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16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019 leakage, improves the condition of the nerves responsible for the erection and the tone of the perineum muscles involved in maintaining an erection. In addition, the supply of blood vessels to the pelvis and perineum is stimulated and fibrosis can be treated after traumas and operations.


Main disorders and physiotherapy About 20 per cent of men in Spain suffer from erectile dysfunction, and many will suffer with prostrate disorders. In these cases, physiotherapy supports drug treatment

Healthy sexuality in the autumn years raises the quality of life

Physiotherapists should generally contribute to people getting to know and feel their bodies better through lectures and courses on sex education for adults and self knowledge therapies. This enables many changes to be recognised in time and countered where necessary.



as well as surgical interventions, prostheses and injections, by strengthening the pelvic floor. These exercises also help with premature ejaculation, which affects around 30 per cent of Spaniards. Only about three to nine per cent of men worldwide suffer from Peyronie's disease. This

How can sexual disorders be countered through physiotherapeutic exercises? The experts answered this question during the three-day course

means a strong curvature of the erect penis due to a thickening of the tissue. Penetration can thus become impossible or very painful. With physiotherapy the problem can also be countered with pelvic floor exercises and the changing of one's own body perception and in the physio-

and psychotherapeutic behaviour patterns. For women, a decrease in libido and interest in sex is the first priority. If medical causes are excluded, physiotherapy can help by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal muscles and by correcting posture. About a

quarter of women of childbearing age most often have problems maintaining their state of arousal during intercourse or reaching orgasm during normal intercourse. Exercises to promote blood circulation and to strengthen the pelvic floor as well as the spinal cord nerve of the clitoris are physi-

otherapeutic approaches. In the case of pain disorders during or after penetration, which can occur to varying degrees, physiotherapy can supplement medical treatment with scar massages, high-frequency thermotherapy, breathing exercises, abdominal, postural and n electro stimulation.

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