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The Initial Coin Offering and the Future of Finance The entrepreneurial and investor worlds are in a frenzy to create tokens and invest in them. You should begin paying attention to this sector now. Entrepreneurs with massive visions are working on raising huge sums of capital, and it is not uncommon to meet initial coin offering hustlers jabbering about how we are getting a chance to live through something akin to the era: the blockchain era. Initial by coin offerings have now raised $3.2bn TOBY LEWIS Novum Insights this year, Novum Insights data shows, which seemingly puts a new sector on course to take a decent chunk of the wider venture capital industry. The excitement is driven by the ability to raise coins instead of equity to finance ideas, with the coins generally having some form of utility as well as fluctuating value. This is leading to greater funds being raised by entrepreneurs than would typically come from angels and venture capitalists as well as the likelihood of entrepreneurs retaining greater control of their company’s operations. There is much talk of grandiose ideas and the use of smart contracts based on Ethereum. In some cases, these contracts are working, but in many others they are a work in a progress. Yet like in the early days of the world wide web, there is strong hope ICOs by status


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ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  
ICO Crowd Magazine Issue 4  

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