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16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019

Tender awarded At the beginning of May, the Tenerife Island Council announced that the company Tropical Turistica Canaria SL, led by Ignacio Polanco Moreno, had won the public tender for the renovation of the Hotel Taoro in Puerto de La Cruz. The company initially foresees an investment of €25 million for the renovation of the building, the facilities and the lush garden surrounding the ancient hotel. In addition, a mandatory annual investment of €380,000 is to be made towards the preservation of the building. In the last 10




Rebirth of the Hotel Taoro

The historic Hotel Taoro in Puerto de La Cruz in its heyday

years of the 60 year lease, an additional €3.8 million will be

Lower rates for self employed

Help for entrepreneurs

The €300 million in surplus that the Canary Islands Government is currently allocating will be used, among other things, to support new entrepreneurs. A total of six meuros will go towards helping new selfemployed people to make their start-up easier. With the subsidy, the monthly Seguridad Social contribution (national insurance), which is normally at least €283, will be reduced to €50 for two years and the difference will be paid by the Canary Islands Government. Thus entrepreneurs will save at least €2,796 annually in the first two years. Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo announced the subsidy will be retroactive from January 2019. “Increasingly frequently our residents opt for independence and we are happy to support this step” he explained. The Councillor for Taxation Rosa Dávila added “At the end of last year at over four per cent, we had the highest growth rate in self employed of all the n independent communities in the country”.

invested in the optimal preservation of the building. The annual lease itself amounts to €485,000, suspended until the initial investment is compensated up to a maximum of €29.1 million. The Island Council will contribute a further €15 million towards the building renovation. Supposedly, during the course of the reforms, the Hotel Taoro is once again to become what it originally was, a luxury hotel - the best in the town. In addition, sustainable aspects are to be taken into account and employees trained. In fact, the Hotel Taoro can look back on a long history that makes it a particularly striking property. It was inaugurated in 1890 and was the first grand hotel in Spain. For over 100 years, the well-to-do stayed in this iconic hotel, which overlooks Puerto de La Cruz and is sit-

The striking 19th century building towers over the northern city with an impressive panoramic view

Externally, it looks the same today

uated in a lush garden with mature trees. From the hill above, the view sweeps over the town with its colourful

hustle and bustle, down to the Martiánez swimming pool on the coast and over the Atlantic Ocean to the horizon.

Members of great royal houses, such as the Duke of Windsor Edward VIII, the King of Spain Alfonso XIII, the Dukes of Kent and King Albert I of Belgium, have laid their royal heads to rest in the rooms behind the thick walls in the past. Even the world-famous writer Agatha Christie once sought relaxation and inspiration in this hotel. It’s therefore all the more important that this historic building, which is of particular architectural beauty and still exudes the charm of past glories, is finally to be n revived.

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