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Arrecife Council criticism

Cleaning up San Ginés

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Lanzarote’s Island President Pedro San Ginés recently congratulated the Association of Recreational Fishermen at Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife for their effective and determined cooperation for the benefit of the environment. In collaboration with the office of the Biosphere Reserve and the Island Council, nine boats abandoned in the small bay were disposed of. The costs of the crane and scrapping were borne by the initiative, whilst the Arrecife Council simply looked the other way. It did not participate in the initiative in any way. The Charco de San Ginés, a small bay in the heart of the city, is one of Arrecife’s most striking areas whose charm is difficult to ignore. This makes it all the more important to maintain the ecosystem and the beautiful image, and abandoned, old boats that flounder in the water always mean a risk for the environment. Thanks to the Association of Recreational Fishermen, the owners of the boats have been located and the necessary permits for scrapping have been obtained. The bill for crane and disposal was paid by the Biosphere Office. As soon as the work was done, the Arrecife Council issued a message to this effect, giving the impression that it had ordered the cleaning. However, the actual instigators from the Island Council quickly made the situation clear. It would seem that administrations shouldn’t give themselves credit for the work done by others, especially so n shortly before the local and regional elections.

The clean up was organised by the Island Council, the recreational fishermen and the Biosphere Reserve office

Positive April balance

Lowest unemployment rate in eleven years

According to data from the Canary Islands Observatory for the Labour Market and Education (OBECAN), 3,041 inhabitants of Puerto de La Cruz were registered as unemployed in April this year. This represents a decrease of 2.34 per cent compared with April last year and is also the best rate in eleven years. Last month, 1,066 new contracts were signed and of these, 621 were in the hotel sector alone, which is the leader in terms of new hiring. This was followed by trade and services with 347 new employees and construction with 58 new employment contracts. Agriculture (7) and industry (33) are more negligible in this northern metropolis. Among the unemployed, there are more who have only attended primary school (1,663 people) than those who have completed upper secondary school (1,034). In third place are academics (180) and the unemployed with vocational training (164). In terms of gender distribution, the situation is roughly the same, with 525 men and 541 women currently unemployed. The unemn ployment rate has been falling steadily this year.

Tourism is the strongest economic motor in the northern city

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