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Summer 2011

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Aubrey O’Day: Life, Love, Music and Entertainment

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88 Elements of On The Cover: Blue Fringe Bikini, Faith Love Hope, $59.50,; Haute Belts Jewelry, Spellcaster,, $56.00; Haute Betts Jewelry, Free Spirit Bracelet, $29.00,; Wood Bangles with Dots,; Wood Bangle with Gold Interior, Urban Behavior This Page: Top: Sioux Falls, $39,; Gold Convertible Tassle Necklace, Theodora & Callum, $325.00; White Long Skirt, Rachel Roy; Wood Bangle,



Summer: Embellish yourself with jewels

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12 10 tips for healthy summer skin 16 Products to give the glow without the sun damage 18 Healthy summer living

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The Malibu Beach Inn

Photographer Spotlight: 98 Marc CartwrightCelebrity Photographer

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Melissa Molinaro – Life after Diddy Hope Dworaczyk- Brains, Beauty and talent….triple threat!

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Men’s top 10 turn offs

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Summer trends for your home

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Editor’s Letter 10 must haves under $25



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Editor’s Letter


his issue was a fun one. Cover model Aubrey O’day was such a fun celeb to work with and there are so many things about summer we can give advice on and pack into one issue. Taking precautions during the hottest time of year is so vital. I can’t stress how important it is to make sure you protect your skin from the sun. Skin cancer is such a big problem in America and it is swept under the table so often because women and men want that perfect tan. There are many ways to keep your tan all year ‘round without exposing your skin to harsh UV rays. Also, remember to always stay hydrated. Heat strokes are so common it’s unbelievable and sometimes you don’t even realize you’re having one until it’s too late.

I want to take the time to thank all the people that have supported ICON as we’ve grown into a national and international publication. It has been a long road and we still have a way to go but we wouldn’t have been able to become so successful without you. I also want to thank our loyal readers who have been a huge inspiration to as. Without you this magazine wouldn’t be possible. So, thank you! Best wishes on a happy and safe summer. See you in the fall! Fashionably yours, Julie Rabbani, Editor-in-Chief

Photograph: Julie Rabbani with her two sons Nabil (4) and Aiden (2).





Photographer: Chris Nagy Wardrobe: Petunias of Naples Model: Susan Campbell

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Julie Rabbani

Exceptional Interior Design

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Beauty Dr. Nakhla’s

10 Tips For Healthy Summer Skin By Tom Stoup

Dr. Tony N. Nakhla, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., or simply “Dr. Tony” to his patients, is a Los Angeles dermatologist, dermatologic surgeon, medical director of the OC Skin Institute and author of the upcoming “The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin”. Proficient in both cosmetic and medical fields, he is an expert on maintaining the skin you’re in. He states, “Not just myself but the American Academy of Dermatologists recommends you protect all sun-exposed areas on a daily basis. Even through windows on cloudy days the sun’s ultraviolet rays are extremely damaging to skin cells.” So before you break out that hot new two-piece, bear the doctor’s tips in mind.




The higher SPF the better, always

Whether you’re going to the beach or anywhere you should be protecting exposed areas with sunscreen. The way to choose your sunscreen is to pick the highest SPF you can find. SPF is a measurement of the amount of time it takes for your skin to sunburn. If it takes you 20 minutes to burn and you put SPF 15 on, it would then take you 300 minutes. A lot of people think SPF 30 is as high as they need to go and that’s not really true. The problem is in the real world your skin is exposed to wind and water and your hands and other creams and lotions you apply that can physically rub your sunscreen off. In practical terms, the higher the SPF, the more protected your skin will be.


Double or Nothing: UVA & UVB

Photo-aging is a process by which harmful UVA and UVB rays cause wrinkling and blotchy pigmentation and can turn your skin cells into cancer cells. UVA is a type of radiation that doesn’t necessarily cause sunburn but it’s the one most closely linked to the deadly skin cancer, melanoma. SPF only measures UVB, so even a high SPF is not good enough – you need to look for a sunscreen that covers both UVA and UVB. Another important tip is to wear this sunscreen indoors. You may not realize a lot of deadly skin cancers can occur inside the house. I’m not an ophthalmologist, but a lot of degenerative, blinding diseases that come with aging occur because of UV radiation, also.


Apply Liberally

Most people think a couple dabs will do. If you’re out in the sun without a shirt you really need

Photography: Julie Rabbani Swimsuit: Model: Angee Hernandez SUMMER 2011 iCON





to lather up your body. You need about an entire shot glass worth of sunscreen – about an ounce or so – to cover sun-exposed areas. For the face you need about a teaspoon. Using too little actually dials back the SPF.


Waterproof It

If you are going to be exposed to water, you should really think about using a water resistant sunscreen. Water resistant sunscreens are tested to ensure they’re still present in the skin after 40 and 80 minutes of swimming. That’s how they get their seals of approval, so to speak. The problem is that they can be greasier, but if your skin can tolerate it, go waterproof. Do it even if you’re not going swimming. The reason: you’re gonna sweat!


Save Your Money, Save Your Skin

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a good product. Be careful of any multimillion dollar endorsements from celebrities. A lot of the stuff you can find in your drug store is really good. You don’t have to import from Paris.


Laying Out? Think Again!

No matter how hard you try to protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, you also need to avoid unhealthy habits if you’re going to be outdoors for long periods of time. Number one: avoid leaning your face directly into the sun. A lot of people think they need to “lay out” directly in the sun… that’s just a bad idea. When you can, sit in the shade, under an umbrella, and wear a hat!

Your most important asset is your facial skin – protect it! Try to wear a hat with a brim that shades most of your face.


Go Oil-Free on Your Face


Try UV-Protective Clothing

It is possible to go overboard with sunscreen, especially if you have acneprone skin, but usually that’s less of an issue than underdoing it. There are different products for different parts of the body. Ones for the face are usually oil-free; they’ll feature the term “noncomedogenic”, which means they won’t clog your pores.

You obviously know that wearing a tank top while playing volleyball isn’t good protection from the sun, but who wants to wear a giant sweater or flannel? A good option is sun protective clothing - lightweight, sleeved clothing measured in UPF, basically the SPF of fabrics.


Eat Your Vitamins, ACE!

The most important vitamins for your skin are A, C and E. There are different forms of vitamin A; the type we’re talking about is beta-carotene, which has ultraviolet protection capabilities. It’s in orange-colored foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, squash, apricot, pumpkin and mango. Vitamin C also protects from radical sun damage and is in citrus fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E helps stabilize the skin membranes and is found in nuts like almonds and hazelnuts.


Chill Out

Some of the most common skin disorders are triggered by stress. For example, a lot of people have gotten stress pimples before. Why do you get stress pimples? Well, your body releases hormones when you’re emotionally or mentally stressed that basically contribute to the formation of pimples. Those hormones act directly on your oil glands, cause them to produce excessive amounts of oil and you wake up the next morning with a pimple on your forehead. Other diseases like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and chronic itchy rashes – also known as neuro-dermatitis, which literally means inflammation of the nerves - are due to stress. A lot of people see me thinking they have a serious rash when no other pill than a chill pill will relax it.

Nakhla drew inspiration for “The Skin Commandments”, from seeing many of his patients’ frustrations with an over-abundance of “stuff”. He says, “Whether it’s Justin Bieber or Cindy Crawford or even P. Diddy promoting a skin care line on an infomercial, or every department store carrying a magic facial brush or washcloth you can buy for a couple hundred dollars, there’s really no guide out there for people, and a lot of times people turn to non-professionals for advice. I want to offer simplified, down-toearth solutions for skin care problems and give bottom-line basics for what is needed to achieve healthy and beautiful skin.” “The Skin Commandments” will be available this September. SUMMER 2011 iCON



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Get your tan without the sun damage! This summer keep that glow without the risk! 7. Arbonne moisturizer and self tanner Swiss skincare company Arbonne, renowned internationally for creating the original revolution in anti-ageing, has a range of products to arm sun-loving Aussies with the essentials needed for safe, sunless tanning and complete sun protection. $56.00


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4. Nature’s Gate sunless tanner This lightweight, non-streak lotion provides the look of a glowing tan, without exposing your skin to the damaging effects of the sun. Antioxidant $5.00

2. Sally Hansen airbrush legs Sprayon, water-resistant skin perfecting leg makeup stays fresh and naturallooking all day. $13.99

6. Lancaster infinite bronze soufflĂŠ cream blush A light and airy blush that delivers an unexpected jolt of color to cheeks. The creamy and silky texture easily melts into skin, creating a healthy bronze glow with a few swipes. $55.00



Beauty 1


Dress to lessen the effects of heat on your body. Hats and loose, long-sleeve cotton material clothes are beneficial.

Make sure to get your rest. If you happen to not get enough sleep at nighttime, it is fine to take a short nap in the middle of the day just to restore your energy.


Go outdoors a exercise! Whe swimming in t nice bicycle rid morning or a w cooler part of aim to exercis three days a w 45 minutes.

Healthy l For Su

Pre-hydration is a must! Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water, depending on your level of outdoor activity and fluid loss. Remember, if you begin to feel thirsty, you are already beginning to dehydrate. Avoid too much coffee or iced tea and stick with more pure water forms, including items like Gatorade™.


Since we are all witnessing the glory o to discuss several tips that will mak

Protect your eyes from the UV rays. Wearing sunglasses can help prevent cataracts and wrinkles around the eyes.





Plan more of the outdoor activities either early in the morning or later in the evening.

and get some ether it is the pool, a de early in the walk in the the evening, se at least week for 30-


If you do go to the beach, be certain to apply sufficient sun block of at least SPF 30. If by chance your skin does get burnt, you may consider sipping on green tea or having a spoon of onion juice that contains antioxidants, which help counteract any damage to our cells caused by the sun’s rays.

living tips ummer


Remember to take it easy and go slower. The summer can be a hard time to plan activities or remain outside for any great period of time. Every year, many Americans get heat exhaustion or even heat strokes by pushing the limits too far. Take breaks and don’t expect to remain outdoors for lengthy periods of time without going inside to rest in an air conditioned room.

By Omid Rabbani, M.D.

10 of Summer right now, I would like

ke you stay healthy and happy:

Eat lighter, more frequent meals. Summer is the time for some great fruit choices, like melons and citrus products. Having more salad too helps because of the increased water content in the food that thins the blood, thereby cooling the body.


Keep your teeth happy and healthy. Remember that regular flossing and brushing of your teeth will maximize your chances for better overall health.





REPORT Resort 2012 Resort wear has got to be the fashion designer’s favorite collection to create. What better way to be inspired than to have the freedom of designing vacation-wear for globetrotting fashionistas? Resort encompasses all aspects of the jetsetter life: travel, leisure, sport and, of course, glamorous evenings out. Allow me to reiterate – WHAT FUN! By Candice Sebring-Kelber



Alexander McQueen SUMMER 2011 iCON



This season’s resort collections are full of bold color, graphic prints and structured lines. Black is a consistent component across the board in practically every collection, mixed with sunny yellows, metallic golds and bold reds with the occasional color block thrown in. Also prevalent are animal prints and the use of leathers and suede for textural diversity, especially when mixed with a soft counterpart of silk or chiffon. Designers such as Sarah Burton over at Alexander McQueen and the duo of Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri at Valentino have included excessive amounts of macramÊ-like lace for an all-too-feminine effect. Other feminine details include layers of ruffles and full, twirly skirts. Gucci



Proenza Schouler

Donna Karan

Balenciaga SUMMER 2011 iCON



Pants have long lines – no capris, please – but the legs are shown both wide and narrow, however always tailored. Also true for the season, several heavy-hitting industry veterans stuck to traditional silhouettes and styling. Donatella Versace has once again redefined rocker glam with strong doses of black leather, angular lines and metallic stud details while Karl Lagerfeld has given new life to the traditional Chanel tweed suit, this time in egg yolk yellow or the traditional black and cream layered over shimmering swimwear. All in all, the beautifully structured 2012 resort collections are highly wearable and make bold statements - surely aspects any vacationing fashion lover requires for a stunning wardrobe in the world’s most elegant and exotic destinations.











The fashion industry is almost entirely made up of the eccentric and sublime talents of a group of individuals put on the planet for the sole purpose of creating beauty and drama in an otherwise mundane world. Lee Alexander McQueen rose to the pinnacle of this group as one of the most gifted and diverse designers in the trade. SUMMER 2011 iCON





His unparalleled creations stand as unique pieces of art not to be confused with ordinary clothing. Artistry in motion, his designs have been heralded by those who found his work inspiration for life. Sadly, it would not be long before the pressures – often felt by those in creative and emotionally draining careers – would catch up to the now legendary designer when he took his own life in the early part of 2010,

leaving behind an unmanned and melancholy empire. The fashion world mourned the loss of the tragic figure while the powers that be sought to fill the larger-than-life shoes McQueen left behind. And quietly, in October of 2010, McQueen’s longtime assistant of fourteen years, Sarah Burton, slid into the lead position as the brand’s Creative Director. It was a seamless

transition as Burton was ostensibly the best choice for the job since she had been the late designer’s constant companion in the atelier since her early days as an intern. Burton, 37, started her career when she began studying art at Manchester Polytechnic before going on to Central Saint Martin’s in London where she studied print fashion. There a tutor, who was also a friend SUMMER 2011 iCON





of McQueen’s, encouraged her to take up a position under the wing of the colossal talent. Burton says McQueen taught her “everything” - an envious education by any burgeoning fashion student’s measure. Burton’s first challenge at the helm was the design and implementation of the label’s first runway collection since the death. In true ease of natural talent, she pulled it off in a dramatic sea of beautiful and romantic pieces. The light and airy collection could only be compared to a ray of sunshine emerging from a long, dark night. And though her first step into the spotlight may not have gone as over-the-top as McQueen himself might have dared, Burton managed to place her own unique stamp on the collection while keeping with the integrity of what Alexander McQueen stands for: artistry, detailing and fantastic vision. Shortly after the debut of her first collection as Director, Burton would take on another project of elephantine proportions, never able to utter a word about it for six months. In November 2010, just one month after Burton’s inaugural collection, the engagement of Britain’s Prince William to Catherine Middleton was announced and a firestorm of speculation began about whom would design the sureto-be fabled royal wedding gown. It was during this time Burton was working on her next collection for the label as well as the Met Ball exhibition highlighting McQueen’s archival works, which would be held in May.

Burton would slyly put off the media when pressed by stating she was “much too busy” to consider such a huge undertaking. On April 29, 2011, however, Catherine Middleton stepped out into the world’s spotlight in a gown fit only for a queen and fashion lovers everywhere cheered as it was announced Sarah Burton had been the talent behind the diaphanous creation (as well as the dresses worn by the maid of honor, Pippa Middleton, and the young bridesmaids). The bride’s

gown, reminiscent of the legendary dress worn by the late Princess Grace of Monaco, was a blend of old and new all at once; a breath of fresh air in a mix of traditional lace over a very modern strapless bodice and plunging v-neckline completed with a modest train. By the end of the day Catherine Middleton had transformed from commoner into Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, while Sarah Burton had risen like a phoenix, leading the house of Alexander McQueen out of the ashes and into a bright future. SUMMER 2011 iCON



Baccarat “Fleurs de Psydelic” Day 5 Petal Multi-Color Crystal Ring, Retail: $595, Available at Baccarat Boutiques

If you like it, put a ring on it: Rings that will make you melt this summer 32


Carrera y Carrera 18 K Yellow Gold Afrodita ring with diamonds, Retail: $4850,

Brumani “Baoba� Ring in 18k Yellow Gold with Brown Diamonds, Aquamarine and Pink

Floral designs, gold and gem stones are all making a come back this season.

Amrapali Gold and Diamond Spinel Ring, Retail: $6,000,

Isharya Polki Carved Pink Flower Ring, Retail: $150,

Summer 2011 iCON


Style Adeler Ikecho Pearl Ring with Diamonds, Retail: $17,690

Kabana 14k Gold Ring with Mother of Pearl and Diamonds, Retail: $2,680,

Go for a very detailed piece with solid gold or a combination piece with diamonds and precious stones.

Adeler Emerald Cut Yellow/ Orange Tourmaline Ring with DIamonds, Retail: $6,685 34


Brumani “Balalaika� Rings, each in 18k Yellow and White Gold with Round Diamonds, Smokey Quartz and Morganite Topaz,

Carrera y Carrera 18 K Yellow Gold Nautilus Actea Ring, Retail: $3750,

Summer 2011 iCON



M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza Large Flower Pot Pave Ring, Retail: $610,



Kabana 14k Gold Ring with Black Onyx Inlay and Diamonds, Retail: $4,880,

Hellmuth Onyx Ring with Black Diamonds, Retail: $1,054, Union Street Goldsmith San Francisco,

The great thing about this style is they can be dressed up or down. Wear them with jeans and a tank or an evening gown. It depends all on your mood.

Arunashi Pearl Flower Ring, Retail: $18,500,

Brumani “Nude” Ring with Coral and Diamonds, Retail: $7,038, SUMMER 2011 iCON




Photographer: Alvaro Poveda | Hair: Mia Manaloto | Make up: Dani Taverna | Model: Editor-in-Chief: Julie Rabbani | SUMMER 2011 iCON



Malibu Beach Inn A combination of a love for fashion, photography and writing slowly evolved into the magazine that you see in front of you today. Interviewed and written by: Tom Stoup

Photography: Chris Nagy | Wardrobe: Juicy Couture | Hair: Mia Manaloto | Make up: Dani Taverna | Wardrobe Styling: Jessica Jimenez



Invigorating Malibu California Travel

The privately owned Malibu Beach Inn Carbon Beach is the only luxury oceanfront hotel destination between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. Located on the famed “Billionaire’s Beach,” in the heart of Malibu, the 47room hotel seamlessly blends contemporary design with a relaxed beach ambiance that redefines casual luxury. The hotel’s grounds, welcoming lobby lounge and sleek oceanfront dining room are hallmarks of the hotel’s inviting, understated design. Meanwhile, its exclusive Carbon Beach Club and European-trained staff embody its sophisticated atmosphere and enveloping hospitality. Luxurious, state-of-the-art amenities, unparalleled service and a secluded location ensure a flawless and relaxing escape.






Nestled on the secluded Carbon Beach, yet located within minutes of the bustle of Santa Monica and west Los Angeles, Malibu Beach Inn offers guests a convenient, exclusive retreat on one of the most famous beaches inhabited and visited by the world’s most celebrated talent and personalities. The property is less than a mile from the unique boutiques and restaurants of the Malibu Country Mart and only a short drive to the attractions of Los Angeles, where guests can experience live theatre, international cinema and world-class shopping, dining and people watching. For nature lovers and beachcombers, Malibu’s famous beaches and numerous hiking trails along the Santa Monica Mountain range provide lush scenery, breathtaking landscapes and quiet moments of relaxation.

The Malibu Beach Inn 22878 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265 Phone: 310-456-6444



Aubrey 44


Singer, writer, dancer, actress and fashion designer Aubrey O’Day, whom you know from, well, just about everywhere, has breathed the entertainment world – from the studio to the stage – since she got her first taste at the age of four.


Photography: Josh Williams | Hair: Cesar Ramirez at Top 5 Management for Redken. Make up: Karmeesha Little | Wardrobe Stylist: Carla Pallares | Location: The Malibu Beach Inn

Tyler Rose Swimwear, ‘Girls of Summer’ Top $86, Bottom $86,; 24kt Gold Plated Megalodon Shark tooth necklace Jenny Dayco $200,; Horn Necklace, Safia,



Having departed the “Making the Band” girl group Danity Kane in 2008, she returned to the spotlight in Spring with a new reality show and is prepping to release her Adonisproduced debut solo album later in the year, the first single from which, “Automatic”, has already climbed the charts. She took some time out to dish to Icon about life in the public eye, inspiration, fans, going solo, the possibility of a DK reunion and just what colors she’s been dying her dogs’ fur lately. You’re pretty busy these days

How was it working with Adonis?

promoting your show “All About

I love Adonis. He’s amazing. He was kind of the first person I got back into the studio with and he really helped me find my confidence and find my voice as a solo artist. I think that when you’re in a group and you’re used to being a certain sound amongst a lot of different sounds, you learn to perfect one area of your craft but not necessary all other areas. Being in the studio as a solo artist you can’t have any area be weaker than the others so you have to have a sexy voice, you have to be able to hit a falsetto or you have to be able to have great backs. You have to be able to really sing when you need to sing so it’s kind of like a mixture of everyone’s voice that I have to work on to push myself forward. Also I remembered a lot of things about my vocal abilities that I had forgotten after being in a group for so long.

I feel and I’m kind of an open book and I’m heavily emotional. Sometimes people will say that they can tell when I’m upset and I have a real hard time being fake. For example, if I don’t like you, you’ll know it. I’m not the type of person who will smile in your face and act like as if everything is okay when it’s not. It’s probably to my disadvantage in life because everyone can tell when I’m upset and uncomfortable, but I also like it because I cannot stand knowing that I have somebody evil smiling in my face - it just gives me an icky vibe. You see me battle everything from weight loss to struggling to find my wings as a solo artist, you see me struggling with my mom, you see me struggling with my father, you see me struggling with my dating life and my friends across the board and you see a good amount of the drama of trying to stand on your own two feet alone.

When shooting the show were

Were there any lessons you learned

there any difficult moments that

after you did “Making The Band”

you didn’t want people to see or

and is that all behind you? Some

did you let it all hang out? You see

of that situation is never going to be all behind me. I will say that I learned everything kind of a starting off in

Aubrey”, which airs on the Oxygen Network. How’s it been doing the show and how’s the response so far? Well the first season just finished

airing and we broke all records and ratings for Oxygen. It was a lot of fun to create, which lead to showing the story behind me getting back in to the music industry and getting signed to my first solo record deal with Universal. What’s one thing that excites you about the show so far? I think that

nowadays a lot of reality TV feels heavily scripted and kind of phony. I really liked the “Making the Band” days of reality TV because it was so raw and still so honest about the vulnerable process of really wanting to create your dreams and I think that my show kind of brought that element back. I really put the stakes forward and I said that I wanted something and that I wasn’t going to stop until I got it. Once you say that you have to do it - you have no choice. I like showing people what it looks like to fight for something you really want.

who I am all the way around, I’d say. I’m not really good at hiding what



I got a chance to work for one for the toughest people you‘ll ever work for in entertainment and I had to learn things quickly. I had to constanty uphold responsibility of perfection in Diddy’s eyes and that takes a lot of work and dedication and practice. Top: Sioux Falls $39,; Gold Convertible Tassle Necklace, Theodora & Callum $325.00; White Long Skirt Rachel Roy; Wood Bangle

the industry, which was my training wheels, so to speak. I got a chance to work for one for the toughest people you‘ll ever work for in entertainment and I had to learn things quickly. I had to constanty uphold responsibility of perfection in Diddy’s eyes and that takes a lot of work and dedication and practice. I mean, people kind of always think that when you get a record deal or you get on TV or once people know your name that you are “in”. There’s no such thing as “in”. In the industry you can lose it as quickly as you got it - you have to always stay on your grind and stay focused. I think what a healthy transition was for me was I used to look at everyone else and try to be as good as they were at everything because the industry is so heavily competitive. I try to keep my eyes and ears open but now I’m more trying to push myself to my best abilities and find new and interesting ways I can do things without knowing necessarily what everyone else is doing because sometimes that can stunt your ability. Sometimes you can do things even bigger than how you see them but when you close yourself off to a certain select group then you’re never able to really see your full potential. How often, if at all, do you stay in contact with any of your former



Malibu Headpiece Haute Betts Jewelry $80.00, Available at; MISSONI Cover Up 1.877.566.SWIM



band members since you left the band? I’ve always tried to stay in touch

with everyone. You see Andrea on the show and I’m obviously still and will always be tight with D. Woods. She’s like the sister that I never had in that era in my life. Now, your album - have you picked a name for it? What can we expect, and why should we go out and by three copies (house, car, office)?

Haha, I always say to buy three of everything because I have all kinds of things that end up coming out in my life. I have tons of ideas for this CD. It’s kind of because I’m signed now and I have such a big team with my management and the label surrounding me, so more opinions and thoughts are put into it. The ideas and creative concepts behind it are about where I want go and how I’m going to approach being a solo artist so nothing is in stone yet. The single “Automatic” is out right now and you can go to iTunes and get it. “Automatic” is looking like it’s gonna be a summer anthem. What inspired you do that record and why did you choose it to be your first single? It was the first song that

I recorded on the show, actually; the first song back in the studio. Obviously there has been a ton of songs since but it’s kind of a Europe type dance sound. Dance music is popular right now and coming off an urban pop group and probably most associating with urban music but having very strong pop voice I would say blending that with the 50


I’m a heavily creative person in general so I love painting, I love sewing and making clothes and I make all my own dogs’ clothes. It’s funny, my dogs have a closet bigger than mine.

Keira Sweater, Brandy Melville $42,; Karla Bikini $176,; Turquiose Coin Earrings Creative Marx $75,; Turquiose Necklace Safia,

Summer 2011 iCON


type of synth sounds you hear in dance music was a strong choice for what’s popular but still being true to who I am and how I hear music. It really started out just being a buzz track for the show. My first official single with the label backing and everything will probably come out around summer. You seem to be very personable with your fans. You even call them your “Aubtourage”. How did you come up with that name for them?

Actually I think one of my fans came up

with it. I have such a close relationship with a lot of my fans nowadays with social media. I’m really close with them on Twitter and I keep them close because they’ve always been right there supporting and rooting me on during of “Making The Band”. I have gotten close with a lot of them and a lot of them have become family to me. It’s funny, I mean, I have certain fans that will come to everything that I do no matter what city it’s in and I always see them and have them come up on stage. I remember one time I let one

of my fan’s kids hang out in my hotel room. I don’t know, I’m probably more trusting and my friends sometimes think I’m crazy but my fans are really close to me and close to my life so they’re my Aubtourage. I took to Twitter to see what your fans wanted to ask you and I got an overwhelming response within minutes. One of the questions that stood out most was about if you see yourself and the other members of Danity Kane getting back together?

Yeah, James O’Day, I know that one. Haha, listen, if it were up to me we would be already be doing that but it’s not. There are five voices in that situation and, I don’t know, fortunately or unfortunately my voice isn’t the one holding things up. Outside of the music and Hollywood scenes, do you have any hobbies or talents you enjoy? Yeah I’m a heavily

creative person in general so I love painting, I love sewing and making clothes and I make all my own dogs’ clothes. It’s funny, my dogs have a closet bigger than mine. They have there own tuxes and tutus. The other night I made Hammer pants for my boy dog and they are so fly! I mean, they look just like MC Hammer pants. So would you start you own doggie boutique? I don’t know about that but

I definitely could start a dog boutique from the tutus and the clothes to the hair and the dye. I have my own dog dye called “Ginger-Lite” and both my dogs are dyed. One’s pink, one’s purple. It’s an all-natural green product. 52


Blue Fringe Bikini, Faith Love Hope, $59.50,; Haute Belts Jewelry, Spellcaster, $56.00,; Haute Betts Jewelry, Free Spirit Bracelet, $29.00,; Wood Bangles with Dots,; Wood Bangle with Gold Interior, Urban Behavior,; Earrings, Abyss by Abby, $60,



Btfl People, Spring Summer 2011, Daisy Dress $175; Matte Disc & Diamond Bracelet, Janessa, JPB102, $265.00

Prince, Janet and Michael Jackson, Madonna… I love Etta James, the Isley Brothers… I love anything and everything I’ve ever heard and that has taught me the way I hear music - what I like and what I don’t like.

and it’s only six bucks. You can also get Minx, also made by Sally Hansen, which is really popular for fingernails. You can get these at CVS. What’s the one thing that you cannot be without when you leave

down and getting married/starting a family? I’ve always seen that but I went

to a fortuneteller the other day and she said that she doesn’t think I’ll ever get married. So now I don’t think I believe in fortunetellers anymore because I’m not letting that woman define my life!

the house? My dogs Ginger and

MaryAnn. I cannot go anywhere without them.

What’s one of your most embarrassing moments? I have so many but I

Gucci, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

Michael Jackson, Madonna… I love Etta James, the Isley Brothers… I love anything and everything I’ve ever heard and that has taught me the way I hear music - what I like and what I don’t like. I just try to listen to everything and there isn’t any type of music that I don’t listen or am not inspired by. I think I’ve gone through each kid of phase. I mean, I used to listen to emo and punk music when I was in college.

think my most recent one was probably being fired by Diddy on national TV. That was kind of embarrassing. Although I think I was the spokesmodel for everyone getting fired in 2008. You know a lot of people were getting laid off or fired between 2008 and 2009. I feel like everything I do is an embarrassing moment. I’m kind of a nerd. Today I went running on the treadmill at Barry’s Boot Camp and my shoe lace got stuck and I flew off and scuffed up my shin. That was pretty embarrassing but it’s nothing a lil Photoshop can’t fix, haha.

Do you have any tricks for makeup

What do you plan on achieving

It was a pleasure speaking with

on the go? Well in the morning if

in the next five years? Just being

you and I wish you continued

you wake up puffy or swollen or you haven’t gotten that much sleep - and this is going to sound really gnarly - put hemorrhoid cream like Preparation H on your face - it’ll take everything down in minutes.

consistently happy all the time. I hate saying “career” because I don’t think where you’re at in your career defines whether you’re happy or not. I’ve been in some of the biggest places in my career and have been absolutely miserable. I think nowadays, especially with this second time around with music, I try to find constant places of happiness where I feel really proud of what I’m doing and who I am as a person.

success. Anything else you’d like

We all know that when you’re on the red carpet you look stunning. Who are some of your favorite designers? I wear a lot of McQueen,

What do you carry in your makeup bag? I always have Sally Hansen’s leg

spray with me. It’s like a tanner and it covers up everything. Girls know we spend too much money on these whole-body tanners from big makeup companies. You have to get it in the deep color though, because it’s the only one that looks really tan on the skin

Who are your musical inspirations and role models? Prince, Janet and

We see a lot of people today who are in relationships but happy not being married. Do you see yourself settling

to say or anyone you’d like to shout out? I’d like to shout out my fans in

the “Aubtourage” and everyone who supports me. I mean, in Danity Kane with “Making The Band” we just had such a large audience and a large fan base and as you start to do things on your own and develop your solo career you really learn to value and appreciate even more than you did before how amazing your fans are and how much they do for you. Make sure you go to iTunes and download “Automatic” and follow me at twitter. com/AubreyODay! SUMMER 2011 iCON


Don’t just wear it... 56


Dress: Gold Sequin by Mangarosa Jewelry: Factures necklace by Orly Ruaimi,, Vintage earrings from Stylist Collection, Vintage necklace used as bracelet from Stylist Collection Accessories: Purple sheer knee highs from Stylist Collection Shoes: Christian Louboutin from Saks Fifth Avenue

Photographer: Shamayim Model: Diana Villas Boas Hair & Make-up: Hot Pink Style Stylist: Hot Pink Style Location: Rainbow on the Ocean, Hillsboro Mile, (800) 498-2773

OWN it. SUMMER 2011 iCON


A little gold dress can go a long way.



Photo Credit: Photography: Sean Ocean Hair: Mia Manaloto Make Up: Dani Taverna-Style Matters International Wardrobe: k.hendrix Styling: Ashlee Albee & k.hendrix

Editorial Hair by Mia |


All Dolled Up Photography by David Benoliel, Styling by Hot Pink Style Make-up by Hot Pink Style Hair by Hot Pink Style Model Polina Korshakova from Caroline Gleason Management Location AD013 Studio Creative Direction by Hot Pink Style



Dress: by Avnah Couture Jewelry: Yellow and Orange earrings from Stylist’s Collection, Multicolored cocktail rings by Lisa Marinucci Accessories: Clutch by Judith Leiber from Bloomingdale’s Boca Raton , Pink and Orange bow from Stylist’s Collection



Dress: by Avnah Couture Jewelry: Vintage Lucite flower earrings from Stylist’s Collection, Gold and Silver Deer Rings by Sea of Bees Shoes: Casadei from Neiman Marcus Boca Raton



Jewelry: Green and gold flower ring by Elizabeth Wills Accessories: Black headpiece by Arturo Rios, Hat designer., Cream Bow from Stylist’s Collection SUMMER 2011 iCON


Dress: by Sue Wong from Neiman Marcus Boca Raton Jewelry: Lux Bear Bracelet by Sea of Bees, Red and White rings by Elizabeth Wills, Vintage Pink earrings from Stylist’s Collection Accessories: Oversized Bow headpiece by Arturo Rios, Hat designer.



Dress: by Alice and Olivia from Neiman Marcus Boca Raton Jewelry: Lux Bear Bracelet by Sea of Bees, Red and White rings by Elizabeth Wills, Lush Bracelet used as necklace by Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, Vintage Pink earrings from Stylist’s Collection Accessories: Oversized Bow headpiece by Arturo Rios, Hat designer.

Jewelry: Lily Necklace by Michelle Pajak-Reynolds,



Dress: by Avnah Couture Jewelry: Yellow earrings from Stylist’s Collection, Gold Chain bracelet from Stylist’s Collection Accessories: Bowtie Spats by Jlinsnider,, Clutch by Judith Leiber from Bloomingdale’s Boca Raton Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent from Neiman Marcus Boca Raton SUMMER 2011 iCON



My name is Kimberly Hendrix and I am a clothing designer‌ On a recent trip a friend of mine took photos of me with their fancy instant camera. After much adamant insisting, they agreed to give these one-of-a-kind snapshots to me when I departed. At the time, I felt as though the shots portrayed a vulnerability I really did not want anyone to see or share or keep. I planned to put the photos in a drawer and unequivocally forget about them but as I traveled back home, I took them out and began to wonder why I was so afraid to share the images. Was it my pride? My vanity? Simply not wanting anyone to see me in such an imperfect state? Was I that afraid to show my weaknesses? Was I afraid to show my flaws?

Baring 68


It All

Photographer: Brian James Wardrobe: Models: Mary Reschar, Erika Byrd Styling: Sarah Banks MUA & Hair: Nereida Padilla






It slowly dawned on me that even someone like myself who touts the beauty of flaws and being confident about them has insecurities too. As I recognized my fears I began to see the photos not as moments to hide away but to be displayed. With museum quality care, I hung them on my inspiration wall.






Rather than allowing insecurity to take me over, I embraced it the same way I embrace the imperfections in the fabrics and materials I use every day. I took a chance and decided that baring it all was exactly what I needed to do.

SUmmer 2011 iCON


Style With a deeper sense of myself and what I love, I have begun to create my newest k.hendrix collection for Spring 2012. I have an even greater appreciation for all things natural; all things imperfect. I am making a commitment to being even more eco-friendly. The biggest change has been the use of natural dyes such as blueberries, saffron and red cabbage to define my seasons color palettes. Rather than marry myself to the idea of mass production I am doing what I do best - create pretty, special things that women will hang on their walls and not in their closets.








So this is me, Kimberly Hendrix. I am a clothing designer. I am imperfect; so are my clothes. I have a history; so do my clothes. I am unique and beautiful and one-of-a-kind, just like the clothes I make; just like my customers; just like my friends; just like everyone I know.



SMALLTOWN, USA Top: Diane Von Furstenberg Shorts: Delilah Johnson Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: A woman’s quest for liberation. A journey to find self, one city at a time. Photography: David Benoliel | Model: Zina Stovickova – NEXT Miami Fashion Stylist & Creative Directors: Apuje Kalu & Bria Bass | Hair and Makeup: Miriam Behar – FORD Artists



SANTA MONICA, CA Top: Diane Von Furstenberg Shorts: Delilah Johnson Shoes: Elizabeth & James Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta Bracelet: Stylist’s Own Watch: Marc Jacobs

Summer 2011 iCON


LAS VEGAS, NV Dress: Dolce & Gabanna



PHOENIX, AZ Dress: ABS by Allen Schwartz Earrings: Tiffany & Co Necklace: Charles Albert Ring: Stylist’s Own



FREEDOM, USA Cuff: Charles Albert Canteen: Vintage



NASHVILLE, TN Top: Diane Von Furstenberg Pants: Missoni Hat: Missoni Bracelets: Stylist’s Own Blanket: Anthropologie



SAN ANTONIO, TX Trench Coat: Ralph Lauren Shoes: Zara Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta Earrings: Tiffany & Co Scarf: Emilio Pucci



BOSTON, MA Dress: Just Cavalli Shoes: Zara Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs Necklace worn as Bracelet: Maria Camila Mesa



MIAMI, FL Trench Coat: Jason Louis Studnicky Belt: Ralph Lauren Earrings: Tiffany & Co Necklaces: Anthropologie Suitcase: Vintage







Elements of Summer Embellish yourself with jewels this summer Photography: Susan Jeffers www.susanjeffersphotography | Styling: Tina Jackson | Make up: Lindsay Matacchiero Hair: Bill Baker | Models: Mila Todorova & Alex Taylor | All clothing provided by Paradise Island Boutique, Tampa FL



Victorian Slide Necklace $88.00 Jan Michaels Buddha on Horn Pin $88.00 Vintage Beaded Jodite Necklace used as a headpiece $128.00 Chain Mesh Bracelets $10.00 each Pendant $98.00 Jan Michaels Vintage Fringe Earrings $78.00 Extasia Brass Cuff with Black Stones $138.00 Bead Seed Bracelets $16.00 each La France Boutique Large Gold double circle necklace $290.00 Small Gold necklace $220.00 Gold Cuff bracelet on ankle $295.00 Neiman Marcus International Plaza Tampa Spiked Gold Ring; Price upon request Tina J. of Style Attic



Wooden Necklaces price upon request Paradise Island Boutique Sterling Silver necklace $78.00 Charles A Pendant $98.00 Sterling Silver Tayco Cuff Bracelet $368.00 La France Boutique Button down Linen Shirt Tina J. of Style Attic price upon request



Charles Albert Shark Tooth Necklace $2,088.00 La France Boutique Ybor City, FL Wardrobe provided by Tina J. of Style Attic



Charles Albert Lodalite Necklace $1,098.00 Charles Albert Agate Ring $148.00 Bracelets and Cuffs La France Boutique Ybor City, FL Yoanna Barachi Shorts Suit $418.00 Paradise Island Boutique Tampa, FL

Spring 2011 iCON


Silver King Baby Necklace $180.00 Silver gun Necklace $390.00 Black & Silver Cross Necklace $680.00 Neiman Marcus International Plaza Tampa Sterling Silver Spiked Ring $128.00 La France Boutique



White Feathers $6.00 each White Headband $28.00 White Pearl Headband $28.00 Marcasite Pearl Ring $54.00 Pearl Costume Bracelet $28.00 La France Boutique Crystal Studded Hoop Earrings Gehati Jewelry price upon request White Dress Mark and James by Badgley Mischka $295.00 Paradise Island Boutique Tampa, FL



Scarf tied as a turban price upon request White Indies Top $276.00 Paradise Island Boutique Charles Albert Abalone Bib Necklace $1,298.00 Abalone Bracelet $158.00 Sterling large round ring $128.00 Silver Mesh Bracelets $10.00 each La France Boutique Small Round white/ antique silver ring price upon request Tina J. of Style Attic



Connect With dj rage Visit Website

Connect With Memphis Visit Website

Memphis On Air/DJ Rage Music Industry Trendsetters By Nicole Forbis

“Video Killed the Radio Star,” was the first music video played on MTV and it changed the way we think of music forever fusing music and video together. Do you remember the first music video you saw, or the last one you watched on YouTube? Music Videos are the future of entertainment, and DJ Rage and Memphis On Air are bringing them to you, live, and fresh from the record labels on their groundbreaking Channel, “From The Club.” Airing every Thursday night, viewers may watch live from their computers, while Memphis On Air talks about pop culture, news and other fun topics, and jam out while DJ Rage and guest DJ’s spin the hottest videos from club locations around the world! The dominating duo, DJ Rage hailing from Orlando, FL and Memphis On Air born in Memphis, TN and representing St. Louis, MO – share over 22 years in impressive experience in music and radio. Their resume includes consistently working with Hollywood/Music/Sports elites such as: rock legends AC/ DC, the ever-controversial Kanye West, and Baseball legends Johnny Damon and Ken Griffy Jr. With events ranging from Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival at The National Hotel in South Beach, to Pool Parties on the rooftop of The Clevelander in Miami, to ringing in the New Year for Walt Disney World with over 80,000 screaming fans, you can be sure that DJ Rage and Memphis on Air provide the highest quality show around – worldwide, LIVE “From The Club”! Check out the one-stop-all thingsmedia shop on to sign up and see the next revolutionary adventure!



Photographer Spotlight

Marc Cartw If you remind celebrity photographer Marc Cartwright that a picture is worth a thousand words, he might respond, “Only a thousand?� A whimsical and introspective man with inspirations from nature and industry to silent films and surrealist paintings, Cartwright has set out to weave original stories with just a flash of his shutter by creating unique and therapeutic environments on his sets. Icon takes a look inside the mind and a glimpse at the work being set for a year-end show. By Tom Stoup




Photographer Spotlight




What in your own words signifies Marc



Words I like to hear people say are ‘classic’ and ‘cinematic’. I’ve always loved Hollywood and I’ve always loved film and the idea of storytelling but I also like the idea of self-containment - telling a story in a split second versus having to get a full movie crew together. I like people to look at my pictures and feel a sort of sultriness and a sort of depth. What made you pursue photography? I started out doing print,

commercials and TV. I always really loved the creative side and I thought it was fun being in front of the camera but I think I was there more because I wanted to be famous than for the craft. When I was doing jobs I would always be interested in how people came up with ideas and arrived at the imagery. I like spending time with people and learning about who they are. The photographic process is a very intimate one, I think, and I like the idea of bonding with people while I’m shooting. It’s a way to be with people with the guard let down a little more. Outside the studio, what inspires you? I’d say times, as in detached

times, and love. I’m working on a series now for which I want to do a show at the end of the year that’s based on time and love. I’m going through the periods, starting with the ‘20s. I just did a shoot for the ‘40s. They all have a theme of a sort of love. It’s different with each person. SUMMER 2011 iCON


Photographer Spotlight

When I’m shooting someone, I try to see what their character says and how I can put them in to the timelessness or what era I can put them in. What else inspires me? Lots of things in life. Nature… actually, it’s funny – I was in the Redwood Forest and it’s just massive but on the other hand the Industrial Revolution and things like that – I like the struggle between nature and man. You can see that struggle in people. For instance, when you think about the very beautiful emotion of love and how people deal with it in day-to-day life and how they deal with it in the world and with each other, I find that very interesting to photograph and to 102





Photographer Spotlight





Larry Rudolph at his Beverly Hills office Opposite Page: Audrina Patridge at Fred Segal, Los Angeles

My favorite photographers are Annie Leibovitz – I actually want her career – David Lachapelle, Tony Duran… I love Steven Klein. think about. That last shoot I did was called “The Mechanical Suitor” about a woman trying to come up with the perfect man, so she builds a robot – a ‘mechanical suitor’. Sounds like a German film from the ‘20s. “Metropolis” is one of my favorite films. I love that stuff. So how did you get your start in photography? I was going to

NYU, studying semantics and the relationship between media and

society and I had to fulfill a twosemester art requirement. For one I did acting, for one I did photography and I just had this amazing teacher – a Holocaust survivor, actually, such an inspiring person – and she really liked my work. I was fascinated by her and she encouraged me to go out in New York City and photograph, investigating life. From that I started to see that this photography thing was a form of expression that spoke to me and that I could easily find. It was a way to show the world what I see in my mind where I might not be able to say it as well in words.

Do you feel your studies in semantics, society and media have lent themselves to your photography?

Oh, absolutely. I had amazing instructors who really challenged me to question reality and the construct of what’s in front of us and how we see the world. When I’m taking pictures it’s not just shooting a person but it’s really looking at why they are who they are and how they’ve arrived at their personality. With the stories I tell in my photographs, hopefully people can look at that split second, question it and relate to it. SUMMER 2011 iCON


Photographer Spotlight JESSALYN GILSIG

Who are some of your favorite photographers or filmmakers? My

favorite photographers are Annie Leibovitz – I actually want her career – David Lachapelle, Tony Duran… I love Steven Klein. I always love the darkness of what he does. I don’t want to say ‘conservative’ but in my own life I tend to be very clean and safe and I think Steven Klein has inspired me to look at a darker side of things and introduce some of it into my work. As far as filmmakers, obviously Fritz Lang, it’s amazing what he did. I’m a big cheeseball so I love the ‘80s John Hughes films. It’s funny, a lot of those cheesy ‘80s films, there’s something about them that inspires me even though 106


they’re completely ridiculous. I like movies like “Inception” and “The Adjustment Bureau” that make you think. I like different movies for different reasons; I don’t necessarily get into the work of just one person. For instance, “The Dreamers”, visually I thought that was such a smart movie, and then I think the whole noir genre of the ‘40s and ‘50s is really fun. Do you have any pieces you are particularly proud of whether due to the end result or perhaps the means through which that result was achieved? I would say my last

two shoots were quite fun. One I called “Cabaret” – I wanted to do





Photographer Spotlight





a piece about the 1920s and I had this whole idea for the set-up with all these lights… everything was going to be white… and then once I started shooting I started turning off more and more lights and just used the natural light for it. It came out so soft and ethereal; I loved it. It’s the first time I’ve really worked with all white and I’m really happy with what I got from it. And the “Mechanical Suitor”, because it was a sci-fi shoot and science fiction is one of my favorite film genres. Sara Paxton (“Last House on the Left”, “New Year’s Eve”) played the woman and she was just so fun to work with, her expressions were great and she really exuded that whole ‘40s feel. I feel I got the point across – we used CGI for the shoot and I got images that I just really, really like.

How is the CGI incorporated? We

used Josh Kloss from Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” video, but to actually [make him robotic] I did the initial retouch then had people tweak it. Who was the first celebrity you photographed? His name is Josh

Stewart and he’s from “Dirt” and “Third Watch”. And how do you determine the direction of each celebrity shoot? You said you like to create bonds and break down barriers… is this different with celebs who come in with established personalities?

First I like to get an idea of what they want to see and where they are. For instance when I shot Tia Mowry she was known for “Sister, Sister” and she wanted to be more sexy and show

people she was older so we wanted to challenge what people thought of her. She was so amazing, such a sweet person, and she came out gorgeous in the shots. Then with James Van Der Beek, again, such a sweet guy, everyone sees him as Dawson. I wanted to tap into something a little bit edgier and a little bit darker with him. People like experimenting with how they’re perceived. Of course you want to make sure it’s respectable and it’s going to go along with what the publicists want and what the people want their image to be but it’s fun to play with how people see themselves and mix my input with that. Do you have a ‘most embarrassing moment’ on set with a celeb?

I must say I’ve been pretty lucky! Everyone’s been really fun to work SUMMER 2011 iCON


Photographer Spotlight

I find celebrity shoots the most exciting. It’s fun to take on these people everyone has a preconceived notion of. We watch films, we listen to music and it all seems so untouchable so to have this person and share that moment with them – that moment that I have them is beyond whatever is written in the papers or what the publicists want you to think. with and really open. I can’t say there’s been a bad experience yet. I never understand photographers who seem bitter or angry – the yellers. That just kills creativity. Yes, you have some amazing photographers who are just not nice people but we’re playing make believe! We’re playing dressup! We’re some of the luckiest people in the world to get to do something so fun and so expressive, I just don’t see a reason why there should be that environment on set. I refuse to work with negative people. I’d rather not work with someone and make sure I’m going to leave a good impression of myself than take on someone negative whether they be on my team or if they’re my subject. I understand everyone has their bad days, but I really try to turn it around by being open and making sure my crew is open and comfortable. If you could do a shoot with anyone, whom would you choose? 110


Anyone at all? The big stars… obviously Madonna would be a great one. Sean Penn. I’d like to get a few more A-list people but anyone, really – everyone’s so different. Even the people behind the scenes like Steven Spielberg. The creators that have these amazing minds. It would be amazing to capture their souls. I’d like to do more musicians – I find them to be more free and you can get more creative with them, just because they like being a little crazier. I think it’d be fun to shoot Zac Efron. I would love to see a shoot with Efron made up like Gene Kelly from “Singin’ in the Rain”. We don’t have someone like Gene anymore and Efron could be it! I really think he’s underestimated. He has those pretty boy looks and he’s shown that he can perform but I know he wants to go more to the

serious side. I think he’d be really interesting; he seems like he’d be open to experimenting. It would be really fun. Is there a particular type of shoot you prefer? I find celebrity shoots the

most exciting. It’s fun to take on these people everyone has a preconceived notion of. We watch films, we listen to music and it all seems so untouchable so to have this person and share that moment with them – that moment that I have them is beyond whatever is written in the papers or what the publicists want you to think. I’m actually getting who they are. I think you can tell a tremendous amount about a person through how they photograph. A lot of times I wind up playing therapist and investigating people. It’s interesting, some people you think would be the most comfortable, you get them in front of the camera and you get some of their discomfort and their concern.



Tony Ward



Photographer Spotlight




I think when people look at images they’re looking for a story. It’s your opportunity to show people how you see the world. The digital age has made people a little lazy - it’s just ‘click click click’, Photoshop later. Bringing it back around to yourself, what do you feel your self-portraits say about you? I hope they say

I’m fun! I started them more for a Photoshop class and I loved the French photographers Pierre & Gilles – I liked some of the statements they were making - so I just played around with it. [The portraits] are escapism in a way. I can Photoshop myself into what I want to look like. I think I’m many different people – I draw from many different inspirations in life and I find many different things fascinating so I hope my portraits show those areas. And I like the humor – I like to think I’m a little funny. I particularly like the one with your head under construction; it reminds


me of a Salvador Dalí piece. Yeah! That’s exactly it. Finally, what advice might you lend to aspiring photographers?

I think when people look at images they’re looking for a story. It’s your opportunity to show people how you see the world. The digital age has made people a little lazy - it’s just ‘click click click’, Photoshop later. I think Photoshop is an art form and it definitely has its place, but as far as photography, which is the bending

and shaping of light, we need to remember story. I can always tell when a shot of mine isn’t inspired. When it is inspired, it’s the best feeling in the world. When everything falls in to place – composition, lighting, everything – and you have that reason to be photographing wherever you are. I’m not a huge fan of just the model against the plain background in some nice clothes but for some people it may be the clothes - maybe that’s their story – what are they trying to say about them? SUMMER 2011 iCON


Beauty Entertainment

Talent - Melissa Molinaro  | Photographer - Josh Williams Photography  Make Up - Priscilla Ono | Hair - Casey Geren | Stylist - Gabrielle Lewis

Designer: Routa, Price: $214 USD, Purchase at: routa@ and enclose a photo in the letter,

Melissa Molinaro For years the Toronto-born singer, dancer, actress and former front woman of Goddess, Melissa Molinaro, has strived for prolificacy through television program appearances, film roles large and small and, of course, recording efforts. By: Memphis on Air



Beauty Entertainment



The Button up top is UNEEKBOTEEK


011 is looking like it just may be Melissa’s year, seeing the pop single “Dance Floor” from the ambitious two-disc solo debut album “The Love/Dance Project” and a major role in Universal’s “Honey 2” alongside Audrina Patridge. Our Memphis on Air sat down with the rising star to discuss the path to fame, current project specifics and how she feels about all those comparisons to Kim Kardashian.

was that she will really give a hard time to those she knows are strong and have that stand-out talent. She will definitely make you better.

How’s LA treating you? Did you

Diddy was great to work with and when he was around I was like a sponge just because of his drive. He’s non-stop.

always want to live out here? So far

so good, just been keeping busy as usual. I’ve always known since I was a kid that that I would eventually end up out here just because I’ve always wanted to sing, act, dance… you name it. It’s all here so if you’re looking to do anything in the industry, LA is the place to be. You appeared on MTV’s “Making

the film in Russia and Bulgaria and yes I did do my own stunts. You also have “Honey 2” coming out later this year. Tell us about the

You’ve also appeared on hit shows

movie and your character. It’s slated

like “How I Met Your Mother” and

for a June release in the UK and I have a single that will be on the soundtrack called “Goodbye Forever” so be on the lookout for that. As for my character, I play Carla who’s a bit sassy and all but I don’t want to give too much away - you just have to go see the movie when it comes out. We have an

“The Young & the Restless” and numerous




acting always been something you wanted to do more than music or vice versa? I actually grew up doing

both. When I was young I would watch Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers

and Gene Kelly with my grandpa. I was a big fan of them and I knew that I always wanted to be that triple threat of singing, acting and dancing.

The Band” with Danity Kane and

amazing cast and I’m looking forward to the release. It’s gonna be great. You’ve




first single, “Dance Floor”, from

CW’s “Pussycat Dolls Present: The

You co-starred in the action film

your debut album, “The Love/

Search For The Next Doll”. How


Dance Project”, with a video that

was working with Diddy, Laurieann



is getting tons of hits on YouTube.

Gibson and Robin Antin and what

working with Dolph? Did you do

Tell us about the single and album

did you learn from them? I’ve learned

any of your own stunts? He’s iconic!

and how it was to work with

a lot from each of them. They are great at what they do and it was a great platform for me to show what I could do but it’s not for everybody, that’s for sure. Diddy was great to work with and when he was around I was like a sponge just because of his drive. He’s non-stop. As for Laurieann, what they don’t show on TV

I mean, everyone knows him from “Rocky IV” and “Red Scorpion” and to work with him was awesome. His character is the warm up drummer for my opening act, my character is a US pop star doing a show in Russia and is taken hostage and he comes to save me. I had an amazing time shooting

JaQuel Knight, choreographer for






Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”. JaQuel is

someone I always enjoy working with. Being so young, he’s a true talent and really just getting started in this industry. He will be a force to reckon with. I was really hands-on with the video and when I say ‘hands-on’ I mean with everything SUMMER 2011 iCON


Beauty Entertainment



you see from the dancers, wardrobe, hair, the entire look… I was heavily involved in the decision-making. In the single “Dance Floor” I am basically saying to forget about your worries and enjoy yourself. I know when I’m out having fun with friends that’s where I want to be - just enjoying and loving life. Going in to the album I didn’t want to do a Pop/Hip-Hop/R&B kind of album, you know? I picked the tracks I liked and went to work on them. I’m really hands-on and wanted to it my way. Being that I’m independent, everything has to be done right. Tell us why we should go buy 10 copies. It’s hot and sexy! There’s a song

on the there for everybody and it’s a twosided album -the “Love” side and the “Dance” side. It’s all passion and kind of like a mix-tape. Most Pop artists don’t do that, it’s like a music secret society and I’m the first to do it and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it. It’s crunk, it’s hype and full of energy and what’s cool is that people will definitely not expect to hear it coming from me. So you’re living in LA and doing the red carpet. Who are some of you favorite designers? Roberto Cavalli, Dolce &

Gabbana and Donatella Versace are a few but when you’re like me it doesn’t have to be really expensive it’s how you put it together. Jeans, t-shirt, fresh shades and shoes, which are the most expensive things you’ll see me wearing. I saw an interview where you showed off your shoe collection. How many shoes do you own? I haven’t counted Printed Swim Suit by Fredrick’s Of Hollywood

how many shoes I have but you have

indeed put something on my mind to do! My favorites are Charlotte Olympia and of course Christian Louboutin Balmain Red Bottoms. If someone wants to get me a gift they know to get me shoes. I gotta ask about the Kim Kardashian comparison. Did you think when you did the commercial for Old Navy you would get that kind of feedback or have you always gotten compared to her? Who else do you get compared to? I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

I personally don’t see the resemblance but it’s always nice to be compared to beautiful women. I’ve gotten that I look like a few different celebs - Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Marcel, and Fergie. I think I look like Melissa Molinaro! So for all our male readers and for myself, are you single? What’s your kind of guy?

Ideal 1st date? Good

food, period! I’m Italian, so he has to be able to cook or have a good taste in food. He has to have great conversation skills and be a good listener. I’m dating now but it’s nothing serious. I really like a guy who can make me laugh and make me feel wanted. Those random texts and calls are very special. Anybody you want to give a shout out to? I just want to say to all my fans

and the people who follow and respect me and my craft: thank you so much for believing in me. I come from a small town and I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to do in life and if I continued to work hard at it I knew I would succeed. I’m blessed to be living out my dreams everyday. I’m so humbled. Thank you! SUMMER 2011 iCON


Beauty Entertainment

Hope Dworaczyk Beauty, Brains and Talent… The girl has it all. With the titles of creator, producer and co-host of a fashion program, a contestant on the latest “Celebrity Apprentice” and 2010’s Playboy Playmate of the Year, one might think Hope Dworaczyk has reached a pinnacle in her career where in fact she’s only just gotten started.


he down-to-earth Texan’s successes thus far serve as stepping stones to further ventures including film roles and a line of bath and body products. She opens up to Icon about trials of the past, aspirations for the future and just how it feels to be Hope.

What can you tell us about your celebrity apprentice experience? I

had a lot of prior work experience with Niki Taylor who I’ve known before, Marlee Matlin who I’ve met in LA before, and I got to meet interesting, interesting people like Gary Busey! Gary was completely crazy and aside from Niki and Marlee was my favorite man to be on the show with because I could always rely on him. When we were filming for 16 hours with very little sleep he was always there to say something completely crazy and make me laugh. Did you make any other friends… or enemies? I didn’t make enemies but

I did make other friends. There are some 120


that, y’know, we’re not gonna ever text or be friends because we’re too different, but I was friends with everybody. Is there anything in the competition you’d want to do differently if given a second chance? I think I went

in and played it like I thought I would. I’m really proud of what we did and everything that happened. I don’t know, you always go back and say, “Aw, well I could have done this and this”, but not really. Everything that’s played out so far, it’s been really great. I’ve avoided the catfights and the drama, I worked really hard and I was able to win money for my charity so everything is good. And your charity is Best Buddies?

I got involved with them about two years ago and I flew out to Boston to bike [100 miles]. I hosted it with Tom Brady. On my way back to LA I asked how I could get my own best buddy so now I work with a girl named Caroline. I mentor, we go out, we go bowling. It’s a great program.

Photographer: PETER SVENSON



Beauty Entertainment



It’s easy to presume a lot of the time on these shows the charities being played for aren’t organizations the celebrity is actually involved with, but it sounds like you’re really into this. I really am and that’s

one of the major reasons I wanted to do the show. I was so happy to tell my buddy, “Caroline, I’m going to compete in this competition, you’re gonna be able to watch it on television and I’m gonna try to win money for us!” She was really excited and cute about it and it was great to have her support. And you’re right, there were contestants who created some kind of charity before they came out and it was very obvious, like the charity wouldn’t have a website yet. It was just crazy, there was one girl in particular – NeNe Leakes – who was playing for domestic violence. She set up her charity before she came out and the entire time she was verbally abusive to people and she got in Nicole’s and my faces. It’s funny because I call her on it. “You say you’re here for a domestic violence charity yet you’ve been verbally abusive to your entire team!” People just really lose track; they say “Hey, I’m on television, I’m gonna put on a show!”

really embarrassing but you just kind of get up. I picked up the shoe and walked to the end with it in my hand, being all sassy and flirty with it. Once you get over that it’s a lot easier to walk the runway because nothing worse can happen! Do you have any favorite designers to walk for? Every designer’s walk

is different. Robert Rodriguez is great because I’m a fan. I personally loved wearing his clothes.

Tina’s Tees all the time. I wore them on the show. It was so easy, so comfortable, and they wouldn’t fade at the hotel dry cleaner. They’d always come back perfect. They don’t roll up, they’re sexy, I can wear them to work out then I can wear them with jeans and a leather coat. I got an e-mail after the show was over asking, “Hey, how did you like the shirts?” I said, “I’ve got to tell you, I’m such a fan!” I’ll definitely buy them in the future. They’re at Neiman Marcus. It just came about in the most organic way.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I had no idea Robert Rodriguez was in

Are you still hosting E! Canada’s

fashion design. What’s his runway

“Inside Fashion”? I hosted the show

like? I guess it’s very modern woman

for three years and recently stopped because I want to refocus and stay more in Los Angeles. I was traveling to Toronto and it was really hard. It was a show I created and co-produced. I had the idea from the ground up. I just really wanted a fashion show. I wanted it in the US but that didn’t happen so Canada was happy to pick it up since I was living in New York at the time and Toronto’s very close. We traveled to fashion weeks and we’d do anything from Australia to Miami, Paris to Madrid. I loved it, but after a while you’re never home.

but it’s still that classic, sophisticated look for the most part and that’s what I’ve come to wear in my own wardrobe, so I like walking for him because I’m also a fan. What do you predict will be this summer’s beauty trends? I think

you’re gonna see a lot of crochet, and I think you’re gonna see the color orange. You’re gonna see it on lips, bags and shoes. You’re also the spokesmodel for

You’ve worked runways across the

Tees by Tina. What sets Tina’s

Do you think you might try to bring

world for high profile designers; you

Tees apart? What happened was I was

that back now that your name is more

must have some crazy stories. One

doing “Apprentice” in October and this package came to the house like some companies do when you’re going on television. I pulled [the tees] out of the box and never expected to wear them, but I ended up in them all the time! I’m a big Pilates girl - I do it four or five times a week - and suddenly I was in

established? Absolutely, but I want to

time I was walking a Valencia August show and my shoe wasn’t on right. You normally walk two times – three if you open or close the show – so you’re changed backstage by like, three people per model. My shoe wasn’t on right so I had a tumbling fall, which was really,

do it in the States. I want to be home. I’d have to send the DVDs to my mom in Texas. I want the people I love to be able to see my work. We’ve talked to different networks about renaming existing shows and developmental budgets but we haven’t found a home yet. SUMMER 2011 iCON


Entertainment what I’m going for and who I am and who I’m not. It’s less ‘turning down roles’ but looking at the entire cast, the background, where the movie came from… it’s just picking and choosing. There’s nothing specifically, it’s just that I’ve been naked before so I need a new kind of challenge. An actress that’s done ten movies who suddenly is doing it like when Kate Winslet did it, and she’s been naked in a couple movies, that was, I think, because she hadn’t done it before, but I’ve done it so those are the kinds of roles I turn down now because I want to prove myself in other ways. Many haven’t so much as heard your voice; you’re widely known just for your body. How does it feel to know you’re revered in this manner? I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

When does your film “Without Men” come out? That comes out in July. What sort of character do you play? It’s an independent comedy

alongside Eva Longoria, who I had never met before but she was very, very sweet, and then Christian Slater who I had done charity work with before. All of the men leave the town for the Civil War and we’re left to fend for ourselves, and when they come back it’s a battle of the sexes. It’s based on book by James Canon called “Tales from the Town of Widows”. I’ve also 124


guested on “CSI”, but really I’m a host and a model so it’s hard to adapt to some of these roles even though I’m taking classes and things like that, so I’m really excited for this first opportunity I’ve had.

I think when I [first posed for Playboy at 23] I was more shy about that. I hated it, actually, to be honest. It kind of sucks to only be known for that. You want so much more. It depends on who you are, I guess, but I know I’m so much more so at 26 I’m like, okay, there’s no way you go out and show it all, it just takes time. Was the 3D shoot you did handled any differently than what you’re used to? Every shot was with different

I hear since becoming Playmate of the Year you’ve learned to be selective with what scripts you accept. What sorts of parts have you turned down? I want to do

comedy, but if it’s not the right director I don’t just look at the one-parters. It has to be right, they have to know

cameras. You had, I think, three or four… I’m not sure, even though it’s called “3D”, whether it’s three or four cameras. One will have blue, one will be done with red film, then it’s put together but they’re taken simultaneously. I didn’t know it was such a big deal to Hugh Hefner until he told me later. They told me this

story before but when Hef tells you it’s just completely different with numerous details and things like that. The very first issue he did with Marilyn Monroe he wanted to do in 3D because that was the big thing, but he couldn’t afford to put in the glasses you would need to view it. 50 years later, yeah, we did do it, and it was like checking something off on his bucket list so I thought that was a very cool thing. Do you foresee Hef or Playboy being involved in your life into the future? You know what, I don’t know!

Because I’ve done it, I feel like if I did it again it would have to be like when Cindy Crawford went back and did it at 40. People don’t expect you to have a body and you’re like “Here I am!” I’m not saying I would never pose again but if I did it would be 20 years from now. So what is on your horizon now?

I have this experience developing and producing a show from the ground up, so it’s not just walking in and getting a part in a movie. I actually have ideas when it comes to the backside of the whole production. And I’m a writer so I write a lot of material; right now I’m working on an animated series. I can’t talk a whole lot about it, but I created this character and right now she’s getting all of her artwork done. It would be an animated character story, for something like Adult Swim, I think, I’m not sure. I just like being behind the scenes. I’ve been in front of the camera and doing runways for ten years and I just know everything has its time frame and then you’re out, but I’m really interested in

the whole production side like with “Inside Fashion”. I like that part of it. It’s a thrill and a rush. And you’re developing your own line of bath products? Yeah! I’ve joined

forces with Lola Cosmetics. They’re very big here and internationally. You can find them at Sephora and all throughout the Orient, but they don’t have a bath and body line and they said, “Hope, since you’re known for having a body, why don’t we do a bath and body line with you called ‘Hope D for Lola’?” We’ll have lotions and body washes and creams that will be sold internationally and I’m really excited to be taking part in the developmental process; I’m working with really great people on the project.

I understand you’re very good at stretching your cosmetic dollar. Any tips to leave our readers with?

People ask me what I use for my hair all the time. Honestly, I don’t use anything in particular, I just go to CVS and I buy whatever interests me. I can spend 20 minutes in the shampoo aisle and I might buy a separate shampoo and conditioner. It’s all mixed and matched, it’s not just one brand. People are like, “You go to the drugstore for shampoo?” That’s all I go to!

Hope’s Must-Have Beauty Items for Summer 2011 BLOTTING PAPERS. There is nothing

What will distinguish your line from

more gross than applying powder to an

others? I really can’t talk about it yet,

oily face, especially in the summer.

because we just started work on it. I’m working with a guy named Harry who does all the distribution and licensing for stuff like “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Twilight” – it’s owned under the same name as Lola. We were very picky in the contracts about being able to go in and have an opinion; we’re not just stamping my name on the outside of the bottle.

BODY SCRUB. In the summer you show a lot more skin than other times of the year. Make sure it is smooth and exfoliated. BRONZER. For a safe, sun-free glow. LIP STAIN. It won’t rub off and stays all day. I hate the idea of wearing makeup to the beach or pool but lip stain adds color without the commitment.

So it’ll be called “Hope D for Lola”. Do you think there may have been worry over people being intimidated by your full last name? My last name

is crazy and I’ve always said I won’t change it so they didn’t mess with it! My grandparents pronounce it completely differently. Harry was really good about that; he has a long last name, too.

TEES BY TINA. Bring a cami or tank to throw on over a swimsuit or to wear out on hot nights. FREDERIC FEKAI MARINE SUMMER HAIR. The leave-in conditioner nourishes, detangles and protects your hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Top 10 Lately I’ve been asking the question, “what really turns a man off on a first date?” Now, to be honest, the first thought that comes to mind when this is asked is: do you really want to know the truth? Do you want know because you’re not sure if you are turning a guy off or you do know and want to become the ultimate psycho female and drive all men up the wall on purpose?

Photo by: Chris Nagy 126


Well, I took it upon myself to poll several guys and even made a top 10 of my own. Take these examples, use them wisely and who knows, you might get the call back.


For Men

By: Memphis on Air

The Silent Treatment Ladies, we are not five years old anymore. Okay, I might’ve screwed up and made you quite mad and seriously, you can be upset but not talking to me will make it worse and I’ll just laugh at you.

Female Chauvinism

do anything at all. Really, what makes you think I want to clean up after you when I have a hard day at work? Sorry, this won’t work and we need to end this relationship.


A feministic attitude or a bossy nature is irritating. You cannot change a man into something he doesn’t want to be unless he’s 100% on board with it. You’ll wind up with your feelings hurt in the end.

I laugh at this one all the time because I see it a lot. Yes, you are attractive. No, you do not deserve a nice car, lots of money or tons of expensive things unless… wait for it… you work for it. If you work for it, you’ll have it. Remember, hard work builds character.

Playing Games

Mood Swings

Just because I play organized sports doesn’t mean I want to come home and play games with you. If you want to play game I’ll get you a Wii or something.

If you say something, stick to it. Please don’t say one thing and then five minutes later you change your mind. I say this because once you change your mind I’ll either do what you originally asked or just not do anything at all.

Childishness You know that old saying, “act your age, not your shoe size”? That applies to women as well. No one can have their way all the time.

Laziness If there’s one thing that gets under my skin it’s a woman who doesn’t like to

Sad In The Sack I get hit on by a lot of women and the one thing I hear all the time is that they “would do this” and they “would do that” if they got me in bed. Now, I know there are a lot of guys who say such things to women all the time

but ladies, you cannot and I’ll tell you why. Once you say you’re gonna give me the best sex I’ve ever had in my life it had better be just that because if not I’ll get up and walk out on you, and yes, I’ve done that. Back up your words, please and thanks.

Moving To Fast Yes, our first three dates were awesome, you’re tons of fun to be around and yes were probably gonna hang out again soon. That being said, I wouldn’t change your Facebook status just yet. HOP (Hold On Playa), you could be a crazy stalker lady or wanted by the feds, I don’t know. I still need to feel you out.

Not Taking Care Of Yourself Take pride. I have this saying, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself ”. That means take care of your hair, feet and personal areas. Foul odors from your feet, under arms and private areas are just not cool and that will most definitely not get you a second date with me or any other dude. Before you leave the house do a quick smell check. It’ll save you the embarrassment. SUMMER 2011 iCON


Beauty Home

Tole X-shade Lamp World’s Away

Lola Chair Shine Home

Summer trends for your home Add pieces to your home to make summer brighter in your existing space By Candice Sebring-Kelber

Blue Glass Bulb Vases Global Views

Wood trellis cocktail table DK Living



Lilly Pulitzer furniture for Hotel Maison available at Angela Fine Furnishings, Miromar Design Center Palmetto Metal Wall Sculpture Arteriors Home

Pair of Metal Peacocks Global Views

Bamboo Iron Mirror Arteriors Home Lilly Pulitzer fabrics for Lee Jofa available at Kravet Showroom, Miromar Design Center SUMMER 2011 iCON


Editor�s Picks

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Don’t let your budget stop you from looking great this summer. ICON’s style team went on a mission to find hot items for a budget. They wound up finding some unbelievable deals that everyone can splurge on.

Mossimo is really coming out with some fun foot wear at extremely reasonable prices. $14.99 Available at

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Fun bamboo iphone 4 case. $25.00 SUMMER 2011 iCON


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