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100th anniversary of sand carpets in La Orotava

The Word of God over time

A new design variant with a call to take care of one’s neighbour

This year La Orotava's sand carpets celebrate their 100th anniversary. The preparations are already in full swing and will commemorate, among other things, the first carpet made in honour of the Corpus Christi festival, designed by Felipe Machado. This year, flowers and twigs will be integrated into the design of the main square carpet as an exception and not just coloured sand from Las Cañadas, as is usual. With the motto 'La

Palabra de Dios a través de los tiempos' (The Word of God over time), this year the carpet, about a thousand square metres in size, will not be divided into three parts with various religious motifs, but the complete design will have a large triangle at its centre. The current director of the sand carpet in front of the town hall, Domingo González Expósito, recently explained the details during its presentation. The main area shows

Jesus preaching to his disciples, a scene which is dominated by bright and cheerful colours. Then there is a depiction of Saint Francis of Assisi, who began to follow Jesus' example about 800 years ago. It is also a symbol of the arrival of the Franciscans in La Orotava and the foundation of the monastery of San Lorenzo 500 years ago. The third part of the central triangle shows a little boy asking for help. He is a reminder of our Christian

mission to love our neighbour and to help him or her to the best of our ability. In times of refugee debates, social division and migration movements, this is a topical issue. The rectangle directly behind the triangle in the centre is a reminder of the first carpets made in 1919. As an exception, flowers, eucalyptus caps and shells will be used in this representation, as was probably the case 100 years ago. There are no photos from this period, only sketches. The third part consists of flower garlands, which frame the artwork at the upper edge and on the sides. They are reminiscent of typical Mexican garlands made of tissue paper. The two floral decorations on the side, measuring approximately 20 square metres, will be created this year in collaboration with representatives of the Brussels Flower Carpet Association, who have been invited as guests of honour for the 100th anniversary. The festive programme in La Orotava began in mid-May with the first events, and the main festival takes place between June 23 and 30. The highlights are the Corpus Christi festival with the sand carpets on June 27, followed by the Baile de Magos (a street dance in traditional dress), the livestock parade and the large n Romería on June 30.

Gang struck ten times

Waterworks’ thefts Guardia Civil officers based at Costa Teguise in Lanzarote are currently investigating three men and one woman between the ages of 28 and 49 years who are accused of having broken into ten waterworks installations. Most recently, they struck at a water tank in Caleta de Famara. The suspects always used the same methods, violently invading the premises and deliberately stealing expensive technical equipment. For example they have taken special batteries, flow meters and solar cells which are valued at €28,636.44. In Caleta de Famara, devices were stolen which were valued at over €4,000. The booty was sold afterwards via a locutorio in Arrecife (a kind of internet/international phone connection café), the owner of which presumably received the stolen goods. The majority of the goods were sold abroad and shipped from the port in Arrecife, making it almost impossible to trace and recover the majority of them. Later a series of burglaries were reported on the island that were so similar that the police suspected that there might be a gang behind them. The Local and National Police as well as the Guardia Civil on the island were involved in the investigation. An important lead finally came from the public in the form of a vehicle licence plate that appeared suspicious to a passer-by. The Local Police in Teguise stopped this car as part of a check and actually found some of the stolen goods inside. As a result, those in the car, 29-year-old E.O.G. and 33-year-old E.C.L., both from Arrecife, were arrested. During the course of the investigation two further accomplices as well as an n alleged receiver of goods were identified.

The gang specialised in stealing high-tech equipment

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