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ental Care Marbella offers an extensive range of gentle and effective dentistry services in a tranquil and supportive environment, delivered with one goal in mind; to create beautiful, confident smiles for life. Located in the oasis of tranquillity that is Laguna Village, Estepona, Dr. Martha Laguilavo’s passion for dentistry was the driving force behind establishing this high-end clinic for patients who are looking for high quality aesthetic dentistry. “When designing the clinic I always kept in mind that the interior design of a surgery creates the first and lasting impression with patients,” explained dental implantologist, Dr. Martha Laguilavo. “It expresses your individuality as a professional and helps to put patients at ease. I wanted to create an atmosphere that was calm and relaxing by using fresh and modern design elements” The interior design of Dental Care Marbella has been inspired by the principles of holistic dentistry. Warm shades and restrained, indirect illumination allows patients to feel immediately at home, while the stylish seating area adds a whole new dimension in comfort. The use of Asian inspired floral arrangements and artefacts unleash positive energy, reduce anxiety and boosts staff morale. “The exceptionally warm and professional team is on hand to provide an extensive range of dental treatments, from implants to porcelain veneers. In addition to general dentistry, we specialise in everything from dental crowns and teeth whitening to complete smile makeovers.” “Our experienced dental practitioners devote ample time to the individual needs of the patients. In complicated cases we work together with members of other medical disciplines, thus ensuring optimum therapy outcomes.” “We are pleased to have served patients of all ages in our clinic and the combination of continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer you and your family the high level of care you require.”



To be clear: what nature has created is not easy to replace. An implant - an artificial root - will therefore not be precisely equal to the root of your own tooth or molar, but will nevertheless come as close as possible to most of its characteristics. Missing teeth or molars can also be replaced by implants. In all these cases you will eat, talk and laugh just like before.


Our laser whitening treatment is carried out in the clinic and is ideal for those who want fast and effective results. The whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth and a state of the art laser is used to activate the gel, resulting in lighter and brighter teeth. You can expect to see extremely significant results, in other words an improvement of 10 shades, in just an hour. If you prefer, you can whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home using our custom made trays and whitening gel; this treatment uses a mild oxygen releasing gel and is simple and effective for those who want a more gradual and discreet whitening effect. Simply apply the gel using the trays for 30 minutes per day. You can expect to become three to five shades lighter in just five days. However, depending on the amount of discolouration, you have you may choose to continue whitening for up to 10 days until you achieve the desired results.


All our veneers and crowns are all ceramic, a natural substance that is particularly well tolerated by the body and is very similar to the natural enamel of the tooth. Both materials are extremely durable and there is no difference in expansion by heat and cold, so they have

no influence on each other. Because there is no metal in ceramic one does not encounter the problem of metal in the mouth and unnecessary electrical stress that can result from the proximity of a gold crown to an amalgam filling. Increasingly patients are striving to achieve metal-free restorations. Why not book an appointment at Dental Care Marbella and discover how you can have the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of? Dental Care Marbella Laguna Village, A-7, Km 159 Estepona Tel. 952 936 552 - Mobile: 615 071 563