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at the same time, harness globally underutilised computing power through the creation of a Crowd Computer. Planned for release in Q3 2018, it will be a peer-to-peer computational network that pays device owners to participate. Any type of device can be utilized, including mobiles, desktops, data centers and IoT devices, all acting in unison as a global processor. In effect, the Crowd Computer will act as a highly powerful, decentralized cloud, designed to execute blockchain smart contracts and run decentralized apps built in Crowd Machine’s Crowd App Studio, an app creation platform embedded in the network. Crowd App Studio is a zero-code environment where virtually anyone can quickly and easily create apps. Apps can be built on top of any blockchain - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more. Apps are constructed and distributed as fragments, otherwise known as ‘Patterns’, which define a desired behavior. Patterns are themselves composed of Activities, which represent subsets of instructions. By combining Patterns, an app is formed. There is no requirement to understand any form of computer language or the intricacies of app development. Through this new, streamlined approach to app design, developers can create blockchain and decentralized apps at speeds of up to 45X conventional approaches. Additionally, they will be able to share their creations via Crowd Share, a GitHub-like repository which includes a method for Crowd Machine’s community of developers to monetize their work. The business model of Crowd Machine is relatively simple. Access to the Crowd App Studio and Crowd Share is free, with Crowd Machine

In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry there is a dearth of experienced developers.

Crowd Machine plans to meet the surge in demand for apps and, at the same time, harness globally underutilised computing power through the creation of a Crowd Computer.

No wonder, given such high barriers to entry, that the top four public cloud companies control 65% of the market. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the undisputed leader, followed by Microsoft, IBM and Google.

customers only paying for use of the Crowd Computer network. As apps are executed, device owners are rewarded through payments in Crowd Machine Tokens (CMT) in proportion to the amount of resources required to execute the app. Community developers who place Patterns or complete apps into Crowd Share, which are then consumed by customers, are also rewarded in CMT when that content is executed. MARKET-READY APPS Crowd Machine’s technology, developed by Metavine Labs, has already been battle-tested by many Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric, AON Hewitt, KONE, Anthem and Pacific Western Bank. First versions of the Crowd App Studio and Crowd Virtual Machine (CVMs run on devices and are the basis of Crowd Computer’s peer-to-peer network) were released in 2017. Crowd Machine, by packaging together scalable computation, file storage, external data, monetization, and payments, provides all the critical pieces of a decentralized app development stack. Crowd Machine’s new approach to decentralized app creation and execution will unshackle the cloud, empower a whole new generation of app developers, and disrupt the dominance of centralized infrastructure companies. So, whether you have just completed your ICO, or whether you are about to expand into new global markets, Crowd Machine provides a mechanism to quickly and cost effectively deliver your goals. Crowd Machine’s Token Sale is planned for Q1 2018. 27

ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  
ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  

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