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Trade Show december 2013 03/2013

IFAM, 29.-31.01.2014 Slovenia ICM launch NEW website B2B Matchmaking

TIPS for Trade Show Plan for Trade Show Success

RWE 12.-14.03.2014 Serbia NEW name for International Exhibition for Renewable Energy


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Warmest thoughts and best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year 2014 ! from


RWE – International Exhibition for Renewable Energy 2014 RWE – International Exhibition for Renewable Energy; We decided to merge our two specialized Exhibitions SOLAR & BIOMASS into one. With new logo we combine all areas renewable energy under one Brand, RWE – International Exhibition for Renewable Energy; Logo RWE in 2014 will use parallel with trademarks Solar & Biomass, from 2015- RWE will be trademark alone. RWE promote solar energy, biomass, wind, photovoltaic, biogas and biofuels, geothermal and hydropower.

B2B Matchmaking SOLAR & BIOMASS and ThermAQUA 2014

http:// S E R B I A

RWE encourages and promising new market offer, promote the use of renewable energy sources, provides comprehensive information on the latest developments, trends, services and products. RWE will give an opportunity to the technical and professional experts to share the same platform and to exchange new and innovative ideas, thoughts and views with each other.



Plan for Trade Show Success

Planning Checklist 6-12 months in advance • Plan a realistic budget • Select shows & book spaces • Set measurable goals for the year 4 months • Set objectives and measureable goals for each show • Determine marketing message tailored to show audience and show objectives • Read through Exhibitor Manual for show rules and deadlines • Begin working on exhibit and graphic design for larger exhibits • Plan pre-show promotions

A successful trade show program integrates with your company's overall marketing strategy, produces measurable results, and delivers maximum ROI. It is unlikely all of these things will happen by pure coincidence, rather it will take careful planning through every step from selecting which shows to attend, what your exhibit and graphics should look like at each show, pre-show promotion and follow-up after the show. Here is a checklist to help keep you on track or contact us for help putting the plan together.

IFAM Slovenia 2014 / 29.-31.01.2014

3 months • Select booth staff and create booth duty schedule • Make flight/hotel reservations • Plan supporting materials (demos, literature etc.) 6-8 weeks • Review progress on large exhibit, begin production on smaller exhibit • Order/produce supporting materials • Execute pre-show promotion, advertising and press releases • Order show services 3-4 weeks • Continue pre-show promotion • Implement booth staff training • Preview exhibit • Confirm shipping arrangements 1-2 weeks • Distribute travel information/documents • Assemble trade show tool kit • Collect all paperwork and items to take to the show At the show before opening • Confirm arrival of exhibit, product, literature and supervise setup • Pick up badges • Conduct pre-show meeting with staff 1 week after the show • Follow-up on hot leads • Confirm return of exhibit properties, address any damage 2-4 weeks after the show • Follow-up on all other leads • Conduct a post-show review and asses attainment of goals and objectives • Begin planning for next year


RS Meet us at RWE Serbia 2014 /Belgrade from 12-14.03.2014

Termomont doo is one of the leading companies in South-East Europe in the field of production of solid fuel boilers. Production facilities are located in a new and modern plant in Šimanovci (25 km from Belgrade, on E-75 highway) We use last generation state-of-the-art equipment such as fiber lasers, ultra high precision bending machines and welding robots. We export to 18 countries with an overall anual production that exceeds 20.000 units per year. 30% of our production goes on renewable energy products - in our case, wood pellet boilers and burners. At fair we will exhibit our compact wood pellet boiler line "TOBY" 12-50 KW and for the first time, we will show the brand new self-cleaning medium-power boiler TOBY BLOCK 100.

CHERBROS s. a. more than 60 years produces and distributes in Greece, brass fittings for plumbing, heating and solar installations. As early as the 90's CHERBROS dynamically joined the international competition, operating in a globalized market environment. The ongoing demands of the market concerning the quality of the brass fittings resulted in the acquisition of the Quality System EN ISO 9001: 2008 and the insurance against civil law liability through ALLIANZ.

Promptly implementing a long-term investment project aimed at modernizing and automating its production facilities and combined with a rigorous quality policy, the company dynamically increased its product range, now offering more than 1.200 products codes. CHERBROS's major competitive advantage is the long and extensive experience and know-how due to which the company produces well-known products of high quality than can fully satisfy the needs of the modern professional.


RS ThermAQUA 12.-14.03.2014, Belgrade

HVAC Efficiency Award for Caleffi! During the HVAC Easyfairs fair in Brussels (26 and 27 September 2013) Caleffi has been awarded with t h e H VA C E ffi c i e n c y Aw a r d 2 0 1 3 . This award recognizes the most innovative product in the field of energy efficiency. Both jury and audience rewarded the distribution units of Caleffi (SATK20 SATK30 - SATK40) as the strongest entry in the competition in the field of renewable energy and rational use of energy. Mauro Manfredi, Marketing & Sales Manager at Caleffi, is proud to receive this recognition. "Caleffi invests heavily in energy efficiency," says Mauro Manfredi. "Every day, about 30 people in our research center in Italy are engaged in testing, improving and developing products and concepts. Priority in that research is sustainability and rational use of energy. Our distribution units are one of our flagship products in the field of energy efficiency. We are therefore very satisfied to see these efforts rewarded. According to Mauro Manfredi, distribution units are a textbook example of energy: "In larger construction projects, decentralized heating systems are becoming an obvious choice. This translates into a central heating system with a distribution unit per dwelling instead of an individual boiler per property. This allows the client to to save on installation costs and to generate electricity with renewable energies." Will a Live Presentation Work In Your Booth?


According to trade show research, live presentations are the third most important reason people remember a trade show exhibit, after display size and product interest. Any form of live presentation, such as a staged product demonstration, theatrical skit, magician, game show, choreography, video, audio, robots or singers, can attract a throng of visitors to your booth. Before deciding to make this powerful promotional tool an integral part of your trade show exhibit, reviewing this list of action steps can help start thinking about how to do it best. 1. Consider your show objectives 2. Project the right image 3. Think about your audience 4. Have a realistic budget 5. Be professional 6. Grab attention and encourage action 7. Focus your staff 8. Monitor and capture leads 9. Deal with logistical issues 10. Evaluate success


Business Matchmaking/ B2B Let us support you!!!


We’re professional and reliable!




IFAM & INTRONIKA is addressed to companies, research centres and universities interested in bilateral meetings for technological and commercial purposes and in finding out new potential cooperation partners in the Automation, Robotics, Mechatronics, Professional and Industrial Electronics, measurment industry. Participating in the matchmaking event is free of charge and will also give participants the opportunity to attend high-level conferences, workshops and interesting presentation in Business forum.

Costs: Participation to B2B meetings is free of charge.

IRENA opens renewable energy cost analysis portal Source: Presentation by Michael Taylor and IRENA

At the recently held GeoPower Global Markets event in Amsterdam, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) analyst Michael Taylor gave an interesting presentation on a cost analysis of renewable energy technology options. IRENA launched a web portal that provides an overview on renewable energy cost analysis. ( The portal provides access to IRENA’s data and analysis at no cost to users. “IRENA has developed the most current and comprehensive global database of renewable energy project costs available to the public. Our new portal makes this resource available for policy makers, businesses and the renewable energy community worldwide,” said Dolf Gielen, Director of the IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre in Bonn, Germany, and project leader for this initiative. The data shows that the costs of renewable energy are declining, sometimes rapidly. The new portal showcases IRENA’s position as the global source for cost and performance data of all renewable energy technologies. The web portal makes the latest and best cost data, as well as the Agency’s analysis, publications, presentations and charts accessible to the public. It provides an important service for the further development of renewable energy globally. Often, the lack of up-to-date, accurate and reliable data on cost and performance was seen as a barrier to the uptake of renewable energy technologies. IRENA’s new web portal is ensuring that this will not be the case in the future and the debate about the role of renewable energy technologies in the energy sector Meet us at RWE Serbia 2014 /Belgrade from 12-14.03.2014

Ariston Heating technology



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Advertisment A5 (in €) 150 150 150 150

Advertisment 1 / 4 (in €) 100 100 100 100

Text 150 words & LOGO/pic (in €) 150 150 150 150

*Remark; prices are valid only for Exhibitors, non Exhibitors have surchage of 50%.


Newsletter 3/ dec 2013  

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