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November – December 2012

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What can you do to help protect your rights as a motorcyclist?

We are all familiar with the pains of traveling with an airline. You get to the airport, stand in line and then have to get rid of anything that they consider to be contraband. Then you go through the lengthy process of successfully passing the rest of the security checks. Once you are done with security, you are left at the mercy of the airline. Then the airline employees begin telling you what you can and can’t do and when you can and can’t do it. These true life events can be closely linked to what it would be like if the government mandated every aspect of our motorcyclists rights. State Motorcyclists Rights Organization (SMRO) and National Motorcyclists Rights Organization (NMRO) deal with motorcycle rights issues. The SMRO’s and NMRO’s work with legislators and government agencies as a mouth piece to voice motorcyclist’s ideas and opinions. They monitor motorcycle specific legislation and government agencies to make sure motorcyclists don’t have a new law or policy go into effect that will prohibit you from riding in the manner you are accustomed to. A SMRO works on a state level while a NMRO works on a national level to protect your motorcyclists rights. While motorcycle registrations are going up in the tens of thousands nationally, membership in any Motorcyclist Rights Organization (MRO) is staying about the same. MRO’s need your help to continue protecting your motorcycle rights. What can you do to help protect your rights as a motorcyclist? First, join both a SMRO and a NMRO. The average cost a year is $25 for a SMRO and $35 for a NMRO. On average that’s only $60 a year to protect your rights. Second, take the time and go to a SMRO meeting. Most SMRO’s only have one meeting a month. The NMRO’s

send information of what’s going on at the national level to the SMRO’s. Therefore at the SMRO meetings, you will get national and state level knowledge of what’s going on with your motorcyclist rights. Third, is to volunteer. MRO’s need people to step up and volunteer their time. Even if you can only volunteer every once and a while, every little bit helps. There are many issues that are currently going on at the national level. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to push EPA standards on motorcycles and wants to require you to have an EPA stamp on your pipes when you meet those standards. If you don’t think this can happen in your state, California has already passed an EPA law that will go into effect January 1, 2013. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to push a helmet law agenda to “save motorcyclists lives”. In the arena of saving motorcyclist's lives MRO’s have taken the stance of accident prevention instead of safer crashing. SMRO’s have been actively working on accident prevention through motorcycle awareness programs and have been getting positive results. And currently, the NMRO’s are working with legislation to ban the usage of federal dollars to fund roadside motorcycle-only checkpoints with the House of Representatives bill HR 904. In 2011 New York, Georgia, Utah and Virginia conducted roadside motorcycle-only checkpoints. These are just a few of the many issues MRO’s are currently working on. If you don’t want your motorcycle riding experience to end up like traveling through an airport please get involved. KID

The MRF’s Meeting of the Minds 2012 For a number of years the Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation have worked together to preserve your rights as a motorcyclist. By working together, ICMS at a state level and MRF at a federal level have maintained constant vigilance for your rights to ride. In late September the Motorcycle Riders Foundation in conjunction with the MRF Awareness & Education held a national conference in Durham North Carolina hosted by CBA/ABATE of North Carolina. I was there as a MRF and MRF A&E board member presenting the MRF A&E 3R's impaired riding program. As an ICMS member I was also listening to Jeff Hennie the MRF lobbyist giving an update on

Washington DC Legislative issues. One of the most interesting sessions was given by Ric Mellon from ABATE of Wisconsin on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The GPS systems that we use all the time to help us navigate around the city and state is by our own permission, tracking our every move, watching how fast we go and predicting when we will arrive at our destination. The "Black Boxes" that are being installed in newer vehicles record our speed, when we brake, and can give analysis to law enforcement in the event of a crash. The frame-work is already in place to do things like slow or stop our vehicle. The Government is watching in ways we never would have believed! We heard about "Bridging the Gap" with sport bike riders and "What to Attack When Challenging a Statute and The Right to Remain Silent". We heard about what is going on in Canada by Claude Lacasse, a founding member of the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada. Over 15 breakout sessions spanning two days were available to riders from over 30 states. In addition, CBA/ABATE of North Carolina held a Riding Impaired Challenge and Jousting Tournament. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation holds three conferences each year, one for eastern states called "Beast of the East, one for the western states called "Best of the West" and a national conference called "Meeting of the Minds". Anyone is welcome at any conference. It's sometimes easier to attend a conference closer to where you live to save on costs. The next conference closest to us will be "Best of the West". It will be held in Billings, Montana in June of 2013. I hope you will consider attending any or all of these conferences and support the work the Motorcycle R i d e r s Foundation does for you at a federal level by becoming a member of the MRF. Wayne


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I.C.M.S. Board of Directors


These are the people who are willing to give their time and energy to help protect your rights and Keep Idaho Free!



Justin "Kid" Crawford...................(208) 863-4280................... 2010-12

Vice-Chairman, Awareness Rally Coordinator, Newsletter Editor Distribution Coordinator Mark Neeley................................... (208) 860-0117................... 2012-14 Products Coordinator, Rodeo/Run Coordinator Judy Petersen................................. (208) 375-6117................... 2012-14 Treasurer, MRO/Club Liaison Larry "Stix" Platt. ....................... (208) 573-4191................... 2012-14 Rodeo/Run Coordinator Boyd Rue......................................... (208) 941-1689................... 2011-13 Lane Triplett. ................................. (208) 336-0052................... 2011-13 Chairman Robert "Pee Wee" Whaley......... (208) 906-0550................... 2010-12 Entertainment Coordinator Wayne Wierson. ............................ (515) 290-6826......................2012-14 Government Relations Officer Kim Young...................................... (208) 343-7452................... 2010-12 Secretary, Co-Treasurer, Events Coordinator

Can Dance & Annual Membership Meeting 11/17/2012

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Mike Weiss...................................... (208) 375-9172................... 2012


The Board meets the 1st Monday of every Month (provided it’s not a holiday) at 6:30 p.m. at Lindy’s Steak House, Boise (west of HP in front of Chinden & Cloverdale)

Members’ attendance is encouraged. Everyone is welcome! The following are Area Reps for I.C.M.S. and make this an effective statewide effort. Brenda Bolton........................ Twin Falls................ (208) 733-0151 R.F. Bonney............................Idaho Falls............... (208) 526-0135 Norman Burch.......................St. Maries................. (208) 245-5094 Terri Calkins.......................... Pocatello.................. (208) 478-4928 Mike Kelly................................... Hailey................. (208) 788-1642 For more information on this publication or to submit a letter to the Editor please write to: P.O. Box 2732, Boise, Idaho 83701 or email Editor, Justin, at Also visit us at...

Pictured is a 68 X 75 quilt made for ICMS by Debra Lindner, owner of the Blue Canoe Restaurant near Murphy. Made of denim and cotton material, this quilt might be your latest ICMS collectable. The ICMS patch was made and donated by JoAnn at Rider’s Rags. ICMS board members will be selling chances to win this beautiful quilt at all of the events we attend throughout the riding season. Tickets are $5.00 and a maximum of 300 will be sold. The winner will be drawn at 2012’s ICMS Can Dance on November 17th. You need not be present to win.

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Idaho Earns National Motorcycle Safety Program Award Interagency collaboration key to Idaho’s success BOISE—Idaho received the 2012 Outstanding State Award from the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA). The award recognizes a state’s comprehensive motorcycle safety program that has “implemented strategies that are successful, effective and can be measured, evaluated, and serve best practices.” Selection for the award is based on the 11 components in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 3 – Motorcycle Safety. SMSA’s Chairperson Andrew Krajewski said, “Over the last three years, Idaho has incorporated all 11 components into their state motorcycle program, established a diverse coalition of critical partners to create a comprehensive plan, and implemented several successful and measurable data-driven strategies that are reducing motorcycle crashes. The SMSA applauds Idaho’s efforts and believes their approach can serve as a model for other states.” This is the first time SMSA has awarded the Outstanding State Award; it was presented to Idaho’s motorcycle safety program representatives during the SMSA’s Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn., Aug 24-26. “We are proud to receive this national recognition of Idaho’s efforts to effectively implement motorcycle safety strategies that save lives,” said Stacey “Ax” Axmaker, director of the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program, the organization representing Idaho at the award presentation. “Idaho is fortunate to have so many groups working together in this effort.”

The Outstanding State Award positions Idaho as a leader in motorcycle safety and bestows recognition to the collaborative efforts of the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Office of Highway Safety, the Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety (ICMS), the Idaho National Guard, the Idaho State Police, and the Meridian City Police. “The Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety is honored to be part of the Motorcycle Safety Program in our state. Elimination of death and serious injury on all Idaho roadways does not come easy and it takes a strong commitment from all highway safety partners, each one of which brings highway safety values to the table,” said Brent Jennings, ITD Highway Safety manager. “Keeping families whole is of prime importance. Congratulations to all who work hard as we continue to move Toward Zero Deaths in Idaho.” “ICMS is grateful to have a seat on the Idaho State Highway Safety Plan Motorcycle team. While all partners do not always agree on all issues, there is much common ground. This award is evidence that through trust and cooperation great things can be accomplished,” said Lane Triplett, ICMS’s chairman and board member. Some of the focus areas of Idaho’s motorcycle safety program that have earned the state this national recognition include: rider training and education; motorist awareness campaigns; law enforcement; efforts to reduce impaired riding; outreach and marketing efforts and materials; and data collection and analysis, among others. “While we are making progress, as reflected in the decrease of motorcycle-related fatalities in Idaho over the last few years, there is still much work to be done. One death is one too many. If that sounds unreasonable to you, ask yourself how many fatalities are ‘acceptable’ in your town or in your family. One is one too many,” said Axmaker. “Idaho rider organizations and agencies will continue to work together to educate the public and to help riders prevent and survive crashes.”

ANNUAL CAN DANCE AND MEMBERSHIP MEETING This year’s Can Dance and Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2012, at Jumpin’ Janet’s located at 574 Vista Ave. in Boise Idaho. The admission will be $5.00 and a canned food item, per person. For each can of food you bring will get you a door prize ticket, so the more canned food you bring the more door prize tickets you will receive. The canned food will be distributed by ICMS to those in need during the holidays. We will once again hold a silent auction so come prepared to bid. The proceeds from the silent auction are also donated to those in need. As mentioned above, this is also the ICMS annual membership meeting and election of the Board of Directors. This year we have 4 Board seats up for election; Kim Young, Ellie Whaley and Justin “KID” Crawford have already committed to run for a seat on the Board of Directors. Every ICMS member present will need to cast their ballot for the new Board Members. These are the people who will represent you in the future regarding your rights as riders and in the legislative arena. Help choose those who will best represent you. If you are an ICMS member and would like to run for a Board seat and be on the ballot, please contact ICMS in writing prior to November 13th at P.O. Box 2732, Boise Idaho, 83701, or you can show up to the membership meeting and add yourself as a write in on the ballot. As many Board Members, past and present, will tell you, this is a volunteer position and does entail some work. Prospective Board Members would need to commit to be present at the board meetings which are held on the first Monday of each month (except for the Mondays that fall on a holiday, then it is changed to the next available date) as well as helping during ICMS events. For more information about being a Board Member, contact any of the current Board Members listed on page 2 of this Newsletter.


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We would like to thank everyone that attended the 2012 Friendship Run in Orofino this year. It was nice to touch base with good friends and familiar faces. The ride was great as always and it was nice to be in less smoky air than in the valley. At the meeting on Saturday we got some great updates on the ever evolving STAR Program and info on future changes in funding and budgeting thru the Dept. of Transportation. Lane Triplett took the floor and updated us on Crash Statistics within the state of Idaho. At that time we were almost even with the numbers from 2011. Presently we have surpassed those numbers and that's what I want to address. Being a Towing Operator in the Capital area I have to pick up motorcycles as well as cars. I would prefer to pick up a motorcyclist with his bike for a break down as opposed to the alternative. Unfortunately, I have had to pickup 3 crashed bikes this year. Our company has picked up 6 that I know of in the last couple of months; out of those I did 3. Some survived the crash the others not so lucky. That brings me to the point of this article. We are hurting and killing ourselves with impaired riding and lack of focus! I know I'm harping on the subject but come on folks, wake up, the numbers don't lie. Losing friends and family is in many cases avoidable. If you are going to drink, catch a ride with someone. Buddies Designated Drivers will get you and your ride home. If you are out riding, keep things in focus and be mentally prepared for your ride. We have, for the most part, the awareness and education to operate safely. We have the means through the Idaho STAR program to hone those skills as needed. I read this recently, "Our best gear is between our ears! Use it and use it all the time!" I will leave you with that and hope I do not have to show up with my tow truck to load you, your friend or family members bike on the bed while you or they are being carted off to the hospital or worse the morgue. Ride aware, ride educated, ride safe and keep on riding. See you on the road. Christacle and WingNut Chris and Christine Lambing

Steve Crooks is an avid supporter of the Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety (ICMS). Steve started riding dirt bikes when he was 12 and started riding street bikes in 1998. He has been a member of the ICMS for 12 years. Steve first joined the ICMS because he wanted to protect his motorcycle rights as a rider; he also joined because of the camaraderie of the people. Steve has been a member of the ICMS for 12 years because “ICMS fights to protect our rights as free riders.” Steve Currently rides a 2006 Harley Davidson Road King. Steve’s favorite hobbies are riding his motorcycle, fishing and golfing. He & his wife, Laneita, currently reside in Boise Idaho and in Nampa Idaho he owns his business Crooks Industries Inc. Steve has made many very generous donations to ICMS to help keep Idaho one of the most Free states in the nation. The ICMS would like to take the time to thank Steve for his generosity and continued support for our cause.

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MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation

236 Massachusetts Ave. NE | Suite 204 | Washington, DC 20002-4980 202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-546-0986 (fax) |

SMRO Leaders Dialogue October 14, 2012 MRF Legislative Agenda for 2012-13 The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Legislative Strategy Agenda for 2012-2013 At the recent 2012 Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Meeting of the Minds held September in Durham, North Carolina, a Legislative Strategy Session was hosted by the MRF's Legislative Committee. As has been done for the past several years, the MRF requested that it be attended by Sustaining State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations (SSMRO) Legislative and/or Executive Officers. The goal is to set the MRF's Federal Legislative Agenda for the coming Meeting of the Minds "to" Meeting of the Minds cycle. Our Sustaining SMRO partners responded once again and the Legislative Committee was extremely pleased at how aligned and clear the direction from our SSMRO partners was. This level of alignment will allow for a solid and focused Strategic Action plan to be developed, disseminated, and effectively employed. The session this year again saw it moderated by MRF Vice President, Jay Jackson, and supported by MRF President, Kirk "Hardtail" Willard, and MRF Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Jeff Hennie. We continued the practice instituted two years ago where we utilized the one vote per organization policy and those votes were again recorded. Shown below in the order raised by our SSMROs is our upcoming Federal Legislative Strategy Agenda followed by the recorded vote percentages on each. Where "consent" is listed, it is on legislative issues that were brought up by those in attendance from SMRO or MRF Leadership and once initial discussion was held and a position explained no further discussion ensued regarding stated position and no vote was called for. * Transportation Equity Act (TEA) Upcoming Reauthorization (the Highway Bill). To include Motorcycle 2010 Grant Funding (request to tighten up language for qualification and use), continuation of the NHTSA Lobbying Ban, pursue continuation of the Motorcycle Advisory Council (MAC) to advise the FHWA, oppose any federal blackmails or federal sanctions contained in the highway bill; closely monitor for any action that would negatively impact motorcycles, motorcycling, and motorcyclists; seek to include HR904 language to ban motorcycle specific roadblock grant funding. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * SAE Motorcycle Roadside Sound Test. MRF to promote adoption of the SAE Sound Test as a National enforcement standard, those that favor monitoring this is due to the fact that it has not come up federally and is considered a state by state issue at this time. 0% Favor, 59% Oppose, 41% Monitor. * Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). MRF to pursue reintroduction of the HR 1253 bill which requires health insurance companies to disclose the list of "source of injury" exclusions in the policies they issue; monitor means watch HIPAA closely for motorcycle specific discrimination. 3% Favor, 9% Oppose, 88% Monitor. * NHTSA Checkpoint Grant Program. As in 2010-2012 the MRF to carry out a full effort to cut off specified use funding for this motorcycle based discriminatory practice, work with States to exchange information on passing anti-checkpoint laws. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * Crash Causation Study. MRF to allow the current study to take its' course and respond accordingly, disappointed with the reduced scope, pursue no additional funding. Monitor and report on MSF alternate Naturalistic Study – No Vote. * EPA Mandatory Stamping of Exhaust. MRF to strongly oppose any federal standard proposing stamping and certifying motorcycle exhaust systems, work to prevent any federal legislation mirroring that California SB435. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * EPA Sound Emissions User Study. MRF to continue to closely monitor, MRF to oppose federal agencies encouraging state activity, leave it up to the states to determine course of action. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * Distracted Driving. MRF to oppose ALL forms of distracted driving, oppose any related funding blackmails or withholding of funds for it as related to motorcycles, watch for motorcycle specific discrimination language closely. 97% Favor, 0% Oppose, 3% Abstain. * Right to Repair. MRF to continue current course of action recognizing realized success, continue participation in Right to Repair coalition. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * Definition of a Motorcycle. MRF to take advantage of any opportunity available to enhance and further clarify the definition of a motorcycle and provide input in any such activity on a Federal level. Consent. * Motorcyclist/Motorcycle Discrimination. MRF to oppose any motorcycle, motorcycling, or motorcyclist based discrimination proposed by the U.S. Congress or any Federal Agency in Washington D.C., direction to include anti-profiling opposition this session. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * International Motorcycle Cooperation Group (European Union, United Nations, Canada). MRF to maintain the same level of engagement or increase as needed within budget, approval to share costs with other partners for this lobbying/international meeting attendance, notify SMRO’s if additional activities outside of budget are deemed necessary. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * Mandatory Helmet and Apparel laws. MRF to fiercely oppose any mandatory helmet or apparel proposals. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * E 15 Fuel Blends. MRF to not support the use of E15 fuel without further testing and specific recommendations from motorcycle manufacturers. 97% Favor, 3% Abstain. * Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). MRF to pursue inclusion of motorcycles in ongoing ITS efforts. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose * Crash Avoidance versus Safer Crashing. MRF to promote our theme of Crash Avoidance versus Safer Crashing using House Resolution (HR)1498 which "supports efforts to retain the ban on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) ability to lobby state legislatures using federal tax dollars and urging NHTSA to focus on crash prevention and rider education". Consent. * Roadway Design and Engineering. MRF to pursue safer roadway design strategies, include cable barrier research in the discussion. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * CDC’s Involvement in Motorcycling Issues. MRF to pursue limiting of funding of CDC on their involvement in motorcycling safety issues through relevant appropriations bill, pursue CDC lobby ban, seek to remove language where CDC suggest motorcycle crashes are preventable injury events. 100% Favor, 0% Oppose. * Private Organizations. MRF to monitor private organizations that oppose the legislative agenda or mission of the MRF, investigate their funding sources to make certain they are not receiving federal monies. Consent. * Public Organizations. MRF to continue to monitor public organizations for funding sources if in opposition to our legislative agenda or mission of the MRF, develop appropriate strategies if discovered tax payer funding sources are in use. Consent. * Federal Health Care. MRF to continue monitor federal health care legislation for potential motorcyclist and motorcycling discrimination. Consent. MRF LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Keith Ball, Dave Dwyer, Jeff Hennie, George Gorman, Cindy Hodges, Jay Jackson, Jim "Legs" Korte, Boyd McFail, Larry Nielson, John Pierce, Todd Riba, Kirk "Hardtail" Willard (Chair). ICMS chairman Lane Triplett, and Vice Chairman Justin "Kid" Crawford were members of the group that formulated the MRF legislative agenda for 2013 at the Meeting Of the Minds in September

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ABATE of North Idaho and ICMS teamed up to send out a questionnaire to all the candidates for state office in the November election. 204 questionnaires were mailed out and asofofNorth this writing 68 candidates responded. Two Wheel Advocate ABATE Idaho EAGLE November-December Each respondent was scored based upon their answers to the questions, resulting in their overall “Motorcycle Friendliness” rating. In a few cases, extra, ‘ Brownie State Candidate Survey points’ were awarded for a candidate’ s biker spirit, such as, ABATE or ICMS membership; owns 5 or 6 bikes & rides 5 to 10,00 miles a year, etc.

2012 Idaho

The following results were apparent: 80% were not in favor of law enforcement stops based on transportation mode or attire (additional 4% unsure)

H 4B


Kathleen Sims

H 3A H 6B H 10B H 12A S 14 H 16B S 22 H 22B H 25B S 28


Ron Mendive Daniel Santiago Darrell Bolz Robert Anderst Marv Hagedorn Graham Paterso Russell M. Fulch Jason Monks 15B R M Cindy Shotswell 12BGuthrie D F. Jim


H 33 B

S 3



35 B B.DBatem J. RH Linden

R S Bob 24 Nonini R Le

S 29 R Greg Romriell H 21B D Er H 31 B RforJulie Van Orden The Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety and ABATE of North Idaho teamed up totosend outa ahelmet questionnaire to all the candidates state 63% were not in favor of a law mandating riders wear at all times ABATE of North Idaho and ICMS teamed up to send out a questionnaire to all the H UNIDENTIFIED 4B R K office in the November election. 204 questionnaires were mailed out and as of this writing 68 candidates responded. when riding (additional 4% unsure)

candidates for state office in the November election. 204 questionnaires were


Each respondent was scored 54% basedwere uponnot theirinanswers the questions,regulating resulting inmotorcycle their overallusage “Motorcycle Friendliness” rating. In a few favor oftocommunities on streets H 2A R Vito 6 BBarbieri cases, extra, ‘Brownie points’ awarded a candidate’s biker spirit, such as, ABATE or ICMS membership; owns 5 or 6 bikes H & rides 5 R D mailed out were and as of thisforwriting 68 candidates responded. H 7A RH Shannon McMilla and highways (additional 19% unsure) 10B R Da to 10,00 miles a year, etc. S 8 RH Steven Thayn 12A R Ro Each respondent wasnot scored basedof upon theirpenalties answersfor to the inH 15A R Lynn 30% were in favor enhanced deathquestions, or injury resulting from The following results were apparent: M. Luker S 14 R M distracted/inattentive driving (additional 29% unsure)  80% were notoverall in favor of“Motorcycle law enforcement stops based on transportation their Friendliness” rating. In mode a fewor attire cases, extra, ‘BrownieH 19B R Don Howard H 16B R G H 20B R James Holtzclaw (additional 4% unsure) points’ were awarded for a candidate’s biker spirit, such as, ABATE or ICMS 56% said, at one time either they or a family member held a motorcycle 22 Ann R Cla Ru H 31 A D S Barbara  63% were not in favor of a law mandating riders to wear a helmet at all times when riding endorsement. H 22B R Ja UNIDENTIFIED (additional 4% unsure) owns 5 or 6 bikes & rides 5 to 10,00 miles a year, etc. membership; 25B D Ci  54% were not inThe favor of communities regulating motorcycle usage on streets S 5 RH Gresham Bouma MRO’s in Idaho are now able to establish a game plan and withhighways which to configure The19% following (additional unsure) results were apparent: 28 Clausen R Jim S 8 D S Joanna our interaction with the incoming legislature both from a general overview of the  30% were not in favor of enhanced penalties for death or injury from H 9A D Steve Worthley 33 B R Li 80% were not infrom favor of law enforcement stops based on transportation and individual to these questions. We feel this a modeH 11B RH Christy Perry  56% said, at onesentiment time either they or aspecific family member heldresponses a motorcycle endorsement.

S 3


or attire (additional 4% unsure)

H 13B

R Gary E. Collins

whenQuestions riding (additional 4% unsure) to Candidates for a Seat in the Idaho State House and Senate, 2012.

H 16A


much better framework with which to go to forward rather than a “seat of the theincoming pants” legislature both from The MRO’s in Idaho are now able to establish a game plan with which configure our interaction with 29 Croker R G H 29A I S Bob a general overview of theapproach sentiment specific responses to these questions. feel thisat a much better framework 31with B Mossman R Ju H 32 B DH Ralph 63% were notandinfrom favor of aindividual law mandating riders to wear aWehelmet all times which to go forward rather than a “seat of the pants” approach. H 35 B R Paul Romrell UN

Jeffrey Laing UN UNIDENTIFIED In so far as motorcycle rights are a clear expression of individual freedoms that the H Paul 2 AE. Shepher R V H 7B In so far as motorcycle rights are aofclear expression individual freedoms theyou citizens of Idaho hold to so support dearly, please expressRhow you citizens Idaho hold soofdearly, please expressthat how would continue S 6 DH John 7 ABradbury R S would continue to support those freedoms whileserving servingyour your constituents constituents in . . those freedoms while inthe theIdaho IdahoHouse HouseororSenate Senate H 16A R SLee-Mark 8 RRuff S H 19A R Mike Washburn H 15A R Ly H 21B R Thomas E. "Tom YES NO Not Sure 19BPatrickR Do S 25 RH Jim Have you or a member of your family ever had a driver's license endorsed for

54% were not in favor of communities regulating motorcycle usage on streets and highways (additional 19% unsure)

30% were not in favor of enhanced penalties for death or injury from distracted/inattentive driving (additional 29% unsure) 1.

56% motorcycle said, at operation? one time either they or a family member held a motorcycle YES NO Not Sure 2. Do you hold any opinions regarding motorcyclists? endorsement.



H 35 A H 4A

R SJo5An E. Wood R G D Janet Callen

H 33 B H 2B

DH Henry 35 B De RAngelis Pa R Ed Morse

The MRO’s in Idaho are now able to establish a game plan with which to configure S 8 D J B. De V our interaction with the incoming legislature both from a generalYESoverview of theH 5 B RH Kenneth NO Not Sure 9 AD. Youngblo D S H 12B R Rick 3. Do you have working knowledge of the Constitution of the United States sentiment and andthefrom individual responses to these questions. We feel this aS 7 RH Sheryl State ofspecific Idaho Constitution? 11B L Nuxoll R Ch H 29A R Dave Bowen H 13B R G much better framework with which to go forward rather than a “seat of the pants” H 25A R Maxine T Bell YES NO Not Sure H 29A I Bo 4. Would you support legislation that would enhance the penalties for operators of approach H 26B D Donna Pence motor vehicles that cause the death or serious injury to other operators, H 32 B D Ra passengers or pedestrians through violations by distracted or inattentive driving?

H 16A L Je Questions to Candidates for a Seat in the Idaho State House and Senate, 2012. H 18B D Phylis K King YES NO Not Sure UN you be in favor of a state law that required all In so far5. asWould motorcycle rights aremotorcycle a clearhelmet expression of individual freedoms that the S 17 R Judy M. PeaveyH 7 B R P riders to wear a helmet at all times while operating a motorcycle? H 4A C Ray J. Writz citizens of Idaho hold so dearly, please express how you would continue to support . H 34 A D SLary6 S. Larson D J those freedoms while serving your constituents in the Idaho House Senate H UNIDENTIFIED 16A R Le YESorNO Not Sure

6. Do you think it is appropriate for a vehicle operator to be stopped by law enforcement solely on the basis of their mode of transportation or attire.

YES a member of your family ever had a driver's license endorsed for 1. Have youInoryour opinion, should local communities be allowed to regulate licensed 7. motorcycle operation? motorcycle usage on public streets and highways?

2. Do you hold any opinions regarding motorcyclists?


NO Not Sure

NO Not Sure

H 19A H 21B S 25

R M R Th R Jim



NO Not Sure



Two Wheel Advocate

didate Survey

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Idaho State Candidates' Response Ratings

send out a questionnaire to all the lection. 204 questionnaires were ponded.

wers to the questions, resulting in In a few cases, extra, ‘Brownie pirit, such as, ABATE or ICMS miles a year, etc.

ops based on transportation mode

1960 US Hwy 26




2983 Chaparral Dr. PO Box 3294

Idaho Falls Hayden


83404 83835

H 18B

D Phylis K King

2107 Palouse




S 17 H 4A

R Judy M. Peavey-Derr C Ray J. Writz

3100 Crescent Rim Dr. #305 Boise 100 Miller Ave. Apt. #1 Coeur d'Alene


83706 83814

7 6

H 34 A

D Lary S. Larson PO Box 51193 Idaho Falls UNIDENTIFIED RESPONSE - No Return Address or Internal Identity



6 5

Mark Patterson F. Lawrence Dawson J. Kelly Keele Lee Heider

PO Box 191160 426 N. David Frost St. 19 N. 3300 E. 1631 Richmond Dr.

Boise Nampa Rigby Twin Falls


83719 83651 83442 83301

H 21B

D Erin Zaleski

6311 Solar Way




H 4B


Kathleen Sims

PO Box 399

Coeur d'Alene



H 3A H 6B H 10B H 12A S 14 H 16B S 22 H 22B H 25B S 28


Ron Mendive Daniel Santiago Darrell Bolz Robert Anderst Marv Hagedorn Graham Paterson Russell M. Fulcher Jason Monks Cindy Shotswell Jim Guthrie

3732 S Dusty Ln 3439 Syringa Dr. 3412 College Ave. 7401 E. Grey Lag Dr. 5285 W. Ridgeside St. 7313 Kingston Dr. 4035 S. Linder Rd. 1002 W. Washington Dr. 596 Pioneer Mountain Loop 425 W. Goodenough

Coeur d'Alene Lewiston Caldwell Nampa Meridian Boise Meridian Meridian Jerome McCammon


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R Linden B. Bateman 170 E. 23rd St. Idaho Falls Bob Nonini 5875 W. Harbor Dr. Coeur d'Alene R Greg Romriell 615 S 19th Ave. Pocatello R Julie Van Orden 425 S. 1100 W. Pingree UNIDENTIFIED RESPONSE - No Return Address or Internal Identity


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H 33 B

S 3

ders to wear a helmet at all times

S 29 H 31 B


ating motorcycle usage on streets

H 2A


Vito Barbieri

564 E. Prairie Ave.

Dalton Gardens



alties for death or injury from unsure)

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Shannon McMillan Steven Thayn Lynn M. Luker Don Howard James Holtzclaw Barbara Ann Clark

PO Box 26 5655 Hill Rd. 514 S. El Blanco Dr. 1718 N. 14th St. 3720 N. Heritage View Ave. 985 October Cove

Silverton Emmett Boise Boise Meridian Shelley


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Gresham Bouma

PO Box 105




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Joanna Clausen Steve Worthley Christy Perry Gary E. Collins Bob Croker Ralph Mossman Paul Romrell

3654 W Central Rd. 355 W. Main 8791 Elkhorn Ln. 2019 East Massachusetts 1625 Gwen Dr. 240 N. 5th. E. 512 Park St.

Emmett Weiser Nampa Nampa Pocatello Driggs Saint Anthony


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Jeffrey Laing 3013 N 28th St. Boise UNIDENTIFIED RESPONSE - No Return Address or Internal Identity Paul E. Shepherd PO Box 277 Riggins John Bradbury 729 Preston Ave. Lewiston Lee-Mark Ruff PO Box 2079 Boise Mike Washburn PO Box 1276 Boise Thomas E. "Tom" Dayley 4892 S. Willandra Wy Boise Jim Patrick 2231 E. 3200 North Twin Falls


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mily member held a motorcycle

UNIDENTIFIED RESPONSE - No Return Address or Internal Identity

UNIDENTIFIED RESPONSE - No Return Address or Internal Identity

game plan with which to configure h from a general overview of the to these questions. We feel this a d rather than a “seat of the pants”

ho State House and Senate, 2012. ion of individual freedoms that the how you would continue to support . n the Idaho House or Senate

's license endorsed for


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R Jo An E. Wood D Janet Callen

3778 E. 500 N. 1392 W. Ocean Ave.

Rigby Coeur d'Alene


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R Kenneth B. De Vries R Rick D. Youngblood R Sheryl L Nuxoll R Dave Bowen R Maxine T Bell

333 Lost Trail St. 12612 Smith Ave. 805 N Maple 1375 Jane St. 194 South 300 East

Saint Maries Nampa Cottonwood Pocatello Jerome


83861 83651 83522 83201 83338

Average of Above Responses

H = Idaho House S = Idaho Senate "4 or 4 A" = District


Less Supportive

D Donna Pence D Henry De Angelis R Ed Morse


More Motorcycle Friendly

H 26B H 33 B H 2B

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Two Wheel Advocate

Page 8

Coming Home - and the Power of Choice I ride, and those who know me know I ride. They also know this is not about to change. And, for whatever reason, those who care about me - my wife, family, friends, and co-workers – want me to come home from each and every ride safely. We make riding choices every time we throw a leg over. My choices about when, where, and how I ride are influenced by how much I care for the people in my life. To be perfectly honest, I want to come home from each ride safely too – but it’s more than that. They don’t want to lose me – and I don’t want to leave them. Who do you have in your life that wants you to come home? Your kids? Your wife or husband? Your brothers and sisters? Your parents? Your friends? I am free to decide how I’ll ride, and I make those choices; not because the government tells me to; not because my riding buddies tell me to; but because I choose to. For me, and for the ones I care about, I choose:

• To ride sober • To ride within my own limits (skill, judgment, fatigue, etc.) • To keep my riding skills sharp (take training, practice) • To dress for comfort, visibility, and protection • To wear gear that protects my body, my hands, my feet, my eyes, and my head • To get my eyes up and look well down the road and all the way through my turns

Your choices are up to you and no one else. Ride safe – honor the ones who love you. Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program 1-888-280-STAR (7827)

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Two Wheel Advocate

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Two Wheel Advocate

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If they made a law that we couldn’t wear helmets – we’d fight that too. The issue is Freedom of Choice. Idaho still has Freedom of Choice. Help keep it that way. Join ICMS today.

JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: Idaho.Coalition.for.Motorcycle.Safety

Two Wheel Advocate

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ICMS Membership Form General Subscriber Fees: $25.00/year per person–$35.00/year per couple

Club/Group Affiliation

Name (Please Print)

Fee Inclosed

Second Name (If couple desired) (Print)

Phone Number

Mailing Address City


Zip Code



At a time when our democratic process stands ready to strip us as motorcyclists and citizens of our their rights to ride free and unencumbered, the ICMS offers all motorcyclists the opportunity to join together and fight back. Whether the issue is mandatory helmet use, or discrimination against "lifestyle" choice, or our safety on Idaho’s roads, the ICMS organization is prepared to mobilize its strengths in the direction of best defense... and one of the ICMS's greatest strengths is in its membership. The ICMS believes the direction of best defense is through education; from educating its membership on the latest legislative battle to educating the legislators themselves on "the other half of the story;" to making motorists more aware of motorcyclists on our highways to training riders to ride safe. Joining the ICMS is making a commitment to defend your freedom with active involvement and financial support. As an ICMS member, you have the opportunity to attend monthly Board meetings, runs, rallies, and a host of other events throughout the state. The most active members are involved by joining committees, holding office, manning telephones, writing articles for the newsletter or doing any one of the million-and-one things that have to be done. ICMS members tend not to be passive. Some of the other benefits of membership include: membership card, sew-on patch, newsletters, and membership pin.

Help promote motorcycle education and awareness. Please donate, we are a 501C3 Corporation. Your donation is tax deductible. To donate go to our web-site listed at the bottom. Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education (MRFA&E) 236 Massachusetts Avenue NE, #204 Washington, D.C. 20002 (202) 546-0983

IDAHO COALITION FOR MOTORCYCLE SAFETY, INC. PO BOX 2732 BOISE, ID 83701-2732 A non profit organization


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