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he world’s biggest and most powerful telescope, known as the Grantecan (Gran Telescopio Canarias, GTC) was finally unveiled at the inaugurated at the Roque de los Muchachos observatory in La Palma

on July 24th by their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain. The overall GTC project was promoted by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias with the design, construction and commissioning processes managed

by GRANTECAN, S.A., a public company, and involved thousands of people working for hundreds of different firms from all over the world. The primary mirror for this huge scientific instrument is made up of 36 hexagonal vitroceramic

segments, each 1.9 metres across, which together form a surface area equivalent to a 10.4m diameter single circular mirror. Here’s looking at you, alien kid! Partners in this project have been the national and regional governments, the

Autonomous University of Mexico (IA-UNAM), Mexico’s National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE) and the University of Florida in the United States. Continued on page 2

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EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


La Gomera

Tax embargo level raised

Summer school

A green revolution

HACIENDA SEARCHING FOR WAYS TO INCREASE REVENUE With immediate effect, the minister for the economy, Elena Salgado has multiplied by five the minimum amount which the tax authority (Hacienda) can take from debtors’ accounts in the form of embargoes. This maximum figure has shot up from 4,000 to a massive 20,000 euros. Hacienda continues to search for ways to increase revenue in the face of the economic crisis, and this is their latest trick to attempt to offset the lack of funds in

public coffers, caused by a fall in receipts between January and May of 25 per cent, a figure which apparently is not being alleviated by tax rises on fuels and tobacco, and which is dangerously approaching ten per cent of PIB (gross national product). So what does this mean to you? If you owe money to the tax authorities, you could get caught out. Hacienda, or the Agencia Tributaria, who we would refer to as the taxman, can now confiscate (embargo) up to 20,000 euros from

your bank or savings account without even having to commence court action. This new disposition has been signed by the general director of the Agencia Tributaria, Luis Pedroche, published in the State Bulletin (BOE), enters into force on August 1st and could affect you from the beginning of September. In other words, if you are unaware that you owe a significant amount of tax, you could happily go away on your holidays thinking that there is cash in your bank account and

come back to find there is nothing. This could happen if the notification sent to you by the tax authority arrives at your home while you are away and by the time you read it, it is too late. The whole embargo process could be complete within a little more than ten days and with the cooperation of the banks, the money taken from your account. And there’s more. Don’t forget that if you are late paying your tax, you will also be hit with an interest charge.

Continued from front page

Juan Verde addressing the opening of the summer school

The European Union has also contributed to the project through its European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Eye of the world

Giving the inaugural address at the 2009 L a Gomera summer school, Climate Change: Challenge and Opportunity, Juan Verde said that those who thought we could forget the green challenges facing us until the economic crisis had passed were very much mistaken.

Now that it is operational astronomers (and interested star gazers as well as more than a few science fiction fans) will be following its progress and anxiously awaiting the results from this telescope that can see further than any that have gone before. Are we finally going to get answers to some of those eternal questions: how does a galaxy form, do planets exist that could sustain human life, and course the 64 million dollar poser – are we alone or is there life out there?

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“We are in a time of great opportunity”, he said, a perfect time “to reinvent ourselves”. The Gran Canarian who worked directly with Barack Obama during his recent electoral campaign and heads up the Spanish branch of Al Gore’s Climate Project said “we are facing a truly green revolution which will completely change the world’s energy model, including the economic model and the society in which we live”. He outlined his belief that the challenge was to adapt to a new mode of living which would use sustainability as a competitive advantage over other economic structures. “There are many people who believe that sustainability or

the fight against climate change is a luxury and frankly I believe that they are completely wrong.... in the first place, without a world, a planet, there’s no economy. This is a time of possibilities. In the Chinese culture the word ‘crisis’ is made up of two symbols, the one for danger and the one for opportunity. That’s the kind of thinking we need to adopt”, Verde said. Verde, who also heads up the American Chamber of Commerce in the Canary Islands said these islands were ideally situated to work on the creation of an electricity network linking North Africa with the European continent, using wind and solar power and other alternative energy sources. “The Canary Islands is perfectly placed to become the investigation hub for these technologies, working to create thousands of jobs needed to maintain such a network....the Canaries can become a investigative centre, a centre for development, for innovation and training”, he concluded.

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ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009

Government Internet

High speed connections

7 Islands



Serving the Islands The first Benchijigua in Los Cristianos

An agreement between the Spanish and regional governments will mean that Internet connections of up to 100 Gigabytes will soon be available in the Islands. Ideal for projects that require high connectivity, the RedIRIS will be available for investigation centres at a total cost of 35 million euros. The RedIRIS began operation in 1998. It was an Internet pioneer in Spain and allows investigators and teachers to join in with investigation projects, sharing experiences and making sharing knowledge and experiences internationally faster and easier. On making the announcement, the Minister for Science and Innovation, Cristina Garmendia, also reported a further 13 million euros grant for the construction of a new Oceanographics Institute in Tenerife and 2.9 million euros to the University of Las Palmas for the National Bank of Algae which grows and produces algae for bio-energy projects and the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Health department Heat wave recommendations

Keep cool The regional department of health have issued a list of dos and don’ts for people during the hotter days of summer. The department remind people that during the extreme heat it is important to take special care of children, the elderly and the sick as the heat can affect them more than the rest of us. • Avoid outdoor exercise, thus avoiding exposure not just to sun and high temeperatures but also to the potentially harmful effects of the calima, or sand clouds which arrive to these islands now and then. • Drink more water to reduce the chances of heat stroke. • Aviod heavy meals and alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, sugary drinks which actually increase the levels of dehydration in the body. • Don't go out into the sun between the hours of 12 midday and 4pm. • If you must go out wear natural fibres and bright colours that will reflect the sun and allow your skin to breathe. Also make sure you wear a hat. • If do think you are suffering from the effects of the heat, use a wet towel or sponge to bring down your heat levels, or take a shower or bath (as long as you're not dizzy), drink liquid (avoiding the above mentioned group) and seek medical help.

Los Cristianos today

 The leading maritime transport company for passengers and cargo in the Canaries, Fred Olsen Express, recently celebrated its 35th anniversar y of ferr y ser vice. Although Fred Olsen’s cargo boats, transpor ting tomatoes and bananas from its own fields in Lomada de

Tecina and Playa de Santiago, had been used unofficially for some time by travellers between the islands, it was on July 8th 1974 when the first regular ferr y, Benchijigua with room for 399 passengers and 67 cars, sailed between La Gomera and Tenerife. The first year they transported 25,000 passengers on

a journey that lasted almost two hours. Nowadays their inter-island ferr y ser vices transpor t millions of passengers a year and the La Gomera trip in the new fast trimaran Benchijigua Express now takes just 35 minutes. That first ferry set the stamp and the philosophy of their service by joining the two

nearest possible points of the islands together as quickly as possible, offering top quality service and comfort. Today’s service between Los Cristianos and San Sebastián offers a smooth ride in a craft which is at the vanguard of world technology. Extraordinarily comfortable its light open spaces remind you more of a hotel salon than a ship and there’s endless services available to make your trip seem shorter including a cafeteria/restaurant, a children’s play area, an all inclusive luxurious first class lounge, shops and free WiFi access zones.

which attracted almost 8,000 prospective buyers. The presentation of the event was made by the Cabildo President, Ricardo Melchior, the President of the Builders Federation, Antonio Plasencia, the Director of Innovation and Project Development for Tenerife, Juan Antonio Núñez and

the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Ignacio González. The latter announced his pleasure at, “the great success that this initiative has had for one of the Canarian sectors most hard hit by the crisis,” calling the event, “the best showplace for buying and selling homes in the Canaries”.


Three days to buy your home Estate agents and builders were eager to sign up for the next edition of the home bargains sale in Santa Cruz following the outstanding success of the event held in June. Around 15 million euros of property sales were generated during the first bargain homes sale held in the Centro Internacional de Ferias y

Congresos de Tenerife in Santa Cruz. Of the 250 homes which were reserved in June, about 150 went to exchange of contracts, 60 per cent of the total, a result deemed more than welcome by the sellers during a difficult period for the sector. The fair is to be repeated in November with 102 stands, four more than the June event

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EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

7 Islands


News in Brief

Sign of the times? The credit crunch and economic crisis are having a massive impact on court business in the Canaries. Statistics published by the Ministry of Justice show that the number of divorce actions filed in the region fell consid-

erably in 2008 (over 600 fewer than the previous year), with couples thinking twice before committing to the cost of an expensive lawsuit. However, the figure has been more than balanced by the sharp rise in labour court actions. The number of cases brought by

ex-employees against their former bosses for dismissal spiralled in 2008 and unofficial figures for the first half of 2009 show that the trend continues. As a percentage of overall court business, employmentrelated disputes in the Canar-

ies now top the national table, indicating that the number of lay-offs due to the crisis has been significantly higher here. Also on the rise are actions by banks to repossess mortgaged properties, again a clear sign of the extent of the crisis in the region.


PM to “read and rest” in Lanzarote Spanish prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is hoping to switch off completely during his holiday in Lanzarote during the first half of August.

Government sources say he wants to rest and read during the fortnight he and his family are due to spend at the plush Mareta Palace in Costa Teguise, which he has used on previous visits. As on other occasions, the premier’s holiday coincides with his birthday but it is not known whether he will take advantage to repeat a celebratory day-trip to the tiny island of La Graciosa, as in 2005, or for a private party at the palace. The only engagement pencilled in during the holiday is a meeting of the Canarian branch of the PSOE party,

Fire precautions

The heat is on The soaring temperatures during the last weekend of July throughout the Canaries forced emergency measures to be taken to avoid blazes. The authorities in Tenerife and Gran Canaria banned picnics and other activities in forests as of July 26th in view of the real risk of an outbreak of fire. Medical advice was issued also through the media to help people cope with the heat as thermometers reached nearly 40ºC in some parts. A small number of fires had to be dealt with by the fire brigade in Tenerife, although none of them were serious. The temperatures were expected to cool slightly in the coming days, but the hot weather alert was being maintained as a precaution.

Stop press

Scout scare Parents of a group of Gran Canaria scouts on a trip to Madeira demanded that the party be brought home as soon as possible following an apparent outbreak of H1N1 flu. Local media reports on the Portuguese island said several of the 50-strong group, which included many young children, have caught the flu and have been hospitalised. As we go to press the reports have not been confirmed by the Canarian authorities but the parents want arrangements made immediately to ferry the scouts back to Las Palmas. The scare came a week after a group of Tenerife teenagers had to be isolated in Paris after an outbreak of the flu

Flying champion

Una paloma rodado.... A Gomaran dappled pigeon, owned by Ramón Castilla Alvarez Monguín was first across the finishing line in a race from Casablanca to La Gomera, breaking a world record in the attempt. Spain’s prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to holiday in Lanzarote

which is due to take place on 7 August. Security in the area around Mareta has been tightened up considerably in recent weeks and staff from the prime minister’s office in Madrid have visited the

palace several times to make it ready for his arrival. Four years ago Zapatero was forced to cut short his Lanzarote vacation when 17 Spanish soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash

in Herat, Afghanistan. In 2006 he also interr upted his stay to fly to Galicia to coordinate efforts to tackle the massive forest fires that devastated the region in the summer.

Bearing the ring number E 266252/2007, the bird was in fact the only one to arrive at the finish, crossing 1,100 kilometres over the sea. The bird’s owner, delighted with the result, has been breeding pigeons for 20 years but this is is best season yet. The flight is the longest sea distance at national level and one of the longest attempted by pigeon racers world wide. According to Monguín the bird’s father was also a champion flyer, so he will be keen to breed from his latest victor.

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009

7 Islands




Students at the official language school

Grazing damage

Goat worries for Fuerteventura Fuerteventura’s large goat population could be causing irreversible damage to the island, say experts. According to the La Provincia newspaper, concerns are growing that the estimated 50,000 goats that graze all over Fuerteventura are contributing to the demise of local species of plants not found elsewhere. The local authorities have admitted they are worried at the impact of the goats on recently reforested areas which are losing their small trees and shrubs fast due to the uncontrolled grazing. The loss of plant cover is, say experts, increasing the prospect of soil erosion across the already-fragile island and measures need to be introduced to restrict the movements of the herds before the problem becomes unmanageable. The goats used to graze on the coast but the lack of vegetation has encouraged their owners to move them further inland, including many parts which are supposed to be protected as conservation sites.

Lanzarote Lanzarote grape under threat

Foreign languages needed

By Barbara Belt




Offer angers grape growers Lanzarote’s grape farmers say their livelihoods are threatened by the surprise decision to set a low recommended price for sales to wine producers on the island. The Wine Council established a minimum price of just one euro per kilo of harvested grapes, 20 cents a kilo less than last year. A meeting of nearly 200 local growers vented its anger at the Council for its unilateral decision and warned that the price cut could jeopardise the viability of the vineyards. “If there is a recommended minimum, the cellars will clearly try and get the grapes for that price and we will lose out” said one grower. The meeting also heard that many farmers have still not received payment for tens of thousands of kilos of grapes supplied last autumn to the wine-makers. Responding to the complaints, the island’s Cabildo promised that financial help would be available to growers who do not manage to sell their entire harvest to cellars.

tudents in both La Gomera and El Hierro have formally requested that they be allowed to continue with Ger man studies commenced at the two islands’ Escuelas Oficial de Idiomas, or official language schools. Problems have arisen due to the announced withdrawal of further German courses in both centres, one at Valverde, El Hierro and the other at San Sebastián in La Gomera. The programme of language learning offered by Spain’s Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas has recently undergone fundamental changes. Courses were previously of a four year duration, consisting of two levels. However, as of last year, the courses have been extended to bring them in line with new European ‘benchmarks’ for language learning and are now offered over a five year period.

This is obviously more expensive to run, with associated changes in teaching materials and methods and assessment criteria exacerbating organisational problems for already over stretched centres on the smaller islands. Unable to fund either the staff or, more importantly, the necessary financial resources to implement such changes, the two schools have been forced to withdraw further courses. Students have protested that they are now limited to studying only as far as basic level German language, the first two years of the five year course being all they can hope to complete on the two small islands. In order to complete the full course and receive the widely recognised qualification from the language schools, they will, if the present situation persists, have to go to Ten-

erife three times a week to attend classes. The time and costs involved in such a ridiculous under taking ensure that students will be forced to abandon courses, after having invested two years of relatively hard study in getting to elementar y level only. In a formal manifesto presented to the department of education and regional government, students point out that, “...the study of foreign languages and education in general are pillars of basic development and prosperity in modern society. “We live in a globalised environment, where it is necessary to be able to adapt to the needs of labour markets, regardless of where we live. Our ability to produce or generate wealth depends to a large extent on human capital. This applies to all members of the European Union, where it has been clearly recognised

that we should be able to speak at least two foreign languages, as laid down by the Barcelona European Council of 2002.” Using statistics supplied by regional government’s tourism depar tment, the manifesto points out that, “... in these islands, this is especially relevant. We depend on foreign tourism. In 2006 earnings from German-speaking tourism in the Canaries rose to just under three million euros.” Regional government and the department of education profess, “ be concerned,” and, “...working towards resolving the situation.” The summer months have never been particularly propitious for regional government dynamism, or indeed any action at all. A proposed appeal at euro-level may prove more effective, but prospects look bleak for a September launch of the missing courses.


7 Islands

EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

Special Report


By Karl McLaughlin

Ryanair campaigners continue to hope


rish property owners in Fuerteventura have succeeded in attracting media attention to their campaign to have Ryanair reinstate the flights it withdrew at the beginning the year.

Since the low-cost airline controversially pulled its planes off on 31 January, a forum run by regular visitors, many of them from Ireland, has been tireless in its bid to force a rethink and/or to persuade other airlines to take up the routes. The dogged campaign has included contact with the island’s authorities urging them to intervene in the bitter dispute between the airline and a local business consor tium (AIE), which Ryanair says “breached its contract”, apparently by not handing over ‘contributions’ agreed when the routes were first opened. Whatever the truth behind the pull-out (versions vary depending on which source is consulted), it is no coincidence that this year has seen an unprecedented drop in the number of UK and Irish visitors to Fuerteventura and the impact on businesses, particularly bars and restaurants, in local resor ts has been devastating. Official figures from the Canarian Department of Tourism reveal that 72 per cent fewer Irish tourists flew to the island in June compared to the same month in 2008 (6,285 vs 1,714) and the fall for the year so far is currently 65 per cent. Particularly hard hit by the pull-out are Irish people

who bought holiday homes in Fuerteventura in the belief that the flights would be a permanent fixture. Many are now encountering serious difficulties getting to their apartments and villas and have to reroute expensively through England and/or Madrid. The recent announcement by Aer Lingus that it will fly to the island as of the autumn has brought some cheer but the promoters of the campaign still feel there is good reason for Ryanair to return or, if it doesn’t, at least not let it get off lightly!. The gathering pace of the campaign brought increased interest from the Irish media in mid-July, particularly at Dublin radio station Q102, which organised a programme to allow people to air their views on the situation. One of two items scheduled for the prime-time phone-in, the Ryanair section attracted such massive interest that the second item had to be scrapped and the entire 60-minute show was devoted to Fuerteventura. Callers included a Ryanair air hostess who is angry that she can no longer afford to fly to her holiday home following the pull-out. Presenter Scott Williams, who hosted the show, told Island Connections he was amazed at the depth of feeling: “There has been huge demand on this issue, which was brought to our attention during a conversation on another programme about holidays generally. A caller brought up the Fuerteventura/Ryanair question and we received loads of e-mails

Particularly hard hit by the pull-out are Irish people who bought holiday homes in Fuerteventura in the belief that the flights would be a permanent fixture and texts the following days, so many that we decided to base a whole programme on them. I certainly got the impression that there is a lot of resentment at the de-


Q102’s Scott Williams was inundated with calls to the Dublin radio station on the issue

cision. I think people who have been hit by this were very grateful that someone like us took up the issue on their behalf”, said Scott. The same week, the campaign featured in Ireland’s Sunday Tribune paper and was one of the most visited stories on its web edition. Two of the people behind the continued pressure are Fiona Domican (aka ‘Fifi’) and Dave ‘Councillor’ Collins, both regular contributors to


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the Fuer teventura Forum on the internet. Fiona, who helped raise a 1,200-signature petition back in November when Ryanair issued its pull-out threat, used to travel to the Canaries almost every month from Dublin when the direct flights were operating. She sympathises with Irish families who are now looking elsewhere for a holiday because of the extra hassle: “Parents don’t want to force their young kids to spend eleven hours flying via England or Madrid so they choose another destination with direct flights. The low numbers are having a big impact and property letters have had to cut their prices to attract business”. She feels both sides are to blame for the current predicament: Ryanair (of whom she is still a fan) for pulling the plug and the AIE consortium for playing a dangerous ‘who blinks first game’ with Michael O’Leary’s airline. “The AIE were clearly unaccustomed to Ryanair’s business methods, in which there is no haggling or give and take. I believe the airline will come back, because they had a proven market in Fuerteventura, but

maybe they won’t replace the routes from England which are being partially filled by competitors such as Monarch and Easyjet”. Although agreeing that both sides must carry the can for the current hole, Dave Collins is much less enthusiastic about the airline and does not hide his views on what happened. He told Island Connections, “I believe Ryanair are very uncomfortable with the subject and to me they have made an extremely poor business decision in withdrawing from Fuerteventura. They have allowed two of their closest competitors (Aer Lingus and Easyjet) back onto the route. I can speak with experience of flying with Ryanair on a very regular basis that their load factor to Fuerteventura was on average around 90-95 per cent. They have sacrificed this lucrative route because of their bullying approach, combined with stubbornness and incompetence from the AIE”. Collins adds, “The only losers here are the previously regular passengers with Ryanair who now have to pay extortionate fares and make connecting flights etc in order to get to Fuerteventura. I feel extremely annoyed with Ryanair, because when I bought my property the island was served from Ireland by both Aer Lingus and Ryanair. This was a major factor in my decision to buy. However, Aer Lingus were forced out of the market by Ryanair and we all know what has happened since January this year. Personally, I feel so annoyed and betrayed by Ryanair, I am not too bothered if they return to Fuerteventura. For the sake of the island I hope they do, but not on their terms and demands.” Although the airline has consistently refused to appear in the media (a spokesman is believed to have told Q102 that the issue was “too emotive at present”) it cannot be unaware of the negative publicity generated by the pull-out. Rumours that it may reopen talks with the Fuerteventura authorities are just that, rumours, at present, despite recent speculation that the island’s Cabildo is due to meet with Ryanair management to kick-start fresh talks. Some believe the time has

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009

7 Islands


Special Report

come to move on and explore other avenues of bringing tourists to the island. One forum contributor even advises the Irish campaigners to ease the pressure on themselves by focusing on alternatives: “you must by now be suffering from the most horrific headaches. If you stop banging your heads against the wall the headaches will stop. There are other ways

Since the route closed there has been a huge drop in numbers travelling to Fuerteventura from Ireland

to get to ‘Fuerty’ cheaply and your efforts to find these will be more rewarding as I fear Ryanair and its manic leader are a spent force”. The campaigners have other ideas, however, and the wind in the sails provided by the recent media coverage in Ireland encouraged one ‘forumer’ to suggest taking the protest to the front door of Ryanair’s head office in Dublin.

Rita Martín

Cautious optimism In an interview with local paper Diario de Avisos regional tourism minister Rita Martín has said that while it is probably one of the worst years globally for sun and beach tourism, the Canarias is the region in Spain that is losing the least amount

of tourists, and when the economies of the United Kingdom and Germany start to recover, will be the first to emerge from the current crisis. She also confirmed her belief that tourism was the way out of the current economic doldrums for the archipelago, pointing out that, for

instance, cruise tourism had actually seen an increase of 17 per cent. On the issue of airport taxes she said that it was important to reduce costs to travellers, and if that meant reducing airport taxes by up to 100 per cent (temporarily), so be it. “Greece is a good example”, she said.



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Found in translation

Police interpreters The news that police stations in resorts here are to have permanent interpreters on duty to help holidaymakers report crimes suffered has been followed by a swift reminder that the Canaries are among the safest places in Europe for tourists. The Interior Ministry says that the crime rate has fallen again this year and the islands now rank very favourably in

Europe in terms of their crime statistics. The remarks, by Spain’s senior government representative here, Carolina Darias, came hours after it emerged that many police stations will have increased language cover in the summer to help tourists notify thefts, assaults and burglaries etc. A government source admitted that the news might have been misunderstood as a sign of growing crime.

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Tenerife Arrest

Serial rapist detained Police in Tenerife say a man arrested in July has committed at least four rapes on the island. Following his detention the 29-yearold was being questioned over a number of sexual assaults in the last four months and further charges are not ruled out.

Investigation sources say he offered his services as a cleaner and handyman to housewives in Santa Cruz and La Laguna and raped them in their homes once he had gained their trust. It is believed that pictures of the attacks taken on his own mobile phone have been found by police.

Argaga Trail

British climber death The body has been found of a British tourist who went missing while hiking in the Canary Islands in the middle of the month. The 43-year-old man, whose initials have been given in the local media as J.C.G., was discovered at 10.40am on July 21st by a Dutch walker on the side of a steep cliff on La Gomera. It is believed that he slipped

and fell from a narrow path further up the cliff. The spot in Valle Gran Rey, known as the Argaga Trail, is very popular with hikers but has been the scene of several serious accidents in recent years. The body of the tourist was airlifted by helicopter to the island’s capital San Sebastián, where a postmortem is due to be carried out today to establish the exact cause of death.


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EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

7 Islands


News in Brief

Spanair crash tribute

Camping confusion

Missing couple embarrassment The crash in August of last year killed almost 170 people, many from Gran Canaria

A tribute to the victims of the Spanair plane crash a year ago is being organised by the Gran Canaria Cabildo and relatives of dead passengers.

The alarm was raised by a well-meaning person who became concerned that the boat had not returned by nightfall, ten hours after departure. He contacted the police to report that the couple’s car was still parked near the shore at Castillo del Romeral. The emergency services scoured the area throughout the night and from the air the following morning without success and fears for the pair’s safety grew by the hour. However, the couple turned up at lunchtime having spent the night camping on a beach nearby, much to the embarrassment of all concerned.

On the first anniversary of the 20 August tragedy in Madrid airport, in which almost 170 people were killed, a commemorative plaque will be unveiled on the seafront at El Confital, on the Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas. The same spot, chosen by several Gran Canaria families to scatter the ashes of their loved ones a year ago, will also house a sculpture honouring the victims which will be commissioned in August by the Cabildo and should be completed in approximately eight months. The corporation says the sculpture tribute will not feature any allusions to planes due to the express wishes of the next-of-kin, who do not want the actual accident to be reflected, only the memory of the deceased.

Photo: Acfi press

Prison row

Stab victim thanks ‘guardian angel’ to drive off in his car” Victoria told the La Provincia newspaper. The man, who prefers to remain anonymous despite efforts to have his intervention recognised publicly, was on his way to work when he saw the attack. He helped the badly-injured woman into his car and drove her to the local health centre, where an

ambulance rushed her to the main hospital in Las Palmas. “He not only scared my exboyfriend off but then made sure I got medical attention immediately, even though it meant the inside of his car was virtually ruined due to all the blood” explained Victoria from her intensive care bed in hospital.


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33-year-old Victoria León was attacked by her ex-partner at 6.30am on a lonely road near Vecindario. She received 39 knife wounds in the vicious assault, which was triggered by jealousy over a new relationship. “I would have been left for dead if it had not been for the man who arrived on the scene and caused my ex

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Jail to open in 2011 The row over the siting of a new jail in the south of Gran Canaria has reignited after the revelation that the Spanish government expects it to open in 2011.


 A woman who almost died from stab wounds inflicted by her former boyfriend says she would not be around to tell the tale had it not been for the timely inter vention of a man she calls her guardian angel. In yet another gender violence case in Gran Canaria,

A couple who went out in a dinghy for a sea trip and failed to return sparked a massive rescue operation in Gran Canaria, only to turn up safe and sound the next day.

Gran Canaria: C.C. Atlántico - Vecindario Tenerife: Facing C.C. Santa Cruz-Carrefour

The announcement was made in a written reply to a group of MPs who asked the Ministry of the Interior for details of penitentiary provision for the coming years. The reply was leaked to news agency EFE and immediately made the headlines in Gran Canaria, where feelings are still running high over the choice of the Juan Grande district of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, which is heavily dependent on tourism, for the island’s second prison. If the current schedule goes to plan, the jail will open in the summer of 2011, but locals in Juan Grande say they have still not given up the fight to stop the facility from being built.

Damp squib

Nudism protest disappoints A much-publicised protest by nudists on the Las Canteras beach in the centre of Las Palmas turned out to be a damp squib. Despite considerable advance warning and the inevitable heated debate in the media ahead of the event, only five people showed up in support of the campaign to have part of the beach used for nudism. Although clearly embarrassed by the poor turn-out, not least at being outnumbered by the TV crews sent to cover the news item, the naked protestors proceeded to sun themselves and toss frisbees around in full view of the public. Several parents remonstrated with them for their actions but the protest otherwise went off peacefully.

2007 forest fires

Arsonist remand extended The man believed to have started the forest fires that devastated Gran Canaria in the summer of 2007 will not walk free soon, a local judge has ordered. Juan Navarro’s two year remand period was due to expire at the end of July and under Spanish law he could not be held any longer without trial. However, a judge has ruled that he poses a threat if released and extended the remand for a further two years. In the surprise decision, which comes after a major media campaign to draw attention to the case, the judge said that Navarro might flee the island or start further fires. The 2007 blazes, the most serious for years, destroyed 15,000 hectares on Gran Canaria, including much of the Palmitos Park animal park.


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News in Brief Adeje mayor JosĂŠ Miguel RodrĂ­guez Fraga and regional tourism minister Rita MartĂ­n


Facelifts for seven complexes At a recent meeting between Adeje mayor JosĂŠ Miguel RodrĂ­guez Fraga and the regional tourism minister Rita MartĂ­n seven tourist complexes were targeted for renovation with one in line for demolition and reconstruction given its current state of disrepair. The seven being considered are all located in or near the Barranco del Rey, and oldest tourist part of the borough, just on the border with Arona, and include the Acapulco, the Copacabana, the Olimpia and the Caribe. Owners have been assured of all available help form the council and attractive credit facilities via the national credit institution (ICO) under the tourism renovation plan. Also present was Jaime del Busto, director of Hecansa, the Canarian hotel schools association, as the meeting also discussed the preparation of international hotel courses in the Adeje tourism development centre, which will students from other countries taking part in courses in the centre as well as placements in a number of different hotels in the south of Tenerife.

Yellow house

ClariďŹ cation In edition 595 on page 15, alongside an article on La Casa Amarilla, we published a photograph of the wrong building. The building we published was of El Robado, built by Colonel Weathered, and at no time was used for sponsored experiments on monkeys.


Cuban death Investigations continue into the circumstances of the death of a man in a Los Cristianos apartment. The body was found late one Wednesday evening after neighbours reported a bad smell coming from the apartment in Calle El Nido. The man, believed to be Cuban, had been dead for several days. No details of his identity have been released yet.


New Jardines del Duque park  A new park designed for both adults and children has been officially inaugurated in Costa Adeje. Council of ficials Gonzalo Delgado DĂ­az and Elena Fumero together with the Cabildo councillor for the South, FĂŠlix Sierra, the Cabildo delegate for the Icod-Daute Isora district, Coromoto YĂĄnez GonzĂĄlez and representatives of the company VVO Construcciones amongst others, attended the event.

The creation of the new children’s and adults’ park Jardines del Duque has been financed by the Adeje council and the Cabildo via the programme Paisaten which has been designed to define, value and schedule countr yside works in various par ts of the island as well as contribute towards the creation or renovation of leisure areas for taking light exercise, relaxation or socialising. GonzĂĄlo Delgado DĂ­az pointed out that, “all the

Elena Fumero commented, “today we are celebrating because the Adeje residents can now enjoy this innovative new park�. She continued, “with this park we are hoping to develop the existing spirit of various cultures living together in Adeje even more, as well as providing a park for everyone�.

councils should be creating this type of infrastructure which looks attractive to both residents and tourists�. He emphasised that, “providing spaces for the development of healthy leisure activities is ex-

tremely important, especially in a first class tourist area such as Adeje�. He thanked the Cabildo for its investment in this park and encouraged all the councils to work together along these lines.

The new Jardines del Duque park required an investment of 151,212 euros of which 79 per cent was provided by the Cabildo and 21 per cent by the Adeje council. It occupies 500 square metres and is split into three zones, one for adults, one for children aged two to six years and another for children aged six to 12 years. It has only one access which makes it easy for parents and teachers to use the park without having to worr y about the children. All the equipment in the park bears safety certificates according to European standards relating to play areas.


Nelson celebration  For anyone lucky enough to be present at the 2008 recreation of the defeat of Nelson in Santa Cruz, this year’s celebration was a low key let down.

they will celebrate La Gesta (a historically important heroic deed) every two years, which means that July 25th 2010 is a definite diary note for a visit to Santa Cruz.

appeared and there were 123 injured according to the Admiral’s notes at the time. Local troops fared better with only 32 deaths and 40 injured.

Bowing to the crisis, this year’s budget was only 5,000 euros in comparison with the 2008 splashout of 240,000 euros. However, economic situation permitting, the council have promised that

Nelson allegedly lost his arm in the battle to try and take Santa Cr uz and 349 British troops died, five dis-

To mark the day in a special way, nine newborns in the capital’s Hospital Universitario Nuestra Seùora de Candelaria were awarded a silver medal commemorating the 1797 Spanish victory.

la Estancia R ES TAU R A N T E



1.w1. .POw4BU ˜1.w1. &WFSZFWFOJOH


Newborns were given a medal to mark the event



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 The mayor of La Orotava, during a recent press conference, was ver y happy to reveal statistics concerning tourism in the old town. As opposed to the general doom and gloom trend throughout the islands, he said that the numbers of visitors to the cultural sights in La Orotava had actually risen by 10 per cent so far this year. He based the figures on the 20,000 people who had gone for information at the town’s reasonably new tourism information office. This brighter news contrasts with Puerto de la Cruz and the mayor said he con-

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News in Brief

Brighter tourism news

Las Mesas

tinued to be most concerned about the situation in the first tourist resor t in the Canaries. Puerto’s tourism industr y has been in decline for a number of years and the current economic crisis has made things even worse. This is bad news for

The Las Mesas Park in the hills behind Santa Cruz is a popular picnic site for local families and is to get a four million euro facelift by the Tenerife Cabildo to improve facilities and landscape the surrounding parts. A visitors’ centre and communications tower are also planned. However, an impact assessment report drawn up by the Department of the Environment says the work could force a rare snail Plutonia Reticulata out of its natural habitat. The report instructs the Cabildo to take steps to protect the vegetation where the snail is commonly found.

La Orotava as museums and souvenir shops in the town depend to a great extent on Puerto’s hotels doing well. Most visitors to La Orotava’s museums this year have been German, followed closely by Spanish mainlanders. The Brits come a distant third


Riquel protest in Icod A thousand people gathered in the centre of Icod on 11th July to demonstrate once again about the closure of five companies which have been carrying out quarrying and scrap yard activities at Riquel, along the coast from San Marcos, for a number of years. A court order halted their activities in June and there have been protests ever since whilst politicians, including Icod’s mayor, sit on the fence, uncertain as whether to sup-

Snail protection ordered The Canarian government has ordered special measures to be taken to protect an endangered species of snail in a recreation area which is about to undergo major improvements.

with regards visiting cultural buildings. This may not be surprising as one was heard to remark that having to pay two euros to enter a building to see just a few rooms and old furniture, without any proper guide or explanation, was a bit of a con.

port the industries and to protect the 400 jobs which are now at risk, or to accept the order. The companies are alleged to have been carrying out their activities illegally, harming the fragile environment of what is an abandoned strip of coastland which could either remain abandoned or, quite possibly, due to its enviable position overlooking the sea, be developed in the future. The protesters warned that if their demands for a solution were not met within fifteen days they would take their demonstration to Santa Cruz. It is thought highly unlikely that a solution can be found so soon. The next chapter of the Riquel affair, whilst protests continue to make life for politicians uncomfortable, will inevitably take place in court. Up to a thousand people took part in the demonstration

Plumbers go on strike Plumbers working for Canaragua, the company administering the public water supply in La Orotava, began an indefinite strike in mid-July. Their union representative said the strike was in response to the company’s decision to

change their long standing weekend shift system during which two plumbers were supposed to share one shift a month and were paid €317 each for the duty. Canaragua modified that in June so that only one plumber was required to carry out the weekend shift.

He still took home the extra €317 but now only once every two months. This amounts to a cut in salary of €158 a month. The company has a different view. Its general manager told reporters that the only change is that the company

Unwanted Unwanted Guests Guests

Investigations continue La Orotava mayor, Isaac Valencia, told reporters at a press conference in July, that he wasn’t a bit worried about being under investigation for corruption. The anti-corruption prosecutors have been investigating his property development policies after being reported by his left wing and environmental opposition at the council. Valencia, who has been at the helm in La Orotava for more than 25 years, said that anyone was free to denounce him and that the law will show that he has not “taken anything home”. He accused his opponents of continuously making a noise about corruption because they can’t get rid of him democratically. His party insists any accusations about corruption cannot be substantiated and are based entirely on supposition.

La Vera

Squatters evicted A family, who had lived in a flat in La Vera, just outside Puerto de la Cruz, for 17 years were forced onto the street after failling behind with the rent.


Isaac Valencia

had stopped paying for work which was not done, because the shift work to cover for any emergency weekend work had always actually been carried out by just one duty plumber. The only thing the company is doing is to try to save costs at a time of economic crisis.

Andrés found himself without a job as a result of the economic crisis and just couldn’t pay. The 48 year old man, his wife of 38 and their two children aged 14 and eight found shelter in a disused public building and became squatters. They had no light or running waters and hoped that the town council would feel pity and support them with electricity and water supplies until they could fend for themselves again. Understandably, however, the council could not create a very tricky precedent and ordered the family to move out immediately, leaving Andrés with two possible court cases, one concerning the unpaid rent and the other for illegally occupying public premises.


Eliminated ! Pediatric problems Insect control Rat and mice control Disinfection Legionnaire’s disease treatments APPCC: Implantation of food quality systems Courses for food handlers Wood treatment and conservation Magnesium and aluminium phosphate treatments

Pest Control

Free quotes

Fernando Beautell, 25. Polígono Costa Sur. 38009 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tel: 922 22 00 00 · Fax: 922 22 22 23 · ·

As in previous years the problems of pediatric coverage for parts of Tenerife during the summer months is being repeated.

In both the capital and the south of the island there would appear to be a severe shortage of substitute doctors specialising in child care – given the current state of alarm over the growing number of swine flu cases this is doubly worrying. One parent in South Tenerife told

us, “I went to look for an appointment on-line for my daughter during the first week of August with her pediatrician but the first date they could give me was for September. Luckily it was only for a pre-travel check up....if she really was ill I would worry”.

Doctors’ unions said in May that the problem would arise but little seems to have

been done to make up for the shortfall. Problems have already been reported in La Laguna, Arona and Adeje.


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The council said they were supporting CD Tenerife’s quest for promotion

Coastal footpath improvements

Sporting Tacoronte

Football crazy councillors The CC led council at Tacoronte’s town hall has been accused by staff unions of having spent €4,000 on football “vouchers” for some of the party’s councillors to attend CD Tenerife matches. The unions have said that the councillors have spent public money on buying themselves privileges, when that money should have been spent on improving working conditions for staff and police. The council have replied in a very brief statement saying that the unions’ accusation was unfounded and that the cash spent on the tickets was simply an example of how their party has successfully supported the island’s football club. The CC statement explained that they had always thought it “a priority to invest in sporting activities and to promote sports”. The vouchers were the result of the party accepting an invitation from CD Tenerife in 2008 to participate by purchasing “institutional vouchers” and to give their unconditional support to the club’s (successful) quest for promotion to the first division.

 At a recent meeting, the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the councillor for tourism Miguel Ángel Santos and the roads engineer for the government’s coastal department projects and works ser vice, Judith Esqués, presented plans for the project to renovate the coastal footpath between Pueblo Canario in Playa de las Américas and Puerto Colón, to residents and business owners. The project which has a budget of 946,859 euros, affects a path known locally as Geranium Walk, where work will begin immediately and be undertaken in phases over a maximum period of eight months. The mayor explained that, “we are determined to improve this tourist destination, we believe that this is the only option” and indicated that he was aware the work would cause problems in the short term, but be of benefit

in the long term. Santos commented that, “all the tour operators and travel agencies are insisting that we renovate this area. “I know that it is complicated because when the works are ongoin, they cause annoyance, but we have a great project and a company which will complete the work on time. “Now we have to ask you to get involved. The renovation should not just affect the public path, we want you to renew your business premises as well. “We need to provide a new focus for this area, and we encourage you to take advantage of the closure of the path during the works to carry out your own renovations”. The mayor explained that a phone line at the council has been made available to fast track planning applications, so that business owners wanting to take advantage of the closure to undertake their own improvements can

contact the Tourism department directly, and necessary licences will be processed quickly. As the path is not very wide, the parts being worked on will be completely closed to the public, and as these sections are completed they will be reopened. 3,760 square metres are affected, from the Hotel Gran Tinerfe (where the work will begin) to the roundabout at the Hotel Jardín Tropical. This first section is the most complicated, as many steps have to


The council met with interested parties too outline the project

be eliminated and replaced by a 400 metre ramp. Other work will include changing the type of pavement surface, creating more screen-type basalt walls, eliminating existing garden walls, removal of obstacles, improvements to public lighting, replacement of urban furniture, replanting the gardens and equipping them with automatic watering systems.

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centre by famous Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002)who, despite local scepticism, set out to prove that the structures, previously dismissed by many as of little importance, could be pyramids, painstakingly built in a solstice alignment, as are similar sacred structures in other parts of the

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world. Today Heyerdahl’s legacy is in his work, and thousands have visited and been fascinated by these pyramids, now protected in the Pirámides de Güímar Parque Etnográfico. However that’s not all there is to see here. Along with the excavation and restoration of the pyramids, the park houses a museum, presenting ideas and evidence of the probable spread of culture and ideas in ancient times, and houses a copy of the famous Ra II boat. The original was built by Heyerdahl with four Aymara Indians from Bolivia, who still mastered the traditional art of building reed boats – and subsequently completed a successful transatlantic crossing, covering the 4,000 miles from Morocco to Barbados in just 57 days, proving that transatlantic contacts between the old civilisations and the Americas had been possible. The park’s auditorium is a modern semi-subterranean building which does not clash

Discover the secret of the Güímar pyramids this summer

with the natural setting of the pyramids. Equipped with the latest technology, there is a fifteen minute film on show half hourly, in six different languages, exploring and explaining the theories behind many of the park’s installations. The park also includes an outstanding museum, housing statues, ceramics, photographs, models and other items that suggest cultural parallelisms between the old and new worlds. It also includes information

about the global distribution of step pyramids, the use of reed boats for navigation, constructive details of the pyramids at Güímar and the results of the excavation campaigns under taken at the park. The park is open daily from 9.30am to 6pm and is wheelchair accessible. Just 26 km from Santa Cruz, take the Arafo exit off the TF1 from the north, or the Puertito de Güímar exit from the south.

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During this campaign, ever yone who made reser vations to stay at the complex was awarded with the same number of nights absolutely free of charge, so that they could repeat their San Blas experience. The only condition was that they brought their friends or family along as well. Jesús García was presented with his voucher by the hotel director, Davíd Hernández, who thanked him for choosing to stay at the hotel. Jesús promised to repeat the experience and said that his stay had been “unforgettable”. Davíd Hernández thanked all those who took part in the 1,000 nights promotion, and reminded those who have vouchers that they can be exchanged up to September 30. The Hotel San Blas Reserva Ambiental opened its doors at the end of December 2008 and little by little has turned into a reference point for innovation and promotion of island culture. It comprises an ecologically friendly tourist complex which is oriented towards the discovery of the history of the Reserva Ambi-

Ultimate promotion winner

Jesús García receiving his voucher from hotel director Davíd Hernández

ental San Blas, a natural area defined as a cultural heritage of the south of Tenerife. This luxury five star resort provides a new and unusual twist to tourism where sun, sea, sport, shows and good

food are combined with adventure, culture, ecology and appreciation of the history of our ancestors. This unique hotel counts with an endless list of facilities to provide you with a unique experience.


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Itaparica dreams on TWO SAILORS FROM LA VICTORIA AND PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, JUAN CARLOS AND JUAN MANUEL, HAVE COMPLETED THE THIRD STAGE OF THEIR ROUND THE WORLD VOYAGE ABOARD THEIR YACHT, THE ITAPARICA.  Their adventure began in Puerto de la Cruz on 30th December, 2006 and their dream is to circumnavigate the globe in five years, coming back to Tenerife on occasions to be with their families and to scrape up more financial backing. Their mission was always to take a “message of peace and the fight against hunger, injustice and inequality” to whatever land the Itaparica took them. So far, with numerous minor scares along the way, the voyage has been a success and the end of this last stage was both dramatic

and symbolic. It contained a message of hope. If they had not decided to sail around the world they might not have saved two young lives. When they sailed into the Pacific from the Panama Canal they decided to sail on without too many stops in order to save on money and provisions. They headed to the Galapagos Islands and then on to Bora Bora, Samoa and Papua where they went to the Australian Consulate in the hope of getting a visa for Australia. After revealing that they had been through the Panama Canal they were told

they would first have to pass a medical test to make sure they were not carrying the swine flu virus. Realising

The sailing duo have come back to Tenerife for the summer before tackling the final stage of their voyage

that this might take some time the two men decided to sail on without stopping in Australia. They were hit by strong storms out in the Indian Ocean and the Itaparica suffered damages. The yacht took on a lot of water and the electronic navigation aids failed. Ten miles off Malé, one of the Maldive islands, they spotted what they thought to be a strange looking buoy. As they got closer they realised it was a capsized water bike with a young man and a girl hanging onto it. They pulled the exhausted couple aboard, wrapped

them up in blankets and gave them some warm milk. The young couple explained that their engine had failed and that they had been drifting in the currents for three or four hours. It would soon be dark so the Itaparica almost certainly saved their lives. When they reached Malé the sailors were treated to a hero’s welcome. They have now come back to Tenerife for the summer. The next and final stage of their voyage will take them through the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean before sailing down the African coast and back to Tenerife.

Divided Project

Parcelling the problem The problem with the construction of the controversial stretch of the new island ring road between La Vega and Santiago del Teide is that it requires not only unpopular property expropriations, but also the destruction of virgin countryside protected by law. Expropriations eventually cause less of a problem. Most people are always willing to accept a reasonable financial reward, especially in times of crisis. Legal matters don’t appear to be a problem anymore either. Politicians seem to be able to find ways of getting around legal obstacles with remarkable ease. This is why the Citizen’s Platform for an Alternative to the island ring road recently com-

plained to the Court for Environmental and Urban Development about certain “irregularities” concerning the controversial project. The pressure group has always tried to defend the countryside. It now alleges that regional politicians, to get around environmental legal obstacles in the way of the new road, have been very clever in dividing up the project into phases, forcing independent environmental declarations for each section of road. In this way, on paper, the project appears to have a far less damaging effect on the environment, therefore making it more palatable. The alternative group naturally believes this manipulation amounts to deception and a falsification of documents.

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News in Brief


Cruise ship visitors are on the increase

RECENT TIMES. The comprehensive study by a well-known consultancy firm has highlighted a number of areas where improvements have been called for, particularly the lack of activities for many passengers who prefer to stay in the city rather than travel around the island. “We used to think that most cruise passengers wanted to take a

trip up Teide or somewhere else on Tenerife for the day but we now realise that a

large proportion want to stay in Santa Cruz” said a source at the Cabildo, which is work-

ing with the local council to see what can be done to increase the possibilities for the visitors. The problems consistently underlined by the respondents are shop opening times and the lack of a specific shopping area to buy local crafts and products. Cruise passengers also say the city is not adequately sign-posted to facilitate a walking tour. Port Authority boss Pedro Zaragoza says the results will be taken up in forthcoming meetings with traders and council representatives to see what can be done to accommodate the growing demand from the cruise sector. Last year, over 400,000 passengers arrived in Tenerife ports on cruise ships, a massive increase compared to 2007 (73,000).


Franco no longer favourite Santa Cruz has finally managed to strip ex-dictator Francisco Franco of his status as a ‘favourite son’ of the city. Over three decades after his death, the council voted to withdraw the honour conferred on the former ruler of Spain at the height of his dictatorship. The vote triggered an acrimonious debate among councillors, with several describing the move as nonsensical but others insisting on the urgent need to lay to rest a dark moment was Alfonso Soriano, who in council history. Leading criticised his colleagues for the opposition to the move taking the easy route and

The council has stripped Franco of his ‘favourite son’ status

dedicating their efforts to righting wrongs years after the horse had bolted. “I op-

posed the regime at the time as a politician, not like many here who are jumping on the bandwagon now there is no danger and are signing up to these meaningless initiatives” said Soriano, as he cast his vote in the secret ballot. The dispute prompted officials to suggest that the best way to resolve the issue was to invoke a technicality to strip Franco of the title, given that only people born in the city can be designated favourite sons.

Guía de Isora

Bin strike averted Guía de Isora has avoided a potentially damaging strike by refuse collection workers at the height of the summer season. The staff, including road sweepers and binmen, had served notice of action over a pay dispute and the prospects of rubbish lining the streets of Playa San Juan, Alcalá and other holiday areas of the south western district prompted late talks which eventually produced an agreement. The deal, brokered by the council, sees a 1.6 per cent pay increase for the workers, in line with inflation, as well as two extra days off. Guía’s mayor Pedro Martín said he was happy with the agreement and at the workers’ recognition that the current climate ruled out bigger increases. The calling-off of the strike means that the threat of dirty streets after several local fiestas has now been lifted.

Roaming goats

A nagging problem The council in La Orotava hopes to have a definite proposal ready by the end of September concerning what to do with the roaming herds of goats which have become a political issue in recent years. The plan is to have the goats removed from their temporary homes in the ravines and to find alternative housing where they won’t be a nuisance to the growing human population. The herds of goats are a way of life for many families who sell their meat and cheeses, but the lack of grazing land has meant that they are taken for long walks through built up areas in search of food. This scarcity in open land for the goats, made worse by the council’s urban development policies in recent years, makes it almost impossible for them to find a common solution for all the 6,000 goats in the Orotava Valley. Therefore a working group is being set up to study each herd’s case independently.


More airport arrests A man and a woman, apparently travelling together on an incoming flight from Caracas in Venezuela, were arrested at the north’s Los Rodeos airport recently and charged with possession of drugs. The police are trained to spot suspicious body language. The couple were x-rayed and found to be carrying capsules of cocaine in their stomachs. The woman also had similar capsules hidden in another orifice.

The children and teachers had a trip to remember thanks to the Lions


Hastings hosts Tenerife kids On Sunday 28th June members of Tenerife Sur Lions took a group of 22 underprivileged Tenerife children, together with eight teachers, to Hastings in South East England for a

holiday of their lifetimes. The group were based at the Coombe Haven holiday camp just outside of Hastings for one week. Among the excursions organised was one to the famous Rom-

ney Hythe and Dymchurch Steam Railway which, when it opened, was the world’s smallest public railway with rolling stock one third scale. Other entertainment included Drusillas Small Zoo, ten pin bowling, the Smugglers Caves, Aqualand and last but not least (no trip would be complete) McDonalds!

Many of the trips and entertainment were sponsored by Hastings, Eastbourne, Battle and Bexhill-on-Sea Lions Clubs whose many members were on hand to accompany and talk to the visiting children. Hopefully next year, funds permitting, Tenerife Sur Lions will be able to undertake a similar trip.



Los Campitos’ junior Romería queen Ingrid Bermúdez and her ‘damas de honour’


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009

News in Brief



Costa Adeje


Aqualand expectant dolphins Aqualand, in Costa Adeje s just been recognised by the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) as one of the leading reproductive centres for dolphins in Europe.


Aqualand is considered one of Europe’s leading dolphin centres

To date Aqualand have a 100 per cent success rate in the dolphin birth rate, with 11 births in 13 years, and another on the way. A dolphin’s reproductive cycle lasts between three and five years, with gestation between 11 and 12 months, depending on the species, and weaning lasting up to 24 months. Aqualand is an active participant in the Programme for the Reproduction of Aquatic Mammals, with one of the best centres for dolphins in Spain. The dolphins have 24 hour veterinary care, as well as trainers and specialists at their disposition. The centre also boasts the latest in marine habitat technology to assist the dolphins and newly born creatures adapt to their new environment. During the gestation period a mother-to-be will be monitored as will the new born during the weaning period. And at the moment Yemaya is the centre of attention as she prepares to give birth to her second in Aqualand.

Ghost town?

Cabo Blanco ‘city’ protest Plans to further develop the Cabo Blanco area are being strongly resisted by opponents, who have collected thousands of signatures against the project. The area, dubbed Cabo Blanco-Buzanada City of late because of the number of housing projects under way or on the drawing board, could be in for more extensive development if Arona Council and the island’s Cabildo proceed with ambitious plans. Opponents, led by the PSC party in Arona, say there is no need for such massscale building. “The plans were laid at a time when economic growth was a near certainty and housing was needed to serve the needs of workers in the resorts. But all that has collapsed and there is a danger that Cabo Blanco will become a ghost dormitory town if this is not halted” said a spokesman for a local association that hopes to raise 6,000 signatures against the plans on sustainability grounds.

Rubble to Riches...... 01


he previous owner was going to make this the main bathroom. As all the bedrooms will have their own bathrooms, it was surplus to requirements. Instead, it is destined to become a guest toilet and utility room. The drains needed altering though, as they ran backwards, that is towards the toilet, not away from it! (Pic 1)

Robert has installed British plumbing. (Yes, you can get it over here!) So no funny trap with its shiny cover in the middle of the floor, and no electric sockets either. It

Take your rubbish for a walk.


even has a pull cord for the light switch. For now, hot water is produced by an electric boiler in this utility room. Once the roof is finished though, water will be heated by a state of the art solar panel. This is a sensible choice both in terms of saving money and saving the environment. More on this at a later date. (Pic 3) While he is waiting for tile adhesive to set, Robert gets on with clearing the area which will be the entrance hall. Over the years, the rubble from the falling roof had set like a miniature mountain range. Robert had to take a


great big drill to it! (Pic 4) Underneath this pile of rubble is the entrance hall! When we cleared away the rocks we found a load of old rotten kitchen units. It’s well worth shopping around for skips. The most expensive was 110 euros and the cheapest was 50 euros. If you are going to park a skip in the street, you have to get a licence from the local council (ayuntamiento). (Pic 5) The rubble is cleared away and the floor is levelled. It is higher than the old floor because water floods in when


it rains, just as Robert predicted. The next task is to knock down the window at the far end. Finally, it is still not very pretty, and there is a lot more work to do, but at least we have a door now. The windows and doors are aluminium as this is the option that requires the least maintenance and seems to cope best with the local conditions. (Pic 6)

If you would like advice on these or any other home improvements, you can contact Robert on 922 814 073, mobile 605469352, or email



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Phil Crean is a freelance photographer based in South Tenerife. You can contact him at 01







By Phil Crean


fter an 11 hour train journey f ro m S y d n e y passing through stations with unbelievable names such as Cootamundra, Wagga Wagga, and Junee we alighted at Melbourne’s Southern Cross station.


A little disappointed with the lack of interesting scenery on the trip, mile after mile of gum trees, we were looking forward to checking into our hotel and finding somewhere to have a good meal. Gill had organised a Boutique hotel for this leg of our trip. If Boutique hotel equals quirky B&B, then it was spot on! Paul the manager was a very helpful and informative host. The building was an old bakery converted for its new use and each morning all the guests met around a huge table for breakfast. So every day we were thrown together with new people who had checked in the night before which meant we exchanged

stories with an eclectic group of fellow travellers. We met Aussies naturally, but also visitors from the UK, Canada, and the USA. Some had been where we were going, and we had been where some of them were going, so lots of interesting titbits of information were shared at the breakfast table. If you believe that Australian culture is a contradiction in terms then Melbourne is the place to change your mind. The city fairly throbs with an artistic pulse, from architecture to music, theatre and visual arts, there’s more than enough to satisfy any taste. We started our tour of the city by using the circle tram, a free service that takes you on a route around the centre and by hopping on and off and doing a bit of walking we explored the city. We discovered a 19th century shopping mall, the Royal Arcade with a Victorian tiled floor and statues of Gog and Magog, lots of narrow alleys filled with the aroma of fresh coffee leading on to wide streets with new build-

ings soaring into the sky. The Rialto Tower has an outside platform on the 55th floor which gives views for miles around including the ultra modern Eureka Tower across the river which, although taller, doesn’t have an observation deck. The Flinders street station stands opposite Federation Square, they represent the two extremes of architecture in the city, the station resplendently yel-


Melbourne CAPITAL OF VICTORIA Population 3.9 million, second most populated city in Australia History Estbl in 1835 by free settlers from Van Diemen’s Land. Transport Home to the world’s largest tram network Ethnic mix Home to residents from 233 countries, who speak over 180 languages and follow 116 religious faiths Currency Australian dollar


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Around the world in 71days Four Leg: Melbourne low with it’s Victorian domed roof, and the Square all shiny glass, modern steel and concrete. By the river there are walks and parks including Batman Park, (not who you think) named for John Batman who in 1835 sailed into Port Phillip bay and started the settlement which became Melbourne. There is a large Italian community which contributes to the vibrant atmosphere with their cutting edge fashion in small boutiques, bistros and lively restaurants. We took advantage of their special pre-theatre menus to eat cheaper and spent the savings on good seats at Her Majesty’s Theatre to see Billy Elliott which is a great show. Another night we dined in a specially adapted tramcar which travels around the city as you eat your way through a five course meal. Probably the most unusual dining experience we had on our trip. Maybe the Tenerife Cabildo could introduce an equivalent on the tram to La Laguna! Also worth seeing is the recently renovated dock-

lands area with the enormous Telstra dome sports stadium and a fine selection of restaurants and cafés overlooking the marina. And of course a visit to the Queen Victoria market is a must. Huge sheds with miles of stalls laden with fresh fruit, vegetables, clothing, household goods and the odd souvenir. The “looky looky” men from Las Américas with their glasses and watches would fit in just right here! Westward along the coast is the Great Ocean Road, a 200km highway built between 1919 and 1932 by returning servicemen after WW1. It is the most spectacular coastal route and we got up at 6am and spent a 16 hour day travelling along it. First stop was Bells beach, home of the world’s longest running surfing competition, the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival, where our guide prepared traditional Aussie morning tea in a Billy can. Then it was on to Split Point and a stroll around the lighthouse. We pulled in to see the Memorial Arch

which commemorates the thousands of ex servicemen who built the road and their comrades who never returned. After lunch at Lorne we walked through a section of tropical rain forest with huge ancient trees some with open trunks in which workers in the logging industry used to live. Beyond the Cape Patton lookout we arrived at an area of limestone cliffs where the ocean has battered the land and created grottoes, gorges, and sea stacks rising like natural sculptures from the sea. The most famous are known as the Apostles and London bridge. The second was once a two arched structure connected to the land until the 15th January 1990 when the inner arch collapsed stranding two tourists on the outer section for a number of hours before they were rescued by helicopter. No more time, we headed back to Melbourne from where we would leave Australia and catch a plane southward to Christchurch in New Zealand.

Pictures 00. Two seastacks that form part of the Apostles. 01. The Eureka tower seen from the 55th floor of the Rialto tower. 02. Modern sculpture outside the Casino 03. Victoria’s Parliament building. 04. An Aboriginal face carved into a tree trunk. 05. A cobbled street leading up from the Yarra river 06. Golden bees on the Eureka tower. 07. The main entrance to Flinders St Station. 08.The city on a misty night. 09. The Memorial Arch on the Great Ocean Road. 10. Fashionable woman texting from a café. 11. Melbourne’s distinctive green trams



Business NEWS

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20 million see Tenerife ad blitz


Conference confirmed Selling Tenerife

million euros, includes primetime ads on most of the big TV channels. It was launched to attract more Spanish visitors to Tenerife to offset the drop in the number of holidaymakers from the island’s main markets, Britain and Germany. Marketing experts say the ads, 90 of which were broadcast in less than a fortnight, are having the desired effect, particularly in homes with children in Spain and the number of hits had neared

the 50 million mark. The Board stresses that, despite the concentration of advertising on national TV, foreign markets have not been forgotten. Tenerife Cabildo’s councillor for tourism, José Manuel Bermúdez explained to local daily El Día that the Cabildo has, “reached agreements with tour operators and aviation companies to avoid any cutbacks on flights to Tenerife as well as opening new routes,

as we did with Miami and Belfast. We are currently awaiting a new link with Bristol. Additionally, the elimination of airport taxes should have a very positive impact on the Islands”. Regarding new markets which the Cabildo will be concentrating its efforts on, Bermúdez commented, “they have been chosen. Without doubt they have to be France, Italy, Poland and the United States”.


Electricity excess scrapped The Department of Industry has bowed to pressure to scrap the penalty tariff that makes electricity more expensive for large families. Until this month, households that exceeded a given number of units (kwh)

were penalised in the form of a higher tariff for the excess consumption, a measure which added several euros to the monthly bill in many cases. The Federation of Large Families in Spain has repeatedly challenged the surcharge,

which was introduced to make people think twice before using electrical appliances, because it failed to reflect the number of people living in a house. “It is not the same to cook or wash clothes for six people as for two, but the excess did

not take this into account and as a result large families have been paying proportionally higher bills for years”, said a spokesman. Under the new tariffs which came into effect in early July the surcharge has been scrapped.


Need a Car?


1 Driver or 2 Drivers, Baby Seats or Booster, Free Airport Service & Hotel Delivery

Hardware & Software Sales Full Technical & Maintenance Services C/ Turquesa, 16 - San Isidro Tel: 922 783 177 · Fax: 922 783 141 email:



Autos Am ericas : es tablis hed in Tenerif e f or 25 y ears

Car sales A crushing blow for the car industry as year on year sales continue to slide. In the first two weeks of July the reduction was 42.5 per cent. Despite packages offering free unemployment insurance, cheap loans and some amazing discounts, buyers are still dithering. The downturn has affected the private sector and the hire car firms who are feeling the effects of the credit restrictions and the drop in tourists. Ganvam, which represents 2,400 concession holders and 3,000 car sales companies estimate that at this rate the direct aid from the government towards automobile purchase will run out this Autumn, which they believe will paralyse the market again and they are requesting that the Ministry for Industry prioritise additional resources for the grants once the initial 100 million euros runs out.

BBC 1- BBC 2 - ITV1 - CH4 Rent a Car Las Américas S.L. CIF: B 38.39 39 14 C/ Luciano Bello Alfonso. Polígono Industrial Las Chafiras



Call us! : : : : : : : : : : Ask for details : : : : : : : : : : Call Stuart on: 922 79 08 25 or 662 566 630 Or send us email:


British Television in the Canary Islands Tenerife

Full insurance · All Inclusive No Hidden Extras Short or long term

This will be the first time Tenerife has been chosen as the location for the conference, and, according to AMEP, will have among its objectives, the encouragement of a “proactive attitude”, which will allow business women to contribute to economic development in Spain’s regions, with initiatives designed to “develop and stimulate synergie amongst business women”. Already AMEP have been working to offer members advantages in the fields of home and business insurance, with an agreement signed between AMEP president Ángela Batista and the insurance company AXA.

C/ Turquesa, T 16 - San S Isidro I id

All programmes are in English including British Premier League Football. Buy directly from the source! Price includes licence fee for copyrights. 2 years guarantee including g failure of receiver!! er!!

TeleClub canarias

CALL 922 169 151


The Tenerife Tourism Board’s ad blitz on Spanish TV is proving a massive success, according to the authorities here. Just 11 days into the summer-long campaign, the Board estimated that almost 20 million adults on the mainland had seen at least one of the new series of commercials promoting the island’s beaches and other attractions. The campaign, which is costing around 2.5

The Tenerife Business Women’s Association (AMEP-Tenerife) have confirmed that the national congress of business women and professionals will take place in Tenerife in April of next year.

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New Credit


Attempt to reach agreement A

s Elena Salgado celebrated 100 days as Minister for Finance, she was also attempting to reach social dialogue in Spain, a term given to efforts by the government, CEOE employers and unions to reach an agreement encompassing the wage round and conditions of employment during the current economic crisis. The government was expected, during the talks, to present more concrete proposals while the CEOE was forecast to demand a reduction in social security payments for businesses. The union UGT considers that any cuts in the employers’ payments should be limited (less than five per cent), reversible and temporar y. Salgado stated


Elena Salgado

that the 100 days spent as Minister for Taxation and the Economy have been very intense but that she is satisfied that she has the confidence of Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. She also stated that she was pleased with the new system for financing the independent regions.


Free market The Spanish electricity company Iberdrola is the second largest supplier in Portugal behind local company, EDP since the liberalisation of the market there in June. Iberdrola now supply the Portuguese market with 16 per cent of their total needs just ahead of Endesa who supply 15 per cent and Union Fenosa with 4.7 per cent. However EDP continues firmly ahead with 65 per cent of the supply and 99 per cent of the customers.

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Register yours  There are still an estimated 12 million prepaid mobile phones in Spain which, if their owners have failed to register their details with their phone companies by November 8, will be cut off. These owners are clients of Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo and as well as being cut off, they will lose their number as the Government puts a stop to anonymous ownership of phone lines. The number of users who still

have to register amounts to 55 per cent of the pre-paid clients from the four main operators in the country. Only three million have registered so far despite a campaign put into action by the Ministry for the Interior last March in which thousands of points of sale across the country can be used to identify prepaid cards with the owner’s NIE number or passport. The mobile operators have criticised the Ministr y for the Interior for the lack of information


Money laundering A group of currency exchange agencies in Spain are believed to have laundered 180 million euros of drugs money. National Police have broken up a money laundering operation on the Costa del Sol which was run by a group of currency exchange agencies on behalf of British drug dealers. The group, mainly based in Fuengirola, is believed to have laundered the equivalent of €180 million between 2005 and 2009 from the proceeds of drug deals in the UK. According to reports in Typically Spanish police suspicions were aroused five months ago when detectives noted the high amount of pounds to euros exchange operations taking place in Fuengirola, seen as disproportionate to the area’s popularity with British tourists. Another matter of concern was that the agencies were exchanging Sterling currency in 20 pound notes for 500 euro notes, when tourists would usually want the reverse – euros in notes of a small denomination to use as spending money during their holiday.

Jazz Soul Blues Funk

Cool Jazzy Grooves Silky Soul Sessions Funky Fusion Classic Latin & Bossa Worldwide (digital stereo): . Tel: +34 922 170 350 Email:

they have made available regarding a facility whereby owners can supply the required information online. Meanwhile, the operators have over the last few months, intensified campaigns designed to reach all owners of prepaid phones with two messages, firstly that there is only one way to avoid losing your phone line, and secondly that the Ministr y for the Interior

has taken the decision to enforce identification of phone line owners for security reasons. The mobile phone operators face not only the cost of a system which is capable of storing all this information, but also the potential losses if millions of clients are cut off.


Numbers drop continues The number of tourists who visited the Canary Islands in the first half of 2009 is 15.4 per cent down on last year. According to Frontur, the national agency monitoring the movement of persons to and from Spain, 4.03 million visitors arrived in the Canaries between January and June of this year, 23.55 to the country as a whole, representing a drop of 11.4 per cent on a national scale. The worst month to date for the islands was June, with an overall drop in numbers of 21.2 per cent. The United Kingdom continues to send the most tourists to Spain, followed by Germany and France, with all markets showing signs of the global recession.



EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


News in brief

A flop, or a success? THE SALES HAVE NOT BEEN THE SAME.  It seems that the days are gone when on the first day of the sales long queues would form outside the main stores, and wouldbe customers would push and jostle with each other as they fought to get inside the shop first to grab the best bargains.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, the sales have not been the same. “A joke”, is how some shop owners describe them. No crowds of people and customers thinking more than twice before buying anything have forced the shops to offer much bigger discounts to attract clients who are guarding their wallets. Many shop owners have opted to offer discounts of 50 and 70 per cent right from the beginning of the sales period, offers which in a normal year we wouldn’t have seen until the second or third week of the sales. According to some, this strategy has brought about a slight increase in sales, but

Bank of Spain

Foreign loan warning The Bank of Spain has taken the unusual step of issuing a press release alerting to the risks of signing up to attractive loan offers from abroad.

sales volumes are still down on 2008. Some shop owners seem to have fared better than others and speak of having increased their sales and being satisfied with the results. But by far the majority are worried by the negative

course of consumer spending, having looked forward to the sales in which they placed so much hope, but which have so far failed to make their tills rattle. There are various associations representing shop owners in the Canaries,

and at present they are not in agreement as to the outcome of the summer sales. Some talk of losses superior to last year’s while others point to a slight increase in sales. Either way, there are plenty of great bargains to be had.

US consumers are prepared to pay up to €12.50 for a 75 centilitre bottle, while the

British would not pay more than €7.00. The report shows that the increase in popularity of Spanish gastronomy has helped to increase consumption of Spanish wine in the USA. Indeed, 50 per cent of American consumers have tried Spanish wine in a Spanish restaurant. For the OEMV, the strategy needs achieve three objectives: to increase consumer loyalty in markets such as Switzerland and Holland, to improve the perception of quality in countries such as the United Kingdom and Belgium, and finally to attract new consumers, especially young drinkers, in countries like the USA.


Hic!  According to a recent study carried out by the London consultancy firm Wine Intelligence for the Spanish Wine Market Obser vator y (OEMV), more than 42 million consumers drink Spanish wine in the product’s six most important markets – the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. This is the main conclusion of a study entitled “The reputation and consumer habits of Spanish wine in the principal expor t markets” which is

representative of 146 million wine consumers. It is being used as a tool for designing strategies for Spanish wine producers. At a conference organised by the OEMV, Juan Park, research manager at Wine Intelligence, said that, “the USA could bring great dividends in the future”. The figures in the report for consumption in the North American market show a decline in sales of Australian and French wines compared to a two per cent rise in those of Spanish wines. The study also shows that

According to the Bank, the recent spate of e-mail offers from little-known credit institutions and financial services firms has encouraged many to sign up for a loan only to find that the offer was a scam. “The companies offering the loans are usually based in obscure tax havens out of reach of regulators. They often ask the clients for money up front as a processing or handling fee and have even been known to oblige them to deposit funds in an account to show their solvency before being eligible for a big loan. The money then disappears and the clients have no redress”, said a bank statement, in which it also reminded people of the obligation to declare all accounts held abroad and loans taken out with foreign banks or entities.

Citigroup report

2010 bad for banks According to the latest report from Citigroup, 2010 could be a dramatic year for banks and savings banks in Spain, with a predicted fall in profits of up to 70 per cent. One analyst commented that bad debt was the cancer of the Spanish banking system, saying that next year’s problems are likely to be aggravated by reduced volume of expected business. One Spanish bank highlighted in the Citi report is Banesto where an eight per cent fall in profits this year is forecast to deteriorate, reaching a 70 per cent loss next year. Other banks mentioned are Banco Sabadell and the Banco Popular. This comes after the Bank of Spain announced a relaxation of the provisions it demands be made in the face of high risk mortgages in Spain.

Balearics and Canaries

Tourists favour islands According to a recent study carried out by the company Tribago and based on internet searches made by its users, the Spanish island of Mallorca is a favourite among European tourists.

Lifestyle reference for the Canary Islands

The new look magazine just arrived

People are drawn to the island for its beaches and historic buildings. It is ranked as one of the leading tourist destinations on the continent, and is closely followed by Gran Canaria which is known for its climate which varies throughout the island, and variety of nature. Tenerife, with its varied landscape was fourth, followed by Ibiza, which the study described as, “the ultimate party island”. Fuerteventura came sixth, competing with various Greek islands including Rhodes, Corfu and Santorini. It all points to the fact that many Europeans like to escape from their monotonous surroundings during the summer to enjoy the sea, nature and the customs and culture of an island.

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009

By Bill Blevins



Interest rates remain on hold for the foreseeable future By Bill Blevins, Financial Correspondent, Blevins Franks

which means that savers will continue to suffer and receive little return on their bank deposits. When inflation does return it will threaten any interest earned and raise the cost of living, especially dangerous for retirees. There are investment structures available which aim to produce yields which are higher than bank interest rates and to protect your wealth from inflation. A long established and experienced financial adviser like Blevins Franks can give you appropriate sound advice.


he European Central Bank interest rate was kept at a low of one per cent in July, even though inflation dropped into negative territor y in June. In the UK, the Bank of England (BoE) held its interest rate at the 315 year low of 0.5 per cent for the fourth month in a row. The BoE’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) also voted to continue, but not to extend, its quantitative easing (QE) programme of spending £125 billion on purchasing assets to boost an economic recovery. This took the City by surprise since economists were expecting QE to be increased, with the ceiling lifted to £150 billion, the maximum amount already agreed by the Government. The MPC felt that the QE programme would take another month to complete and said that it would review the scale of the programme again at its August meeting. While there are concerns that increasing money supply could result in high inflation in the coming years, some economists still argue that

Once the economy does turn about inflation will increase

the QE should be raised to £200 billion believing that the measure had not turned around the economy. It is believed that the MPC feels that the stimulus programme is working through interest rate cuts, QE and the Pound’s depreciation by starving off deflation which threatened earlier in the year. Once the economy does turn about inflation will increase. Even in these difficult times inflation remained above two

per cent, the BoE’s target, until June when it fell to 1.8 per cent. In May it was 2.2 per cent, though according to a survey for the Daily Telegraph by Capital Economics, inflation for the middle class was 5.3 per cent in May, more than twice the official rate. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, economist Roger Bootle explained that there are three policy stimuli in place, namely record low interest rates, quantitative

easing and extremely loose fiscal policy, and while they will all need to be reversed at some point, interest rates may not be first. Bootle says that although markets have already turned their attention to when the official interest rate might rise, expecting it to reach 2.5 per cent by the end of next year, he believes it will be a long time before the large amount of spare capacity building during this recession is used

up and so there is no need for higher interest rates. He added, “even when the Monetary Policy Committee does feel the need to tighten monetary policy, I think that reversing QE, not raising interest rates, should be first in line... I do think that interest rates could be kept at their record lows for as long as five years”. It appears that interest rates will remain on hold for the foreseeable future,

It appears that interest rates will remain on hold for the foreseeable future To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website www.



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House Calls HouseCalls with Dr. De La Flor

Dear Dr. De La Flor I have varicose veins that are painful and ugly. What are my options? REGARDS, HELEN

Dear Helen, Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins near the surface of the skin. They most commonly develop in the legs and ankles. They develop when you have faulty valves in your veins and weakened vein walls. Normally, the one-way valves in these veins keep the blood flowing efficiently against gravity up toward the heart. When these valves do not function properly, blood pools, pressure builds up, and the veins become weakened, enlarged, and twisted. This is called venous insufficiency. Some people may be more likely than others to develop varicose veins because of inherited characteristics (genetics) and the aging process. Vari-

cose veins may also result from conditions that increase pressure on the leg veins, such as being overweight or pregnant or having an occupation that requires standing for long periods of time. How are they treated? Self-care measures such as wearing compression stockings (not as comfortable an option in Tenerife as elsewhere), elevating your legs, and exercising regularly may relieve symptoms and keep varicose veins from getting worse. There are other treatment options. Ligation and stripping. Incisions are made over the varicose veins, and the vein is tied off (ligated) and removed (stripped). Sclerotherapy. A chemical is injected into a varicose vein to damage the vein, causing the vein to close. This usually works best for small veins. Laser treatment. It uses a laser fiber inserted into the vein. Laser ablation inside the vein makes the vein close up. Radiofrequency treatment. It can be used to close off a large varicose vein in the leg.

Dear Dr. De La Flor, I have a six year old who still wets the bed. What can I do to help him to stop? CHEERS, VICKY

Dear Vicky, As a father of four children, I can relate to your eagerness to just be done with wet pyjamas once and for all. But, don’t be preoccupied by your son still having nighttime accidents. Rest assured that this will pass. I promise that I have never met a 16 year old bed-wetter.

Tips for Bedwetting Prevention Bedwetting can damage the child’s self-image and confidence. The best way to prevent this is to be supportive. Parents should reassure the child that bedwetting is a common problem and that they are confident that the child will overcome the problem. Here are some tips to


• Set a goal for your child of getting up at night to use the toilet. Instead of focusing on making it through the night dry, help your child understand that it is more important to wake up every night to use the toilet. • Make sure the child has easy access to the toilet. Clear the path from his bed to the toilet and install night-lights. • Reward your child for remaining dr y. • Consider using diapers or pull-ups at night. I do not recommend any pills. They have considerable side effects and should be really used as a last resort. Dr. De La Flor, G.P. is licensed in medicine & general surgery. He holds certificates in nutrition, medical exercise and human performance from the University of Berkeley in California, the American Council on Exercise and the U.S. National Strength & Conditioning Association. He is a strong believer in work/life balance and spends much of his time outside of his surgery on the tennis court or chasing his four kids around the neighborhood. 697.888.666

The new electronic prescriptions have begun to be introduced in health centres in Lanzarote and Tenerife, bringing notable benefits for patients. The new system means that patients will be given a single document which contains all the treatment which has been prescribed by their doctor to cover the period until the next planned consultation (with a maximum of 90 days). In Lanzarote, the system is already in place in the Valterra health centres and will shortly be introduced in San Bartolomé. In the first three days of operation, 742 dispensations were made. In Tenerife, 16 health centres have joined the scheme and more will be added progressively with the objective that by the end of this year, all family doctors at health centres on the island will be in the scheme.


Cancel campaign request Fourteen families of youngsters who claim to have been adversely affected by the human papilloma virus vaccine against genital and anal cancer have banded together to fight their cause. They are demanding that the supposed secondary effects of the vaccine are officially recognised, that there is effective treatment for those affected and that the vaccination campaign is suspended. They argue that the clinical trials were carried out on young women over 15 years old but not on the 11 to 14 age range who are actually receiving the jab.

All of our hearing aids come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee

Hearing aids consultants Founded over 100 years ago

Tel. + Fax: 922 749 742 Science and technology Dentistry

• Have your child go to the bathroom before getting into bed.

Electronic prescriptions introduced

>> Hearing aids assessments without obligation >> Name brand hearing aids >> English speaking personnel >> Prices 40% lower than the UK

Keep on smiling

Medical Implant

• Reduce evening fluid intake. Do not give your child anything to drink in the 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Lanzarote & Tenerife

We hear what you need

• General Dentistry • Pediatric Dentistry • Hygiene and Cosmetic Dentistry • Implants • Dental Surgery • Orthodontics • Prosthodontics


help your child cope with bedwetting: • Focus on the problem: bedwetting. Avoid blaming or punishing your child. Remember, your child cannot control the bedwetting, and blaming and punishing will just make the problem worse. • Be patient. Reassure and encourage your child often. Do not make an issue out of the bedwetting each time it happens. Sometimes it is only a way for kids to ask for attention and for more love. Other times, it’s simply a matter of time before the bladder grows. • Enforce a 'no teasing' policy. No one is allowed to tease the child about it, including those outside the immediate family. Do not discuss the bedwetting in front of other family members. • Encourage responsibility. Help your child understand that the responsibility for being dry is his and not that of the parents. Have your child help in the clean-up process. It will build up a sense of responsibility.


Avenida Los Abrigos, 21 Los Abrigos / Granadilla de Abona email: ·

Los Cristianos: Policlínica Spreafico Edificio Simón, local 1. Tel: 922 79 05 63 Santa Cruz: Clínica Barajas C/ Pérez de Rozas, 8. Tel: 922 27 54 88 ©IC/550/2007

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Health Directory Hospitals HOSPITAL LA CANDELARIA Carretera Del Rosario 145 Santa Cruz de Tenerife 922 602 000 hospitaldelacandelaria. com HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO Carretera Cuesta-Taco San Cristobal de La Laguna (Tenerife), 922 678 000 COSTA ADEJE HOSPITAL Urb. San Eugenio. Edif Garajonay Adeje Tel.: 922 752 626 Fax: 922 753 636 HOSPITEN SUR Playa de Las Américas Arona-Tenerife Tel.: 922 75 00 22. Fax: 922 79 36 18 HOSPITEN C/ Pescadores, Edf. Discovery, Carretera Gral. La Cuesta. Taco 38108 La Laguna Tel.: 922 626240 Fax: 922 614355 HOSPITEN BELLEVUE C/ Alemania, 6 Urb. San Fernando. Puerto de la Cruz Tel.: 922 38 35 51 Fax: 922 37 03 12 HOSPITEN TAMARAGUA C/ Agustín de Bethencourt, 30 Puerto de la Cruz Tel.: 922 38 05 12 Fax: 922 38 08 50 HOSPITEN RAMBLA Address: Rambla General Franco, 115. 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Tel.: 922 29 16 00. Fax: 922 29 10 88

DIAL 112 Emergency Doctor DOCTOR DE LA FLOR Calle Tinerfe El Grande 9, Adeje 697 888 666 (Doctor), 637 245 270 Family medicine, home or hotel visits

Health SHIATSU Tel: 636 239940 T r eatment for poor circulation, pain, aches and cramps ORTOPEDIA tel: 922 812 807 Ctra. Gral, Orotava-Icod 41º La Mancha. Specialist shop for or thopaedic needs. English spoken BELLISSIMA Sports Centre Los Gigantes. Tel: 922 867 343 / San Eugenio Alto (next to Roy’s Pizza) 922 719 355 Osteopathy, acupuncture, Reiki, reflexology, chiropody and holistic massage CLÍNICA BARAJAS HEARING AID Assessments without obligation. Name brand hearing aids. English speaking personnel Los Cristianos 922 790 563 Santa Cruz 922 275 488

Gynaecology DR MICHAEL THEIS Calle La Hoya 55 Puerto de la Cruz In the south on Saturdays at Hospital Las Americas Tel 922 370897 Specialist in gynaecology

Spa HOSPITAL SAN JUAN DE DIOS. Ctra. Gral. del Norte, 53. Santa Cruz. Teléfono: 922 64 55 11 Fax: 922 64 93 52

AQUA CLUB TERMAL www.aquaclubtermal. com C/ Galicia (Torviscas Alto) S/N 38660 Adeje Tel: 922 716 555



Clínica Estética Dental Health

Gran Canaria

5ELEMENTOS Feng-Shui / Chinese Astrology / Nutrition. Consultations on the spot, holistic health check, nutrition consultation Roger & Daniela 628 012 987.



080 092 091 062 016


C/. Barranco de la Ballena, s/n. 35020 Las Palmas. Tel. 928 450 000 Fax: 928 449 100 Plaza Doctor Pasteur 35020 Las Palmas. Tel. 928 313 033 MATERNO-INSULAR




Dentist CLINICA ESTETICA DENTAL Urb. Miraverde, HLS Center, 1ª Planta Derecha, Costa Adeje Tel: 922 715307 General dentistry, implantology specialists, laser technology, multilingual team DR. LANGELAND, ZAHNARZT Callao Salvaje 922 740 474

GERMAN CLINIC BUZANADA Tel: 922 767166 MEDICAL IMPLANT Science & technology Dentistr y Tel. + Fax: 922 749 742 Avda. Los Abrigos, 21 Los Abrigos Granadilla de Abona

DIAL 112 Emergency Beauty LOURDES SANFIEL Aesthetics Centre High Class Treatments C/Juan Carlos I. Edif. Royal, Local A-L7 Los Cristianos Tel: 922 796 660

• General Dentistry • Specialist in Implantology since 1980 • One of the founder members of German Society of Implantology (DGI) • Dental laser technology


Avda Maritima del Sur 35016 Las Palmas. Tel: 928 444 500 Fax 928 444 288


High standard dentistry in a comfortable environment with the most advanced technology

Mar de Siberia 1 Urb. Meloneras 35100 MaspalomasMeloneras Tel: 928 063 600 CLÍNICA ROCA

C/ Buganvillas 1 35100 San Agustín Las Palmas. Tel. (0034) 928 76 90 04 Fax: (0034) 928 76 12 48 CLÍNICA SALUS LAS PALMERAS

Avda. de Tenerife, 24 Centro Comercial Kasbah Playa del Inglés Tel: 928 762 992

A professional multiling ual teuam awaits yo

Tel / Fax 922 71 53 07

Urb. Miraverde, HLS - Center, 1ª Plan Planta Derecha, Costa Adeje

Hair · Beauty · Nails · B Osteopathy · Acupuncture · · Chiropody E Reiki &· Reflexology Holistic Massage · · Indian Head L Aromatherapy Massage · Sports Injury · Electrolysis L Sports Centre Los Gigantes Tel / Fax 922 867 343 I San Eugenio Alto (next to Roy’s Pizzas) Tel / Fax 922 719 355 S m Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm S Health Advice midwifery, I TUE & FRI nursing care M A MARY COHR PARIS

© IC/574/08

Beauty MISS NAIL Manicure & Pedicure Spa Parque Santiago III Local 6,Playa de las Américas, Arona Tel: 600 557 763 TENERGIE CLINIC Aesthetics Medicine Dentistry Personalised Programmes CC D. Antonio. C/Juan XXIII -19º. Los Cristianos Tel: 922 796 634 XAZZPERFUMERIA Excellent brandmarks and outstanding quality Cosmetics. Calle Perez Zamora, 28, (close to Plaza del Charco), Puerto de la Cruz, Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10h to 13h, 18h to 20.30h or make your own appointment Tel: 922 372 937


FAMILY MEDICINE / G.P. 10 years of experience in the USA


Best prices, honesty & €30 / €50 professionalism GUARANTEED Tinerfe El Grande, 9. ADEJE (next to Postal Office)

00 34 697 888 666 for Doctor 00 34 637 245 270 for diet advice

Interior Design INTERIOR’S DEL DUQUE All types of interior design & furnishing. Sofas & curtains made to measure. Av.Bruselas-Costa Adeje Tel: 922 169 091

Specialist shop for your orthopaedic needs We speak English

Carretera Gral. Orotava-Icod, 41 bajo. La Mancha (38430) Icod de Los Vinos Tel. 922 812 807 / 121 804 Fax: 922 812 911


with Michael Clark

Michael is recognised as one of the top Shiatsu practitioners in the Western World. He was Japanese trained and has been practising for over 25 years. During this time, Michael has unbelievably taken over 400 people out of wheelchairs. If you suffer from poor circulation, causing pain, aches or cramps – you have these problems unnecessarily. One treatment of four and a half hours with Michael is specially designed to help with these problems and will last for years. 'Life is for living – not for getting a stroke or thrombosis'. Michael is based in Ocean View Apts., San Eugenio Alto

Give Michael a call anytime on his mob: 636 239 940


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The TV Series:



Cine Gransur //

Concerts Festivals Aguaviva on?

The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 JR in Spain


WHO’S SHOOTING LARRY HAGMAN? The American actor is in Marbella shooting a new Spanish TV series, Cómplices, due to be shown on Antena 3 in September.

The wedding :


(nephew of the founder of the Prisa group) and Fiona Ferrer Leoni, director of Elit Model Look España, married in the company of 500 celebrities in the Hotel Abama Hotel Resort in Guía de Isora in July. Guests Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez performed their hit Colgando en tus manos during one of the many organised events.

Director Tony Scott Genre Crime/Drama/Thriller Runtime 121 minutes Certification 15 Company Columbia Pictures Cast Denzel Washington, John Travolta, Luis Guzmán, Victor Gojcaj, John Turtorro, James Gandolfini and more


he 2009 Columbia Pictures production with a terrific cast of characters pits Denzel Washington and John Turtorro against a group of hijackers, lead by John Travolta, who take over an underground train and its passengers in order to demand a hefty ransom. This version of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 splits the Walter Matthau character of Walter Garber into

two persons (maybe the original one was a Gemini Denzel Washington as MTA Dispatcher Walter Garber, and John Turtorro as NYPD hostage negotiator Detective Camonetti who finds he is a fish out of water), both of

whose ordinary day’s work is thrown into chaos by the hijacking of a tube train that Garber is in charge of. John Travolta co-stars as Ryder, the criminal mastermind who, as leader of a highly-armed gang of four,

including a henchman who apparently knows the underground network well (played by Luis Guzman), threatens to execute the train’s passengers unless a large ransom is paid within one hour. As the tension mounts beneath his feet, Garber employs his vast knowledge of the underground system in a battle to outwit Ryder and save the hostages. The battle of the underground network begins. Camonetti starts the movie taking charge of the situation, suspecting that Garber’s involved in the crime, but realises he is mistaken when his actions cause the death of a hostage. Realising that only Garber can solve the problem, he spends the rest of the movie making Garber’s job easier by liaising between his SWAT Team and Garber. In the end, it is Garber who solves the riddle of how the criminals intend to get away with the dosh.

Spain top 10

Las Galletas


Summer Sunset Festival

Jason Mraz


1. C. Baute/Marta S. Colgando en tus manos 2. Michael Jackson Thriller 3. Pitbull I know you want me 4. Macaco Moving 5. Inna Hot 6. Jason Mraz I’m yours 7. Lady GaGa Poker face 8. Beyonce Halo 9. Magan Presents Verano Azul 10. Alesha Dixon The boy does nothing

unday August 2nd promises to be an evening of fabulous music from Tenerife groups and bands, starting off with classic soul followed by reggae, and to complete the night, alternative rock. There should be something for all music lovers. It’s all scheduled to take place in the Rambla of Las Galletas with workshops open from 6pm and concerts kicking off from 8 pm. The music begins with the Mahoney Soul Band. They formed in 1999 in Bajamar, play gigs around the Canaries including the most important music festivals, have participated in TV and radio shows and concentrate on classic soul, the kind of stuff


we all love to sing along with. Eclipse Reggae were formed in 1996 in Arafo, have played gigs and festivals in the Canaries for more than ten years and have issued two CDs. They specialise in a fusion of reggae, ska and ragga with other styles like pop, rock and funk – providing summer music at its best, and yet always remaining faithful to their reggae roots. EB11, already very popular (with Marc Quee on bass and vocals) will provide a top class mix of pop, alternative rock and heavy metal to create their own sound which is absolutely full of energy. The festival takes place in Las Galletas - the southernmost part of Tenerife, a wonderful location to enjoy a great musical experience while you watch the summer sunset!

Festival goers in South Tenerife have been scouring newspapers and the internet for any news of Aguaviva Canarias 2009, but to date there’s very little information around. The festival, which has grown over the last few years into a Canarian (as opposed to simply an Arona) based event, spanning three weeks, with loads of workshops and searelated happenings, has attracted some headline stars – last year Jamiroquai and Mark Anthony were top of the bill. However it would appear, or so the rumour mill would have us believe, to be utterly lacking in major sponsors this year – a victim of the crisis, and will certainly not match the packed agendas of previous years. So far , Arona sources are reported as stating that Aguaviva will take place on August 29th, 30th and 31st, and the only group so far mentioned as possibles are the Basque group We Are Standard, who list the gig on their website. Watch this space for more news as it emerges

Eclipse Reggae

Summer09 Tenerife


Where to go? & how to get there LA GOMERA / EL HIERRO


What to do? Water Everywhere WATER SPORTS



Holiday Phrases & Useful Numbers HEALTH / HOLIDAY ILLNESS

Two to vistit La Gomera & El Hierro

Your summer guide for

all the fun in the sun

Credit: Jan Willem Steffelaar





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EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


Locals’ Choice


MESÓN CASTELLANO El Camison Playa de Las Américas 922 796 305 SPECIALITIES Food from the Spanish peninsula Excellent selection of wines *Open daily, 1pm – 1am

Tastebud tingler

Hotel Sheraton La Caleta Resort & Spa The Chef:

John Hornsby

The Food:


CHINA TOWN CC Las Carabelas, Loc 1 San Eugenio Bajo 922 714 615 SPECIALITIES True Asian cooking using home grown ingredients Specialities Din Sun Peking Duck *Monday and Tuesday closed lunchtimes

A Mystery

Italian / Indian


lessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed, and as the Sheraton Hotel La Caleta Resort & Spa have discovered, delighted and intrigued are those who have not seen but have tasted. The hotel’s gastronomy department, under top chef John Hornsby, have introduced a series of Blind Dinner evenings (Cena a Ciegas), which will awaken more

senses than you knew you had, and probably a few that you had forgotten about. Once a month a limited number of diners will eat blindfolded, enjoying a five course taste sensation in a very romantic setting in the hotel’s Bodegón. Reports from the first few events are glowing, with diners waxing lyrical about the experience and how this is a gourmet experience to be shared

and indulged in. It is a well documented fact that when one sense is diminished the others increase their receptive strength and so it is with these series of blind tastings. With sight removed taste and smell take over and indulge your sensory receptors with creations that are more than delicious. The setting is intimate, with music to accompany your sensual sitting. There are only 14 places for

each Cena a Ciegas, and the evening includes a cocktail on arrival, and a drink in the Bar Glorieta terrace afterwards. For a truly memorable experience you can also take advantage of a package offer, and book a double room for €270, price for overnight stay, dinner and buffet breakfast. * For more information/ reservations call 922 162000/

ROY’S PIZZA CC Teide San Eugenio Alto 922 714183/Take away 922 715242 SPECIALITIES Pizza Indian Cuisine Take away and delivery service *Open daily 12 midday – 2am


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009



Horse Riding Centre Aldea Blanca


Saddle up I

t is believed that the link between humans and horses goes back over six thousand years and horses continue to be used on farms and as transport in many parts of the world.

These days in the industrial world, horses are mainly reserved for pleasure and are a much loved part of many lives whether on a full time or part time basis. Of course, not everybody has room for stables or time to take care of a horse on a daily basis, which

is where the many riding stables come in. In the Canaries we are blessed with fabulous places to ride, great weather practically all year round and some excellent stables. There are monitors qualified to teach all age groups and abilities and the full range of skills including show jumping, eventing, dressage etc. can be acquired by the persistent. However once you have the most basic level of expertise you can enjoy mounted trekking trips along some great routes. It’s a fun sport as well as healthy

Pony Trecks: €5 Riders: All ages, from 2 years Courses: Pony Club / Mother-Child / Intensive Weekend Tel: 646 807 234

exercise that can be enjoyed by all the family. Horse riding is growing in popularity here, with qualified centres in many parts of the islands. One of those we would recommend is the Horse Riding Centre in Aldea Blanca, which offers pony treks from as little as €5, for riders of all ages, from two years up, with lessons for children from the age of four. The centre is a small farm, where kids and adults can learn everything they ever wanted to know about horses as well as actually saddling up and riding out.




Pony Treks from €5 We do all kinds of horseriding in a very relaxed, unpretentious way

Tel. 646 807 234 Centro Equitación TSAB Aldea Blanca, Road TF657, KM1, Tenerife South

The centre runs a pony club for children aged six and upwards, and offers mother/ child riding, intensive weekend courses, with special attention for beginners and nervous riders. In fact the centre enjoy working with smaller groups and families, and offer a very relaxed introduction to the world of horses and riding and offer a pick up service as well. More information on 646807234.


Football fans

Special Offers

If you fancy watching a good game of football during your stay, the Adeje International Junior Football Tournament is taking place between July 31st and August 1st.

Two great bargains are on offer from the spectacular San Blas Hotel and environmental reserve.

Teams from Tenerife, Las Palmas, Zaragoza, and Celta de Vigo will take part, as will a selection from Liverpool FC. Games will be played in the Tenerife Top Training Centre in La Caleta, from 6pm on Friday July 31st, 10am on Saturday August 1st and 10am on Sunday August 2nd with the final at 12 midday on the same day.

Bed and breakfast in August is just 59 euros per person sharing a room and in September drops to 51 euros. The hotel offers sports and spa facilities including a 27-hole golf course, 8 swimming pools and a lake where there are kayaks available, entertainment, restaurants and an original guided tour. Don’t forget to check out the stunning housing development linked to the reserve. For more information see their website at



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Fred Olsen 902 100 107 / Naviera Armas 902 456 500 /

By plane:

Binter Canarias 902 391 392 Islas Airways 902 477 478 /

Photo: Javier Gómez

Where to go? / How to get there?

By boat:

El Hierro The smaller island

Photo: Siuleso

La Gomera A small island with a lot to offer last stop before he set out to discover the New World - including the Casa de Colón, a museum dedicated to the explorer. La Gomera contains one of the most unique forests in the world, the laurisilva forest within the boundaries of the Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Silver laurels abound, together with indigenous pines and several prehistoric floral species to be found only on these islands. There are many excellent walks through the forest, with obser vation points along the way. Drop into the visitors centre before setting out, located in the Juego de Bolas, La Palmita, Agulo (922 80 09 93). The island is also the top destination for rural tourism with more than one hundred rural houses equipped with all the necessary facilities. It also offers a range of excel-

lent mountain walks. If you are planning to stay for more than a day you will probably hire a car (don’t plan to rush anywhere, roads are steep and windy).

Places to visit include: • Agulo, & San Marcos Beach • Hermigua: A lovely town with some excellent rural hotels and a refreshing natural swimming pool; • Playa Santiago: beach, and a wonderful golf course, Tecina Golf • Valle Gran Rey: some nice shops and restaurants and beaches include La Playa and Las Vueltas • Vallehermoso: Parque Maritimo swimming pool, solarium, bar/restaurant

Photo: Madmac


or a small island La Gomera has a lot to offer, but luckily for many not more of the same kind of tourist attractions that you can find on Tenerife and Gran Canaria. La Gomera has a unique landscape, is mountainous and wild, and is perhaps the richest island, ecologically speaking. It is a land of deep ravines and steep terrain – no surprise then that the old method of communication over distances, el silbo (a whistling language) still exists and is now taught to young Gomerans. Easily accessible by boat and plane, a visit to La Gomera can be a day trip or longer (we recommend the Hotel Jardín Tecina in Playa Santiago and Hotel Gran Rey in Valle Gran Rey). In San Sebastián, the island capital, you will find a number of references to Christopher Columbus – this was his


hough La Gomera may be called The Emerald Isle, its smaller sister El Hierro might well be more deser ving of the title. Until Columbus’s discovery of the Americas it was the end of the known world, here the first or zero meridian was located, before Greenwich took over, that is. This most westerly Canary Island of the archipelago has surface area of 278km2, and its highest point is Malpaso (1,501m). It looks rugged and mountainous, with sheer cliffs reaching into the sea. It offers in-

credible views, great diving, wonderful natural aspects, fertile valleys, pine-covered mountain ranges, giant beech trees and the famous sabinas, the contorted wind-swept trees

which have been adopted as the official emblem of the island and a welcome lack of noisy night life, busy motorways, high rise hotels or package tourism. In 2002 the island was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, an international conservation designation under the Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB),which “proposes an interdisciplinary research agenda and capacity building aiming to improve the relationship of people with their environment globally”. El Hierro has made a name for itself environmentally with this programme to become 100 per cent reliable on renewable energies almost completed. According to fossil remains the El Hierro Lizard (Latin name: Gallotia simonyi machadoi) was, at one time, found all over the island but had been presumed to be extinct until a shepherd discovered a number of the reptiles living in the cliffs in the Tibataje area in 1974. Between 1985 and 1988 five lizards were captured, enough to begin a breeding programme. All was on target for a complete recuperation of the population in 2008, but mudslides caused by flash flooding in January 2007 destroyed most of the breeding centre, causing the death of over 180 of the rare gi-

Places to visit include: • Municipalities: Valverde, Frontera, El Pinar • El Verodal Boasts one of the biggest beaches on the island • La Ermita de los Reyes Home to the Virgen de los Reyes, which is fêted every four years • La Dehesa Agricultural zone • El Sabinar Admire the centuries old trees with their windformed shapes • Mirador de Bascos Enjoy the magnificent views over El Golfo • Faro de Orquilla Considered by Ptolemy to be the world’s end; the Prime Meridan until 1884 when Greenwich took over • El Pinar A unique area that is home to many artisans and crafts specialists ant lizards. However work continues and it is hoped that these most ancient of inhabitants will soon be back to full strength in the wild. El Hierro is a great location for water sports with some incredible dive sites. The annual Fotosub competition attracts entrants from all over the world, with top professionals joining eager amateurs to capture images of some of the best underwater views around.


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009


What to do d


Water water everywhere... Discover another side of Tenerife on the underwater safari of a lifetime. Dive duration: 1 hour Departure point: New exclusive San Miguel marina


he waters off the Canary Islands teem with marine life, and are the home for many cetaceans, with whale and dolphin watching tours a holiday feature of most of the islands. But there are 101 other great ways to enjoy the watery side of your holiday, whatever your level of experience in your chosen activity.

Diving Because of the volcanic nature of the islands there are some fantastic rock formations and the sea bottom mainly slopes

reasonably gently away from the shore, or gets deeper in steps off the layers of lava, giving superb scuba diving facilities suitable for novices right through to those who are vastly experienced. The water is normally clear, giving excellent visibility with an average of approximately 20 metres. Tenerife has a large choice of dive centres, mainly located in the south and west of the island. From the west coast at Los Gigantes, through to Playa de la Arena, Playa San Juan, Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos, (the two largest holiday resorts of Tenerife), and on to Costa del Silencio, Las Galletas and Los Abrigos, aspiring and experienced divers will have over 40 centres to choose from. All of the centres

Prices: Adults €48, Children (2-14 yrs) €28, Senior citizens €43 Group discounts: Available on request Don’t forget: Camera/video camera. Booking: 922 736 629 are easily reached from holiday accommodation, and most offer a collection service. Dive sites to visit include Roncadores del Faro, Palm Mar Cave, Montaña Amarilla and El Condesito.

Boats There are a number of different ways to enjoy the waters off Tenerife without actually getting your feet wet. If you fancy catching a tuna, swordfish, marlin or the occasional shark, join one of the crews on a big game fishing boat. Boats can be chartered in both Los Cristianos and Puerto Colón. Is sailing is more your kettle of fish (!), there are a number of sporting marinas all over the

island, local sailing clubs and federations and you can rent yachts or catamarans for day excursions or longer trips.

We all live... If you fancy going underwater take a trip on the Submarine Safari, taking you below the waters of San Miguel Marina where the clarity of the waters and variety of marine life around the island of Tenerife, makes the dive a truly once in a lifetime experience. Bring your camera as you see life on the sea bed from the huge navigation windows, and join in a rousing chorus of Yellow Submarine. One for all the family, the sub leaves from the new San Miguel Marina, with up to five dives a day.

Surfing and skiing The island has a number of excellent surfing and wind surfing schools and locations, with El Médano justifiably well known for its windsurfing facilities, while the north of the island offers some superb surfing beaches such as El Socorro and in Puerto de la Cruz. Those more interested in jet skis or skiing are also well catered for, with kitesurfing and parasending facilities also to be found – most tourist beaches will have concessions or check at local tourist or information offices in the tourist zones.



EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

What’s On Gran Canaria Museums & Theatres

Tenerife Auditorium Tenerife www.auditoriodetenerife. com Av. Constitución, 1

38003 Santa Cruz Phone 902 31 73 27

Guimerá Theatre

Plaza Isla de la Madera, 2- 38001 Santa Cruz Phone 902 36 46 03

CajaCanarias Cultural Centre

Plaza del Patriotismo, 1 38002 Santa Cruz Phone 922 471 000

Museum of Science & Space (MCC) www.museosdetenerife. org C/ Vía Láctea, s/n

38200 San Cristóbal de La Laguna Phone 922 315 265

Museum of Nature & Archaeology (MNH) www.museosdetenerife. org C/ Fuente Morales,

s/n 38003 Santa Cruz Phone 922 535 128

Tenerife History Museum (MHAT) www.museosdetenerife. org C/ San Agustín, 20/22

38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna Phone 922 825 949/43

Anthropology Museum www.museosdetenerife. org C/ Vino, 44

38270 Valle de Guerra (La Laguna) Phone 922 546 300

Casa Lercaro C/ San Agustín, 20-22 38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Phone 922 82 59 49

Casa de Carta Tacoronte main road to Valle de Guerra, s/n. 38270 Phone 922 546 300

Gran Canaria Cuyás Theatre

Pérez Galdós Theatre

FIESTAS August 1, 6 pm, Romería, Santa Brígida August 4, 7 pm, Romería de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, Lomo Magullo, Telde August 5, Fiestas de Las Nieves, Agaete August 8, 6 pm, Romería, San Lorenzo (grand fireworks display August 9, 11.15pm to 1am) August 8, 6 pm, Romería de Nuestra Señora de la Paloma, La Viña, Telde August 15, 6 pm, Romería de San Roque, Firgas

OTHER EVENTS August 2, 5, 8 and 9, 6 pm, Craft Fair, Maspalomas Lighthouse August 6, 8 pm, Adventure Park, Hoya del Pozo, Telde August 7, 10 pm, Drag Queen Gala, San Lorenzo August 14 to 16, V Star Party Canarias 2009, an event forming part of International Year of Astronomy. El Garañon Camp. Tejeda. More information at:

CONCERTS & MUSIC August 8, 9 pm, Macro rock concert, Lomo Magullo, Telde August 8, 8 pm, International Reggae Festival Canarian Tropic 09. Parque Juvenil, Vecindario. Performances by Aswad (UK), One Blood (Barcelona), Naya (Senegal), Chando (TF), Profecia Crew (GC), Neketan (GC), El Puente Sound System (GC), Cold Tourkey Roots (GC), Candy Dread (Venezuela). Price: 10 euros

EXHIBITIONS Until August 22, Antique Art in the La Palma collections. Sala de Arte CajaCanarias, Las Palmas Until August 28, Art collection by Alejandro Fajardo, Antonio Sánchez, Celestino Mesa, De Miguel y Felipe Juan. Museo Poeta Javier de la Rosa, Agaete. Tuesday to Friday 10am to 1.30pm and 5.30pm to 7pm, Saturdays 10am to 1pm Until September 6, Mareas Migratorias (migratory tides). CAAM, Las Palmas Until September 13, Ouka Leele. CAAM (Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno), Balconies 9-11-13, Las Palmas More info at Until October 10, Bamako 07 en la ciudad y más allá. Casa África, Las Palmas Until October 18, Souvenir, souvenir. La colección de los turistas. Where the tourists are shown to the natives, the natives shown to the tourists, the tourists shown as

natives and the natives shown as tourists. César Manrique Foundation, Taro de Tahiche, Teguise, Lanzarote

SPORT & NATURE Golf: XI Circuito Canarias Golf August 1, III Open Fund Grube, Maspalomas Golf August 8, V Open Gloria Palace, Maspalomas Golf

Trekking: Local councils in various areas of the island organise guided treks and other open-air activities. For more information, call UPNature: Guanarteme 928 270 084 / 928 473 265 Arucas 928 621 754 Maspalomas 928 764 201 Tablero 928 140 640 Mogán 928 158 805 Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino 928 891 252 or, Valleseco 928 618 740

ARCHAEOLOGY Guided visits to the principal digs in the island: Bentayga (Tejeda), Cenobio de Valerón (Guía) etc. For more information 928 219 229.

MARKETS Arguineguín: Tuesday, Gáldar: Thursday, Mogán: Sunday, Puerto de Mogán: Friday, Telde: Saturday, Terór: Sunday, Vecindario: Monday and Wednesday – all 8am to 2pm. Playa del Inglés, every day except Sunday, 7.30 to 11.30pm. Rastro, Sunday 8am to 2pm, bus station, Las Palmas

Tenerife FIESTAS August 1, 7.30 pm, Subida de La Virgen de los Reyes 2009, Frontera, El Hierro August 2, 1 pm, Romería de Nuestra Señora de La Esperanza, El Rosario

CONCERTS August 1, 10 pm, Miguel Bosé, final concert of his ‘Papitour’, football stadium, Adeje. Tickets from 25 euros from, El Corte Inglés,, Adeje cultural centre August 1, Macaco, Las Galletas



Festival Mumes: August 1, 7 pm, Concert: multicultural event for tolerance, with Angelique Kidjo (Benín), Roy Paci (Italy), Eskorzo (Andalucia), Mensey (Canaries) and Damm (Palestine). Plaza Alisios, Auditorio de Tenerife. Tickets from CajaCanarias, El Corte Inglés,, Sonora Discos and the Auditorium box office on the day. August 1, 2 pm International cuisine demonstration with performance by DJ Kali. 5 pm, En La Jaima, working in the Sahara with performances by singer Marlem Hassan and poet Lamin Allal.

August 3, 10 pm, The Prohibited Kingdom, Church Square, Valle San Lorenzo August 6, 10 pm, Kung Fu Panda, Basketball court, La Camella August 13, 10 pm, Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull, Plaza La Trujilla (in front of Mercadona), Cabo Blanco August 7, 8 and 9, 9.30 pm, open air cinema at the municipal auditorium, Los Silos

Festival Atlántico Sonoro: Until August 2, Jardín Botánico, Vallehermoso, La Gomera Second Summer Sunset Festival Ramblas, Las Galletas August 2, Workshops from 6pm, concerts from 8pm with Mahoney Soul Band, Eclipse Reggae and EB 11. August 8, Fell Sahara, benefit concert with Chago Melián, Almas Gemelas, Lacoustique, Soul Sanet, Ramón, Nauzet, Alba Pérez, DT Project, José Manuel Ramos, Moises González, Idaira and El Morocho. Entrance: 10 euros. Limited space. The proceeds will go towards covering Vacaciones en Paz activities

OTHER EVENTS Circus in Arona: August 3, 7 pm, Church Square, Buzanada August 4, 7 pm, Church Square, El Fraile August 5, 7 pm, Plaza next to the Guaza residents’ association August 6, 7 pm, Plaza next to the Cultural Centre, Parque La Reina August 7, 9 pm, Church Square, Los Cristianos August 8, 7 pm, Plaza de la Trujilla (in front of Mercadona), Cabo Blanco August 9, 9 pm, Ramblas, Las Galletas August 10, 7 pm, Church Square, Arona August 11, 7 pm, Church Square, Valle San Lorenzo August 12, 7 pm, Church Square, La Camella August 13, 7 pm, on the street


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009

Biblioplaya – A sea of books: August 1, 7 pm, inauguration at Las Galletas (behind the fishermen’s hut). A library on the beach with all types of books available, absolutely free of charge for children and adults of all ages

EXHIBITIONS Bodegas Monje, El Sauzal: Until August 15, paintings by Domingo Vega



Tourist routes

La Baranda Wine Museum

922 127 938 Every Tuesday: Montes del Agua 1st Saturday of each month: Teide National Park 2nd Saturday: Masca ravine 3rd Saturday: Volcanic tube at Cueva de San Marcos 4th Saturday: Kayak trip off Los Gigantes cliffs, Punta de Teno

Kayak routes Tours by kayak for all abilities which may be combined with snorkelling, hiking, climbing or potholing. From mid-July until endSeptember, hourly kayak sea trips of 45 minutes between 12 noon and 6pm from Punta de Teno. No booking needed. Special

Until August 30, varnished ceramics by Montserrat Viera Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm, Saturdays 10am to 2pm

Cultural Centre, Las Galletas: August 7 to September 15, paintings by Miguel Ángel Díaz Palarea Civic Centre, Cabo Blanco: August 3 to September 1, paintings by Marco Dovary Arona Town Hall: Recortes de Africa Photographs by Oliver Yanes and Juan José Ramos

La Recova, Santa Cruz: August 6 to 20, Cartas con Miradas and Tras la curva del horizonte, photos and art, part of Festival Mumes. Monday to Saturday 11am to 1pm and 6pm to 9pm.

Restaurante Kafka, Calle Cruz Verde, Puerto de la Cruz: Until August 2, Exhibition of paintings by Veerle Lies Walleghem. Thursday to Tuesday 1pm to 3.30pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Tenerife Espacio de la Artes (TEA), Santa Cruz Until September 6, Patti Smith, Written Portrait

Tenerife History Museum (Casa Lercaro), San Agustín 22, La Laguna: Until October 4, Souvenir, souvenir. La colección de los turistas. Where the tourists are shown to the natives, the natives shown to the tourists, the tourists shown as natives and the natives shown as tourists.

Castles Tours: Tenerife History Museum offers guided tours around the island’s castles for schools and groups. More information on 922 825 949 Masonic Meetings in the south of Tenerife. Visitors

Tel. 922 729 181

Saturday August 1st from 6pm to 10pm Art & Antiquities Market Inauguration Welcome cocktail and live piano music Sunday August 2nd from 11am to 6pm Market & Our Traditional Jazz Brunch With BBQ WORKS OF ART AT BARGAIN PRICES

summer price 10 euros per person or buy a season ticket. More info on 922 127 938 or

Surfing Learn surfing and body boarding. North: Escuela de Surf y Body Board OAD La Laguna, for those aged 12 years and over. More information on 922 256 244 or South: Escuela Oficial de la Federación Canaria de Surf K16 (Playa de las Américas). Groups or individual training for those aged seven years or over. More information on 922 798 480 or

Canarian Bodyboard Challenge Until August 30, Caleta de Adeje. More information on 922 781808 or

Hiking: Discover Arona. More information about trekking routes. 922 725 180 or

All year round, guided walks for groups through the most emblematic buildings of the lovely northern town of Los Silos. Contact Oscar in their information office on 922 841 086. Barranco del Infierno (Adeje): Mondays to Sundays from 8.30 am till 5.30 pm. No access allowed after 4 pm. Price: 3 euros. Max. 200 people a day. Free entrance on Sundays. Information and reservations on 922 782 885.

Guided trails for the general public: The National Park’s interpretation service offers guided tours free of charge. You need to book in advance with the National Park Office (Tel. 922 290 129/922 290 183).

always welcome. Tenerife Craft, Chapter, Mark. For more information phone 922 794 502 or 922 732 386. Ciudadanos Europeos (European Citizens Group). For more information contact the Secretary, Chris Stanyer on 922 751507 or the President, Harry Davies, on 922 781905. e-mail: K9 and Friends of the Animals K9 car boot sales are held on the first Sunday of every month from 8am to 12 noon at Happy Days, Costa del Silencio. Nearly new sales are held on the second Saturday of every month outside Shimmers Bar, Callao Salvaje from 10am to 1pm. K9 also have a stall on the Playa San Juan market every Wednesday and at Alcalá every Sunday, from 10am to 2pm. The Friends of the Animals car boot sale is held on the last Sunday of every month in the Los Gigantes Sports Centre from 9am to 12 noon. Goods are desperately needed for these events which are great for bargains and a good rummage. For more information call the kennels on 667 638468 or Pat the Cat on 608 121081.

English Library Calle Irlanda, Parque Taoro, Puerto de la Cruz: Monday 3pm

Church Services: Living Spring Pentecostal Church Guaza Calle Almorejo 2, beside the Guaza sports complex. Rev. and Pastor (Mrs) Nelson Olajide Tel: 609 505 915.

The Anglican Parish of All Saints


Cultural Centre, Los Cristianos: Until August 18, Foto Press 07 Cultural Centre, Parque La Reina: Until August 31, Paintings by Juan Martín


A renovated 17th century Canary Island hacienda used by the Island Cabildo to promote local quality wines. Autopista Gral. del Norte. Km 21, (El Sauzal exit), 38360 El Sauzal, Tel.: 922 572 535 Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm. Wine tasting and shop until 10 pm, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 11am to 6pm, closed Monday.

Credit anissat

by the Asociación Sur, Guargacho


la Estancia

Puerto de la Cruz Sunday services 9.30am and 11am 29 Carretera Taoro. Parish Priest: David Jenkins. Tel: 922 384 038


Saint Francis Anglican Chaplaincy

La Estancia Restaurant, Chayofa, Arona

Tenerife South Chaplain Fr. Keith Gordon, phone 679660277 or 922742045

1 August Brazilian Party 8 August Hindu Bollywood Party 29 August Party Calle Armiche, 1, Urbanización Las Águilas del Teide, Chayofa 922 729 359 ·

to 5.30pm, Wednesday 10am to 12 noon, Friday from 4pm to 6pm and Saturday 11am to 1pm. Information: Julia Gaskell 922 37 25 79

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in the South: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5.45pm, Friday at 11.45am. 1st Floor Apolo Centre, Los Cristianos (next to

MARKETS Tuesday Los Abrigos 5pm to 9pm Wednesday Playa San Juan 9am to 2pm Thursday Costa Adeje 9am to 2pm Friday Golf del Sur 9am to 2pm San Isidro 5pm to 9pm Saturday Costa Adeje 9am to 2pm Saturday El Médano 9am to 2pm Sunday Los Cristianos 9am to 2pm Alcalá 9am to 2pm Puerto de la Cruz 9am to 2pm

Christian Fellowship Los Cristianos 1st floor of Apolo Shopping Centre Pastor Adrian McBride. Tel: 922 790 007. Costa del Silencio Coral Mar. Sunday Services 11am-6pm. Mothers & Toddlers group Tue.10.30 to 12 noon. Counselling and info: Pastor Bill Jeffrey Tel: 617291751. www.

Calvary Assembly International Church Buzanada Sunday 11.00am, Wednesday 7.30pm Nursery is provided during the Sunday morning service as well as Sunday School for children under 12. For more information, for counselling, or for information about the International Bible Institute, call: Missionary / Pastor Mark G. Baumgartner 628 107 316.

Catholic Mass Puerto de la Cruz International service Sundays (almost always in English) in the Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia parish church Los Gigantes Daily mass in English in the Espíritu Santo church

St. Sebastian’s Inclusive Church Mogán, Gran Canaria Sundays 7pm at Cordial Mogán Playa Chapel

Canarian C-Days Travel between the islands to cultural events is 50 per cent cheaper on certain days and for selected events with Fred Olsen, Islas Airways and Binter. Discounts on hotels and car hire are also available. You will need to book by telephone 902 292 999, Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm or via the web Make sure you know the full price of the ticket (including Canarian residents’ reduction) to ensure you receive the full discount.


EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


Puerto de la Cruz Casa de la Aduana C/Las Lonjas s/n Tel: 922 38 60 00 Open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Weekends 9am-5pm

La Palma Tenerife

South Costa Adeje Open: Mon-Sun 10am-5pm Playa de Troya: Avda Rafael Puig 1 Playa Fañabé: Avda Litoral Arona Open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Sat 9am-3.30pm Playa de las Américas: CC City Center Tel: 922 797 668 Playa de Las Vistas: Paseo Marítimo s/n Tel: 922 787 011

Santa Cruz de La Palma C/O’Daly, 22 Tel: 922 412106

La Gomera San Sebastián C/Del Medio, 20 Tel: 922 141512 Valle Gran Rey Tel: 922 805458 Hermigua Tel: 922 144101

El Hierro Valverde Tel: 922 550302

Gran Canaria

Los Cristianos: Cultural Centre Tel: 922 757 137

Las Palmas Parque Santa Catalina Tel: 928 219600

Las Galletas: Paseo Maritimo Dionisio Gonzalez Delgado Tel: 922 730 133 Mon-Fri 9am-9pm

Playa del Inglés Avda de España Tel: 928 771550

Golf del Sur: Avda Galván Bello s/n Tel: 922 73 86 64 Open Mon-Fri 9am11.30am and 12 noon to 5.30pm Sat 9.30am-1.30pm Santiago del Teide CC Seguro el Sol (in front of Playa de la Arena)

c/ Manuel Ravelo, 20, Local 35 Tel: 922 86 03 48 Open Mon-Fri 9.30am3.30pm Sat 9.30am-12.30pm

Lanzarote Arrecife Parque Municipal s/n Tel: 928 801517 Puerto del Carmen Avda de las Playas Tel: 928 515337

Fuerteventura Puerto del Rosario Avda 1 de Mayo, 33 Tel: 928 851024

Granadilla de Abona Tenerife South Airport (arrivals)

Tel: 922 39 20 37 Open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Sat 9am-1pm El Médano Plaza de los Principes de España Tel: 922 176002 Open Mon-Fri 9am-3pm (winter) 9am-2pm (summer) Sat 9am-1pm

La Laguna C/ Carrera, 7º (Casa Alvarado Bracamonte) Tel. 922 631 194 Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Weekends 9am-3pm

hello Infoturismo Tenerife

902 00 31 21



902 404704

Tenerife South 922 759200 Tenerife North 922 635635 La Palma 922 426100 La Gomera 902 404 704 El Hierro 922 553700 Gran Canaria 928 579000 Lanzarote 928 846000 Fuerteventura 928 860500 Flight information:

Honorary Consul of Ireland. León y Castillo 195, 1st Floor on right, 35004 Las Palmas. Tel: +34 928 29 77 28 Fax: +34 928 29 77 28

United Kingdom

Maritime Rescue & Safety

A consular officer makes routine visits to the islands and is available to meet anyone who wishes to call for assistance and advice. Fuerteventura. The consular officer will be available in Hotel Atlantis Palace, Corralejo. Lanzarote. The consular officer will be available during the day in the lounge of Hotel Los Fariones in Puerto del Carmen. Hononary Consul for Lanzarote, Susan Thain, will also be available to offer consular assistance to British Nationals. Please call the Consulate in Gran Canaria (+34) 928 26 25 08 for information and appointments.

Santa Cruz Las Palmas

900 202202 928 467757


DIAL 112 Emergency Single emergency line

080 092 091 062 016


Missing Children> 116000

Consulates TENERIFE United Kingdom British Consulate Plaza Weyler, No. 8, 1st Floor - 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Office Hours: Mon- Fri 8:30am to 1:30pm Tel.: +34 922 28 68 63 Fax: +34 922 28 99 03 24-Hour Emergency Service Out of office hours the Consulate telephone number (+34 922 28 68 63) provides details of how to contact a duty officer in an emergency. ayto/

North Santa Cruz Plaza de España Tel: 922 289394 Fax: 922 284965 Open: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat 9am-1pm (to 5pm and 12 noon respectively, July, Aug & Sept) Free city guides Mon-Sat from the kiosk at 11am

Useful Numbers

24-Hour Emergency Service Out of office hours the Consulate telephone number (+34 928 262 508) provides details of how to contact a duty officer in an emergency.

Post Office Prices


Honorary Consul of Ireland Calle de Castillo 8, 4th Floor 38002 Santa Cruz Tel: +34 922 245 671 922 245 035 Fax: +34 922 249 957

EU 0.20 gr. Normal 0.62 € / Urg. 2.76 € Large 1.07 € / Urg. 3.58 € 21-50 gr. Normal 1.29 € / Urg. 3.79 €

Rest of World 0.20 gr. Normal 0.78 € / Urg. 3.10 € Large 1.38 € / Urg. 3.90 € 21-50 gr. Normal 1.66 € / Urg. 4.15 €


Honorary Vice Consul of Ireland C/Ginés de Castro Alvarez 12, 3B,/ 35500 Arrecife, Lanzarote Tel: +34 928 815262 Fax: +34 928 802200

Honorary Consul of India Villalba Hervas 15, 1st Floor PO Box 336, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Office Hours: Mon- Fri 9:30am to 2pm Tel: +34 922 24 35 03 922 24 14 16 Fax: +34 922 28 97 55.

Fred Olsen info: 902 100 107 Naviera Armas info: 902 456 500

Acciona info: 902 454 645

Air-transport Binter Canarias info: 902 391 392 Islas Airways info: 902 477 478

Good Luck Why not have a flutter on one of Spain’s popular lotteries? Look out for the ONCE kiosks, or the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado shops, and good luck!.


Temperature Conversion Chart

GRAN CANARIA United Kingdom

British Consulate Calle Luís Morote 6, 3rd Floor-E-35007 Las Palmas. Office Hours: Mon- Fri 8:30am to 1:30pm Tel.: + 34 928 262 508 Fax: + 34 928 267 774 This office also covers Fuerteventura and Lanzarote (please check website for dates of consular visits and how to arrange appointments).

Health La Salud Describing your symptoms Tengo dolor (aquí) / I have a pain (here) Tengo dolor de estómago/ en el pecho I have stomach /chest pain Tengo dolor de garganta / I have a sore throat Tengo nauseas I feel sick Tengo mareos I feel dizzy Tengo fiebre I have a temperature Tengo diarrea I have diarrhoea Tengo calambres I have cramps Tengo quemaduras del sol I have sunburn Tengo algo dentro del ojo I have something in my eye Tengo dificultad en respirarI have difficulty breathing Vomito mucho I am sick a lot Me pica It itches Me duele cuando orina/defeco I get pain when I pass urine/open my bowels Frequency and type A veces Sometimes Todo el tiempo All the time Mucho A lot Poco A little (Dolor) punzante/sordo/pulsante (Pain) stabbing/dull/throbbing Existing conditions Soy alérgico(a) a la penicilina I am allergic to penicillin Soy diabético(a)/asmático(a)/epiléptico(a) I’m diabetic/asthmatic/epileptic Estoy embarazada I’m pregnant Tengo anemia/artritis I have anaemia/arthritis Tengo hipertensión / hipotensión I have high/low blood pressure

Island Transport Holiday Maritime illness


Spain & Canary Islands 0.20 gr. Normal 0.32 € / Urg. 2.38 € Large 0.39 € / Urg. 2.46 € 21-50 gr. Normal 0.43 € / Urg. 2.55 €



Tourist Info points

Tenerife North Airport Tel: 922 635192 Open Mon-Fri 8am-9pm Weekends 9am-5pm

Cº / F 11 52 12 54 13 55 14 57 15 59 16 61 17 63 18 64 19 66 20 68 21 70 22 72 23 73 24 75 25 77

Cº / F 26 79 27 81 28 82 29 84 30 86 31 88 32 90 33 91 34 93 35 95 36 97 37 99 38 100 39 102 40 104

TUMMY TROUBLES Between 20 and 50 per cent of international travellers will develop some form of stomach d i s o r d e r, u s u a l l y diarrhoea combined with sickness and a bloated sensation.

Expert Advice


hankfully, the health and hygiene conditions in the Canaries mean that the number of visitors affected here is a great deal lower and more often due to a difference in the water than full blown traveller’s disease. Over the counter remedies are available from all chemists but remember to take a list of all the medicines the sufferer is currently taking so that the pharmacist can advise you of the best option. Unless the patient is under three, the condition is long lasting, there is violent stomach pain, a high fever or the flux contains blood or mucus, it’s normally unnecessary to visit a doctor, but liquid levels must be kept up using

La Palma

an oral rehydration therapy to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. You can buy ready mixed ingredients at the chemists called suero oral, which you mix with bottle water to the recommended level or you can make a home-made version with a litre of pure bottled water, the juice of one lemon, two tablespoons of sugar, a teaspoon of bicarbonate and half a teaspoon of salt.


revention is better than cure so if you are just here for a short period of time, use only bottled water even in areas where the tap water is drinkable because it’s not only bad water that can make you ill, but your system may also react if it’s different to the water you normally use.


teer clear of raw or undercooked food, unpasteurised milk, home-made mayonnaise and cakes and pastries with icing. Food or drinks bought from street vendors or especially from the individuals who are invading the beaches with freezer boxes should also be considered suspect. It may save you a ten minute walk, but you could well lose a day or more from your holiday. That rarest of commodities, incorrectly named common sense, is your best guide.

Canary Islands Lanzarote Tenerife

Sta.Cruz Las Palmas

Gomera Hierro

G. Canaria


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009


Swine flu Dear Editor

Getting it wrong


m I the only one who is getting more and more confused by the information we’re not getting about the Swine Flu or whatever name they’re giving it these days? I’m tr ying not to panic, but it’s really difficult, given how hard it is to actually know what to do or what not to do. Luckily, I think, we live in Tenerife, as from what we read the people in England must be up the walls by now. First of all no one seems to know if there are ‘at risk’ groups, or who they are. One minute we’re told it’s the kids, the next it’s the 14-40 year olds. Then we’re told not to worry, as only between 20 and 40 per cent of the population here are likely to get this new flu. Not to worry! 40 per cent is actually quite a lot it seems


Chinese Horoscope

to me. And as for the so called preventative advice. The best I read recently was in a Spanish paper which was doing one of those mostly useless lists on how to deal with the flu, and in a section headed, “how to avoid becoming infected”, said that when you sneeze do so into a disposable tissue (or your elbow if nothing else is to hand), wash your hands frequently, etc, etc, etc. Sorry for being pedantic, but if I’m sneezing it’s probably because I already have the flu, and no amount of hand washing is going to make it go away, but if I’m a community minded person I will do this to avoid infecting other people! But how about other questions, like if I place myself in quarantine because my husband/child has the flu, who will pay my wages as I’m not of ficially sick? Or of the thousands that they tell us will die this year from swine flu (while adding, again, ‘don’t panic’) how many probably would have died anyway? And could someone actually explain to the rest of us why the UK appears to have been so badly hit – and if there are specific reasons are we making sure they’re not repeated elsewhere... Sorr y to go on, but I’m sick (though not contagious


you understand) of the lack of information hidden in so many meaningless words. Hey health authorities, help us, don’t confuse us. YOURS IN HEALTH M GREGG


on tips. This system sucks and keeps low calibre persons working in the hotels and restaurants. Not so in Tenerife! I would just ask these folks about the last time they could get ice in the USA? The clerks at the USA hotel would show you the ice machine and tell you to do it yourself! BG RUEFER MONTANA USA

Dear Editor

I not only come to Tenerife a lot, but own property there. The service is always super and the folks that work the industry are the very best. In the USA, there’s a lot of turnover in the industr y because of very low pay and because of the dependence

Daniela Herzberg & Roger Keller are based in the southwest of Tenerife. They both are certified Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultants and Cosmic Healers and work and teach in Tenerife and Germany. Their comprehensive knowledge about Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and the five elements is a result of their work with Derek Walters, one of the most respected Feng Shui masters in the world. They have published several books about Chinese Astrology and how to increase your health and vitality with the five elements, with recipes from all over the world.

 Rat (1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008) Your wealth luck is quite strong at the moment, so it might be a good time for you to make an investment if you like. Take better care of your health!  Ox (1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)


read the article about the American couple complaining about ser vice in Puerto (edition 595). As an American who has traveled extensively ever ywhere worldwide I must say they are wrong! Must be that they are spoiled somehow and cer tainly not the types who the Canaries should want to come ... you know ... whiners!

By Daniela Herzberg & Roger Keller / Tel. +34 650 830 506 /

Much is to be gained by organising family matters right now. Make sure there is no conflict in interests between family life and business.  Tiger (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998)

A special day


tudents of the Los Olivos occupational therapy workshop in Adeje celebrate the end of the course with music, family and invited guests *Picture below

Click Pastimes

Single Tigers may not see much action in the love and relationships front this month so it would be best to prioritise on career for the time being.  Rabbit (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999) If you are asked to enter a professional partnership, you will have to do your homework and examine all angles before you proceed to assure your success.  Dragon (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000) You should really pay special attention to your health now – especially if you tend to have problems with your respiratory system or suffer from allergies.  Snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001) Snake parents will find themselves short on patience this month especially when young children cause nuisances! Do not be too harsh with your kids.  Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002) Always do your homework in advance. Try not to overreact when you are confronted with problems or complicated situations.  Sheep (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003) There are changes afoot, and it is likely that these changes are quite benign in nature! Be prepared to take action, as soon as you notice the positive influence.

Photo: Christina Tischler

[ For Crossword and Sudoku solution see classifieds section ]

Across 1 - preliminaries (8) 6 - inner circle (4) 8 - attach (6) 9 - article of clothing (6) 10 - bloke (3) 11 - vipers (4) 12 - dung beetle (6) 13 - takes up (6) 15 - inhibits (6) 17 - residential district (6) 20 - framework (4) 21 - curved shape (3) 22 - desert plant (6) 23 - concealed (6) 24 - tax (4) 25 - tanks (8)

Down 2 - confided in (7) 3 - vegetables (5) 4 - fairground vehicles (7) 5 - moves back and forth (5) 6 - satisfy (7) 7 - governing body (5) 14 - fowl (7) 15 - savoury pies (7) 16 - stand (7) 18 - practice (5) 19 - staple (5) 20 - elevation (5)

 Monkey (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004) Like the weeks before you should pay extra attention to your financial situation. Do not invest right now – it is better to wait a little longer.  Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005) Why don‘t you simply lay low now and focus on revitalising your lagging physical strength. Go on a vacation if you can and just relax.  Dog (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) Dog people, magnanimous in nature and always kindly, may somehow feel very argumentative this month! Better try to control yourself!  Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007) Pig people should be careful of losing money and will benefit from avoiding all investments. Wait until next month to go ahead with your plans.

The Chinese solar year starts around February 4. If your birthday is in January or at the beginning of February your Chinese animal sign belongs to the year before. Example 27.1. 1967 still belongs to the year of the horse.

Living & Lifestyle


EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


Tenerife Moda T

enerife Moda encompasses a group of fashion designers and manufacturers from our own island. Fashion made in Tenerife, for the world.

One of those members shown here, La SanďŹ , has decided to use earthy, warm textures and colours in light fabrics for the autumn collection which emphasises femininity and elegance in everyday clothing. ByLu, another member of Tenerife Moda, has designed an Autumn collection which is divided into ten sections, and as a tribute to the Canary Islands, each item bears the name of a Canarian municipality.

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009



Part I Beauty

Indian Head Massage By Nicola Roberts


ndian Head Massage is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the west using natural therapies to restore balance and inner harmony to mind, body and soul. Although it has been practised in India for more than 5,000 years, it is ideally suited to the 21st century, given that stress-related illness is the major cause of queues in doctors’ waiting rooms all over Europe. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity; it can be carried out in the workplace, home, salon, spa or clinic since the client does not have to remove any clothes.

other massage treatments include: * clients do not have to remove their clothes unless they want to * it can be carried out almost anywhere and within a relatively short space of time compared to other holistic treatments * the massage can be performed with or without oils or creams * little equipment is required, so it can be performed almost everywhere

Histor y Indian head massage can help relax, soothe or invigorate the receiver. It is a treatment that involves the therapist using their hands to knead, rub and squeeze the body’s soft tissues, such as the muscles. Oils such as coconut and almond can be used and may be applied to the face, neck and scalp, helping keep hair strong, healthy and lustrous. Its advantages over

Indian head massage is based on the ancient, holistic ayurvedic healing system that combines natural therapies. It encompasses the mind, body and spirit and strives to restore balance and inner harmony to improve the

health of the individual. Indian women traditionally practise the massage for the health benefits it provides, also the hot climate is very drying to hair, so women use oils during the massage to keep hair shiny and in good condition.

Use of oils Indian head massage can be given with or without oils. The main oils are sesame (nourishing), mustard (relieves stiffness), olive (hydrating), coconut (softens and moisturises), sweet almond (eases muscular tension as well as hydrating) and jojoba (helps relieve inflammation). You can also use vegetable oils mixed with herbs and spices.


Nicola Rober ts is the owner of Bellissima Hair and Beauty in Los Gigantes and San Eugenio Alto. For information or appointments please call 922 867 343 or 922 719 355.

Diamond Collection

Natura Bissé Skin Care The Diamond Collection by Natura Bissé of Barcelona is described as the Jewel of Skincare. It is a luxuriously rich range of luxury skincare which includes an exclusive and innovative global anti-ageing treatment with extraordinary lifting

effects, increasing energy and equilibrium while repairing the skin. Hollywood stars including Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones and Sharon Stone took advantage of the Diamond Luxury Lift treatment only hours before the recent Oscars ceremony. The Diamond Collection,

an unprecedented beauty concept designed for the most demanding skins, and other Natura Bissé products, are now exclusively available in Tenerife at Perfumería Safari, Plaza del Duque, Costa Adeje. Treat yourself to some pure luxury!

Tel. 600 557 763

Parque Santiago III, local 6, Arona




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Pets Portrait


A sad story I

sland Connections recently heard the stor y of a not-so-well-off lady in the north of Tenerife who, tr ying to do the best for her cat, bought some anti flea drops from one of those ‘not quite as it ought to be’ shops.

Luni When it’s hot outside, it’s cool for cats inside. Never mind watching the TV, Luni prefers to be on TV with his friend the sandcat.

Acción del Sol

Shelter tribute Granadilla’s dog shelter has paid tribute to the authorities for their support in helping save over a thousand dogs in the past three years. The Acción del Sol shelter invited Cabildo president Ricardo Melchior and local mayor Carmen Gaspar to a ceremony marking their contribution to the success of the facility, which takes in stray and abandoned dogs from all over the island. Many of the dogs are subsequently adopted, including some in Germany thanks to the shelter’s contacts with animal welfare organisations there. Acción del Sol costs 250,000 euros a year to run, most of which comes from Granadilla council and the Cabildo. It was at the centre of a major controversy exactly two years ago when a former employee accused its German boss of cruelty to the dogs and of faking wage bills to obtain public subsidies.





Adeje Los Olivos Tel. 922 780 088 Emergencies 629 464 510 671 695 246 Open 7 days a week SP




Los Gigantes SH Avda. 5º Centenario, 25 Tel. 922 860 916 · Emergencies 606 765 340 Granadilla – San Isidro C/Arguayoda (behind Mercadona) Tel. 922 393 016 · Emergencies 606 684 227 Santa Cruz Puente Zurita C/Ob.Pérez Cáceres 12, Tel. 922 272 423 · Emergencies 687 444 142 Decoracuarium Av. Venezuela 4, Tel. 922 105 310 · Emergencies 670 641 432 Puerto de la Cruz Urb. La Paz Tel. 922 372 721 Emergencies 606 765 345 629 464 505


The cat became seriously ill, spent three days in the veterinary hospital but died of poisoning from the drops. The brand had been withdrawn from the market ages ago. The poor woman felt that she had killed her own pet. There is nothing she can do about it as she has no receipt or any other evidence that she bought the product from the unscrupulous owner of the pet shop.....sort of pet shop. It was a small one which used to be in La Matanza but the owner has now moved it to a

Don’t cut corners, you may put your pet at risk

location between La Matanza and La Victoria. Luckily, there are several excellent veterinar y clinics and pet shops in that area. Even though the reputable brands of anti-flea and anti-worm drops are fairly expensive, we cannot stress strongly enough the impor-

tance of only buying brands which are recommended by your vet, and if you cannot afford those, it is better to use a spray combined with a flea collar. Your vet can advise you as to which to buy. There are several good brands of drops on the market – Advantage, Frontline, and

for worms, Profender among others. Some of these also come in tablet form. Any product designed to kill, even parasites, needs careful supervision and, for the sake of your beloved pet, should only be purchased from your veterinary clinic or associated pet shop.


Collection boxes If any bars or businesses have a Live Arico collection box in need of being emptied, please call the number on the box itself, or any of the numbers listed below and they will organise collection. The association asks us to remind people not to hand over collection boxes to anyone not carrying Live Arico identification.

Thanks of the week Mark and Denise from The Olympus Pool Bar, Garden City, San Eugenio for hosting a benefit night last week, and providing the BBQ. Organised by Val Karlsen, Jesse Garon,

Digs 4 Dogs Professional dog care at our purpose built

KENNELS 6 mins from San Isidro Only 10 € per day • Collection and return Service • Quarantine & UK return Service For rates and availability phone Allen or Lesley on 680 278 254 or 922 772051

Live Arico Live Arico’s Adrian, Charlie Karlsen entertained, and €172 was raised for the Live Arico horse, and also their 200 doggies. Well done all. The Palm Beach Beauty Salon for donating a powerful generator to Eugenio, who said it was like a “gift from heaven” . All involved in the benefit night at the Starlight Bar, Costa del Silencio where €304 was raised on the 18th July.

Upcoming events Sunday 2nd August There will be a Caribbean party at the Albatros bar in Costa del Silencio on Sunday 2nd August starting at 4pm with a chill out BBQ with a DJ, live entertainment and various party

games including a limbo competition. Tuesday 4th August. There will be a Ladies Night at Winter Gardens Gym and Spa, Golf del Sur with wine, nibbles, tarot readings, an M & S clothes stall, jewellery stall and cosmetics stall. Offers on beauty treatments will be available from €5 to €10. You can also try a 20 minute microdermabrasion treatment, Indian head massage or reflexology for only €15. Tickets are limited and priced at only €5, which includes a raffle ticket to win a spa day. Call the gym on 922 737375 to order your ticket.

Contact numbers Eugenio 649 001907, (Please call if you find a dog abandoned or in distress) Suzy Q 629 388102 (Call regarding fund raising, press releases, prize donations etc) Nicole 647 176341 (Call regarding shop enquiries and dog rehoming) Pete Holland 661 099365 (Poochies Pet Hotel for boarding your dog) Karen Clack 687905511 (Shop and general enquiries, donations and horse care and advice) Regina Queder 669668512 (Cat rehoming, care and advice)


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FEEDING THE FAMILY The buying power of supermarket megachain Carrefour will allow you to feed your family for just one euro a day. The company currently has an offer on several of their products so that food for a family of four for a week costs just 28 euros. Each of the items is marked with a red and white circle, the words menu familiar 1€ and a drawing representing two adults and two children. The products included in the offer are chicken, eggs, pork ribs, fish, apples, potatoes, lettuce tomatoes, chard, oranges, yoghurts, pasta, rice, milk, sunflower oil, lentils, sausages and bread.


Summer treats


Great all the year round with our Canarian climate, but especially refreshing in summer, ice cream is more than just a treat it’s food too. Ice cream is available now in an infinite variety of flavours including vegetables, cocktails and cheese in some specialist shops and they’re always tempting when the weather heats up. Although the standard version is full of sugar and mainly saturated fats, nutritionists don’t warn their patients off them, but they do advise that they should be restricted. An ice cream a day will add about 200 calories to your food intake, a low calorie version around 80. Read the labels carefully. There are six types of ice creams and sorbets ranging from helado crema with a minimum of eight per cent fats to helado de leche desnatada (ice cream made from non-fat milk) which has a maximum of 0.3 per cent fats. The amount of fresh and dried fruit in sorbets is also regulated by law. Ice creams are a tasty and nutritious dessert and perfectly compatible with a balanced diet when eaten in moderation but shouldn’t be used merely to refresh ourselves at any time of the day. Special care should be taken with children as eating an ice cream before meals can mean that they will have no room for their ‘proper’ meals later on. However the effect of cold on the taste buds stimulates the appetite, so a small ice lolly such as those sold in bags in the supermarkets, not only refreshes but should actually mean a flagging hot weather appetite can be revived. The key word is moderation, the sight of couch potatoes sitting with a huge tub of ice cream and gobbling down huge spoonfuls is little more than a dietary aberration that encourages obesity and poor eating habits. In addition eating ice cream too quickly after a meal can result in stomach cramps. An interesting alternative for those watching the calories are granizados (crushed ice drink) look for a recipe in our next issue.



Chill out with Gazpacho T

omatoes were one of the great new discoveries to come from the New World and promptly became a staple of the Spanish diet and the most popular ingredient in one of the best known versions of the Spanish dish, gazpacho.

Gazpacho began as a cold version of one of the garlic soups, containing bread, water, olive oil, garlic and salt, sometimes on its own as in the Extremeño gazpacho, and at other times with additional ingredients, the Cordobés version for example has hard boiled egg. Among the oldest additions were almonds in the version known as ajoblanco of eastern Andalusia, bitter oranges in Seville or flour made from dried beans. Traditionally they are served with tropizones, small chunky pieces, which in the case of ajoblanco are chopped grapes. With the discovery of the tomato, the Andalusians began making the most famous versions of gazpacho, which extended universally. It became popular with visitors during the tourist boom of the

60s and 70s in the Costa del Sol and is recognised as the star of the Spanish cold soups. The name was originally a colloquial term for confusion or a mixup and within the bowl, that is just what happens, containing also a ‘caspa’ or chunk of bread. However the soup has come into its own with the growth of the popularity of the Mediterranean Diet as an enormous source of vitamins, vegetable fibre, mineral salts and healthy oils. In Seville where temperatures often hit 50º in the summer months, it is normal for families to keep a jar of gazpacho in the


fridge and drink it at any hour. The heat reduces the appetite, but drinking a regular glass of gazpacho, you get all the nutrition you need without feeling too full. However the most common serving is in pottery bowls with additional separate dishes of the ingredients chopped so that each guest can mix his or her own favourite flavour. Purists claim that it should be prepared with a pestle and mortar and despite having many variations must contain five ingredients apart from the tomato; vinegar, cucumber, bell peppers, bread and onion. However, if you want to preserve your gazpacho longer, only add the bread at the last minute as the yeast in the bread can cause a fermentation which can make it bitter. The original version uses olive oil, but dieters can replace this with an oil free vinaigrette salad dressing. It is also traditional to include a sliver of cucumber skin which is supposed to stop gasses.

GAZPACHO ANDALUZ Ingredients • One kilo tomatoes • One large onion • One large red pepper • One cucumber (leave a strip of skin) • Four cloves of garlic • One quarter kilo bread soaked overnight in water • ½ glass olive oil • One coffee cup of vinegar (or more to taste) • Salt • Water if necessary

Preparation Put apart a small quantity of any ingredients to chop and ser ve as tropezones if required. Place remainder in the blender and blend to desired thickness adding water as required.

Little Italy

British Bakery & Coffee Shop

Restaurant - Pizzeria - Steakhouse

Sandwiches, sausage rolls, pasties, etc.

“Oggi ioo no” cucino”

Special cakes for special occasions The Apolo Centre - Los Cristianos Avda. Gral. Franco - Los Cristianos Mon - Sun 8am - 5.30pm Tel: 922 798 133


Taste, smell, savour the finest Italian cuisine XOTI - El Camisón, 21. Playa de las Américas · Tel: 922 787 445



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Fun Cooking




One cup brewer.

• 12 slices of bread • 2 tbl garlic olive oil • 300g cottage cheese • Grated beetroot • Grated carrot • Chopped scallions

 Preparation: 1. Combine the cottage cheese with some salt and the olive oil, the latter drop by drop and beat vigorously until well mixed. 2. Divide the mixture into three bowls , and into each add either beetroot, carrot or scallions.


Peel and slice in a trice.

3. Leave for a few minutes and then mix well, and spread over the slices of bread cut into triangles and serve your colourful snacks.



Nutritional values Suggestions:



Use your imagination to create a whole host of colourful toppings – blue cheese, tomato spread, jams... If you use gluten-free bread the snacks are also perfect for those with celiac disorders.



at is not really fun, but food can be.

We are continuing our series of fun and fantastic food ideas for younger readers and their parents. This series is aimed at combating the growing levels of obesity in children today, by introducing you and them to a series of recipes which you can make together. All the recipes are translated with the generous permission of the author, Teresa

Pérez Hernández, from the superb series of books, La Cocina Encuentada. In the original Spanish, this series of books combines healthy, fun recipes with original short stories to feed the body and the mind. They are highly recommended for anyone who can understand the Spanish language. By the way, beetroot leaves can also be eaten – in fact prehistoric cooks prepared them instead of the colourful bulbous root – and they can be shredded into a salad or cooked like spinach.


Asiaticoo Asiatic Buffet Libre As

Japanese, Thai and Chinese Cuisine Choose your sauce and our chef’s will prepare your Wok, Grill & BBQ in front of you.

A variety of Asian snacks, fresh meat & seafood

EAT WHATEVER AND HOWEVER MUCH YOU LIKE We invite you to eat whatever and however much you like from our wide variety of cold and hot dishes, desserts and ice-creams of all kinds.

All day buffet

7,99€ ONLY

Tel. 922 797 168 • Fax 922 795 618 Lunchtime 1 pm – 4.30 pm Evenings 6.30 pm – 11.30 pm B Blvd. Chajofe 10 • Los Cristianos (Formerly Mercedes-Benz)


Party food with a ring.

To make this even more nutritious you can use wholemeal sliced bread instead of white bread, remove the crusts and cut into triangles or any other shape you feel like. Tricoloured animals would also make great party canapés for young fingers. * Information and images from La Cocina Encuentada – Las cuatro estaciones (in Spanish) by Teresa Pérez Hernández. ISBN 978-84-96509-84-9 (around 12 euros).


Separates juice from pips and skins.


La Romántica International cuisine, flambées a speciality Superb food, stylish service, a touch of class in Callao Salvaje

Tel. 922 741 518 Open daily 12 midday - 11pm

El Ancla, nº 21. C/ El Jable Callao Salvaje, Adeje


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Moët & Chandon

Champagne launch It’s another first for the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque with the inauguration of their summer chill out zone for gourmets. Treat yourself and your partner to a sparkling chill out in this fabulous Adeje hotel where luxury is the norm. Huge sofas are spread on the lawn by the lake house and waterfowl and fish swim by as you sip Moët & Chandon’s famous champagne and savour the range of delicious tapas created for the Moët & Chandon summer terrace by Las Aguas chef, Stephane del Rio. Relax to some cool sounds from the DJ or ethnic percussion music and order your choice of tapa from the select menu, accompanied by champagne, Mojitos, Caipiriñas or for the children and non-drinkers a special no alcohol cocktail, the Lollipop. The service, as always in this hotel is superb and the members of staff have phenomenal memories for remembering customers and their likes and dislikes. “I know you like cheese, you must try the cabrales (Asturian blue cheese) and pine nuts croquettes,” or “try the baby cuttlefish and squid ink croquettes, they’re divine” and indeed they were. So was the selection of sushi, the mussels in pepper sauce, the cod buñelos and their own version of potatoes and mojo sauces, to name but a few of the delights on offer. A must for all those who enjoy great food, wine and company. More information at

Vinos de Canarias

Cheese & wine Two new guides to Canarian wines and cheese have just been published by the Institute for Excellence in Canarian Agricultural produce, the ICCA. Both guides, Quesos de Canarias and Vinos de Canarias bring together all the relevant information available about the excellent range of Canarian produce in both areas, with emphasis on origin, quality and production. The wine guide is a continuation of the work begun by the association in 1999, in their consumers guide to Canarian wines, which became a reference tool for professionals in the trade. The information therein has been updated and now offers both professionals and consumers a comprehensive guide to the wines of the islands. It is also available in downloadable format via http://www.gobiernodecanarias. org/agricultura/icca. Canarian vineyards produce 12.5 million litres of the nectar a year, generating between €40 and €50 million in trade.


policy of constant innovation and the search for new opportunities is ver y commendable, especially in times of crisis, and this appears to have been the basis for the success of the Tajinaste vineyard which has opted for innovation and for new markets since the company was established in 1977. The vineyard is run by Cecilia Ferrais, a pioneering lady in Canar y Island wine industry, her husband, Agustín García and now by their son, also called Agustín, who is an oenologist. Theirs is a discreet vineyard in La Perdoma, but it is highly considered and its wines have won over 70 prizes, the last of which was at the International Wine Contest in Brussels. The Tajinaste Vineyard is one of the few which has dared to go overseas, without forgetting its own home market, and has been distributing wines in the USA for three years. In fact it has probably reignited an old flame as the Canar y Island wines were highly regarded in American colonies in the 18th century. It is believed the Declaration of American Independence, signed in July 1776, was toasted with “Canary wine”. Young Agustín recalls how a friend, who is a tennis coach in Louisiana, telephoned him from New York early in July. He had been out for a

meal in Manhattan and had been surprised to see a sign outside a restaurant offering “Tajinaste, wine from the Canary Islands”. One thousand two hundred bottles a month is not a great conquest but, given the magnitude of the American market and the limited production of their company, it is quite an achievement. In fact they sell to 14 different states, even to California where the local vineyards are so competitive. They told the Diario de Avisos, “we’ve got a shop in San Francisco which distributes our wines anywhere in the USA”. What’s more America’s wine critics have taken note of the Tajinaste name. According to Agustín, the prestigious wine journalist, Alice Feiring, who contributes to the Los Angeles

Times and New York Times, recently classified the Tajinaste red with a mark of 90 out of 100. She said discovering the Tajinastes had been an agreeable surprise. Bodega Tajinaste, Orotava Valley of Tenerife. “From the largest of the Canary Islands, this grape is Listan Negro grown in donut holes in black soiled hills. The vines are twisted. Braided. I can’t figure it out. But I’ve got to go and see this up close and personal. Taste? It’s all tank. A touch of green, yumminess to brighten the earth and dolcetto like dustiness. I have no idea where you can find it. I’m on the prowl myself”, she wrote in her blog, Veritas in Vino. According to Agustín, their wines will succeed in saturated, high wine markets

because they are exotic, different and original. The Tajinaste wines have also been well received in Sweden and Slovakia as well as in certain provinces of Spain. The vineyard’s next project is to expand into more Scandinavian countries like Norway and Denmark as well as Germany. They have a policy of not selling through big supermarket chains but to concentrate on small wine merchants, specialised restaurants and wine bars. The idea is for people to talk about the wines they have been drinking. Nevertheless, despite their flir ting with international markets, the Tajinaste vineyard’s principal market is here in the islands for which they produce approximately 50,000 bottles a year.


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Atlantis Investment Property All the benefits of a top class resort at a fraction of the price.

Green oil

Ever wondered what happens to all your used cooking oil?


hen thrown down the sink it not only causes your drains to block, but multiply that effect by hundreds of thousands of households and it becomes easy to understand why an enormous amount of money is spent on maintaining the public waste drainage system. It’s also extremely bad for the environment: large amounts of cooking oil ends up in the sea and whilst it’s not as toxic as crude oil spills it has similar effects. Vegetation and wildlife can become coated in the substance, with birds and any animal which has to come to the surface to breathe being particularly vulnerable. Eventually much of the oil sinks to the ocean floor, creating further harm to sea life. Oxygen depletion can also occur as oils start to break down in water and less oxygen means fewer plants and animals can be sustained. Unfortunately disposing of it in the bin isn’t ideal either; it damages the collection vehicles, is one of the main causes of nasty smells and inevitably ends up in landfills, where it produces methane – one of the major contributors to global warming. By law all catering establishments are supposed to store their used oil for collec-

Join the new green oil project

Owning abroad has never been easier There’s a new way of buying a holiday home – fractional ownership. It’s the latest and safest way of buying your escape to the sun as the asset, in this case the property is usually owned by a specially created company and you buy shares in that company. This means that you can transfer or sell the shares without having to pay for costly changes in the title deeds and there are tax benefits. It also means that you have a full share in bricks and mortar. This is not timeshare. You have a part ownership of the title as opposed to just buying units of time. As your property increases in value, so do the shares and they can be sold or handed down over the generations just like any other property asset. Depending on the resort the fractional shares vary from a thirteenth to a half share and individuals have the right to use the property at set times every year. They can also choose to swap the dates (if another owner agrees) or use some of their weeks to generate income by letting through a dedicated letting and management company who look after everything on your behalf. Dividing the ownership also means a division of the expenses of running and maintaining the property, so you have all the benefits of a top class resort at a fraction of the price. A brand new development has just come on the market at Castillo Beach, Costa Caleta in Fuerteventura and prices start at a bargain basement level of 19,975 euros. For more information, check out the web page at

tion. The current standard practice by all the other existing oil recycling companies is to send the used oil to Spain where it is then employed in the production of biodiesel – an ecologically friendly fuel which can be used in any diesel car. This system has, however, several inherent flaws. For instance, large amounts of fuel are used in transport and the need to send it overseas invites the risk of major contamination if a spill were to occur, as has happened several times already in various locations around the world. A concern for all these issues prompted a local business in Tenerife to make a positive contribution to the environment. The new gov-

ernment registered local company, Reciclar Canarias, will provide catering establishments with a hermetically sealed drum for storage of used oil, that will then be collected on a regular basis. The service is easy to use and free of charge to restaurant and café owners, who will be given all the necessary paperwork to prove they are complying with the law. Though the company has only been in operation for a few months, it is proving such a success that they are already looking to expand. Reciclar Canarias wants

to take the business to its only logical and sensible conclusion and convert the oil to biodiesel here in the Canary Islands, a project which is already gathering support from tour companies and local councils. They are currently pursuing the necessary licences to do so and hope to be in production soon. If you want to become part of the Tenerife recycling project or if you would like more information, call 922 72 169 or 658 935 205.

Fashion in Tenerife

Colour me Custo T

he Barcelona Custo label, inspired by the Californian colours of the 1980s, is now in Santa Cruz in Tenerife. Already a by-word for great fashion and style the world over, one of the two Dalmau brothers, Custo told us, “our background, my brother David and mine, is in graphic design and we have never

studied any type of fashion design. In the 80s we visited the U.S. and ran into some surfers wearing the surfer tshirts that were in style back in those days and we loved them. That inspired us to start experimenting with our graphic designs on t-shirts with bright colours, which became our signature in the 80s and here we are”. On opening the store in Tenerife Custo said that he loved it here, “we see Tenerife as a land of sun and full of life where people are open and willing to wear our fun and bright colours”. The Custo label is fresh and bold and worn by some

of the world’s top celebrities (Shakira, Charlize Theron, Christina Aguilera and Antonio Banderas...). Custo says, “our aim is to be unique, for people to recognise our clothing without even having to look at the label”. And his muse? “The ideal women for my clothes are independent, young in spirit and willing to break away from traditional styles. They are women who dare to wear bright colours which are one of the things that makes us different.”

Custo Dalmau at his store in Santa Cruz

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Las Chafiras

New Chafiras showroom


hafiras continue to improve their showrooms and because they realise the importance of quality product displays, have undertaken a project to create a new and spacious avant-garde showroom of 2,000 square metres occuping two floors. Separate room displays enable clients to see the lat-

est designs and trends and easily imagine these in their own homes. For example, on the lower floor on the right, you will find a representation of a 70 square metre home equipped with the latest in styles and materials. To the left is a wellness and spa area which, as well as offering new design ideas and encouraging a healthy lifestyle and that feelgood fac-

tor, allows the client to get to know how each product works. The central area is the most stylish and is dedicated to the highest quality products and exclusive Italian brands. This is where you can see how to personalise your home by teaming up mosaics with warm and sophisticated woods. A more technical zone houses larger indoor and

outdoor materials, which will always follow current trends. At the rear of the premises there are more than 500 display panels where you can see all the tiles you could ever need and other products as well. 39 individual environments show you how different products and materials look when teamed up together in a room, and these are of a great help in choosing for your own project. Don’t miss the area for stones and slates which are presented in different formats and finishes, including specialist pieces for swimming pools. The upper floor is dedicated to the world of bathrooms and occupies 650 square metres. Complete bathroom displays adorn the centre, and around the edge, bathroom

furniture in a variety of different models, finishes and colours. Next to these are taps, bathroom accessories, radiators and hydromassage systems. Behind the main display clients can see and choose baths, shower trays, bathroom sinks – everything

you need for your bathroom as well as a selection of sinks and taps for your kitchen. Chafiras gives you so many ideas, so much space in which to contemplate and choose, and they are all under one roof, at Las Chafiras, San Miguel.

Tenerife Self Storage

Safe, secure sorted A

re you short of space in your home with no attic, cellar or garage, or do you need extra storage space either temporarily or long term? Then Tenerife Self Storage is the answer for you. Originally an American idea, this unique storage service is now in Tenerife. It is convenient, secure, accessible, and most of all, affordable. Irishman Oliver Hill and his family opened Tenerife Self Storage in Las Chafiras having owned the premises for eight years. It consists of approximately 240 individual storage units of varying sizes from one to 20 square metres, suitable for private or business use, each with private secure access. You can rent a unit to suit your needs and only pay for the space you use. The units are fireproof, clean, and secure, with full insurance cover, so you have no worries. Only the keyholder can access the unit rented, which is protected by the very latest security technology. To make life even easier for you, Tenerife

Convenient, secure, accessible, and most of all, affordable

Joe Hill and Lynn Craig are waiting to help you store your treasures

Self Storage can provide boxes, packing and moving materials if required and have contacts with transport companies. They are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.30pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. You can access your unit during these hours and have limited access outside these times by previous arrangement. After

your first three months you can have 24 hour access to your unit. Find Tenerife Self Storage in Calle Modesta Hernandez Gonzales 58 in Las Chafiras or call 922 703666. You can also find out more by visiting their website, or e-mail


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Promotions company with more than 10 years experience in selling attractive, high quality products in Tenerife markets, 5 star hotels and superstores is looking for open minded full/ part time promoters, which like to present and sell in live promotion. No selling experience is required. Contract + Social Security + fixed salary + commission is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us for further information. Office 922 781548, fax 922 781548, 629 493799

FITTER REQUIRED FOR A SUN BLIND AND SHUTTER COMPANY The ideal applicant would have experience in either Sun Blinds, Shutters or any aspect of the construction industry. The working hours are 8-4 with overtime when necessary. A clean driving licence, basic Spanish and a knowledge of the local area are necessary. If you are interested in this position, please e-mail your CV to: jamesjacenterprises@ or send by fax to 922 740 888

Beverly Hill


Rates Lineage classifieds: From 15.75 € Boxed Ads: Black& White 57.75€ Coloured 68.25€ Long Term: Ask for our special rates

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, female, and you have all it takes to convert yourself into one of our models and do NOT possess a contract with any model agency, please e-mail us with the following information: • 3 photos (face, profile, body) • Personal info (full name, date and place of birth, phone nº, city, e-mail) • Measurements (height, breast, waist, hip, weight, eye and hair colour) to

Succeed At The Highest Level Even in the current economic climate we need extra help in order to fulfil our customers needs... We require the best in the marketplace. Have you got what it takes? Our media group has traditionally led the field and will continue to do so by hiring the best and remunerating them accordingly.

Advertising Consultants (Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera)

Night Owl (Sales person) (Tenerife)

Island Connections Newspaper Daily News Site Tenerife Office Tel: 922 750 609 Mob: 609 581 632 Fax: 922 795 810 Classifieds Section: Sales Department: Gran Canaria Office Tel: 928 353 279/ Fax: 928 359 744

Class. Info For personal and professional help in placing your classified in Island Connections all you need to do is pop along to our new offices in Las Chafiras and speak to Karen. Not only is Island Connections here to ensure that your advertisement reaches it’s target market, we will also advise on sizing requirements for maximum exposure, with prices to suit your pocket.

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Tenerife Pearl / Perla Canaria is looking for models for its campaigns

TF-1 to Los Cristianos Las Américas






Do you possess: Positive attitude and strong character. Self discipline and sales experience. Spanish or German language to negotiation level. Self motivation and team skills. Teachability and 100% integrity. Trustworthiness and references. If so then you could be what we are looking for. Media experience would be an advantage, but not essential as training will be given. If you would like to apply for any of the above positions, send your CV, two references, an up-to-date photo and covering letter to • • Fax: 922 79 58 10


EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


Petrol. Doors: 2. Price: 3000€. Tel: 690645978  Audi A3 1.9TDI. Engine: 1.9Litres. Kms: 163000kms. Year: 1999. Diesel. Doors: 2. Price: 8000€. Tel: 687012695

02. Motoring CAR RENTAL All models, PSV, 4x4 & minibus Daily, short & long term hire

697 2

Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 Diesel Conquest. March 2008, 22000kms, 1 years Manufacturers War ranty r emaining, Immaculate condition. One careful owner, genuine reason for sale. Cost 22.000 euros new. Price 15.995 euros. Contact Colin on 608643843

For the best car hire around ring

Niza Cars Fully insured Quality & reliable service Door to door service

Call 697 292 399

on 922 792 919 or Fax 922 793868

CARS TO RENT LONG TERM 250€ - 300€ PER MONTH INCL. INSURANCE Phone Terry on 661 264 080 Email: The family friendly car hire company

 Suzuki Samurai. Engine: 1.3Litres. Kms: 218000kms. Year: 1992. Petrol. Doors: 2. Price: 2000€. Tel: 630050111  Ford Ka Edicion limi. Engine: 6Litr es. Kms: 840000kms. Year: 1990. P e t r o l . D o o r s : 4 Te l : 653158704  Mini Cooper. Engine: 1.6Litres. Kms: 100000kms. Year: 2003. Petrol. Sun roof Doors: 2. Price: 13000€. Tel: 607615688  Citroën Berlingo. Engine: 1.6Litres. Kms: 30000kms. Year: 2008. Diesel. Doors: 2. Price: 6300€. Tel: 639255741  Mini Cooper S. Engine: 1.6Litres. Kms: 3000kms. Year: 2008. Petrol. Doors: 2 . P r i c e : 2 2 6 0 0 € . Te l : 645912014  M e rc e d e s - B e n z 5 0 0 SL- 107. Engine: 5Litres. Kms: 150000kms. Year: 1984. Petrol. Conver tible Doors: 2. Price: 18500€. Tel: 670834117  Vo l v o 9 6 0 . E n g i n e : 2.5Litres. Kms: 170000kms. Year: 1995. Petrol. Doors: 4. Price: 5000€. Tel: 607972551  Mercedes-Benz Clase A. Engine: 1.7Litres. Kms: 120000kms. Year: 1999. Diesel. Sun roof Doors: 4 . P r i c e : 1 0 0 0 0 € . Te l : 651837544  Jaguar XK8. Engine: 4Litres. Kms: 60000kms. Year: 2000. Petrol. Doors: 2 . P r i c e : 1 9 0 0 0 € . Te l : 922661188  Mercedes-Benz Sportcoupe 180K. Engine: 1.8Litres. Kms: 65700kms. Year: 2002. Petrol. Sun roof Doors: 2. Price: 16000€. Tel: 666228830  Ford KA Sport. Engine: 1.6Litres. Kms: 22000kms. Year: 2006. Petrol. Doors: 2. Price: 7600€. Tel: 685523877

Family company 27 years on Tenerife

DANISH RENT-A-CAR We guarantee:

· A reliable and friendly service · Fully comprehensive insurance, no extras · Free child seats, GPS (3 Euros a day) Special offer: · Special long term rates Citroen Saxo 7 days only €139, · VIP hire car service all included Hotel drop off and collection Airport service, street maps, tour information Voucher for free entrance into theme parks

Poul's Auto – your car-hire company in South West Tenerife Mon-Fri, 8.30am – 12 midday, 5pm – 7pm / Sat 8.30am – 12 midday / Sun 10am – 12 midday

Tel: +34 922.740.742 ·

 Mitsubishi Montero. Engine: 2.5Litres. Kms: 240000kms. Year: 1993. Diesel. Doors: 2. Price: 3300€. Tel: 605627067  KiaCarnaval. Engine: 2.9Litres. Kms: 148000kms. Year: 2002. Diesel. Doors: 4. Price: 6000€. Tel: 609676959  Volkswagen New Beetle. Engine: 2Litr es. Kms: 115000kms. Year: 2000. Petrol. Doors: 2. Price: 8000€. Tel: 922265753  Mercedes-Benz C180. Engine: 0Litr es. Kms: 108000kms. Year: 1996. Petrol. Doors: 4. Price: 6500€. Tel: 639600438  Seat Cordoba 19-SDI. Engine: 1.2Litres. Kms: 118325kms. Year: 2000.

 B M W 3 1 8 d . Engine: 2Litres. Kms: 24000kms. Year: 2007. Diesel. Doors: 4 . P r i c e : 2 9 0 0 0 € . Te l : 619051554  Toyota HDJ 80. Engine: 1.6Litres. Kms: 95000kms. Year: 1996. Petrol. Sun roof Doors: 4 Tel: 922583697  Audi TT 1.8 Turbo. Engine: 1.8Litres. Kms: 120000kms. Year: 1999. Petrol. Doors: 2 . P r i c e : 1 2 8 0 0 € . Te l : 625834359

Motorbikes :  Yamaha TDM900 900CC. Horsepower: 90HP. Year: 2006. Kms: 25000kms. Price: 6750€. Tel: 922720114  Honda CBR 600 rr 600CC. Horsepower: 120HP. Year: 2008. Kms: 11000kms. Price: 7500€. Tel: 628025607  Yamaha R1 1000CC. Horsepower: 152HP. Year: 2003. Kms: 21800kms. Price: 5000€. Tel: 687031727

 Honda VTR SP2 999CC Year: 2004. Kms: 30000kms. Price: 7500€. Tel: 649052823  BMW 1200 Adventure 1200CC. Horsepower: 105HP. Year: 2006. Kms: 15500kms. Price: 13900€. Tel: 609737060  Triumph Speed Triple 1050CC. Horsepower: 132HP. Year: 2007. Kms: 15000kms. Price: 8000€. Tel: 610761315  Honda CBR 1000 RR 1000CC. Horsepower: 170HP. Year: 2006. Kms: 10800kms. Price: 7500€. Tel: 922618596  Husqvarna WRE 125CC. Horsepower: 15HP. Year: 2008. Price: 2500€. Tel: 654330023  Lanvertti City 125CC. Price: 999€. Tel: 922636211  Lanvertti mini supermotar 47CC. Price: 225€. Tel: 922636211

 Honda CBR - RR 600CC Year: 2004. Kms: 16800kms. Price: 5000€. Tel: 687933563  Yamaha FZ1S 1000CC. Horsepower: 150HP. Year: 2006. Kms: 9000kms. Price: 8500€. Tel: 609728882  Piaggio TYPHOON 50CC Year: 2004. Kms: 14000kms. Price: 720€. Tel: 669452923  Benelli 232 3232CC. Horsepower: 23HP. Year: 2003 Tel: 922542321  Piaggio Zip Agua 49CC. Horsepower: 7HP. Year: 2002. Price: 999€. Tel: 676354768  Suzuki AP 50 X ADRESS 50CC Year: 2000. Kms: 27200kms. Price: 550€. Tel: 609728882  Ya m a h a R 6 6 0 0 C C . Horsepower: 133HP. Year: 2006. Kms: 10000kms. Price: 8500€. Tel: 922650980  Yamaha XJR 1300 1300CC. Horsepower: 98HP. Year: 2000. Kms: 11500kms. Price: 4800€. Tel: 616386033  Yamaha Warrior 350 Quad 350CC Year: 2004. Price: 3000€. Tel: 655913157  Kymco Venox 250CC. Horsepower: 26HP. Year: 2004. Kms: 21076kms. Price: 1800€. Tel: 670610878  Honda ST70 Dax 72CC. Horsepower: 1HP. Year: 1986. Kms: 15000kms. Price: 2000€. Tel: 649096170

Contacts  Los Cristianos, near the church square, Julia, discreet apartment .Nice and pretty girls. Open and visiting 24 H, tel: 666 773 761.  Las Américas. professional massage (without clothes) artistic, relaxing, stress relief, sport massage, erotic and more... harmonise your body, heart and mind. natural and clean. Magic hands 627 114 090  Nicole high standing, first time in Tenerife, 26 years, toys and more, beauty, dark, 1.65, slim, 100 boobs, El Camison, hotel visits, 635 289530, OBS for appointment, strip show, cat woman.

 Honda CBR 1000 RR REP 1000CC. Horsepower: 172HP. Year: 2005. Kms: 20000kms. Price: 9000€. Tel: 629784933

 Hot, hot girls, Cari and friends, in front of Aguamar apartments, all services, hotel and home visits, 24 hours, contact, 664 513700 / 686 111493

Insurance :

 Larisa, Brazilian, bronze, educated, model body, sexy, hot, all services, home and hotel visits, 679 713428

 Ducati Réplica 888 750CC. Horsepower: 80HP. Year: 2002. Kms: 30000kms. Price: 4000€. Tel: 666381613  Suzuki Savage 650CC. Horsepower: 32HP. Year: 1992. Kms: 68000kms. Price: 3000€. Tel: 922864014


LINEA DIRECTA Your direct line to cheaper car insurance

Call 902 123 157  Lanvertti vipper 250CC. Price: 2399€. Tel: 922636211  Lanvertti nitro 49CC.Price: 999€. Tel: 922636211  Lanvertti xeno0n reload 125CC. Price: 995€. Tel: 922636211  Yamaha R1 1000CC. Horsepower: 172HP. Year: 2005. Kms: 19400kms. Price: 7300€. Tel: 616811530  Ya m a h a Y Z F 1 0 0 0 R 1000CC. Horsepower: 145HP. Year: 1998. Kms: 46000kms. Price: 2800€. Tel: 660979848  MV Agusta BRUTALE 910R 910CC. Horsepower: 135HP. Year: 2006. Kms: 6500kms. Price: 13500€. Tel: 691849063  Lanvertti radom 250CC. Price: 2500€. Tel: 922636211

Items Wanted : Wanted

4 ring ceramic, electric hob for a domestic kitchen $BMM

 Naomi, young, beauty, 1.8, dark skin, sexy, nice, playful, obliging, erotic massage service, relax with final fiesta, no rush, hotel visits, 24 hours, unbelievable time, 676 200960  I’m new in Tenerife, I’m a beautiful black lady from Brazil with a beautiful body, O do domination, water sports and all other sexual pleasures, call me on 608 285035, www.ladiablitatenerife. com//pamela  Tenerife south, beautiful girl from Czech, 20 yeas, blonde, very hot, sweet, very sexy, erotic massage, body to body service, just hotels, 647 272045  Puerto de la Cruz, Navila, 50 years, professional masseur, all types of massages, personal, serious and discreet, impressionable, speaks basic Spanish, for an appointment, wwwlaisladelplacer. com, Navila 672 843632  Cristianos, sweet, beautiful, sexy lady, nice body, big breasts, you’ll have a great time, stress relief, erotic massage, other services, discreet apar tment, home / hotel visits, 667 217814

Items for sale : • Full set of ping G5 irons • Ping G5 driver • Ping G5 putter • Ping rescue club • Ping woods and white tour bag 4PMEBTUPUBMQBDLBHF GPSŎ


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009



Conveyancing • Criminal law • Wills Employment law • Family law • Personal injury

04. General Services


922 719 520 for friendly professional advice

Adeje ¡ La Cuesta La Orotava ¡ Tacoronte

Residencial Villaflor B20, San Eugenio, Costa Adeje. Email:

CHEAPEST IN • Tiling • Plumbing • Electrical • Bathroom refurbs

Celebrating 25 years of expertise -

BEGINNERS’ DANCE CLASSES Adults’ Ballroom, Latin American, Tap or Freestyle Childrens’ ( 2 1/2 - 7yrs). Introduction to Dance. Many other classes in ballet, hip hop, modern, musical theatre for all ages. At Vamos a Bailar - Let’s Dance. CC Perla Blanca, Callao Salvaje ¡ Ring 636 817 265 or 646 067 471

• Kitchen refurbs

All other DIY needs


697 292 399


We can accommodate all tastes applications and building requirements With hundreds of colours to choose from, whether your choice is timber, aluminium, Upvc or Aliclad. There are over 100 opening styles, including: inward & outward opening, folding to the left or to the right and even folding both ways. Tel: 922 736188 ¡ Email:

Air conditioning & heating units ¡ Summer Special ¡ Air conditioning with heating from ₏450 Repairs, re-gassing & quality with experience

Tel. 664 826 505 Tenerife Intermediary Services Translation in English, Spanish and German Health, motoring, legal, utilities and much more Call Carmen on 606 790075 or 922 716988 Fax 922 718421 Email

www. tenertodo. com we have everything in the Canaries

Foreign guy from Armenia

Reasonably priced reforms, professional, painting and decorating 10 years experience

Tel 659 576865 Arona


HOMESTYLE DIRECT Quality Furniture Importers. Pol.Industrial Las Chafiras. Tenerife South 922 736 849



Skilled Builder Robert McAlees

As seen in “Dream Home DIY� Tenerife Lifestyle magazine

I listen to what you want and make sure you get the best. I can replace that faulty tap or renovate your home. Over 30 year’s experience. UK qualiďŹ ed to advanced skills status. Call any time 922 814 073 / 605 469 352

Video tapes copied. Super 8 and VHS to DVD. Make it safe for the next generation. Phone 922 797 104



FREE, no obligation survey & quotation

Polígono Industrial Las Chafiras III, C. Caracas Nave 4 - 38639 S. Miguel de Abona ¡ Tenerife Tel: +34 922 736738 Fax: +34 922 735 123 Email: ¡ web:

Canaries & British Aluminium Systems S.L. A British owned company - Established in Tenerife 1992 VISIT OUR COMPREHENSIVE SHOWROOM "See the best display in Tenerife" We manufacture, supply and fit: All types of doors and window systems, insect screens, mirrored wardrobes, balcony screens and partitions. All types and sizes of gates, electric, manual and telephone entry etc. Garage doors, louvered shutters, fixed or adjustable louvers, pergolas, balustrades, cupboards, roofing, mobile roofs (manual or electric),extensions, conservatories, shower screens and cubicles, tiling, building. All types of glass mirrors. Security shutters, high security locks and glass. Take advantage of our free security survey.

NEW - GLASS CURTAINS 'Why spoil the view" *Frameless folding glass doors and windows* Ideal for balcony/terrace enclosures and for existing patio areas See all the above in our showroom and watch the manufacturing process. WE ONLY SELL WHAT WE MAKE - WE ARE NOT MIDDLE MEN. Directions: With Iceland on your right, take the second turn left after the ITV station and we are on your left behind Autos Tenerife.


EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS


Be forever comfortable – whatever the weather!



General Services


Lounge & Two Bedrooms

Items For Sale:

1 x 12000 BTU & 2 x 9000BTU

Real Bargain!!

Operational modes: cooling, heating, fan only or dehumidifying · *While Stocks Last

Swimming pool cold? Now use all year round! Pool Heaters – Latest Technology - Whisper Quiet – Maximum Efficiency. Affordable and Economic (from less than 1€ per day!) Private or Community - from 4499€ fully installed.

Computer for sale Compaq Presario PENTIUM 4 (2007) with Printer/Scanner HP Photosmart C6180

A.C. Direct

Tel. 677 799 475

Experienced professionals. Established more than 15 years in Spain. Qualified by C&G and CITB to conform to EU refrigerant gas regulations.

Masonic Meetings:

Scheduled Maintenance Agreements available – Call for details




902 789 189

For all your climate control solutions - Call for free no-obligation site survey

FULL RENOVATION WORK Would you like to change your house or apartment into a beautiful & cosy home? Or maybe all you need is a small renovation job? All with top quality finishing?

tel: 677 799 475

Tony the Welder

are recruiting; Beauty consultants Free training

• Security Grilles

Qualified British Community Administrator

LINEA DIRECTA Your direct line to cheaper home insurance Call 902 123 738

• Gates • Railings



Get the legal help you need Full Range of legal services Leading name in Tenerife Free call 900 809 212 Villalba Hervas 4,1ºC Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Drawn to the world of beauty?



8am - 1.30pm Mon to Fri For appointments only 2.30pm - 5pm

Tel: 922 753 432 Fax: 922 798 326



• Steel Fabrication • On-site Welding Fully Qualified Legal Craftsman 27 years experience, 14 years Tenerife

Tel: 659 489 690 Property Secured, Quality Assured


of Houses and Apartments


· Painting and Decoration · · Tiling · · Plumbing · · Electric installations · · Complete bathrooms ·


Fully Qualified Legal Craftsman with more than 15 years experience. Located in the South of Tenerife.

902 886 226

aecc Join us and combat cancer


637 293 176

LODGE AVE FENIX MEET REGULARLY ON TUESDAY EVENINGS IN THEIR OWN NEW TEMPLE AT LOS CRISTIANOS ................ Please contact the Secretary John Donaldson on Tel. 922 17 91 74 e-mail:


LODGE TEIDE meets in Puerto de la Cruz on Wednesday evenings contact John Hughes on 922 38 22 29 email taffy007naeve@

Horse sharing! I am offering horse sharing for my 5 year old gelding. He is a very quiet horse and enjoys rides. Interested? Please call 609 929 278

ROTARY MEETING Every Monday at 8.20pm in the Hotel Conquistador. All visitors welcome

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009

05. Property

 Apartment Guargacho Location: central 0.00m2 1 room 440€. Phone: 663805740

Business Opps : For lease restaurant

 Premises Sta Cruz de Tenerife Location: central 70.00m2 1200€. Phone: 922273239

For Sale: Chance of a Lifetime to aquire an entertainment bar in Tenerife’s finest area ‘Parque de la Paz’. Excellent Turnover; offers over € 100,000. Tel: 922781952 or 696336936. FANTASTIC BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

Supermarket for sale, north Tenerife. Est. 6 years, large and ever increasing customer base, excellent revenue all year round. Phone 0034 667 759 753 for more info.  For sale. Tenerife South’s only Buggy and Quad rental and excursion company. We l l e s t a b l i s h e d w i t h excursion outlets and hotels. Includes 11 Road Buggies and 2 road Quads 615 917672, owner returning to the UK.

Wanted :  Desperate to sell your property ? We will buy your house or apar tment for Cash, and complete within 28 Days. We are not Agents. Call (0034) 922 720222 or visit www.

 Unknown Santa Cruz de Tenerife Location: central 60.00m2 1 room 450€. Phone: 922273239  Apartment Santa Cruz de Tenerife Location: central 75.00m2. 2 rooms 690€. Phone: 922273239  Apartment Santa Cruz de Tenerife Location: central Views: mountain 85.00m2 3 r o o ms 600€. Ph o n e: 922273239

 Apartment Santa Cruz de Tenerife Location: central 190.00m2 5 rooms 850€. Phone: 922273239  Studio Puerto de la cruz Location: central Views: sea 35.00m2 400€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Puerto de la cruz Location: outskirts Views:mountain 166.00m2 3 r o o ms 800€. Ph o n e: 670242080  Industrial La Laguna Location: outskir ts 1050.00m2 6000€. Phone: 922273239  A p a r t m e n t - Fa ñ a b e Location: outskirts 0.00m2 2 r o o ms 795€. Ph o n e: 922751064  Apartment Tabaiba Baja Location: outskirtsViews:sea 50.00m2 1 room 400€. Phone: 922273239  Premises Santa Cruz de Tenerife Location: central 0.00m2 2000€. Phone: 922273239  Apartment Bajada Al Pris 59.00m2 2 rooms 450€. Phone: 670242080

Insurance :

 Terraced house Durazno 166.00m2 3 rooms 800€. Phone: 670242080

Rent :  Studios, 1 and 2 bed apartments from 400€ for rent to mature-minded people in Tor viscas Alto. UK TV channels. For details, phone Nadine: 922 715 162

GREAT INVESTMENT OFFER IN SAN EUGENIO ALTO  Apartment Maritim 80.00m2 1 room 800€. Phone: 670242080  Duplex Maritim 80.00m2 1 room 800€. 670242080

 Studio 32.00m2 450€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment 50.00m2 1 room 350€. Phone: 670242080

 Studio 32.00m2 450€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment La Longuera 74.00m2 2 rooms 650€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment Armeñime 49.00m2 1 room 380€. Phone: 670242080

 Apartment San Antonio 70.00m2 2 rooms 680€. Phone: 670242080


Villa Tagoro San Eugenio Alto

La Duquesa

 Apartment Urb. paraiso 52.00m2 1 room 650€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet Las Cand ias 100.00m2 2 rooms 1000€. Phone: 670242080  Studio San Fernando 33.00m2 400€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Armeñime 77.00m2 3 rooms 500€. Phone: 670242080


3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, front and back garden, comunity pool. €425,000 Tel. 629 244 958

Furnished two bedroom, two bathroom apartment for long term rental in Costa del Silencio. English TV (Sky, BBC, ITV etc). Swimming pool. Lovely well maintained complex in a quiet location, but close to all local amenities. 650 euros per month.

Tel 690 769899 Excellent opportunity in Costa del Silencio

Property Finder reference: B1102

 Apartment Centro 69.00m2 2 rooms 700€. Phone: 670242080

 Chalet San Jose 70.00m2 2 rooms 550€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced house El Amparo 67.00m2 1 room 450€. Phone: 670242080

New 3 bedroom luxury villa 750,000€ Tel. (0034) 655 914 691 (0034) 922 71 33 56

Port Royale Los Cristianos 2 bedroom apartment

 Terraced house Green Golf 150.00m2 3 rooms 750€. Phone: 670242080  Chalet El Amparo 67.00m2 1 room 450€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Centro 2 rooms 700€. Phone: 670242080  Studio Centro ciudad 0.00m2 450€. Phone: 670242080  Apartment Centro 53.00m2 2 rooms 60€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Green Golf 135.00m2 2 rooms 850€. Phone: 670242080

If it's great views that you're after then this lovely 2 bed, 2 bath apartment has some of the best. Great views over Los Cristianos out to sea with La Gomera on the horizon.

Tabaiba Alta Five minutes from the German school, delightful sunny apartment for rent, 3 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, large terrace with sea views, garden, double garage and 2 lumber rooms. Small complex, quiet zone, 10 minutes from Santa Cruz.

Tel: 922 684187 Free frp, 01/07/09  Terraced house Green Golf 135.00m2 3 rooms 850€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Green Golf 135.00m2 2 rooms 850€. Phone: 670242080  Terraced house Urb. Green Golf 135.00m2 3 rooms 950€. Phone: 670242080

Fo r R e nt · Fo r R e nt

To be sold furnished & fully fitted, the property consists of an American style open plan kitchen and dining area combined with the large airy & light living room with patio doors leading onto the large 36m2 terrace which enjoys the afternoon sun. Master bedroom is en-suite with patio doors leading out to the terrace and both bedrooms have fitted wardrobes.

 Studio Centro ciudad 0.00m2 400€. Phone: 670242080  Studio Centro ciudad 35.00m2 480€. Phone: 670242080

Very spacious 1 bed bungalows. Fully furnished. Ideal for retirement, holiday home or rental income. ONLY 115.000 EUROS

 Terraced house Las Candias 100.00m2 2 Rooms 1000€. Phone: 670242080

Playa Fañabé

 Premises Santa Cruz de Tenerife Location:central 120.00m2 750€. Phone: 922273239

 Room, studio or apartment on a finca in south Tenerife wanted in exchange for cooking/ cleaning services, tel 638 332447

LINEA DIRECTA Your direct line to cheaper home insurance Call 902 123 738


 Puerto de la Cruz: Well kept Studio for short/long term rentals (450 €/month). Communal swimming pool, off-road parking, full reception service. 660731913

 Apartment Sta Cruz de Tenerife Location: central 70.00m2 2 rooms 650€. Phone: 922273239

working with good client base Beautiful local with a family feel, ample parking Tel 637 560 700


Apartment, 73m2, 2 bed, 1 bath, American kitchen, fitted wardrobes. Terrace, 40m2 with views over Teide and the complex. 2 community pools, one heated and one salt water, playground and other services. Price €82,000.

Tel. 629 244 958

The complex benefits from a large communal pool, reception, supermarket and many other amenities within a short walking distance.

Reduced from € 270,000 to € 225,750 for a quick sale. Contact Horizon Property Group on 922 777 652 quoting ref C-1456

Front line furnished studio apartment for rent in Callao Salvaje, long term let (minimum six months) preferred with purchase option available. Incredible views of sea and La Gomera, near to local shops and restaurants, use of freshwater community pool.

Contact C. O’Flynn, 686 586 519



EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 Plot 400sq m. € 650,000. tel 607310854

05. Property Sale :  El Médano, directly from the owner!!! New, precious detached house, 3 bedrooms, 2 modern bathrooms, indep. kitchen, 3 ter races,bbq, luxur y complex with 2 swimming pools, 42m 2 closed garage, ver y exclusive furnished. Quiet zone, Price: 330.000 euros, Tel: 650 792 742  Torviscas Alto/ Resid. Casablanca, directly from the owner!!! Very beautiful apartment (53m2) in the most exclusive zone of Tenerife, 1 bedroom and an small officeroom, very big bathroom, 35m2 terrace with precious views, luxury complex with swimming pool and gardens. Garage and store-room. Only 6 months old!!! Price: 183.000 euros, Tel: 650.792.742  Detached Villa in Callao Salvaje. Quiet cul de sac facing a barranco. 5 bedrooms,5 bathrooms, lounge,dining room,kitchen, utility and study. Garden, courtyard, heated swimming pool plus store rooms. Sea and mountain views. Can be divided into 2 apartments.

 Finca Mansion Tenerife, unique situation, for extended family or small/ rental business (several apar tments), information email Finca-Tenerife@  La Gomera, peace lovers, rustic palm fringed natural retreat. Three dwellings (123m2), residence and letting for rural holidays. Matur e patio gar dens, beautiful mountain views. For sale 196,000 euros, tel (0034) 922 800888, email  Finca (4,400m2) with main house and outbuilding for sale. Various uses, ie tourism / agriculture. Tel 650 980719  P re m i s e s T i g a i g a 4 rooms. 233500€. Phone: 922376959  Terraced house El Bosque 150.00m2. 2 rooms. 395000€. Phone: 922376959  Premises La Montaña 125000€. Phone: 922376959  Terraced house Guamasa 128.00m2. 3 rooms. 150000€. Phone: 922376959  Chalet La Paz 122.00m2. 2 rooms. 630000€. Phone: 922376959  Apartment San Vicente 106.00m2. 3 rooms. 227850€. Phone: 922376959  Chalet Urb. La Mancha 185.00m2. 3 rooms. 630000€. Phone: 922376959


 Chalet La Luz 480.00m2. 4 rooms. 860000€. Phone: 922376959

mountain. 12000.00m2. 2 rooms. 300507€. Phone: 670804067

 Chalet TenBel 1 room. 95000€. Phone: 922791061

 Chalet Los Abrigos 283.00m2. 4 rooms. 295000€. Phone: 922791061

 Terraced house Mayorazgo 340.00m2. 5 rooms. 631000€. Phone: 922376959

 Callao Salvaje. Location: outskirts. Views: mountain. 280.00m2. 5 rooms. 850000€. Phone: 610732040

 Chalet Parque La Reina 156.00m2. 4 rooms. 264600€. Phone: 922791061

 Studio Avd. Marítima 50.00m2. 1 room. 85000€. Phone: 922376959

 Building Avenida 54.00m2. 168000€. Phone: 922376959

 Chalet La Laguna.Location: outskirts. Views: mountain. 149.00m2. 4 rooms. 285000€. Phone: 629262735

 Apartment Los Menores 3 rooms. 223650€. Phone: 922791061

 Apartment Las Cabezas 50.92m2. 2 rooms. 176700€. Phone: 922376959

 Chalet Amarilla Golf 2 rooms. 444000€. Phone: 922791061

 Studio El Toscal 71.00m2. 1 room. 189300€. Phone: 922376959

 Chalet Los Olivos 1 room. 141750€. Phone: 922791061

 Terraced house La Luz 100.00m2. 4 rooms. 420000€. Phone: 922376959

 Chalet Avda Palm-Mar 1 room. 132000€. Phone: 922791061

 Apartment San Antonio 92.00m2. 4 rooms. 220880€. Phone: 922376959

 Studio Torviscas Alto 89.00m2. 2 rooms. 236250€. Phone: 922376959  Building Polígono 94500€. Phone: 922376959

 Apartment Sta Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central. 157.00m2. 3 rooms. 277585€. Phone: 922273239

 Terraced house Vista Paraíso 128.00m2. 2 rooms. 367500€. Phone: 922376959

 Apartment La Laguna. Location: outskirts 110.00m2. 3 rooms. 270000€. Phone: 922273239

 Terraced house 120200€. Phone: 922376959

 Apartment Arona / Valle San Lorenzo. Location: central. Views: mountain. 85.00m2. 2 rooms. 120000€. Phone: 627180081

 Studio Playa La Arena 58.00m2. 2 rooms. 170400€. Phone: 922376959  Chalet El Durazno 119.00m2. 3 rooms. 1000€. Phone: 922376959  Premises Ctra. General 120000€. Phone: 922376959  Terraced house La Vega 129.00m2. 2 rooms. 220500€. Phone: 922376959  Chalet Las Dehesas 280.00m2. 5 rooms. 577500€. Phone: 922376959  Studio Costa del Silencio. Location: central. Views: mountain. 45.00m2. 1 room. 75000€. Phone: 670804067  Rustic Land La Hoya. Location: outskirts. Views:

 Apartment Sta Cruz de Tenerife. Location: central. 60.00m2. 2 rooms. 144200€. Phone: 922273239  Chalet Radazul Bajo. Location: central. Views: sea 220.00m2. 4 rooms. 298700€. Phone: 922273239  Apartment Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Location: central. 210.00m2. 5 rooms. 619000€. Phone: 922273239  Apartment Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Location: central. 246.00m2. 5 rooms. 660000€. Phone: 922273239  Apartment Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Location: central. 120.00m2. 3 rooms. 174300€. Phone: 922273239

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Cut out this coupon and send it with Euro cheque, to: Subscriptions Department, ISLAND CONNECTIONS S.L., Calle Francisco Feo Rodríguez 6, Las Chafiras 38620, San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Contact: for UK bank details.


Cut out this coupon and send it with Euro cheque, to: Subscriptions Department, ISLAND CONNECTIONS S.L., Calle Francisco Feo Rodríguez 6, Las Chafiras 38620, San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Contact: for UK bank details.

 Chalet Avda Palm-Mar 1 room. 127000€. Phone: 922791061  Studio Avda Palm-Mar 110.00m2. 3 rooms. 465000€. Phone: 922791061  Chalet Avda Palm-Mar 1 room. 130000€. Phone: 922791061  Apartment Llano del Camello 80.00m2. 2 rooms. 180000€. Phone: 922791061  Apartment Avda Pa l m - M a r 5 4 . 0 0 m 2 . 2 rooms. 199500€. Phone: 922791061  Apartment Avda Palm-Mar 100.00m2. 3 rooms. 375000€. Phone: 922791061

 Building 30.00m2. 94500€. Phone: 922376959  San Fernando 2 rooms. 157500€. Phone: 922376959  Terraced house La Fariña 3 rooms. 252400€. Phone: 922376959  Puntillo de Sol 65.00m2. 1 room. 184800€. Phone: 922376959  Terraced house 16 rooms. Phone: 922376959  Building Avenida 95000€. Phone: 922376959  Chalet El Guindaste 180.00m2. 3 rooms. 787500€. Phone: 922376959  Puerto Santiago 1 room. 126000€. Phone: 922376959

 Studio Avda Palm-Mar 90.00m2. 2 rooms. 310000€. Phone: 922791061

 Chalet La Luz 487.00m2. 6 rooms. 882000€. Phone: 922376959

 Chalet TenBel 65.00m2. 2 rooms. 126000€. Phone: 922791061

 Terraced house El Ramal 5 rooms. 176700€. Phone: 922376959

 Chalet Las Chafiras 162.00m2. 3 rooms. 241500€. Phone: 922791061

 Terraced house 130.00m2. 3 rooms. 219350€. Phone: 922376959

 Studio Tijoco Bajo 450.00m2. 6 rooms. 480000€. Phone: 922791061

 Chalet Las Cruces 146.00m2. 3 rooms. 201950€. Phone: 922376959

Valle San Lorenzo Wonderful Villa with four seperate Living areas seaview, the second free plot is with building licence, 965m2, special offer, 550,000 euros for more information 667 387 459 / 922 765 446

3 bed, 2 bathroom duplex apartment for sale in Los Girasoles, El Madroñal Independent kitchen, downstairs toilet, office, living/dining room, 2 terraces approx 20m2 each. For more information email

Urb. Arco Iris Playa

Urb. Oasis Dakota, Playa Fañabé 3 bed semi detached, toilet, complete bathroom, separate kitchen, totally equipped, furnished, 35m2 terrace, secure access to pool, infant park, good views, beside commerical centres, 800m from Playa Fañabe, community feees 30/month, 185,000 € Tel 629 244958

Second line from the sea in Callao Salvaje. Duplex, totally furnished, 75m2, separate ktichen, totally equipped, toilet, dining room, complete bathroom, 2 bedrooms, SAT-TV, solarium 30m2 with views to Gomera and Teide, garage space, community areas with 2 pools, automatic gates, community fees 54/month, 145,000 euros

Tel 629 244 958



EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS

The new BMW X1 B

MW looks forward to introducing its first compact Sports Activity Vehicle, the X1, this Autumn. The X model segment began ten years ago with the introduction of the X5, a market leader with 1.5 million sold worldwide. The X3 followed in 2004, and the X6 in 2008.

The X1 has inherited style and practicality from its big brother the X5, but has placed this inside a more compact and affordable package. The vehicle boasts elegant lines, a great driving

position, five-seat configuration and an amazing 1,350-litre boot space. For the first time on a BMW-X vehicle, this baby has the option of rear-wheel drive (sDrive) or four-wheel drive (xDrive). The entry model will be the X1 xDrive20d 177hp which consumes an average 5.8 litres per 100km. Next comes the X1 xDrive23d 204hp, with an average consumption of 6.3 litres per 100km, and top of the range is the X1 xDrive28i – a vehicle which can reach a top speed of 230km/h. Most BMW X1s are supplied as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox, but if you buy the xDrive 23d you will benefit from six-speed Sport automatic gearbox with gear change paddles located a finger tip away from the steering wheel for sporty changes.

EfficientDynamics plays a part in the BMW X1 story with the introduction of Auto Start-Stop technology on an X product for the first time. Available on all manual transmission cars, this system improves fuel consumption figures. The BMW X1 also has the full range of Efficient dynamics technologies including Brake Energy Regeneration, optimised aerodynamics, optimum shift indicator and on-demand use of ancillary units to name a few. The design of the new BMW X1 is stylish and sporting yet practical. Sleek lines blend into flared wheel arches to emphasise the car’s dynamic capabilities as does the tapered roof

line and wide track. Short overhangs at the front and rear, typical of every BMW, ensure optimum handling. The profile of the car belies an interior space that sees five adults seated comfortably along with their luggage. Inside, all the main controls and dashboard displays are angled towards the driver. A range of storage compartments, trays and large door pockets provide a variety of places to keep personal effects. An owner

who specifies one of the two available satellite navigation systems featuring the latest iDrive display, controller and Favourite Buttons gains a slightly revised interior layout to accommodate the system. The interior of the BMW X1 can be further enhanced by opting for the new Design package. This gives Sport seats in Oyster Nevada leather, Anthracite headlining and Fineline Wave wood trim. The Oyster theme continues to the lower part of the

dashboard, through all of the centre console to leather piping on the floor mats. The new BMW X1 is a great day to day vehicle which is capable of taking you down difficult tracks, over rough ground or icy surfaces thanks to its excellent traction. * More information will be available soon on


ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009



Extra Sport

Donaldson stays, Cage arrives opted to sign for big-spenders Cáceres. Cage has been brought in to replace Jason Detrick, who has made the step up to the ACB league with Bruesa, joining exTenerife guard Antwain Barbour. However, fears that Socas would lose star player Jakim Donaldson, the league’s MVP last year, proved unfounded and the American confirmed recently that he wanted to stay for another season. The news has delighted fans and in particular coach Alejandro Martínez, who was on international duty in England with Spain’s juniors when he received the news.

While neighbours Tenerife Rural had to wait, due to financial complications, until the last minute to lodge the paperwork to compete this season, Socas had no such trouble and took full advantage of the head start on most clubs to make some impressive signings. In addition to Richi Guillén and Nacho Yañez, the La Laguna side snapped up Dan Cage who spent a few days training with the club last November but

Dan Cage will play for Socas next season

Canarian King of Siam Sergio Rodriguez spent some quality time in Tenerife during his summer break and couldn’t resist a visit to Siam Park.

The 182 participants enjoyed a splendid day and a high level of competitivity. The sponsor for the day’s event was the Hotel San Blas Reserva Ambiental. Canarian Golf Federation trophies and first tournament prizes were presented to winners in the following classifications: Nearest the hole (No. 9): Pedro Ávila Alonso Senior prize: Paul Sidney Fellows Scratch prize: Vicente Ruiz Toledo

Ladies: First category: 1st: Marta Ascanio Arroyo, 2nd Susana Fernández de Caleya, 3rd María Teresa Crawford Second category: 1st María Dolores Sebares, 2nd Beatriz Oreja Montero, 3rd Karin Beels Gentlemen: First category: 1st Iñigo Almenara Lopez, 2nd Johannes Zitzer, 3rd Adolfo Hernández Rodríguez Second category: 1st Paul Sidney Fellowes, 2nd José Medina Expósito, 3rd Ángel González Rodríguez Third category: 1st Luis Artacho Rodríguez, 2nd Andrés Manuel Chocho Martín, 3rd Adolfo Peraza Castro The III Circuit consists of a total of seven tests taking place this summer at Golf Las Américas, Tecina Golf, Buenavista Golf, Golf del Sur, Golf Costa Adeje, Abama Golf and Amarilla Golf. Entries are now being received for the fifth test which will take place at Golf Costa Adeje on August 1st. For more information, go to www.

Athletism Arona stadium

Track upgrade

The player is on holiday before joining his new club Sacramento Kings from the Portland Trail Blazers. He chickened out this trip on the 28 metres high Kamikaze slide which ends in a tank full of piranha fish, but promised he will return to give it a try. Obviously saving his strength for the new season at his new club.

Over €700,000 has been spent on the renovation of the athletic track at the Estadio Olimpico Antonio Domínguez in Playa de Las Américas.

Sergio at Siam Park


Police in the pool

The sporting police agents with La Orotava representatives before the games

Games. If you love a man or woman in a uniform, you’ll probably also enjoy watching them out of uniform in this sporting event which now

On July 18th, Golf del Sur hosted the fourth test in the III Circuito de Golf Tenerife-La Gomera.

Longest drive (Hole 3) Ladies: Georgina Day Mens: Holger Midhage


Three members of the La Orotava police force are in Vancouver in Canada to participate in the 2009 World Police and Fire

III Circuito de Golf 2009

attracts participants from over 50 different countries. Begun in San José in the USA in 1985, this biannual event has grown in popularity and is on oppor-

tunity for officers of the police, fire and customs services in their respective countries to show their athletic excellence in over 65disciplines. The 2009 World Police and Fire Games get under way on Friday, July 31st and run until August 9th. The Games are open to all full-time professional firefighters, law enforcement, customs and correctional officers from around the world, and the three from La Orotava, Yaiza Hernández Díaz, José Carlos Báez Gonzélez and Ignacio F Sánchez Marrero will all be swimming for Spain. Also taking part is Rubén Reyes, a ,member of the local police in Candelaria. He will compete in the triathlon and in a number of swimming events including the open water race where athletes swim a distance of 3.5 kilometres.

The new track was given a thorough try out during the Canarian Athletics championship during July, with a new racing cover, as well as upgrading in the long jump and high jump zones. Artificial grass was also installed in the competition zone perimeter. The authorities hope that the upgrade, using some of the best track materials on the market, will maintian the popularity of the stadium amongst Eurupean athletes at all levels.

Fuerteventura PWA

Grand Slam Credit: PWA

Socas Canarias basketball club wasted no time in July putting together a high-profile squad for the coming season.


Albeau on line for the overall title

As we go to press, Frenchman Antoine Albeau has just been declared the winner of the men’s slalom event in Sotavento. Irish born Finian Maynard will be delighted with his second place beating ex-champion Kevin Pritchard from America into third. Albeau pulls even further ahead of the field in his bid for the Overall PWA Championship.



EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009 :: ISLAND CONNECTIONS



Compiled by Doreen Lemm

10 pin bowling league results

Tenerife 8 Ball RED LEAGUE TEAM 1. The Palms Bar 2. Ten. Hammers A 3. Target Bar A 4. Toscales Old Boys 5. The Cygnets 6. Atlantis Bar 7. North & South A 8. Trap Door B 9. Phoenix Potters 10. The Terrace Bar 11. Barracuda

YELLOW LEAGUE PL W D L P 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 19

14 14 13 12 9 9 8 8 5 1 0

4 2 2 2 6 5 3 2 4 3 1

2 4 5 6 5 6 9 10 11 16 18

46 44 41 38 33 32 27 26 19 6 1



1. The Swan 2. The Brum Pub 3. Delicias La Cana 4. Trap Door A 5. Bar Nauta A 6. Rat Pack 7. Ten. Hammers B 8. Legends 9. Lupain Properties 10. Bar Nauta B 11. Target Bar B

20 20 20 19 19 20 20 20 19 20 19

15 13 12 10 9 8 7 5 5 2 1

5 5 2 1 3 4 7 7 4 3 1

0 2 6 8 7 8 6 8 10 15 17

50 44 38 31 30 28 28 22 19 9 4


Tuesday Singles League Week 5 Dave Simpson (8) No Player (0) Forfeit Ron Howling (2) Miguel Rodríguez (6) Steve Carter (2) Jeff Lemm (6) Jacquie Gibb (0) Avril Capper (8) Duncan Wallace (2) Frank Saunders (6) Martin Gronvall (4) Allan Billing (4) Dave Dixon (6) Chris Rose (2) No Player (0) Sue Long (8) Forfeit A fine 214 for Jeff and 213 for Ron.

Trophy presentation

Week 6

Winners night After a thrilling season, which saw some excellent billiards and loads of fun it was time for the presentation of the trophies. With two leagues 22 teams played it out during the season, and on

the night in question they battled for the ultimate honours, with individual trophies also being awarded, including the Island Connections Cup, which was won by Graham Saunders.


Saturday Doubles League

2016 Olympics

Madrid fears Obama effect The news that President Obama will probably attend the IOC meeting in October that will decide who hosts the 2016 Olympics has increased fears that Madrid may lose out to Chicago. Sources in the Madrid bid team admit that the Obama effect may influence at least some

Avril Capper (0) Allan Billing (8) Jeff Lemm (0) Frank Saunders (8) Duncan Wallace (2) Miguel Rodríguez (6) Dave Dixon (8) Martin Gronvall (0) Ron Howling (2) Steve Carter (6) No Player (0) Shelly Masson (6) Forfeit Chris Rose (0) Jacquie Gibb (8) Forfeit 201 for Dave Dixon

IOC voters in the crucial Copenhagen session and will make the Spanish capital’s job much harder. Publicly, the Madrid 2016 campaign is insisting that the decision is taken purely on merit and technical requirements, but concern is growing privately that American presidential influence may hold sway if Chicago gets past the first vote and enters a run-off

with Madrid. Other highprofile names who have confirmed they will be present in Copenhagen to back their cities’ bids are the Presidents of Russia and Brazil and Japan’s Prince Hirohito. Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía are also expected to attend to help Madrid’s cause.

(16) Megabowl Poppets (4) Tasca de Tranvia (12) Delfin Computer San Isidro (16) Golf Costa Adeje (0) 205 for Rogelio (Canal Ocio Dayu).

Week 25 Canal Ocio Dayu (12) Tasca de Tranvia (4) Golf Costa Adeje (12) Megabowl Poppets (4) Tasquita Damián (16) Delfin Computer San Isidro (0) An excellent 228 for Rogelio (Canal Ocio Dayu) and 201 for Frank March (Tasquita Damián).

Sunday Doubles League Week 2 Buccaneers (0) Him + Her (8) Rack ‘Ems (5) Market Taverners (3) Nothing But Trouble (1) Pinseekers (7) A 5-10 split for Steve (Him + Her).

Week 31

Week 3

No team (0) You’ll never bowl alone (8) Forfeit Happy Days (2) Buccaneers (6) I don’t normally mention scores less than 200, but as I well know, new bowlers (or hopeless older ones!) get terrific satisfaction when they play way above their average. Therefore, “well done!” to Martin (You’ll never bowl alone) for a fine 188, a new personal best for him.

Rack ‘Ems (3) Pinseekers (5) Buccaneers (5) Nothing But Trouble (3) Him + Her (5) Market Taverners (3) A fine 210 bowled by Michael (Nothing But Trouble) and 200 for Dave Simpson (Pinseekers).

Monday Fun League Week 11 Super Whites (8) No team (0) Forfeit Steptoe + Son (6) Megatramps (2)

Week 32 Pearl’s Pantry (6) Los Inflamantes (2) Buccaneers (6) No team (0) Forfeit A fine 210 for José (Los Inflamantes).

Saturday International League Doubles Canal Ocio Dayu Week 24 Tasquita Damián (0) Canal Ocio Dayu

Monday Pub League Week 10 Tenerife Royal (8) Bad Boys (0) Forfeit Buccaneer Bar (8) Café Royale (0) F.C.U.K. ‘Em (2) Fisherman’s Bar (6) Fine 200 and 222 for Michael, Tenerife Royal, 201 for Fisherman, Steve, and 200 for Buccaneer, Dave.

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009


Froch and Khan hold the fort Eugene Henderson (referee and writer) – Woe betide the boxer who does not use his brains for defensive work, but uses his skull instead. ďŹ rmed what the American Ring magazine thought of his punching power, when rating him in their top ten of the hardest punchers in the world – by pulverising Enzo Maccarinelli with an explosive early knockout to add the WBO title to his other two world title belts. One song I recall is called Let the Good Times Roll, unfortunately for British boxing they didn’t roll very long. Witter, Rees, Woods and Cook all lost their title belts. David Haye relinquished his three belts by moving up into the heavyweight division and Joe Calzaghe handed his in, when announcing his retirement from ‘Pug’s Alley’. However, all was not lost, for when I was bragging about us Brits holding nine major belts early last year, I also mentioned a British ďŹ ghter who didn’t hold any world title belt at the time, but was moving up the world super middleweight ratings. I wrote at the time that Nottingham’s Carl Froch was probably the most underrated boxer of Britain’s then, current golden crop, and that I was sure that he would take over from Calzaghe as king of the super middleweights of the future. ‘The Cobra’ as he is nicknamed, didn’t let me down, for last December he dethroned the French world champion Jean Pascal and won the WBC belt in epic fashion, in one of the


ritish Boxing has certainly had its ups and downs over the past couple of years. In a column I wrote only 18 months ago, I was bragging about what a fantastic time it was, as we packed such a punch around the world with our boxers holding nine major world title belts. Junior Witter from Bradford held the WBC version of the light welterweight title, while Ricky Hatton still held the number one ranking in the same weight division. Welshman Gavin Rees joined them as kingpins in the ten stone ranks when causing a sensational upset by clearly outpointing world champion Souleymane Mbaye to capture the WBA belt. Another Welshman, Joe Calzaghe, ďŹ nally emerged as a world boxing superstar by taking the WBA and WBC title belts off the tough, talented and until then unbeaten super middleweight Mikkel Kessler from Denmark, to add to his WBO belt, which he was defending for the 21st time. We also had a major title belt holder in the light heavyweight division in Yorkshireman Clinton Woods who won the IBF belt due to his tenacity, his toughness and his never-saydie attitude. Scotland’s Alex Arthur was in the top ten of the world’s super featherweight ranking and was the holder of the interim WBO belt. He would later lose in a ďŹ ght with London’s Nicky Cook for the vacant WBO title. Another Londoner, David Haye, reigned supreme at the top of the world cruiserweight division after his incredible come-from-behind seventh round stoppage of champion JeanMarc Mormeck in Paris in November 2007, to claim the world WBA and WBC titles. Four months later, Haye con-

By George Reed

Carl Froch in pre-training at the Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, Co Mayo in Ireland

most thrilling ďŹ ghts of recent years. The two ďŹ ghters went at it with ‘hammer and tongs’, giving and receiving thunderous punches over 12 rounds before Froch was given the points decision on all three judges’ cards. The ďŹ ght was shown live on ITV and drew an audience of around ďŹ ve million. Yet, the conďŹ dent and brave Froch didn’t sit back on his laurels and wait for a contender to come to his comfort zone of England to challenge him for his title, like most have done before him. Instead, the Englishman travelled to the United States to meet the ďŹ rst challenger for his world title belt, in his neck of the woods. The venue was the MGM

FOOTBALL Pre season

Grand, but not the one in Las Vegas, venue for many world title ďŹ ghts. The venue for this showdown between Britain’s last authentic world champion still standing, and America’s Jermain Taylor, the former undisputed middleweight world champion, was on a tribal reservation in Mashantucket, Connecticut, home of the Mashantucket and Pequet peoples. A strange part being that when Indian tribes like these were ďŹ nally given their own lands by the US government, they found themselves exempt from the laws in such states as Connecticut which prohibit gambling. So the previously persecuted natives opened hotels with casinos and grew rich, while

politicians in some state capitals struggled to balance their budgets. A few years ago I stayed in a similar hotel a few miles outside Canastota, New York State, when visiting for the annual International Boxing Hall of Fame week. Believe me, the hotel was something else, even if it was stuck out in the wilds, but the surprising thing for me was that you couldn’t purchase alcohol anywhere in the hotel, although I soon found out that you could take your own into the hotel! Not to worry, I thought to myself, I’m on an Indian reservation, I must be able to obtain a bottle of ‘bootleg hooch’ somewhere. But to no avail. Eventually, I spotted someone standing by a rickety old van outside the hotel who looked the double of Gabby Hayes, the old Western ďŹ lm star, and to cut a long story short, he drove me around for hours searching for a store that was open and sold liquer. At long last we found one, and after the van had ‘conked out’ a couple of times on the return journey, we eventually arrived back at the hotel four hours after we set off. Anyway, back to the big ďŹ ght in Mashantucket which more or less went according to the script, with Jermain Taylor starting like an express train with a repertoire of sharp jabs, fast right crosses and well timed counter


hooks, while our man Froch appeared to be half asleep during the ďŹ rst few rounds. He still wasn’t getting his punches off by the third round but Taylor was, and he caught the Nottingham man with a fast right hander, which plonked him on the canvas for the ďŹ rst time in his 24-ďŹ ght, unbeaten career. It was wake-up time for Froch and by the sixth round he was at last looking dangerous, as he pressed the American back. He continued to pressure Taylor over the next few rounds, realising he was behind on the judges’ scorecards. Still behind going into the 12th and ďŹ nal round and with Taylor tiring, Froch dropped his foe with a clubbing right hand. Taylor got to his feet at the count of nine but had nothing left in his armoury. Froch, knowing he needed a stoppage to win, and with time running out for him, drove Taylor back to his corner and ďŹ red 16 punches at his opponent without one return. So the referee stopped the ďŹ ght with only 14 seconds left, which meant Froch had become only the tenth boxer in world title ďŹ ght history to KO his opponent in the ďŹ nal round when behind on points! The ďŹ ght was shown live on America’s major Showtime television, and his win will give him a high proďŹ le in the United States. He deserved to be treated with greater merit back home as Britain’s only boxing world champion. Since then, of course, Amir Khan has won the WBA title belt and the kid looked good doing it, after moving up to Ricky Hatton’s weight division. A ďŹ ght between the two Brits? I wouldn’t bank on it! On second thoughts, if they did meet, at least we would still retain the world title belt whichever ďŹ ghter won!

Moving home ? ... Call Est. 1988

Easy friendlies for Tenerife Tenerife’s pre-season training programme does not include any games against first division opponents. None of the nine friendlies scheduled by the club to prepare for the coming season, the side’s fourth appearance in the

top ight, will be against teams Tenerife will come up against as of the end of August. The list includes several games against junior and third division sides in the Canaries, followed by tougher tests against Elche, Cartagena and recently-relegated Betis, all

from the second division. Fans in the south of the island can see the team in action against local outďŹ t Marino in Los Cristianos on 5 August. Club sources say the schedule might change if an interesting possibility for a friendly arises.

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Cycling Tour de France

Christian Living Room take the title PREMIER 7S LEAGUE SUMMARY A big congratulation to Christian Lee’s The Living Room Christian Centre who, with two games to go in the present season, have won the Soccer Experience 7’s Premier league on their first attempt. But there’s more – they have also reached their league title without defeat, so well done to all those involved in the squad, raising the mark for all their opponents to reach . Team España have had a great two weeks with victories in both their games, and they are looking to have their strongest season thus far with the Soccer Experience 7s. Exiles bar have continued what has been a difficult season for them, most recently with a win and a loss and they must be the most unpredictable team in the league, but a great win over Taylor’s Lounge must give them confidence. The team has struggled this season, but with new players to the league every match will bring more experience for

a game in hand. Both sides have been neck and neck all season and as we reach the final weeks there’s still nothing between them. The two teams met last week and it was a fantastic top of the table clash with Tenerife Warriors eventually strolling the game to win 7:3 and be in pole position in these last two weeks of play. Billy Ions and Damian’s Cold flow kept their strong finish to the season going with another great win and look to have their best finish yet.

the coming season.The team of the week has got to be Morfitt Properties with two great wins. Captain Lee has transformed the team, now playing some great confident football and looking to rise up the table in the last few games.

MASTERS 7S LEAGUE SUMMARY With two games to go the league could not be closer with Lee Martin’s Tenerife Warriors top and Taylor’s Masters in second place three points behind but with

Harley’s American restaurant had a bad run of form last month but managed to finally get a win to consolidate what is a great season


1. The Living Room 2. Team España 3. Taylor’s Lounge 4. Exiles Bar, Silencio 5. Morfitt Properties 6. 7. Eclipse Cafe, Callao

Played 16 16 16 17 15 17 16

W 13 9 9 8 6 6 4

D 3 2 0 0 2 1 2

L 0 5 7 9 7 10 10

GF GA 109 102 110 102 75 100 91


62 84 78 125 78 117 114

42 29 27 24 20 19 14





11 11 9 9 7 6 5 4 2


3 0 2 1 1 1 2 2 0


2 4 4 5 7 7 7 10 14


108 110 81 85 81 100 86 71 81


62 57 71 63 82 94 98 136 134

36 33 29 28 22 19 17 14 6

for the boys and their form could still decide the winners as they play Taylor’s lounge in the last fixture. Hole in the Wall with captain Keith are having an up and down season but this is their first in the Masters and they seem to be improving with every game. Last season’s winners Morfitt Masters have struggled so far this season to get consistency, but drew on their experience to win one of the games of the week 11:10 with big Martin Armstrong up front scoring five to come from behind to beat Hole in the Wall.

CHAMPIONS 7S LEAGUE The team to beat so far this season is the Canarian team as they have hit great form and are playing some nice football with a game in hand over the chasing pack. They currently sit top of the league and with another two victories over the last two weeks are looking favourites for promotion. Cyril’s Creations have also found some decent form. Captain Hoppy and his team are looking confident for future weeks. Dreamers Bar, after losing their last couple of games, managed to get back on track with a good win over Exiles Bar B and will now want to climb back up the table. Blair’s Exiles Bar B team has to get a special mention for their good fun attitude and also consistency in numbers with at least 12 players at each

game they are a credit to the Championship LeagueTeams needed for 35’s league One of the main objectives of the Soccer Experience 7s leagues is to get guys playing football for fun and exercise again and some of the older guys are having a blast playing football again for the first time in a while! Because of this we have decided to start a specific league for the older guys! Teams like Grandee O’Donnell’s and Exiles-B are filled with guys over 35 years old, so we are on the lookout for any players or maybe a team within your bar to join this new league slower motion league starting in September. If any individual players or teams are interested in playing in any one of our present and future leagues and/or our weekly friendlies: please contact: 654200470 or email: and check out the website for more info: www.

TEAM PROFILE: THE LIVING ROOM CHRISTIAN CENTRE First up we have Walshy an ex Huddersfield town professional player holding the middle, his vision and skill have carved open many a defence, big Joe on the left with his shot can score from anywhere, Scottish Jamie a brick wall at the back. Matty and Kyle our fiery lad’s but truly deadly in front of goal, and Mr consistent Scott holding the back line. Our keepers Wayne and Deano have been match winners themselves this season with Deano making one of the saves of the season. Ronny and Robbie finish the team but both have been crucial members of the squad along with the magical Brad. Thanks to sponsors Silencio Church who do a great job in the community and Linekers Bar who have also been a great help with games.

Unhappy winner

Spaniard Alberto Contador, winner of this year’s Tour de France, has spoken of his poor working relationship with team mate Lance Armstrong to the press, saying it wasn’t easy and that he didn’t respect him. Contador, who also won the Tour in 2007, said that “on this Tour the days in the hotel were harder than those on the road”, and that the situation was “tense and delicate as the relationship between himself and Lance extended to the rest of the staff”. He said he understood that it was inevitable that the team trainer Johan Bruyneel would have more in common with Armstrong considering the years they have spent working together, and on his future with the Astaná team he refused to be drawn, but did add “I’m not sure where I am going, but one thing is clear; it will be with a team that is 100 per cent behind me”. He compared his situation to that of the Formula One McLaren team when they had both Alonso and Hamilton as drivers. Armstrong in the meantime seems to be unable to disconnect after the race and is following the Madrid born cyclist’s comment with interest. The Texan lost no time in replying to Contador’s declaration after the race in his space on Twitter. “Seeing these comments from AC, if I were him I’d drop this drivel and start thanking his team. without them, he doesn’t win.” Referring to Contador’s famous pistol shooting action when he celebrates a win, his next message read, “hey pistolero, there is no ‘i’ in ‘team’. what did I say in March? Lots to learn. Restated.” Armstrong, who was repeatedly criticised by Contador during the race for ignoring team orders, has announced his intention of forming his own team for next year. The disputes continue to run especially as comments by Contador were badly translated in the British press, he said he didn’t admire Armstrong on a personal level as an individual, but he did admire him as a champion and a cyclist.

Sport NEWS

ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 596 :: 31/07/2009 - 14/08/2009



Here we go, here we go By Chris Todd


he CD Tenerife preseason is in full swing with intensive training sessions the order of the day in suffocating temperatures peaking at 35ºC. After one week on the Island the training base has now switched to the island of La Palma and the Northern town of Barlovento which is renowned for its cooler conditions. Here the players will spend eight days at the exclusive Hotel Palma Romántica with its nearby grass football pitches and will participate in two friendly matches against local teams. The first will be played this Friday July 31st against SD Tensica and the next game will be played against a La Palma selection on Sunday August 2nd at mid-day. New signings Aitor Nuñez from Atletico Madrid and Carlos Bellvis from Valencia have settled in very well according to reports. As many as six more signings are expected in the coming weeks and the rumour mill has been spinning out of control amongst the Island’s media due to the lack of transfer activity.

Fans are gearing up for an excellent season

The CD Tenerife director of football, Santiago Llorente, is a shrewd operator and has worked miracles before on shoestring budgets - the club is safe in his knowledgeable hands. Strong rumours do persist however that the blanquiazules are about to sign Cameroonian N’Gal from Nastic de Tarragona

Basketball English player to move

who would link up with his compatriot Daniel Kome. Another couple of young players that have been linked with a loan move to CD Tenerife are Pedro and Jeffren from FC Barcelona. Both youngsters, who originate from Tenerife, played and scored last weekend at Wembley for FC Barcelona in their matches against Tottenham and Al Ahly. Hopefully their good performances at the Wembley Cup have not attracted wealthier clubs.

The transfer policy adopted by the club is clear; either signing up-and-coming hungr y youngsters or quality players that have perhaps fallen on a bad run of form. Tenerife is not in the market for multi-million euro transfer deals that is for sure and “consolidation” is the key word for Tenerife’s first season back in the big time. Two players that may fall into the ‘quality players out of form’ bracket are Angulo and Hugo Viana from Valencia CF. Portugese

Freeland to go to Unicaja Cristo moves to Footbal


English basketball star Joel Freeland is leaving Gran Canaria.

The 22-year-old from Farnham in Surrey, who was picked by Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA draft a couple of summers ago but has been allowed to stay on in Europe to improve his game, has been courted by several top sides in recent weeks, including Maccabi Tel Aviv from Israel. However as we go to press it would seem that the winning bid has come from one of the biggest clubs in Spain, Unicaja Malaga, who tabled a formal buy-out bid with the league on 20 July after failing to reach an agreement with Gran Canaria. Freeland has been offered a five-year deal worth over four million euros. Gran Canaria decided not to match the offer and released the forward. Freeland will be taking part with Team GB in a four-team tournament in Seville later in August as part of the preparations for September’s European Championship in Poland.


Swimming Synchronised gold


Stairway to heaven

Former captain Cristo Marrero has decided against a move abroad after being released by Spain have finally and deservedly won gold newly-promoted CD Tenerife. medal in the recent swimming world championAccording to the media, 31-year-old Marrero, whose ships in Rome. departure has angered many fans, looked as if he was heading to Belgium but he has decided to stay in the Canaries and play for Gran Canaria side Universidad in second division B. Marrero says he hopes to help his new club return to the second division where they spent a brief spell at the start of the decade. As we reported in our last edition, Universidad have also signed ex-Tenerife midfielder Cristo Martín, who played five first-team games last season.

a Car


International Hugo Viana was a teenage sensation when he signed for Newcastle United for 12 million euros back in 2002 but his career has seen many ups and downs. Miguel Angulo enjoyed a successful period at Valencia but has fallen out of favour in recent times and both players would relish resurrecting their careers at CD Tenerife in La Liga. Meanwhile back in Santa Cruz the city is gearing up to welcome some of the world’s best players this season. The stadium is benefiting from a two and a half million euro modification which includes

a spacious new media zone complete with lifts, improvements to the changing rooms (which may include extra mirrors in the away changing room for the visit of Cristiano Ronaldo) and also work to make the roof in the main stand water tight. One interesting project for fans is the removal of the seats in a large section of the ‘Popular Baja’ area. This section, populated by the most vocal supporters of the blanquiazules, will be transformed into an all standing area. Instead of the normal seats a thin strip of plastic will be used to make standing easier but will also comply with the Uefa rules for all seated stadiums. Season ticket sales surpassed all expectations and the limit of 17,000 holders will be reached by the start of the season without doubt. Only renovations are now being taken as all the 7,000 new season tickets options sold out in four crazy days. The club could have easily sold the whole stadium but they wanted to keep match day tickets available in every stand throughout the season. Exciting times indeed for Tenerife with, at long last, the world’s media focussed on the island from the end of August, with millions of people watching the Spanish Primera Division live every week. Let’s hope Tenerife can put on a good show!

The first foreign Rent a Car in Tenerife!

The team, including Thaïs Henriquez from Gran Canaria, took the title after an terrific routine to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, even including a little air guitar play in the routine. The routine earned the team a score of 98.333 an a gold medal that had eluded them for so long. The Gran Canarian swimmer told press, “it’s a very exciting moment. We feel as though we are on cloud nine. I think the difference from the others is the way we expressed ourselves.”

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8 436012 301118



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