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Either way, there are plenty of ready-made options out there, and plenty of news flow and data to construct and manage a bespoke portfolio. The crypto-markets are starting to develop similar tools, techniques and entry points as the stock markets: already, there are a handful of crypto-indices and crypto index funds to be found. But so far, institutional investors and hedge funds have shied away. A comparative lack of liquidity may be one thing keeping them away, but the crypto-markets also exhibit notoriously inefficient price-finding mechanisms, with very little history, news flow, or other helpful data available. For the moment, crypto-asset prices are driven more by market sentiment than by fundamentals or sustained trading strategies. CRYPTONAUT: A TOURNAMENT-BASED INVESTMENT FUND ECOSYSTEM Now is the time to establish a new kind of investment fund, equipped to take on the difficult challenge of investing in the crypto-markets: Cryptonaut. Cryptonaut is a fund whose investment approach will deploy the very best of active fund management, together with the very best of algorithmic-driven strategies. An investment fund with an in-house system that creates its own, unique set of trading data with which to forecast crypto-asset prices effectively. A system that incentivises market participants to reveal their true expectation of future current and future asset price movements, all based on trading tournaments and modelling chal-

lenges in which tens of thousands of traders and quants compete for rewards.

in-game features and a wealth of institutional data feeds. Traders and quants will compete in tournaments that are tied to a financial reward pool paying out monthly ETH stakes worth up to US$20,000 in rewards per contest. This reward pool will be financed by the proprietary Cryptonaut Flagship Fund, besides various cash flows generated by the Cryptonaut platform, all underpinned by a reserve liquidity pool.

Sounds ridiculously difficult? Actually, the tournament-based model for Cryptonaut has already been tried and tested through the creation of UpTick, one of the world’s largest, gamified stock market communities. UpTick’s mobile app launched in 2015 as a gamified social stock market, focused on competitive trading tournaments. UpTick’s user base has since grown to Actually, the include over 150,000 traders who tournamentcompete in a wide variety of conbased model tests. To date, over 2,000 stock trading competitions have taken for Cryptonaut place, typically involving 300-500 has already traders each. This trading behaviour been tried and has been analysed to predict traders’ performances, as well as supply- tested through ing data for the testing of an algothe creation rithmic trading strategy. of UpTick,

one of the

The proprietary Cryptonaut Flagship Fund and a variety of other tokenized funds which the Cryptonaut team plan to launch in the future, will make and manage investments based exclusively on strategies derived from the Cryptonaut platform’s various trading tournaments, modelling challenges and behavioural data. As such, the Cryptonaut Flagship Fund promises to be the world’s first ever investment fund to utilize a game-based investment strategy.

The same team which built UpTick is behind the Cryptonaut pro- world’s largest, ject. Valuable lessons learnt on Up- gamified Tick have been brought across to Cryptonaut has been accepted as stock market Cryptonaut: how best to approach one of the first partners of prestigcommunities. risk control, incentivisation, comious ICO incubator Iconiq Lab who munity-building and functionalihave been instrumental in ideating ty. Cryptonaut will comprise a similar, comthe token model, crafting the advisory board petitive platform to UpTick, but specifically as well as attracting lead investors to the prodesigned for crypto-trading, linked to an inject. vestment fund and all powered by a newly issued Cryptonaut Platform Token (CNAT). CNAT TOKEN SALE The CNAT tokens will grant access rights to The Cryptonaut Platform Token (CNAT) sale prize tournaments and challenges, premium commences on February 12, 2018.


ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  
ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  

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