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March 2011

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editor’s notebook Hello everyone. It is with great pleasure that I bring you the second issue of ICO‘s e-magazine ICO WORLD. I am following in the very capable footsteps of Kait Richardson, who shepherded in the inaugural issue, so I will have to work very hard to hold up the standard she has set. Our plan is to publish four times yearly. In this issue you will find articles and reports that represent the breadth of ICO‘s activities. ICO is undergoing incredible growth and attracting many new people into the organization, which promises a very exciting future for us all. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue. In particular I would like to mention Michelle Clement, who has now taken on the new role of marketing coordinator. Michelle brings a wealth of business and marketing experience to the table...not to mention buckets of patience! Best wishes to everyone, and don‘t forget, we welcome your ideas! - Julie Warren, Editor. ICOWorld@InnovativeCommunities.Org

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Editor‘s notebook John‘s Jottings Update from Chairman of the Board, John Mitchell

Profile: Susan Gage Team Leader—ICO Atitlan Initiatives

Greetings from Maureen Miller Team Leader—ICO Courtenay Initiatives

Profile: Maeva Gauthier Learning Centre For Sustainability

Welcome to the Communications Centre By Michelle Clement Update: ICO Courtenay and ICO Vancouver Communities Micro-Finance in ICO By Michael Hemmings

12 R un for T omorrow 13 14

By Malcolm Anderson

Welcome to the ICOOO By Donald Kennedy

Contributors Meet the writers from our Communications team

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Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD John’s Jottings

Above: John Mitchell, Chair, ICO

It has been a remarkable few months since our first ICOWorld Emag was published. We have brought on over 30 new Team Members. The Development Chaord is now fully operational and is handling the planning and development of new ICO Communities, ICO Centres and ICO Initiatives. We have brought ICO Courtenay and ICO Vancouver to full operations. ICO Madagascar and ICO Mali are both in the development stage. They are all members of the Council of ICO Communities with full service assistance from the Secretariat to the Council. Planning and development of ICO initiatives are now part of the Research and Evaluative Centre. The new Centre for Innovative Housing has 5 Team Members and is currently focusing on improvements at Banfield House in

Victoria and is involved in a potential development in ICO Courtenay. The Assignment Centre is now fully operational with 12 Team Members in transition and re-assignment. The Interns Centre will be the next Centre to be in full operation followed by the ICO Inns Centre and the Centre for Initiative Funding.

the British Columbia Council for International Co-operation on 24 September 2010. A little overview of BCCIC from their website:

The proposed Courtenay Housing Initiative is in the evaluative phases and the ICO Mali Initiative is now in the first stages of coming to operation.

Vision: All members are supported in their

Mission: BCCIC is a coalition of

British Columbia voluntary international development organizations and provincials branches of such organizations which are committed to achieving sustainable global We also welcome Felix Ernst as Presdevelopment in a peaceful and healthy enviident of the ICO Institute, Malcolm ronment, with social justice, human dignity, is now focusing on the very heavy and participation for all. load of the Run-For-Tomorrow.

The new donations system is now fully functional with online cheque administration and with online credit card and PayPal donations being handled by CanadaHelps.Org. We are also exploring the capability and costs of additional donations being handled by cell-phone texts in $10.00 amounts which get charged to a donors cell-phone bill. This would appear to be very appealing to younger potential donors according to current research. A very big occasion for ICO was the acceptance of ICO as a full member of

international development work and all British Columbians are active and engaged global citizens.

Our Aims: We carry out our mission by providing our members with networking opportunities, information sharing, training, and representing their interests in dealing with government and other parties.. ICO intends to play a very positive and pro-active role in BCCIC. We especially want to emphasize the ICO process which has proven very successful and we are working with BCCIC to host workshops on Transparency in Governance. Thanks and warmest regards and of course Onwards!

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Profile: Susan Gage Team Leader — ICO Atitlan Initiatives By Claire Watson

For the past four years Susan Gage, has worked in the highlands of San Antonio Paulo, Guatamala with a small group of women, installing energy-efficient stoves in Mayan homes. It was through this initiative to help people cook and live safely that Gage joined the ICO team.

and we share that commitment,‖ says Gage. Gage also studies Spanish. She has been perfecting the language for the past seven years and believes that communicating with the Mayan people in their native language is crucial to understanding their culture.

Since then Gage says Guatemala has been the focus of her work within the ―Part of being able to work effectively in these communities organization. [means] you really have to be able to operate in Spanish.‖ Throughout her life, Gage has nurtured her love for international develGage says working on her Spanopment: in the 60‘s she volunteered with CUSO in Nigeria and for twenty ish throughout the year keeps her years has worked at Global Village; a dedicated: ―It‘s a wonderful experience to be able to go Guatemala local store dedicated to selling fair and find that people really do trade goods. Gage says during the understand and to [be able to] work buying and selling process for the in Spanish.‖ store she met Jacqueline Mealing, the woman who inspired her, and along with Mary Lynch, Kathy Cos- Currently, Gage is raising funds for th San Antonio Paulo. On September 4 ter and Lesley Wicks they formed the nucleus of the ICO Atitlan Initia- 2010, the village was struck by landslides. This was its second disaster of tives Team. the year. Three months previously Gage says the ICO values reflect those tropical storm Agatha wreaked havoc on the area. of the Team, as essentially they‘re friends who share a collective passion The landslides which struck in Sepfor community development. tember destroyed 30 homes and ―The kind of vision that ICO has [for] wiped out water and electrical services. Displaced families are community development and working with the community is something sheltering in the marketplace and in that‘s always been part of this project the Catholic Church. Fortunately, no one was killed.

An important initiative currently underway is the reconstruction of the village school. As a humanitarian and ICO volunteer , Gage says the Mayan people inspire her. She says it‘s an honour to work hand-in-hand with people who have so little yet hold true to a rich sense of charity as well as their ancient cultural identity and practices. ―Through hundreds of years of

violent and oppressive colonization [the people] have held on to so much of their culture… there is still a sense of Mayan spirituality.”

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD ‘ Greetings from the Courtenay Community’...

A letter from our friend Maureen Miller

adulthood. I stood up at the workshop and said, ―I have a big vision. I want my son to have a home, a personal network and security so that when I get old I know he will be taken care of. I don‘t trust the government to take care of him and its not fair to ask his siblings to shoulder the responsibility. I want to be able to duplicate what I create so that everyone in my organization can do the same.‖ John immediately met me at the first coffee break. His first words were, ―We need to talk to you. I think our organization can help you create what you want.‖ And everyone knows that those words were just the beginning.

This is Maureen from the recently created ICO Courtenay Community. We are about a 1.5 hour drive north of Nanaimo and I live in a small community up the highway from Courtenay.

I first met John Mitchell at a workshop put on by PLAN (Planned Life Advocacy Network), about 18 months ago. I was there to find a solution for a dilemma faced by parents when their child has a disability and they have to ask themselves, ―What will happen to my child when I die?‖. I also belong to an international organization called the XXYY Project and this question permeates our organization, as a large group of young men start to reach

It has been a huge learning curve to become part of ICO. I‘ve learned to ask the right questions to get the help I need to move on to the next step. I‘ve realized the power and potential of an organization that is driven by its Communities.

We now have about 12 members in the ICO Courtenay Community and every time I turn around someone else asks if they can join. It‘s a big switch to have people ask me if they can join, rather than beg someone to help me. I‘ve talked to some young people who are keen and excited and who will bring more people along with them.

children. But I‘ve gracefully let go of that simple idea and have watched as the members of this community have asked, ― Hey why can‘t we do this?‖, to which I reply, ―Okay, why not. This will make it look so much more like a community than just a home.‖ My favorite saying to anyone who starts to doubt, is a quote from Marianne Williamson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, „Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?‟ Actually, who are you not to be?”

We hope to have photos and updates to share with the larger ICO community in the near future. N

To Campbell River

Courtenay Comox

Mt. Washington Georgia Straight

• •

Port Alberni





Pacific Ocean

Together with the families who are in the community, we started off just wanting a home for our

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

To Victoria

ICO WORLD Profile: Maeva Gauthier ICO Learning Centre for Sustainability By Rebecca Beard

Maeva Gauthier's academic achievements might lead you to expect a quiet, shy character, happiest indoors with her books. She has two degrees - one in tourism from Collège Montmorency and one in biology from the University of Quebec, She is currently studying for her Masters in Marine Ecology at the University of Victoria and is considering a PhD. But when we meet in the ethically-minded Habit coffee shop in Victoria, she seems to have a lot of energy even though she's meeting me after a yoga class. She reveals that she likes Habit for its great coffee and the fact that you can work there all day. (It has big tables and mellow ambient music.) And when I ask about hobbies I find she's got so many outdoor interests that she hardly knows how to choose between them. In fact although Maeva has done a lot of studying – she's in her 7th year right now, it has been broken up by stints of work and travel. She has taken a course in filmmaking and produced documentaries on environmental issues, including a marine scientific documentary. This has meant travelling to the locations of the documentaries, including the Arctic. She has been been twice to Cuba and loves the culture. Now she's interested in Asia, the South Pacific and Indonesia. ―I think Indonesia and the South Pacific, in some places, have the highest diversity in terms of cultures and biodiversity,‖ she says. Cont’d. on Page 7

«I was more focused on the environment for a while and studied ecology… But then I realized that often environmental issues are starting from a disconnection of people with nature.»

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Maeva Gauthier… cont‘d from page 6 Learning Centre For Sustainability the answers but (the) people who live in (the) place – they know the ing this and in helping communities answers; they know the needs they have.‖ adapt to climate change, and has contacted Pacific Peoples PartnerShe and Denise agreed to help with ship in Victoria, a charity that the ICO Learning Centre for Susworks with nations in the South tainability, rotating the role of FacilPacific. itator Operations between them. She likes sailing and would like to The Centre will be looking at ways be able to combine that with to ensure that ICO's projects and marine ecology, travel and helping activities are truly environmentally others, she says. She has a raft of other outdoor pursuits ―I like to get friendly and helping the local comout there: yoga, surfing and camping munity. ―Questions we should ask ourselves every time we accept a and hiking and a bit of diving although it's very cold water here so new project and also regarding the projects already existing (are): Is we need different equipment. I'd there any thing that could change to like to get a dry suit.‖ make it more sustainable?‖ Maeva Maeva got involved with ICO after says. hearing about it from ICO Chair John Mitchell, who she happened to Maeva has always been concerned get chatting to while on a ferry jour- about environmental degradation; it is only recently that she's become ney to Salt Spring Island in May interested in also helping people. ―I this year. She was with her friend Denise Gabriel and they were both was more focused on the environimpressed by ICO's community-led ment for a while and studied ecology,‖ she says. ―But then I realized approach to that often environmental issues are projects. starting from a disconnection of people with nature.

Maeva is interested in preserv-

«It's great to have a place that believes in community based projects,»

―The environment is going bad because people are disconnected from it and if we can help them to survive and get their food and get their basic needs met and understand that they really rely on their Maeva says. ―We don't always know on their environment to have things

for their children for their nations -” She leaves the sentence unfinished but the implication is clear: considering social and economic factors in environmental work is important. If she pursues a PhD in future it will be in the field of ethno-ecology – human relationships with the environment. ―It gives a wider perspective on things and is more realistic too,‖ she says.

«I don't really believe in creating a park and then getting rid of all the people that live in the park for the sake of saving the environment. It's not going to be sustainable in the long run.» She is referring to eco-tourism parks that have been set up without the backing of the local people. Maeva saw a good example of eco-tourism in Cuba. She filmed a documentary there in 2006. Because it is a small island, Cuba is very aware of sustainability, she says.

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

Cont’d on Page 8

ICO WORLD Maeva Gauthier… cont‘d from page 7 Learning Centre for Sustainability

to work on making ICO's building in Esquimalt more sustainable. This is likely to be mainly by changing the the cutting of mangroves and other types of energy it uses, Maeva says. ―If trees to make way for hotels was causing erosion. And so they began to you save energy you save money. Also you are decreasing your impact on the put new rules into place. Now tourplanet, on the environment: your footism is more sustainable in Cuba. print.‖ ―Instead of taking all the resources from the environment we can help people to manage and protect their « If you save environment and get an economy out of it,‖ Maeva says. ―It's a good way to energy, you save protect the environment and make money.. You are people happy at the same time.‖

The local people recognized that

Twelve members of the ICO Learning Centre for Sustainability had their first meeting in August. Some team members are now working on a definition and framework of sustainability that ICO can work with. Team member Mike Optis has drawn up an initial business case, and JP Sapin, who is studying sociology, has reviewed it. Maeva's pleased that JP's academic background makes him able to flag problems with issues that might have gone un-noticed, for instance, with definitions. JP noted that talking about sustainable development instead of just sustainability gives the definition a capitalist framework, an important distinction. Among the team's practical ideas, which are still under discussion, are

decreasing your impact on the planet, on the environment: your footprint.»

Another idea they‘ve considered is boosting food security on Vancouver Island by encouraging locally-grown food. If Vancouver Island was cut off from the mainland for some reason its food supply would last just three days, Maeva explains. So they would love to get involved in urban planning. The team is looking at working with Victoria's Fernwood community on gardens. According to Maeva, it‘s important that the ICO Learning Centre work with people already ac-

tive in sustainability. ―This is something I think we need to look at before we get too involved in developing our projects, There's already some very active environmental and sustainability groups in Victoria, and you don't want to duplicate.‖ A big part of the learning centre will be education. ―I think we also need to work inside out,‖ Maeva says. Team members proposed workshops to encourage sustainability on a day-to-day basis in all aspects of ICO operations — meetings, dinners, property management and travel. Plane rides probably constitute ICO's biggest carbon consumption, Maeva says. It will be hard to eliminate but ICO might manage to attain carbon neutrality. The workshops would also invite speakers and talk about how sustainability can be applied in different countries. Maeva‘s enthusiasm for and commitment to the philosophy of sustainability is an example of the kind of youthful, dynamic energy that is animating the Learning Centre making it a laboratory for new and exciting ideas that will propel ICO forward into the future.

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Welcome to the Communications Centre By Michelle Clement

The Communications Centre consists of many writers, some media and one marketer—a diverse and focused team! The team is diverse geographically with members in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary. Meetings therefore, tend to be via Skype or email. Responsibilities of this Centre are vast and some examples include the e-magazine, which you are currently reading, biographies, media representation, and updating the website and FaceBook page. We currently have writers for Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda, and Latin America but are in need of inspiring writers for our other Communities and Regions, such as Africa and North America. Communicating the activities and Initiatives of ICO is essential to the Foundation‘s learning and growth. We have some lofty goals and exciting ideas for the next few months. First off, is to produce a video showcasing ICO and its strengths. We will be pulling our creative resources together from most of the team members to accomplish this task. Next we are hoping to update the ICO banners for tradeshows, and invest time into understanding the website.

The website is our foundation stone for communication and one goal of the Centre is to create a timeline for regular updates. Finally, we will be producing another version of the emagazine which is issued quarterly. The next edition will focus on providing an overview and explanation of ICO, its hierarchy or lack thereof, and its overall goals. Stay tuned…

Michelle Clement has moved from the role of Facilitator Operations — Communications Centre, and is now Marketing Coordinator for the Foundation.

Appointments and Changes in ICO Because of the continuous growth and dynamic nature of ICO, it is simply impossible to accurately show all personnel changes in ICO World. For an up-to-date report on all new appointments and changes, visit: http://News.InnovativeCommunities.Org And for the ICO Directory, go to: http:/Directory.InnovativeCommunities.Org

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Update: ICO Courtenay and ICO Vancouver Communities ICO Courtenay Community

The ICO Courtenay Community meeting which took

By Caitlyn O’Brien Emphasis is always placed on creating a dialogue, which leads to community building, and finally an Initiative— not the other way around.

place on Remembrance Day centred around what ICO is and what it has to offer, mostly in regards to the potential The Initiatives in Uganda and Mali, which were primarily Courtenay Initiative. These talks were led by the Team discussed at the launch, are perfect examples of this proLeader—ICO Courtenay Initiatives, Maureen Millar. cess. Presently, the Kampala, Uganda Initiatives focus on finding innovative ways to engage children and youth in Courtenay is a deeply caring community, which hopes to educational opportunities, incorporating music, dance, see a broader range of social services and affordable hous- and art. The Mali Initiatives‘ focus on shipping crucial ing for fully-functioning disabled citizens. This is where school and health supplies. These two Initiatives and ICO the initiative comes in, talk centered around what the as a whole, focus on accessing knowledge and skills from housing would look like, ie: an apartment building, rural, the people in the community. urban, as well as where the money will be coming from. Partnerships with various organizations such as the BCSPCA was discussed and are presently being looked into by Maureen and other members of the ICO Courtenay Community.

ICO Vancouver Community

The recent ICO Vancouver Community launch did not take place in a five star hotel or any posh location, it took place in an ordinary artist loft overlooking Water street, in the city‘s downtown eastside. The humble location was perfect because ICO members present could feel close to those who are most in need of ICO's help. This gave the meeting a ―real feel‖. Jessica Dexter, Representative for the ICO Vancouver Community (also Team Leader—Kampala Initiatives, Uganda) led the presentation and discussion on what ICO stands for, and is presently doing around the world.

Jessica Dexter, Representative for ICO Vancouver Community (right), pictured here with Peter Lukwiya, Chair of the Council of ICO Communities (centre) and Justin Howard, from the Secretariat to the Council of ICO Communities. The occasion was Peter‘s visit to Victoria in May 2010.

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Micro-Finance in ICO By Michael Hemmings is better to reach a loan agreement with a number of persons in a co- opwhereby a lender provides a small erative because they will then support loan to a borrower in order that the each other, easing the burden and borrower can have the means to both responsibility for the loan across provide for themselves and their fami- many shoulders rather than just one ly as well as, perhaps, start a small set of shoulders. business.

In brief, micro-finance is the process

In my view, the role of micro-finance within ICO should include the above elements. Precisely how we will set up the process for making the loans has not yet been decided. We had to build the raft as we went down the river for the Rwanda loan. And perhaps to an extent we will do the same for others. If we can develop the centre in such a way that it provides an efficient and productive (for the borrowers) means of making loans then we can probably attract monies from donors to apply to new loans. We can then recycle the principle from old loans into new ones. A final piece for Another aspect of micro-lending is the future is that we might find a notthat it has been found by others that it for-profit partner with whom we can We have already loaned a small amount to a village in Rwanda for a bee-keeping project. For ICO the chief idea here is not to make money but to help families or even whole neighbourhoods or villages in less developed nations. The interest on ICO loans will be quite reduced from the rates charged by other such ventures. It is important to have some interest applied to loans because it gives incentive for people to pay them off and virtually all borrowers will, in fact, want to pay back their loans.

work to be involved with the micro lending of the Community Initiatives Centre. Richard Shorten has taken on the role of Team Leader—Micro-Finance Initiatives in the Community Initiatives Centre.

Michael Hemmings has been an

Anglican pastor for eighteen years. He is also a writer, researcher and an avid reader.

Michael is moving to a new role withing the Policy Unit to develop new governance and transparency models for the Foundation.

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD By Malcolm Anderson Run for Tomorrow (R4T) is a major charity fundraising event that will take place in the first half of 2012. ICO, along with Diabetes and Heart and Stroke are the three core charities that will benefit from R4T. R4T is a continuous relay-style run around the world by a team of experienced marathon runners. Each member of the team runs a marathon distance and passes the baton to the next runner. Through 30 countries and for 178 days, the baton never stops moving. Each day, the team will cover approximately 120 miles as the runners continuously pass the ‗Commitment Scroll‘ to one another (through night and day). The Commitment Scroll will list names of people who either have committed money to the R4T goal or have committed volunteer time to provide support to one of our affiliated charities. When people sign on to the Commitment Scroll they also make a public commitment to do a physical activity of their choice, the goal of which is to improve their own health and wellbeing. R4T also has a ‗Virtual Commitment Scroll‘ – people sign-on to the scroll through the R4T website, state their level of commitment to their own health, and the extent to which they will support the respective charities. Currently R4T is developing partner-

Dr. Malcolm Anderson, principal organizer of ‗Run for Tomorrow’ and Past President of ICO Institute, chats with Austin Vanderzee (left) from the ICO Research and Evaluative Centre, at an August ICO dinner hosted at Dragonfly Farm.

ships with a major foundation just starting up in the United Kingdom and is developing ties with several universities around the world.

There will be significant developments over the next few weeks. If you‘re interested in learning more please contact Malcolm Anderson.

A number of prominent individuals from the running world are advisors to R4T, including Olympian and one of the world‘s top running coaches Jeff Galloway, ‘The Running Room‘ founder John Stanton and Dave McGillivray, Race Director of the Boston Marathon and a two time transcontinental runner who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity through running. These are exciting times for R4T.

Malcolm can be reached at: R4T@InnovativeCommunities.Org

R4 T

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Welcome to the ICOOO By Donald Kennedy Within a traditional office, nothing forms relationships and provides the catalyst for task creation and facilitation like hallway conversation. These informal exchanges allow people to discover what others are doing in the office, determine common interests and goals, and create and develop projects based on the links uncovered through casual interaction. In order to recreate the constructive communication environment of the office hallway, ICO has introduced the ICO Online Office, or ICOOO for short. The ICOOO is a social media software package that enhances the transparency of our organization, and embodies the motto, ―Above all else we are friends working together.‖ The main feature of the ICOOO is a sharing tool which encourages ICO members to communicate in an open forum, rather than through the hierarchical patterns of email. With this tool members can provide updates on what they are doing within the

X will be made available as a free software package to every single non-profit in the world. By creating a non-hierarchical system for online communication and making it available to the world, we can foster projects that are created and developed at organization, as well as share an indigenous level, but result in events, documents, and web links. global change. Members can use other features of the ICOOO to view calendars of other members, as well as the organization as a whole; create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using GoogleDocs; access the ICO directory, and access other organizational information. This isn't just a Facebook clone: this is something much more in-depth.

Currently access to the ICOOO is only available to ICO team members, but this is temporary. By making live accounts viewable via our website, diverting 100% of donations to initiatives, and allowing donors to decide exactly where they want their money to go, ICO gives more power to its donors than any other charitable organization. In future the ICOOO, save human resource management inUnder Project X, the ICOOO will formation, will be completely viewable to anyone online. This be developed to incorporate accounting, human resource manage- will further enhance the power of ment, and other ICO information our donors by allowing them to which is currently scattered across engage with our organization beother online modules. Eventually yond the giving of a cheque. the template created under Project

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Contributors — the people behind the scenes Rebecca is new to ICO and Victoria. She contributed the article about Maeva Gauthier on page 8.

often spends her leisure hours getting out to admire the views along Dallas Road.

climbs like Mount Work. She was a writer and editor in the UK, her country of origin.

When she gets the time she Rebecca came to In her spare time…. enjoys hiking in Canada in 2008, coastal places like and is a Writer in Rebecca loves the East Sooke Park the Communicabeaches in or challenging tions Centre Victoria and herself with

Above: Rebecca Beard

Above: Claire Watson


CHAT News and has been contributed the article about Su- published in Beat san Gage, seen on Route magazine. Page 6. After living a year With a diploma in in Madrid, Spain, Claire speaks Journalism from SAIT Polytechnic Spanish and holds the Spanish and a degree in culture close to Communication her heart. from Royal Roads University, Claire‘s passion is In her free time Claire paints, writing. reads and blogs about gender She‘s worked as a equity and wombroadcast en‘s rights. She journalist for hopes to one day

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

work for the United Nations as a reporter. Claire joined ICO in April 2010 and is currently the Regional Co-ordinator for Latin America — Communications.

ICO WORLD Caitlyn is ICO‘s

Above: Caitlyn O’Brien

the giant leap into post Team Leader —Writers secondary education, I jumped in the Communications right into what sounded Centre. She supplied interesting, and it has worked the updates on the ICO out just fine! I went to Simon Courtenay and ICO Fraser University for 3 years , Vancouver Communi- and decided on a change in ties, seen on page 11. scenery, hence my decision to come to Victoria, and more Currently a student at specifically to Royal Roads Royal Roads University, University.‘ she is studying for a BA in professional communica- In 2008 Caitlyn tions. What lead her to volunteered to work in Guatemala with an make this choice? organization called ‗Los ‘Like many individuals taking Patojos‘ (the little ones)

Michelle has moved from the role of Facilitator, Operations of the Communications Centre to the new role of Marketing Co-ordinator of the Foundation.

Above: Michelle Clement

where she taught adult English classes. She joined ‗Canadian Students for Darfur‘ at SFU to raise awareness about the conflict in that area, and took great pride in doing this. As well, she participated in the 2009 ‗Inca Trail Trek‘ fundraising initiative with Save the Children Canada.. ‗the greatest challenge both physically and mentally I have ever faced.’

For the past five years, Michelle has been teaching at Camosun College and Royal Roads University in the Faculty of Business, specializing in Marketing. She also takes great pleasure as an Advisor with Royal Roads, guiding students who are completing their consulting projects in the MBA program. On a personal note, Michelle‘s greatest passion lies with her family— her 11 year old son and 8-year-old daughter.

Michelle has over 15years of marketing She enjoys running, hiking, rock climbing and hockey as experience in the well as playing the guitar and reading. service sectors of business and government. Thirteen years were spent working for Procter & Got an urge to do some writing? We can Gamble mainly in the always use help in the Communications Centre. We Pharmaceutical need people who can write, research, take photos and/ Industry while three or shoot video. years were spent working in the Drop a line to the Communications Centre: Protocol department Communications@InnovativeCommunities.Org for the Provincial Government.

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO WORLD Donald Kennedy (left) our ICOOO Trainer, wrote the article on the ICOOO and is responsible for developing the support and training for our ICO Team Members to use the ICOOO. ―I arrived in Victoria eight years ago—drawn by the city's artistic vibrancy and the openhearted nature of its residents. Since crossing the strait I have devoted myself to studying how people create meaning through their relationships with media. I have also gone to a lot of concerts, ate a lot of burgers, done a lot of biking, and spent years working for public radio. This July I will graduate with a BA in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University. ―

...above all we are Friends working together, if the Task gets before Relationships, do not do the Task... and 100% Volunteer + 100% Transparent + 100% Online Administration = 100% donations to the Initiative Photo Credits: Contributor photos courtesy of each contributor or sourced from the ICO website. Photos of Susan Gage, courtesy of Susan Gage Photo of Maeva Gauthier by Rebecca Beard. Photos on Pages 12 and 13, by Julie Warren Photo of Donald Kennedy by Donald Kennedy

Don’t forget to check our website: http://InnovativeCommunities.Org To Donate: Visit the website or you can donate to ICO through: CanadaHelps.Org Interested in checking out volunteer opportunities? Contact: Volunteer@InnovativeCommunities.Org ICO is a registered Canadian charity: Registration # 8711 262 49 RR0001

Central Vancouver Island Map on Page 7, by Julie Warren Cover photo & mail graphic,Pg. 3: Microsoft Clip Art

Registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration Number: 8711 262 49 RR0001

ICO World Edition 2 - March 2011