this stunning home are: air conditioning, in-floor radiant heating, full security system, James Hardi/real stone/clear cedar siding, incredible stonework by Rockwater Designs and commercial grade torch-on roof with river rock to blend in seamlessly with the forest. Synthesis Designs created the architectural drawings for this incredible home. If you love the Deep Cove lifestyle, want all of the luxuries of a newly constructed home and want to be within 30 minutes of downtown this property could be perfect for you. If you’d like to view the property or are interested in starting your own project, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. This Deep Cove masterpiece can be yours to proudly call home. For a private tour, please call Jesse Dean Cook at 604-5065174 or visit for more information. Listed at $3,498,000.




2.89 acres

9 Bedrooms

9.5 Bathrooms

Price Upon Request





Located in the exclusive neighbourhood of Stonebridge, this spectacular 2.89 acre property offers unparalleled privacy, surprisingly dramatic views and all day sun$2,180,000 CAD | 2250 NORDIC DRIVE #37 shine. Embrace extravagance while enjoying the true mountain lifestyle from this incredible estate that offers a staggering 6,335 sq/ft of well thought out interior living space.

2,180,000The CADmain | 2250 NORDIC DRIVE #37 residence features 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and a fabulous office space. Walk into the vast foyer and into the family room where you will be left speechless from the one in a million mountain views. For those who love to cook there is a spacious kitchen as well as roomy prep kitchen that offers plenty of room to cook for large groups of family, friends & visitors alike. The main entertaining space is comprised of the open concept dining room & living room space, which make for a $4,950,000 CAD | 3322 PANORAMA RIDGE

$4,950,000 CAD | 3322 PANORAMA RIDGE

great space that you can find yourself spending plenty of time enjoying while relaxing, working, entertaining – whatever you fancy with the beautiful mountains offering a jaw dropping one of a kind background for all to marvel over. The guest wing of the home has 3 bedrooms, each with its very own ensuite bathroom, that offer ample space for your guests to feel like they are at their home away from home. $2,750,000 CAD | 6101 EAGLE DRIVE #4 The family wing features the master suite and 2 additional bedrooms, all of which offer splendid views that you can enjoy for countless hours. On the lower level of the home there is a vast media / games CAD |area 6101 DRIVE #4 space. room,$2,750,000 additional bedroom andEAGLE plenty of storage Off the lower level you can access great covered patio space that leads you to the 2 bedroom & 1 bathroom suite area that is a great option for inlaws or your live in caretaker. The lot this home is situated on is very flat and is surrounded by beautifully manicured garden areas and a soothing water feature. A private tour of the home is recommended so you can appreciate the privacy, views, space & quality of this mountain estate property. $3,395,000 CAD | 8338 GLEN ABBEY LANE

$3,395,000 CAD | 8338 GLEN ABBEY LANE


For more information about these and other properties, contact: MAGGI THORNHILL: PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION



2005-2015 WLS© totalthese dollarand volume by the contact: Whistler Listing Service For more information about otherstatistics properties, MAGGI THORNHILL: PERSONAL REAL ESTATE CORPORATION



They say alcohol is a substance that unites the world. Cultures all around the world enjoy their beverages, some for pleasure, some for religion, but the similarity is that they bring people together. A huge difference, however, is the price to obtain it. In some countries you may get a beer for a dollar, whereas a single bottle of champagne can throw you back 15 grand at certain clubs in the mega cities of this world. Let’s face it - when your drink costs more than an average person’s salary, you’ve made it. And most likely, looking at your last bank statement, you’ll only need one glass to get a big smile on your face. If that is the case, then the bottles that we show here may be a nice addition to your bar. And should you want to impress your buddies ... just order a “Winston” from bartender Joel Heffernan at “Club 23” in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a whopping US$13,000 - A GLASS! The reason for the astronomical price? It has two shots of 1858 Croizet cognac, and that bottle has a $157,000 value!


Henri VI Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

Armand de Brignac Midas

Diva Vodka

Named after Henri IV, the Henri VI Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grand Champagne is a rare vintage. It has been matured for 100 years, but (as with so many other luxury drinks) the main reason for the whopping $2 Million price tag is the bottle. Crafted with platinum, 24 karat gold and over 6500 certified brilliant cut diamonds you should better not throw this one into the recycling bin!

Yes, you can spend $215,000 for a bottle of some fine champagne. What you will get: An Armand de Brignac, colloquially known as “Ace of Spades” Midas. But be prepared that the bottle will be pretty heavy - it holds 30 liters! That’s about the same amount of champagne as 40 standard 750ml bottles. So next time you have a party, get this four feet tall bottle and make an impression.

It is probably the costliest vodka in the market. And it is a pretty good and seven times filtered premium English grain vodka. But the money is not in the bottle, it is the bottle. It has a wand in the middle, filled with precious Swaroski elements that can be customised by the buyer, and a bracelet at the waist of the bottle. If you really just want the vodka, you can get it without the blingbling for around $ 3,600.






Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1966

Legacy by Angostura

Macallan Lalique IV 60 Year Old

Get in line! This rare single malt will get released in BC on June 2nd, offering fans the chance to lay down the future 2016 vintage. In 1966, former Master Distiller Robert Arthur distilled a run of particularly outstanding spirit. For five decadesthis exclusive whisky has slowly aged in ex-Sherry casks. Now, at the peak of its maturation, Master Distiller Alan Winchester has released just 100 bottles.

Now this one is “kinda” affordable. Especially considering there are only 20 packages released for the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s independence. “Legacy by Angostura” is a special blend of seven of the brand’s most rare and precious rums that has been matured more than 17 years. Each package contains a crystal decanter, designed by one of London’s famous jewellery houses, Asprey.

The “most affordable” of our picks, the Macallan Lalique IV 60 Year Old, is not only one of the oldest and rarest single malt whiskies ever bottled by the distillery, it’s also one of the best looking ones in its bespoke Lalique IV crystal decanter. It is topped off with a crystal stopper with a copper cap made from an old Macallan still. We hear that “the finish is very long and smoky with a touch of cherries.” Nice.





Negroni Spagliato by Keith Trusler

“As we step into spring our palates tend to shift to the lighter and more refreshing flavors associated with warmer weather. Cocktails being no exception, the popular twist on the classic Negroni known as Negroni Spagliato has being gracing Vancouver’s sunny patios for years. Spagliato is the Italian word for mistake and, like so many other great food and drink innovations, this delicious cocktail is born from exactly that. As the story goes, barman Mirko Stocchetti of Bar Basso in Milan was, as the industry likes to call it, ‘in the weeds’ when he mistakenly grabbed an open bottle of sparkling wine instead of gin to build a Negroni. The resulting concoction delighted the guest who tasted the drink before Mirko realized his mistake. A delicious way to enjoy the complex combination of sweet and bitter flavors the Negroni is famous for with a slightly lower overall alcohol content and a nice kick of effervescence. I highly recommend trying one at your next brunch.”


30 ml Cinzano Rosso 30 ml Campari 60 ml Vino Spumante

Combine all ingredients in rocks glass filled with ice cubes. Stir Gently and garnish with an orange twist.



rooftop patio

work space

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Engage Community, Ignite Curiosity. A new age club for the social & creative thought leaders of Vancouver. It’s time for a place that feels unmistakably of the moment & reflective of the world today. It’s time for a place that sets a new benchmark for the way we eat, work & play. VANCOUVER IS READY

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Chi assaggia? by Louise Huang

who is tasting?

Wine is not only Italy’s national drink, it is also a national passion: more than 1 million wine-growers live in Italy, and we hear that Italians drink more wine than anyone else in the world. On our recent trip to Italy we were introduced to some amazing varietals and vintages. 1995 Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Tuscany, Italy 5l | $1800 Wine Spectator: 91/100 Wine Enthusiast: 92/100

Brunello di Montalcino was Italy’s first wine to be accorded D.O.C.G. status. Castello Banfi is one of the largest Brunello producers, specializing in top Brunello wines while selling at reasonable prices. The 1995 Brunello is a classic production by Castello Banfi after 20 years’ research on its unique grape variety of Sangiovese. It is a delicious wine showing rich garnet color, with aromas of cherry, mint and earthiness; offers full-bodied and ripened fruit flavors on the palate; wrapped up with impressive depth, and a fruity, long finish. Grape variety - Sangiovese The most widely planted grape in Italy is Sangiovese, a high-acid grape with moderate to high tannins, earthiness and subtle fruit. In Brunello di Montalcino, the wine must be made entirely of Sangiovese. Food and Wine Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino is particularly suited to rich foods with rich flavors such as red meats, roasts, stews and rich aged cheeses.

1999 Gaja Sori San Lorenzo Langhe-Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy Double Magnum (3l) | $2800 Wine Advocate: 94/100 Wine Spectator: 93/100

Gaja was founded in 1859 and is one of the best-known wine producers in all of Italy, chiefly producing Barbaresco and Barolo wines. The 1999 Gaja shows dark ruby color. It possesses spicy aromas of light cloves and cinnamon, with intense notes of blackberry. The wine is fullbodied, with firm tannins and a powerful structure, with layers and complexity, and offers a long and silky finish. Grape - Nebbiolo Nebbiolo is the King grape in Piedmont, producing Barolo and Barbaresco. “Tar and roses” are the two descriptors most associated with Nebbiolo. Characterized by robust tannin, high acidity, and a delicate smell of rose, cherry and cranberry fruit. Food Suggestion With Nebbiolo’s delicate aromas but bold tannin, it is best served with roast meats and cheese that contains high fat. *



“who is tasting?”


EXPERIENCE paired perfection The goal at Ex Nihilo Vineyards is that each and every guest can share in our passion while enjoying our wines. Join us and let our friendly staff guide you through an unforgettable wine paired epicurean journey with our new Tasting and Tapas sit down journey. Book online for Okanagan’s best Tasting & Dinner Experiences

1525 CAMP RD LAKE COUNTRY BC V4V 2L3 250 766 5522 •

CITY tonight!

O ur

by Jim Gordon & Leeta Liepins

The Iconic Concierge Magazine version of the weekly TV show, “Our City Tonight”, which can be seen Saturdays at 9:30am and 12:30am Sundays on JoyTV. Follow them on Twitter, FB, Instagram & YouTube @Ourcitytonight

Forkhill House Irish Bistro (whose Irish family history line some of the restaurant walls), Forkhill is a place that will instantly make you feel at home: a cozy bar, a good selection of unique draught, respectable wine list, perfect lighting, and of course superb, creative food.

The restaurant business can be dangerous to navigate at the best of times, and a new place faces a number of challenges – especially when the location is not the best in terms of foot traffic. For years, the west end corner of Alberni & Cardero (a block up from Georgia Street with a view of The Bayshore Hotel) was occupied by one restaurant: Le Gavroche. After closing its doors, another occupant came and went within

a couple of years, which leads us, we’re happy to report, to the new owner: Forkhill House Irish Bistro. Owned and operated by long-time, go-to restaurant guy, Jeff Lenz, and his wife Jamie



Executive Chef Tannis Smith prepared a number of dishes for us to sample, including deliciously seared medium Breast of Duck with walnut & baileys béarnaise, roasted potatoes, and seasonal vegetables. Not to be out done by that, Chef also offered Grilled Salmon with a whiskey, honey glaze accompanied by tomato rice. The ambience of the room certainly added to this wonderful meal, and a sense that there was no rush. There are a number of places who want you “in and out” as quickly as possible, the turnover rate being the prime focus. But the attitude at Forkhill House Irish Bistro is stay as long as you want. That matters. Nearly full, we had left a small bit of room for their famous desserts. Our choice, thanks to Jeff, Jamie, and their manager, Alex: the delicious Guinness Chocolate Ganache Cake, which is, surprisingly, not overly sweet. As a result we did more than enjoy a small taste. A few days later we stopped by during their 3pm-6pm “Happy Hour” for something a little more casual, in this case the delicious Guinness & Mushroom Porter Burger and the Beet, Quinoa, Goat Cheese & Walnut Veggie Burger (veggie burgers can be hit and miss but the Forkhill one was spot on). Both went down well with one of their Irish ales … actually, several Irish ales. Check out their website for more info on lunch, happy hour and dinner menus.

Forkhill House Irish Bistro 1616 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Ask the ... Concierge! An Insider’s Guide to Vancouver CURTIS SLADE Wedgewood Hotel & Spa Born in Eastern Canada, Curtis worked in the travel industry for the past 18 years before discovering his love for Vancouver and his passion for helping others discover this incredible city and all it has to offer. Curtis has been working for the exclusive Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, Relais & Chtâeaux, in downtown Vancouver for a number of years. He was recently promoted to head concierge for the Hotel, Bacchus Restaurant and Spa and he is now a proud member of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or. THE BEST PLACE FOR BRUNCH Café Medina - Its definitely worth the wait, however Chambar has become one of my favorite places to go on the weekend. Café Medina | 780 Richards Street | 604.879.3114 Chambar | 568 Beatty St. | 604.879.7119 THE BEST PLACE FOR COFFEE I’m not a huge coffee drinker but if you like tea then TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on W. Georgia is the place to be. 1070 W Georgia St. | 604.692.0071 THE BEST PLACE FOR A ROMANTIC DATE It’s a toss up between a lovely evening in Horseshoe Bay and a helicopter ride with Sky Helicopters (especially if you are ready to pop the question). Sky Helicopters | THE BEST PLACE TO DINE L’ Abattoir! The most creative well put together dishes and the atmosphere is very Vancouver. 217 Carrall St. | 604.568.1701 THE BEST PLACE FOR AN AMAZING DRINK The Diamond tops my list, especially in the back bar, it is a no attitude crafty cocktail/casual eats establishment. 6 Powell St. | THE BEST PLACE FOR LIVE MUSIC It’s a tie between Guilt & Co 1 Alexander St. | 604.288.1704 and Electric Owl 926 Main St. | 604.558.0928 A HIDDEN TREASURE IN VANCOUVER Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge, of course :) 845 Hornby St. | 604.608.5319



Iconic Concierge Vancouver Spring 2017  

The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for the Affluent Gentleman ... Motoring | Watches & Jewellery | Electronics & Gadgets | Yachts & Boats | Style...

Iconic Concierge Vancouver Spring 2017  

The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for the Affluent Gentleman ... Motoring | Watches & Jewellery | Electronics & Gadgets | Yachts & Boats | Style...