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100th anniversary

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Too few births in the Canaries The Spanish Institute for Family Policy (IPF) has warned about the lack of births in almost all Spanish independent communities, the only exception being the Region of Murcia. The Canary Islands, along with Asturias and Cantabria, are among the communities with the worst situation. The indicators of birth rate, marriages and family support are very poor in the Canary Islands where there are more deaths than births. The age of women giving birth to their first child has been increasing since 1980, while the number of children per family is decreasing. Read more on page two

Worrying demographic figures

Red carpet for equality

ARN Culture & Business Pride 2019 The Canary Islands have been known in the gay scene for decades and stand for tolerance and mutual respect. Many same-sex couples had already settled on the islands long before the subject was as integrated into society as it is today. Cristina Valido, the Canary Islands Government Minister for Employment, Social Policies and Housing, announced that a bill had been drafted in record time to guarantee social equality and non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual characteristics. It was developed in collaboration with the LGTBI collective and presented in Santa Cruz de Tenerife at the beginning of May. For 18 years the Maspalomas Gay Pride event has been celebrated annually in May for one week, an experience during which parties and shows are held every day. In contrast, Arona’s ARN Culture &

Photo credit: Álvaro Carrillo

Demographic data

The photographer and artist Ernesto Artillo has himself already been a guest at the ARN Culture Pride twice as a prizewinner and presenter. This photo of him was taken in Cortijo Boquera Morilla by architect Álvaro Carrillo and stands for the fact that all people are equal

Business Pride, which is being celebrated for the third time this year, has a serious side to it. This festival, which also provides entertainment with music and a colourful programme, stands for the

equality of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. The Lesbian, Gay, Trans-, Bi-, Inter- and Queersexual Community, LGTBIQ, is the focus, but it is not a festival comparable to the Maspalomas

Pride or the parades on the Spanish Peninsula. Rather, it focuses on social and professional successes and social commitment. Continued on page two





Equality for all

Chilean transsexual actress and singer Daniela Vega in the Espiritú category, the Spanish artist and designer Coco Capitán in the New Talent category and the American Nyle DiMarco, who is a deaf person who works as a model and actor, will also be honoured. He will receive the award in the Diverse category.

A celebration with a social background

which at the same time raises social awareness. It also fills a gap, especially in the low season," explained David Pérez, Councillor for Tourism.

Prominent prize winners Numerous well-known personalities who will be honoured at the Alan Turing Awards on June 21, such as the US television and sports personality Caitlyn Jenner, have already announced their attendance. Caitlyn was a decathlete at the Olympic Games in 1976 and won the gold medal as a man. Now she appears as a woman and will receive the Award in the Life category. The Belgian director and screenwriter Lukas Dhont in the Cine category, the

Concerts for the equality of all people

Caitlyn Jenner won the gold medal in decathlon as a man in 1976

Prizes also go to the company Juan Julià, to the organisation Carlos Umaña, to Yellow Mel-

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Further highlights are the concerts that take place on June 21 and 22, each evening in the open air at the Arenas Blancas car park in Playa de Las Américas where a wide variety of music and styles will be represented. Among others, the artist Neneh Cherry, who has been successful for 25 years, will be on stage. The group Hercules and Love Affair, led by Andy Butler, will travel from America, and Putochinomaricón, A relaxed atmosphere on the beach (archive photo)

Photo: ARN

Continued from front page This is why, for example, the red carpet is rolled out in Playa de Las Américas for the numerous celebrities who come to attend the event. One of the highlights is the Alan Turing Awards gala, hosted by model and actress Rossy de Palma and actor Brays Efe on June 21, which will be open to the public for the first time this year. "This year's festival will be very international," announced Mayor José Julián Mena. "With this festival we would like to underline our unconditional commitment to the equality of all people. Everyone should have the same opportunities, no matter who they love, and that's why we started this festival two years ago. It has not only become established, but has also grown enormously and gained in importance," he added. "It’s a festival that is observed internationally and that is a tourist product

lows, Javier Cid and Ángela Ponce as well as to Fabrice Houdart for the UN Free and Equal campaign. As an international organisation, the NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber of Commerce) and the Intergroup on LGTBIQ Rights will be awarded the European Prize. A musical performance by Pepino Marino & Crawford as well as sets by the duo Monarchy and the group Miss Caffeina will provide great entertainment during the gala.

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Nancys Rubias, David Rees, Miss Caffeina, the electronic pop duo Monarchy, the reggae rock band La Jarana and the Costa Rican techno house DJ

Lawrence Casal are expected. Last year, more than 12,000 people enjoyed the concerts, and this year at least similar n numbers are expected.

Lack of family support?

Birth/death ratio slipping

Continued from front page For a society, the critical phase begins with one child per woman. In the Canary Islands there are currently just 1.05 children, and the mothers are on average over 31 years old. Another aspect is the increase in the number of children born outside marriage. In the Canary Islands, this already affects two out of three children. Since 1980, 2.2 million pregnancies have been terminated in the Canary Islands. “The lack of support for families is an important aspect responsible for the data. In the Canary Islands there are aid packages, but only for those in the lower income brackets. This seriously worsens the demographic indicators of birth rate and marriage” notes Eduardo Hertfelder, director of the IPF. The Canarians are also cautious when it comes to marriage. On average, couples are already 38.4 years old when they decide to take this step and, as in the rest of the country, almost one in two marriages in the archipelago results in divorce. Increasingly, couples are opting only for a civil wedding and not for a church ceremony. This makes it clear that even in Spain which is a Catholic country, the attitude and thus the social structure is changing dramatically. Children no longer necessarily live together with their parents who move to where the work is and that can also be outside the archipelago. The demands of the young generation, as everywhere in Europe, have changed and planning a family no longer comes first. The study predicts that nationwide, if nothing fundamental changes, one out of three communities in Spain will see their population decrease in the next 15 years. The Canary Islands overall are not acutely affected yet, but the smaller islands of the archipelago are. The population is actually growing, especially on the two main islands, and is already over two million, yet the current demographic n trend is not healthy and gives cause for concern.

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Loro Parque Foundation success in Ecuador

20 Guayakil parakeets fly free About 20 Guayakil parakeets have been captured and nursed by the authorities in Ecuador during operations against illegal trading activities. As a rule, the birds are poorly kept by the poachers and suffer from great stress. Unfortunately, poaching to catch exotic birds is not uncommon. The authorities prevented the confiscated animals from final captivity. After an extensive veterinary examination to ensure that they did not have any diseases, they were released into a free flight enclosure at the Buenaventura reserve. The Loro Parque Foundation, in collaboration with the local Jocotoco Foundation, maintains the enclosure there as part of a species conservation programme to protect the Guayakil parakeet. In this case it was used to reintroduce the parakeets into the habitat from which they were forcibly torn. Within the protection of the reserve, the 20 specimens became accustomed to their natural conditions again. They were also tagged with foot rings and microchips that will allow observation and prevent them from being recaptured for sale on the illegal wildlife market. In addition, the release of these marked birds will allow the collection of biometric data, medical analysis and behavioural observations that are part of the important acquisition of knowledge about wildlife. Thanks to zoos, this data forms part of the shortand long-term protection of species. This commitment confirms once again that The Loro Parque Foundation motto “100 per cent for nature” is not just a slogan, but a reality. n


Death on the coast of Lanzarote

Wave of immigrant arrivals On the night of May 8, an immigrant boat reached the coast of Tinajo in Lanzarote. The passengers told Guardia Civil officers that a man had gone overboard just as they reached land. A search was launched for the missing Moroccan male. On the following morning at around 8.15am, his body was found in the surf, about 100 metres from the landing point. He was not the only one who died during the crossing to Spain. Almost parallel to this tragedy, another occurred in southern Spain where two boats occupied by around 50 immigrants, headed for Cádiz. The Guardia Civil external vigilance service (SIVE) in Cádiz informed the maritime rescue service at Conil de la Frontera. Sea and air services were activated, but before they reached the boat which had 24 people on board, it capsized in a wave near the coast. A woman was recovered dead from the water and the immigrants spoke of a child who had also gone overboard. Divers then searched for

Guardia Civil divers searched for a child who fell into the water when the boat capsized

his body. Another boat arrived near Caños de Meca with around 20 immigrants on board, who fled immediately after landing to a nearby wood. They were nevertheless discovered and taken to the police station in Barbate. The maritime rescue service searched the sea for possible victims in the water. In view of these events, Minister for Defence Margarita

Robles stressed the importance of working with the Moroccan authorities to put a stop to the human smuggling mafia. At the Morón military base near Seville, she also stressed the importance of working closely with the European Union to resolve the migration problem. She praised the military base for its humanitarian work. The mili-

tary union representatives, on the other hand, stated that, in view of the better weather, the flow of refugees was likely to increase again and that the maritime rescue service personnel would be overburdened. They demanded that the number of staff be increased to reach pre-crisis levels as part of the 2019-2021 National n Rescue Plan.




100th anniversary of sand carpets in La Orotava

The Word of God over time

A new design variant with a call to take care of one’s neighbour

This year La Orotava's sand carpets celebrate their 100th anniversary. The preparations are already in full swing and will commemorate, among other things, the first carpet made in honour of the Corpus Christi festival, designed by Felipe Machado. This year, flowers and twigs will be integrated into the design of the main square carpet as an exception and not just coloured sand from Las Cañadas, as is usual. With the motto 'La

Palabra de Dios a través de los tiempos' (The Word of God over time), this year the carpet, about a thousand square metres in size, will not be divided into three parts with various religious motifs, but the complete design will have a large triangle at its centre. The current director of the sand carpet in front of the town hall, Domingo González Expósito, recently explained the details during its presentation. The main area shows

Jesus preaching to his disciples, a scene which is dominated by bright and cheerful colours. Then there is a depiction of Saint Francis of Assisi, who began to follow Jesus' example about 800 years ago. It is also a symbol of the arrival of the Franciscans in La Orotava and the foundation of the monastery of San Lorenzo 500 years ago. The third part of the central triangle shows a little boy asking for help. He is a reminder of our Christian

mission to love our neighbour and to help him or her to the best of our ability. In times of refugee debates, social division and migration movements, this is a topical issue. The rectangle directly behind the triangle in the centre is a reminder of the first carpets made in 1919. As an exception, flowers, eucalyptus caps and shells will be used in this representation, as was probably the case 100 years ago. There are no photos from this period, only sketches. The third part consists of flower garlands, which frame the artwork at the upper edge and on the sides. They are reminiscent of typical Mexican garlands made of tissue paper. The two floral decorations on the side, measuring approximately 20 square metres, will be created this year in collaboration with representatives of the Brussels Flower Carpet Association, who have been invited as guests of honour for the 100th anniversary. The festive programme in La Orotava began in mid-May with the first events, and the main festival takes place between June 23 and 30. The highlights are the Corpus Christi festival with the sand carpets on June 27, followed by the Baile de Magos (a street dance in traditional dress), the livestock parade and the large n Romería on June 30.

Gang struck ten times

Waterworks’ thefts Guardia Civil officers based at Costa Teguise in Lanzarote are currently investigating three men and one woman between the ages of 28 and 49 years who are accused of having broken into ten waterworks installations. Most recently, they struck at a water tank in Caleta de Famara. The suspects always used the same methods, violently invading the premises and deliberately stealing expensive technical equipment. For example they have taken special batteries, flow meters and solar cells which are valued at €28,636.44. In Caleta de Famara, devices were stolen which were valued at over €4,000. The booty was sold afterwards via a locutorio in Arrecife (a kind of internet/international phone connection café), the owner of which presumably received the stolen goods. The majority of the goods were sold abroad and shipped from the port in Arrecife, making it almost impossible to trace and recover the majority of them. Later a series of burglaries were reported on the island that were so similar that the police suspected that there might be a gang behind them. The Local and National Police as well as the Guardia Civil on the island were involved in the investigation. An important lead finally came from the public in the form of a vehicle licence plate that appeared suspicious to a passer-by. The Local Police in Teguise stopped this car as part of a check and actually found some of the stolen goods inside. As a result, those in the car, 29-year-old E.O.G. and 33-year-old E.C.L., both from Arrecife, were arrested. During the course of the investigation two further accomplices as well as an n alleged receiver of goods were identified.

The gang specialised in stealing high-tech equipment

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019







May Day celebrations

Weapons confiscated

La Candelaria. On the holiday of May 30, Santa Cruz will also be celebrating with music, this time in the form of folklore at 12pm, and from 1pm the competition of traditional Canarian dishes such as fish, stews, rabbits, desserts and liqueurs will take place at the Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena. In Los Realejos, the May celebrations will end on May 31

at 9pm with the XI El Chirato Festival at the Finca El Llano. On Sunday June 2, the grand Romería in honour of the patron saint San Isidro Labrador will be on the programme as the crowning event. After the festive service and the thanksgiving parade from 12pm, dancing with the orchestras Malibú Band and Tropín will begin in Plaza Viera n y Clavijo at 5pm.

Death in prison

Prisoner died from an overdose

The May festivities in Santa Cruz and Los Realejos have so far taken place relatively quietly and without major incidents. However, on the traditional street dance evening, the Baile de Magos in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (traditional costume) the National Police had to intervene. In three cases weapons were confiscated and 32 people were reported for possession and use of drugs in public places. Two people were investigated for disturbing public order and six people needed police assistance. Concluding, the law enforcement officers praised the behaviour of the visitors, to whom they attested

Over 10,000 people took part in the traditional Baile de Magos in Tenerife’s capital Three weapons were confiscated during the celebrations

a civilised behaviour without major incidents. After all, more than 10,000 people had come to the city centre to take part in the street dance.

And the beat goes on May is not over yet and there are further celebrations to come. In Santa Cruz the highlights are now concentrated around the Día de Canarias holiday, which is celebrated on May 30. In the Noria dis-

trict on May 29 and 30, the fiesta of gastronomy and wines will provide for a colourful celebration with good local wines and tasty tapas. It takes place on the Wednesday, the eve

of the holiday, from 6pm to 12am and on Thursday from 11am to 6pm. If you wish, you can also enjoy live music at 7pm in the African market or at 9.30pm in the Plaza de

On the first weekend of May, a 47-year-old inmate died at the Centro Penitenciario Tenerife II prison in El Rosario. He was found dead by the guards in his cell at 8am on the Saturday morning and this brings the number of inmates who have died in prison in Tenerife in recent months to three, and throughout Spain the number has reached 69 so far this year. Drug poisoning is not uncommon. According to the security staff, the reason is that due to a lack of specialists, medicines are distributed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the coming days. This often leads to prisoners trading with each other and lethal doses can be hoarded. This fact has been reported several times by the prison union. At the Tenerife II prison, this is the third death since November. As in the current case, a prisoner died in November 2018 of a deadly drug cocktail and on February 14 an overdose of heroin led to the death of another inmate. In Las Palmas II prison in Gran Canaria, a prisoner hanged himself on January 2 this year. On February 13, there was a natural death when an inmate died of pneumonia, on April 15 another died of a fatal disease and on April 26 another man was hanged. In the women’s wing of Las Palmas II Juan Grande in Gran Canaria, the guards were able to save the life of an inmate at the beginning of May. She had set fire to her mattress in the infirmary, but thanks to the rapid intervention, the woman was saved. The employees extinguished the fire with water hoses and fire extinguishers. The smoke was so strong that they had to work with breathing apparatus and the prisoners in the adjacent cells and gallery had to be evacuated because of the poor air quality. The cell in the infirmary was burnt out, the television set melted and the floor tiles were broken. The prison director congratulated the employees for their rapid intervention. The guards then had to be treated in the prison ward and change their clothes. Even n the sole of one of the guards’ shoes had melted. Flights, Hotels & Cars

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




32 years of blue flags for Playa de La Arena, Santiago del Teide and Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria In Los Gigantes harbour, the flag will fly for the seventh consecutive year Where the flag flies, water, cleanliness and sanitary facilities are guaranteed

in the nature reserve Rambla de Castro in Tenerife and the museum of Restingolita at El Pinar in El Hierro. Finally, there were four Blue Flags awarded to hiking trails and landscape sections that connect beaches and harbours which have Blue Flags. The path from Bahia del Confital to Playa de Las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the path from Puerto Calero to Puerto del Carmen at Tías in Lanzarote, the coastal path Faro de la Punta del Hidalgo in La Laguna in Tenerife as well as the Sendero del Time at Tazacorte in La Palma were honoured. The borough of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in Gran Canaria received a thematic recognition in the Rescue and First Aid category. The Blue Flag acknowledges the efforts of each borough to keep its coasts and beaches clean and safe. All the information is also available at www. n .

Recognition for ports and beaches

Blue Flags in the Canaries Every year before the bathing season begins, the Blue Flags are announced and raised with pride. Once again this year the flag can be seen on 43 beaches and at six harbours in the Canary

Islands. However, the Islands have lost three flags this year and Gran Canaria lost one. This year the Playa de Las Canteras in Gran Canaria and the beaches El Duque and Torviscas in Adeje were not included.

Façade art

Frida Kahlo wall

This fact is regrettable, but at the same time proves the independent and objective character of the assessment. The candidates do not make any payment, so the examination does indeed take place independently and therefore follows neither economic nor touristic interests. It should be pointed out that Adeje council did not apply for blue-flag status for El Duque and Torviscas beaches

ing, on Playa de Troya in Adeje, Playa de La Arena in Santiago del Teide and Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria. By the year 2000 there were already 22 flags, distributed over 16 boroughs and five islands. Now the blue insignia can be seen flying on all the Islands, this year at 43 beaches and six ports. If a Blue Flag is not awarded, it does not necessarily mean that the water quality is poor,

There is now a portrait of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo de Rivera on the outside wall of the former La Ferruja school in Los Realejos, which is today the seat of the Fellapa women’s association (composed of the districts of Ferruja, Llanadas, and Palo Blanco), with one of her most quoted phrases “a besos entiendo, a veces no” (I understand kisses, but sometimes I don’t). The women of the association have chosen this motif themselves in order to underline the role of women. To complete the work, created by the local artist Adán Pérez Ferrais, to ensure that it is visible in all its splendour, the local council n even promised to relocate some road signs.

this year as they are part of a major upgrade within the Adeje Intelligent Tourism Destination project. As there was no way of predicting the condition of the beaches when the inspection occurred, it was decided not to apply, although they claim that the work will in no way affect a quality experience for beach users. According to Adeje council the beaches “continue to operate as top quality locations with top class services”. The Blue Flag is awarded by the European Environmental Federation FEE (Federación Europea de Educación Ambiental). The Spanish Peninsula joined the initiative in 1987 and the Canary Islands joined a year later. In the first year, only three Blue Flags were fly-

because in order to receive the coveted award, several criteria must be fulfilled. These include good water quality, information and environmental education, accessibility for the disabled, the presence of sanitary facilities and lifeguards. A total of nine beaches have received the blue flag in Tenerife, 14 in Gran Canaria, seven in Lanzarote, five in La Palma, three in La Gomera and one

in El Hierro. Three marinas in Tenerife, two in Gran Canaria and one in Lanzarote were also recognised: In Gran Canaria Mogán and Pasito Blanco, in Tenerife Los Gigantes, Puerto Colón, Adeje and the Real Club Náutico de Tenerife in Santa Cruz and in Lanzarote, Puerto Calero in Yaiza. As a special award, three centres are added, which have an educational effect through the environmental information they offer and are therefore distinguished with the Blue Flag. These include the information centre about the dunes of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria, the centre Aula de la Naturaleza

Veterinary Centre

ALPER WELLMANN Tel.: 922 875 254 Monday - Friday | 9am - 8pm | Saturdays | 10am - 1pm Tel. outside of hours: 607 499 349 | C/ Afligidos, 132 Los Realejos (Opposite El Monasterio)



Animal rescue

Seriously injured young pilot whale

Veterinarians and helpers took loving care of the young whale

FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEWS 113 At the end of April, a resident of Playa Bocabarranco on the coast of Jinámar in Gran Canaria discovered a young pilot whale between the rocks. He did not hesitate for a moment and jumped into the water to help the animal. The Taliarte wildlife sanctuary was also notified. The animal was probably suffering from a neurological disease and had left its group to die. "The animal was badly injured and severely malnourished. It had numerous wounds from the sharp rocks, and was very weak and sick. At first we thought of putting it to sleep. But after we had treated it and fed it with amber mackerel and squid, it recovered so well after a few hours that it tried to play with the carers. That made us very surprised and optimistic" explained veterinarian Pascual Calabuig, who heads the wildlife sanctuary. The pilot whale was placed in a tank that is normally available for injured sea turtles. The young female will stay there until she recovers. According to the veterinarian's assessment, this is a young animal who was probably still accompanied by her mother, but is already able to n feed herself.

Waiting in comfort

Green taxi ranks

A lush green and flowering roof is to be the future characteristic of taxi ranks in Lanzarote. Juan Palop-Casado of Laboratorio de Planeamiento y Architectra S.L.P., together with Pedro San Ginés, Island President, and Patricia Pérez, Island Councillor for Transport and Mobility, recently presented a proposal to this effect. Each taxi rank will have a structure planted with low maintenance indigenous and endemic plants. Beneath there will be benches as a waiting area or as a meeting point for the public, sheltered from the sun and the wind. Solar panels and lighting will also be installed and a WiFi network will be available. It’s a sustainable and bioclimatic concept that will improve the quality of life of the public and homogenise the taxi ranks in a similar way to the bus stops. This will make them easily recognisable and at the same time create new, small oases in urban areas. “This design is not just an arbitrary urban infrastructure, but a fusion of architecture and garden, which constructs landscape and at the same time integrates itself into its surroundings. A taxi rank becomes a public square” Palop-Casado explained. Solar panels will be used to produce energy at these points that can be used, for example, to recharge e-bikes, e-scooters or mobile phones. The cost of each standard prototype is estimated at €35,790. There are currently 54 taxi ranks in Lanzarote. n

Green, shaded areas for people waiting for a taxi or just to sit and relax

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019







Physiotherapy can help

Taboo topic - sexual disorders of the closet and addressed openly. "There are still too few experts in this field in the public health sector and it’s therefore important to raise awareness of the problem in many medical fields. In future, specifically trained personnel will be able to treat problems of the pelvic floor, incontinence or organ prolapses and the resulting displacement of the uterus, rectum or vagina. "So far, this has been a topic that has received little attention and little schooling" the experts note.

Although public opinion tends to associate sexual problems

about 60 per cent of postmenopausal women have symptoms of sexual dysfunction. These include loss of libido, arousal disorders, difficulty in reaching orgasm or dyspareunia, which means pain during intercourse," explained Laia Blanco Ratto, Stéphane Kaufmann and Inés Ramírez. According to statistics, about 19 per cent of men between the ages of 25 and 70 years in Spain suffer from erectile dysfunction. Among women, about one in three suffer from low sexual desire and one in four women of childbearing age complain of orgasm disorders. Physiotherapists point out that, in many cases, multidisciplinary treatment can make an

with men, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, scientific studies from Europe and the USA show that sexual problems are even more common in women. "In fact, about one-fifth of young women and

effective contribution to stimulating sexuality. In women, exercises can normalise the cramps and bleeding disorders of the vagina and improve the muscles of the perineum. In men, physiotherapy helps with erectile dysfunction due to venous

It can affect anyone

By Sabine Virgin Although the subject of sex is present everywhere in the 21st century, it remains a taboo subject that is reluctantly spoken of. Feelings of shame about supposed incapacity makes many people remain silent and 'come to terms' with it. But disorders of erection and libido or the absence of orgasm are not as rare as the person concerned might think and there are many possibilities to return to a satisfying sexual relationship, even when little information is supplied by the patient. This is something that the Chamber of Canarian Physiotherapists (Colegio Oficial de Fisioterapeutas de Canarias

- COFC) recently looked into and they presented the latest techniques for relieving chronic pelvic pain and painful sexual dysfunctions. Physiotherapists play a crucial and it would seem a previously relatively unknown role in the treatment of patients with this type of disorder and in the general sexual education of the public. Almost two dozen participants took advantage of this training course in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which was led by experts from Barcelona Laia Blanco Ratto, Stéphane Kaufmann and Inés Ramírez. It’s known from medical surveys that about 68 per cent of those affected by sexual disorders in the Canary Islands do not seek medical help, either

out of shame, not wanting to emabarrass the medical staff or simply because they don't know who to turn to. One focus of the course was on painful malfunctions of the pelvis and sexual organs. Dealing with them not only leads to a normal sex life, but also has a positive effect on the general well-being and self-confidence of both sexes. Social relationships can also suffer from ongoing disorders in this area. As a result, the problem affects the quality of life of both the affected person and the partner. The causes can be of an organic, psychological or functional nature and are often not treated due to ignorance. "It’s important that the public learn to appreciate

The three Catalan physiotherapists Laia Blanco Ratto, Stéphane Kaufmann and Inés Ramírez Sexual disorders burden a partnership at any age

the benefits of physiotherapy within a multidisciplinary treatment and understand in how many areas it can have a positive influence" explained the Catalan physiotherapists. They argue that the taboo topic should be taken out

Quality and Service 1,200 m2 German Mechanics

IT V e S r vice

Workshop with the most up to date diagnostic technology Body Shop and spraypaint centre Comprehensive insurance processing


Tel. 922 102 617 Calle Bentinerfe, 5 In front of the ITV Centre in Adeje Polígono industrial Los Olivos. Monday to Friday: 8:30am-1pm / 2pm-5:30pm

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019 leakage, improves the condition of the nerves responsible for the erection and the tone of the perineum muscles involved in maintaining an erection. In addition, the supply of blood vessels to the pelvis and perineum is stimulated and fibrosis can be treated after traumas and operations.


Main disorders and physiotherapy About 20 per cent of men in Spain suffer from erectile dysfunction, and many will suffer with prostrate disorders. In these cases, physiotherapy supports drug treatment

Healthy sexuality in the autumn years raises the quality of life

Physiotherapists should generally contribute to people getting to know and feel their bodies better through lectures and courses on sex education for adults and self knowledge therapies. This enables many changes to be recognised in time and countered where necessary.



as well as surgical interventions, prostheses and injections, by strengthening the pelvic floor. These exercises also help with premature ejaculation, which affects around 30 per cent of Spaniards. Only about three to nine per cent of men worldwide suffer from Peyronie's disease. This

How can sexual disorders be countered through physiotherapeutic exercises? The experts answered this question during the three-day course

means a strong curvature of the erect penis due to a thickening of the tissue. Penetration can thus become impossible or very painful. With physiotherapy the problem can also be countered with pelvic floor exercises and the changing of one's own body perception and in the physio-

and psychotherapeutic behaviour patterns. For women, a decrease in libido and interest in sex is the first priority. If medical causes are excluded, physiotherapy can help by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal muscles and by correcting posture. About a

quarter of women of childbearing age most often have problems maintaining their state of arousal during intercourse or reaching orgasm during normal intercourse. Exercises to promote blood circulation and to strengthen the pelvic floor as well as the spinal cord nerve of the clitoris are physi-

otherapeutic approaches. In the case of pain disorders during or after penetration, which can occur to varying degrees, physiotherapy can supplement medical treatment with scar massages, high-frequency thermotherapy, breathing exercises, abdominal, postural and n electro stimulation.




A message of success

Egyptian tiger mosquito wiped out Announcement that the tiger mosquito has been eliminated in Fuerteventura

Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands, accompanied by the Island President of Fuerteventura Marcial Morales, Tomás Pérez, Director of the Health Department and Basilio Valladares, Director of the Institute of Tropical Diseases at the University of La Laguna, recently announced that the Egyptian tiger mosquito has been successfully eradicated from Fuerteventura. This insect is a dangerous carrier of dengue fever. Since November 2017, when the first tiger mosquitoes appeared on the desert island, scientists, political authorities and islanders have been working together

to eradicate them. Thanks to their intensive cooperation, it has been possible to eliminate this invasive mosquito species in Fuerteventura. Presumably, the tiger mosquitoes were not brought to the island by The insect is particularly dangerous because it may carry dengue fever

importing plants and agricultural products, as was initially assumed, but very probably by a private person. However, the measures against the insect were not only successful in Fuerteventura: the tiger mosquito was also successfully eliminated in n Tenerife.

A unique concert

Stolen bikes found on a finca

Motorbike thief arrested

Guardia Civil officers based in La Victoria arrested a 24-yearold man from La Matanza in early May. He is accused of stealing five motorbikes, burglary, reckless driving, driving without a driving licence and resisting arrest. The investigation into the case began in March, when a Guardia Civil patrol spotted a motorbike rider who was travelling at high speed and in a reckless manner through La Matanza and La Victoria on a large cylinder machine with no licence plates. In collaboration with the Local Police, and after several days of observation in an area where the alleged rider was frequently seen, the suspect was seen with another black motorbike. They followed him to a finca where they suspected he kept several machines. When the motorcyclist opened the gate, he was intercepted by the Guardia Civil. The man was very aggressive and attacked the officers, but they overwhelmed him and found five motorcycles inside the building, apparently stolen from underground garages, garages or simply from the streets. Some of the motorbikes came from La Orotava, others from Santa Cruz. The rightful owner of a trial motorbike has not yet been found. After the theft, the suspect removed the licence plates and all the chassis numbers that could be used to identify the vehicles. He then sprayed them over and drove them dangerously without even having the necessary driving permit. Of the five motorbikes found, three had been n dismantled to sell their parts.

Timeless 15th Anniversary with Il Divo A concert highlight in early summer

The Spanish singer Carlos Marín, who is a member of the famous quartet Il Divo, together with Adeje Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga recently announced the group’s concert, which will be held on June 15 at 9pm at Golf Costa Adeje. The successful vocal quartet will be performing in Tenerife

for the first time. On this occasion they will also sing Hasta mi final for the first time in a live concert. "It’s a great pleasure to present our latest album Timeless 15th Anniversary here on this wonderful island. We are very much looking forward to giving a concert in Tenerife and want to enjoy the climate,

the people, the landscape and Adeje. This town has opened all the doors for us. We will sing in a unique place and we are very much looking forward to it" explained Marín. The repertoire, he promised, will include the great hits of the quartet as well as the premiere of Hasta mi final. Mayor Fraga stressed that the borough continues to focus

on the blending of culture and tourism. It’s the only way to bring top-class and expensive artists to the island. In the end, holidaymakers and residents benefit equally from this. The event has been organised by DN7 Booking. Tickets costing between €40 and €300 are available in advance from El Corte Inglés or www. n

Several stolen large cylinder motorbikes were found at a finca

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019

Tender awarded At the beginning of May, the Tenerife Island Council announced that the company Tropical Turistica Canaria SL, led by Ignacio Polanco Moreno, had won the public tender for the renovation of the Hotel Taoro in Puerto de La Cruz. The company initially foresees an investment of €25 million for the renovation of the building, the facilities and the lush garden surrounding the ancient hotel. In addition, a mandatory annual investment of €380,000 is to be made towards the preservation of the building. In the last 10




Rebirth of the Hotel Taoro

The historic Hotel Taoro in Puerto de La Cruz in its heyday

years of the 60 year lease, an additional €3.8 million will be

Lower rates for self employed

Help for entrepreneurs

The €300 million in surplus that the Canary Islands Government is currently allocating will be used, among other things, to support new entrepreneurs. A total of six meuros will go towards helping new selfemployed people to make their start-up easier. With the subsidy, the monthly Seguridad Social contribution (national insurance), which is normally at least €283, will be reduced to €50 for two years and the difference will be paid by the Canary Islands Government. Thus entrepreneurs will save at least €2,796 annually in the first two years. Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo announced the subsidy will be retroactive from January 2019. “Increasingly frequently our residents opt for independence and we are happy to support this step” he explained. The Councillor for Taxation Rosa Dávila added “At the end of last year at over four per cent, we had the highest growth rate in self employed of all the n independent communities in the country”.

invested in the optimal preservation of the building. The annual lease itself amounts to €485,000, suspended until the initial investment is compensated up to a maximum of €29.1 million. The Island Council will contribute a further €15 million towards the building renovation. Supposedly, during the course of the reforms, the Hotel Taoro is once again to become what it originally was, a luxury hotel - the best in the town. In addition, sustainable aspects are to be taken into account and employees trained. In fact, the Hotel Taoro can look back on a long history that makes it a particularly striking property. It was inaugurated in 1890 and was the first grand hotel in Spain. For over 100 years, the well-to-do stayed in this iconic hotel, which overlooks Puerto de La Cruz and is sit-

The striking 19th century building towers over the northern city with an impressive panoramic view

Externally, it looks the same today

uated in a lush garden with mature trees. From the hill above, the view sweeps over the town with its colourful

hustle and bustle, down to the Martiánez swimming pool on the coast and over the Atlantic Ocean to the horizon.

Members of great royal houses, such as the Duke of Windsor Edward VIII, the King of Spain Alfonso XIII, the Dukes of Kent and King Albert I of Belgium, have laid their royal heads to rest in the rooms behind the thick walls in the past. Even the world-famous writer Agatha Christie once sought relaxation and inspiration in this hotel. It’s therefore all the more important that this historic building, which is of particular architectural beauty and still exudes the charm of past glories, is finally to be n revived.




Exclusive interview | Promotion

Grab a Lobster deal today!

Loving Lobster! By Xena Fox Tired of not getting the mobile phone services you’ve been promised? Of not being able to speak to customer services in English, or not getting the help you need? Of paying out for a line you only use for part of the year? Or having to constantly chase your mobile provider? If the answer’s yes to any of the above, then you’ll be as interested as we were to hear exactly what mobile operator Lobster has to offer – from great mobile deals that include unlimited texts and calls in Spain, to the UK and other countries, to offering every single one of their services completely in English. Launched in 2018, Lobster has changed the face of mobile phone offers in Spain for expats, providing a complete sim-only package with everything from start to finish conducted in English. We spoke with Tony Watts, Marketing Director at the company, who kindly agreed to tell us all about it. Tony is originally from the UK and has lived in Spain for more than two decades. He spent over 10 years as Product and Offer Director at Yoigo before joining Lobster, adding his extensive experience of the telecommunications sector in Spain to the

management team, which is led by Gabriel Miguez, Executive Board Director-Managing Director, previously General Manager of Yoigo and Telefónica, and is completed by Sales Director Alfonso Rodríguez, formally the Commercial Director at Lebara. Tony, thanks for speaking with us. I’m going to cut straight to the chase, as this all sounds very exciting: Are your services really all in English? It seems almost too good to be true. Yes, they really are. The website, app, billing information, and advertising are all in English and, most importantly, every one of our Customer Contact Centre agents is a native English speaker. We created Lobster to meet the needs of the approximately 1.5 million British expats and other English speakers residing in Spain. However, we can also handle calls and provide documentation in Spanish if a customer prefers. You can swap to us from other mobile companies, keeping your existing Spanish number if you already have one, or we can give customers a brand new number. That’s very reassuring for many people here, I’m sure. Are there any other advantages of your plans that would benefit expats, in particular?

Experience a magical day

Wonderful El Hierro

Marketing Director Tony Watts thinks Lobster is abso-flippinlutely great!

We understand that foreign residents and winter visitors want to keep in touch with their families and loved ones, as well as see them regularly or return home to spend the summer. So, to make the first one as easy as possible, each of our tariff plans not only includes unlimited calls and texts in Spain, but also to the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal and Gibraltar! Also, the plans include ‘Roam Like At Home’ in the EU so you can enjoy the same services there, at no additional cost. The unlimited calls and texts can also be made from Spain to the USA, though that country isn’t included in the roaming deal right now. Secondly, if you’ll be away from Spain for a few months, it’s no problem at all with Lobster. You can simply park your number for free and have it available again when you get back - for any time up to a year.

The beauties of Lobster’s approach seem to be its simplicity and how customerfriendly it is. Was this a deliberate move? Definitely. We want to provide a service that’s authentic and straightforward, based on the best of British values: reliability, fairness, consistency, decency and friendliness. One that not only meets the expat community’s specific needs, but that’s easy, effortless, and an experience ‘just like home’. This is something which is very important to us... we want our customers to stay because they're happy with the service, not because of nasty lock-ins or termination fees. With Lobster there are no commitments and no lengthy contracts. In fact, there isn’t any paperwork at all. You just need a valid ID, such as a passport, NIE, or similar, and a credit or debit card, which doesn’t even have to be Spanish. You can sign up online at www., or call our Customer Contact Centre for free on 1661. Alternatively, Lobster is available at more than 300 retail stores, including dozens in Tenerife. The majority of the retail stores are on the Mediterranean coast, but we’ll be expanding here in the Islands... basically, where the sun and the expats are, we are! It all sounds perfect, but this kind of servicemust surely be expensive? Not at all! We offer three plans, all including unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries. The only difference between them is

Lobster is the only mobile operator in Spain to offer a service completely in English. Choose from three tariff plans offering unlimited calls and texts across Spain, to the UK and other countries, plus great data deals starting from just €12 per month. You get your first month completely free with no commitments, and all you need to sign up is valid ID and a credit or debit card. To make the most of these fantastic deals, see www., call the Customer Contact Centre for free on 1661 from within Spain (9am-9pm every day), or visit one of the many retail stores, which you will find n on the webpage. the amount of data you get. The ‘Small’ tariff offers 2GB of data and costs €12 a month. Medium gives 7GB for €18, and Large comes with 15GB at just €24 a month. It couldn’t be simpler, and whether you just send the odd WhatsApp, or are glued to YouTube videos all day, we have a plan for everyone. You can also change between plans any time you want to find which one is the best for you or suits you at a particular time. What's more, we’re currently running a ‘try us and see’ promotion where you get your first month’s plan completely free, with no commitments, so you can try our service and see if you like it. We think you will! Well, offers don’t come much better than that. And can you tell us a little about the company please? Its name is certainly distinctive and memorable. Where did the inspiration for it come from? We have our head office in Madrid, and we’re a registered brand of Zinnia Telecommunications, a Spanish company that’s part of the Gibtelecom Group, the leading telecommunications company in Gibraltar: Basically, the BT of that

Classical and Turkish sounds

The first reader‘s trip with Diga Sports, in February, led them to this small Canary Island. It was such a great success that it will be offered on a regular basis with immediate effect. Every Wednesday, we will meet at 7.15am at the Los Cristianos port. The cost per person for this interesting day trip is


For more information and bookings, visit the Diga Sports office at Hotel Park Club Europe in Playa de Las Américas, telephone 677 489 946 or send an email to

Organiser: Dama Sports SL, Tax No: B76637651 / I-0003231.2

Caprichos Musicales

The Caprichos Musicales (Musical Whims) season on the Isla Baja in the north west of Tenerife continues in the multipurpose hall at El Tanque in a classical mode. The soprano Estela Lynch and the pianist Diego Expósito will perform there on May 17 at 8pm. An interesting sound experience of Turkish melodies is also promised by the group Çak which fuses the sounds of Anatolia with those of Tenerife and Brazil. The result is unique and shows

Çak promises a very unusual sound experience

area. We run on the Telefonica/Movistar network so have full national coverage across Spain, including here in the Canary Islands. We give you super fast data up to 4G and have great international coverage too. It took almost two years and an investment of over €4M to ready Lobster for the launch, as we wanted to make sure everything was just right. And we chose the name Lobster as it brings to mind the good life – Spain’s great food and endless days of sunshine, what more could anyone want? We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! It sounds fantastic and many customers are already expressing their satisfaction on the company’s Facebook page, such as Tony Marshall, who says “Great telephone support, fantastic website and excellent value call packages!”, and María Nuria García-Alizadeh, who wrote “Excellent service and brilliant bundle packages. Good app to keep you up to date on usage too.” But Keith Beardsmore has probably summed it up the best so far, with “Good service, good price, well worth n having”! how enriching the fusion of cultures can be. The group can be experienced on May 18 at 8pm at El Granadero in Buenavista del Norte (in the main church square). On May 31, also at 8pm, a classical programme, Encanto Latinoamericano, (Latin American Charm) will take place at the Hotel Meliá Hacienda del Conde in Buenavista del Norte. Classical music from Latin America will be brought to life by the voices of Cristina Calvo and Francisco Feria with Mara Jaubert on the piano and Javier Rodríguez on percussion. All the artists taking part can look back on a successful musical career. Entry to all concerts is n free of charge.

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




Master Thesis on E-Mobility

The Road to Busan project The Korean engineer ChangHyun Moon who lives in Gran Canaria, expected to depart on May 15 to implement his Road to Busan project. As part of his Master thesis, he wants to travel in an electric car from Gran Canaria to Busan in South Korea, and is being accompanied by the actor and movie director Domingo

gate the world as captain of a Korean fishing fleet and he drove through the Pacific region, across the Panama Canal and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Canary Islands. There the journey ended and the family never returned to South Korea, just like another 10,000 Koreans who came and stayed in the archipelago in the

ades ago by land. The itinerary starts by ferry from Gran Canaria to Morocco and then crosses the Straits of Gibraltar in another boat. On the Spanish Peninsula the journey continues through Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, via Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, SlovaSaúl López believes in a faster transition to e-mobility than previously assumed

The trip to Busan will be a personal and sustainable challenge for the intrepid pair

kia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China to South Korea. The two aim to reach their goal in 60 days.

Cheaper e-Mobility on the Canary Islands The project was presented in Las Palmas at the Movelec fair at the end of April. There were numerous exhibitors of electric vehicles on two and four wheels. The experts on site

de Luis who will document the journey, which is aimed at creating awareness of sustainable development. During this trip of more than 17,000 kilometres through 22 countries, not one litre of petrol is to be consumed. The 204hp vehicle, a Hyundai Kona with a 64 kilowatt battery and a range of 449 kilometres, is being provided by Hyundai Canarias. Yuna, as the Korean is popularly known, came to Gran Canaria with his family. His father wanted to circumnavi-

60s during the fishing boom on the Islands. Today Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has the only King Sejong Institute in Spain, an equivalent to the Cervantes Institute, which cultivates Korean culture and language in the Canary Islands. There are also Korean supermarkets and schools and the ports of Las Palmas and Busan are connected by their brotherhood organisations. Yuna now wants to complete the journey his father began dec-

Álvaro Sauras explained at the trade fair how to recharge an e-car - as easy as charging a laptop battery

predicted a faster implementation than previously assumed. "Sustainable e-mobility will be faster than previously assumed, and many people believe it will not take as long as the predicted 30 years. Within the next three to four years, there will already be e-cars on the used car market that are cheaper than their combustion engine counterparts," believes Saúl López, Youtuber and expert in sustainable e-mobility. Specialist journal-

ist Álvaro Sauras stressed that it is cheaper to drive an e-car in the Canary Islands than on the Peninsula, due to lower purchase tax, tax relief and the geography of the Islands. Emilio Mellado, Managing Director of World Wide Mobility, who comes from Lanzarote, announced the introduction of the Chipiapp in Gran Canaria this year. In Madrid, the app is already being used by over 70,000 people and is currently being launched in other major cities such as Barcelona. Similar to search engines for flights and accommodation, it can be used to compare prices and e-mobility services and to reserve electric vehicles with two and four wheels. "The millenials, the generation between 18 and 30 years of age, are less and less interested in owning a vehicle themselves, but prefer to pay a monthly contribution and then order a vehicle as needed," he explained. This also favours the shift to more sustainable mobility. In addition, the vehicles are cheaper to maintain, quieter and, of course, create less pollution. According to the experts, a rethinking of the mobility of n the future is in full swing.





Arrecife Council criticism

Cleaning up San Ginés

Your electric car is now fully covered with Liberty Seguros Electric cars were a novel sight on roads until just a few years ago, but with the technology becoming more accessible and being made available in more desirable models, electric cars are fast becoming a more realistic option for many car buyers. It’s well known that electric car maintenance is really economical and the running costs are also very low. They also contribute to the protection of the environment and buying an electric car has some fiscal advantages too. Liberty Seguros wants to support the development of the electric car, improving and adapting its products to the needs of its customers and adding to its continued commitment to caring for the environment in favour of a clean and friendly energy. For these reasons Liberty Seguros car insurance now contains, free of charge, new benefits for electric cars to be totally covered, such as:

Travel Assistance: Immobilisations that have their origin in battery discharge will be covered. From Km 0, emergency recharge or towing to the nearest recharge point assigned by the insured is included. Adapted pricing: All electric car policies include a permanent discount (not promotional). Special assigned covers at no additional charge. Car batteries and other accessories are included. Additional discounts for second vehicles. Accessories: The cable and the adapter device for charging are included within the damage, fire and theft cover up to a value of €400 (limit per claim per year). Batteries: Batteries are included in the cover of damage, fire and/or

theft even if they are owned by third parties. Civil liability: Damage caused by impact or collision of the vehicle into recharge installations owned by third parties is covered. The damage caused to third parties is covered in cases of a fire that originates in the insured vehicle during the recharge operation. Limit of this guarantee: €300,000 per claim. So if you are thinking of changing to an electric car and contributing to the care of the environment, now with Liberty Seguros, electric car insurance coverage is complete thanks to the new guarantees and benefits included within the Liberty Car product. Also, don’t forget that you will get some fiscal advantages too, such as: Reduction in Road Tax. This reduction depends on the council in each borough, and

can be up to 75 per cent. Free use of green (ORA zone) and blue parking areas (depending on the borough). Free access to restricted areas in city centres like Madrid. Help and subsidies under the MOVES programme (BOE, February 4, 2019). With insurance, not only for your car, but also for life, home, business, commercial, funeral, etc., Liberty Seguros is considered the preferred expat insurer in Spain today. Liberty Seguros has an extensive network of over 300 brokers and agents that are dedicated to providing unbiased, friendly and expert advice, in your own language, to discuss the most suitable cover for you. To find out more visit or simply call n 91 342 25 49.

Lanzarote’s Island President Pedro San Ginés recently congratulated the Association of Recreational Fishermen at Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife for their effective and determined cooperation for the benefit of the environment. In collaboration with the office of the Biosphere Reserve and the Island Council, nine boats abandoned in the small bay were disposed of. The costs of the crane and scrapping were borne by the initiative, whilst the Arrecife Council simply looked the other way. It did not participate in the initiative in any way. The Charco de San Ginés, a small bay in the heart of the city, is one of Arrecife’s most striking areas whose charm is difficult to ignore. This makes it all the more important to maintain the ecosystem and the beautiful image, and abandoned, old boats that flounder in the water always mean a risk for the environment. Thanks to the Association of Recreational Fishermen, the owners of the boats have been located and the necessary permits for scrapping have been obtained. The bill for crane and disposal was paid by the Biosphere Office. As soon as the work was done, the Arrecife Council issued a message to this effect, giving the impression that it had ordered the cleaning. However, the actual instigators from the Island Council quickly made the situation clear. It would seem that administrations shouldn’t give themselves credit for the work done by others, especially so n shortly before the local and regional elections.

The clean up was organised by the Island Council, the recreational fishermen and the Biosphere Reserve office

Positive April balance

Lowest unemployment rate in eleven years

According to data from the Canary Islands Observatory for the Labour Market and Education (OBECAN), 3,041 inhabitants of Puerto de La Cruz were registered as unemployed in April this year. This represents a decrease of 2.34 per cent compared with April last year and is also the best rate in eleven years. Last month, 1,066 new contracts were signed and of these, 621 were in the hotel sector alone, which is the leader in terms of new hiring. This was followed by trade and services with 347 new employees and construction with 58 new employment contracts. Agriculture (7) and industry (33) are more negligible in this northern metropolis. Among the unemployed, there are more who have only attended primary school (1,663 people) than those who have completed upper secondary school (1,034). In third place are academics (180) and the unemployed with vocational training (164). In terms of gender distribution, the situation is roughly the same, with 525 men and 541 women currently unemployed. The unemn ployment rate has been falling steadily this year.

Tourism is the strongest economic motor in the northern city

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019


HUC to become a reference centre

New diabetes therapy Recently, the number one worldwide transplant physician Professor Hans Sollinger visited his equally renowned colleague Antonio Alarcó Hernández.

Both are experienced pancreas transplant surgeons. Professor Sollinger was very interested in the university hospital HUC in La Laguna and its experi-

Maspalomas Pride

Big international party for all “We celebrate, we have fun and we make ourselves visible via the party” was the motto of the grand festival which took place earlier this month for the 18th time in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. Thousands upon thousands of gays, lesbians, inter-, transand bisexuals (LGTBIQ) from various countries attended the mega party. An economic success for the area, Maspalomas Pride has long been known far beyond national borders and is one of the most important Pride events in the world. At the same time, this year marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, in which the LGTBIQ community began to demand their rights and to be publicly respected. Much has been achieved along the way, but there is still much to be done. During eleven days from May 2 to 12, Maspalomas became a colourful mixture of different cultures. “At the festival there is no discrimination and everyone can show themselves as they are” explained the president of the Freedom LGBT Association and organiser of the event, Fernando Llarduya. This year they were especially proud of the big stage, which was created by RS Sonocom with the intention of encouraging the audience to become part of the galas and performances in the Yumbo Center. “The great tolerance that prevails in Maspalomas ensures that visitors, some of whom come from countries where the atmosphere is hostile or even criminalised, feel safe” he added. Parties, Miss and Mister elections, excursions - Maspalomas Pride programme offered something for every taste. Keep in touch with information about Winter Pride in Maspalomas from November 4 to 10 at n

Maspalomas Pride brings in around €100 million in sales

enced team. One aim of his visit was to help make the HUC a benchmark centre for diabetes research. Sollinger recently received the highest USA award for transplantation medicine, the 2019 AST Pioneer Award, for his progress in diabetes research. He has developed a new therapy that encourages stem cells to form their own insulin. These are developed in the laboratory and then injected into the liver. The liver then assumes the role of the pancreas. "My colleague Antonio Alarcó has the experience, energy and capacity to lead this project in Tenerife," explained Sollinger during his visit. The world-leading pancreatic surgeon promised to return to Tenerife shortly to give sev-



eral conferences on the subject. "The lack of a hormone leads to diabetes, a disease that, in its worst form, can lead to blindness, kidney failure or traumatic amputations.

Since the 1980s, a form of treatment has been sought to cure diabetes. With our method, we want to encourage the body itself to restore insulin" said Sollinger. He estimates that 1.7 million people in the USA are affected by type 1 diabetes mellitus. In Spain, the figure is up to 70,000, with the Canary Islands having one of the highest diabetes rates in Europe. This is why it would be interesting for the Canary Islands to be familiar with this new treatment method right from the start. According to Professor Sollinger, the therapy is currently being tested on diabetic dogs at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Wisconsin. Once these studies have been successfully completed, the phase in which the therapy can be applied to humans begins. The HUC will then be part of this new medical development and hopefully n breakthrough.

Sollinger (left) with Alarcó during his recent visit to Tenerife

British media

Numbed with Burundanga and robbed? In April, several British media published the story of the Irish holidaymaker David Nelson, who claims to have been drugged and robbed during his holiday. "I can remember very little. I was drugged. They stole my mobile phone, my gold watch, a bracelet, €600 in cash and a large amount of money from my accounts. They dragged me to the ATM and withdrew money from my accounts in Ireland and Switzerland for as long

as they could," the 27-yearold told the British newspaper The Independent. The whole thing had apparently started at a party on the island of Tenerife. A young woman, aged between 20 and 30 years old with curly hair, apparently flirted with him, seduced him and then robbed him. "The evening before, a man was chasing me and wanted me and my friend to smell a herb that he wanted to sell. I've never heard of this drug and I'm sure

The angel trumpet can be toxic and caution is advised

many others haven't," he told the British media. Burundanga is the common name for scopolamine. This substance is extracted from deadly nightshade plants such as jimsonweed, henbane, mandrake and especially angel trumpets and is used in Latin America as a kind of knockout drop to make victims helpless. So far, in Europe, this method has been rather rare.

In Germany and France, ten years ago warnings circulated advising that visiting cards could be contaminated with Burundanga powder and that the victims would then be helpless within a very short period of time simply by contact. German police networks have announced that these were false reports. For the Scopolamine to work, it must be n inhaled or swallowed.




Restaurant review

Char Restaurant By Joe Schacher La Caleta is a very chic yet traditional fishing village and still today the name stands for quality fresh fish. Rob Ng and his team have managed the impossible, starting from zero they have succeeded in giving the Restaurant Char an upscale modern model. You’ll find this gem just a few metres from the roundabout, between two rows of houses, where most of the restaurants are located in La Caleta, Adeje. It’s been surprising its visitors since May 2016 and many are now regular customers. On the lookout for something new and different, Rob found the Josper. What is the Josper and what can it do? For basic barbecuers like the author of this review, it’s simply a charcoal barbecue. (More about Josper grill ovens can be found on the After your food selection has been chargrilled, the Josper’s door is closed like an oven and the fillet, the ribs, the tomahawk steak or whatever your choice, finishes cooking in the closed heat to the point of perfection. Samuel Hernández is the head chef of Char. As a little boy, he spent years at the knees of his grandmother, grandpa and uncle learning the business and when he finished school, there was only one direction he wanted to go - the hotel management school in Santa Cruz. He achieved one of the coveted places at that prestigious establishment and finished his time there with flying colours. Over the years he has constantly worked his way up the ladder, improving his skills in the restaurants of El Corte Inglés, El Patio in Jardín Tropical (the first one star Michelin restaurant on the Island) and in the Hotel Bahía del Duque. Samuel is also part of the cooking team that represents Tenerife at Madrid Fusion and in gastro events in Hamburg and elsewhere. For the last three years he and his team have been heading the Char. Samuel and the team work together perfectly, nothing falters, the work flows flawlessly. The menu is clear and concise and yet we let Rob choose for us. Why? It’s simple: everyone has their favourite dishes and usually orders them as well. With a free hand for the chef, we challenged him and, of

The Char: A quality, modern ambience was created with minimum expenditure

Top quality, first-press olive oils The heart of the kitchen - the Josper

Elijah, wearing a tie and Samuel, both in white with their team

course, ourselves. Once again, it was worth it. The little bite-sized hors d’oeuvre known in French as a ‘amuse gueule’ (mouth pleasure) was on this occasion a tuna mousse served in a cocktail glass. The tuna had been lightly cold-smoked over chips from retired Jack Daniels barrels. Some people may know of this flavour-enhancer

tries know ceviche - raw fish cut into small cubes. The cooking process is triggered by the acidity of ripened lime juice and the addition of a little chilli and coriander makes everyone happy. What more could you want? Wagyiu or Kobe - must the best beef always come from Japan? The Tartare: hand-chopped ‘Rubia Gallega’, a gourmet’s dream

Entrecôte, matured with expert knowledge and perfectly prepared - unique!

The Ceviche of local Sama (sea bream)

in liquid form. In short, it was delicious! We used the break to get to know Elijah, the Maìtre, who briefly explained the philosophy of the Char: a few but outstanding quality raw materials, passion and time - that’s all it takes, was his short answer. Off to South America for the next dish, whether Chile or Peru is immaterial, both counCoconut Malibu cream with tropical and forest fruit

Chef Samuel Hernández has already collected several awards

S p a i n ’s offer is the Rubia Gallega from Galicia. For Rob Ng, it is important that the food that his restaurants use is not transported halfway

around the globe. That’s how he came to choose beef from the Spanish Peninsular. He has the contacts and his customers have the great luck to enjoy this marvellous, marbled, nuttytasting meat. For example as a Tartare – you are encouraged to prepare the chopped meat

on your plate yourself. A little lemon juice, salt, pepper, English mustard and an egg yolk were enough for us. Enhanced with a few drops of the finest Spanish olive oil, a first harvest of the Piqual variety, and our tartare became a heavenly dish. The crowning Pièce de Résistance was a well-matured entrecote grilled on the bone in the Josper at almost 300 degrees and left to rest before being served with just a touch of Fleur de Sel flakes and some unpeeled, grated potatoes fried in hot oil. I apologised to the ‘Rubia Gallega’ who had chewed her way through Galicia for six years. After the epicurean challenge, I can confirm the view of many gourmets who consider the meat of this breed to be one of the best in the world. The dessert, a coconut cream, enriched with Malibu and reduced over a small flame and accompanied by a daring, balanced gala of forest fruits and local tropical fruits was the perfect finish to a superb meal. As you would expect, the Char offers a well-balanced wine list. A young Ribeira del Duero elegantly matched the Ceviche and

Everyone finds their tipple here

an Obalo from Rioja was the perfect partner for the grilled n Rubia Gallega.

Char Restaurant Calle el Muelle Edificio Famar, Local Bajo 2, La Caleta Tel. +34 922 168 222 Opening hours: Monday – Thursday, 6pm to 11.30pm, Friday – Sunday and local holidays, 1.30pm – 4pm and 6pm to 11pm. Visa, Mastercard Reservation: Absolutely necessary


Le Club Beach Club Playa Fañabé, s/n Costa Adeje Opening hours: Everyday 10am – 7pm #03588c

OFFER 1 Gourmet Hamburger 2 Beers + Sunbed

39 F




& 629 726 411 For many, this is the most beautiful beach club in Tenerife.There is hardly a better spot: Located right on Playa Fañabé, you can spoil yourself with a Bali Bed and enjoy the peace in the shade. Excellent snacks are served in Le Club. The Gourmet Hamburger with crispy fried bacon, melted Edam cheese, caramelised onions topped with the in-house BBQ sauce is a convincing choice. And now there’s a super package offer of a Sunbed, two beers and the Gourmet Burger for just €39.50. That‘s real joie de vivre!

Le Club

7692 C


3 Tapas Beach Bar Playa Fañabé Costa Adeje Opening hours: Everyday 10am – 7pm 7692 C



1 Portion Baby squid 2 Beers + 2 Sunbeds




& 606 861 933 Situated in the middle of Playa Fañabé, 3 tapas is easily found. The well-kept beach invites you to sunbathe, swim and play in the waves. They serve snacks here including a large selection of ‘Montaditos’. An excellent local white wine, like Flor de Chasna, would be a perfect accompaniment, or choose the special offer of two deck chairs, two beers and a portion of baby squid for €32. Pure holiday sensation!

3 Tapas

© Google

Fiji Beach Club Playa de Fañabe Costa Adeje Opening Hours: Everyday 10am - 7pm

& 660 198 949

Fiji is the brand new beach club in Playa Fañabe. A place where you can chill on one of our elegant Balinese beds or individual sunbeds and taste our delicious food with cocktails. At Fiji beach club you can relax and enjoy our DJs finest music in the coolest Gay-friendly atmosphere.


#03588c de/tapas-beach

7692 C







d fijibeachclub

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019





Frutería Torviscas much more than a greengrocer! An easy-to-find greengrocery with lots of parking available nearby

Frutería Torviscas stocks the most marvellous array of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, and much more. Located opposite the waterpark in San Eugenio Alto, this is the perfect place to stock up for healthy eating. The summer salad season has arrived, so if you are looking for ingredients, they have several different types of tomatoes, fresh crispy lettuces, two types of cucumbers, a variety of peppers, fresh beetroot, French shallots, radishes, avocados, salad onions, celery and many more... There are plenty of other fresh vegetables available too, according to season, and right now they have

cauliflowers, broccoli, green beans, cabbages, carrots, potatoes and three varieties of the little Canarian papas, red and white onions, several varieties of mushrooms, beansprouts, leeks, pumpkin, courgettes, corn on the cob, in fact whatever you are looking for, even the more unusual varieties, just pop in to Frutería Torviscas. Feast your eyes on the marvellous display of fresh fruit, including some of the more tropical varieties that really are worth trying, but of course the seasonal stars are strawberries, cherries, peaches, grapes, bananas, nectarines, oranges, pineapples and several differ-

ent types of melons, all deliciously fresh local products. If you fancy some fruit readyto-go, there are usually some freshly prepared and chilled individual fruit salads available and ready to eat. Even Reineta cooking apples are stocked at Frutería Torviscas, and for savoury recipes you'll find fresh coconuts, fennel, root ginger, chillies, fresh herbs, aubergines, garlic, turnips, kohlrabi, squash, and a fabulous range of dried herbs and spices. Don't forget to look in all the cold cabinets in this greengrocery, because you'll find some unexpected delights such as

fresh farm eggs, cold meats and hams, a range of German sausages and hams supplied by Wurstquelle, exquisite local cheeses from the local cheese dairy Montesdeoca, as well as butter and olives. Another cabinet houses a magnificent

If you've forgotten some basic essential items, you can also find flour, rice, sugar, honey and salt there. Fruteria Torviscas has been open for over a year and a half, in fact its second anniversary will be in September and it has already built up a good reputation and supplies some of the best restaurants in the area. So pop in and meet Marjorie and Jefferson and see what's n in store - literally!

Frutería Torviscas Avenida Austria Local 5, Malibu Park, San Eugenio Alto, Costa Adeje Tel: 922 899 489 or 638 679 404 Open: Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm Saturdays 8am to 5pm Facebook: Fruteria Torviscas

Restaurante Balkonen Avenida Santiago Puig, 5 Playa de la Américas Opening hours: Everyday 1pm – 12pm

& 922 752 303 For years Djamil has been heading the Balkonen with his brothers Sami and Ibrahim. Behind this name hides a restaurant that serves excellent international dishes. The focus, however, is on the cuisine of their homeland, Lebanon. Hummus, Arayes, Fattoush, Tabbouleh, Shawarma, and much more will indulge the senses and the palate. We recommend the Mezze. It’s also a good idea to ask for advice from Djamil and his team. If you feel like it, try a hookah!

Balkonen ©Google


Delicious fresh strawberries are available now at Frutería Torviscas

range of dried leaves for infusions, some just refreshing and others therapeutic, such as the Moringa. For healthy nibbles, you can help yourself to a range of nuts from the Spanish Peninsula which are sold by weight, and there is also a selection of packed dried fruits and nuts. Not so healthy nibbles include chocolate bars and crisps and there is a good selection of Spanish wines including some from the Canaries, as well as beers, soft drinks and water which can be found both inside and outside of yet another chilled cabinet.

d balkonenrestaurante

A happy customer choosing his fruit


Mirador Calma & La Charcutería Calle Alemania Adeje Opening hours: Everyday 14:00 – 01:00

d calmaylacharcuteria

Calma & Charcurería


Roca Negra Avenida Adeje 300 Playa Paraíso, Costa Adeje Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10:00 – 24:00 Fri+Sat 10:00 – 02:00

& 604 106 484

Roca Negra

The Hardrock Hotel has helped the Paraíso Floral area gain prestige, and now we have The Roca Negra, located in a stylish shopping street, directly by and above the sea. If you feel like it, take a blanket and enjoy your drink and the sunset on the rocks in front of the Roca Negra. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Spanish cava or one of the countless cocktails. Do you have a favourite drink? Ask the barman, he can help you. From Costa Adeje to Roca Negra is a few minutes by car, but the effort is well worth it.


Harry‘s Bar Avenida de Las Américas, 5 Playa Las Américas Opening hours: Everyday 12:00 – 01:00

Playa de Las Américas has developed enormously in recent years. The golden mile where the legendary Magic, Thai Botánico, Imperial Tai Pan, Bianco and others are at home has another pearl to offer: Harry‘s at Centro Comercial Safari is the place to get together with friends, or if they are late, wait whilst enjoying a drink. Every gin lover gets his money‘s worth, there is hardly a place with a greater choice. Many also enjoy the fountain spectacle with classical music at 9pm at the Centro Comercial Safari. Nowhere can you see this better than from Harry‘s terrace. Here you can meet old friends and find new ones.


The most beautiful sunset, with a view of our three small neighbouring islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, is from La Calma/La Charcutería in Torviscas Alto. And the colours become even more spectacular with the right sundowner to accompany the moment – how about a Tequila Sunrise? Also, the ambient music is very pleasing. La Calma is not only a bar with an excellent view, however. In the restaurant you can have an excellent meal and be spoiled with the best food from the grill.

& 922 724 382



& 922 777 628



Harry‘s Bar


d harrystenerife

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




Agricultural effects

Tomatoes and Brexit The Canary Islands export an annual average of 37,500 tons of fruit and vegetables to Britain each year, including almost 50 per cent of total tomato production – a fact that makes Brexit rather worrying for the agricultural sector. Fernando Clavijo, the CC candidate for the presidency of the Canary Islands, took the opportunity of the coming elections to reassure the sector that his Coalition Canaria party would be right behind them in the coming years, especially in the face of Brexit. Clavijo made his statements during a visit to the Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino (Coagrisan) agricultural cooperative, adding that it is important to "anticipate as far as possible the necessary measures to alleviate the consequences of Brexit". Regarding Britain’s decision to leave the EU, Clavijo recalled that the Canary Islands "were the first Autonomous Community to create a specific commission on the subject" and that an analysis table had already been produced, to help exporters deal “with the impacts of Brexit and the different possible scenarios". He lamented recent lack of support from the Spanish Gov-

Fernando Clavijo (2nd left, back row), listens to concerns at the Coagrisan Agricultural Cooperative

ernment, citing as an example that "we had to remind the Government that Brexit would mean the loss of compensation for the fruit and vegetable sector in the Islands, as in the case of transport aid, which politicians had not planned for and which should be covered". He also demanded that the Government "comply with the Economic and Fiscal Regime of the Canary Islands, which includes various measures in favour of the primary sector, measures negotiated by the nationalists in Madrid and which contemplate, for exam-

ple, an improvement in the management of border inspection points at ports and airports to protect the Islands’ crops, and aid for water for agricultural irrigation, which have not yet been transferred to the Islands". Clavijo reiterated the importance of water management as a basis for maintaining the growth of the primary sector, insisting that the Central Government "sign as soon as possible the agreement for hydraulic works in the Canary Islands, which will involve, for example, the investment of more than €81 million in

eleven projects in Gran Canaria, most of them for the purification and reuse of water. Clavijo also pointed out that "the future of the primary sector in the Islands also depends on modernisation and a commitment to quality.” He also pointed to economic diversification as a key element in generating employment, stressing his commitment to ensuring that unemployment in the Islands does not exceed 12 per cent in 2023, and that agriculture should play an important role n in the future.


Canarian wines across the world The uniqueness of Canarian wines aroused plenty of interest among importers, distributors and restaurateurs from Europe, America and Asia at the latest Fenavin National Wine Fair held in Ciudad Real in the Peninsula. The presence of the Canary Islands’ PDO at the event, through its commercial brand Canary Wine, generated so much attention due to the special peculiarities that make wines grown in the Archipelago so unique. “We have very attractive wines for all these professionals,” acknowledges Manuel Capote from Bodegas Balcón in La Laguna. “Our pre-phylloxera vineyards, the only varieties of their kind in the world, the different forms of production to the rest of the sector, vintages produced in small quantities which are more artisan and linked to historic agriculture, with hand pruning, harvesting and treatment: all that is very appreciated in areas abroad”. As well as a stand showcasing producers and wines, especially from the Viñátigo, El Sitio, Balcón de La Laguna and El Lomo bodegas, more than 50 professional meetings took place over the two days of the event, with the aim of increasing the impact of these very special beverages on other continents.

Canarian wines are proving increasingly popular


Shopping the old way Paper bags were issued to stall holders in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In one of the latest steps in the long fight to reduce plastic waste in the Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Council recently distributed paper

shopping bags to stall holders at several food and crafts markets in the area. The reusable paper bags were provided in various sizes and,

initially, will be offered to customers as an alternative to plastic. Councillor for Employment and Tourism, Pedro Quevedo, delivered the first bags at

the beginning of May, and explained that the initiative is a joint commitment between the Council and street vendors from two markets, which are held every weekend. After stating that the ultimate goal is the eventual elimination of plastic bags across the full commercial sector, Quevedo added: "This isn’t the final solution to achieving a more sustainable model and greater respect of natural resources, but we must take steps like this, which allow us to move forward.” The San Lorenzo Agricultural Market takes place every Sunday, whilst the crafts markets can be visited on Saturdays in Parque Santa Catalina, next to the Lolita Pluma sculpture, and Sundays in the Plaza del Pilar n Nuevo in Vegueta.

Much interest was raised at the Fenavin National Wine Fair held in Ciudad Real

“Canarian wine is one of the most competitive around”, said Manuel Juliá, Fenavin’s president, hours before the inauguration of the fair. Borja de Mesa, from El Lomo, added that “there is no equal reference in the rest of the world, with volcanic factors (which contribute minerals) and vineyards adapted to a hostile climate with exceptional results”. For Juan Jesús Méndez from Viñátigo, Fenavin is “very profitable and useful” for the interests of Canarian producers, as these contacts “have already opened up markets for our wines, such as the United States, Belgium and Canada”. Find more information on the various brands available at n



Previously La Costa tapas in San Telmo. We have moved to Compostela Beach!

The Dutch owned Happas Y Tapas is in a great location, in Playa de Las Américas, casual and friendly with a cool terrace, sea views and close to beach. Frank and his partner are happy to assist you to choose, from an extensive menu of over 50 Tapa dishes! Lunchtime sharing platters available, evening; Chefs special selection of “all you can eat Tapas”. Gluten free products, children’s menu, main courses & special dish of the day. Visit us in Compostela Beach (opposite Funde Grube).

& 922 899 685

© Google

Brunelli’s Steakhouse Calle Bencomo 42 Puerto de La Cruz


& 922 062 600 Every gourmet’s dream becomes a reality at Brunelli‘s, a steakhouse that is in the perfect location to inspire the palate. Selected meat of the very best quality, in a fantastic ambience right next to the sea, the culinary pleasure revolves around the Southbend: The only oven of its kind on the Canary Islands, it heats up to 800°C, sealing the juices and flavour inside the meat. Plus top quality wines from the island and Spain, and the restaurant’s crowning glory: an uninterrupted view of the Atlantic Ocean.

© Google


Opening hours: Daily from 1pm – 3.30pm and 6.30pm – 11pm

© GoogleMaps

Bodegón Las Vistas Calle Bencomo 58 Santa Úrsula Open: Daily, except Tuesday 12 to 11 pm

& 822 108 923 Tasteful, canarian kitchen, a rustic and authentic ambience and a breathtaking panoramic view characterise the Bodegón Las Vistas in Santa Úrsula. Also the very hospitable servicestaff and the favorable prices. This place welcomes everyone, from local Canarian or foreign residents who don‘t want to cook, to holidaymakers who find themselves in an extraordinary place in the middle of typical island life. A place you will never forget.


Opening hours: From 10.30am to 10pm everday

d HappasTapas

CC. Compostela Beach, Paseo Tarajal, locales 701 / 7011 Playa de Las Américas


Happas Y Tapas


© Google

© GoogleMaps



d bodegonlasvistas

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




Animal charities’ round up are heaps of ways you can help, and we and the dogs and cats will all be immensely grateful! Shop till you drop Please note we are no longer holding car boot sales in Los Gigantes, but you can visit our shop in Alcalá Plaza Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Donations of quality household goods, clothes, books, shoes or other items are very welcome as well. Call 646 561 035 to arrange collection of larger items from all local areas. All proceeds go towards funding the animals’ care and are essential to ensuring our K9 dogs and cats have everything they need to make their time at the refuge as comfortable as possible.

Lovely Toby is around five years old and is waiting at the K9 refuge for a new home

K9 Toby (pictured here) was brought into the K9 refuge nearly a year ago because his owner in Santa Cruz was struggling and not able to look after him anymore. He’s around five years old and loves to be with people. His little old man face makes him stand out and everyone who meets him wants to take him for a walk. He’s so popular that one our puppies who recently moved to England was named after him by his new family. Currently he lives on his own in his kennel, but up until recently he shared with a smaller female named Merida, who was lucky enough to be adopted here in Tenerife. When Merida first left he was a little sad, and even with all the love and affection we’ve shown him he’s still a little down and we so hope he will finally get his second chance. He likes cuddles, is a pleasure to walk both on and off lead, always waits to go outside to go to the toilet, and loves the

chance to explore and sniff! He gets on well with most female dogs, but can a bit wary of male ones, probably because he’s a smallish boy surrounded by mostly bigger male dogs. He’s very sweet and obedient and just needs to find his forever home. Could you be the one to provide it? We always appreciate any and all help. If you aren’t in a position to adopt, maybe you could consider becoming a volunteer dog walker (simply call us or pop by any day during our opening hours). Alternatively, you could sponsor one of our wonderful sponsor dogs via our website, donate money either via our website or in cash at the refuge, you could donate food and other items which help us look after our dogs and cats, and you can even buy our merchandise at the refuge. In addition, remember to keep an eye on our website or Facebook page (information below) for any fundraising events which you may like to attend. Also, why not come along to our charity shop in Alcalá? There

Adoptions We have many beautiful dogs waiting for their forever homes. You can see them on our web-

(tel: 922 735 824), and Yaiza Vet, Los Cristianos (922 169 381). As well as kittens, we have several adult cats from 18 months to seven years old. All adults are leukaemia negative, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. All cats go on a week’s trial in your home so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. If you adopt two kittens together then initial injections, microchip and neutering is free for the second one. Adopt a black kitten or two and both will receive the above treatments free. Contact us at or ring/whatsapp Sharon on 662 524 006 or Sandra on 671 282 773 (for English, Spanish and German, after 6pm). Alternatively, message us on Facebook or visit our shop on San Blas in Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino), open seven days a week, 10am until 6pm.

Paul and Sophi have been raising money for the dogs at Acción del Sol

site at Or visit the Refuge on Calle Chimbesque, between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas, any day between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively, call us on 667 638 468 or email You will also find stories of our dogs’ antics on our Facebook page at Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker or K9 Tenerife. Also, to see daily photos of the walks that take place at K9, ‘like’ the facebook page Voluntarios del Refugio K9.

Cats Welfare See some of our kittens at Don Perro Vets, Las Chafiras

Acción del Sol Paul and Sophi (pictured here) are two lovely German children whose father visited the refuge a while ago. He explained to them the work we do and the children decided they would like to help us, so have been very busy selling home produced beetroots and paintings to raise money. We are so happy for what Paul and Sophi have achieved and would like to say a very big thank you to them. Without the help of our valued volunteers and supporters, our work would be so much harder. We see so many cases


Looking for love Photo:


Meet handsome Lopez, who’s a beautiful male around one year old. He’s currently living in the Albergue Valle Colino refuge in Santa Cruz and would love to find his forever home. You can see more about Lopez and many other dogs and cats at the website www.adopciondetenerife, which is a portal that showcases animals ready for adoption from around Tenerife. n

daily of abused and neglected dogs at the refuge but for all the sadness it’s amazing to have such brilliant people helping. We have over 230 gorgeous dogs of all shapes and sizes looking for loving homes. We don’t charge for adoptions but donations are very welcome towards the vast running costs of the refuge. Every one of the dogs has a clean bill of health and is fully inoculated, microchipped, heartworm- and fleafree, has a passport and is sterilised, the last one being compulsory to try to reduce the large numbers of unwanted litters here on Tenerife. One of the things we stress to all dog owners is the importance of microchipping their pets, as well as ensuring that the contact details are correct and updated when appropriate. We have a large number of dogs brought into the refuge by Protection Civil off the streets that are microchipped, but the information hasn’t been kept up to date. This does cause unnecessary stress to the dog having to stay at the refuge until the owner is found.

How you can help Besides obvious needs such as food, water and veterinary care, a little attention is all the dogs here want. They love going out for a walk so please do come and take one out if you have time, they really will appreciate it. We are also desperately looking for people travelling to Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin or Frankfurt who would be prepared to escort a dog. All that’s needed is a little time at the airport: all necessary paperwork and handling of the dogs is done by AccionTier staff. Please do call us on 664 321 219 or 602 463 242 between the hours of 8am and 5pm if you can help in any way, or visit us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm, and Saturdays 1pm to 4pm. We’re situated directly under the wind turbines, from exit 52 on the TF1 north bound, just after the El Médano junction. Head for the windmills on the coast and we’re located in the buildings on the right hand side. Alternatively, email us on or visit our Facebook page at Action n tier Acción del Sol.

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




WHAT’S ON 2019




FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEWS 113 art professor, various media, Casa-Museo León y Castillo, Telde, free entry, Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm.

May 19 5.30pm: Caperucita, musical based on the classic tale Little Red Riding Hood (in Spanish), Teatro Víctor Jara, Vecindario, €10. www.

7pm: Peter Pan Crecer Jamás (Peter Pan Will Never Grow), family stage show based on the original classic tale (in Spanish), Aguere Espacio Cultural, La Laguna, €8.

May 25


9am: Historic Gran Canaria Tour, Jardín Canario, Vegueta, Santa Catalina Park, Cuevas de Guayadeque and Agüimes, leave from LPGC, children €19, adults €39.


8.30pm: XIII Festival Son 21, various folk groups including Bohemia from Lanzarote, Plaza de La Candelaria, Santa Cruz, free event. www.

May 24

8.30pm: F. Sinatra in Havana, musical based on Frank Sinatra’s supposed relationship with the mafia and island of Cuba, many of his hit songs with a Caribbean twist, Teatro Auditorio, Aguimes, €10.

8.30pm: Jonay Mesa, guitarist, composer and music producer, Teatro Guiniguada, LPGC, over 14s only, €10. May 17 8.30pm: Aires de Flamenco (Flamenco Airs), stage show bringing the street life of original flamenco to the stage, Teatro Guiniguada, LPGC, over 14s only, €12. 9pm: Georgina, pop/rock, The Paper Club, LPGC, €12. May 18 9am: Historic Gran Canaria Tour, Jardín Canario, Vegueta, Santa Catalina Park, Cuevas de Guayadeque and Agüimes, leave from LPGC, children €19, adults €39. 8pm: Belén Á. Doreste, singer/songwriter and poet, Casa-Museo León y Castillo, Telde, free entry, limited places. www.fernandoleony 8pm: Óscar Martínez, hiphop/dance, The Paper Club, LPGC, €12. 8.15pm & 9.45pm: Dramatised tour showing early history of the Islands before and around the time of the Spanish conquest, Museo y Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada, free event but must register previously by calling 928 895 489 (ext. 3).

9pm: Esquina Vergara, renowned band from the 80s Spanish jazz scene, Cervecería Echarle Huevos, LPGC, €8 in advance, €10 on the door. 9pm: Paty Cantú, R&B/hiphop/electronic dance, latest album #333 tour, The Paper Club, LPGC, €15 in advance, €18 on the door. www.entrees. es

DIARY DATES May 16 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. May 17 7pm: Festival Santa Cruz Joven, youth music fest, various artists, Plaza de La Candelaria, Santa Cruz, free event. www.santacruzde

8pm: Çak, traditional Turkish music, Sala El Granero, Buenavista del Norte, free entry. www.

8.30pm: Piano concert with Amparo de la Hera Portillo, Hotel Playa Sur Tenerife, El Médano, €10. 922 176 120 / www.hotelplayasur 9pm: Georgina, pop/rock, Búho Club, La Laguna, €12. May 18 & 19 8am-1.30pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo, free bus both days from Playa de Las Américas 9am, 10am and 11am.

May 29

8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa

8pm: Atlántida, Canarian/world fusión, CasaMuseo León y Castillo, Telde, free entry, limited places.

8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte. www.mercadillodelagricultor. com

9pm: Vetusta Morla, top Spanish rock group, plus guest artist Said Muti, Gran Canaria Arena, LPGC, from €32.

8am-3pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General TF5, Km 49, La Guancha. 8am-4pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General, Km 7.8, La Esperanza. www.ayuntamientoelrosario. org

May 30 All day: Día de Canarias (Canaries Day): commemorates the first formal sitting of the Canarian Parliament in 1982, starting an era of greater self-governance for the archipelago. A broad range of traditional activities will take place across the Islands. See local councils for individual information.

8pm: Clowbaret, family clown show, Casino de Arona, Calle El Calvario, Arona, free entry, limited places.

3pm: GreenWorld, electronic dance fest, various DJs, Lopesan Meloneras Golf, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, from €30, transport available from local areas.

8pm: Piano recital by Diego Expósito with vocals by Estela Lynch, Edificio Usos Múltiples, El Tanque, free entry.

Until further notice Thursday – Sunday: CamBuyon Market, art, second hand, vintage, Mercado del Puerto, LPGC, Thursdays and Fridays, 7pm – 11pm; Saturdays 6pm – 11pm; Sundays 12pm – 3pm.

May 18 10am: El futuro de la tradición (The future of tradition), tour of the museum and archeological site, for adults, Museo y Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada, last tour starts 4.30pm, register on the day, free event.

7pm: Jacob Forever, Cuban DJ and musician, plus supporting artists, Centro Hípico Xanadú, Guargacho, from €30.

Purpurae Uti Materia by Juan Marqués Mayol, 39 sculptures and paintings based on Canarian History, various styles and media, Centro de Artes Plásticas (CAP), LPGC, free entry, Monday to Friday, 10am – 9pm. www.gran

9pm: Andrés Calamaro, indie rock and roll, Gran Canaria Arena, LPGC, from €30. www.

8.30pm: Carminho, renowned Portuguese Fado Singer, fusion of traditional and contemporary, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €25. www.

Until May 31

ties, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz, free event.


8pm: Autodate Folk Band, fusion of Canarian and world music, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Santa Cruz, €10.

8pm-11pm: Cuban night with live music, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette 8.30pm: Carminho, renowned Portuguese Fado Singer, fusion of traditional and contemporary, Canaries Fado Festival, Teatro Guimerá, Santa Cruz, from €28. May 18

Until May 26

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

El Dibujo del Acero (The Drawing of Steel), by Máximo Riol, technical architect, sculptor and

11am: El Museo y Su Entorno (The Museum and its surroundings), guided tour and activi-

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor. May 19 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Av. Villa de Arico, Porís de Abona. 9am-2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico. 12pm: Todo Mozart (All Mozart), with pianist María Iciar Serrano Quiñones, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz, free event. 1pm-4pm: BBQ and live music, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette 6pm: Canarias Hip Hop Radio Festival, Sala El Arcón, Puerto de La Cruz, €10. www.tomaticket. es

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019

WHAT’S ON 2019


May 20

May 24

9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá.

9.30pm: Luis Morera, ballads, Plaza de La Candelaria, Santa Cruz, free event. www.santa

May 21 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www.

May 25 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Av. Villa de Arico, Porís de Abona.

Club, La Laguna, €15 in advance, €20 on the door.

9am-2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico.

May 31

1pm-4pm: BBQ and live music, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette

9pm: Vetusta Morla, top Spanish rock group, plus support band Monkey Faces, Recinto Ferial, Santa Cruz, from €32.

May 27

June 2

9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá.

8pm: Collage, multimedia flamenco show by renowned dancer and choreographer Yolanda G. Sobrado, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, from €10, children over five only. www.

May 28

May 21 - 25

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

Tenerife Walking Festival, various hikes and prices.

10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www.

May 22 8am-1pm: Farmers’ market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa de San Juan. 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www. 1pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa 3pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje.

9am-2pm: Demonstration of cigar rolling by Luis Mora, Mercado del Agricultor, Valle San Lorenzo, free event. 11am: Guided tour round Parque García Sanabria, for all ages, meet at the café, Santa Cruz, free event.

May 23

5pm: Pinocho (Pinocchio), children’s theatre show (in Spanish), Teatro Timanfaya, Puerto de La Cruz, €8.

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

8.30pm: El Colorado, boleros, Plaza de La Candelaria, Santa Cruz, free event. www.santacruz

6pm: Baroque piano music by students from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Municipal Music School, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, free entry.

9pm: Andrés Calamaro, indie rock and roll, Pabellón Santiago Martín, Los Majuelos, from €30. May 25 & 26 8am-1.30pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo, free bus both days from Playa de Las Américas 9am, 10am and 11am. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte. 8am-3pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General TF5, Km 49, La Guancha. 8am-4pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General, Km 7.8, La Esperanza. www.ayuntamientoelrosario. org

8pm: Pasionari@s: Ray Lema, renowned African musician, western classical music fused with traditional sounds from the Democratic Republic of the Congo plus rock and pop, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Santa Cruz, €12. 8pm: Chago Melián, Canarian folk fusion, Plaza de La Candelaria, Santa Cruz, free event. www.

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor. May 26 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos.

Pickup Point

Viajes LMX Miraverde


6pm: Spring Violin and Piano Concert by students from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Municipal Music School, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz, free entry. www.santacruzde

Until further notice Monday-Friday, 11am: MAGMA Tour, selfguided tour around the South’s prototypical example of modern architecture, complete look inside and out, plus photo opportunity from the roof, 50 minutes, Magma Artes & Congresos, Costa Adeje, €10.


May 29 8am-1pm: Farmers’ market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa de San Juan.

Until June 2

10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www. 1pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa 3pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 7pm: Live music, Día de Canarias Eve, Nuestra Señora de África market, Santa Cruz, free event. 8pm: Jeita, Canarian folk music with a contemporary touch, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Santa Cruz, €10. 9.30pm: Concert by young vocalists, varied repertoire, Plaza de La Candelaria, Santa Cruz, free event. May 30

Jardín Salvaje (Wild Garden), collection of paintings questioning man’s relationship with nature, by exceptionally talented Spanish artist Marina Núñez, plus Re-Thinking the Trace by M. Lohrum, interactive and dynamic exhibition investigating the process of creativity. See both at the TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz, Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm, free entry.

All day: Día de Canarias (Canaries Day): commemorates the first formal sitting of the Canarian Parliament in 1982, starting an era of greater self-governance for the archipelago. A broad range of traditional activities will take place across the Islands. See local councils for individual information. 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 8pm: Concert by the Cantares choir, varied repertoire, Casa de la Cultura, Los Realejos, free entry. 8.30pm: Zarzuela concert with piano and vocals, Hotel Playa Sur Tenerife, El Médano, €12. 922 176 120 / www.hotelplayasur 9pm: Willy Quiroga, rock, founder of top group Vox Dei, celebrating 50 years in showbiz, Búho Therapies, Spiritual hypnosis, Past life regression Come, unleash your internal power and heal your mind, body and soul completely through energy healing, hypnosis and past life regression. Get Space Clearing carried out for more positivity at home and in your work place

Call 619 519 858

For regular church, charity and recreational events, please see:




Water sports

Many activities connected with water sports can be tried out and the newest tendencies will be presented, with sustainability, environmental protection and new technologies being the focus this Photo: Ayto. Arona

Marina del Sur in Las Galletas will be filled with hustle and bustle on the weekend of June 8 and 9, when the third water sports fair Fenáutica will be celebrated on the southern tip of the island.

Visiting water ‘babies’ can try out new sports

Combining sports with studies

Photo: Ayto. Arona

Fenáutica at Marina del Sur

Prize giving

A weekend full of fun at the Marina del Sur

year. In addition to the varied water sports programme, there will be great entertainment for the whole family with workshops, music and a gastronomic offer. All materials used in leisure activities are to be biodegradable and recyclable, emphasising the need to care for the marine environment. Admission is free and there will be a shuttle service from Los Cristianos on the boat Peter Pan with departures at 11am, 1pm and 4pm. Last year about 13,500 people enjoyed the fun nautical fair, and that num-

ber is likely to be exceeded in 2019. Fenáutica will also host the Guanche's Cup regatta and the Canary Islands Championship for underwater videos and photos. "Fenáutica has become a local and regional benchmark fair that attracts and inspires tourists and locals alike" explained Arona's Councillor for Business Promotion Dácil León. The fair starts its activities at 10am and ends on Saturday at 10pm and on Sunday at 7pm. The programme can be found on the website n


Tenerife Walking Festival Puerto de La Cruz will, for the fifth time, be hosting the Tenerife Walking Festival (TWF) from May 21 to 25, an event which has long since established itself as a special hiking highlight in the course of the year. In addition to the hiking enthusiasts who travel to the festival in order to discover the island among like-minded people, it also serves as general advertising for the Canary Islands as a hiking paradise with the most beautiful landscapes. Around 200 hiking enthusiasts from

From the coast to the summit, Tenerife has many fascinating walking routes to offer

ten nations have registered for this year's TWF, including

travel agencies and 17 national and international media repre-

sentatives and bloggers, from Spain, Denmark and Finland among others. There are 15 different tours to choose from this year, leading through charming volcanic landscapes, magical forests and lush vegetation or along the coasts in the gentle sea breeze. As usual, the festival will culminate in a joint celebration in the Plaza de Europa with musical entertainment, culinary specialities and the presentation of various outdoor activities. This year's novelty is a female group of mountaineers from Pakistan who are preparing for high altitude expeditions. The festival also follows the principle of sustainability right from the start. In other words, in order to offset the CO2 footprint, an environmental balance is drawn up which is compensated for with the planting of endemic species of trees and shrubs, and the recovery of disused agricultural areas. Of the 5.8 million tourists that Tenerife welcomes every year, about ten per cent say they also go hiking. It’s of interest that the French do this most frequently, followed by the Germans, Swiss, Austrians n and Dutch.

Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands, recently honoured eleven students who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding sporting and academic achievements. “It’s very positive to see that individuals pay attention to physical development and do not neglect sport for study, work, friendships or family. Anyone who is able to combine two or more activities that require as much discipline as elite sports and university studies is not only an example to all others, but also deserves our admiration” explained Clavijo. Those who were awarded were: Pharmaceutical student Gustavo Vidal Herrera, who became deputy world champion in Frontenis in Barcelona in 2018, and multiple Spanish champion in high jump, sports physiotherapy student Simón Siverio Dorta, plus sports science student and third in volleyball masters Super League 2, Carlos Javier Hernández Real, computer science student and bronze medallist of the last two years at the Spanish Championships in Olympic Martial Arts Daniel Herrero Averchenko, physiotherapy student and Lucha Canaria wrestler and sailor Eusebio Ledesma Pérez, as well as José Airán Fernández Rodríguez, who has been Spanish Champion in weightlifting in the powerlifting category for ten years. Also in the women’s categories, Rebeca Emperatriz Ferrer Clemente, art student and silver medallist in the National Karate Senior League, psychology student Mónica Hernández Pérez, European and Spanish Frontenis Champion, physiotherapy student and mountain biker Raquel Ramón Domínguez, industrial design engineering student Carolina Rivero Suárez, who won gold in judoka at the international championships in France and silver in the Spanish championships, and Ana Cambres Brehcist, who also practices Lucha Canaria and sailing and studies medicine. She is the only female captain of the boat Guerra del Rio and achieved several good placings last year. n

Eleven young people who study and train at the same time to achieve sporting success


Double lifeguard champion

Edu Blasco, a swimmer from Fuerteventura, became a double lifeguard champion on the last weekend of April at the French Championships in Tarbes. The Canarian, who currently swims for Club Biarritz Souvetage Cotier, took Blasco returned from France part in the French Cham- with three medals pionships after becoming Spanish Champion just a month earlier. He had qualified with the best time of the year and won convincingly twice. He won the championship title for the 100-metre combination and on the following day, topped the podium once again in his best discipline, the 50-metre towing. To top it all off, he and his team also won the bronze medal in the relay. Edu Blasco is an extraordinarily successful swimmer who is successful both in lifeguard swimming and in regular swimming competitions. He has already become Spanish champion 29 times in two disciplines, and has won 52 medals and broken 32 records. n

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




CD Tenerife

Derby joy but Tenerife still in peril One thing that has epitomised the blanquiazules over the last couple of seasons is their lack of consistency. They can go from the very best to the worst in a matter of a few days. Their ability to win three games on the trot is a distant memory and even back to back victories would be nice! Overall, the season has been a disaster, especially away from home. We have enjoyed some tremendous fight-backs, typical of this footballing season in general, but following up those good sensations with more decent performances has just not happened. Blood, sweat and tears can get you only so far. It’s simply frustrating to see a club the size of CD Tenerife struggle in the second level of Spanish football. It is true that the budget was only in the mid-table range for the Second division but we should not be staring at a possible relegation. The difference for the Island of having a team playing in La Liga or having one in the 2nd B can be calculated at around €100 million per year. The long suffering fans deserve more and one good season in six is simply not acceptable. Remember only just under two years ago the blanquiazules played Getafe in the Play-Off Final to try and gain a place in the top flight but we missed out that time by a single goal. Getafe were promoted and now are on the edge of securing a Cham-

pions League spot. Can you imagine Tenerife playing in the Champions or Europa League? Anyway, those are unrealistic dreams right now and the only objective over the last month of the season is to stay up. With four matches remaining Tenerife basically need to win two and draw another. Everyone needs to unite and support the players. The accusations and finger pointing can start once we are safe! 4/05/2019 CD Tenerife 2:1 Las Palmas The biggest crowd for a Derby in years made their way to the Heliodoro Stadium and most of the almost 19,000 supporters left the ground ecstatic. The 1,500 yellow clad Las Palmas fans present on the day returned on the ferry back to Gran Canaria with their tails between their legs. Their players had let them down once again and it’s now 19 years since they last won on the Island. Derby Day is special with fans partying all day long, a fan zone was packed to the rafters and the day passed off without any major incidents. Both teams needed the points at different ends of the table, Tenerife more so, but it was the visitors that started the strongest. Dani pulled off a fine save from Blum early on but apart from that neither team looked like scoring in a tense first 45 minutes. That was all set to change in an epic second half. Las Palmas player Timor received his marching orders

Photo: CD Tenerife

By Chris Todd

Many derbies - always the same colours

on the hour mark and the game came to life. However, if anything, this seemed to spur on the visitors and they took the lead on 66 minutes through Cedres. This was a disaster! A local Derby, playing against 10 men and losing. Then on came veteran defender Carlos Ruiz for surely what was his best ever match in a blue and white shirt. Minutes after entering the pitch Ruiz equalised with a diving header to make the score 1-1 and the atmosphere turned electric. We now believed. And a gripping finale saw Tenerife really go for the victory, a draw was not good enough. With minutes left on the clock Racic found Carlos Ruiz on the edge of the box as he broke out of defence. With a shimmy and a dummy

Ruiz left a Las Palmas player for dead before squaring the ball to Naranjo who scored with ease. It was a brilliant assist. The four minutes injury time seemed to last for an eternity but the referee eventually blew his whistle and the atmosphere was as if CD Tenerife had won the Champions league. However ex-West Brom and now Las Palmas coach Pepe Mel was not happy stating “If I say what I think about the officials I will end up in jail tonight”. Fair result? Overall maybe not but it was a night that many will not forget in a hurry. The players celebrated with the fans in the stands and later the car horns echoed all over the capital. Great scenes indeed but the players must keep focused on the task at hand.

10/05/2019 Granada 2:1 CD Tenerife Well, we really did not expect much from our visit to Granada, a team that’s on the verge of a direct promotion. We did however expect more of a spirited performance coming after the magic of the previous week at the Derby but this team crumbles far too easily away from home. Under-fire manager Oltra tinkered with the team formation yet again, playing players out of position and trying to be clever it seemed. Changes were forced upon Tenerife and they were without three of their better players in Luis Milla, Naranjo and Nano but where are our like for like replacements? As per norm the blanquiazules fell behind early on (incred-

ibly that was the 28th time out of the 38 matches played that the opposition has scored first). The first half was dominated by Granada and at the break they deservedly led 2-0. The second saw an improvement by Tenerife, showing some heart at least. Coniglio had a goal disallowed for offside which seemed pretty harsh but soon after Malbasic blasted the ball into the net to make it 2-1. However any hopes of another heroic comeback melted away in the Andalusian heat as Granada held on and are now almost guaranteed promotion. Next up for Tenerife is another away game at Elche on May 18 before playing Real Oviedo at home on May 26 at 5pm. A n must-win game!

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Pickup Point

Typsy Terrace Tennis, Mini Golf C/ Hibisco, 4 Los Gigantes

Pickup Point El Gomero Petrol Station Oroteanda roundabout

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019

Island connections media group s.l.

Island Connections Online:

Classifieds Deadline Next Edition The deadline for edition 847, which is published on 30th May, is 28th May. No classifieds will be taken after this date.

Head Office: Calle Francisco Feo Rodríguez 6º- first floor. Pol. Industrial Las Chafiras 38620 - San Miguel de Abona. Tel.: 922 75 06 09 Fax: 922 795 810 Office Hours: Mon-Frid 9:30 -16:30 hours

Classified Info Adverts for our Classifieds Section must be sent by email or hand delivered to the office. If you would like to advertise, please send your classified text to: classifieds@ Alternatively, place your classified advert with one of our four agents: Now in Golf del Sur, Redhound Bookshop in Los Cristianos, The Bookswop in Las Américas, Petras Deutscher Bücherstand in Puerto de La Cruz.

Rates: • Lineage classifieds: From €25 • Small & Long Term: Ask for long term advertising (3, 6, 12 months) and our special discounts. • Further Options: color / boxed adverts. To Place your advert call: 922 75 06 09 You are welcome to come to our offices in Las Chafiras to place small ads. Card payment facilities are available.




Santiago del Teide Lions Club

General Services

Bargains galore From clothes and children’s toys to kitchenware and books – there are plenty of great deals on second-hand goods. They even have sets of golf clubs! Don’t miss out – visit their shop below the plaza in Puerto Santiago (Behind Vigilia Park). Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am – 1pm and Wednesdays 2pm to 8pm.

Mobile welder for hire anywhere on the island Contact Jason:

683 422 304 MASONIC MEETINGS Logia Ave Fenix Nº 73 Edificio Simón, Los Cristianos. New meetings start in October, on the fourth Tuesday

You are invited to

All Visitors welcome Contact John Donaldson (Secretary):

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General Services

CLASSIFIEDS Masonic Lodge - Ave Fenix No.73. New meetings started in October 2018 on the fourth Tuesday of the month. If interested, all visitors are welcome to come down. For further information, lodge secretary John Donaldson is available to contact on Tel: (+34) 922 178 091 or Email: ave.fenix73@ Viagra, kamagra, jellies, cialis, best products, discounts on large orders. Delivery available or mail order. Tel or Whatsapp: 672 883 025. viagra4you19@

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Apartment for rent, 1 bedroom, fully equipped, near Playa Martiánez, in Puerto de La Cruz, €470 /month + electricity. Tel: Theresa on 606 105 101

FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEWS 113 Apartment and Villa for rent in Tenerife south. Tel: (0034) 662 507 191 Winter letting Puerto de La Cruz Studio apartment, 24 hour concierge, pool, sea views. Minimum three month contract. €500 per month. 669 652 149


Classifieds Beautiful seafront apartment for private sale. One bedroom, garage, sea views and in a sunny position. Price: €120,000. No agents. Tel: 922 752 759. Mobile: 608 425 426 Apartment Tabaiba Alta For sale, only five mins away from the German school, roughly 102m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, utility room, garden, big terrace. Spectacular views

of the sea and mountain, big garage with 2 spaces, 2 closed store rooms, price €180,000, mob. 686 798 367, email e optene rife @ m For sale, Bungalow 160m2 Costa Sauzal, situated front row with guaranteed spectacular sea-views, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with panoramic windows, modern kitchen, dining room connected to the terrace, including a heated 4 x 8 m pool, all on same level, garage and a marvellous tropical garden with 800m2 landscaped with various plants and lots of fruit trees. Private sale contact: info Tel.: 00 34 699 444 879



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Mentor required for two grateful kids. Full or part time. Tel: +34 696 713 635, email: Qualified horse riding instructor (Swedish equestrian federation) available for individual and group classes in CHS Buzanada and La Caldera del Rey (San Eugenio Alto) or privately in the south of Tenerife. All ages and levels are welcomed. Schooling and management of private horses by appointment. Ulrike Fagerlund has competed successfully to a high level in dressage and show jumping in the Canary Islands and Europe. Swedish/ English/Spanish/German speaking. IGEQ equestrian passport holder. Tel: 660761270, e-mil: ulrika.fagerlund18@


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Crossword Across 1 - hairpiece (3) 3 - legal ruling (3) 5 - make right (5) 8 - inclined plane (4) 9 - murkiness (8) 11 - spat out (10) 13 - propels forward (6) 14 - acrobatic stunt (6) 17 - requirement (10) 21 - causes (8) 22 - body covering (4) 23 - dark black; hardwood (5) 24 - where a pig lives (3) 25 - extremity of foot (3)

Down 1 - straw (anag) (5) 2 - risk takers (8) 4 - entwined (6) 5 - knot of foot (5) 6 - finished; complete (4) 7 - guarantees (7) 10 - dish; cook slowly (4) 12 - crusader (8) 13 - one who holds property (7) 15 - ring (4) 16 - cloud type (6) 18 - baby carriage (5) 19 - care for; look after (5) 20 - luxurious car (4)

(For Crossword and Sudoku solution see pag 30)








Homes and properties for sale in the Canaries



All photos: Wikimedia Commons

16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




16.5.2019 – 29.5.2019




Villa in San Eugenio Fotos: D. D’Elisio

Villa with wonderful panoramic views in the residential complex La Tagora, San Eugenio Alto. 3 bedrooms, spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, storage room, garden with the possibility to build a private pool, terrace, 3 bathrooms (2 en suite), independent studio apartment on the ground floor, Jacuzzi, garage, community pool. Excellent location with the best view in Costa Adeje

€ 780,000

Tenerife Property Partners Calle El Sauce 5 | Residencial Los Castaños | Local 3 | El Madroñal | Tenerife Tel. 922 707 205 + 679 154 297 + 649 469 282 | Email:




Canary Island lavender

Purple paradise Photo: Marian Florinel

Lavender is widely used in herbal medicine, beauty products and aromatherapy (Photo: Mareefe at Pexels)

fern-like foliage and delicate blue-violet flowers. A mature specimen can reach 75cm high and have a spread of 60cm, so it’s a good size for most plots. It’s also perfect for beginner gardeners or those with little time, as it’s low maintenance and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. In addition, butterflies, bees and other insects love it, so it’s great for encour-

Photo: S. Rae from Scotland, UK (CC 2.0, commons.wikimedia)

Lavandula canariensis, otherwise known as Canary Island lavender, is a species of this pretty purple plant that is endemic to the archipelago. Extremely tolerant of high temperatures, lavender can be a great addition to any garden, needing limited care and providing a splash of colour most of the year round. It’s a tender evergreen plant with fine,

Canary Island lavender is a common sight around the archipelago

aging wildlife into the garden, including healthy predators.

Going violet Being a sun-lover, Canary Island lavender is a great choice for hot mountain gardens, but will also grow nicely at coastal level. Its natural environment tends to be on the dry side, with rocky, poor-

medium soil, which is usually neutral to alkaline. Excellent drainage is an absolute must for the plant wherever it is. Replicating conditions similar to these is important if you want to see healthy growth. The ideal time for sowing from fresh seed is late summer or autumn, though early spring will also suffice. Once they are ready, plant seedlings between 45cm and 60cm apart if positioning several specimens together. Alternatively, you can grow in large containers (lavender has long, deep roots), just make sure you provide plenty of that all-important drainage. Feed weekly throughout the growing season, using a highnitrogen organic feed, such as seaweed, if possible. Water well throughout summer, but reduce during winter, as one thing lavender will not tolerate is a constantly wet soil: The roots will quickly rot and the damp will encourage fungal infections. If your plant begins to wilt and display yellowing of the leaves, this could be a sign that you are overdoing it. Cut back on the water for a couple of weeks to see if the plant improves. If it continues

Photo: Brigitte Tohm at Pexels

Wildlife love all types of lavender

The plant’s fern-like foliage and delicate blue-violet flowers are often used dried

to deteriorate, the roots may have rotted. If so, cut the plant right back and gently ease it out of the pot. If there are any healthy roots left, cut away all the rest and replace the lavender in the pot – you may be able to save your plant in this way, though growth will be stunted for a while. Other than that, all they should need is a tidying prune after the main flowering season is over.

Medicinal Uses Lavandula canariensis has long been used in traditional medicine around the Canary Islands and is well known for its heal-

ing properties. It is said to reduce fevers, get rid of parasites, treat digestive problems, and be an effective skin disinfectant. Lavender in general has also been used as a relaxant, can apparently reduce anxiety and muscle pain, and is an anti-inflammatory. Its antiseptic properties make it useful for calming insect bites, small wounds, stings and minor burns, as well as fighting fungal infections. Many even swear by it for reducing the effects of insomnia and depression, as well as toothaches, headaches and digestive problems. It also makes a wonderful air freshener. Simply dry flowering stems by laying them out on open trays or hanging small bunches upside down in a dark, airy room. Place around the house in vases for a wonderful display, mix into potpourri, or sew into mini cushions. In addition, lavender is highly regarded for its multiple uses in the beauty industry, and is a common ingredient in products such as creams, fragrances and shampoos to n help purify the skin.

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