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Alicia in wonderland


licia San Juan McNulty is the new ‘Reina del Carnaval’ for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, following a highly enjoyable Gala evening, where she beat 11 other contestants to take what is a highly coveted crown indeed. Alicia didn’t expect to win and told Island Connections, “I was convinced someone else had been picked. I stood there just enjoying the occasion and even began waving to my family and friends, thinking ‘well, that’s it all over’”, but it was her name that was called out as the winner, and for the next year she will be involved in a lot of promotional work which will probably involve foreign travel as well, promoting the island of Tenerife as well as the event itself.

Alicia San Juan McNulty ‘Reina del Carnaval’

Power Struggle Electricity Bad weather black-outs sees new focus on power needs Page 5

Selling the south Joint approach The Tenerife Cabildo evolves an all-encompassing plan for the south Page 12

The Management Los Gigantes

That Alicia was chosen as a candidate is a reflection of the changing face of the Canaries, and the rise of the next generation of young multi-cultural residents.

The hottest act in the South West is back on stage Page 15

Swine Flu Don’t panic!

As with last year’s winner, Ana María Tavarez Mata, Alicia’s heritage is culturally mixed, her mother is from Belfast and her father from La Palma, and both they and Mame Yame Matallah, the newly crowned queen of the Carnaval de Las Palmas, whose parents are from Mauritania, represent a multi-ethnic Canaries, a 21st century Canaries.

Global scare or were we really in danger from the new flu strain? Page 24

CD Tenerife

All is not lost

A home win sees points on the table, but the side are still second from the bottom

Credit: Phil Crean

Read our exclusive interviews with Alicia (page 2) and her mother Alice (page 3).

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EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


Credit Phil Crean


Alice’s Wonderland

What it’s like being ‘Carnaval’ Queen T

his year’s Santa Cruz Carnaval Queen only knew she would be competing in the contest a couple of weeks before the big event which has changed her life dramatically over the past few days. In an exclusive interview with Island Connections, 23year-old half-Irish medical student Alicia San Juan-McNulty described her hectic lifestyle since she was voted among a dozen glamorous contestants to represent the world-famous Carnaval for the coming year, a job that will involve a string of commitments, including possible promotional travel to other

countries. Alicia, who ticked all the boxes in terms of the requirements of Leo Martínez, the renowned designer who created the stunning Alice in Wonderland costume worn for the live TV Gala, revealed that she only saw the massive work of art on the actual day. “I had seen bits and pieces and tried on some of the heavier parts to make sure I could cope. But I never saw the full version until the final rehearsal. It was massive and weighed around 325 kilos in all according to the media, so it was just as well it had wheels underneath to allow me to move around in it. All my gym training at the Body Factory came in handy also”.

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Alicia came to the designer’s attention through contacts at a Santa Cruz event marketing agency for which she works occasionally. Someone suggested to Martínez, who had been commissioned by the El Día newspaper to design the outfit and find the right person to wear it, that he should look at her because she seemed to fit the bill. “He was on the look-out for someone of northern or central European complexion, to fit the Alice in Wonderland archetype. My name is Alice also, which was an added bonus, and obviously with my family background I can speak English, which is needed for promotion work for the carnaval. I got a call to go and see him and got the job, as it were, just a week before the official presentation of the contestants”. The night of the Gala itself remains something of a blur for Alicia, who admits she didn’t think she had won. The girls had been told beforehand that the organisers would know the results

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minutes before the official jur y verdict was publicly announced and they would be discreetly rearranged to ensure the Queen would be positioned correctly for the media frenzy. “I was being pushed to one side so I was convinced someone else had been picked. I stood there just enjoying the occasion and even began waving to my family and friends, thinking ‘well, that’s it all over’. I didn’t even hear my name properly because of the poor acoustics on stage but I thought I caught the word McNulty. Since there was only one of us with that name…. I was so excited I even forgot I had this massive outfit on and I bumped into a girl standing near me as I began to walk for ward! Within seconds I was confronted by a big wall of photographers and TV cameras”. Since then, Alicia’s life has literally been taken over by her engagements, including three big Parades, a host of official lunches and dinners and even a presence at the

First Division game between Tenerife and Majorca, where she was called on to perform the honorary kick-off. “I am hoping that, since I brought them luck, they will keep up the momentum of nice gestures with a ticket to see my favourite team, Real Madrid, this week-end” she joked. The special team jersey with her name on the back and club scarf are just two of the gifts she has received from hosts and sponsors. “I have so many bouquets of flowers we have run out of vases at home to keep them in. I have also been given ear-rings and a necklace as thanks for attending Carnaval functions in, for example, the island’s Yacht Club.” Not that she will become rich through her royal role. A cash prize of just over a thousand euros is the only reward, but she may have to wait to get it judging by payment delays suffered by past Queens. The constant r ushing around is the only downside suffered thus far by the new Queen, who admits to being

By Karl McLaughlin very tired, particularly during the first week, when she got virtually no sleep. “You are inevitably exploited a little and have to go all over the place for media interviews and functions. Apart from the first day or two, when a press officer organised the diary, I have been left to look after myself, which often means making my own decisions, not to say my own arrangements to get, say, to Puerto de la Cruz, where El Día TV is based. My car broke down the first day and I have been using my Mum’s since then. Luckily she went away to Alicante for a few days but now she is back it will get more difficult. Someone told me my predecessor last year had the occasional use of a sponsor’s car so maybe I will get one also!” However, the only negative is more than offset by the massive positives gained from being Queen, “a fantastic experience” according to Alicia: ‘It sounds like a cliché maybe, but you really do get treated like a queen; people


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010

are very attentive and kind. The guy at the barrier in the Exhibition Centre lets me park there no problem now! I think part of my enjoyment comes from the fact that I was never obsessed with being queen. I got on very well with the other girls but you could see that for some, particularly those who have been turning up for years to castings to be selected as candidates, winning was very important. I think there is, as with all competitions of the type, some degree of envy. “Ever since I was chosen we have heard all sorts of accusations on the rumour mill, for example, that my brother works with Leo Martínez, my Mum is on the staff at El Día and several family friends were on the jury. Not true, any of it. This came my way by chance and I am just getting on with having fun and enjoying meeting so many new and interesting people. I don’t see it as a stepping stone to a modelling career. On the night, to see my family and friends, many of them with giant banners and T-shirts with my name and photo, was enough of a thrill in itself”. As to the future, Alicia is not sure exactly how much work will be expected of her as the ‘Reina de Carnaval’ and she hopes it will not clash too much with her medical studies at La Laguna University, although she is certain a suitable balance can be achieved. Once she obtains her degree, she wants to specialise in cardiology or eye surger y “but not orthopaedics, I can’t stand the thought of putting screws into people’s knees and legs”. In the shorter term, when things die down a bit, she also wants to find time to switch riding the current wave of fame for some horse riding, which she has loved when on family holidays in Cork in Ireland. She has already received an invite from one riding club near her home to get in the saddle any time.


News in Brief Alice McNulty received a Queen Mother sash and crown from her pupils

Royal connections

Tenerife’s Queen Mother them up around the school” Alicia’s headline-hitting success has also brought unexpected consequences in the form of calls from people her mother had not heard from for many years. The phone at home started ringing the following morning and hasn’t stopped since, with many names from the past getting in touch to say they had seen Alicia on TV and in the papers.

Alice pictured proudly beside her daughter’s giant float on Parade Night


eople throughout the Canaries will be familiar with the face of the most photographed person on the island (and in this edition of Island Connections) in recent weeks, Tenerife Carnival Queen Alicia San Juan, but how many know about her Nor thern Ireland connection? The 23-year-old La Laguna University student’s mother, Alice McNulty, is originally from Belfast but through a quirk of fate (aka Cupid’s Arrow) has lived for over 30 years on the island. Alice’s life took a decisive turn when she was working at Warner’s Holiday Camp in Devon and coincided there with a young man originally from La Palma but who moved to Tenerife at the age of 14.

DISCOUN TS: I N V ES TM E N T OPPOR T UNI T Y Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n p l e a s e v i si t : w w w. p u e b l o d o n t h o m a s . c o m o r co nta c t : + (3 4) 92 2 6 2 8 3 8 3

Pueblo Don Thomas, La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain.



Carnaval is far from an unfamiliar world for the San Juan-McNulty family, according to Mum. ‘When the kids were much younger we would always take them out during carnival. We particularly loved the one in Puerto de La Cruz because The rest can be guessed…they of the reactions on the tourists’ married in Belfast five years later faces’. Alicia’s older sister Fayna was even a member of the dance and have lived here ever since. troupe ‘Los Danzarines Canarios’ Having trained as a primar y for a couple of years. school teacher in Jordanstown, Alice recalls vividly the night her she now works in a small school in Guamasa, not far from Tenerife daughter was ‘crowned’ Queen (the North Airport. The success of the winners don’t get a crown as such youngest of her four children has because it doesn’t fit on their head brought unexpected ‘royal’ fame due to the massive head-gear). “I for Alice also, including a surprise was there among the audience of coronation of her own: “The kids 6,000 with my husband, Andrés, at my school held their carnival and two sisters-in-law. You really party a few days after Alicia was have to be there to appreciate it all: chosen as Queen and they invited the sheer size of the gigantic stage me on stage, where they sat me on cannot be captured properly on an improvised ‘throne’ and placed TV. It was an excellent Gala Show a sash around me with the words and then the exciting but nervy Queen Mother on it. It was very part came. nice of them, not to say touching As they started announcing the for me. Other pupils did giant ‘Congratulations Alicia’ posters and put four runners-up and Alicia’s name



ents. Apartm & s a l Vil uxury sold. Built L er ties p o r P the 0% of Over 7 uction constr y t i l a u H i g h Qa l s . i r rfect e t a m rs a pe e ff o d l an ca era Isl cologi L a G o me a n d i s a n e climat re. treasu wned a r e n o n y. s i n e a s l p F r e d . Oa t i o n a l c o m n r e t n i



2 9 9. 0 0


was not among them I began thinking how we would console her by stressing how well she had done just to get selected as a candidate. Suddenly her name was announced as the Carnaval Queen! What happened next was pure chaos. A rush of photographers and a general media scrum. We couldn’t get near here initially and had to be happy with waving to her from a distance”. The lack of contact was a foretaste of things to come, however, as Alicia was swept from her family in a blaze of publicity that has kept her away from home near Alcampo in La Laguna for several days and nights. “I didn’t see her for almost three days at first. She got back around 4.30 am after the Gala and the phone rang an hour later at 5.30 for her to go down to the El Día newspaper (her sponsor) for interviews. She got no sleep. I got up and went to her room to give her a congratulatory hug and from then on we were like ships crossing in the night. It has been an experience for her, a very exhausting one, which she will remember for the rest of her life.” An experience her mother is confident will be useful to her but will not change her: “She has her two feet firmly on the ground and is very determined to see her medical studies through. Her new public life as ‘Reina de Carnaval’ will not derail her from that”.


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EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

Stormy weather

La Palma counts cost L

a Palma’s tourist industry is counting the cost of the chaos caused by the stor ms which closed the island’s airport for nearly four days and forced tour operators to divert holidaymakers elsewhere. The closure of the port also meant that hundreds of people who had intended to spend a few days on La

Palma for the carnival had to make alternative plans. Early estimates put the carnival losses alone at around half a million euros but the local sector is more worried at the possible repercussions if tour operators decide the many weather-related incidents of late are making La Palma a risky investment. Flights from England, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium had to be

diverted at the height of the bad weather this week. Other islands were also affected by the extremely stormy weather, with a Ryanair flight from Bournemouth to Lanzarote forced to land on Fuerteventura. Some passengers did complain that they were left to make their own onward travel arrangements, catching ferries to Lanzarote, however other reports stated

that the company later said the passengers had been provided with passenger rights regulation information, which outlines their entitlement to hotel expenses and that the money would be refunded if receipts were shown. Stephen McNamara, Ryanair head of communications, told the BBC, “Passengers were provided with EU261 (a European passenger rights regulation) information which outlines their entitlement to provide receipted hotel expenses to Ryanair, for refund. Ryanair arranged that the ferry company would carry affected Ryanair passengers to Lanzarote free of charge when ferries recommenced the following morning.” He added that Ryanair could never put passenger convenience before safety.


Happy 18th Birthday Aaron

Tourism statistics

Good news for tourism F

or the first time in the last 18 months the number of tourists to Spain increased in the year on year figures in Januar y. The country received 2.54 million tourists in the first month of this year, an increase of 1.1 per cent over January

2009. The Canaries was the most popular destination with 795,815 tourists coming to the islands, 1.6 per cent more overall than January the previous year. However the success was unequal with only Tenerife and La Palma registering an increase in visitors at 2.5 per cent and 1.5 per cent respectively. There were

16.54 per cent more visitors from the Spanish peninsula to Tenerife, 0.45 per cent more Brits and 2.2 per cent more Germans. However across Spain, the German market decreased by 6.3 per cent compared with last year as 417,000 tourists arrived at Spanish ports and the British market reduced

even fur ther with 8.1 per cent clients less at 528,306 overall. It must also be borne in mind that the comparisons are against 2009, when we lost more tourists than ever before with a drop of 10 per cent across the country, a total of 2.6 million visitors. Local tourism chiefs are cautiously optimistic.

Traffic control

More law The Canarian traffic department of the Civil Guard has just been strengthened. Drivers, be on your best behaviour and toe the white lines with care, as 85 new officers equipped with 55 new cars and motorbikes have just been recruited to reinforce the safety on our roads.

Canaries Lanzarote



Fake notes

Warmest year for decade

Briton arrested

Lanzarote had its warmest and driest year for a decade in 2009.

The 20-year-old was arrested after his hotel in Puerto del Carmen contacted police with its suspicions that the money he was using to pay for drinks and other services had shown up false on their detectors. A local taxi also reported receiving a €50 note from the same client. The Civil Guard in the resort found a further €750 in fake notes in the safe of his hotel room, along with £1,100 in genuine banknotes. Police say he used the notes to buy inexpensive items in order to receive the change in legal tender.

Weather data studied by the island’s Cabildo show that the average year-round temperature was 21.9ºC, slightly up on the previous high, which was recorded in 2008. July was the warmest month at 27ºC, just ahead of August. In only four months (January to April) did the average dip below 20ºC. Despite the heavy rain that fell in December, in which half the total figure for the year was recorded, the island’s rainfall was the lowest also for ten years, with no rain at all falling in May, June, July, August and November.

A spending spree with fake banknotes has landed a Briton in trouble on Lanzarote.


Canarians “spend longer on sex” Canarians devote more time to sex than their counterparts in the rest of Spain, according to a study by a leading pharmaceutical firm. At almost three hours per week, the time allocation is well above the national average of 2.3 hours and only Cantabria in the north of the country matches the Canarian findings. The survey by Pfizer was based on a sample population of 3,000 individuals aged 25 to 70 drawn from all over the country. It revealed also that people from here are happier, and give higher priority to, their sex lives than others in Spain, although 88 per cent felt that there was room for improvement.


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ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010

Power blackouts

News in Brief

A group of Canarian holidaymakers who were caught up in the horrific floods and mudslides in Madeira are back home after a delayed return. Around 50 people from here were on the island when the freak weather destroyed parts of the capital Funchal and surrounding areas, killing 43 people, although the figure may rise further given the number of persons still unaccounted for. Two Tenerife friends described the chaos in Funchal as “Dantesque”. The Canarian passengers said airline Binter could have flown them back earlier from the disaster and complained that they had to cover their own costs after their flight on Thursday was cancelled. The Canarian government has offered to help with the clean-up operation in Madeira.


he Canarian President, Paulino Rivero, continues to claim that the electricity company, Endesa and managers Red Eléctrica, have a commitment to the Canaries, “which they are going to fulfil”.

During a business breakfast organised by the association of management progress, Rivero insisted that his government would be, “inflexible” and look for alternatives from other electricity suppliers. A meeting has already been scheduled for the beginning of March with the top man at Endesa and the President of Red Eléctrica España in the Canaries. “There has to be a series of commitments, including an audit of the existing systems, to be presented within the next six months,” he added. He indicated that the audit should be carried out by a totally independent operator, so that the real situation of the electric system in the archipelago can be assessed to

Photo credit Güímar Press Office

Electric commitment

Flood disaster

Holidaymakers tell of Madeira horror


Ecologists claim that what is needed is better maintenance

see if it is adequate for existing and future needs. “In the first place we want to find out the condition of the electric system and secondly, we want an improvement plan for the electricity power stations within the next two months, especially at Jinámar (Gran Canaria) and Las Caletillas (Tenerife). In

third place, within a month, REE should also present an improvement plan for the Canarian substations and fulfil those plans,” Rivero emphasised. He went on to call for action from the Regional Government to use the exceptional provisions allowed by law for actions to force

investment in and updating of the system. He claimed that so far the suppliers have used excuses to prevent this investment, excuses which they intend to remove. Many claim that it is so much hot air, that Rivero will have a hard job getting the REE out of the islands and that the share of the cake

is not enticing enough to bring in alternative operators. Increased charges without increased services and a continuous series of blackouts whenever there are storms or high winds are infuriating customers and little appears to have been done since tropical storm Delta in 2005, apart from the Calvar y nicknamed pylon eyesores from the airport to the south and the capital. Ecologists are worried that the Regional Government will try and use these latest breakdowns in the system as an excuse to force through the building of another power station rather than improving maintenance of the existing services and promoting less reliance on external energy sources. The Sí Se Puede party warns that the government might use public anger at the recent incidents to do the opposite and open talks for a new station to increase capacity instead of continuing the drive for a more sustainable approach to energy.



EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


News in Brief

ers say his exclusion from even a token role would be disastrous for the party and have promised to keep his legacy alive. Other candidates who look certain to bid for the leadership and run for the Canarian presidency in 2011 are the current Gran Canaria Cabildo boss José Miguel Pérez and La Palma’s Marcos Pérez.

Lopez Aguilar’s supporters don’t want him excluded from all aspects of local political life


Four wheels ... By Barbara Belt


ermigua’s two local policemen are the proud users of the town’s first municipal police car. A grant of €18,000 from the regional government, €13,500 of which went on buying the vehicle, and the rest on what must rate as one of the most expensive repaint and refit jobs of all

time, has made this leap into the twenty-first century possible. Mayoress Solveida Clemente, following the hallowed island tradition of using all events, great or small, for some political chest-beating, confirmed that, “... the council will continue to work to improve services provided to the local population, as well as the working conditions of the local police, especially given the winter weather.”

Until now, the town’s two policemen have had to content themselves with fifty CC mopeds, rendering a serious chase of any criminals virtually impossible and leaving them, more impor tantly, since Hermigua is a tranquil place not prone to outbreaks of crime so much as inclement gusts of winter wind and rain, rather exposed to the elements. The policemen expressed satisfaction with their new car. “This is more like it! If it rains now, we won’t get wet,” they confirmed. Hermigua’s mayor Solveida Clemente

La Palma is hoping to house the new E-ELT

Credit: IAC


ship contenders have already made it known that they do not want him to have any say in the party as of now. “Juan Fernando has done a lot to make us the biggest single party in the Canaries even though we did not get into power. But we need to move forward and I don’t see him occupying any role, even an honorary presidency, if I become leader” vowed early front-runner Arcadio Díaz, who is a senator in the Spanish Parliament. However, Aguilar support-

Credit inma mesa

PSOE leadership battle begins anarian socialists are preparing for what is expected to be a hard-fought contest to choose a new leader in March. Senior figures in the PSOE party are doing their best to convey an impression of unity but the first cracks have already started appearing concerning the future role of current leader Juan Fernando López Aguilar. The former Spanish justice minister is now an MEP in Brussels and some leader-



Backing received for supertelescope After weeks of speculation that the Spanish government would not give financial support to the project, the Canarian authorities say La Palma’s bid to host the world’s biggest telescope is very much back on track. Last-minute talks at the highest level with Madrid appear to have secured an agreement to cover the massive cost if the European Southern Observatory decides to award the project to the island. Madrid was lukewarm in its backing in recent months but recent political pressure, including unanimous support from the European Parliament for the telescope to be built and based on La Palma and not in the La Silla Observatory in Chile, forced a change of tune. Science minister Cristina Garmendia said that “a competitive offer” would be tabled to the ESO by the project deadline on 3 March. The ESO says the revolutionary new European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) will be 42 metres in diameter and will be “the world’s biggest eye on the sky”.

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010

La Gomera


The old school By Barbara Belt


he mayor of Alajeró, Manuel Ramón Plasencia Barroso, and the director general of the regional government tourist of fice, Sebastián Ledesma, have signed contracts to start work on a new rural hotel in Imada. Maria del Carmen Piñero, representing the Cabildo, was also present at the ceremony.

has stood empty and in a deteriorating condition ever since. There are many such small school buldings on the island. Most are now abandoned, like the villages they served. The few children remaining are bused to schools in larger centres of population when possible, although these ‘colegios unitarios’ still exist in Arure, La Dama and Chipude/El Cercado.

The work will be carried out under the auspices of the Plan de Infraestructuras y Calidad Turística de Canarias, whose principal aim, according to regional government is, “... to improve the quality of tourist facilities and infrastructures throughout the Canarian archipelago.” Finance will be provided jointly by regional government and FEDER, the euro-funding body beloved in these parts for its bountiful coffers. Seemingly endless thousands of FEDER euros are spent on the islands, providing employment on its wide variety of projects. The new hotel will be housed in the old village school, which passed into council hands when it was closed many years ago and

They are small, village schools where children of all ages are taught together. There may be only ten or so children in the village and the low school roll does not justify employing more than one teacher. Although responsible for a tiny class, the teacher’s work is considerable. Planning for, teaching and keeping track of progress with a spectrum of ages that may range from three to twelve is exhausting, if done well, and requires a strong sense of patience, vocation, meticulous curriculum planning and a great deal of energy. Imada school was a typical colegio unitario, or village school. The downstairs of the small building housed the school’s one classroom,

while the teacher lived in accommodation provided on the first floor. Villagers are delighted that there will be life in the old school again. As neighbour Maria says, “...we all have lots of memories of going to school there. Some of the memories aren’t so sweet. One teacher in particular was a real haridan. The punishment meted out certainly wouldn’t be allowed today. But others were lovely and we all enjoyed being together. It was a real family school and it’s been sad to see the place falling apart. A hotel here will bring some life into the village and, hopefully, some work.” The old school will reopen as a small hotel towards the end of next year and will have a bar and cafeteria, with seven double bedrooms overlooking the sun terrace and garden.

The conversion should bring rural tourism to Imada


El Cotillo

Last orders for Torino? A beach bar favoured by ex-pats in Fuerteventura looks as if it could be for the chop by the island’s authorities. Rumours have been circulating for months that the El Torino bar and restaurant at El Cotillo is to be knocked down to make way for newer premises to be built further back from the shore,

in compliance with coastal regulations. It appears that the prospect has moved a step closer in the past couple of weeks and the popular eatery and sangria ser ver, not to mention sunset viewpoint, could be bulldozed in April. The news has angered residents and visitors, prompting comments on the island’s holiday forum. One poster said “this bar is part of the

character and uniqueness of El Cotillo and if it goes it will be a sad day. There used to be one on the beach at Corralejo dunes which has gone and again it is not the same sunbathing and not being able to go up for cool beer, don’t think the authorities want tourism on the Island as they remove all the things that we come for”.

La Gomera

Cruise liners

New port of call La Gomera capital San Sebastián will host large cruise liners as of the autumn once work on extending the jetty at the harbour is completed. The berthing facility, which is being extended by 100 metres to allow the bigger ships

to dock, should be finished by September and a German liner, the Mein Schiff, has already made plans to visit on 17 November. The Port Authority and Cabildo say the ship will visit La Gomera every other Friday as of that date, bringing up to 3,600 passengers

each time, and talks are under way with other companies to add the island to their ports of call for the winter season. In all, just over 12 million euros are being spent on the extension, including a bigger and more modern passenger terminal.

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EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


News in Brief

Doctors dispute waiting list figures D

octors here say recent figures showing apparent improvements to surger y waiting lists give a misleading impression of the problem. Within days of the Department of Health announcing that the number of people waiting for over three months for an operation had been cut by almost a quarter in recent times, doctors in Las Palmas held a press conference to rectify the “biased picture painted”. Dr Isidro Rexachs, head of the Las Palmas Medical Association said “the impression given is that all is well but the Depart-

Judicial investigation

Karate sex abuse allegations A Canarian judge has launched a nationwide search for more victims of alleged sexual abuse at a top Las Palmas karate school.

ment fails to say that up to 11 steps must be followed between the first consultation with a family doctor and actually entering an operating theatre”. He added, “completing all the steps can take up to a year, depending on the health centre which refers the patient to a specialist”. Rexachs criticised the health authorities for presenting the figures as a worst case scenario when “nobody gets a surgery appointment in less than three months”. The Association says that 42 family doctors are needed urgently to fill positions in local health centres.

Judge Miguel Angel Parramón has already contacted several former pupils at the popular school, whose owner has been arrested on abuse charges. In all, five people, including two women, are being investigated in connection with the alleged abuse. Three have been remanded to Las Palmas prison pending further inquiries. News of the arrests has prompted many current and former pupils to come forward in the media with similar accusations. A number of the alleged victims are now adults and the judge wants others to come forward in order to have as full a picture as possible of the abuse that is said to have taken place for at least fifteen years. The school regularly sweeps the board at regional and national championships. The three people on remand are the owner, his girlfriend and another female karate instructor.

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El Laurel Parents Association

Low-flying plane I

ngenio council has taken up the case of dozens of local residents whose life is being made a miser y by aircraft noise from Gran Canaria airport. The council says it has received a flood of complaints from locals in recent times about planes that disregard the minimum height of 300 metres when overflying the El Burrero and Las Puntillas districts. Local police have monitored the situation over the past couple of years and have noted 62 separate breaches of the height rule by Binter, Islas Airways and the local air force base, which


has been identified as the main culprit. “The noise is so deafening when the air force jets fly over that you cannot have

a normal conversation. Our windows shake with the sonic bangs the fighters give off” said the chairman of the local residents association, Jacinto

Melián. One resident, María Morales, said the noise has made her four-year-old son “a ner vous wreck and he covers his ears at the sight of all planes”. The council is concerned that the planned extension to Gran Canaria Airport will make the problem worse, even though steps are already being taken to soundproof the houses af fected with double-glazing. The airport authority has admitted that an environmental impact assessment has identified almost 600 homes in the area that will see the decibel levels rise due to the extension.

Puerto Rico school delays Parents in Puertro Rico (Mogán) are threatening to organise protests at the failure of the education authorities to build the promised school for the area. The El Laurel Parents Association says six years have now passed since the promise was made to create a new school for pupils up to the age of 16 to take the pressure off the secondary school in Arguineguín, which suffers overcrowding problems. “The money was set aside years ago but we fear it will be diverted elsewhere. The local primary school cannot cope either and is badly under-funded, and we do not understand why this project is being delayed constantly when there is a spiralling population here that needs to be catered for” said a spokeswoman. Among the measures being considered are demonstrations at the two existing schools during school hours over the coming weeks.

San Cristóbal de La Laguna

World Heritage Cultural Site Free guided tours in English, German and French. Tourist Information Office Casa de los Capitanes Call to book tour: 922 631 194 Fax: 922 608 974 . E-Mail: Mondays to Sundays from 9am to 5pm

Tourist Information Office Los Rodeos Call to book tour: 922 825 046 Fax: 922 608 974 . E-Mail: Mondays to Sundays from 9am to 5pm

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7 Islands

Anti-traveller accusations



Prosecution call

La Laguna council flatly denies racist attitudes lie behind its decision not to allow travellers to set up a market in the city. Leaders of the local traveller community have been pushing for months to add La Laguna to the list of fixed weekly markets for them to sell clothing, footwear and other items. However, in a heated session attended by the travellers and members of the public, mayor Fernando Clavijo refused permission again. “I will not allow a market until a serious proposal is tabled for consideration. The travellers say the livelihoods of 300 families depend on the market but I have to consider the thousands of small traders living in the city, whose livelihoods are equally important”. The travellers say a petition submitted to the Council was ruled inadmissible because of a dispute over the validity of the signatures.

Los Rodeos

DRUG ARRESTS Detaining travellers suspected of carrying drugs in their luggage or within their bodies is becoming an almost daily routine at Los Rodeos, the north airport in Tenerife. However, the specially trained police become more watchful than usual during the carnival season when there is a bigger demand for drugs. A 49 year old man was spotted acting in a very nervous manner having just come off a flight on 12th February. He was searched and questioned before a scan revealed he was transporting 54 capsules containing cocaine within his body. A week earlier a young Polish citizen was arrested. Police found nothing in his luggage or on his body but another scan revealed 101 similar capsules containing cocaine. In another incident two women in their twenties were searched by a police woman. Both were found to be transporting cocaine internally.

Storm fallout

ISOLATION A small community of three families in Los Realejos is still cut off from the rest of the town in terms of transport. The families feel they have been abandoned by their town council. The problem is that the heavy rains last November destroyed the home-made road they had created for themselves fifty years ago. It joined their properties with a country road on the other side of a ravine. When the torrent came down the ravine it sliced through the road, known as El Camino de las Angostas, which joins Los Realejos with farmland above. The families, who are still unable to use their cars, are understandably concerned about what might happen in an emergency. Nevertheless, despite apparently having approval from the authorities to create their road, it may be officially considered as private and therefore not the responsibility of the public administration.


he mother of a young girl who died at the end of November several days after a fall in a playground is demanding legal action against doctors who wr ongly accused her partner of child abuse and allegedly disclosed the information to the media. The toddler, 3 year-old Aitana, suffered internal bleed-

ing and multiple bruises in the fall but doctors failed to realise the seriousness of the injuries when she was taken to the El Mojón health centre in Arona. Her condition deteriorated five days later and she was taken by her stepfather to hospital, where she died shortly after wards. Doctors at the hospital contacted police with con-

cerns that the injuries may have been caused by her stepfather, who was subsequently arrested and vilified in the media until the true origins of the injuries emerged. The family of the girl have hired a lawyer to press for prosecution of the medical staf f who released the stepfather’s details to newspapers, triggering a media frenzy for


over two days. They also want a formal investigation to determine the liability of the health centre which did not carr y out a proper examination on Aitana. Reacting to the news, the regional Department of Health said it would provide “all necessary legal support” to the doctors concerned in the event of possible action against them.


Rivero’s scandal row grows A

ir traf fic controllers in Tenerife have denied government accusations that they deliberately held up a helicopter carr ying the Canarian president on in inter-island flight. Paulino Rivero, who had publicly criticised controllers here for the disruption caused by a work to rule in December and January, was late for an appointment after his flight from Tenerife to Gran Canaria was delayed due to the tower’s insistence on clarifying the reason for the trip, which was to open a new primary school in Las Palmas.

emergency had occurred while the helicopter was away from its Tenerife base just to let the President get to another island more quickly” said a controller in reaction to the news that the government had asked the Airport Authority to investigate and, if necessary, discipline the persons involved in the hold-up.

The helicopter is normally used for medical emergencies and rescues

“The flight plan filed indicated an emergency, which is the status the Bell helicopter has since it is normally used for medical emergencies and

rescues. When we realised it was simply carrying dignitaries, we asked the pilot for a new flight plan to be filed. Imagine the scandal if a real

The incident has prompted calls for an investigation into Rivero’s use of the helicopters, which were contracted by the regional government for emergencies at a cost of 40 million euros over eight years, according to the La Opinión newspaper.


More doctors required R

amón Miranda, mayor of the old town of Garachico, has complained that there is a lack of doctors at medical centres in the north western lowlands of Tenerife. He said the situation was a special cause for concern in his municipality, especially in terms of child specialists.

He told reporters that many people were forced to go to Icod for medical treatment as a result. The mayor was disconcerted by a sign on the door at the local health centre announcing that it would be closed during carnival week due to the absence of a doctor and a nurse. Although funds are supposedly available to pay for substitutes when

health staff are ill or on holiday, they are frequently not replaced. It would appear that health management staff of the various areas are rewarded financially if their section saves money in areas such as replacement staff. The service to the tax paying public would seem not to have any importance whatsoever.



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lthough they cannot get involved in consumer issues, the British Consul here hope that the following information provided by the experts proves useful. In order to help you help yourself, they have compiled a list of top tips to consider when buying a product or a service. The list has been provided to the Consul by the Consumer Experts in Tenerife.


In Spain shops can charge what they like, but prices must be displayed

• Junta Arbitral de Consumo de Canarias (System of Consumer Arbitration), only for those establishments associated to the system. This system consists of a fast, simple and free procedure for the resolution of any commercial dispute.

We all have three key consumer rights: • Goods must be fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality and fit the description given

Top tips to guarantee good shopping • Compare prices before buying anything, consider value for money and remember, in Spain shops can charge as they wish but prices must always be shown. Be suspicious about bargains, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!! • Check labels and packaging for misspellings and poor logos, which could be signs of a fake. • Find out if you have any guarantees or after-sales service and if returning to the UK, check that the guarantee is valid there. You may have to return the product to the supplier’s country if there is a problem. Remember that guarantees should be clear, unambiguous and available

• Oficina Insular o Municipal de Información al Consumidor – OMIC (Consumers Office)- They can liaise with the establishment directly on your behalf to obtain a satisfactory resolution. Details for all offices in Tenerife are available from the Canaries Autonomous Government website: http://www.


Shop clever for you to see before you make a purchase. • Examine the quality of the goods and if applicable, ask the seller to test the product in your presence. • Ask for the receipt and always keep it together with the guarantee. Remember that the receipt is absolutely essential in case you need to change or repair the product. Keeping the receipt will also allow you to benefit from the two year guarantee. Remember that not all establishments


o continue with their efforts to provide an effective, modern and professional delivery service, The British Consul are issuing the following guidance on the notarial services they offer at their premises at the British Consulate in Santa Cruz deTenerife and also at their Consular Surgery South located in Lloyds TSB, Costa Adeje. The fees charged for these services can be paid by credit/debit card (Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard) or alternatively in cash (Euros only). The consul have also asked us to remind our readers that “our Consulate staff speak English and Spanish and they are very experienced in local customs and have a good knowledge of the British system”, but also of importance...”Consulate staff are unable to give you any legal advice. However, a list of English speaking lawyers in Tenerife is available on request.”

are obliged to reimburse the money and if they do, this should be specifically mentioned on the receipt. • When paying with credit/ debit card, always double check the amount before you sign the receipt.

How to avoid bogus holiday clubs • Never confuse timeshare with a holiday club. Timeshare is regulated by law and in Spain has a 10 day cooling-off period in which you can cancel the

contract and have your money refunded. Holiday clubs are not regulated by law. • Never provide any personal or financial information before you establish if the company is legitimate. • Take your time to read the contract carefully and to think about the implications before making a decision. • Make sure that everything that was promised to you at the presentation is confirmed in writing on the contract.

• Don’t sign anything, no matter how pressured you feel, unless you are absolutely sure it’s exactly what you want. If you are unsure of your position, don’t sign, wait until you get home and seek legal advice. • Remember: The chances of winning a luxury holiday in Tenerife or anywhere else in the world just by scratching a card in the middle of the street are very remote, so be very careful!!

How to make a complaint • Hoja de Reclamaciones (Complaints Book) available from any establishment selling products or services

• If the establishment is not associated to the System of Consumer Arbitration, you can direct your complaint to the Dirección General de Consumo del Gobierno de Canarias (Canaries Autonomous Government Consumers Office) : www. • For timeshare/holiday clubs or any other tourist related matter, you should contact the Consejeria de Turismo del Gobierno de Canarias (Tourist Board): They have the power to investigate and sanction if necessary: http://www. Remember that the Consulate will not be able to advise you on consumer issues but we hope that you find the tips provided above useful.

Consul note

Notarial services guide Preparing any certificate in standard form (i.e Consular Registration Certificate, Certificates of Law, EHIC Certificate ) Preparing any certificate otherwise than in standard form Attesting or legalising a signature (bank purposes, wills, private pensions, power of attorney, etc) Administering an oath or receiving a declaration or affirmation (bank purposes, wills, power of attorney, etc) Verifying a copy of a document such as a passport, driving licence, etc for banking transactions or any other purposes (First five copies) Translations of standard UK certificates such as Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates and Divorce Decree Absolute (from English into Spanish and viceversa)


Receiving notice of an intended marriage


Issuing a certificate that no impediment to an impending marriage exists


Processing the legalisation of documents issued in the UK for their use in Spain by forwarding them to the FCO in London (Apostille of the Hague Convention) Change of residence Certificate/ Baja Consular Certificate of “Soltería”


For further information, please contact the Consul quoting the following reference: INFNOT08. The Consul’s customary business office hours are: Monday to Friday, from 08:30am to 1:30pm. Telephone 922-286863. Address: Plaza Weyler, nº 8 -1º Santa Cruz de Tenerife or, only by appointment and twice a week, from 10:00am to 1:30pm at Lloyds TSB, Avenida Bruselas, local 3. Centro Comercial Terrazas del Duque, 38670 Costa Adeje. For more information on our services please check ukinspain. *Please note that due to fluctuations in the rate of exchange the above fees may be subject to changes.

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by the ONCE organisation, or the Iberamericano handwriting competition.

olegio Costa Adeje is a fully private, mixed and secular centre in the south of Tenerife, which currently of fers infant education for youngsters from four months to five years, primar y education from six to twelve years, secondary education from 13 to 16 years and senior secondar y education (Bachillerato) for 17 and 18 year olds.

The school was founded in 1986, beginning with 35 students in the three nursery levels. Year after year, they introduced the successive educational class years, so that by 1996 their first COU students graduated and since then 195 students have successfully finished COU and their Bachillerato with excellent results in the school leaving certificate and university entrance exam levels. Because it is based in the south of Tenerife, there are 27 nationalities in the school, which is an enriching challenge for integration and living together, for the children and adolescents and for the teachers. Being based in a primarily tourist area and organised in line with the Bolonia Agreement, that promotes a European education, they have given priority to languages. German is taught from three years old and during the second and third levels of ESO (secondary obligatory education), the children spend part of the summer holidays in Germany to practice the language and to make direct contact with the German culture. By the Bachillerato stage, the students have reached the appropriate standards to sit official exams such as the Goethe and Spanish Official Language School exams, at the varying levels, depending on their preparation. English classes begin in the first primary year and during secondary education the students travel to Great Britain in organised groups from the centre. They either stay in a residential centre or with British fami-


Looking forward in education


COLEGIO COSTA ADEJE IS PRIORITISING STANDARDS, LANGUAGES AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES. lies, depending on their age. In the 4th year of ESO and Bachillerato, they are able to sit for the various officially recognised exams such as those set by the Spanish Official Language Schools. New technologies have

students and teachers to make the most of the possibilities they offer, for the access to, and organisation of, information for teaching each subject. The success of the Colegio Costa Adeje, fully demonstrated by their

Colegio Costa Adeje • Independent private school with acknowledged results. • Founded 1986. • Caters for children between four months and 18 years. • International centre that makes languages a priority. • The majority of their alumni go on to study at university. • Registration for the school year 1010/2011 starts March 1st 2010. been gradually introduced into all the classrooms, apart from specific new technology study areas and information technology classes. This year, interactive blackboards have been introduced in the secondary and senior secondary classrooms, as a further tool to allow the

ing model with quality education for all the students as the objective, in an ordered and friendly school climate, but at the same time demanding, in that the results are linked to the effort made in line with ability. The centre also has a full vocational guidance or careers advice team to support the students, parents and teachers. The school has always promoted the participation in cultural activities, locally, provincially, nationally and internationally; for example: • The proposals of the Tourism Initiative Centre (CIT) of the borough.

students’ results in the university access exams (PAU), and their continued success in subsequent exams mainly at university level, is maintained by the commitment of the parents and students and the professionalism and dedication of the teaching staff who develop a teach-

• The students’ projects and teachers courses organised by the ACADE (Association of Private Educational Centres). • Participation in the European project, Comenius 1.1 ‘Tourism and the Environment’, which promotes the learning and use of foreign languages and new technolo-

gies in addition to staff and student exchange programmes with other countries to share experiences and knowledge. • The centre organises at least three educational outings per course, to concerts, theatres etc. • They carry out educational activities with firemen, local police, the town hall etc. • They have formed part of the ‘programme for the recovery and educational use of communities’. Last course it was Granadilla in Extremadura and this year they have been selected once again and the second year of the Bachillerato group will travel to Umbralejo in Guadalajara. • There is a cultural journey programmed at the end of the second year of Bachillerato. • They participate in writing, drawing and handwriting competitions, for example those managed

The school also celebrates traditional fiestas such as the Fiesta de los Farolillos, Fiesta de San Martín where the children share also the Festival Lights, Christmas, Carnaval, Día de Canarias and the Fiesta de Verano for the little ones. The centre also provides the opportunity, for those students who want, to take part in activities outside school hours, at various times to suit. This year aerobics, football, basketball, tennis and Taekwondo are on offer. The Colegio Costa Adeje is fully equipped with two libraries (one for the primary level children and the other for the secondary and senior secondary students), an audiovisual hall, a conference hall, technology and natural science laboratories, an information technology classroom, art room, technical drawing room, music room, covered sports pavilion and open air sports courts and pitches. There is a lunch service available, offering a choice of dishes prepared every day in the centre by a specialised catering company. There are two school transport routes. During this current school year, the sports installations are being amplified in a neighbouring plot of land, to increase sports options available. The centre opens at 7.45 in the morning. Children in the second half of the infants’ cycle, primary, secondary and the 1st Bachillerato year attend from 9.00 to 16.00 and the 2nd year of Bachillerato from 8.00 to 14.20.

Contact information Colegio Costa Adeje, Avenida El Madroñal, Nº10, El Madroñal Urbanisation, Fañabé. Tel.: (+34) 922 713217 Fax: 922 719751 Email: admó

COLEGIO COSTA ADEJE ENROLMENT NOW OPEN · NURSERY CENTRE FROM FOUR MONTHS · INFANTS’ SCHOOL · JUNIOR SCHOOL · SECONDARY SCHOOL · SIXTH FORM · German from three years old · Child psychologist service · Modern sports installations · Dining room (own chefs) · Teaching in line with the Spanish Education System

D ITE S M I L ACE PL · Computing · After school activities · English from first junior year · Personalised education · School transport

Avda. Madroñal, nº 10, 38660 · Adeje · Tel.: 922 71 32 17 · Fax: 922 71 97 51 ·


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or residents in South Tenerife there has long been a feeling of discontent, of being ignored, of being secondclass citizens when it came to decisions taken about the island in general, the allocation of funding for infrastructures, or the development of zones for investment with all that entails.

For too long the often legitimate allegation was that while the south, through tourism, was the economic motor of Tenerife, it was way down the list when it came to investment. The rest of the island was more than happy to see monies generated by tourism related industries in South Tenerife fill the coffers in Santa Cruz, but felt very differently when it came to handing that money out for transport, education or health related projects in the same part of the island. However, that justified sense of neglect should soon be very much a thing of the past. The Tenerife Cabildo, the elected authority for the whole of the island, is making concrete strides to change the focus and spread the vision of the Cabildo southward. Recently they opened new offices in Playa de Las Américas giving them a permanent presence in this important part of the island, and at the start of February the councillor with responsibility for the region, and for municipal cooperation, Felix Sierra launched a plan to improve competitiveness for Tenerife South. The intention is to develop a strategy for the south as one region (all the mayors of relevant councils are already on board), which will be a conduit for investment opportunities for private and public funding as well as promoting diversification beyond the boundaries of the tourism and construction industries. Six boroughs are included, Granadilla, San Miguel de Abona, Vilaflor, Arona, Adeje and Guía de Isora, and certainly the six

Felix Sierra outlines the new plan for competitiveness for South Tenerife

Puerto spy

TRAITOR Ro b e r t o F l ó re z , the man arrested in Puerto de la Cruz in 2007 and accused of passing secrets to Russian intelligence, has been condemned to twelve years in prison for treason.


Strengthening the south councils have been coming together in recent years and developing joint strategies on a number of cross-borough issues, such as a new runway for Reina Sofía airport and the lack of progress on the new public hospital for the south. For many one of the catalysts in bringing the councils together was the collapse of the arterial road in Los Menores, the main commuter link between Adeje and Guía de Isora, in early 2006, which saw a united front pushing for a rapid and efficient response from Santa Cruz. And Felix Sierra agreed that this latest move by the Cabildo was harnessing that level of co-operation that such situations had given rise to. However the study will do a lot more than react to issues and problems. Over the next 10 months the study will evolve a plan to benefit the region as a whole. The objectives are multiple: identify the needs and potential in the socio-


economic activity in South Tenerife which will allow for improvement in different sectors, the first to be looked at will be agriculture and fishing, an area identified as in need of immediate attention, followed by industry and agro-industry, and thirdly tourism and commerce. Innovation and assisting emerging sectors is also prioritised by the plan’s designers. Following that analysis the study will examine the need and possible diversification of economic activity in the zone (with all this stretching beyond individual borough frontiers), provide for public institutional co-operation including resources and the promotion of regional development, developing a long term strategy which should harness the potential of each of the six boroughs and draw up a plan of action. On the latter Sierra was adamant that the finished document would

be acted upon immediately, and was not a “plan for the archives”. Private as well as public investment will be invited to participate and the Cabildo offices also welcome input from members of the public. Much of the analysis will happen on-site with working visits scheduled as well as a number of sectoral roundtables. Sierra also underlined that while they would be looking at the development of new cross-borough economic areas, this would not be at the expense of existing industries, but rather they would strive for “consensual participation” from those concerned. Certainly the initiative is to be welcomed and let’s hope that it does move quickly to identify those areas where development potential is ready to be realised and jobs created to breathe new life into the south’s economic engine as well as finding new sources of ‘fuel’.

Horsing around T

enerife’s Atalaya Riding Club got into the ‘Carnaval’ spirit in the shape of a themed gymkhana for its members, young and old.

The La Laguna club dressed up its ponies and horses to match members’ festive enthusiasm and organised a day of mounted competitions which marked a major contrast with the seriousness of the dressage competition held there a fortnight earlier. The events included a fancy dress obstacle course for children as young as four, including stops for apple-ducking and sack and wheelbarrow races, and a ‘carrera de sortijas’ in which adult riders demonstrated their horseback prowess by spearing small rings hanging from a tall bar. The day ended with a Fancy Dress Dinner for members.

On 10th February Flórez, a member of the CNI, Spain’s intelligence services, was found guilty of treason for obtaining secret information and offering it to the Russians. Although the Russians never actually received the information he is alleged to have offered, Flórez has been charged. This is the first ever such case since Spain became a democracy after General Franco’s dictatorship. The information he is alleged to have stolen included internal CNI codes, structural information and names of people working for Spanish intelligence. The special tribunal held that the information, had it come into the hands of a foreign power, would have seriously damaged national security. All the documenta-

tion was discovered in the properties of Roberto Flórez and his in-laws in Puerto de la Cruz. It was attached to letters addressed to Mr. Melnikov, whom the intelligence services assumed to be Petr Yakovlevich Melnikov, an attaché at the Russian Embassy in Madrid between 2000 and 2003. In one of the letters Flórez is alleged to have offered his collaboration in return for the sum of US $200,000. The spy’s lawyer said Flórez would be appealing as he considered the sentence was disproportionate, considering no information was actually passed to the Russians. Besides, Flórez has always maintained that the plot was not to actually sell secrets to the Russians but to test security within Spain’s intelligence services, then known as the CESID, an excuse that the court found, “implausible”. He insisted his seniors had commissioned him to carry out the operation. Flórez has been resident in Puerto de la Cruz since he left the Service in 2004.

Crime wave

NORTHERN THEFTS It would seem that the longer the economic crisis goes on the more people resort to crime to make ends meet. That is the signal coming from towns like Tacoronte and La Matanza in the north of Tenerife, where the police are struggling to cope. In mid-February the Civil Guard were still trying to identify a gang that broke into a restaurant earlier in the month, getting away with cash and alcoholic drinks. The raid was only discovered by the owners when they turned up for work the following morning. They have been plagued with bad luck lately as the restaurant had only recently been restored after a fire last year.

Public safety

MORE COPS There is police trouble brewing in a small northern town. The police unions in Tacoronte have been demanding better pay and conditions for almost a year and now the unions in San Juan de la Rambla have complained the municipality’s four cops, including the chief, can’t cope with so much work. The economic crisis and rising crime is stretching them to the limit and one of the four has been off work on sick leave for months. A spokesman for their union pointed out recently that the recommended number of police officers per inhabitant is approximately two to every 1,000 inhabitants. At the moment the three policemen on duty have to look after a municipality of 5,000.

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Road use

POOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT UPTAKE Only one in 25 car owners in Tenerife use public transport on a regular basis, according to experts. The very low figure was revealed in a seminar on the environmental implications of the island’s transport habits held in La Laguna recently. Fernando Méndez, who works for a well-known firm of consultants, said 2.4 million trips were made every day on the island, almost 80 per cent of them by residents. The seminar explored ways of deterring private vehicle use but concluded that without “serious incentives and penalties”, such as bus and tram fare subsidies and higher car parking charges, the picture is unlikely to change. Among other solutions tabled were minibuses to connect outlying districts of big towns with the centres and more bus lanes. La Laguna University lecturer Rosa González said that the Canaries was the region in Spain where CO2 emissions from road transport had increased highest in recent years.


In a gilded cage R

ecent events such as the detention of six British soldiers in Lanzarote for a violent affray in a local restaurant has shocked many and seen an outpouring, in some quarters, against the ‘drunken British tourist’. However what happens next to the six men in detention and whether they, in fact, remain in prison while awaiting trial will also be closely watched by many concerned British individuals in Spain.

Stephen Johnson’s enforced extended holiday in Tenerife has been described in the British press as a man ‘trapped in Paradise’ and ‘left in limbo’, and the truth would be that for this English businessman in his late 50s, who has been on bail in Tenerife since January 2008, in

Bus station fires

ARSON OR ACCIDENT? There has been a series of new, small fires at the bus terminal in Puerto de la Cruz in January and February. Closed down by the council last October as a result of its serious state of deterioration, the bus station is becoming the centre for discontent and suspicion. It’s been surrounded by controversy since it was built over thirty years ago and is considered to be very ugly indeed - not at all what you would expect to find in a pleasant old tourist resort. Very soon after its opening it began to show defects in design and construction. The building and its underground car park have been plagued by leaking roofs and falling masonry for years. Since it was closed to avoid risks of injury or damage, and

with a view to carry out reforms at some future stage, it has been in the public eye for two reasons. One is that traders with shop premises on the outside of the building don’t want to close without proper compensation and are being supported by the political opposition in the town in putting pressure on the governing coalition. The other is the matter of the fires. Although they are only minor and could be caused by drug addicts who continue to use the dark corners to carry out their business, the sheer number of fires is causing suspicion as to whether they are being caused intentionally so as to cause political trouble. The shopkeepers have accused the governing group of abandoning them to their fate. They feel unprotected they claim.

relation to a murder case, it’s anything but pleasant. When Stephen finally does get to leave Tenerife for good, it is doubtful that he will be coming back any time soon, nor will his extended family, though they do currently make the trip to see the man, known by his mates as Stepy, who is living under what is in effect a self-enforced house arrest since his involvement in an incident which saw a young Moroccan man lose his life, Stepy suffer a horrific head injury, and a number of arrests. The case revolved around an altercation in the Patch area in the early hours of the morning on January 12th 2008, when Stepy says he went to the aid of a Briton who was being attacked. During the ensuing melee he was hit over the head, staggered away to get help, and was arrested on the street by police. He was sub-

sequently accused of the murder of a 25 year old Moroccan involved in the incident, and was released on bail. Given that he owned a property here (a holiday apartment in Playa de Las Américas), and had a clean record both here and in the UK, the courts granted bail, though his passport was handed over and he must now sign on, without fail, twice monthly. In fact Stepy was granted leave to return to the UK just last October as he was able to convince the judges that he needed to sort out his coach business and renew vital licences, or risk losing all. The two week trip also gave him the opportunity to see his granddaughter for the first time and check up on his elderly mother, and he returned when stipulated, and handed back his passport to the Spanish authorities. He says he was “never tempted


to do a runner....I want to clear my name”, he added. Stepy and his wife Joan are suffering the stresses of the long-drawn out process, both physically and mentally, and one of their children has suffered a nervous breakdown. For all concerned it’s the combination of the length of time the judicial process is taking not to mention the long absences from his family that Stepy suffers – his wife crosses over to see him when she can afford to (financially as well as in terms of free time) as she needs to be in the UK to work to keep the family business afloat. When they read our interview with the mothers of the three British lads, John and David Heyfron and ‘Chucky’ Guvener, who are on remand in Tenerife II prison awaiting trail on an assault charge since last Summer they saw many similarities in the case, and will, no doubt, be watching with interest to see what happens to the six Welsh Guard soldiers detained in Lanzarote. If, as is rumoured, UK’s Ministry of Defence is working to secure a bail release which would allow the six men home to the UK until a trial date is set, the families of the three boys in prison here as well as Stepy Johnson would be more than annoyed at what would be seen as preferential treatment. Jago Russel, the chief executive with Fair Trials International told us, “Fair Trials International receives numerous requests for assistance from people detained in Spain for months or even years awaiting trial. We often find that pre-trial detention is particularly lengthy for non-nationals who are often refused bail when a Spanish national would have been freed. For a person who has been convicted of no criminal offence such serious restrictions on their right to liberty are of grave concern.”


Shops and cars M

uch fanfare and publicity heralded the opening of various German hard discount Lidl stores early in February and the results in terms of clients flocking to take advantage of cheaper shopping and inauguration prizes were spectacular. Such was the success at the Lidl shop at Las Arenas in the Orotava Valley that a massive traffic jam took many drivers by surprise and caused a certain amount of head shaking as they took the usually fluid lane from San Nicolas to Las Arenas. The stretch of road normally avoids the jams created as people head for the San Jerónimo and Alcampo commercial areas above the motorway, but vehicles were taking up to twenty minutes

New businesses also need new infrastructures

to move along a straight which usually takes just 30 seconds. As the days passed, however, the situation became less problematic as the mad initial rush to inspect a new store just after pay day at the beginning of the month subsided. The traffic jams were

another reminder of how the authorities often ignore the consequences of new commercial developments without thought for efficient infrastructures or for traditional traders who lose out, often have to close down and leave employees without jobs. A new Lidl store is

to open soon in the centre of Tacoronte. Whilst central traders welcome the roll on effect the Lidl shop might have on their own businesses, they also fear that traffic in Tacoronte, already chaotic without proper parking facilities, will make life even more difficult.


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University sparks row A

row between two councils may be developing as a result of plans to build a private university in La Orotava. The idea of Madrid’s European University setting up a subsidiary in La Orotava has been around for some years and has been one of the local mayor, Isaac Valencia’s, pet ambitions ever since his plans to develop the town into major city began to falter in the face of public opposition. Indeed the project has been gathering such pace in recent months that a plot has already been reserved upon which to build the university. That land was reclassified by the council on 30th November so as to apply for the necessary building permits, which

The prospect of a university in the town is causing political infighting

would evidently be approved at the council. The project for the UEC, the European University of the Canaries as it is being referred to, is

supposed to be under review by the regional education council. Further reports will be required before it finally goes to the regional govern-

ment and the University Council for approval. Having reached this stage in the proceedings, the Orotava councillors have had a


50% off

right to feel confident. So it came as a surprise early in Febr uar y to hear that the project has come in for severe criticism. Nevertheless it can also be understood as it comes from the ULL, Tenerife’s public University of La Laguna. The argument, presented by Vice-Chancellor Eduardo Doménech, is that creating a third university in the Canaries, (there is also a major university in Las Palmas), is not foreseen by current academic legislation and would therefore cause long term problems. What the ULL authorities are really worried about is that another university would drain its own economic resources. In other

words they do not want to have to compete with another university for students. What seems to be hurting La Orotava’s council most, and is now at the heart of a political row, is that its own party colleagues in La Laguna have sided with the ULL against La Orotava’s project. In fact the only groups in La Orotava opposing the creation of the private university are the green and independent left-wingers. Both the main socialist and conser vative opposition groups are all for it and are also feeling stung by its corresponding parties’ defence of La Laguna University’s arguments. Meanwhile, used to governing without opposition, the ruling group in La Orotava held a press conference early in February to say nothing would stand in the way of their university. A poll taken of the majority of the mayors in the north of the island shows overwhelming support for the scheme, provided that it is a 100 per cent private university and will not be using public funding.

Puerto de la Cruz Feeding the four thousand on Canarian stew

Offers end soon











WITH OVER 150 BEDS IN STOCK available for immediate delivery Largest British furniture supplier in the South (1,400m2 display)

Local feast



WAS 190€

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Call for directions to C/Ten-Bel, manzana 35, Polígono Industrial Las Chafiras, San Miguel, Tenerife South. Near Iceland Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm Saturday: 10am - 3pm

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Up to 50% off beds, divans, mattress toppers & memory foam mattresses, bedside chests and wardrobes, dining sets, bar stools and sideboards... plus big discounts off luxury bedding, pillows, sheets etc, mirrors, pictures, kitchenware, TV units, coffee tables, lamp tables and lots more...

The big puchero Over four thousand people enjoyed the traditional sit down street party during the last weekend of January in La Florida, the hill town in the north of Tenerife, to share in a massive puchero, the delicious local meat and vegetable stew. What began as a gesture by local inhabitants to feed farmers and shepherds who took part in the region’s first agricultural fair has become a tradition and this year they were celebrating thirty years of stewing for the masses. More people seem to turn up every year, especially foreign residents, and this year was no exception. As Alfredo Pérez, president of the stewing committee suggested, foreigners always tend to be amongst the first in the queue for the puchero. Feeding the four thousand naturally means gathering together an enormous amount of ingredients. They include potatoes, chayotes, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, onions, garlic, chick peas and a fair amount of chicken and pork. So cooks begin preparations months before the event. Just to give an idea of the sheer scale of it, this year they used 2,500kg of vegetables, including 97kg of chick peas, 200kg of chicken and 400kg of salt pork with plenty of fat. The stew was prepared in over fifty 300 litre cauldrons. As usual it was very hard work. Cooks and helpers worked from morning to dark on the Friday before the event chopping up the vegetables and cleaning the meat. But it is a joyful affair with neighbours and visitors lending a hand. This year, due to the crisis, many of the usual small holders were unable to bring their own produce so they just went out and bought what they would normally have donated. This immense gesture is typical of local generosity.


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Live music



nown as ‘The Management’ the duo met in school and both built successful careers playing in bands around England and Europe.


Carnival time in Los Gigantes T

he jungle drums are beating with the news that the Los Gigantes Carnival, due to be held between Feb 26 and March 1, has an African theme. This year’s four-day extravaganza is an extra special event as it is the 30th anniversary of the area’s first carnival, held in 1981. The party starts on Friday, February 26th, with live Salsa music at 9pm in the plaza. Children’s events take place on Saturday afternoon, and, later, popular local band ‘Old Dogs New Tricks’ will take the crowd through to midnight. After this there will be dancing into the early hours with music from the local ‘orchestras’. On Sunday 27th the grand parade will begin its descent from the Fisherwoman statue, Santiago, at around 5pm, followed by bands in the plaza. The evening of Monday 28th sees the ever popular ‘Burial of the Sardine’. The outrageous fishy effigy is slowly paced through town on the shoulders of hefty bearers, accompanied by the mourning ‘widows’, weeping dramatically. This is followed by fireworks. The winner of this year’s Carnival Poster competition is Rodolfo Jorge Gutiérrez. His design, pictured, was awarded the prize due to its ‘originality, colour and expressivity’.

Many years later they decided to try singing together and a legend was born. Their deliberately cultivated big, bad, and bold image: stylish suits, playful, yet vaguely dodgy demeanour, was an instant success. Their fun style and mix of music, an eclectic blend of classics from the 60s through the nineties, appeals to a wide audience, from young to old. Their show is all about dancing and enjoyment and they were soon fully booked, gigging throughout the West Country, at times performing three times a day. They happily maintained this rhythm for many years, though coming on holiday to Tenerife was to change their lives and those of the residents of the Los Gigantes

area. Jamming one night their talent was discovered and they were immediately offered permanent gigs. The rest is history. They played to packed houses and were soon one of the most popular acts in town. Peter became a permanent resident whilst Alan continued to work in England during the summer. The duo’s sporadic absences only added to their infamy, and rumours abounded that these were due to the bad boy’s holidays at Her Majesty’s pleasure. A popular tongue-in-cheek film was even made about their supposed escapades. After many successful seasons, for various reasons, Peter and Alan were unable to play together for seven years. So when they recently announced their comeback, at the Tajinaste Bar Restaurant known as the ‘Home of live music’, the venue was fully booked within days. It was standing room only on the night, and the atmos-

Well worth seeing

phere was electric. The gents haven’t lost any of their badboy charm, though this image is, of course, totally ruined by their big smiles and obvious enjoyment whilst performing. They are well worth seeing. The Management will play

Armeñime Richard Stallman conference

Gnu guru in Guía


emailed him to ask would he do something similar in Tenerife. He agreed, only asking that the air fare between the two islands be covered. The conference, with students from the school in question, and other secondary schools from Las Galletas, Arona and Santa Cruz and the departmment of free software in the University of La Laguna, took place in the Auditorio de Guía de Isora and lasted two hours.


Playa San Juan

Lost sand

A large amount of the sand imported to cover the pebbles on the beach at San Juan has been washed into the sea.

every second Saturday at The Tajinaste, Los Gigantes. Call 610062353 for information on them and other bands appearing at the venue.

Richard Stallman, the pioneer of the concept of copyleft and the main author of the GNU General Public Licence, the most widely used free software licence, was in Guía de Isora recently addressing a group of over 300 secondary school and

university students. The event was organised by a group of 16 students from the Manuel Martín González secondary school, who, having spotted that the American software activist was giving a conference in the University of Las Palmas

GRANTS 104 houses in Armeñime and Las Rosas are to receive refurbishment grants totalling €1.7 million. The cash is to go to restoration of structural elements of the buildings, to improve accessibility and communal areas and to bring home installations of roofing, electricity, plumbing etc. up to date and to standard safety levels. If you are living in a home anywhere in the islands which needs updating and it is your only residence, you may be entitled to a grant to help you. Contact your local council.



Dra. Camelia Nela Sasu

Col Nº 38/4096

24 Hours Emergency Service: CALL (0034) 609 24 50 24 / 671 61 58 13


Avda Marítima, C.C. Seguro El Sol, Local 25, Playa de la Arena (Opposite the Black Sand Beach) • Tel. 922 86 20 81 • Fax 922 86 10 50




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Chinese Horoscope

By Daniela Herzberg & Roger Keller

Congrats Dear Editor


ust found your newspaper!! Brilliant, why are we being subjected to The Canary News in Gran Canaria when there are articles written by your talented team?? Have read through some of your archived feature articles - informative, and you were the only English written, Spanish paper giving information about the storms. Thank you. JO CALDERON

Welsh shame Dear Editor


lease could you pass on my sincere apologies for the Welsh soldiers (re the bar attack in Lanzarote)in a place that I love.

I am ashamed to call myself Welsh and am appalled at their behaviour. I hope all those injured will make a full recovery and can only hope that the so called soldiers who have disgraced our countr y will receive the severe punishment they fully deserve. CHERYL HARRIS 156 BRYNGOLAU TONYREFAIL RCT UK

Lions Charity

many genuine bargains and bought many items to take back as ‘holiday presents’ for our grandchildren. We have heard that the Lions Charity Shop was only opened in November, so feel that there must be many people who have yet to discover the ‘treasures’ they sell. The Lions are to be congratulated for their good works, many of which are funded by the proceeds from income of their charity shops. YOURS TRULY

PS: My child made a full recovery, but if I ever see that nurse again...



Dear Editor


have just concluded a two week holiday with my wife in the south of Tenerife. I would like to use your excellent newspaper to inform your readers of what we consider is the find of our holiday. In England both my wife and I are very keen visitors to the many charity shops, however it was a big surprise to find the Lions Charity Shop in the Apolo Centre in Los Cristianos. We found so

recently because she had a fever and was obviously under the weather only to be treated to a ‘talking down’ by a young nurse on how important it is to be on the alert for rises in temperatures, at what state my child could officially be classed as having a fever, and what to do in the event of such an event – bring her to the doctors. Ehhm, hadn’t I done just that. If I hadn’t been so concerned for my child’s well being I would have probably let rip...but I’m using your paper to do so instead.


Hot under the Smiling collar Irish eyes Dear Editor


hat part of nurses’ training teaches them how to patronise parents. I brought my child to the health centre

The new Santa Cr uz Carnaval Queen, Alicia San Juan McNulty, who is half Irish, meets the press after her election. See picture below

Click Pastimes / Tel. +34 922 104 358 /

Daniela Herzberg & Roger Keller are based in the southwest of Tenerife. They both are certified Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultants and Cosmic Healers and work and teach in Tenerife and Germany. Their comprehensive knowledge about Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and the five elements is a result of their work with Derek Walters, one of the most respected Feng Shui masters in the world. They have published several books about Chinese Astrology and how to increase your health and vitality with the five elements, with recipes from all over the world.

 Rat (1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008) If you are currently searching for that special someone, this month will see your love prospects blossom. Take your chances and make the first move.  Ox (1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009) You will see extra income coming your way, but you may blow it on a sudden whim, too. You’ll be surprised to see that your special someone may be a close friend of yours.  Tiger (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998) Be very careful of the specific details of your work because mistakes will tend to occur due to your carelessness and the problems will only multiply from there.  Rabbit (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999) Make a conscious decision to make a transformation to your life and incorporate a healthier approach to your life for long-term benefits.  Dragon (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000) Try to rein in your hot temper and find more conducive means to deal with your inner weariness, but, most of all, avoid any type of discord with your boss or superior.  Snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001) Become as pro-active as you can and avoid any type of idle chatter or petty criticism of your peers, colleagues or even family members.  Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002) Figure out how to deal with the problems ahead. The solutions will become easier and in the end you will enjoy smooth progress both in your personal and professional life.  Sheep (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003) All is well and even your work progress seems like a breeze. Focus on each task one at a time, and try to avoid any type of multi-tasking. You can trust your good luck.

Carnaval Queen

[ For Crossword and Sudoku solution see classifieds section ]

Across 1 - hairpiece (3) 3 - legal ruling (3) 5 - make right (5) 8 - inclined plane (4) 9 - murkiness (8) 11 - spat out (10) 13 - propels forward (6) 14 - acrobatic stunt (6) 17 - requirement (10) 21 - causes (8) 22 - body covering (4) 23 - dark black; hardwood (5) 24 - where a pig lives (3) 25 - extremity of foot (3)

Down 1 - straw (anag) (5) 2 - risk takers (8) 4 - entwined (6) 5 - knot of foot (5) 6 - finished; complete (4) 7 - guarantees (7) 10 - dish; cook slowly (4) 12 - crusader (8) 13 - one who holds property (7) 15 - ring (4) 16 - cloud type (6) 18 - baby carriage (5) 19 - care for; look after (5) 20 - luxurious car (4)

 Monkey (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004) Monkey, those weeks see you knee-deep in all kinds of tasks and to-doings but unfortunately enough you only gain minimal rewards.  Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005) There is a chance that a close family member will commit a serious type of boo-boo and as a result you will have to get down and dirty to clean up the ensuing mess.  Dog (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) Single Dogs, you will find excellent luck in finding a suitable partner within these next few days! Aside from this everything is going great for you, so cheer up!  Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007) If you have been mulling over a department transfer or something of similar kind, watch out for opportunities to do so! Single Pigs will enjoy some good romance luck for the month. The Chinese solar year starts around February 4. If your birthday is in January or at the beginning of February your Chinese animal sign belongs to the year before. Example 27.1. 1967 still belongs to the year of the horse.


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Making a tiled floor into a feature


ith such a huge variety of sizes and designs of tiles available on the island, it seems a shame to just lay a plain floor, when you can turn it into a feature. There are lots of good deals around too, especially end-ofline bargains. These tiles were on special offer at Leroy Merlin and have been used to give the look of a traditional old floor. Robert makes sure that the

floor is level and sound, using self-levelling cement where necessary. Propam Nivelante or Weberfloor are self levelling cements, available at many ferreterias. It is best to lay out the patterned tiles first, using spacers. You can then adjust the tiles to suit the space. Mark the top and bottom of the longest edge. Remove the tiles and draw a straight line from these marks which extend the whole length of

the Robert for this.

area to be tiled. uses a chalk line

Lay the first run of plain tiles along the entire length of that straight line. Then from one end, lay the tiles adding the pattern as you progress.

Tips for using selfleveling cement Make sure the surface is totally dust free.

Moving home ? ... Call Est. 1988

The specialists in Worldwide Relocation Services Full member of the British Association of Removers Secure 24hr surveillance storage facilities Fine art / Antique specialists / Pet exportations / Vehicle import & export Weekly shared container service to the UK Whether you are in the Canaries or the UK we will gladly carry out a free, no obligation survey and quotation

Tel: (34) 922 300 916 · Fax: (34) 922 300 360 E-mail: · Website: Ringing from the UK? Call 0844 598 7456

The surface must be very dry. Apply a coat of dilute PVA glue to the surface before pouring on the cement. Use an electric whisk to mix the cement. This will ensure there are no lumps.

If you would like any advice on this or any other DIY techniques, contact Robert on 922 814 073, mobile 605 469 352 or email

Useful vocabulary Self levelling cement / mortero autonivelante Tiles / baldosas Spacers (crosses) / cruzes Tile cement / mortero cola para baldosas Electric mixer / batidor electrico Grout / mortero para juntas


Business NEWS


n times of crisis it is inevitable that the numbers men and women take over. Their particular talents are needed but far too many, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, seem to know the price of everything and the value of very little indeed. A succinct, well known phrase in the English language is that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. One of the inevitable results of this is discontent amongst the most talented members of staff, intangible assets, often trained by the company themselves, which are difficult to quantify. Cost cutting and high levels of unemployment are leading to the slow leakage from companies and countries of key employees according to Gianluca Balocco, Director of human assets area with Deloitte. Some are leaving now in a steady drip of individuals, others are expected to leave en masse when the labour market picks up. “Companies are underestimating their best employees,” Balocco announced,” they think that as it is more difficult to get jobs they won’t move. But if their efforts are not recognised, they will end up leaving,” he warned. Deloitte estimate that 65 per cent of top directors in the world are very worried about the possible loss of their most valued employees once the recession is over, but 20 per cent of the companies have made no plans to avoid this and in Spain this figure may be significantly higher. Balocco advises a three pronged strategy, good wages, additional financial compensation and flexibility. Sanitas was one of the top five best places to work in 2009 according to the Great Place to

EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

Business management

Brain drain Work Institute. They have 2,600 employees and a strong retention strategy, although Coral González, their personnel manager prefers to talk of loyalty incentives. The important thing for her is commitment. “If someone isn’t happy and only stays because of fear of the crisis or unemployment, they are damaging the company even more. That’s why we talk about creating loyalty; those who stay should do so because they really want to.” Her work to ensure the retention of key members of staff is within a global strategy of managing talent and is based on five main precepts, transparency, recognition of effort, individualised treatment, respect for the individual line bosses and assistance in professional development. Randstad reported in a recent study that the thing that most employees value is the recognition and recompense of their efforts. Balocco however advises that development shouldn’t be mixed with retention practices. “This tends to happen in Spain. Retention techniques should be applied to a specific group, to those that permit the company to maintain a competitive edge in the market.” First you have to locate the key positions and then the key employees and finally apply the re-

tention methods apt to each case, adding, “financial reward is always fundamental”. According to Lola Calvo, personnel director of VisualMS (named as one of the best places to work among small or medium businesses I 2009), small organisations in this respect have an advantage as, to balance their lack of resources, they are able to offer more flexibility and the feeling of being a part of a project where they have the ability to influence the outcome. “Companies have taken ad-

Companies are losing their best assets

vantage of the crisis. Instead of motivating, they have done the opposite, including reducing the financial reward. When the market picks up they will pay for it.” The Deloitte sur vey asked a series of questions relating to which employees would still be with their current company now and 12 months after the end of the crisis. In terms of lack of wage increases, 44 per cent were looking at leaving now and 27 per cent would be looking to leave after the crisis is over. Too much workload was responsible for 30 per cent unrest now and 21 per cent said they would be looking elsewhere later. The lack of financial incentives affected 28 per cent now and 25 per cent would be rethinking their future when the world economy looked brighter. Lack of con-

fidence in work security sees 28 per cent looking for another job now, with a further 15 per cent confirming that they will be looking at the market when it improves. Lack of professional progress affects 21 per cent now and 22 per cent will be looking to improve their professional trajectory when the crisis ends. The lack of social benefits, pensions, health insurance etc. affect 14 per cent now and are set to make 13 per cent look at a move in the future. New job opportunities may only be attracting 14 per cent now, but 39 per cent confirmed that they would have their eyes open in the future and unhappiness with their immediate boss is forcing 13 per cent of employees to look elsewhere for work immediately whilst a further 14 per cent will be on the move once the market has regained its strength. Balocco says that the methods applied to retain valued staff should in general be varied according to age. Those under 30 are looking for challenges, the baby boomers of 45 to 65 are, he claims, looking for better social benefits – health insurance, pensions etc. and financial incentives.



No contracts

Tel: 922 384 255 •


No standing charges Fax: 922 384 336 •

e-mail: •


Everything in English website:

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Business NEWS


Photo credit Nick Manning

UK domestic tourism

East, West, home’s best I

t would seem to be bad news for foreign tourism from the UK, as some latest research shows that the home holiday market is set to be stronger than ever. UK tourism is one of the few sectors that is benefiting from the recession as 70 per cent of people surveyed confirmed that they would probably book a UK holiday this year. Domestic holidays in the UK would appear to be gaining in appeal with 39 per cent of the interviewees claiming that they are seriously considering taking their main holiday in the British Isles, compared with 29 per

cent last year. A disillusion with air travel following on the bankruptcy of various airlines and the strength of the euro are at the bottom of the increasing appeal of a holiday at home according to BDRC Continental, a market research agency that carried out a survey of over 1,000 people early in January and families are once again at the centre of the ‘staycation’ boom. For those of us involved in the tourism industry in the Canaries, the implication that 46 per cent of those considering holidaying in Europe have changed their mind for a UK break because of the

current euro exchange rate is worrying. Eight per cent said that they wouldn’t go to Europe at all, and a further eight per cent affirmed that they would be shortening their trips. A fifth of those interviewed confirmed that they would be cutting back on the number of trips into Europe and 21 per cent clarified that they would still go, but would be cutting back on outlay once there. On the other hand another study by First Rate Exchange Services found that 58 per cent of UK consumers are planning at least one foreign holiday in 2010. This represents a slight increase in confidence as the same survey last July by YouGov, showed only 54 per cent of adults were considering travelling abroad. At the moment, almost a quarter, 22 per cent, are still undecided on their holiday options. The 18-24s are the holidaymakers who are most likely to travel abroad, with 64 per cent of them planning foreign breaks in 2010. For the 3544 year olds, many of whom will be travelling with their families, only 54 per cent are considering a holiday abroad, many feel that the cost may be beyond them this year. Londoners are the most likely travellers with 68 per cent confirming their intention to take a foreign holiday. For tourism specialists it is interesting that in the early part of the year the younger age group holidays look to be in more demand whilst families are in wait and see mode to see whether finances will stretch to a holiday abroad this year.

Canarian Banana

More than a dessert It’s full of vitamins and minerals and comes in its own wrapping according to Gregorio Varela, President of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation – it’s the plátano, the Canarian banana. The latest marketing for the local product is promoting the plátano as the ideal

between meal snack. The healthiest snack there is assures Varela, as the plátano contains vitamin C and B, potassium, magnesium, calcium and carbohydrates to keep up energy levels. Better than any energy bar claims Varela, “every day we seem to have less time to cook and even eat, however we are worried about

what we eat”. The plátano, “rich in vitamins and minerals,” as the expert affirms, is the best solution for a noworry between meal snack. The producers association Asprocan suggest that we pop one in our bags or our children’s knapsacks to go to work or to study, as the, “most natural and easy to transport” option.

We offer a variety of legal services to Englishspeaking visitors and Expats alike, including:

SPANISH LAW (MATTERS WITHIN TENERIFE / SPAIN) • Property Sale and Purchase / Conveyancing • Spanish Wills • Translation of Spanish Documents • Family Law and Divorce • Legal Disputes & Debts • Contracts • Timeshare Issues • Business Law

ENGLISH LAW (MATTERS WITHIN ENGLAND & WALES) • Witnessing / Swearing documents • Family Law & Divorce • Landlord & Tenant • Disputes & Debt Recovery • Wills & Probate • Company Law • Business Start-ups Experience legal services the way you expect them. Call Tenerife Solicitors now on

922 71 78 45 for a no-obligation quotation or to discuss your needs.

Alternatively, visit our website or email us at


Dole extension

Spanish President, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has announced an extension to the aid for those who are unemployed. As statutory unemployment

benefit comes to an end, those who qualify will be able to collect the €426 a month for six months provided for under the Temporary Programme of Protection for Jobseekers

and the Unemployed. Applicants must have income of less than 75 per cent of the minimum wage. The programme has already benefited over 318,000 people and the extension is expected to benefit a further 200,000 at an estimated cost of €500 million. The benefit can only be claimed once.

Club Atlantis, San Eugenio Opening Hours: Mon - Thu: 9.30am - 1.00pm / 2pm - 6pm Fri: 9.30am - 1pm / 2pm - 5pm. Sat / Sun: Closed

Tenerife Solicitors is a trading name of HATRICK & CO SOLICITORS, who are regulated by both the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England & Wales ( and the College of Abogados (Lawyers) in Tenerife ( We also hold separate Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies for £2 Million GBP in England and €3 Million EU in Tenerife in the unlikely event of a professional claim against us.

Business NEWS



hat tourists click on and check out online was one of the more interesting studies presented at a recent conference.

During the eighth Travel Internet Marketing Strategy Conference of the Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Association International, Brad King of Yahoo! Inc., senior Director in their travel category, gave a detailed paper on the information tourists looked out for before they booked a hotel or holiday online. Their studies found that when looking for a hotel, online bookers made a lot of comparisons before booking, often checking out the individual web sites of the hotels for any direct special offers. Travellers looked at an average of 35 web pages in the 90 days before making their booking, almost half of which, are made over a month before the booking is finally made with an increase in the frequency of activity in the week of the booking. For this reason, King underlines the necessity of making sure that hotel web pages are up to date and that hotel offers are published in plenty of time, starting on their own web sites. If the client is looking for a hotel with lots of time in hand, the hotel should be capable of selling them a room at that time. King claims that many hotels have a poor habit of launching special offers at the last minute. He believes

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Business in Brief

Online booking trends

New tourism

Stars in their eyes An initiative by two men from La Palma is set to start a new kind of tourism in the Canaries, astrotourism.

that given the browsing habits of travellers, this is counterproductive. When booking holidays, tourists make an average of 10 searches over a particular holiday before booking. Some of the searches are to find accommodation, but others are not. Information on the destination and the necessary transport that is available take up most of the remaining searches. If a hotel or destination knows the type of searches that travellers are making they can make sure they

Power FM schedule

position themselves in the path of the prospective customer during the process. The search for information on a destination is of crucial importance. These are the searches that mark the initial phase of the search for a holiday when the traveller has not yet made up his or her mind what it is they want. King’s resumé only goes to show yet again the importance of the destinations having a good position within the search engines. To be present in the mind of the prospective purchaser from

the first moment is a clear and very important advantage over the competition. With a better and clearer online marketing strategy this advantage can only lead to more customers. To wind up his presentation King affirmed that tourists are using the Internet more and more to programme and book their holidays. Travellers are looking for information well in advance and comparing more efficiently the various options on offer. Whilst on the one hand the customers

are using the Web to obtain the best offer, on the other many hotel owners and chains continue to improvise daily, with no clear idea of using the tools that Internet marketing offers them. With a tourism market that is daily more demanding, prepared and informed, to believe that hotels and destinations can continue to improvise, as King claims the majority are doing at the moment, is a serious mistake, a mistake that could be very expensive for all concerned.

The clear, unpolluted skies of the island and the excellent astronomy facilities on the Roque de Los Muchachos are the perfect base for the new company, Astrotour. Juan Antonio González and Carmelo González offer the chance to watch the night sky from a privileged island for astrophysics, to take photographs of mysterious floating celestial bodies, follow the constellations with binoculars, enjoy computer simulations of star voyages, observe the firmament through a telescope set in unique beautiful natural landscapes or follow the paths of the awara, the ancient tribes of La Palma. Astrotour promise all this and more, bringing the universe to the earth in a different, enjoyable and simple way.

Business in Brief Air safety


08.00 11.00 14.00 14.00 17.00 20.00 23.00 02.00 05.00

Bigger Breakfast with Rick Porter Big Fat Lunch with Val Richardson Alex in the Afternoon with Alex Mcrae (Weds) Rock ´n Roll Years with Dion Drivetime with Fred Dudman (Fri) Battle of the Bars with Katy Kennedy Into the Midnight Hour with Maggie Porter Early Hours – Virtual Power Daybreak – Virtual Power

Intimate scan

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Breakfast Show with Gordon King The Golden Oldies with Katy Kennedy Saturday Scene with Pete Quilty Saturday Night with Saturday Power Love Show with Bernie Simmons In the Midnight Hour with Virtual Power Early Hours – Virtual Power Daybreak – Virtual Power


Following the attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit over the Christmas holidays, London Heathrow and Manchester airports have introduced full body scanners which some say threaten individuals’ privacy. Birmingham will be online soon with the new scanners and other UK airports are sure to follow. Anybody refusing to be scanned will not be allowed to fly. Passengers should be aware that no images will be stored, that the scanner operator cannot see the person in the machine and that travellers can ask for same sex scanner operators.

08.00 12.00 15.00 18.00 21.00 22.00 02.00 05.00


Breakfast Show with Gordon King Sunday Roast with Katy Kennedy Love in the Afternoon with Pete Quilty Ex-Pat Show with Spencer James BBC Top of the Pops The Love Show with Bernie Simmons Early Hours – Virtual Power Daybreak – Virtual Power

EXCITING TIMES ARE AHEAD! SEVEN ISLANDS, ONE STATION RADIO ADVERTISING WORKS! Power FM covers all seven islands! Call us for a no hassle and friendly quotation any time on 679 402 402 Web: E-mail: Studio: 9055 12345 SMS: 5533 Power

Travel agents organisation ABTA have advised members to keep customers informed about the new scanners installed in some airports which show them naked.

Mark Tanzer, chief executive of ABTA affirmed, “in the immediate future, only a small proportion of airline passengers will be affected by the new scanners. Passengers need to be confident when they fly. It is important that new security measures are introduced proportionately and correctly so that the privacy and dignity of passengers are not compromised. We will continue to help our members to inform their customers of any new developments, so that they know what to expect when they arrive at airports.”

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Blevins Franks



Are you sure you are paying tax in the right place? Where you are domiciled can affect your liability to UK inheritance tax

By Bill Blevins, Financial Correspondent, Blevins Franks


here are rules to establish tax residency in both Spain and the UK, and each countr y’s domestic rules dif fer. If you meet both countries criteria at the same time, then there are tie-breaker rules set out in the UK/Spain Tax Treaty to establish where you are tax resident. Even if you are clearly established as resident in one country, some taxes may be payable in both countries, although there will be double tax relief available. Basically, you are tax resident in either country if you spend 183 days or more in that country in that country’s tax year, although other residence criteria do exist. The UK tax authority, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), also has a 91 day residency rule, so that even if you spend less than 183 days in the UK in a tax year, but more than 91 days on average over four UK tax

years, HMRC can treat you as tax resident in the UK. Even if you don’t spend 91 days in the UK, HMRC can look at the connections you keep with the UK and your lifestyle, and decide that you are a UK tax resident. So, if you are living in Spain but spending a lot of time in the UK, you could find that your residence status is actually far from clear. All this will take time to sort out

and could be costly to rectify if you have got it wrong. Under the UK/Spain Double Tax Treaty, if you earn income from employment in one country but are resident in the other countr y then the income is taxable only in the country of residence. However, if the employment is exercised in the other country, then that country also has taxing rights. It is important to be aware

of where your tax liability lies in your particular circumstances. You do not have a choice as to where you pay tax. It is largely dependent on your residence status but will also depend on the nature and type of income you receive, and which country it is received or earned in. There is also domicile to consider which can affect your liability to UK inheritance tax (IHT). Shaking off

your UK domicile is hard to do. You have to wipe the UK clean of all connections and acquire a domicile elsewhere to be regarded as non-UK domiciled. You can remain UK domiciled, even if you have been living outside the UK for many years, and if you are UK domiciled at the date of your death, UK IHT will be levied on your worldwide assets. IHT can slice a damaging amount from your wealth

and it is your heirs who will feel the loss. Fortunately there is help available to advise you on residence and domicile issues, and there are strategies available to lessen the impact of taxation. Contact a reputable international financial and tax specialist like Blevins Franks for advice on your individual circumstances to make sure you are tax compliant and tax effective.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website



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House Calls with HouseCalls

Dr. De La Flor

Dear Doctor

when you start feeling better. If you have an infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. For mild cramps and belly pain a heating pad, set on low may help your belly feel better. You may need surgery only if diverticulitis doesn’t get better with other treatment, or if you have problems such as long-lasting (chronic) pain, a bowel obstruction, a fistula, or a pocket of infection (abscess).

Dear Doctor De La Flor, My doctor told me I may have diver ticulitis, I’m ner vous while waiting for the test. What exactly is it and is it dangerous? SINCERELY, DEBBIE

Dear Debbie, There are two key words; fibre and pouch. We think that a low-fibre diet may play a major role since without fibre to add bulk to the stool, the colon has to work harder than normal to push the stool forward. The pressure from this may cause pouches to form in certain weak spots along the way! Diver ticulitis happens when bacteria get trapped in the pouches. Most of the times there are complaints of belly pain (usually in the lower left side). You may also have bloating and gas; diarrhoea or constipation; nausea and sometimes vomiting; fever and chills; loss of appetite.


he Canar y Islands were chosen as the first Spanish venue to celebrate European 112 Day on Febr uar y 11th. Last year the host countr y was the Czech Republic.

Canarian government president Paulino Rivero presided over the event which took place at the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus in Las Palmas. Also attending were the presidents of the Fundación 1-1-2, Mike Amarosa, and of the E-911 Institute (the emergency number in the United States), Gregor y Rodhe, and the executive director of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), Gar y Machado. In his speech, Rivero emphasised that, “for Canarians on the seven islands and for the tourists who visit us, 112 has become an indispensible service”. He added that the management

Dear Doctor After years of frustration, I finally was told that I have celiac disease. I’ve started to follow a gluten-free diet, but want to know if it will really make a difference. How will I know if it’s working and what kinds of symptoms should I be aware of? SINCERELY, BRENDA

Your doctor may do tests to see if you have an infection or to make sure that you don’t have other problems. Tests may include blood tests, such as a complete blood count and other tests, such as an x-ray, a CT scan,

or a colonoscopy. The treatment you need depends on how bad your symptoms are and whether you have an infection. You may need to switch to a liquid only diet at first, and then return to solid food

Dear Brenda, Celiac disease is a very serious condition if left undiagnosed or untreated.

My advice is to continue with the gluten-free diet and go back to your GP to confirm the improvement of any side effects caused by this condition. If you continue with problems, your GP should run a few more tests (including blood antibody tests). There are two categories of signs and symptoms. The one due to malabsorption and the one due to malnutrition (including vitamin and mineral deficiencies). Most of the gastrointestinal symptoms and signs of celiac disease are due to the inadequate absorption of fat; diarrhea, malodorous flatulence, abdominal bloating, and increased amounts of fat in the stool. Fatty stools typically are large in volume, malodorous, greasy, light tan or light grey in colour, and tend to float in the toilet bowl. Oil droplets (from undigested fat) also may be seen floating on top of the water. Loss of intestinal villi also causes malabsorption of carbohydrates, particularly the sugar lactose (primary sugar in milk). You can have diarrhoea, excessive flatulence, abdominal pain and abdominal bloating or distension may occur. Signs and symptoms of

Las Palmas

European 112 Day of the emergency services must take steps towards technological development, cooperation between worldwide emergency centres and the exchange of new processes. The European representatives underlined the importance of educating the general public regarding use of 112 and Machado said that national and regional governments needed to continue promoting 112 and spreading knowledge about the service. On the same day, the European Commission revealed that only one in four Europeans are aware that they can use the 112 number in other EU countries. Actions to promote the good use of

112, the free emergency phone line for police, fire and ambulance ser vices which is common to the

27 countries within the European Union, were organised on this day in many European cities. In the Ca-

naries, the event was used to present two applications which 112 in the Canaries are to include in their opera-

malnutrition and vitamin or mineral deficiencies include weight loss, fluid retention, anemia, osteoporosis, bruising easily, nerve damage, infertility, and muscle weakness or cramps as well as numbness or tingling sensations in the arms and legs. Weight loss is the direct result of inadequate absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. However, some have enormous appetite that compensates for the reduced absorption of nutrients. Moreover, weight loss can be masked by fluid retention and eventually fluid leaks into many tissues but particularly the ankles and feet, which swell due to the oedema. Dr. De La Flor, G.P. is licensed in medicine & general surgery. He holds certificates in nutrition, medical exercise and human performance from the University of Berkeley in California, the American Council on Exercise and the U.S. National Strength & Conditioning Association. He is a strong believer in work/life balance and spends much of his time outside of his surgery on the tennis court, jogging or chasing his four kids around the neighbourhood. 00-34 - 697.888.666

tions rooms, motivated by the future signing of a joint agreement called Proyecto Istmo with the government of Murcia in mainland Spain. The first of these was the ‘crewless helicopter’, which would provide images of an emergency situation in real time, and the second was ‘Mirroreyes’, which would enable a video call between the person reporting an emergency and the operations room at 112, also providing images of an emergency scene. The main channel for this would be the latest generation 3G mobile phones. In this regard, the councillor of the presidency and public administrations of Murcia, María Pedro Reverte stated, “new technology is the key to the future and gover nments must adapt to social changes with the objective of promoting new systems which will guarantee better security for the public”.

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Health Directory






HOSPITAL LA CANDELARIA Carretera Del Rosario 145 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tel : 922 602 000 hospitaldelacandelaria. com

COSTA ADEJE HOSPITAL English Spoken Urb. San Eugenio. Edif Garajonay Adeje • Appointment Tel: 922 792 400 • Emergency & Ambulance Tel: 922 791 000

PHYSIOTHERAPIST / OSTEOPATH Officially registered NÂş967 Philippe Hoogstoel Home visits Tel: 677 818 661 English, Spanish, French, German spoken


HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO Carretera Cuesta-Taco San Cristobal de La Laguna (Tenerife), Tel: 922 678 000 HOSPITEN SUR Playa de Las AmĂŠricas Arona-Tenerife Tel.: 922 75 00 22. Fax: 922 79 36 18 HOSPITEN C/ Pescadores, Edf. Discovery, Carretera Gral. La Cuesta. Taco 38108 La Laguna Tel.: 922 626240 Fax: 922 614355 HOSPITEN BELLEVUE C/ Alemania, 6 Urb. San Fernando. Puerto de la Cruz Tel.: 922 38 35 51 Fax: 922 37 03 12 HOSPITEN TAMARAGUA C/ AgustĂ­n de Bethencourt, 30 Puerto de la Cruz Tel.: 922 38 05 12 Fax: 922 38 08 50 HOSPITEN RAMBLA Address: Rambla General Franco, 115. 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Tel.: 922 29 16 00. Fax: 922 29 10 88 HOSPITAL SAN JUAN DE DIOS. Ctra. Gral. del Norte, 53. Santa Cruz. Tel : 922 64 55 11 Fax: 922 64 93 52

Health DOCTOR DE LA FLOR Family medicine, home or hotel visits Calle Tinerfe El Grande 9, Adeje 697 888 666 (Doctor) 637 245 270 EXCELLENT MEDICAL Personalised medical service, more than 20 prestigious specialists, complete health & beauty care. Tel: 922 737 560

DIAL 112 Emergency Mobility ORTOPEDIA Specialist shop for orthopaedic needs. English spoken Ctra. Gral, Orotava-Icod 41Âş La Mancha. Tel: 922 812 807



080 092 091 062 016


Missing Children> 116000

Health CL�NICA BARAJAS HEARING AID Assessments without obligation. Name brand hearing aids. English speaking personnel Los Cristianos 922 790 563 Santa Cruz 922 275 488 BELLISSIMA Osteopathy, acupuncture, Reiki, reflexology, chiropody and holistic massage • Sports Centre Los Gigantes. Tel: 922 867 343 • San Eugenio Alto (next to Roy’s Pizza) Tel: 922 719 355


ZENZI Laser hair removal, and Beauty Centre

• Emergency &

CC El Camison, local 53, Playa de las Americas Tel: 922 798587


922 791 000

Dictionary Looking for health care Buscando asistencia sanitaria I need a doctor / dentist / midwife Necesito un mÊdico / dentista / matrona Where is the nearest hospital/doctors’ surgery / dentists / out of hours chemist? ¿Dónde es el hospital / clínica / dentistas / farmacia de guardia mås cercano? Can I get treatment on the national health here? ¿Puedo recibir atención aquí por la Seguridad Social? Please call an ambulance. Por favor llama una ambulancia

Documents needed Be aware that to receive medical attention in Spain you will need to present identification, residence certificate and passport for residents and a passport for visitors. In addition visitors should present their European Health Insurance Card for emergency health care at a Social Security Hospital. Private hospitals will not accept the EHIC and will ask you to pay for your treatment or provide

adequate insurance. Please make sure you are aware whether or not the service you need provides care under the Social Security system, before you sign to accept anything. Residents in Spain will be expected to show their Health Card (tarjeta sanitaria) to gain access to full health care at Social Security hospitals. If you are not eligible for a Social Security Health Card, you must ensure you have adequate private insurance.


Calle La Hoya 55 Puerto de la Cruz In the south on Saturdays at Hospital Las Americas Tel 922 370897 Specialist in gynaecology

DIAL 112 Emergency Single emergency line

Sedation with gas: all treatments are pain free ¡ White Fillings & implants ¡ Whitening with Laser, only one appointment ¡ First visit to Orthodontist, Dentist and Maxillofacial Surgeon FREE ¡ In-house laboratory

Emergency Phone Line (for Bank Holidays & Weekends): 687 744 225 C.C. FaùabÊ Plaza, Avda. Bruselas 2nd floor (in front of Hotel Jacaranda) Playa FaùabÊ , Costa Adeje, Tenerife Sur Tel: 922 714 225 • Fax: 922 724 130 •

Health TENERGIE CLINIC Aesthetics Medicine Dentistry. Personalised Programmes. CC D. Antonio. C/Juan XXIII -19Âş. Los Cristianos Tel: 922 796 634 5ELEMENTOS Feng-Shui / Chinese Astrology / Nutrition. Consultations on the spot, holistic health check, nutrition consultation Roger & Daniela 628 012 987.

We look after your dental health and are offering free bacteria testing with painless elimination in only ten minutes (value â‚Ź100). Please ask for Mandy to make an appointment.

Dental Surgery, Implants and Periodontics South: C/ Amalia AlayĂłn, 11, 1Âş D, Los Cristianos. Tel. 922 78 83 28

North: Plaza del Charco 6, 2nd floor, Puerto de la Cruz. Tel. 922 38 13 47

5 elements life coaching Daniela Herzberg & Roger Keller

Missing Children 116000

Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Nutrition, Qi Gong. On the spot consultations, holistic health checks, nutrition consultations, individual classes all using traditional Chinese methods. 'PSNPSFJOGPSNBUJPO DPOUBDU%BOJFMB 1IPOF EBOJFMB!FMFNFOUPTDPN



AQUA CLUB TERMAL www.aquaclubtermal. com C/ Galicia (Torviscas Alto) S/N 38660 Adeje Tel: 922 716 555

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) South: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5.45pm, Friday at 11.45am. 1st Floor Apolo Centre, Los Cristianos (next to bus terminal).

630 478 448 (24 hrs).

Specialist shop for your orthopaedic needs We speak English

Carretera Gral. Orotava-Icod, 41 bajo. La Mancha (38430) Icod de Los Vinos Tel. 922 812 807 / 121 804 Fax: 922 812 911

ClĂ­nica EstĂŠtica Dental Centro ImplantolĂłgico

• Specialist in implantology since 1980 • Founder member of the German Society of Implantology (DGI) • Highest quality combined with optimal aesthetics • Masters degree in Oral Implantology • More than 7500 implants inserted successfully in over 29 years

A professional u o y s it a w a m a te l a u g in il lt u m

Tel / Fax 922 71 53 07 - Urb. Miraverde, HLS - Center, 1ÂŞ Planta Derecha, Costa Adeje


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HealthNews Norovirus

Swine flu

Profiting from panic W

ith news emerging that the World Health Organisation (WHO) could soon announce the scaling down of the swine flu pandemic, the world’s population may be entitled to breathe a collective sigh of relief, combined, for many, with a growing sense of having been conned. More and more people, both inside and outside the global scientific community, are beginning to question the swift call to chemical arms that followed the detection of the outbreak of this new and apparently deadly flu in early 2009. And the name Dr Albert Osterhaus, ‘Dr Flu’, is on more and more lips as his, and other highly placed scientists, have their links to the very pharmaceutical companies who have benefited to the tune of billions of dollars, examined. Osterhaus has been one of the chief advisors to the World Health Organisation and is a world-renowned Dutch virologist who was at the core of the discovery of Avian or Bird flu in 2003. In this instance the predictions were almost as dramatic as those accompanying the discovery of Swine Flu. The WHO said there could be up to 150 million deaths world wide – up to now there have been 282 recorded deaths from Bird Flu, none in Spain, though governments all over the world stockpiled antiviral drugs, including Tamilflu and Relenza, at a cost of billions.

In April 2009 a new opportunity (so the cynics would say) presented itself, with the reported case of the illness of a small child with what was diagnosed as Swine Flu, or H1N1. This was followed up with an outbreak at La Gloria, Mexico. In an extensive article by William Engdahl* it is pointed out that the symptoms make sense given that La Gloria is near “one of the world’s largest pig industrial feeding concentrations at La Gloria owned by Smithfield Farms of the USA. Residents had picketed the Smithfield Farms site in Mexico for months complaining of severe respiratory problems from the faecal waste lagoons”. In June the WHO head Margaret Chan made the declaration of a Phase 6 pandemic emergency. Again predictions were dire. However to date this has proved to be, according to Marc Lipsitch, professor of epidemiology at Har vard University, one of the mildest flues since records began. World wide there have been 13,000 deaths, 230 of those in Spain. Annually the number of deaths resulting from normal winter flu is in the region of 250,000 – 500,000 with 1 - 4,000 in Spain. The figures speak for themselves. Certainly here in Spain anecdotal evidence that doctors have been loath to recommend vaccination (as much for the belief that it wasn’t needed as some concern about lack of full testing) would appear to

Pink parades The Pink Parade Fashion show and clothes sale held its debut on 24th January at Bistro Bolle, Costa del Silencio, the show featured all local ladies and guest singers were Desi Castro, Colin Stevens and Nick Page. Hosted by Patrick owner of Bolle, it proved to be a very enjoyable afternoon and a charity raffle and ribbon sale was held raising €200 for breast cancer. Pink Parade founder Jan Munroe has been joined by partner, film and make-up artist Jannie Stax who coordinates all the shows etc. The next show will be 28th February at The Palms Golf del sur from 1pm , tickets €5 and again a charity raffle auction for breast cancer, call 699342652 for details. They are hoping to hold the shows monthly all over Tenerife so watch this space.

show that your local doctor is more on the ball than the WHO’s advisors – or perhaps less likely to be on commission from the drug companies supplying the viruses, in their millions, to countries, worldwide. Vaccines are now lying stockpiled in warehouses, with some governments, including Spain, looking at the refund clause in their contracts with said drug companies. According to an article in Spanish magazine XL Semanal only one in ten professionals in the health sector here have been vaccinated even though they were listed in the ‘at-risk’ groups. “Spain”, the article adds, “acquired 37 million doses but has only vaccinated three million persons….according to the minister for health Trinidad Jiménez the contracts they have signed include clauses which allow for the return of the vaccin left over. Let’s see”. William Engdahl reports, “in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine in Germany, epidemiologist Dr. Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Collaboration, an organisation of independent scientists evaluating all flu related studies, noted the implications of the privatisation of WHO and the commercialisation of health:“…one of the extraordinary features of this influenza, and the whole influenza saga, is that there are some people who make predictions year after year, and they get worse and worse. None of them so far have come about, and these

people are still there making these predictions. For example, what happened with the bird flu, which was supposed to kill us all? Nothing. But that doesn’t stop these people from always making their predictions. Sometimes you get the feeling that there is a whole industry almost waiting for a pandemic to occur. Spiegel: Who do you mean? The World Health Organization (WHO)? Jefferson: The WHO and public health of ficials, virologists and the pharmaceutical companies. They’ve built this machine around the impending pandemic. And there’s a lot of money involved, and influence, and careers, and entire institutions! And all it took was one of these influenza viruses to mutate to start the machine grinding.” There are now growing calls for an investigation into the “growing evidence of massive corruption of the WHO by the industry”, and with the change in recent years in the financing of the body, with the organisation now receiving almost double its normal UN budget in the form of grants and financial support from private industry, such an investigation would not be before time.

*The full article, WHO, ‘Mr Flu’ under investigation for gross conflict of interest is online at ticle15655. html and William Engdahl website is

Fashion for cancer



esidents and holidaymakers alike were recently hit by an outbreak of the Norovirus which swept through the Los Gigantes area, affecting possibly hundreds of people. The vomiting and diarrhoea bug is thought to be responsible for up to 90 per cent of cases of non-bacterial endemic gastroenteritis globally. The virus can be spread through contact with an infected person, surfaces or objects, by eating contaminated food or water or by inhaling droplets containing, for instance, particles of vomit. It is highly contagious, and transmission is difficult to control through routine sanitary measures. Outbreaks of the illness are common, particularly within contained environments such as hospitals and schools, and are estimated to affect between 600,000 and one million people in the UK every year. The Los Gigantes area is not alone in having suffered during the last few months, passengers on several cruise liners have been stricken, as well as various resorts and cities around the world. The incidence of the illness in Britain is currently the highest since 2002. In fact, the BBC recently disclosed that, at the peak of the epidemic, over 140 hospital wards had to be closed during one weekend in January. Whilst it is possible therefore that the virus was brought to the area by visitors, a number of Britons are apparently planning legal action after falling ill whilst staying at the Los Gigantes Hotel. Irwin Mitchell, the legal firm, is evidently acting on behalf of more than 30 guests who have recently returned from the four-star hotel, which is exclusively run by Thomson Holidays. In a statement published in the Telegraph newspaper Thomson stated, “In January, an independent hygiene consultant confirmed that the hotel was operating to the highest standards and concluded that a viral agent was the most probable cause of any illness. The hotel has adopted procedures set by its own consultants and local government. The hygiene consultant witnessed these and has advised that they appear to follow good practice. There is advisory documentation on personal hygiene in bedrooms and sanitising gel stations are located in the main restaurant.” Germán Jiménez, councillor for tourism for the area, expressed his concern regarding the illness, saying “this is a virus that is affecting many people, not just in Tenerife, but all over the world.” To reduce the spread of Norovirus, wash hands regularly, disinfect surfaces and door handles with bleach-based products, wash clothing and bed linens of infected people and remain at home for at least 48 hours after symptoms subside.



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Living & Lifestyle Directory Useful Vocabulary

I have a pain p (here) ( ) Tengo dolor (aquí) I have stomach ache Tengo dolor de estómago I have chest pain p Tengo dolor en el pecho I have a sore throat Tengo dolor de garganta I feel sick Tengo nauseas I feel dizzyy Tengo mareos I have a temperature p Tengo fiebre I have diarrhoea Tengo diarrea I have cramps p Tengo calambres I have sunburn Tengo quemaduras del sol I have something in my eye Tengo algo dentro del ojo I have difficultyy breathing g Tengo dificultad en respirar I am sick a lot Vomito mucho It itches Me pica I get g p pain when I p pass urine Me duele cuando orino

Frequency & type Sometimes A veces All the time Todo el tiempo A lot l Mucho A little littl Poco Stabbing g pain pain Dolor punzante

Existing conditions I am allergic Soy alérgico(a) I’m diabetic// Soy diabético(a) Asthmatic Asmático(a) Epileptic Epiléptico(a) I’m pregnant Estoy embarazada I have anaemia/arthritis Tengo anemia/artritis I have high blood pressure Tengo hipertensión I have low blood pressure Tengo hipotensión

Body parts Head / Cabeza Face / Cara Eyes / Ojos Nose / Nariz Mouth / Boca Ears / Orejas Neck / Cuello Shoulders / Hombros Chest / Pecho Hips / Caderas Legs /Piernas Feet / Pies Hands / Manos Knees / Rodillas Teeth / Dientes Heel / Talón Elbow / Codo Ankles / Tobillos


Body parts Fingers g / Dedos Toes / Dedos de los pies p Hair / Pelo Nails / Uñas Veins / Venas Arteries / Arterias Heart / Corazón Liver / Higado g Ovaries / Ovarios Kidneyy / Riñón Bones / Huesos Muscles / Músculos Head / Cabeza Face / Cara Eyes y / Oj Ojos Nose / Nariz Mouth / Boca Ears / Orejas j Neck / Cuello Shoulders / Hombros Chest / Pecho Hips p / Caderas Legs g /Piernas Feet / Pies Hands / Manos Knees / Rodillas d ll Teeth / Dientes Heel / Talón Elbow lb / Codo d Ankles / Tobillos / Dedos Fingers g Toes / Dedos de los pies p Hair / Pelo Nails / Uñas Veins / Venas Arteries / Arterias Heart / Corazón ó Liver / Higado Ovaries / Ovarios i Kidneyy / Riñón Bones / Huesos Muscles / Músculos

Beauty & Fashion MISS NAIL Manicure & Pedicure Spa Manicure Express 21€ Parque Santiago III Local 6, Playa de las Américas, Arona Open Daily

GERMAN DENTIST DR. MARTIN SETH Free Counselling Interview. Implants. Quality Dentures. Edif.Maria, Local 3-4 C/Príncipe Pelinor Adeje Centro 922 781 003 637 819 318 (24h)


General dentistry, implantology specialists, laser technology.

C/. Barranco de la Ballena, s/n. 35020 Las Palmas. Tel. 928 450 000 Fax: 928 449 100

Founder member of the German Society of Implantology. Multilingual team. Urb. Miraverde, HLS Center, 1ª Planta Derecha, Costa Adeje Tel: 922 715307 INSTITUTO EUROPEO DE INPLANTOLOGÍA DENTAL Dr. Denis Chanut Dental Implants & Periodontics South: Los Cristianos 922 788 328 North: Puerto de la Cruz 922 381 347 CLINICA DENTAL FAÑABÉ Complete pain free dental care, dental laser whitening, computer guided surgery, no stitches and no incision required. CC Fañabé Plaza Av. Bruselas, Local 355 2nd Floor, Playa Fañabé 10am-6pm 922 714 225 www.tenerife-dental. com

Winter Sale


Plaza Doctor Pasteur 35020 Las Palmas. Tel. 928 313 033 MATERNO-INSULAR

Avda Maritima del Sur 35016 Las Palmas. Tel: 928 444 500 Fax 928 444 288 CLÍNICA SAN ROQUE – SUR

Mar de Siberia 1 Urb. Meloneras 35100 MaspalomasMeloneras Tel: 928 063 600 CLÍNICA ROCA

C/ Buganvillas 1 35100 San Agustín Las Palmas. Tel. (0034) 928 76 90 04 Fax: (0034) 928 76 12 48 CLÍNICA SALUS LAS PALMERAS

Avda. de Tenerife, 24 Centro Comercial Kasbah Playa del Inglés Tel: 928 762 992 MEDICAL IMPLANT Science & technology Dentistry. Avda. Los Abrigos, 21 Los Abrigos / Granadilla de Abona Tel. + Fax: 922 749 742






SUPERSTORE FEK S.L. North: C/ Til , 7. (Next to Marcha). Sta Úrsula. Tel. 922 301 397. Fax. 922 301 685 South: Pol. Las Chafiras (Next to Hiperdino). San Miguel. Tel. 922 735 363. Fax. 922 735 121


S R E Z A L B ique

ut sexy, Bo Stylish & chic unique &

Mon -Sat 10.30am - 1.30pm & 5.00pm - 8.30pm Juan XXIII, nº 10. Los Cristianos, Tenerife. Tel. 922 79 31 94


080 092 091 062 016


Hospitals COSTA ADEJE HOSPITAL English Spoken Urb. San Eugenio. Edif Garajonay Adeje • Appointment Tel: 922 792 400 • Emergency & Ambulance Tel: 922 791 000

Beauty TENERGIE CLINIC Aesthetics Medicine Dentistry Personalised Programmes Laser hair removal C.C D. Antonio. C/Juan XXIII -19º. Los Cristianos Tel: 922 796 660 UNPLUGGED HAIRDRESSERS Your one-stop shop for style and sophistication. C.Viera & Clavijo 10 El Médano Mon-Sat. 10am-8pm Tel: 922 179 340

DIAL 112 Emergency Missing Children> 116000

Dental dictionary Visiting the dentist Mouth / Boca Tooth / Diente

XAZZPERFUMERIA Excellent brandmarks and outstanding quality Cosmetics. Calle Perez Zamora, 28, (close to Plaza del Charco), Puerto de la Cruz, Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10h to 13h, 18h to 20.30h or make your own appointment Tel: 922 372 937

AY ISPL D 0M 4,00 2

Gran Canaria


Tel: 600 557 763 BLAZERS BOUTIQUE Stylish, sexy, unique & chic Juan XXIII. Los Cristianos. Tel: 922 793 194

GERMAN DENTAL PRACTISE BUZANADA All your dental needs under one roof. Buzanada-Arona. Av. Puerto Rico 314º 922 767 166


Describ Describing bing your symptoms

Dental Care

Gum / Encía Check-up / Revisión

Chemist Service

Out of hours pharmacy service

Cavities / Caries To drill / Perforar Filling g / Empaste p Extraction / Extracción Crown / Corona Root canal / El tratamiento del nervio Cleaning g / Limpieza p Enamel / Esmalte Denture / Dentadura postiza

THE VARIOUS CHEMISTS IN THE CANARIES TAKE IT IN TURNS IN EACH AREA TO MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS ACCESS TO MEDICINE ALL OVER THE ISLANDS. There is a list published in the daily Spanish press which is also on display in each of the local chemists, or you can look online. Enter the website of the Federation of Canarian Chemists at and click on ‘farmacias de guardia’ at the top right of the page. Use the mouse to click on the island where you are living or staying and

then on the borough where you wish to locate the chemist. A list of the local options and their opening times, phone numbers etc. will then be displayed. Be aware that sometimes the local out of hours pharmacy service may be some distance away, so if you can get your medical shopping done during normal shop hours you are advised to do so.


Living & Lifestyle

EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


All photos: Marks & Spencer


Warm days

Cool evenings


ith unpredictable Spring temperatures, sometimes the best idea is to wear layers of lightweight tops teamed with jackets, trousers, shorts or skirts. The new Spring collection at Marks & Spencer consists of stylish clothing for all tastes and ages, to suit all weathers.

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


Living & Lifestyle


Beau uty / Diett Part I






By Nicola Roberts


ith today’s fast moving lifestyle it is vital to maintain a well balanced diet. Sometimes it is very difficult to achieve this and other times it is far too convenient to blame other factors for not doing so. It is essential for our inner and outer vitality and we only have one body, so why not make the most of it? Many individuals may not actually be overweight or underweight but may be starving their bodies of essential nutrients for a healthy and ‘illness free’ lifein other words a poor diet. Also some people’s bodies react badly if they eat food which they are allergic to. These may range from dairy products to eggs, nuts, yeast and ‘e’ numbers, which may cause symptoms such as rashes, vomiting or even breathing difficulties. If we are not giving our bodies the essential nutrients for survival, we may suffer symptoms like lethargy,

irritability or skin complaints which may be hard to detect, but bad diet may be the underlying cause.

of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Always opt for the wholemeal or wholewheat varieties.

Fruit and vegetables: Should make up one third of our diet, experts recommend eating at least five portions of each a day. These provide essential vitamins and minerals, fibre and even water.

Fatty and sugary foods: Eat in small quantities. Try to eat infrequently. Carbonated drinks and cordials tend to be high in sugar so wherever possible replace with pure fruit juice, milk and especially water.

The first soak-off gels available in your favourite OPI Nail Lacquer shades

Milk and dairy foods: These should be eaten in moderation. Choose low fat alternatives if and when possible. Milk is a good protein source and also provides vitamins and minerals, especially calcium.

Fluid intake:

Bread, potatoes and cereals:

Our bodies need plenty of fluid, we should aim for six to eight glasses a day. Drink alcohol in moderation, try to make at least two days a week alcohol-free. Cut down on sugary, fizzy drinks and those which contain artificial flavourings and additives.

These should make up one third of your diet. If they are complex carbohydrates, for example cereals, they will make you feel full and satisfied but contain fewer calories than fat. They are an excellent source

Nicola Roberts is the owner of Bellissima Hair and Beauty in Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan and San Eugenio Alto. For information or appointments please call 922 867 343, 697 902 361 or 922 719 355.

For two weeks of flawless wear and colour You’ll need fewer trips to the salon, save money, and enjoy luxuriously beautiful hands and feet truly an affordable luxury

Tel. 600 557 763 · Open Daily

Beauty News

TRAVEL PRODUCTS WEBSITE Most of us have either deliberated over which beauty products we can take with us on a flight, or waved goodbye to our favourites at the checkin. A new online store supplies items which will all pass the security check. which stands for three fluid ounces (the US equivalent of

100ml) sells beauty products in travel sizes ranging from body lotions to hair care or anti-ageing creams and you can also buy lip balms, face masks and tooth whitener despite the fact that they are usually supplied in acceptable sizes anyway. The online store currently stocks popular brands such as Weleda, Dr Hauschka and

Pangea Organics with plans to expand the range in the future. They have men’s grooming and other organic products too. You can have your order delivered anywhere in the world from Another useful website is, which has a travel section called Beauty To Go. Parque Santiago III, local 6, Arona


EDITION 610 :: 12/02/2010 - 26/02/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

EDITION 610 :: 12/02/2010 - 26/02/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS




Pets Portrait

EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010






Kit Kat


Gacela & Gabriel Gacela (four legs) and Gabriel (two) put a young rider through her paces at the new riding school, Pura Vida, at Amarilla Golf

Live Arico

Land ho As reported in our last issue, Live Arico are running a land purchase account, and have, to date, sold 97 square metres of land up to now, and the land account (which includes sales of 2010 calendars) stands at €3013.00. They would especially like to thank Mark and Lesley from the Albatros Bar, Costa del Silencio and their customers for buying 55 square metres recently. The purchase of land is part of the plan to buy a plot for the new rescue centre. They are part of the way there, due to several generous benefactors, but construction costs will not be small, so they will need a fundraising initiative too. Please call Debbie Gibson or Suzy Q for more details.

Dog walkers The Live Arico dog walking service is now up and running!! Please call Emma on 635 935 290 for more information.

Abandoned pets

Homes needed The number of abandoned animals has grown tremendously in the Canaries in the last few months due to the economic crisis. The refuge at Valle Colino in Tenerife and the Island refuge in Gran Canaria are facing increasing requests for rehoming pets from owners who can no longer face the cost of keeping them. Some have lost their jobs whilst others have to move to smaller homes where pets are not allowed. Both refuges are finding they collect fewer animals on the streets, but are taking more in delivered personally by previous owners. The vet from Valle Colino claimed that this is because the dogs are now chipped and the owner can be traced.

Digs 4 Dogs Professional dog care at our purpose built

KENNELS 6 mins from San Isidro Only 10 € per day Collection and return Service available For rates and availability phone Alan or Lesley on 680 278 254 or 922 772051 after 5pm

Tierhotel Lilly We look after your pet while you are away (short or long term) Tel: 697 826 738 (D/E), 659 131 382 (SP, Trainer)

Wonder whiskers When people think of K9 Tenerife, they almost immediately focus on dogs. However, attached to their kennels we have a cattery with a number of felines requiring re-homing. Here’s a selection of K9’s lovely felines in search of a home. If you require any further information about any of them, or would like to see them, contact Hazel at the kennels on 667 638 468 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Kennels open 11am to 2pm every day. This is just a selection, K9 have many other cats aged from 12 months to two years who are tabby,

Lucy tortoiseshell, or black and white. They would suit a range of homes and farms, some will make an ideal companion, others would be your perfect rat and mice catchers. All of K9 cats are neutered.


Adeje to open dog home ice. Local newspaper reports add that the insular councillor for agriculture, José Joaquín Bethencourt has also said there will soon be a centre for abandoned dogs in Fasnia, adding that they hope to follow the model established by the Acción de Sol refuge in Granadilla.

According to reports the Adeje council will begin work soon on a home for abandoned dogs in the town, specifically in the Las Torres area. Construction of the centre, which will be the first official dogs’ home in the borough, is due to begin in March and should take up an area of 362 m2. It should have capacity for up to 70 dogs as well as an in-house veterinary clinic. As well as taking in stray or lost dogs the centre will also offer an adoption serv-

The new centres will care for abandoned dogs

At the moment abandoned dogs in Arona and Adeje are generally brought to K9, Live Arico or the Accion de Sol centre, but there is a clear need for centres within each borough regulated and funded by local councils.

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010

The Concerts:

The Cranberries

MARCH CONCERTS Dolores O’Riordan and the members of the original group have reunited for the first time in seven years for this tour which began in the United States in mid-November. Their last performance in Spain was eight years ago. March 12, Palacio Vistalegre, Madrid March 13, Pabellón Olímpico de Badalona (Barcelona) Tickets €40 to €45 from

JUNE CONCERTS Looking forward to June 2010, upcoming concerts in Madrid include: B.B. King (2nd) , Bon Jovi (4th) , Rihanna, Shakira (5th) Metallica (14th), Crowded House (25th) Chris Isaak (29th). Alicia Keys performs in Barcelona (2nd)



The Face: Housten problems resurface

Filming in Tenerife

€4 million generated in 2009 N

ational and international filming projects undertaken in Tenerife generated an income of more than €4 million in 2009, double the amount generated in 2008. During the year, the Tenerife Film Commission which is a department of Turismo de Tenerife, supported 75 filming and recording projects which used the Island as a natural stage. Island councillor for tourism, José Manuel Bermúdez commented that this is the greatest amount registered since records have been kept. These productions, apart from serving to promote Tenerife, also created work for local people and companies, including hotels. According to the Tenerife Film Commission, during 2009 recording took place on 262 days and they gave 200 consultations and organised 164 permits. Among the productions recorded on the Island last

Whitney concert

year, the most significant was the remake of the Hollywood film Clash of the Titans, due for release in Spain on March 26. Also recorded were the Spanish film Una hora más en Canarias and various short films. The Disney Channel, the German TV series Alisa Gomera and the Japanese public channel NHK have also recorded on the island, and companies including Toyota, Heineken, Ron Barceló, Seat and Lamborghini have taken advantage of the Island’s natural landscapes to record

sales slow T

he Tenerife concert by Whitney Houston at the end of April is by no means certain to be a sell-out, despite the fact that it is the only Spanish date on the American superstar’s recently-commenced world tour.

commercials, photographic and corporate video productions. The Tenerife Film Commission was created by Turismo de Tenerife to encourage the development of the audiovisual industry

on the Island and promote Tenerife as a filming location. Since its inception in 2000, it has supported 616 recording sessions, the majority of these for Germany, Spain and Great Britain.

The Concert

Spain top 10

1. David Bisbal Mi princesa 2. Lady GaGa Bad romance 3. Estopa Run Run 4. Paulina Rubio Ni rosas ni juguetes 5. Kesha Tic Toc 6. Manuel Carrasco/ Malu Que nadie 7. Black Eyed Peas Meet me half way 8. Alejandro Sanz Desde cuando 9. David Demaría/ Chenoa Que yo no quiero problemas 10.El Barrio Crónicas de una loca


merican singer/ rapper 50 Cent is to perform at the Recinto Ferial Santa Cruz on March 27th. This will be his only performance in Spain as part of his world tour Before I Self Destruct. The Santa Cruz concert, starting at 7pm, is directed and produced by Rider Producciones. It is one of the most anticipated of the year as never before has an icon of international urban culture such as 50 Cent visited Tenerife. The supporting acts will be Dj Jonay, Dj Darío and Dj SER, with 50 Cent appearing on stage at around 10pm. There are two types of tickets available: one general, priced at €30 and another for 3,000 only spectators in the zone nearest to the stage priced at €60. This group will have direct access (no queueing) and their own café and toilets.

50 Cent



Tickets can be purchased in advance from Tick Tack Ticket, CajaCanarias, El Corte Inglés, Kaos and Sonora Discos shops in Santa Cruz, Bar El Canario in Puerto de la Cruz, Librería Papelería Raquel and Carla in Playa de las Américas, Música y Deportes Penedo in La Laguna and Daily Price shops in Gran Canaria. Tickets bought on the night from the box office will cost €35 and €65.

Fans on the other Canary Islands can take advantage of special packages including tickets, flights with Binter and hotel accommodation

by visiting 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, has sold more than 21 million discs worldwide and has headed the pop, R&B and hip hop charts, as well as receiving 11 Grammy nominations during his career. In the four albums he has released, 50 Cent has worked with artists such as Eminem, Justin Timberlake and Akon amongst others. His latest album, Before I Self Destruct, topped the list of sales on iTunes on its release.

The gig, which appears to have been initially planned for Adeje, is to be staged at the seafront in Santa Cruz, where the annual Christmas Concert by the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra draws 20,000 people every 25 December. Tickets to see Whitney perform songs from her latest album I Look to You, a worldwide best-seller since its release in the summer, range from the cheapest at €40 euros to €300 for Premium VIP seats directly in front of the stage. However, almost 6,000 remain unsold as February draws to an end. Few of the Premium tickets have been taken up and the same is true of the less expensive VIP ones costing 200 euros. Houston’s apparent difficulty hitting the notes on her best-known song, I Will Always Love You from the film The Bodyguard, during her concert a couple of weeks ago in South Korea has become a You Tube hit.

Monzón r Ga le


C/Suárez Guerra, 21 Santa Cruz de Tfe. Tel. 922 27 92 66

Affordable canvas paintings! Great selection of contemporary, original, unique and decorative paintings (signed & certificated) Mon - Fri: 10.30am - 2pm / 5pm - 8.30pm. Sat: 10.30am - 2.30pm



EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

Gran Canaria Museums & Theatres

Tenerife Auditorium Tenerife www.auditoriodetenerife. com Av. Constitución, 1

38003 Santa Cruz Phone 902 31 73 27

Guimerá Theatre

Plaza Isla de la Madera, 2- 38001 Santa Cruz Phone 902 36 46 03

CajaCanarias Cultural Centre

Plaza del Patriotismo, 1 38002 Santa Cruz Phone 922 471 000

Museum of Science & Space (MCC) www.museosdetenerife. org C/ Vía Láctea, s/n

38200 San Cristóbal de La Laguna Phone 922 315 265

Museum of Nature & Archaeology (MNH)



Until February 28, Carnaval, Agüimes Carnaval, Maspalomas: Theme: Eurovision March 13, Gala for the election of the Carnaval Queen March 14, Gala for the election of the Infant Queen March 17, Gala for the election of the Grand Dame March 18, Gala for the election of the Drag Queen March 19, Day of the Tourist March 20, 5 pm, main Carnaval procession March 21, 6 pm, Burial of the Sardine

FIESTAS Carnaval, Los Gigantes: Theme: Africa February 26, 9 pm, Salsa band in the Plaza February 27, an afternoon of children’s events followed by: 9pm, Old Dogs, New Tricks and midnight, Salsa band February 28, 5 pm, Grand Carnaval procession from the roundabout, Puerto de Santiago (with statue of the fisherwoman), to the Plaza, Los Gigantes March 1, 9 pm, Burial of the Sardine followed by the Widows’ Ball in the Plaza

MUSIC February 26, Flamencoencaja 2010: La Shica. CICCA, Las Palmas February 27, 9 pm, Guitar maestros: Flamenco Guitar Night: Antonio Rey. Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas March 3, 9 pm, Miguel Ríos. Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas March 6, 9 pm, Guitar maestros: Naxos Guitar Trio. Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas

Carnaval, Los Cristianos:

www.museosdetenerife. org C/ Fuente Morales,


s/n 38003 Santa Cruz Phone 922 535 128

February 26, recital-concert: Arabella Steinbacher, violin (Sociedad Filarmónica de Las Palmas). Teatro Pérez Gáldos, Las Palmas March 4, 8.30 pm, Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria. Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas

Until March 14, paintings: Volcanes. Museo Elder de la Ciencia y Tecnología, Parque Santa Catalina, Las Palmas. http://www.garciaalvarezvirtual. com Until March 28, Museum of Contemporary African Art and more, by Meschab Gaba. CAAM (Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno), Las Palmas



www.museosdetenerife. org C/ Vino, 44

March 12, 10 pm, Pereza. Plaza de la Música, Las Palmas. Tickets €20

Craft fair and market:

38270 Valle de Guerra (La Laguna) Phone 922 546 300


Tenerife History Museum (MHAT) www.museosdetenerife. org C/ San Agustín, 20/22

38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna Phone 922 825 949/43

Anthropology Museum

February 28, 8 am to 8 pm, Plaza de Saulo Torón, Las Palmas February 28, from 12 noon, Plaza del Pilar Nuevo, Las Palmas

Theatrical Comedy Festival,


Casa de Carta

Civic Centre, Carrizal, Ingenio. Price €10: March 5, 9 pm, Zoo March 7, 8.30 pm, Riky López (Mallorca) March 12, 9 pm, Delirium Teatro (Tenerife)

Tacoronte main road to Valle de Guerra, s/n. 38270 Phone 922 546 300



Casa Lercaro C/ San Agustín, 20-22 38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Phone 922 82 59 49

Gran Canaria Cuyás Theatre

Pérez Galdós Theatre

Until February 26, Pancho Guerra y su generación. Biblioteca Insular, Las Palmas Until March 7, Et Omnia Vanitas by Alejandro Reino. Centro de Arte La Regenta, Las Palmas Until March 12, paintings: Vivencias by Josefina Alejandro. Sala Arnao, Telde

Transgrancanaria 2010 March 5, 6 and 7, Non-stop 30hour marathon race across Gran Canaria. More information on

February 27, San Mateo, Valle de San Roque. 9Km, 3hrs 30mins, medium. €5 March 6, Barranco La Mina, Los Silos. 8Km, 3hrs 30mins, medium. €5 March 12, Degollada de la Cumbre, Cruz de Tejeda, Las Lagunetas. 3Km, 2hrs. Easy. €5. More information at deportes@

Local councils in various areas of the island organise guided treks and other open-air activities. For more information, call UPNature, Guanarteme 928 270084 or 928 473265, Arucas 928 621754, Maspalomas 928 764201, Tablero 928 140640, Mogán 928 158805, Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino 928.891.252 or www., or Valleseco 928 618740.

Archaeology Guided visits to the principal digs in the island: Bentayga (Tejeda), Cenobio de Valerón (Guía) etc. For more information: 928 219 229. Until January 31, guided tours in English of the Museum and Archaelogical Park La Cueva Pintada, Gáldar. Tickets from

MARKETS Arguineguín: Tuesday Gáldar: Thursday Mogán: Sunday Puerto de Mogán: Friday Telde: Saturday Terór: Sunday Vecindario: Monday & Wednesday – all 8am to 2pm. Playa del Inglés: Every day except Sunday, 7.30 to 11.30pm. Las Palmas Rastro: Sunday 8am to 2pm, bus station.

Theme: Viva Mexico March 5, 8 pm, Presentation of the candidates for the title of Carnaval Queen, outside the Cultural Centre March 10, 6.30 pm, Carnaval dance night for seniors, Recinto Ferial March 11, 8.30 pm, Gala for the election of the Infant Carnaval Queen, Recinto Ferial March 12, 9 pm, Gala for the election of the Carnaval Queen, Recinto Ferial March 13, 4.30 pm, make-up and costume workshop, outside the Cultural Centre March 13, 7 pm, Carnaval in the streets, from the Cultural Centre to the beach March 13, from 11 pm, dancing to live bands. Recinto Ferial March 14, 5 pm, Carnaval Procession from Paloma Beach to the Recinto Ferial followed by dancing to live bands March 15, Burial of the Sardine

Carnaval, Granadilla (El Médano) February 26 to 28, Until February 28, Carnaval, Candelaria Until March 1, Carnaval, Tacoronte Until March 6, Carnaval, Güímar

CONCERTS February 26, 9 pm, Sole Giménez. Teatro Leal, La Laguna February 27, 9 pm, Franco de Vita (pop-rock). Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz. Tickets €33 to €44 March 13, 10 pm, Pereza. Parque


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 610 :: 12/02/2010 - 26/02/2010

Marítimo car park, Santa Cruz. Tickets €20

CLASSICAL MUSIC February 26, 8.30 pm, Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, conducted by Pablo González with tenor Agustín Prunell-Friend. Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz. Tickets €15 to €25 March 5, 8.30 pm, Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, conducted by Christopher Hogwood with tenor Benjamin Hulett. Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz. Tickets €15 to €25 March 12, 8.30 pm, Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, conducted by Victor Pablo Pérez with Rosa Torres Pardo on piano. Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz. Tickets €15 to €25

LIONS CLUB Tenerife Sur: The Lions’ shop in the Apolo Center is open Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm. The Costa del Silencio shop is open Monday to Friday 11am to 2pm. The shops welcome donations of clothing, books, brica-brac etc. Contact Ken Sadler on 670 647 765 Arona, Las Galletas, Costa del Silencio: Second Sunday of the month: Barbecue with entertainment at Coral Mar Square Last Sunday of the month: Buffet and entertainment at Habla Habla in Las Galletas. Contact Cath on 629 506 882

EXHIBITIONS Until February 26, paintings: views of Teide by José Luis Asensio, Cultural Centre, Las Galletas Until February 26, paintings: Lagerberg. Cultural Centre, Los Cristianos Until February 27, photographs: Camino de Santiago by Paco Penas. 1st floor, Cultural Centre, Los Cristianos Until end February, Celebración by Alberto García. Área 60, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA), Santa Cruz March 1 to 23, oil paintings and woven tapestries: Tenerife en el Corazon by Carole Lindsell. Instituto Estudios Hispánicos, Calle Quintana 18, Puerto de la

Cruz, just off Plaza Charco. Open weekdays from 11am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm Until March 5, collection by Humberto Lamberti (paintings) and Norma Quirós (sculptures). Cultural Centre, Adeje Until March 7, La Colección 2: La densidad del aire, la levedad de la tierra: pictures, photos and videos by more than 30 artists. Sala A, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA), Santa Cruz Until March 15, work by Horacio Cárdenas. Exhibition room, Plaza del Duque, Costa Adeje Until March 19, collective paintings exhibition, Civic Centre, Cabo Blanco Until April 8, La era de Rodín. 54 of Rodín’s works on display including The Thinker, The Kiss and the Bourjeois of Calais. Espacio Cultural de CajaCanarias, Santa Cruz Until April 11, sculptures and drawings by Carlos Schwartz. Sala C, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA), Santa Cruz Until May 2, collective exhibition: Estancias, Residencias, Presencias, extracted from the collection Los Bragales. Sala B, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA), Santa Cruz

SPORT & NATURE Fáilte fun walks Stretch your legs every Friday morning with Fáilte. The group meets outside the Hotel Gran Arona in Los Cristianos for a trek over Guaza mountain followed by refreshments. Wear stout shoes, meet friends and get some exercise. New faces are always welcome. More information from Tony on 628 689 306.

Tourist routes 922 127 938 Every Tuesday: Montes del Agua 1st Saturday of each month: Teide National Park 2nd Saturday: Masca ravine 3rd Saturday: Volcanic tube at Cueva de San Marcos 4th Saturday: Kayak trip off Los Gigantes cliffs, Punta de Teno

Kayak routes Tours by kayak for all abilities which may be combined with snorkelling, hiking, climbing or potholing. More info on 922 127 938 or

Surfing Learn surfing and body boarding. North: Escuela de Surf y Body


K9 & FRIENDS OF THE ANIMALS K9 car boot sales are held on the first Sunday of every month from 8am to 12 noon at Happy Days, Costa del Silencio. Nearly new sales are held on the second Saturday of every month outside Shimmers Bar, Callao Salvaje from 10am to 1pm. K9 also have a stall on the Playa San Juan market every Wednesday and at Alcalá every Sunday, from 10am to 2pm.

The Friends of the Animals car boot sale is held on the last

Board OAD La Laguna, for those aged 12 years and over. More information on 922 256 244 or South: Escuela Oficial de la Federación Canaria de Surf K16 (Playa de las Américas). Groups or individual training for those aged seven years or over. More information on 922 798 480 or

A renovated 17th century Canary Island hacienda used by the Island Cabildo to promote local quality wines. Autopista Gral. del Norte. Km 21, (El Sauzal exit), 38360 El Sauzal, Tel.: 922 572 535 Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm. Wine tasting and shop until 10 pm, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 11am to 6pm, closed Monday.

Hiking: Discover Arona. More information about trekking routes. 922 725 180 or All year round, guided walks for groups through the most emblematic buildings of the lovely northern town of Los Silos. Contact Oscar in their information office on 922 841 086.

Castles Tours: Tenerife History Museum offers guided tours around the island’s castles for schools and groups. More information on 922 825 949

Masonic Meetings in the south of Tenerife. Visitors always welcome. Tenerife Craft, Chapter, Mark. For more information phone 922 794 502 or 922 732 386.

Barranco del Infierno (Adeje): Mondays to Sundays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. No access allowed after 4 pm. Price: €3. Max. 200 people a day. Free entrance on Sundays. Information and reservations on 922 782 885.

Ciudadanos Europeos

Guided trails for the general public: The National Park’s interpretation service offers guided tours free of charge. You need to book in advance with the National Park Office (Tel. 922 290 129/922 290

The Wednesday Club


MISCELLANEOUS La Baranda Wine Museum

(European Citizens Group). For more information contact the Secretary, Chris Stanyer on 922 751507 or the President, Harry Davies, on 922 781905. e-mail:

This is your opportunity to meet people like you, ladies, gentlemen, couples or on your own. Come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and cakes and a chance to make new friends and have good conversation with a bit of fun. Come along to the 1st. Floor Apolo Center, Los Cristianos, Wednesdays 11 am to 1pm. For further information phone Edna on 922 732386 or 619 059577

Sunday of every month in the Los Gigantes Sports Centre from 9am to 12 noon. Goods are desperately needed for these events which are great for bargains and a good rummage. For more information call the kennels on 667 638468 or Pat the Cat on 608 121081.

English Library Calle Irlanda, Parque Taoro, Puerto de la Cruz: Monday 3pm to 5.30pm, Wednesday 10am to 12 noon, Friday from 4pm to 6pm and Saturday 11am to 1pm. Information: Julia Gaskell 922 37 25 79

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in the South: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5.45pm, Friday at 11.45am. 1st Floor Apolo Centre, Los Cristianos (next to bus terminal). For more information call 630 478 448 (24 hrs).

Canarian C-Days Travel between the islands to cultural events is 50 per cent cheaper on certain days and for selected events with Fred Olsen, Islas Airways and Binter. Discounts on hotels and car hire are also available. You will need to book by telephone 902 292 999, Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm or via the web Make sure you know the full price of the ticket (including Canarian residents’ reduction) to ensure you receive the full discount.

The magazine for modern living

Lifestyle guide for the Canary Islands



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Choose chard The Spanish name for this versatile vegetable is acelga and spring varieties are coming into the shops now. CHARD SALAD

Ingredients (3-4 people) •8

healthy sticks of young chard • Mixed salad greens • 4 medium potatoes • 2 eggs • Half an Italian style green pepper (long and thin) • 12 cherry tomatoes • 12 walnuts • 1 small onion (cebolleta) • Capers • Olives • 1 tin of tuna in brine • Piquillo or bell peppers (tinned) • 1 bunch of continental parsley • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil • 1 tblsp vinegar • Salt


hard is an easy vegetable to grow in the Canaries and can be seen in most northern garden veg plots and even growing wild along the side of the road at this time of the year, but if you can’t grow it you’ll find it in most shops very reasonably priced.

Extremely low in calories, it is used in thick soups in the Canaries and has been a staple as a boiled vegetable for caloriecounters for years, but chard has many more benefits and cookery options. It is high in vitamin C, beta carotene, folic acid, fibre, calcium, magnesium and potassium, is one of the most appreciated veggies in Germany, Holland and Switzerland and was used in ancient Greece and Rome as a medicine. Choose bunches with firm stems and shiny smooth

leaves to guarantee freshness and quality, curly leaves means that the plant has flowered or was about to when it was picked and the stems of the chard will be bitter. To boil, prepare as spinach, washing well in several changes of water, chopping finely and simmering for 30 minutes before draining well. The cooked leaves and stems can then be combined with sauces or simply tossed in butter or olive oil. Chard can be frozen if it is scalded for two to three minutes, but otherwise is best used as soon as possible as it does not last well. Young leaves are a welcome addition raw to salads as in this recipe and also retain more of their vitamin and mineral content than when cooked. However if you cannot get the tender leaves use 4-5 sticks of mature chard and cook the washed and chopped leaves for eight minutes.




Preparation 1. Separate the stems from the leaves of the chard, remove the fibrous veins from the stems, chop and steam for 12 minutes. Wash the young leaves in various changes of water and chop. 2. Boil the eggs for 12 minutes and place immediately into cold water 3. Boil or steam the potatoes (if boiled they will require a pinch of salt). 4. Make a vinaigrette sauce in the blender with the oil, vinegar, parsley and a pinch of salt. 5. Use the cooked chard stems as a bed for the salad in a large serving dish. Add the rest of the ingredients in layers of for example, chopped pepper and onion, quartered eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, chopped chard and salad leaves, another layer of pepper and onion, then more potato and egg, the tuna, decorate with strips of sliced peppers (optionals) and top off with capers olives and walnuts. Dress with vinaigrette just before serving









IC LIIVVE MUSIC OE The one and only J

ED or CEPAS RIOJA R EC TR EN of LE TT O FREE B for each table A WHITE WINE this advert. ED U R O LL TE S n of CA in the party di

delighted to lanco and is nt. Enjoy a B o in ol M restaura is back at Felipe Neri u to his beautiful from 6pm to midnight welcome yo ner in our restaurant ls from 6pm til late. Cocktai delicious din d join us for or come an

ning on presen

Food in Brief Madrid Fusion

GOODBYE BULLI The internationally acclaimed food fair held annually in Madrid, Madrid Fusión, opened with a goodbye, or at least a temporary one. World renowned chef Ferrán Adriá announced that his restaurant El Bulli, which is the proud bearer of three Michelín stars, will be closed to the public in 2012 and 2013. Nobody will be taking a long holiday however, the closure is so that Adriá and his team can concentrate even more on their investigation and gastronomic creation. During a multitudinous press conference at the opening of this VIII edition of Madrid Fusión, Adriá assured that they would be open to the public in some way from 2014 and declared, “we are going to work as hard as possible so that Spanish cuisine continues on top” and continue with their creativity. Adriá was accompanied on the podium for the opening by other world famous Spanish chefs, Juan María Arzak, Pedro Subijana, Joan Roca and José Andrés.

Hotel Villa Cortés

FLYING SAUCERS Tenerife also took the technology and innovation prize for 2010 with the spectacular flying saucers designed by chef Diego Schattenhofer of the Hotel Villa Cortés in Playa de las Américas. The chef worked with the scientists Hervé Bouy and Bertrand Lefort of the Canarian Astrophysics Institute to design plates which float about 10 centimetres over the table with nothing physically holding them up.

Hotel Las Águilas

TENERIFE TASTING The island council’s stand offered tastings of Tenerife products to the thousands of professionals at the fair. Typical and gastronomically appreciated products such as cheeses, potatoes with mojo sauces, island cakes and biscuits and the best of our wines were on offer. All the food was prepared by Manuel Berrierl, the chef of Hotel Las Águilas and visitors to the stand were also presented with professional material and a mini, vacuum packed, semi-cured cheese as a gift.

Puerto de la Cruz

TENERIFE TALKING The chef of the internationally renowned restaurant, El Duende, in Puerto de la Cruz was one of the professionals asked to speak at the event. Jesús González gave a theory presentation and a practical demonstration of various recipes using cheese in cuisine.

Marlies and Udo are waiting to welcome you to the





pm dnight. ek from 1 to mi Open 7 days a weAlto, Costa Adeje 2. 28 6 79 2 92 om Eugenio Reservations ino-blanco.c stria 5, San Avda. de Au • info@mol oin ol www.m 5PM) TO


Potato Club G·E·R·M·A·N

C· U · I · S · I · N · E

Tuesday: Calves liver with onions, bacon and mashed potato €8.50 Wednesday: German sausage with onions and mashed potato €6.90 Thursday: Fish and chips and mushy peas €7.90 Kitchen open Tues - Sat, 12 midday to 12 midnight, Mon 6 pm

Avda. El Emigrante (main street facing the port) Playa San Juan, Tenerife, Tel. 630 835 721


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Cocktail Art Bistrot

DJ Cocktail Art Bistrot La Caleta, Adeje

922 711979

La DolceVita

Forget run of the mill pasta, when you sit down at the table in this particular restaurant your taste buds are in for a real treat. Italian born Michele and Marilena opened this delightful eatery in the very picturesque harbour in La Caleta just a few months ago, having spent a number of years in New Zealand. They have created an ambiance


Specialists S peciaalis issts in Malaysian Ma Mala alay laays aysian yssiaaan nC Cu Cuisine uis issin ne ne Lobster,fres LLobster,fresh obst ste te er,,fr fre re esh fish ffis fiissh or o r seafood seafoods sea se eafooods available a va aila able e with wit ith a advance dv dva va a n ce order o rd rde de er

Take Ta ake a away way wa ay se ser service erv rvvvice ice icce av available ava aila abl ble


Specialists in Italian and English products, take-away food and catering

Roast Chicken · Lasagne Pizza · Pasta Café with home made tarts and cakes Parque Margarita, 77 Los Cristianos Tel. 922 789 876 · 667 367 226 9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday

23 DEC 23

Tel. 922 2 792 013 Edif. San an Marino, local 11-12, Los Cristia Cristianos pm Open Every ve Day from 1 - midnight




Overs eas

eat italy


“Excellence stands the test of time”

conducive to relaxing over great food, with good friends and very good wines. As well as a mouth-watering range of fish and meat specials, Cocktail Art Bistrot really comes into its own when it comes to their homemade pastas that melt in your mouth and conjure up images of parts of Italy you may not have visited but have probably dreamt of. Their VIP menu offers select diners some excellent dishes including live Lobster cooked to your liking. And of course you will have to leave room for desserts, which are as good as after dinner treats could possibly be.




eat italy

discount off your first purchase on presentation of this advert

Calle Las Artes Calle Las Terrazas Calle del Muelle


La Caleta de Adeje

Paseo Marítimo

Fañabé Las Américas

Avda. de Las Gaviotas

Calle Las Artes I Res. Costa Caleta Loc. 3 La Caleta de Adeje I Adeje I Tel. 922 711 979 Open from 19.00 – 2.00 I Sunday closed



f you’re a fan of Italian cooking, and let’s be honest the Italians really do know how to prepare good food, especially for lovers of the Mediterranean diet, then you have to visit Cocktail Art Bistrot as soon as possible.

Open Monday – Saturday 7pm – 2am




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Fun Cooking



BAGS OF SPUDS Grown your own.

• 1/2 litres home made chicken stock • 1/2 kg peas (can be frozen)

ROCK & CHOP Herb knife.




FISH FILTER Strain and pour:

ur recipes are translated with the generous permission of the author, Teresa Pérez Hernández, from the superb series of books, La Cocina Encuentada. In the Spanish version, this series of books combines healthy, fun recipes with original short stories to feed the body and the mind. They are highly recommended for anyone who can understand the Spanish language. The humble pea was once so expensive that rich courtiers in the French court during the Sun King’s reign used to eat them in private so that they didn’t have to share or give explanations on how or where they had acquired them.

KIDS COOKER Sale price wooden toy.

Nowadays the excellent quality of frozen peas makes it an economical dish for any family. Alternatively a cream of courgette soup is also a great


Asiaticoo Asiatic Buffet Libre As

Japanese, Thai and Chinese Cuisine Choose your sauce and our chef’s will prepare your Wok, Grill & BBQ in front of you.

A variety of Asian snacks, fresh meat & seafood

EAT WHATEVER AND HOWEVER MUCH YOU LIKE We invite you to eat whatever and however much you like from our wide variety of cold and hot dishes, desserts and ice-creams of all kinds.

All day buffet

7,99€ ONLY

Tel. 922 797 168 • Fax 922 795 618 Lunchtime 1 pm – 4.30 pm Evenings 6.30 pm – 11.30 pm B Blvd. Chajofe 10 • Los Cristianos (Formerly Mercedes-Benz)


3 ‘sea’ as a base. This fun soup with its colourful floating ‘rafts’ is bound to become a favourite with your children. If you haven’t the time or the energy to make your own stock, look at some of the cartons of stock available in the supermarkets, particularly those low in salt and fat. For the cheese, Parmesan is good and can be bought in small quantities ready finely grated but could be an overpowering taste for some smaller children.

* Information and images from La Cocina Encuentada – Las cuatro estaciones (in Spanish) by Teresa Pérez Hernández. ISBN 978-84-96509-84-9 (around 12 euros).

• 5 radishes • Thin slices of good quality Serrano ham • Powdered grated cheese • Sea salt

Preparation 1. Make your chicken stock with a quarter of chicken and the vegetables that you have to hand, carrots, turnip, onion, celery etc. Sieve once cooked. 2. Steam or gently simmer the peas if they are fresh until almost cooked (use directly if frozen). Add to stock and blend. 3. Finely slice the radishes and cut the ham into pieces that will fit on top of the radish slices. Sprinkle with cheese. 4. Check the level of salt in the soup and adjust to taste. Serve into individual dishes and float the ‘rafts’ on top of each bowl of soup. 5. Serve warm.

Nutritional values Protein: 27,84g/100g RDA: 36-43g/day Potassium: 864.2mg/100g RDA: 1,000-1,600mg/day Zinc: 2.81mg/100g RDA: 10-15mg/day


La Romántica International cuisine, flambées a speciality Superb food, stylish service, a touch of class in Callao Salvaje

Tel. 922 741 518 Open daily 12 midday - 11pm

El Ancla, nº 21. C/ El Jable Callao Salvaje, Adeje


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


By Gerald Ruben

Scandal in the wine trade

FRENCH WINEMAKERS AND TRADERS HAD BEEN FOUND GUILTY FRE tation of the Languedoc region. The twelve under examination more than doubled their profits, passing off the wine to E & J Gallo under its Red Bicyclette brand. E & J Gallo were not involved in the court case.


n the 17th February the BBC reported that a dozen French winemakers and traders had been found guilty of a massive scam to sell 18 million bottles of fake Pinot Noir to a leading U.S. buyer.

The judge in Carcassonne, South West France, said the producers and traders had severely damaged the repu-

In a statement on its website it said it was “deeply disappointed” to lear n its supplier, Sieur d’Arques, had been found guilty of selling falsely labelled French Pinot Noir. Based on the available information of the Pinot Noir that the French courts have investigated, Gallo imported less than 20 per cent of the total and is no longer selling any of this wine to customers. “We believe that the only French Pinot that was potentially misrepresented to us would have been the 2006 vintage and prior. We will continue to work with the appropriate U.S. authorities to determine any next steps required for

potentially mislabelled Pinot Noir in the marketplace”, the statement concluded. The court ruled that the twelve had deliberately and repeatedly mislabelled the wine as one of the more expensive varieties of grape in order to get a better price from E & J Gallo. The Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir single grape wine is hugely popular in the United States. However French customs officers spotted the swindle and called in investigators, they found the amount of Pinot Noir being sold to Gallo was far more than the region produced. Some of those in the scandal were not even Pinot Noir producers.

Now this is the scary bit. A lawyer for Sieur d’Arques, Jean-Marie Bourland, told Agence France Presse “there is no prejudice. Not a single American consumer complained”. Ah well it must have had something going for it.

Now the situation seems to have changed, and while it is sad to say a number of bodegas have gone out of business the strong ones are still there, and making even better wines than they did before.

Is there a moral to this story? Not really, however, so far we have had no problems in Tenerife. Talking of Tenerife wines, have you noticed how some of them have improved over the past few years? The problem they have in marketing, is that people have long memories and that the bad old days of too much sulphur and not enough bottling skills led to pretty awful wine being sold.

I think it’s time we had another Tenerife wine tasting

to compare how some of the Bodegas have improved. Just to let you know that you can get the Erminasin wine (non alcoholic) that I wrote about some weeks ago in the wine shop Vinos y Cavas in Valle San Lorenzo, as well as in El Corte Inglés in Santa Cruz.

EL REFUGIO Restaurante

FFresh r h ppr resh products rod od ctt HHo omee m adde ffood ooodd Home made LLaa EEscalona c o ddirection r ct c ioo Ifonche foo che TTel. 9922 Te 222 77255 8894 9944 CClosed o edd SSaturday t rdda da y

The judge handed out suspended jail sentences ranging from one month to six months for the most prominent wine trader and ordered all the defendants to pay fines. The fines ranged from €1,500 to the top figure of €180,000 for Sieur d’Arques.

The judge said that the accused together made seven million euros in profits from the scam. He also went on to say that the scale of the fraud caused severe damage for the wines of the Languedoc for which the United States is an important outlet.

D.O. Valle de la Orotava

Bodega Tajinaste Finca La Haza, home of the Bodega Tajinaste, was in the news recently after a visit by the Canarian Regional Minister for Agriculture, Pilar Merino. The political interest was sparked by the company’s nascent but successful export policy - around 15 per cent of the production of this northern vineyard goes abroad. They broke into the United States market four years ago and Tajinaste wines are now on sale in New York and Pennsylvania. In the same year they began exporting to Sweden and will soon be entering the Canadian market. According to the owners, the García Farrais family, success in these demanding markets requires exoticism and uniqueness of the grape varieties such as the Listán Blanco and Negro, which are only produced in the Canaries.

From Los Cristianos to Playa Paraíso From 6pm till 11.30pm



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Ventanas Tenesur

Living with windows Ventanas Tenesur S.L. are the leading specialists in Tenerife for PVC, wood and aluminium windows.


lthough they have only been on the island for eight years, the company has already earned themselves a reputation as a quality dependable company with excellent Know-How in the world of windows.

an affordable price range and come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours. Furthermore, PVC windows offer excellent sound-proofing and anti-theft standards.

Together with their professional partners Z-Fenstertechnik (window techniques) and Schüco, competence and a high standard finish is guaranteed. PVC windows can offer an easy, trouble-free solution.

Being able to leave the door to your house or apartment wide open, or knowing, once you go out and close that door that absolutely nothing is going to happen in your absence: unfortunately that’s no longer the case. Break-ins and robberies are now part of daily life. Here most break-ins happen via the windows or terrace door. Therefore it is very important that these are the parts of your home in need of extra security attention, so fitting your windows and terrace doors with the

If your priority is an economical lowmaintenance option for your windows, PVC windows are indeed a highly recommended choice, with a long life, and excellent anti-damp qualities. The PVC windows are industrially produced, within

Feeling secure

most modern technologically advanced insets is vital.

Complete worry-free building Measuring or building, you want to know you are dealing with experienced professionals who take pride in their handiwork and know exactly what they are doing. These are only some of the many good reasons for choosing windows from Ventanas Tenesur S.L. More advantages and offers are available when you visit their office in Valle San Lorenzo. Phone 922 766494 (ask for Rosa) or visit their website, Why consider the rest when you can have the best. Ventanas Tenesur S.L.

Family Dental Plaza and the most up-to-date technology. Their in-house laboratory is also fully equipped to repair all kinds of dentures on the same day as well as replace lost dentures as quickly as possible. In search of the perfect smile? At Family Dental Plaza they offer advanced treatments for tooth whitening and porcelain fillings to give you that whiter look. Remember the Ring of Confidence so loved of a certain toothpaste company – well that can now be yours.

Service with a smile! I

n days gone by many of us used to look at the American attention to teeth and gums, via the plethora of American soaps we watched on TV, as something to be envied and admired, but up until recently it wasn’t something the ordinar y person here in Europe had easy access too. Nowadays however looking after your teeth and even improving their appearance is not only relatively easy, but certainly within the cost bracket of most of us, and let’s be honest, there is something so uplifting in catching a glimpse of our smile in a mirror and seeing a healthy

Again a holistic approach is used with a full examination before any cosmetic work is undertaken to ensure a perfect harmony between teeth and gums, taking into account the three vital factors, colour, size and shape.

white row of teeth beaming back. The reason for this is so simple: smile and you look nice, smile with beautiful teeth and you will look fantastic! The professional team at Family Dental Plaza Clinic offers a holistic service with a personalised ser vice for all the family. Good dental health is vital for your overall general well being, and at Family Dental Plaza they offer a complete approach to your mouth with treatments for problems relating to gums and mouth disease as well as teeth, so you don’t have to waste time and money going from specialist to specialist. On your first visit you can

avail of the free diagnosis ser vice, with a complete examination in order to establish the state of your teeth and gums and identify problems such as tooth decay, gum and mouth cancer, erosion, and your dentist will draw up an action plan if one be needed to improve your oral health and rectify any problems. If this, for instance, requires orthodontal expertise they are fully trained in this

branch of dentistry, with an initial study using photography and the latest software. Patients can see a mock-up of their treatment before starting and they (helpfully) have in stock a wide range of braces in fun and funky colours for younger clients. Implants, the replacement of old and problem teeth, is also carried out at Family Dental Plaza, using the best materials, such as titanium

They also offer a dental whitening service, using peroxide of hydrogen which, when activated by a special light, scatter molecules that pass through the enamel resulting in a visible whitening of the enamel. There is also a five year guarantee on all treatments carried out. If you are resident here and covered by health insurance the chances are that you will be covered for medical dental

treatment as they accept the majority of Spanish covers, including Sanitas, Mapfre, Caser Salud, etc. If you are on holiday, require emergency treatment and are covered by an international insurance they will issue you with a receipt with can be used to reclaim the fee from your insurance company, including the NHS in the UK. From the appearance of our first milk teeth we need to look after our teeth, and the team at Family Dental Plaza are perfectly placed to make that job easy and as painless as possible. There are two clinics: • CC San Eugenio 922 715 891 • C/Montaña Chica 2, Local 6, Los Cristianos 922 795 021 • email: info@familydentalplaza. com • Opening hours Mon to Frid 9am - 8pm, Saturdays 10am – 2pm, • Emergencies: 822 454 273. Family Dental Plaza is the only clinic in Tenerife recommended by winner of the NHS Yearbook.

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EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

Irish consumers

Opel cars

Shopping guilt

Jobs to go


Announcing an investment of €11,000 million up to 2014, Reilly confirmed that the company expected to be at a break even point in 2011 and back in the black by the following year. Most of the investment is to go into updating their plant and vehicle models. Apart from the job losses at the Figuerelas plant, 600 night workers will see their jobs suspended whilst the factory is put into condition to produce the new Meriva.

he retail director of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), David McGee, claimed in a recent speech to the Checkout retailing conference in Dublin that Irish shoppers will never recover from the guilt they feel about their consumption during the boom years. Those who lived through the Great Depression in America looked frugally at every purchase for the rest of their lives, sur vivors of the homefront of the second world war, will never waste food and tend to always have a huge stock of tinned goods, and McGee claimed that Irish shoppers will always seek value now that the boom is over. During the recent crisis, the shopping trends in Ireland have moved to cheaper shops and cheaper ranges of goods such as own brand labels and special offers. These trends, extending across all the social classes are here to stay according to McGee, who claims that the vast majority had been pleasantly surprised by what they found when they started buying more cleverly. In a survey carried out by PwC, 90 per cent of those

Many Irish retailers are looking at opening new businesses

interviewed were under the impression they had got the same quality or better when switching to cheaper products and almost 80 per cent believed they had got the same or better value for

money. McGee maintained that price was no longer an indication of quality. They had carried out tests on a variety of clothing items and on a selection of plain black t-shirts one of the cheapest

costing less than €6 came out on top in quality, whilst the most expensive model which was over €44, came only fourth. Tests run on polo shirts showed that the most expensive at €96.50 came fifth whilst the highest ranked in quality cost less than €14. According to McGee, the results of research like this meant that people not only felt guilty but, “stupid” about their shopping habits during the boom years. He was insistent that the new shopping patterns were here to stay and that retailers should be aware of this new mindset in the future. Over half of the people interviewed confirmed that they would continue to buy cheaper versions of household products like toothpaste and washing powder when the recession finished, however cheap vegetables and meat would go and indulgence foods such as chocolates were even lower on the compromise schedule. The good news for the Irish economy is that 50 per cent of the retailers were optimistic about business opportunities compared with 2009 and a third were planning new business ventures in the coming year.

New charity

Kind hearts and coronets A

new charity has been set up to aid members of the Spanish aristocracy who are down on their uppers. Isabel de Borbón y Esteban de León, Marchioness of Balboa has left a legacy of €600,000 to set up a fund to help out elderly, single members of the upper classes who are down on their luck, those who for reasons of age have lost their positions and privileges or who feel they are a bother to their families. It would seem that loneliness and the problems of making income last to the end of the month are not the exclusive realm of the man in the street, the aristocracy suffer too. The foundation Marchioness of Balboa, for

Aristocrats look after their own

single elderly ladies who have come down in the world, was registered in Madrid at the end of January to, “take care of poor, financially embarrassed, elderly singles who have come down in the world, who live alone or in poor conditions, with their

families or with those who would rather they were not there, or in homes with deficient hygienic conditions or where they are treated badly”. It would seem like a standard charity until the additional condition is read. Preference will be given to

those women who, “had an elevated position,” such as that of the Marchioness of Balboa, “who need help and are ashamed to ask for it or have been refused.” The four ladies in charge of the fund are without doubt in a position to judge whether or not a candidate meets the criteria, their names and titles speak for themselves Leticia de Borbón de Rojas, Countess of Torrellano, Doña Oliva de Borbón y Rueda, Marchioness of Villamantilla de Perales, Doña Cristina de Figueroa Borbón and Doña Beatriz Bullón de Mendoza Dómez de Valuguera will consider all applicants or those referred to them. At least some of those in need will no longer have to have recourse to pawn family heirlooms.

Nick Reilly, General Motors representative for Opel/Vauxhall, announced a loss of 8,300 jobs in Europe of which 900 will go from Figuerelas in Zaragoza.

Spanish economy

Recession continues Latest figures confirm that Spain was still in recession as 2009 came to a close. The Spanish Gross Domestic Product fell by 0.1 per cent on the inter-quarterly figures and 3.6 per cent over the year. However the good news is that the previous quarter registered a reduction of GDP of 0.3 per cent and minus four per cent on year on year figures. According to the Spanish National Statistics Institute, the figures show that although Spain is still in recession it is, “less negative” than it was and that exterior worldwide production, “diminished the reduction”. Some experts believe that given the deceleration in the reduction of the GDP, Spain could well come out of recession in the first quarter of this year, with a slight but not spectacular growth, but enough to be seen to be following other countries along the path of recuperation.

Business costs

Tax reduction Good news for those who pay their income tax for their business on the estimated módulo system. In conjunction with representatives of the self employed and in recognition of the difficult times faced by all businesses, an across the board reduction of five per cent has been agreed. The measure also applies to farming and forest management businesses. Certain sectors, such as table grapes, cut flowers and plants and tobacco, have also had further reductions in the index used to calculate their tax obligations to reflect the economic reality of their particular sectors. In addition, there has been an increase in the incentive to employ disabled people from 40 per cent to 60 and an increase of 20 per cent in incentives for those disabled individuals who set themselves up in business.

German banks

Tax fraud The German government has given the go ahead to pay €2.5 million to someone who has stolen information on 1,500 German tax cheats with accounts in Swiss banks. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel affirmed, “if this information is relevant we should have it”, facing down opposition complaints that they were negotiating with, “thieves”. Swiss media insist that the CD on sale includes details of UBS clients, information that the bank denies, however the German version of The Financial Times have announced that those in the spotlight are customers of the Swiss branch of the English bank, HSBC. Two years ago the German government paid out €5 million for information on accounts held in Liechtenstein, an investigation which turned out to include 198 Spaniards and uncovered the largest fiscal fraud in German history. However it is believed that on this occasion the information on sale only concerns German clients.

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Island Connections Media Group Karen Swift Classifieds Manager


Collection Points

Las ChaďŹ ras Calle Francisco Feo RodrĂ­guez 6Âş- ďŹ rst ďŹ&#x201A;oor. Pol. Industrial Las ChaďŹ ras 38620 San Miguel de Abona. Tel. 922 750 609 Fax: 922 795 810


To Cho - Guargacho - L as Galletas



Situations Vacant CLASSIFIEDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S DEADLINE The deadline for edition 612,which are published on 12th March, is Thursday 4th March at 5pm. No classiďŹ edâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s will be taken after this date.

To advertise in this space

To San Miguel TF-1 To Airport Santa Cruz

To Los Abrigos

Los Alisios

Castle Harbour

Paradise Park CC Passarella Oasis

Cristian Sur



ReverĂłn Victoria Court Mar y Jardines Sol Canarios

Beverly Hill



who represent

Royal Palm Los Cristianos. Calle El Rodeo. Apt. Royal Palm Reception. Tel. 922 750 609

- a company specialising in traditionally made quality food products - is looking for a professional sales representative. The ideal candidate should speak English and Spanish ďŹ&#x201A;uently. An excellent commission based package is oďŹ&#x20AC;ered to the right person. For more details telephone 922 167 044

922 750 609 Required bubbly outgoing barmaid for newly refurbished lounge bar on Golf del Sur, English and Spanish, and bar experience preferred, but not essential, call 638 810779


Rates Lineage classiďŹ eds: From 15.75 â&#x201A;Ź Boxed Ads: Black& White 57.75â&#x201A;Ź Coloured 68.25â&#x201A;Ź Long Term: Ask for our special rates Island Connections Newspaper Daily News Site Tenerife OfďŹ ce Tel: 922 750 609 Mob: 609 581 632 Fax: 922 795 810 ClassiďŹ eds Section: classiďŹ Sales Department: Gran Canaria OfďŹ ce Tel: 928 353 279/ Fax: 928 359 744

Class. Info For personal and professional help in placing your classiďŹ ed in Island Connections all you need to do is pop along to our new ofďŹ ces in Las ChaďŹ ras and speak to Karen. Not only is Island Connections here to ensure that your advertisement reaches itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s target market, we will also advise on sizing requirements for maximum exposure, with prices to suit your pocket.

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Island Connections S.L. C.I.F: B-38748315 Printed by Artes GrĂĄďŹ cas del AtlĂĄntico S.A. Dep. Legal: TF-287/93


Promotions company with more than 10 years experience in selling attractive, high quality products in Tenerife markets, 5 star hotels and superstores is looking for open minded full/part time promoters, which like to present and sell in live promotion. No selling experience is required. Contract + Social Security + ďŹ xed salary + commission is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us for further information. OfďŹ ce 922 781548, fax 922 781548, 629 493799

TF-1 to Los Cristianos Las AmĂŠricas

To Golf MERCADONA del Sur


MUST HAVE: Technical leadership Responsible attitude 5 years experience Commercial skills an advantage Fluent Spanish


â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


WE OFFER: â&#x20AC;˘ Salary + work related incentives â&#x20AC;˘ Company training â&#x20AC;˘ Permanent contract a possibility


Send your CV to fax: 922 775 374

Succeed At The Highest Level Advertising Consultants (Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera)

Night Owl (Sales person) (Tenerife)

Even in the current economic climate we need extra help in order to fulďŹ l our customers needs... We require the best in the marketplace. Have you got what it takes? Our media group has traditionally led the ďŹ eld and will continue to do so by hiring the best and remunerating them accordingly. Do you possess: Positive attitude and strong character. Self discipline and sales experience. Spanish or German language to negotiation level. Self motivation and team skills. Teachability and 100% integrity. Trustworthiness and references. If so then you could be what we are looking for. Media experience would be an advantage, but not essential as training will be given. If you would like to apply for any of the above positions, send your CV, two references, an up-to-date photo and covering letter to â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: 922 79 58 10


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 BMW Z3, 1.9, 16V, 140CV, good condition, BW reg, good hood, silver, 7,500 euros, Jon 629 523227

Rover engine, 1100 CC, lead free petrol, 1999 model. Special competition model (only 95 models in Spain). Wooden dashboard. Leather steering wheel. 4 competition headlights. Wide wheel axle. Airbag, competition tyres. Impeccable condition.

 Alfa Romeo 147. 1.6 litres. 105000 kms. 2004. Petrol. Doors: 2. Price: €6200. Tel: 650299441  Hyundai H1. 85000 kms. 2003. Diesel. Doors: 4. Price: €8500. Tel: 922204462

Tel. 670 833 944  Nissan Pathfinder. 2.5 litres. 33000 kms. 2007. Diesel. Sun Roof Doors: 4. Price: €27000. Tel: 672670047  Mini Cooper S. 120000 kms. 2003. Petrol. Sun Roof Doors: 2. Price: €12000. Tel: 661399688  Seat Ibiza. 1.6 litres. 100000 kms. 2000. Petrol. Doors: 2. Price: €3600. Tel: 629843240

The family friendly car hire company

 BMV 320 TD Touring. 2 litres. 132000 kms. 2001. Diesel. Doors: 4. Price: €9500. Tel: 609814505  Mercedes-Benz S 350 Turbo DI. 3.5 litres. 66000 kms. 1993. Diesel. Doors: 4. Price: €18000. Tel: 647403749

Family company 27 years on Tenerife

DANISH RENT-A-CAR We guarantee:

· A reliable and friendly service · Fully comprehensive insurance, no extras · Free child seats, GPS (3 Euros a day) Special offer: · Special long term rates Citroen Saxo 7 days only €139, · VIP hire car service all included Hotel drop off and collection Airport service, street maps, tour information Voucher for free entrance into theme parks

Poul's Auto – your car-hire company in South West Tenerife Mon-Fri, 8.30am – 12 midday, 5pm – 7pm / Sat 8.30am – 12 midday / Sun 10am – 12 midday

Tel: +34 922.740.742 ·

 Volkswagen Touareg. 5 litres. 92000 kms. 2004. Diesel. Doors: 4. Price: €40000. Tel: 620955197  Mercedes-Benz Cl600 V12. 6 litres. 114000 kms. 1997. Petrol. Sun Roof Doors: 2. Price: €9000. Tel: 922343354  Land Rover Discovery 3. 2.7 litres. 72000 kms. 2007. Diesel. Doors: 4. Price: €24400. Tel: 661490245  Nissan Trade. 3 litres. 25000 kms. 2000. Diesel. Doors: 2. Price: €3000. Tel: 609128372  Toyota Corolla. 1.3 litres. 200000 kms. 1992. Petrol. Doors: 4. Price: €2150. Tel: 665662524  Mitsubishi 3000 GT. 3 litres. 71000 kms. 1993. Petrol. Doors: 2. Price: €10000. Tel: 652905333



671 619 059 ACI rent-a-car can provide a range of exotic vehicles; for photo and promotional events. ACI have a selection of vehicles for long term rental from 275 € per month. We also have a large range of vehicles for sale. expatriates/en

Motorbikes :  Honda Black Widow 750cc. Year: 2003 Kms: 52000kms. Price: €5000. Tel: 677345944  HondaVTR 1000 SP2 1000cc Horsepower: 136hp. Year: 2005 Kms: 15000kms. Price: €7500. Tel: 670589958  Suzuki TU 250 X 250cc Kms: 16000kms. Price: €1500. Tel: 653471088  Derbi GPR 50 R 50cc. Year: 2005 Kms: 13000kms. Price: €1500. Tel: 652914632  Benelli 1131cc Horsepower: 137hp. Year: 2008 Kms: 6000kms. Price: €9500. Tel: 922528661  Yamaha FZ1N 1000cc Horsepower: 150hp. Year: 2007 Kms: 11000kms. Price: €6500. Tel: 605456025  BMW R 1200 R 1200cc Horsepower: 105hp. Year: 2007 Kms: 4200kms. Price: €9990. Tel: 669446500  Honda Varadero 1000cc Horsepower: 100hp. Year: 2007 Kms: 18000kms. Price: €8500. Tel: 677909301  Honda CBR 600 F 600cc. Year: 2008 Kms: 1200kms. Price: €5500. Tel: 660585830  Kawasaki KX 250 250cc. Year: 2006. Price: €2600. Tel: 666692981  Yamaha Versity 300 270cc Horsepower: 37hp. Year: 2005 Kms: 7500kms. Price: €3000. Tel: 636979053  Honda Hornet 600cc Horsepower: 96hp. Year: 2004 Kms: 28000kms. Price: €3800. Tel: 691305825  Yamaha Xcity 250cc. Year: 2008 Kms: 18000kms. Price: €3300. Tel: 620713260  Yamaha R6 600cc. Year: 2006 Kms: 11000kms. Tel: 667638486  Suzuki Vl 250 Intruder 250cc. Year: 2005. Price: €2500. Tel: 922561319  BMW K 1200 R 1200cc Horsepower: 150hp. Year: 2006 Kms: 12336kms. Price: €10500. Tel: 609450437  Suzuki GSR-600 600cc Horsepower: 100hp. Year: 2006 Kms: 6600kms. Price: €4500. Tel: 696900219  Suzuki GSXR 1000cc. Year: 2003 Kms: 19400kms. Tel: 620909945  Tr i u m p h S p e e d t r i ple 1050cc Horsepower: 100hp. Year: 2008 Kms: 2800kms. Price: €8750. Tel: 669446500

 Cristianos, 24 hours, Marcela, Latin, 25 years, pretty, relaxing massages, Calle Boulevar, in front of CajaCanarias in Valdes Centre, call 10 minutes before, basic English, 645 022 501  Las Américas. professional massage (without clothes) artistic, relaxing, stress relief, sport massage, erotic and more... harmonise your body, heart and mind. natural and clean. Magic hands plus escort service. 627 114 090  Danna, new, Cristianos, two friends, beautiful, sexy, erotic massage, discreet apartment, 634 273126 / 664 077390  English model, showgirl, professional striptease, quality service, general entertainment, stag night, dominatrix, fetish, luxur y conditions, visits 24 hours, 697 227139 / 803 520060  South, pretty Russian girl, blonde, tall, slim, young, sexy. I execute all your fantasies, visiting service, call me 686 323 685  South!! Two Russian friends, beauties, sexy, very nice, erotic massage and much more, hotel visits, call us, 664 055 955  Cristianos, Susi is here again with new friends and we wish to make love with you and much more, we have vibrators and fantasies for you, forbidden desires, 637 194462  Cristianos, Susi is here again with new friends and we wish to make love with you and much more, we have vibrators and fantasies for you, forbidden desires, 637 194462  Contact agency in Las Americas, the best ladies and transvestites in Tenerife, all services with total discretion, 24 hours, 676 118108  Lady, 19 years, dark, nice breasts and bottom, very curvy, all services, 24 hours, Las Americas, 608 865192  Very beautiful Italian girl, slim, blonde, sexy, big breasts, not professional, erotic massage and much more…visits hotels, apartments, 00 34 671 868681  Experience my lovely hands! Beautiful masseuse with cer tificates of fers a special Tantrico Massage to make you completely new, 672 854596  Cristianos, Barbie, blonde, slim, green eyes, Barbie body, 45 years, big breasts, sweet, complacent, offers massage and all types of services, private apartment, hotels, total discretion, 608 277700

 Hot models!! Las Americas and Cristianos, all services, special lesbian and couples, blonde ladies and dark, 20-25 years, 24 hours, hotels and homes too, 686 11493 / 664 513700, www.hothotgirlstenerife. com  Cristianos, sweet, beautiful sexy lady, nice body, big breasts, heavenly erotic, massage and much more.. discreet apartment, home and hotel visits, English and Spanish spoken, 630 723353 / 667 217814  Small transvestite, Brazilian, very hot, sweet, sensual, sexy, busty, complacent, active/passive, natural French, enjoy unbelievable moments, complete, 100 euros per hour, Playa de Las Americas, 617 972991  Los Cristianos, Naomi, Caribbean, young, beauty, tall, slim, sexy, nice, playful, complacent, erotic massage, relax with final happiness, discretion, no rush, hotels, 24 hours, unbelievable time, 676 060706  Las Americas, erotic massages, relaxing, feet fetish, Sabrina, 1.80, green eyes, clear skin, big breasts, sensual, all types of erotic fantasies, 24 hours, private apartment, hotels and homes, 625 270979  Las Americas domination, fetishism, sadomacho, submissive men, obedient, ser vices, 24 hours, toys, all types of sado, 1.80, big breasts, do you want me as your slave, hotel and homes, 619 854397  Cristianos, 24 hours, Sofia, Latin, beauty, nice body and big breasts, apartment in Funchal, in front of Hotel Aguamar, call 10 mins before, basic English spoken, all services, 638 258611  Tiffany’s Chamber, professional dominatrix for your pleasure, fun, relax, massage, escor t ser vice, private par ties and weekend partners, call 00 34 600 845184 or 00 34 690 0253527. We speak English, Italian and Spanish languages, book your appointment now. We assure you privacy and confidence.  Attention, Carmen, Attention! South area, attractive, mature, 40 years, sexy, cultured and ver y sweet, authentic Chicharrera, very particular, only serious men, professional massage, stress relief, natural French, Greek, black kiss, toys, uniforms, Jacuzzi, etc. Private apartment in a privileged area, also hotels, English and Italian spoken, www.fammacanaria/, 24 hours, credit cards accepted, secure and cleanliness guaranteed, 637 080868  Night Club La Dolce Vita. Club with air conditioning, 400 mc rooms with Jacuzzi, billiards, girls from all over the world. All languages spoken. Lap dancing, lesbian girls, lesbian shows, couples, singles, domination, first drink free. Hotel ser vice, erotic massages. Open between 1700 hours and 0700 hours. Tel Club 922 795855 or mobile 627 622701

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Conveyancing • Criminal law • Wills Employment law • Family law • Personal injury



General Services FREE, no obligation survey & quotation

Polígono Industrial Las Chafiras III, C. Caracas Nave 4 - 38639 S. Miguel de Abona · Tenerife Tel: +34 922 736738 Fax: +34 922 735 123 Email: · web:

Canaries & British Aluminium Systems S.L. A British owned company - Established in Tenerife 1992 VISIT OUR COMPREHENSIVE SHOWROOM "See the best display in Tenerife" We manufacture, supply and fit: All types of doors and window systems, insect screens, mirrored wardrobes, balcony screens and partitions. All types and sizes of gates, electric, manual and telephone entry etc. Garage doors, louvered shutters, fixed or adjustable louvers, pergolas, balustrades, cupboards, roofing, mobile roofs (manual or electric),extensions, conservatories, shower screens and cubicles, tiling, building. All types of glass mirrors. Security shutters, high security locks and glass. Take advantage of our free security survey.

NEW - GLASS CURTAINS 'Why spoil the view" *Frameless folding glass doors and windows* Ideal for balcony/terrace enclosures and for existing patio areas See all the above in our showroom and watch the manufacturing process. WE ONLY SELL WHAT WE MAKE - WE ARE NOT MIDDLE MEN. Directions: With Iceland on your right, take the second turn left after the ITV station and we are on your left behind Autos Tenerife.

922 719 520 for friendly professional advice Celebrating 25 years of expertise - Residencial Villaflor B20, San Eugenio, Costa Adeje. Email:

S ignature ...bringing quality to your home

Your best choice

for international removals and storage. Weekly door to door shipments to any location.

BRITISH CRAFTMANSHIP With many years experience fitting kitchens & bathrooms both here in Tenerife & the UK

Call 922 581772 or 922 580749 or email:

Special Offers


Skilled Builder Robert McAlees

Free granite work tops, oven or hob with every kitchen or floor & wall tiles with your bathroom (terms & conditions apply).

As seen on the DIY page I listen to what you want and make sure you get the best. I can replace that faulty tap or renovate your home.  Over 30 year’s experience. UK qualified to advanced skills status. 

Quality kitchens and bathrooms

Design, supply and installation

Call any time 922 814 073 / 605 469 352

Tel. 629 122 533 · 922 326 416



Adults’ Ballroom, Latin American, Tap or Freestyle Childrens’ ( 2 1/2 - 7yrs). Introduction to Dance. Many other classes in ballet, hip hop, modern, musical theatre for all ages. At Vamos a Bailar - Let’s Dance. CC Perla Blanca, Callao Salvaje · Ring 636 817 265 or 646 067 471

Can’t speak the `lingo´? Never too late to learn or improve! Individuals or groups all levels. Home visits. Telf: 649 882 366 ALSO TRANSLATIONS & INTERPRETING


Offering an efficient and professional service for over 15 years. Kitchens, Wardrobes, Pergolas and all purpose made joinery... 922 782 683 -

www. tenertodo. com we have everything in the Canaries

Piano/keyboard lessons for children and adults, home tuition available (south Tenerife). Learn at your own pace with a relaxed, friendly teacher to guide and support you. Tel 686 014355

Video tapes copied. Super 8 and VHS to DVD. Make it safe for the next generation. Phone 922 797 104 SUPPLIERS AND INSTALLERS OF UPVC AND ALUMINIUM

In Adeje, next to the new

Windows, Patio Doors, Shutters & Conservatories. Roller Blinds, Mosquito Screens, Security Grills and Garage Doors. 922 721 353 -



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Adonis Sauna

04. General Services

Sanitary – Tiling – Electrician – Carpenter

Tue - Thu 4 - 12 Fri - Sat 4 pm - 3am

Items For Sale: Real Bargain!!

C.C. Salytien Playa de Las Américas pm



>>> bathroom renovation right down the line

>>> solar power plants

>>> sanitaries and heating systems

>>> pool reconstruction and service

Klaus Dieter Weirich – German Sanitary Master & HSL-Technican Mob: 616 858 470 • Fax: 922 794 209 • e-mail:

Computer for sale Compaq Presario PENTIUM 4 (2007) with Printer/Scanner HP Photosmart C6180

500€ Mark Thornton Photography



“The Beauty Secret of the Stars”

Hotels, Travels, Holidays, Rent a Car & Excursions

Prices start from €50 Tel. 922 748 116 / 610 629 987 · e-mail ·

OXYjet literally breaths new life into the skin

A Luxurious & Relaxing Experience that really does work The leading Oxygen Treatment is now available in the Canaries and offers you an Exciting Opportunity to stimulate your business

Masonic Meetings:

For More Information please call Julie at Oxybeauty Canarias Tel: 627 890 570 Email:

Tony the Welder • Security Grilles • Gates • Railings • Steel Fabrication • On-site Welding Fully Qualified Legal Craftsman 27 years experience, 14 years Tenerife

Tel: 659 489 690 Property Secured, Quality Assured

Jazz Soul Blues Funk

Hola! expatriates/en

LEARN SPANISH IN AN INFORMAL AND Call for more details RELAXED SETTING 699 627 211 Home tutoring in Mathematics, English Literature and Language available from primary age to ‘A’ Level standard (as pertaining to Spanish Curriculum.) It is a proven fact that one-to-one educational interaction enables a child to attain improved understanding and knowledge of each subject, which in turn translates as better examination results and ultimately better opportunities later in life.

Reasonable hourly rates and professional commitment

MASONIC MEETINGS LODGE AVE FENIX MEET REGULARLY ON TUESDAY EVENINGS IN THEIR OWN NEW TEMPLE AT LOS CRISTIANOS ................ Please contact the Secretary John Donaldson on Tel. 922 17 91 74 e-mail:

Forget text books and school rooms, Carlos offers individual classes, one on one or in small group, in the comfort of your own home.

For further information, please call 617 550 140

Cool Jazzy Grooves Silky Soul Sessions Funky Fusion Classic Latin & Bossa

Mobility scooter for sale Large 8mph model, up to 25 stone. Large Captains Seat with Headrest, lights and indicators etc with charger and manual. Price reduced, returning to UK. 600 euros ono. Tel 600 647 072

Bring the best to your Beauty Salon or Spa… Selling or renting your house / apartment? Need it to look at its best? Professional photographer available to take the pictures that will get your home noticed

Tel. 677 799 475


HOMESTYLE DIRECT Quality Furniture Importers. Pol.Industrial Las Chafiras. Tenerife South 922 736 849

Car boot sale, El Trebol, Costa del Silencio. Every Sunday 11am-4pm for Help the Heroes. Contact 661 857 307. All stall holders welcome, 5€ donation


LODGE TEIDE meets in Puerto de la Cruz on Wednesday evenings contact John Hughes on 922 38 22 29 email taffy007naeve@

ROTARY MEETING Every Monday at 8.30pm in the Hotel Gran Tinerfe. All visitors welcome

902 886 226 Horse sharing!

Worldwide (digital stereo): . Tel: +34 922 170 350 Email:

aecc Join us and combat cancer

I am offering horse sharing for my 5 year old gelding. He is a very quiet horse and enjoys rides. Interested? Please call 609 929 278

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Tenerife Dream Homes T.D.H. TENERIFE DREAM HOMES

Local 6, 6 Calle Taoro, Taoro Sueño Azul, Azul Callao Salvaje, Salvaje 38678, 38678 Adeje, Adeje Tenerife


Tel: 922 740 465 Mob: (SP/UK) 661 932 881 / (UK) 663 844 141 Email: Websites: /


Callao Salvaje • Ref:CAL-D-11-2 2 Bed 3 Bath Duplex Situated on a very popular residential complex in Callao Salvaje. The property has been refurbished, is on three levels and briefly comprises of separate kitchen, spacious lounge with patio windows to a lovely terrace area, separate shower/wc. 2 bedrooms & garage. €198,000

Fañabé • Ref: FAN-V-11-4 4 Bed 3 Bath Stunning Villa in Fañabé. This property is situated in the popular area of El Madroñal and briefly comprises of lounge, dining room, separate kitchen, study or 5th bedroom, double garage & driveway & private heated pool. A must to view. €599,950

Callao Salvaje • Ref: CAL-V-31-3 3 Bed detached Villa 3 Bed 2 bath Villa situated on "Sueño Azul" in Callao Salvaje. New well equipped fitted kitchen, newly constructed 7m x 4m private heated pool. This property is in excellent condition & viewing is highly recommended. €340,000

Fantastic Business Opportunities in the South of Tenerife Please contact us for more information

Granadilla • Ref: GRA-V-03-10 10 Bed 7 Bath Villa This property is an absolute bargain. Situated in the heart of Granadilla, it has 10 beds, 7 bathrooms, 2 fitted kitchens, 2 dining rooms, double garage & garden of 700 sq m & private roof terrace. BARGAIN €280,000 - REDUCED!!

Torviscas Alto • Ref: TOR-V-12-2 2 Bed 2 Bath Villa 2 bed, 2 bath detached villa on the complex of Las Mimosas in Torviscas Alto. It is a quiet, residential complex with lifts, gardens and a communal pool. The property also comes with its own garage space and store room. This property has recently been refurbished. €375,000

Golf del Sur • Ref: GOL-V-17-3 3 Bed 3 Bath Villa with stunning uninterrupted views Situated on the Fairways complex, comprises of 3 bedrooms with the possibility to construct a further 2. Fully fitted kitchen, large lounge & separate dining area. Private pool. €355,000

Fañabé • Ref: FAN-V-11-4 4 Bed, 3 Bath Villa This beautiful villa is situated in El Madronel in Fañabé. The property sits on a plot of 550m2, has mountain and coastal views and a heated swimming pool. Separate kitchen, study / 5th bedroom, aromatherapy steam/shower capsule and Jacuzzi bath in master en suite. A must to view BARGAIN €599,950

Taucho • Ref: TAU-V-06-5 5 Bed 3 Bath Villa ***Reduced for Quick Sale*** Beautiful 5 Bed, 3 Bath Villa with stunning views in Taucho. Solar panels heat the pool, separate games room / bar area, large garden with mature fruit trees. A must to view. €775,000

Callao Salvaje • Ref: CAL-A-22-3 3 Bed, 2 Bath Corner property on popular complex in Callao Salvaje. American style fully fitted kitchen, large dining area, spacious lounge with patio windows to extremely large terrace. Separate bathroom. Three good size bedrooms, master bedroom has en suite bathroom with Jacuzzi bath. Communal pool & gated car park. €230,000

Holiday Rental • Callao Salvaje 3 Bed, 2 Bath Villa – Sleeps 6. Private Pool Ref: HOL-SUE-03-3 – From 550.00 p/w Other Holiday / Long & Short Term Rentals available. Please visit the website

Callao Salvaje • Ref: CAL-V-38-3 3 / 4 Bed House Stunning Semi detached Villa on Popular residential complex in Callao Salvaje. The Property briefly comprises of 3/4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms (2 en suite) inc Jacuzzi Bath, Garage with separate utility room, Gym & office or music studio. There is a large terrace with outside shower & BBQ. €367,500



EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS





Urb. La Tagora San Eugenio Alto



Best selection of properties for this month STUDIO

Port Royale Los Cristianos Studio Pool views Price: 79.950 € Ref.: A0S12567


El Naranjal El Madroñal 1 bed 1 bath

06. Property Business Opps :  For sale duty free, on international basis, exclusive Danish furniture to Gran Canaria province, as well as Las Palmas, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote with a possibility of a point of sale in Corte Inglés. We are already represented in 40 countries in the world in big cities like Madrid, Paris, New York and Shanghai. We can be reached by email at cartermillarltd@ or telephone 650 086251

Sea and pool views

Price: 185.000 € Ref.: A1B12411

Victoria Court I Los Cristianos 1 bed 1bath Pool views Price: £ 135,000

Views to the complex

Price: 159.000 € Ref.: A1B12580

Cristian Sur Los Cristianos 1 bed 1 bath Pool views Price: £ 154,000 Ref.: A1B12421

Playa Graciosa II Los Cristianos 1 bed 1 bath Pool views Price: £ 199,000 Ref.: A1B12307


San Miguel Rural House Sea views Price: 131.250 € Ref.: A2CP12647

Royal Palm Los Cristianos 2bed 2 bath Sea views Price: £ 157,500 Ref.: A0S12567


T: 922 79 00 09




Port Royale


Los Cristianos 2 bedroom apartment

La Duquesa Playa Fañabé

Wanted :  The island’s premier Cash Buyers of freehold property. We complete within 28 days. No agents, no viewings, no delays. Call (0034) 922 720222 or visit www.

Ref.: A0S12587

El Mirador Los Cristianos 1 bed 1 bath

New 3 bedroom luxury villa 750,000€ Tel. (0034) 655 914 691 (0034) 922 71 33 56

Lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex apartment for rent in Amarilla Bay, Costa del Silencio. Fully furnished, English community TV, three terraces, washing machine, communal pool, 600 euros per month. Minimum six months contract. Tel 659 489690 for more details

Rent :  Studios, 1 and 2 bed apartments from 400€ for rent to mature-minded people in Tor viscas Alto. UK TV channels. For details, phone Nadine: 922 715 162  For rent, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apar tment, balcony, well fur nished, luxury kitchen, 50metres to Wingate School, Cabo Blanco, 520 + 60 services, Jon 629 523227

If it's great views that you're after then this lovely 2 bed, 2 bath apartment has some of the best. Great views over Los Cristianos out to sea with La Gomera on the horizon. To be sold furnished & fully fitted, the property consists of an American style open plan kitchen and dining area combined with the large airy & light living room with patio doors leading onto the large 36m2 terrace which enjoys the afternoon sun.

 Las Américas / Los Cristianos, 1-2 bedroom apar tment for rent (long term), 1 min to the beach, Jacuzzi, next to Mercadona, quiet area, 520 euros. Tel 626 435543

Reduced from € 270,000 to € 225,750 for a quick sale. Contact Horizon Property Group on 922 777 652 quoting ref C-1456

 Apartment El Amparo 50.00m2 1 room 450€ Phone: 670242080  A p a r t m e n t E l To p e 75.00m2 2 rooms 650€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central 190.00m2 5 rooms 850€. Phone: 922273239  Studio Puerto de la Cruz. Location: central . Views: sea 35.00m2 400€. Phone: 670242080

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, front and back garden, comunity pool. €425,000

 Terraced house Urb. Green Golf 135.00m2 3 rooms 950€ Phone: 670242080  Premises Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central 120.00m2 750€. Phone: 922273239

For rent. Apartment 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Parque de la Reina, 550 euros per month (water and light included). 639 152766

 Apartment Los Frailes 60.00m2 2 rooms 550€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central . Views: mountain 85.00m2 3 r ooms 600€. Phone: 922273239

Tel. 629 244 958

 Apartment Tabaiba Baja. Location: outskirts. Views:

Excellent opportunity in Costa del Silencio sea 50.00m2 1 room 400€. Phone: 922273239

Master bedroom is en-suite with patio doors leading out to the terrace and both bedrooms have fitted wardrobes. The complex benefits from a large communal pool, reception, supermarket and many other amenities within a short walking distance.

 Terraced house Green Golf 150.00m2 3 rooms 750€ Phone: 670242080

Single story, 2 bedroom, 120m2 traditional house for rent in February. Old fashioned but very central. Large garden with fruit trees and garage. 400 euros per month plus electricity and water. One month deposit with contract. 660 731913

 Apartment Puerto Viejo 54.00m2 2 rooms 550€ Phone: 670242080

 Bargain rental, luxury, 2 beds, 2 baths apartment in Golf del Sur, large terrace, swimming pool, garage space, contact 637 869285 / 670 889594

 Chalet San Jose 70.00m2 2 rooms 550€ Phone: 670242080

Buenavista del Norte. House for rent

 Terraced house Green Golf 120.00m2 3 rooms 850€ Phone: 670242080

Apartment, 73m2, 2 bed, 1 bath, American kitchen, fitted wardrobes. Terrace, 40m2 with . Views over Teide and the complex. 2 community pools, one heated and one salt water, playground and other services. Price €82,000.

Tel. 629 244 958  Terraced house Green Golf 135.00m2 2 rooms 850€ Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Green Golf 135.00m2 3 rooms 850€ Phone: 670242080  Terraced house GreenGolf 135.00m2 2 rooms 850€ Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Piedra Hincada 2 rooms 700€ Phone: 670242080  Studio Plaza Del Charco 20.00m2 420€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment Puntillo Del Sol 43.00m2 1 room 450€ Phone: 670242080  Terraced house La Quinta 130.00m2 3 rooms 800€ Phone: 670242080  Chalet El Durazno 275.00m2 3 rooms 1500€ Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Green Golf 150.00m2 3 rooms 750€ Phone: 670242080  Studio Playa Jardín 35.00m2 450€ Phone: 670242080  Studio San Fernando 27.00m2 360€ Phone: 670242080  Chalet Playa Paraíso 3 rooms 2000€ Phone: 670242080  Premises Plaza Del Charco 133.00m2 2500€ Phone: 670242080

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


 Chalet Las Candias 100.00m2 2 rooms 1000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080

 Terraced House Durazno 166.00m2. 3 Rooms 800â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 670242080

by pool and beach, luxuriously furnished, 85,000 euros, info 629 300139

 Industrial La Laguna. Location: outskirts 1050.00m2 6000â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 922273239

 Terraced House Ayuntamiento 167.00m2. 3 Rooms 950â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 922248514

 El MĂŠdano, dir ectly from the owner!!! New, precious detached house, 3 bedrooms, 2 moder n bathrooms, indep. kitchen, 3 terraces,bbq, luxury complex with 2 swimming pools, 42m 2 closed garage, ver y exclusive furnished. Quiet zone, Price: 330.000 euros, Tel: 650 792 742

 Terraced house Puerto de la Cruz. Location: outskirts. Views: mountain 166.00m2 3 rooms 800â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Playa Paraiso. Location: Central. Views: Sea 60.00m2. 1 Room 320â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 671193765

 Apartment - FaĂąabĂŠ. Location: outskirts 0.00m2 2 rooms 795â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 922751064

 Apartment Adeje. Location: Central. Views: Sea 50.00m2. 1 Room 400â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 922363570

 Premises Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central 0.00m2 2000â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 922273239

 Apartment Vistabella. Location: Central. 60.00m2. 2 Rooms 650â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 607798406

 Apartment Bajada Al Pris 59.00m2 2 rooms 450â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment El Golete-la Caleta. Location: Central. Views: Sea 60.00m2. 2 Rooms 360â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 630873360

 Apartment Urb. paraiso 52.00m2 1 room 650â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Location: Central. 65.00m2. 2 Rooms 500â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 686853631

 Apartment Puerto Viejo 54.00m2 2 rooms 550â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080  Apartment Guargacho. Location: Central. 1 Room 440â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 663805740

 Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: Central. 90.00m2. 3 Rooms 550â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 630257404  Studio. 35.00m2. 400â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet Caleta Fuste. Location: Central. Views: Sea 156.00m2. 3 Rooms 720â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 605781981

 Apartment Cabo Llanos. Location: Central. Views: Sea 80.00m2. 2 Rooms 850â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 922595965

 P re m i s e s. L o c a t i o n : Central. 200.00m2. 5 Rooms 1100â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 686955971

 Apartment El Centenero. Location: Outskirts. Views: Sea 60.00m2. 2 Rooms 420â&#x201A;Ź. Phone: 615061610

06. Property Sale :  Torviscas Alto/ Resid. Casablanca, directly from the owner!!! Very beautiful apartment (53m2) in the most exclusive zone of Tenerife, 1 bedroom and an small officeroom, ver y big bathroom, 35m2 terrace with precious . Views, luxury complex with swimming pool and gardens. Garage and store-room. Only 6 months old!!! Price: 183.000 euros, Tel: 650.792.742  Detached Villa in Callao Salvaje. Quiet cul de sac facing a barranco. 5 bedrooms,5 bathrooms, lounge,dining room,kitchen, utility and study. Garden, courtyard, heated swimming pool plus store rooms. Sea and mountain . Views. Can be divided into 2 apartments. Plot 400sq m. â&#x201A;Ź 650,000. tel 607310854  Cheap properties, Adeje 3 bed apar tment, 65,000 euros. Chayofa, luxury villa, 4 beds, garden fantastic views, 330,000 euros. Tor viscas, each, one bedroom apartment

 Apartments for sale, www., tel 618 622759  Finca (4,400m 2 ) with main house and outbuilding for sale. Various uses, ie tourism / agriculture. Tel 650 980719  Bargain apartment, 130.000 euros, La Concepcion, Las Chafiras, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, air con, furnished, lovely condition, tel 922 731138  Terraced house Los Frailes 184.00m2 3 rooms 335000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080

Urb. Oasis Dakota, Playa FaĂąabĂŠ 3 bed semi detached, toilet, complete bathroom, separate kitchen, totally equipped, furnished, 35m2 terrace, secure access to pool, infant park, good . Views, beside commerical centres, 800m from Playa FaĂąabe, community feees 30/month, 155,000 â&#x201A;Ź Tel 629 244958 For sale La Finca, private complex (Chayofa), ďŹ ve minutes from Los Cristianos, 3 bed terrace house, 1 ½ bathrooms, community pool and garden, own garage, community fees only 113 euros, quick sale 199,000 euros ono Tel 610 753675

 Duplex El Toscal 147.00m2 3 rooms 225000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Quinta 83.00m2 2 rooms 165000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080

 Chalet Cruz Del Teide 262.00m2 2 rooms 495000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Orotava Alta 79.00m2 3 rooms 150000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Longuera 74.00m2 2 rooms 225000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080

 Chalet San JosĂŠ 466.00m2 3 rooms 480000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080


 Apartment La Cuesta 70.00m2 2 rooms 146045â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080  Apartment Los Cristianos. V iews: sea 56.00m2 1 room 150000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 606394368  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 84.00m2 3 rooms 252500â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 663805740  Apartment El MĂŠdano 1 room 125000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 670242080  Chalet Barranco Hondo. Location: outskirts . Views: sea 169.00m2 4 rooms 438000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 663805740  Finca (4,400m 2 ) with main house and outbuilding for sale. Various uses, ie tourism / agriculture. Tel 650 980719  Apartment Sta Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central 157.00m2 3 rooms 235000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 922273239  Apartment La Laguna. Location: outskirts 110.00m2 3 rooms 270000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 922273239  Apartment Arona / Valle San Lorenzo. Location: central . Views: sea 85.00m2 2 rooms 118000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 627180081  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 210.00m2 5 rooms 619000â&#x201A;Ź Phone: 922273239

GranOasis Resort





EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


 Apartment El Tope 108.00m2 3 Rooms 208000€. Phone: 670242080

06. Property Canary Countryhouse El Salto - Granadilla

 Apartment Los Abrigos 62.00m2 2 Rooms 115000€. Phone: 670242080

For Sale - Rural house in Aldea Blanca, San Miguel, Tenerife

 Apartment Los Cristianos. V iews: sea 56.00m2 1 Room 150000€. Phone: 606394368  Chalet Playa Paraíso 3 Rooms 475000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Los Majuelos. Location: central 103.00m2 3 Rooms 183682€. Phone: 663805740  Apartment El Médano 1 Room 125000€. Phone: 670242080

Land 400 m2, built 230 m2, three bed, two bath, barbecue and wood burning stove, pool, garage for two cars, patio with planters, kitchen with pantry, fireplace, wood fitted ceilings, fitted wardrobes. €398,000. Contact José Guadalupe Mobile 676 399 652

 Apartment Los Cristianos. Location: central. Views: mountain 50.00m2 1 Room 100000€. Phone: 670804067  Chalet Barranco Hondo. Location: outskirts. Views: sea 169.00m2 4 Rooms 438000€. Phone: 663805740

 Apartment El Médano 2 Rooms 175000€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Carmenaty 174.00m2 4 Rooms 299000€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Aguamansa 190.00m2 3 Rooms 200000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Puntillo Del Sol 80.00m2 1 Room 160000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment El Tope 58.00m2 1 Room 196350€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Los Realejos. Location: central. Views: sea 74.00m2 2 Rooms 225000€. Phone: 922245178

 Apartment Sta Cruz De Tenerife. Location: central 157.00m2 3 Rooms 235000€. Phone: 922273239

 Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 105.00m2 4 Rooms 162200€. Phone: 922245178

 Apartment Arona / Valle San Lorenzo. Location: central. Views: sea 85.00m2 2 Rooms 115000€. Phone: 627180081

 Apartment Los Abrigos 62.00m2 2 Rooms 115000€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House San Clemente 174.00m2 3 Rooms 250000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet El Monturrio 190.00m2 4 Rooms 189000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Piedra Hincada 2 Rooms 244300€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet Los Naranjos 225.00m2 3 rooms 499000€ Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Las Aguas 3 rooms 167000€ Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Radazul Bajo. Location: outskirts. Views: sea 145.00m2 4 Rooms 380000€. Phone: 609338519

 Premises Santa Cruz 125.00m2 2 Rooms 540000€. Phone: 922245178

 Apartment San Luis 120.00m2 3 rooms 192500€ Phone: 670242080

 Terraced house La Paz 95.00m2 2 rooms 400000€ Phone: 670242080

 Terraced House Guayonje. Location: countr yside. Views: mountain 350.00m2 3 Rooms 330000€. Phone: 922245178

 Apartment La Laguna. Location: outskirts 55.00m2 2 Rooms 138200€. Phone: 922245178

 Apartment San Luis 105.51m2 3 rooms 176000€ Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Zamora 71.38m2 3 rooms 147218€ Phone: 670242080 Tel. (0034) 609 504 380

 Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 84.00m2 3 Rooms 252500€. Phone: 663805740

 Apartment San Luis 115.00m2 3 rooms 188500€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment Playa Jardin 70.00m2 3 rooms 225000€ Phone: 670242080

325sqm, 15 rooms, indoor pool, car port extra wooden house (22sqm)in the garden, patio with bar, billard, TV, washhouse with machine and dryer, 440sqm Ground, perfect for private club or small pension.

 Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 140.00m2 4 Rooms 370000€. Phone: 663805740

 Apartment Las Dehesas 50.00m2 1 room 200000€ Phone: 670242080

 Terraced House Tegueste. Location: central 3 Rooms 247000€. Phone: 663805740  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central. Views: sea 105.00m2 3 Rooms 126000€. Phone: 663805740  Apartment Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Location: central 3 Rooms 126000€. Phone: 663805740  Terraced House S/c De Tfe. Location: central. Views: sea 187.00m2 3 Rooms 525000€. Phone: 663805740  Apartment Sta Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central 157.00m2 3 rooms 235000€ Phone: 922273239

 Apartment La Laguna. Location: outskirts 110.00m2 3 rooms 270000€ Phone: 922273239  Apartment Arona / Valle San Lorenzo. Location: central . Views: sea 85.00m2 2 rooms 118000€ Phone: 627180081  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 210.00m2 5 rooms 619000€ Phone: 922273239  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 120.00m2 3 rooms 174300€ Phone: 922273239  Apartment Los Majuelos. Location: central 103.00m2 3 rooms 183682€ Phone: 663805740  Terraced house Tegueste. Location: central 3 rooms 247000€ Phone: 663805740  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central . Views: sea 105.00m2 3 rooms 126000€ Phone: 663805740  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 3 rooms 126000€ Phone: 663805740  Terraced house Santa Cruz. Location: central. Views: sea 187.00m2 3 rooms 525000€ Phone: 663805740  Apartment Tabaiba Baja. Location: central . Views: sea 86.00m2 3 rooms 250000€ Phone: 663805740

 A p a r t m e n t L a Pa z 60.00m2 1 room 169000€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment La Citrona 128.00m2 4 rooms 252000€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment Las Aguas 3 rooms 167000€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment La Quinta 2 rooms 216365€ Phone: 670242080  Terraced house La Quinta 3 rooms 330557€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment Realejo Bajo 84.00m2 3 rooms 145000€ Phone: 670242080  Duplex Las Aguas 3 rooms 167000€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment El Toscal 64.00m2 2 rooms 145000€ Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Tabaiba Alta 160.00m2 3 rooms 309521€ Phone: 670242080  Apartment Orotava Alta 79.00m2 3 rooms 139950€ Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Tabaiba Alta 160.00m2 3 rooms 309521€ Phone: 670242080  D u p l e x E l To s c a l 147.00m2 3 Rooms 225000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Cruz Del Teide 262.00m2 2 Rooms 495000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 140.00m2 4 rooms 370000€ Phone: 663805740

 Chalet 152.00m2 5 Rooms 270000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment El Médano 1 Room 125000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Longuera 74.00m2 2 Rooms 225000€. Phone: 670242080

 Terraced house Cruz del Teide 3 rooms 342577€ Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Quinta 83.00m2 2 Rooms 165000€. Phone: 670242080

Urb. Arco Iris Playa Second line from the sea in Callao Salvaje. Duplex, totally furnished, 75m2, separate ktichen, totally equipped, toilet, dining room, complete bathroom, 2 bedrooms, SAT-TV, solarium 30m2 with . Views to Gomera and Teide, garage space, community areas with 2 pools, automatic gates, community fees 54/month, 130,000 euros

Tel 629 244 958 3 bed, 2 bathroom duplex apartment for sale in Los Girasoles, El Madroñal Independent kitchen, downstairs toilet, office, living/dining room, 2 terraces approx 20m2 each. For more information email

Premier Properties Tenerife A superb selection of properties for sale and long term rental. Open 7 days a week 9am to 9pm. Contact Judith on Tel. 695 822 120

El Camison, 247.56m2, very quiet, close to the park and Hospitan, tripex and private garage with electric doors. Three bedroom with three complete bathrooms. Independent kitchen, dining room with air conditioning, terrace with awning and BBQ. Independent water tank (750 litres). New electrical system. Own satellite system and community TV. Tel: 639 515154

Valle San Lorenzo Wonderful Villa with four seperate Living areas seaview, the second free plot is with building licence, 965m2, special offer, 550,000 euros for more information 667 387 459 / 922 765 446

 Apartment Orotava Alta 79.00m2 3 Rooms 150000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet San José 466.00m2 3 Rooms 480000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment La Cuesta 70.00m2 2 Rooms 146045€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet La Primavera 200.00m2 3 Rooms 525000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet La Perdoma 80.00m2 268830€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 55.86m2 1 Room 93000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment El Médano 2 Rooms 175000€. Phone: 670242080  Te r ra c e d H o u s e E l Durazno 222.00m2 3 Rooms 425000€. Phone: 670242080  A p a r t m e n t L a Pa z 67.00m2 1 Room 150000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet El Calvario 200.00m2 3 Rooms 516515€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Green Golf 128.00m2 2 Rooms 225000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment El Tope 48.00m2 1 Room 126400€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Guajara 330.00m2 4 Rooms 433329€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 1 Room 228380€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet 400.00m2 5 Rooms 510000€. Phone: 670242080  Te r ra c e d H o u s e 3 Rooms 273220€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Cabo Blanco 213.00m2 4 Rooms 790000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Los Angeles 436.00m2 4 Rooms 1260000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Casa Azul 443.00m2 7 Rooms 600000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Las Palmeras 489.00m2 4 Rooms 900000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Puerto Santiago 50.00m2 1 Room 162875€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Casablanca 3 Rooms 270000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 3 Rooms 180000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 74.04m2 3 Rooms 116000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 77.19m2 3 Rooms 154000€. Phone: 670242080

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010



Tenerife Royal Gardens is considered the resort with the best location on the island of Tenerife. Front line, with the breathtaking beaches of Las Vistas and the Sir Anthony 5-star hotel, this represents the last opportunity to own what is, for many, their dream beach property. Only a few seconds walking distance from the legendary Golden Mile, the leisure and commercial area with the most upmarket shopping and dining choices around. Selection of studios (with separate bedroom), 1 & 2 Bed units. Amazing prices starting from €120,000. For more information contact us TODAY on or call us on +34 922 78 81 25

Sale :  Apartment San Luis 120.00m2 3 Rooms. 192500€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Los Naranjos 225.00m2 3 Rooms. 499000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 130.00m2 4 Rooms. 252425€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment La Zamora 71.38m2 3 Rooms. 147218€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 56.00m2 1 Room 140000€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House La Paz 95.00m2 2 Rooms. 400000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 80.20m2 3 Rooms. 156518€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment La Paz 60.00m2 1 Room 169000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment La Citrona 128.00m2 4 Rooms. 252000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Realejo Bajo 84.00m2 3 Rooms. 145000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment El Toscal 64.00m2 2 Rooms. 145000€. Phone: 670242080  Hotel 3.70m2 4900000€. Phone: 670242080

 Terraced House Tabaiba Alta 160.00m2 3 Rooms. 309521€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Orotava Alta 79.00m2 3 Rooms. 139950€. Phone: 670242080

 Premises 200000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 57.00m2 1 Room 165000€. Phone: 670242080

 Terraced House La Quinta 170.00m2 3 Rooms 335000€. Phone: 670242080

central. Views: sea 85.00m2 2 Rooms. 115000€. Phone: 627180081

 Chalet El Monturrio 190.00m2 4 Rooms. 189000€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet La Paz 186.00m2 5 Rooms 600000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central. Views: sea 105.00m2 3 Rooms. 110000€. Phone: 663805740

 A p a r t m e n t E l To p e 108.00m2 3 Rooms. 208000€. Phone: 670242080

 Terraced House Puntillo Del Sol 170.00m2 3 Rooms 385000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment 54.00m2 1 Room 190600€. Phone: 670242080

 Duplex Piedra Hincada 2 Rooms 244300€. Phone: 670242080

 Te r ra c e d H o u s e 3 Rooms 273220€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet El Durazno 350.00m2 4 Rooms 900000€. Phone: 670242080

 Studio San Fernando 33.00m2 85000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Puerto Santiago 96.00m2 3 Rooms 294500€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet Puntillo Del Sol 318.00m2 5 Rooms 540000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Longuera 74.00m2 2 Rooms. 225000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Puerto Santiago 96.00m2 3 Rooms 294500€. Phone: 670242080

 Duplex Piedra Hincada 2 Rooms 244300€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Quinta 83.00m2 2 Rooms. 165000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Las Dehesas 50.00m2 1 Room 155000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Orotava Alta 79.00m2 3 Rooms. 150000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment San Antonio 77.00m2 1 Room 199000€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet San José 466.00m2 3 Rooms. 499000€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet El Durazno 276.00m2 2 Rooms 570000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Cuesta 70.00m2 2 Rooms. 146045€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet El Durazno 127.00m2 2 Rooms 430000€. Phone: 670242080

 Te r ra c e d H o u s e L a Montañeta 3 Rooms 275000€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet Los Majuelos 440.00m2 3 Rooms 990000€. Phone: 670242080

 Terraced House Tabaiba Alta 160.00m2 3 Rooms. 309521€. Phone: 670242080  Duplex El Toscal 147.00m2 3 Rooms. 225000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet Cruz Del Teide 262.00m2 2 Rooms. 495000€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet 152.00m2 5 Rooms. 270000€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment El Toscal 64.00m2 2 Rooms 145000€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Durazno 166.00m2 3 Rooms 346000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Radazul Bajo. Location: outskirts. Views: sea 145.00m2 4 Rooms. 380000€. Phone: 609338519  Apartment Los Cristianos. Views: sea 56.00m2 1 Room 150000€. Phone: 606394368  Apartment Arona / Valle San Lorenzo. Location:

 Terraced House Santa Cruz. Location: central. V iews: sea 187.00m2 3 Rooms. 525000€. Phone: 663805740  Apartment Santa Cruz. Location: central 84.00m2 3 Rooms. 252500€. Phone: 663805740  Chalet Barranco Hondo. Location: outskirts. Views: sea 169.00m2 4 Rooms. 438000€. Phone: 663805740  Apartment 55.86m2 1 Room 93000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Los Abrigos 62.00m2 2 Rooms. 115000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 89.00m2 3 Rooms. 137950€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House 152.39m2 3 Rooms. 173865€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 57.00m2 1 Room 121550€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 76.00m2 2 Rooms. 164166€. Phone: 670242080

 Premises 110.00m2 250000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Los Abrigos 62.00m2 2 Rooms. 115000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 66.00m2 2 Rooms. 120000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 80.00m2 3 Rooms. 135000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 69.00m2 2 Rooms. 126000€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Carmenaty 174.00m2 4 Rooms. 299000€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Aguamansa 190.00m2 3 Rooms. 200000€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Puntillo Del Sol 80.00m2 1 Room 160000€. Phone: 670242080  A p a r t m e n t E l To p e 58.00m2 1 Room 196350€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced House Tabaiba Alta 186.00m2 4 Rooms. 355000€. Phone: 670242080



EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

3-door VW Polo arrives in the Canaries


ynamic, sporty and young, the new three door Polo draws on the same clean, sharp lines of the five-door model, and features a more aggressive stance with a pronounced kink in the window line just above a sharp crease running the length of the car.

The overall effect is a cohesive, clutter-free design

that makes the new Polo appear lower and wider than it really is. The three-door model built in Pamplona, Spain, shares the same platform and dimensions as the five-door model and benefits from the same gains in quality, space, safety and refinement made over the outgoing model. As with the five-door variant there are four trim levels. Every Polo is fitted with four airbags, ABS, ESP and hydraulic brake assist as standard. In addition, the Polo comes with a CD stereo, speed sensitive power steering and electric windows. The second trim level adds

air-conditioning, 15-inch alloy wheels, a six-speaker stereo with iPod connectivity and body-coloured door handles and mirrors. In the top specification trim the Polo is fitted with 16-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, leather trim on the steering wheel, gearshift and handbrake, a multifunction computer and tyre pressure warning indicator. The new Polo three-door is available with a choice of six engines, four petrol and two diesel. These are a pair of naturally-aspirated 1.2-litre engines with 60 or 70PS and a 1.4-litre 85PS; plus two 1.6-litre common rail

TDI units producing 75 or 90PS. All engines comply with Euro V emissions legislation. A new 1.2-litre 105 PS turbocharged TSI unit is also on offer. The new Polo has been subjected to the more stringent Euro NCAP crash tests and received the best possible score of five stars. Volkswagen put together a safety package for the new fifth generation Polo including optimised body structure, a highly effective belt-and-airbag combination and driver-assist systems. The result is the safest compact car in the world. The structurally rigid body was achieved through,

among other things, the use of high-strength and ultra high-strength steels in the side structures and footwell. The extremely rigid front bumper cross-member ensures that impact forces are distributed. But pedestrian safety is just as important as occupant safety. The ‘harp’, as the newly designed sheet metal behind the front bumper cover is called, provides the deformation space necessary to minimise the severity of leg injuries. Electronic safety and assistance systems which prevent accidents or avoid severe injuries are also evaluated in the new Euro NCAP

procedure. One of the most important assistance systems, the electronic stabilisation programme ESP, is standard in the Polo. The new Polo has been named the 2010 European Car of the Year by an international jury comprising 59 members from 23 European countries. It has also been crowned Small Car of the Year at the Scottish Car of the Year awards and was the best selling vehicle in the Canaries for 2009. Now available from your Volkswagen dealer, the new three door Polo is priced from €8,995. More information is available from


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


This year’s event has been cancelled

Las Palmas FC

Chairman hints at pull-out The chairman of Las Palmas football club has given the strongest hint yet that this season may be his last in charge. During a meeting with fans, Miguel Angel Ramírez said the position was taking its toll on him and he was unsure how long he could continue. “I get the feeling we are nearing the end of a cycle,” said Ramírez, who surprised his audience by saying he would, “rather have a new training complex than win promotion to the first division”. The chairman said he was under no illusions as to the current side’s true position in the league, but felt that fans had less realistic expectations. “We cannot compete with the budgets of clubs like Hércules or Real Sociedad and next year will be tighter in financial terms when the money we earned from the sale of Colunga to Huelva runs out. The manager will have to make do with the players who will still be under contract and add others from the reserves to make up the squad,” he insisted. Alonso was happy with the performance of the car in Jérez


he closure of the Playa del Socorro along the north coast of Tenerife has forced the authorities in Los Realejos to cancel this year’s Flypa international paragliding event. Playa del Socorro has been closed as a result of a continued threat of rock falls since the heavy rains of last November and the tourism councillor in Los Realejos explained that they had been unable to find an alternative venue for Flypa 2010. Flypa has become an attractive, crowd pulling event since it was first organised six years ago and the council laments the loss of tourism income it would have produced. However work to stabilise the cliffs above the beach will not be completed by the event’s scheduled dates between the end of April and early May. The councillor insisted they had done everything to find another venue for the event but the

Credit: Alejandro Amador Luis

Sport in Brief ::

Paragliding called off problem lay in choosing a site where crowds of spectators could share common ground with landing paragliders. Flypa has become one of the main international pa-

ragliding events of the year and 2009’s meeting attracted 145 participants from 23 countries. Organisers are now planning ahead for 2011. They have already received holi-

Formula One driver Fernando Alonso says the recent testing at the Jérez circuit has made him very optimistic on his chances in this year’s championship. The two-times world champion, who left Renault at the end of the year, had his first real contact with his new Ferrari in Valencia and then in Jérez, where he covered over 600 km in one day in the pre-season testing. “My body is sore from being behind the wheel for 129 laps but I have got all the information I need on the new car. Valencia was thrilling as it was my first Ferrari drive, but Jérez has told me what I need to know to prepare for the actual races,” said Alonso, who is one of three Spaniards competing in this year’s championship.


pain’s national team manager was in the Canaries recently to give a talk and used the opportunity to sing the praises of footballers


ites with Brazil, took part in a series of lectures aimed at local coaches and was inevitably quizzed by the media on his views concerning the standard here. “David


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from the islands. Vicente del Bosque, who is basking in the glory of Spain’s easy qualification for the World Cup Finals, for which they are tipped as joint favour-

Silva (Valencia) and Pedro Rodríguez (Barcelona) are flying the flag high for the Canaries,” said the manager, dropping the biggest hint yet that the latter is in the running for a place in the squad for South Africa and is likely to be picked for the forthcoming friendly against France. Silva is a certainty for the World Cup as long as he stays clear of injury. Del Bosque also said he would love the national side to return to Gran Canaria to play a game, given the great atmosphere in the stadium.

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(Credit RFEF)

Alonso upbeat

Spanish coach’s praise

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Ferrari performance


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FOOTBALL Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez in 2001 presenting the Gold and Diamond Club insignia to Luis Molowny for his dedication to the club


Compiled by Doreen Lemm

10 pin bowling league results Tuesday Singles League Credit Real Madrid

Week 33

Local legend

Molowny death mourned Canarian football is mourning the loss of its most famous figure, Luis Molowny, who died recently at the age of 84. Born in Tenerife, Molowny’s career both as a player and manager was closely linked to Las Palmas, where he spent most of his life. However, he is best known for his eleven years at Real Madrid, where he played alongside greats such as Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento in the late 50s and early 60s. He

later managed Real Madrid three times for short periods and also coached Las Palmas during the side’s glory years, taking the club to the runners-up spot in the first division. The day before his death, Molowny was hailed by Spain manager Vicente del Bosque as the, “maestro of maestros” of Spanish football. On his retirement from football, he was awarded the club’s highest distinction by Real Madrid.

TRIATHLON Swiss triathletes

Maspalomas visit Switzerland’s top triathletes have escaped the snow at home to train in Maspalomas in readiness for the coming season. An agreement between the local council and the country’s triathlon federation saw the Swiss squad train daily in the open air pool and the local athletics track, with long bicycle stints on the roads in the south of Gran Canaria also. The 34 km Ayagaures

cycling route, which takes in the Fataga Barranco, proved particularly popular with the squad. The agreement is for two years and the council says the presence of the Swiss triathletes will boost the resort’s reputation as an elite sports training location in winter. Several top flight football teams in northern and eastern Europe already use Maspalomas for training breaks when their seasons shut down in winter due to the cold.


Omar gets call-up Things may be bleak in the first division for struggling Tenerife but one of the club’s young players still figures very much in the plans of the Spain Under-21 selectors.

after thinking the injury had damaged his chances of a return to the national side, for which he played in November in a European Championship qualifier against Holland in Rotterdam.

Omar Ramos, who is from La Punta in the north of the island, returned from injury recently and was immediately called up by Spain for a training squad in Madrid in midFebruary. He was delighted with the news

“I honestly thought they would forget about me when I got hurt and missed games with Tenerife, so this has given me a real chance to keep my name in the hat,” said the left-sided midfielder.


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Miguel Rodríguez (6) Allan Billing (0) Forfeit No player (0) Ron Howling (8) Forfeit No player (0) Dave Dixon (6) Forfeit Steve Carter (2) Jacquie Gibb (6) Although I cannot write the result of the match as his opponent has still to play, I must congratulate Martin Gronvall on a superb 214, way above his average. A fine 205, which is not unusual, for Miguel.

Miguel (Clivina Beach Club), 201 for Pamela March and 200 for Rafa.

Saturday Doubles League Week 12 Monkey Foreheads (8) Megabowlers (0) Troubleshooters (6) Buccaneers (2) Steve (Monkey Foreheads) bowled an excellent 223. Gill (Troubleshooters) took a 6, 7, 10 split!

Week 13

Week 34

No team (0) Nothing But Trouble (8) Forfeit Monkey Foreheads (6) Sop + Shop (2)

Final week

Sunday Double’s League

No player (0) Duncan Wallace (8) Forfeit Steve Carter (2) Dave Dixon (6) Rhiannon Russell (0) Jeff Lemm (8) Forfeit Dave Simpson (6) Ron Howling (2) Miguel Rodríguez (2) Jacquie Gibb (6) No player (0) Martin Gronvall (8) Forfeit A fine 212 and 205 for Ron, but he still finished the loser! Opponent, Dave Simpson scored a 203. Clean game for Dave Dixon. Champion: Steve Carter Runner up: Miguel Rodríguez Third: Jacquie Gibb Men’s High Average: Ron Howling Women’s High Average: Jacquie Gibb

Thursday International League Week 2 Rafa + José (8) Golf Costa Adeje (0) Delfin Computer San Isidro (2) Megabowl Poppets (6) Clivina Beach Club (2) Pamela + Frank March (6) Miguel playing well with a fine 223 and 217, but ended on the losing team! (Clivina Beach Club). 202 for Franck (Golf Costa Adeje). Two of the teams have not yet found sponsors, so the names given in week 1’s results were last season’s sponsors. Apologies!

Week 3 Rafa + José (6) Megabowl Poppets (2) Delfin Computer San Isidro (2) Clivina Beach Club (6) Golf Costa Adeje (8) Pamela + Frank March (0) Six games of 200+ have been played this week. An excellent 227 for José Vidal, 215 and 204 for Franck (Golf Costa Adeje) with a 601 series, 204 for

Week 30 Buccaneer Bar (6) Nothing But Trouble (2) Pinseekers (8) Rack ‘Ems (0) Forfeit The final week of this league.

Sunday Doubles League Winners Champions: Nothing But Trouble (Jacquie Gibb, Michael Wilcockson) Runners Up: Pinseekers (Dave Simpson, Ron Howling, Sub: Avril Capper) Men’s High Average: Ron Howling Women’s High Average: Jacquie Gibb

Monday Fun League Week 26 Megatramps (6) No team (0) Forfeit Superwhites (6) Dumb + Dumber (2) Chicas Malas (6) No team (0) Forfeit The Bears (8) Strike it rich (0) Forfeit Dream Team (6) Brahms + Liszt (0) Forfeit

Monday Pub League Week 25 Café Royale (0) Fisherman’s Bar (8) Buccaneer’s Bar (8) No team (0) Forfeit Maurelly (2) Tenerife Royale (6) Ron (Fisherman’s) bowled a fine 206. Players Wanted The Tuesday Singles and Sunday Doubles Leagues have now completed the season. New and past players are urgently needed if these two leagues are to continue. Both are Handicap Leagues, so all levels of play are catered for. Fun and exercise! Interested? Phone Megabowl, 922 713040.

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ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010

By George Reed


Max Schmeling, boxer and humanitarian

his month marks the fifth anniversary of the death of the German heavyweight Max Schmeling, who, on the 12th June, 1940, made ring history by being the first heavyweight to claim the world heavyweight title on a foul, and the first 20th Century European to win the crown.

His opponent was the American Jack Sharkey and more than 80,000 fans crammed into New York’s Yankee Stadium for the fight, but they weren’t happy with the way it ended with Schmeling being dumped on the canvas during the fourth round writhing in agony. While he was being carried to his corner his manager Joe Jacobs protested to the referee that the last punch was a foul and a ringside judge agreed that the punch had landed below the belt. As a result Schmeling was declared the world champion. Although this victory was unconvincing Schmeling showed the Americans his true worth by stopping Young Stribling with a tremendous short right in the 15th round in his first defence. It was a great win for the German, for Stribling had an excellent ring record which included 125 knockouts, only bettered by the legendary Archie Moore with 141. The following year Schmeling gave Jack Sharkey a return match which went the distance. On this occasion it was Max’s turn to feel hard done by, for the split decision went against him, even though most people thought he had won comfortably. During the same year, 1932, Schmeling married a lovely film actress named Anny Ondra, who he had starred with in a movie called Knockout two years previously. It was around this time that Schmeling first attracted the attention of the national Socialist Party. Even though the Nazis cared little for boxing, he was a convenient mascot. He may have thought there was nothing wrong in accepting an invitation to have lunch with Adolf Hitler, but it was a move that bought him some bad press in the USA. In late1932 Schmeling went back to the States and beat up the popular American fighter Mickey Walker, who


a prince. But it wasn’t long before Schmeling lost his patience with the Nazis who wanted him to leave his Czech wife Anny and Jewish manager, but he refused. His victory against Louis was amplified around the world for the Nazi propaganda machine and there were big parades in his honour as the country embraced him. Adolf Hitler sent him baskets of flowers and invited him to dine alongside him in the Reich Chancellery. Max was very embarrassed by the determination of the Nazi party to promote him as a symbol of German racial supremacy and had a number of fall-outs with Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister, who, it was believed, had eyes for Schmeling’s wife, which created even more tension. However the Führer had

Max Schmeling On being hit by Joe Louis: It’s like someone jammed an electric bulb in your face and busted it.. I thought that half my head had blowed off. When he knocked me down I could have stayed there for three weeks: James J Braddock, heavyweight champion. was just a blown-up welterweight, but Schmeling came over as the ‘big bad wolf’, and by now his cruel image was set in stone. The future world heavyweight champion Max Baer was another of Schmeling’s opponents that year, a time when Hitler’s treatment of the Jews was hitting the headlines. Wearing the Star of David on his trunks, Baer stopped the German in the 10th round. The most famous singer of the time, Al Jolson, who managed a couple of fighters himself, allegedly shouted to Baer, “come on Jewboy, kill that Nazi!”. With all the controversy surrounding him, Schmeling returned to Germany in 1934 to regroup and found that another German fighter named Walter Neusel had temporarily replaced him as the country’s top

heavyweight. However Schmeling showed that he was still ‘top dog’ in the Fatherland by knocking Neusel out in the ninth round with one of his big right-handers in front of 102,000 fans which is still a record for a European boxing promotion. His next fight was against Steve Hamas who he beat up so badly that Hamas never fought again. After the fight Schmeling raised his arm in a Nazi salute even though he was never a member of the party and he never spouted Nazi philosophy, but the gesture was captured on film and Schmeling had to live with it for decades. It could have been the end of the German’s career at this point in time, but this was far from the case for he set out for America and the hard road that could lead to

him being accepted again as a challenger for the heavyweight championship. It was 1936 and Joe Louis the sensational young heavyweight was being built up for a world title chance and to prove to the public that he was a potential world-beater he was matched with Schmeling. The American public had no doubts whatsoever that the ‘Brown Bomber’ would speedily put an end to Schmeling’s championship ambitions, but on that night at the Yankee Stadium, New York, Max Schmeling pulled off one of the truly great performances in boxing by giving the considered unbeatable Louis a boxing lesson and finally knocking him out in the 12th round. The Nazis, who hadn’t wanted Schmeling to fight a black man in the first place, now treated him like

to accept his behaviour as Schmeling was a hero with the German public. Schmeling should have been first in the line for a crack at world champion James Braddock’s title but the Americans, who knew how to manupulate the title to keep control, shamefully denied him his chance and gave the opportunity to Louis who knocked out Braddock. To Louis’ credit he gave Schmeling, the only man to have beaten him, a crack at the title in June 1938. People saw the fight as a dress rehearsal to World War II, with the propaganda machinery on both sides of the ocean so intense, as if Louis represented President Roosevelt and Schmeling represented Hitler. Louis was in his prime and much more of a fighting machine than in their first encounter,


and Louis won the historic rematch by stopping Schmeling in one round. The former heavyweight king Jack Dempsey had always been after Schmeling to defect but Goebbels had kept his wife and mother in Germany so he wouldn’t do so. On his return to his homeland he soon found out he was in disgrace and shunned by Hitler. The Führer got further revenge by making Schmeling join a parachute regiment at the beginning of World War II instead of putting the 35 year old former champion in a reserved occupation. He was injured in the invasion of Crete but survived the war. After the war he faced a grim future for the large estate he had acquired from his ring earnings had been wiped out and he was penniless, so he returned to the ring at the age of 43 and was still capable enough to win three of his five fights, which earned him enough to buy property in Hamburg and become a successful businessman eventually taking over the franchise to bottle and distribute Coca-Cola for West Germany which made him a very wealthy man. He later established the Max Schmeling Foundation which helped the poor and elderly. When the truth came out regarding Schmeling helping Jews escape the Nazis and how he helped his old friend and foe Joe Louis by giving him thousands of dollars and paying all his hospital bills when he was seriously ill, the American media, who had given him so much bad press during his career had to so some fast rewrites to right the wrong they had done to him. Max Schmeling died in February 2005 and will be remembered as Germany’s outstanding sports personality of the 20th Century, and revered icon of decency and fair play!

Max was very embarrassed by the determination of the Nazi party to promote him as a symbol of German racial supremacy



EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

Soccer Experience Sponsored by : Island Connections Media Group &

Masters League Champions



or this edition we have put together a few action photos of some 7’s games with Soccer Experience – so do you look Messi or a mess?

The Soccer Experience Masters league came to an end this week with Keith Valentine’s Hole in the Wall side looking to make it a clean sweep, a whole season without loss. Having already won the title two weeks beforehand the pressure was off. It was all about claiming the unbeaten name tag now. They found themselves up against a formidable opponent, L.A. Masters, who themselves had a great season. The match went from end to end and was a highly charged game with neither team taking control of the match, yet with five minutes to go Hole in the Wall seemed to run out of steam and were finally beaten after 17 games, but their record is still a fantastic achievement. Once again Soccer Experience would like to thank Mega Bowl for giving the Masters winner Hole in the Wall free bowling tickets for the team to enjoy their success! The next two weeks sees the beginning of the Soccer Experience Over 35s league with new teams Cana Bar and Paddy O Taffys looking confident, and they also kick off the new Masters with Matty’s Arnies Bar. The league’s first Serie A team, the Italians Keondas are looking forward to get their chance at slow motion football so let the fun begin!

Wanna play? Many of our existing teams are in need of players to strengthen their squads, so regardless of age or fitness level a team can be found for all, or maybe you and your friends would like to enter your own team into one of the leagues, be it the Masters or Championship or the new Over 35s. If so please contact Soccer Experience, call or sms 654200470 or email More action photographs and information on the leagues available on www.

DE COTTA MCKENNA & SANTAFÉ English Lawyers and Spanish Abogados


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010


eal Madrid are the next big guns on the menu for the blanquiazules – and there are few who expect the Merengues to show any favours to the home side.

First Division 22/02/2010

Against Mallorca many of the fans celebrated in full carnival style



1. Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Valencia 4. Sevilla 5. Dptvo La Coruna 6. Mallorca 7. Athletic Bilbao23 8. Getafe 9. Osasuna 10. Villarreal 11. Sporting 12. Malaga 13. Atletico Madrid 14. Espanyol 15. Almeria 16. Racing 17. Zaragoza 18. Valladolid 19. Tenerife 20. Xerez Photo:Gary Hill

15/02/2010 CD Tenerife 1:0 Mallorca CD Tenerife made the most of high-flying Real Mallorca’s poor away form to record a valuable 1-0 win, its first league victory in more than two months. The fixture was the first ever Monday night match played in the Heliodoro Stadium due to the new TV scheduling. The only club in La Liga to vote against the new Monday night football adventure was CD Tenerife and the very first game played on a Monday just happened to be Tenerife. Local pundits agreed that this was too much of a coincidence. The carnival atmosphere was at boiling point in Santa Cruz and this overflowed into the stadium with many fans in fancy dress. It was difficult to tell who were the real police or Red Cross employees. Several ex-pat Real Mallorca fans had made the long journey from the Balearic Islands for the game and they joined the Armada Sur Fan club before the game for some pre-match refreshments. This was a must win game (aren’t they all now?) and soon into the proceedings that bit of luck that had deserted the blanquiazules came into play as Nino broke the deadlock. Even watching the video replays over and over again it is hard to tell whether Nino was offside or not but there were not many complaining in the 18,000 crowd. It was a cool finish from the diminutive striker who at last is finding his scoring boots in the Primera after last season’s heroic 29 goals. From the edge of the area he produced an inch-perfect shot which just nestled inside the near post. Gregorio Manzano’s Mallorca men have won all 10 of their matches at home but they have now won only once in 12 away games, losing seven, and they missed the chance to climb back above Sevilla into fourth place. They really had been the ‘revelation’ side of the season and are a good bet for a European League qualification place. The second half was a similarly evenlyfought affair, with neither

By Chris Todd

of the two island outfits able to take control of the game. Tenerife had two chances to extend its lead around the hour mark but Mallorca goalkeeper Dudu Aouate was equal to both. To be brutally honest this was not Tenerife’s best performance of the season but it was played with a spirit which will go a long way to hopefully secure their La Liga survival come May. Suárez tried his luck from distance in the 70th minute but it was comfortable for Aragoneses, and when Mallorca substitute Pierre Webó’s diving header from ex West Brom player Borja Valero flew just wide of the post in the 78th minute, the visitors must have feared it was not going to be their night. And so it proved, as Tenerife held on relatively comfortably for an important victory. The cheer on the final whistle was deafening as giant cats hugged naughty nurses and Batman sang alongside Elvis. Great scenes!

21/02/2010 Ath. Bilbao 4:1 CD Tenerife CD Tenerife have been woeful on their travels this

season and it was no surprise that they became cannon fodder for the Basque Lions of Athletic Bilbao. As a fan it is torturous viewing as the same old mistakes are made. This particular game was over as a contest after just 20 minutes as Bilbao took a two goal lead and Tenerife were reduced to 10 men. The decision that led to a penalty and the subsequent expulsion was very dubious indeed; the second goal appeared to be clearly offside but the blanquiazules were an accident waiting to happen. Bilbao has been enjoying a good season, comfortable in the league and they have reached the last stages of the UEFA Europa League. Their match a few days before against the Belgium club side Anderlecht had ended in a full scale riot as fans battled it out on the centre circle of the pitch. It was reminiscent of the dark days of hooliganism in the 70`s but without the flares and platform shoes. The 150 or so Tenerife fans who had made the long trip from the Canaries were still hopeful of an unlikely comeback but Andoni Iraola got the third shortly after the break for the home side. Under fire Tenerife Manager Oltra chose to reinforce the defence as it did

look likely that the blanquiazules could be on the end of a right royal thrashing with a large chunk of the game left to play. There was a slight glimmer of hope as Alejandro Alfaro pulled a goal back with a sweet effort but the optimism was short lived as Bilbao’s Igor Gabilondo rounded off the mauling to make the score 4-1. Tenerife enjoyed a good spell late in the game as their hosts took their foot off the pedal. Nino hit the bar and Alfaro came close late on but the three points were well and truly staying at San Mamés the ‘Cathedral’ of football as it is known. It is difficult to see where an away win will come from. The squad is far too lightweight and there is no plan B. The four so called re-inforcements that were brought in during the summer are the only ones now not even selected. So now it is the same 16 players that did so well last season but that was the second division; the gap in class is painfully obvious. Overcautious President, Miguel Concepción, is striving to bring CD Tenerife out of debt, currently standing at €26 million and does not want to risk the club becoming another Portsmouth FC with their critical financial problems. On the plus side

23 23 22 23 23 23 11 22 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

18 18 12 13 11 11 3 10 8 8 7 6 7 7 6 6 5 3 5 2

D 4 2 7 3 5 4 9 2 6 5 7 9 6 5 8 7 6 11 5 5

L 1 3 3 7 7 8 32 10 9 10 9 8 10 11 9 10 12 9 13 16


A 57 59 39 36 26 36 30 30 22 35 25 28 33 17 25 24 27 26 19 13

PTS 13 17 21 25 25 27 36 28 23 37 27 27 36 31 33 35 47 40 44 43

58 56 43 42 38 37 32 30 29 28 27 27 26 26 25 21 20 20 11

Second Division 22/02/2010 CLUB

White-wash feared


1. Hercules 2. Real Sociedad25 3. Cartagena 4. Levante 5. Numancia 6. Villarreal B 7. Betis 8. Elche 9. Gimnastic 10. Cordoba 11. Huesca 12. Rayo Vallecano 13. Salamanca 14. Recreativo 15. Las Palmas 16. Celta Vigo 17. Girona 18. Albacete 19. Murcia 20. Cadiz 21. Real Union 22. Castellon




25 13 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25

9 4 8 10 6 7 9 8 5 11 11 10 10 9 11 11 8 10 11 10 6 8

3 36 5 5 8 8 7 8 10 7 7 8 8 9 8 8 10 9 9 10 13 13

13 8 12 10 11 10 9 9 10 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 7 6 5 5 6 4

the home form is one of the best of the league’s bottom 10 sides and with the stadium guaranteed to be full and noisy until the very last kick of the campaign Tenerife will hopefully survive the drop.

Ticket sale chaos Once again there were chaotic scenes witnessed outside the various ticket outlets for the upcoming big clash between CD Tenerife and Real Madrid. The match scheduled for Saturday 27th February at 7pm sold out in minutes despite the hiked prices, the cheapest being 50€ up to

F 40 22 37 30 33 36 32 35 25 20 20 37 29 21 27 21 33 33 29 26 21 24


PTS 21 47 24 23 29 34 25 35 27 26 20 34 32 23 29 25 38 39 32 39 30 38

48 44 40 39 37 36 35 35 32 32 31 31 30 29 29 29 28 26 25 24 20

165€ in the main stand. Fans queued for two days outside the Heliodoro stadium in Santa Cruz and throughout the night at the Libreria Raquel y Carla in Playa de Las Américas, where extra police were called in to control the crowds hundreds of whom left disappointed. Ticket sales have been rampant on the black-market with prices reaching €900 in the main stand and €200 for a seat behind the goal. Cristiano Ronaldo and company will be staying at the NH Tenerife in Santa Cruz. If you are not lucky enough to have a ticket for the match you can see the game live on Gol TV or Sky Sports 4.

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8 436012 301118




EDITION 611 :: 26/02/2010 - 12/03/2010 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

IslandConnections Edition 611  

Weekly Newspaper for the Canary Islands

IslandConnections Edition 611  

Weekly Newspaper for the Canary Islands