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Physiotherapy can help

Taboo topic - sexual disorders of the closet and addressed openly. "There are still too few experts in this field in the public health sector and it’s therefore important to raise awareness of the problem in many medical fields. In future, specifically trained personnel will be able to treat problems of the pelvic floor, incontinence or organ prolapses and the resulting displacement of the uterus, rectum or vagina. "So far, this has been a topic that has received little attention and little schooling" the experts note.

Although public opinion tends to associate sexual problems

about 60 per cent of postmenopausal women have symptoms of sexual dysfunction. These include loss of libido, arousal disorders, difficulty in reaching orgasm or dyspareunia, which means pain during intercourse," explained Laia Blanco Ratto, Stéphane Kaufmann and Inés Ramírez. According to statistics, about 19 per cent of men between the ages of 25 and 70 years in Spain suffer from erectile dysfunction. Among women, about one in three suffer from low sexual desire and one in four women of childbearing age complain of orgasm disorders. Physiotherapists point out that, in many cases, multidisciplinary treatment can make an

with men, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, scientific studies from Europe and the USA show that sexual problems are even more common in women. "In fact, about one-fifth of young women and

effective contribution to stimulating sexuality. In women, exercises can normalise the cramps and bleeding disorders of the vagina and improve the muscles of the perineum. In men, physiotherapy helps with erectile dysfunction due to venous

It can affect anyone

By Sabine Virgin Although the subject of sex is present everywhere in the 21st century, it remains a taboo subject that is reluctantly spoken of. Feelings of shame about supposed incapacity makes many people remain silent and 'come to terms' with it. But disorders of erection and libido or the absence of orgasm are not as rare as the person concerned might think and there are many possibilities to return to a satisfying sexual relationship, even when little information is supplied by the patient. This is something that the Chamber of Canarian Physiotherapists (Colegio Oficial de Fisioterapeutas de Canarias

- COFC) recently looked into and they presented the latest techniques for relieving chronic pelvic pain and painful sexual dysfunctions. Physiotherapists play a crucial and it would seem a previously relatively unknown role in the treatment of patients with this type of disorder and in the general sexual education of the public. Almost two dozen participants took advantage of this training course in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which was led by experts from Barcelona Laia Blanco Ratto, Stéphane Kaufmann and Inés Ramírez. It’s known from medical surveys that about 68 per cent of those affected by sexual disorders in the Canary Islands do not seek medical help, either

out of shame, not wanting to emabarrass the medical staff or simply because they don't know who to turn to. One focus of the course was on painful malfunctions of the pelvis and sexual organs. Dealing with them not only leads to a normal sex life, but also has a positive effect on the general well-being and self-confidence of both sexes. Social relationships can also suffer from ongoing disorders in this area. As a result, the problem affects the quality of life of both the affected person and the partner. The causes can be of an organic, psychological or functional nature and are often not treated due to ignorance. "It’s important that the public learn to appreciate

The three Catalan physiotherapists Laia Blanco Ratto, Stéphane Kaufmann and Inés Ramírez Sexual disorders burden a partnership at any age

the benefits of physiotherapy within a multidisciplinary treatment and understand in how many areas it can have a positive influence" explained the Catalan physiotherapists. They argue that the taboo topic should be taken out

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