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DICE The Cryptocurrency ICO That’s Revolutionising ICOs

Unless you’ve been living under a centralised rock for the majority of 2017, you’ll be well aware of the recent boom we’ve seen in ICOs (initial coin offerings). by DAN J. ARMSTRONG

The trend, triggered by the remarkable success of the DICE DICE is a crypto startup that youthful cryptoprodigy Vitalik offers a cost-effective alternative to ICOs. Meet the In- Buterin’s itial Dice Offering: an IniEthereum, has tial Dice Offering (or IDO spouted a fierce, The success of the startups once they for short) is a new proposed unregulated, have passed their ICOs, though, is ansolution for the heavy upother story. Granted, plenty of startups front costs that entities face competitive are succeeding and thriving in the bull when running ICOs to fund battlefield The trend, triggered by the remarkable success of the youthful crypto-prodigy Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum, has spouted a fierce, unregulated, competitive battlefield in which startups (some of which are terrifically unique, some of which are not so unique) are seeing tremendous funds being raised left, right and centre.

market we’re currently experiencing, but there are also plenty that aren’t doing so well running parallel to the victorious. From an investor’s standpoint, to heighten chances of healthy ROIs, you must identify the sheepdogs and weed out the herd of sheep. Finding startups with unique concepts and solutions can be a winning way to do so. So, let’s find just that: today, I’ll be introducing you to a forthcoming 58

under-development cryptocurrency that’s preparing to deliver one of the hottest ICOs of 2018 to crypto investors across the globe. One of its primary (and most intriguing) purposes ties into the concept of ICOs themselves.

their projects. The IDOs will run on DICE’s own network, an alternative split-ledger ecosystem which consists of DICE (Digital Certificate) units. Instead of forking out substantial amounts of capital to launch an ICO, startups will be able to enrol in a self-sufficient method for raising capital that the team

behind DICE are coining “Investment Mining”. As well as fixing the issues that ICOs present, DICE will also be used as a store of value — one that is taking promising steps in the direction of enabling widespread use and does not require any special type of digital wallet! A wallet in the DICE ecosystem can take any form of storage in which units are kept, i.e. a USB flash drive, an email inbox or a physical wallet as printed notes. Yes, you read that correctly — printed notes. This means the DICE cryptocurrency can be compared more closely to hard cash than any other cryptocurrency can to date, as it can be traded, stored and spent in a physical form as well as a digital form. INVESTMENT MINING Solving the upfront-cost issues of traditional ICOs

ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  

D10e’s Mike Costache, Senero, Aragon,Ocean Protocol and many more...

ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  

D10e’s Mike Costache, Senero, Aragon,Ocean Protocol and many more...