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Blockchain For Humanity

with MELINDA WOOLF CEO Future of Humanity

With a background in entertainment, Melinda has developed content for industry greats and cutting-edge innovators globally in advertising, films & television as well as integrated platforms. In contributing her creative skills to use in service to the future of humanity, Melinda enjoys imagining the greatest ‘what’ that is possible, in applying real world, practical and actionable solutions in contribution to humanity and our planet’s greatest challenges. Melinda is a founding partner of, Contribution.Network,, 300x2050. org, and Blockchain for Impact.


Sovereignty, Autonomy, and the Future of Democracy –

Blockchain Solutions and the SDG’s for the Future of Humanity Blockchain and the emerging movement as the way forward for the future, brings with it even greater challenges that we could not have comprehended. How do we define sovereignty in a world where most people have given up so much of themselves, one small piece at a time that they don’t even realize or recognize that they have done so? This brings forward the challenge of imagining a culture which empowers an autonomous future while creating systems that support humanity as we wake up to our own sovereignty. The principles of Autonomy and Sovereignty as the way forward for the future is made possible by the promise of blockchain. The capacity for peer-topeer value exchange and transparency in establishing and enforcing agreements, are foundational elements for building strong communities. These are also foundational in establishing systems as social commons, that are ‘for the people by the people’ at a local and planetary scale. ‘Social commons’ existed in cultures like Ancient Rome and Greece, and there is now the opportunity to reevaluate and build a new collective common, not only the expected areas of art, culture and governance, but to also include health, media, technology and finance. UNITED NATIONS SDGS There is also the opportunity to create a shift in context in the way we address social impact and charitable organizations, such as the NGO’s and non-profits that focus on the UN Sustainable Development goals and the challeng-

“It died gradually, the victim of a thousand cuts. Representative democracy has been repeatedly harmed by corruption, corporate influence, media manipulation, ideological perversion, power of lobby groups, cronyism, erosion of transparency, and so much more until what we now live with is a shadow of its former self and a world away from its stated intention – to represent the will of the people. All the people. All the time.”

es they are looking to solve for humanity. If the move can be made away from the perspective in thinking of social impact as strictly charitable, ‘as a handout’, and instead begin to focus from the mindset of what’s sustainable as in business and as also financially sound, then ‘doing good’ begins to just make good business sense. Ultimately applying this ‘sustainable mindset’ also provides an invaluable addition to a future ‘social commons’ that can work for everyone as an integrated approach that might yet unify the desperate sectors and thinking. The tokenization of communities and community exchange combined with the application of sovereignty and autonomy of data, can also establish a thriving economy that builds towards a future universal income in a way that can positively impact the bottom line and ultimately the entire global economy. There is a plethora of emerging projects that are looking to solve the many facets of what’s possible and needed for blockchain, to truly be the way forward. In addition to solving the more obvious needs of technological advancements in speed and capacity, the need to address privacy and security concerns, there are also projects that focus wholly on the principles, ideas and systems that democratize our governance structures. Getting outside of focusing on the strictly financial models that is all the rage with cryptocurrencies for currency exchange, and instead really looking at the social and human aspects of what we need as new systems to support hu-

ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  

D10e’s Mike Costache, Senero, Aragon,Ocean Protocol and many more...

ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  

D10e’s Mike Costache, Senero, Aragon,Ocean Protocol and many more...