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Master Thesis on E-Mobility

The Road to Busan project The Korean engineer ChangHyun Moon who lives in Gran Canaria, expected to depart on May 15 to implement his Road to Busan project. As part of his Master thesis, he wants to travel in an electric car from Gran Canaria to Busan in South Korea, and is being accompanied by the actor and movie director Domingo

gate the world as captain of a Korean fishing fleet and he drove through the Pacific region, across the Panama Canal and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Canary Islands. There the journey ended and the family never returned to South Korea, just like another 10,000 Koreans who came and stayed in the archipelago in the

ades ago by land. The itinerary starts by ferry from Gran Canaria to Morocco and then crosses the Straits of Gibraltar in another boat. On the Spanish Peninsula the journey continues through Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, via Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, SlovaSaúl López believes in a faster transition to e-mobility than previously assumed

The trip to Busan will be a personal and sustainable challenge for the intrepid pair

kia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China to South Korea. The two aim to reach their goal in 60 days.

Cheaper e-Mobility on the Canary Islands The project was presented in Las Palmas at the Movelec fair at the end of April. There were numerous exhibitors of electric vehicles on two and four wheels. The experts on site

de Luis who will document the journey, which is aimed at creating awareness of sustainable development. During this trip of more than 17,000 kilometres through 22 countries, not one litre of petrol is to be consumed. The 204hp vehicle, a Hyundai Kona with a 64 kilowatt battery and a range of 449 kilometres, is being provided by Hyundai Canarias. Yuna, as the Korean is popularly known, came to Gran Canaria with his family. His father wanted to circumnavi-

60s during the fishing boom on the Islands. Today Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has the only King Sejong Institute in Spain, an equivalent to the Cervantes Institute, which cultivates Korean culture and language in the Canary Islands. There are also Korean supermarkets and schools and the ports of Las Palmas and Busan are connected by their brotherhood organisations. Yuna now wants to complete the journey his father began dec-

Álvaro Sauras explained at the trade fair how to recharge an e-car - as easy as charging a laptop battery

predicted a faster implementation than previously assumed. "Sustainable e-mobility will be faster than previously assumed, and many people believe it will not take as long as the predicted 30 years. Within the next three to four years, there will already be e-cars on the used car market that are cheaper than their combustion engine counterparts," believes Saúl López, Youtuber and expert in sustainable e-mobility. Specialist journal-

ist Álvaro Sauras stressed that it is cheaper to drive an e-car in the Canary Islands than on the Peninsula, due to lower purchase tax, tax relief and the geography of the Islands. Emilio Mellado, Managing Director of World Wide Mobility, who comes from Lanzarote, announced the introduction of the Chipiapp in Gran Canaria this year. In Madrid, the app is already being used by over 70,000 people and is currently being launched in other major cities such as Barcelona. Similar to search engines for flights and accommodation, it can be used to compare prices and e-mobility services and to reserve electric vehicles with two and four wheels. "The millenials, the generation between 18 and 30 years of age, are less and less interested in owning a vehicle themselves, but prefer to pay a monthly contribution and then order a vehicle as needed," he explained. This also favours the shift to more sustainable mobility. In addition, the vehicles are cheaper to maintain, quieter and, of course, create less pollution. According to the experts, a rethinking of the mobility of n the future is in full swing.

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