Society Marbella Magazine - June 2021

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International businessman and founder of MMS Academy Joseph James is based between London and Ibiza and is also the host of Money, Mindset and Strategy podcast. MMS Academy offers private and group programs with mindset coaching and business mentoring that have been created to show how to release limiting beliefs about money, generate multiple streams of income, promote your brand in an authentic manner and other relevant tools that are crucial to succeed in today’s business climate.

What is money mindset? Your money mindset consists of the beliefs you hold to be true about yourself, money and what is possible and achievable for you. A person with a healthy money mindset is very comfortable charging well for their services, has clear goals and boundaries and runs their life and business in a manner that works for them. On the contrary, a person who has a limited money mindset probably undercharges for their services, doesn’t have clear goals about where they want to be, isn’t comfortable talking about money and most likely has only one stream of income.

Can you share some tips on how our readers can start to upgrade their money mindset? Absolutely! The first thing I would suggest is to be very clear with what you want to accomplish. I run an online school called MMS Academy and one of the first exercises people get when they join is what I call a “sacred goal setting ritual”. Create a special environment for yourself or go somewhere meaningful and write down some goals that are meaningful for you. Give yourself permission to claim what you really want. Next, ask yourself “What would I need to believe about myself for that to be true for me?”


Your life is the result of your beliefs so we always must start with the mindset. Next, map out some practical steps you can take towards your goals. Another important part of cultivating a healthy money mindset is using empowering money language (I teach this in depth in MMS Academy as well). Notice where you would use apologetic or negative statements and flip them into a more empowering way of communicating. For example: “Sorry, I don’t work for free” becomes “Happy to help with that, I’ll send over a link to book some time with me and we can get started” Or “Sorry, I need to send you an invoice” becomes “I’ve sent over some paperwork to get things booked in, looking forward to working with you!”

One of the best ways to increase your wealth is to create multiple streams of income, so you can make receive money from different sources simultaneously.

What advice would you give to business owners who are navigating the current market?

If the last year and a half has taught us anything, it would be the importance of being in control of your income as much as possible. I teach this in several ways through my private coaching and also my online school. Here are 3 examples:

Create multiple income streams- This simply means having more than one way that you or your business generates income at any given time. Any business can create multiple income streams, it’s simply about thinking bigger. One of the best ways to increase your wealth is to create multiple streams of income, so you can make receive money from different sources simultaneously.

Sell packages- Any service can be built into a package. I teach this in depth in MMS Academy and clients are having amazing success with it. Packages have the potential to help your client more than a single service or session, as well as strengthen your relationship while allowing you to charge a much better fee. It’s about creating what I call “mutual abundance”.