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June 14 – June 27, 2018

Fatal accident


GROUP A 14.06 16:00 Russia 15.06 13:00 Egypt 19.06 19:00 Russia 20.06 16:00 Uruguay 25.06 15:00 Uruguay 25.06 15:00 Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia Uruguay Egypt Saudi Arabia Russia Egypt

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15.06 16:00 Morocco 15.06 19:00 Portugal 20.06 13:00 Portugal 20.06 19:00 Iran 25.06 19:00 Spain 25.06 19:00 Iran

__ __ __ __ __ __

17.06 16:00 Germany 18.06 13:00 Sweden 23.06 16:00 Germany 23.06 19:00 South Korea 27.06 15:00 Mexico 27.06 15:00 South Korea

GROUP E 17.06 13:00 Costa Rica 17.06 19:00 Brazil 22.06 13:00 Brazil 22.06 19:00 Serbia 27.06 19:00 Serbia 27.06 19:00 Switzerland LAST EIGHT

__ __ __ __ __ __

__ __ __ __ __ __

Iran Spain Morocco Spain Morocco Portugal

GROUP C __ __ __ __ __ __

16.06 11:00 France 16.06 17:00 Peru 21.06 13:00 France 21.06 16:00 Denmark 26.06 15:00 Denmark 26.06 15:00 Australia

__ __ __ __ __ __

18.06 16:00 Belgium 18.06 19:00 Tunisia 23.06 13:00 Belgium 24.06 13:00 England 28.06 19:00 England 28.06 19:00 Panama


Serbia Switzerland Costa Rica Switzerland Brazil Costa Rica


__ __ __ __ __ __


Mexico South Korea Sweden Mexico Sweden Germany

__ __ __ __ __ __


Australia Denmark Peru Australia France Peru

__ __ __ __ __ __

16.06 14:00 Argentina 16.06 20:00 Croatia 21.06 19:00 Argentina 22.06 16:00 Nigeria 26.06 19:00 Iceland 26.06 19:00 Nigeria

__ __ __ __ __ __

19.06 13:00 Poland 19.06 16:00 Columbia 24.06 16:00 Japan 24.06 19:00 Poland 28.06 15:00 Senegal 28.06 15:00 Japan



__ __ __ __ __ __



30.06 · 19:00


__ __ __ __ __ __

Iceland Nigeria Croatia Iceland Croatia Argentina

Senegal Japan Senegal Columbia Columbia Poland

Rental swindle exposed After several months of investigative work, Guardia Civil officers from Granadilla de Abona have arrested an Italian gang on multiple fraud charges and for membership of a criminal organisation. The complaint which first drew attention to the case was filed on March 13 last year. An unnamed man from San Isidro stated that he had found an apartment to rent in Adeje via the internet and that the supposed provider had asked for a deposit of €450. After the prospective tenant had paid the sum, an arrangement was made for him to collect the keys, but the alleged landlord never appeared.

Photo: Civil Guard (Archive)

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Over several months, numerous pieces of the puzzle were put together, until enough evidence was finally collected

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Russia 2018

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07.07 · 19:00

30.06 · 15:00

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01.07 · 15:00 06.07 · 15:00


__ __ __ __ __ __


Panama England Tunisia Panama Belgium Tunisia



1ºE 02.07 · 19:00

2ºC 03.07 · 15:00

06.07 · 19:00



07.07 · 15:00

2ºE 03.07 · 19:00






Plastic predicament As part of the celebrations for World Environment Day on June 5, numerous events took place around the Canary Islands to raise awareness of one of the increasingly dangerous dilemmas of modern life: plastic waste. Activities held on the day included coastal clean-ups by school children and volunteers, as well as divers, including members of the Guardia Civil, tackling the seabed. Thankfully, initiatives of this type are becoming a more regular occurrence, as they always provide a perfect opportunity for questioning behaviour. With the need for sustainability becoming rapidly more obvious, so does the necessity of completely rethinking the way we treat the environment. Plastic bags are one of the greatest menaces to animal life, but it is the general overuse of plastic, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, that is the most worrying factor. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to take a trip

bags will still be around 150 years later, six-pack rings take 400 years to degrade, and diapers and plastic bottles up to 450 years each. The absolute leaders on the plastic horror list are fishing lines, with a life span of 600 years. Looking at other waste, batteries can burden this planet for 1,000 years into the future. Certainly figures that give food for thought.

Consumer conundrum Photo: Civil Guard


Facing Summerland, just off the roundabout at the Language School

We must not allow the oceans to contain more plastic than fish by 2050, as is currently estimated

to the supermarket without going home with endless amounts of waste plastic, yet many are still unaware of how long their daily contribution will remain harmful. Shockingly, many generations to come will still be ‘enjoying’ the garbage

we leave behind today. For instance, the least offensive items include Tetra Paks, which will degrade in under 30 years, synthetic textiles that break down in around 40 years, and foam cups in about 50 years. However, some types of plastic

One of the initiatives for World Environment Day was the ‘Desnuda tu compra’ (Undress your shopping) campaign held by the Lanzarote Island Government in solidarity with Greenpeace España at the end of May. Joining forces with Eurospar market in Altavista in Arrecife, over the space of four hours consumers were asked to dispose of all superfluous plastic waste in a trolley after paying for their goods. Continued on page two





New law tackles waste pay the more expensive prices in health food stores, where packaging is often minimised. Yet, it is not only up to the consumer to tackle the problem, but also the food industry. It is obviously possible to reduce packaging, so the question has to be begged why they do not, whilst certain anomalies can leave one open-mouthed with wonder. For instance, how can fruit that is packed in plastic trays and bags be cheaper than when bought loose? Or why are organic fruit and vegetables often sealed in so much plasLanzarote Island Council held an awareness campaign in conjunction with Greenpeace España

Continued from front page Within that short space of time, participants filled an entire shopping trolley full of plastic waste. If that is then multiplied across the world, for 365 days a year, it is not hard to begin to imagine how our landfill sites are becoming overwhelmed, and how it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by the year 2050. Regarding the supermarket experiment, Island councillor in charge of defence of the biosphere, Rafael Juan González Robayna, explained: "We are very pleased with the results of this campaign. Many of the customers took part and also confirmed that they are aware


Kanaren express

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Новости теНерифе

‘Plastic-free La Gomera’ The above aim is one in which Island President Casimiro Curbelo set a good example at the beginning of June. Now, businesses in all six boroughs can benefit from an exchange project, through which the Island Council will replace every plastic bag with a paper one. “Together with the shops, we want to remind the population and visitors that we must drastically reduce the consumption of plastic in order to leave fewer traces in our environment", stated the Councillor for Tourism, María Isabel Méndez, as she explained the island’s strategy for greater sustainability. n


Online scam undercovered

Many people are unaware of how long it actually takes for plastic to degrade

of the problem. However, at the same time, they emphasised the lack of real alternatives. It

La Gomera Island President Casimiro promises retailers 80,000 paper bags in exchange for plastic ones


293/2018 which means that, as of July 1, retailers will have to charge for the majority of plastic bags, in an aim to reduce their use. Exceptions include the so-called ‘light bags’ that are used for the purchase of fruit and vegetables, and ones which are made of at least 70 per cent recycled plastic, though retailers must hold the relevant documentation to prove the bags’ constituents. So please don't be angry if your local corner shop or supermarkets ask for a contribution, they are only following the law. However, its level will be at the retailers’ discretion, with only a guideline of between 5 and 15 cents having been given, depending on the quality and size of the bag.

is simply a common fact that most products are packed in plastic." And that is the crux of the matter. Even responsible consumers find it difficult to find alternative ways of shopping, especially the majority who simply cannot afford to

tic that their ecological advantages become questionable.

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Plastic bags out Happily, certain improvements are already underway. These include the new Royal decree

Continued from front page He also discovered that the apartment wasn’t even habitable, as it was in a building that was still under construction. Shortly after, on June 19, 2017 another man from San Isidro also filed charges. He had contacted the apparent landlord of an apartment in Las Galletas via an online platform, only to found out after the transfer of a deposit on May 18 that the apartment did not exist either. Suspicions were raised that the two cases were connected, a fact that was confirmed when a further one was reported on August 8 of the same year. Initial investigations pointed to several members of an Italian family, with parents, children and their partners all being involved. The faction’s actions were perfectly organised, with each member taking on different roles in their ‘family business’. During the course of the investigation, at least two more cases were reported, one each in the north and south of the island. One of the people under suspicion, who had provided their personal bank account number for the deposit transfers, was finally located and arrested in Playa de Las Américas, followed shortly after by another one in Guía de Isora. The case was closed once it was established that the other suspects had been living in Italy since the end of the year. A Guardia Civil spokeswoman said of the case that “Of course, one might wonder why people are so trusting that they will pay money for an apartment they have never seen, but these scammers are highly skilled. They understand how to manipulate people and thus achieve their aims.” The fact that the accounts to which deposits were paid were well camouflaged also shows that the acts were deliberate and targeted fraud, and are the reason why it took months of investigative work before the perpetrators were caught. n

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14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




Miss Norte 2018 contest

This year will see the Miss Norte competition take place in Garachico for the first time ever. The preparations for the great gala are already in full swing, ready for the 24 candidates who will strut their stuff in front of the Glorieta de San Francisco on June 30 at 9pm. The open-air ceremony will offer a host of surprises as well as the beauty competition, including a number of invited artists to be announced on the night. It is a free event so make your way to Garachico for a grand evening. n

The candidates were first presented in Loro Parque, one of the sponsors of the event



Brutal murder in an idyll The village of Valle de Santa Inés in Fuerteventura has been torn apart by the horrific murder of 21 year old Vanesa S. P., who was found beaten almost beyond recognition. The quiet community, in the borough of Betancuria, is home to only 700 people, and there had not been any indication from the victim of domestic violence or having been threatened before her death. However, on June 4, her mother returned home from work to discover Vanesa lying in a pool of blood, half naked and covered with a blanket. She had already died from the violent attack. Investigations soon led to the belief that Vanesa had known her assailant, as there were no signs of a break-in and her injuries were so brutal that personal feelings were a likely motive. The coroners who performed the autopsy, José Blanco, José

Rodríguez and Iván Reyes, said that the victim was struck with a blunt instrument over 30 times, breaking her skull in several places and making her face almost unrecognisable. After the attack, the perpetrator had dragged Vanesa out of the room where the incident took place into the one her mother found her in, and had made rudimentary attempts at cleaning the evidence away. The Gran Canaria Criminal Investigation Department sent a special unit to the borough to work in conjunction with local Guardia Civil officers. Numerous friends, relatives and neighbours were interrogated. During the search, a marijuana plantation and a pit for forbidden cockfights were discovered in the immediate vicinity, although it is unsure whether these held any relation to those involved in the murder.

In this idyll in Betancuria, Vanesa died at the age of just 21

However, two days after the incident, bloodied clothing was found in an empty dwelling behind the house where Vanesa lived.

A community in shock Three days of mourning were declared in the borough of Betancuria, and flags were set at half-mast. Island President, Marcial Morales, expressed his condolences on behalf of all the staff. Vanesa’s father, Mauro, works for the Island Government, and the family

is said to be very popular with local residents. After further days of investigative work, a 22-year-old cousin of the victim, named as Jonathan R.S., was arrested as a suspect. The young man is said to have an intellectual impairment classed at 75 per cent and had apparently already stalked various women, sending erotic messages and threatening them. Vanesa was one of the women in his family with whom he had had problems previously. The investigation is still ongoing. n





Women power!

The overthrown Mariano Rajoy congratulated Pedro Sánchez

Pedro Sánchez has made it into the top political seat in the land. A successful vote of no confidence in the House led to the conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s resignation. In the first week after taking possession, the socialist Pedro Sánchez introduced his cab-

inet. For the first time, the majority of the Ministers (11 out of 18) are female, a historic milestone. These include key areas such as Finance, Economy and Defence. Sánchez has set the tone for renewal and announced that he would continue the existing agreements with the Canary Islands.

Lope Afonso, Mayor of Puerto de La Cruz, (PP), criticised the fact that the fall of the Government was helped by the abstention of the Coalición Canaria (CC) representatives. The Secretary General of the Socialists (PSOE) in the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres however, was convinced

that a positive change of direction was imminent in Spain. He praised the composition of the cabinet, whose members he described as professional, experienced and well qualified. Torres said "It’s a very left-wing government that wants to preserve Spanish unity, is courageous and will make history". The list of Ministers and the appointment of Carmen Calvo as Deputy Prime Minister and Equal Opportunities Commissioner show that equality is not a foreign word for the socialists. Sánchez made a significant move for Catalonia with the appointment of Catalan politician Meritxell Batet as Minister for Territorial Policy, which is intended to help smooth out the problems between the separatists and central Government, not an easy task, but in line with what Sánchez wants to achieve: a united Spain, pro-European, committed and socially just. n


Tourism balance for Tenerife

In the first four months of the year, 1,823,459 tourists visited Tenerife, 0.5 per cent less than during the same period last year. Tourism from the Spanish Peninsular was stronger during this period, attracting 319,436 visitors to the island, 5.6 per cent more than in 2017. The decline was caused by international figures. In the first quarter of 2018, the number of foreign visitors fell by 1.5 per cent to 1,504,023. The number of British tourists decreased by 3.9 per cent to 615,193. Tourism Councillor Alberto Bernabé explained that “This decline was mainly due to the bankruptcy of Monarch. Flight capacities have been reduced and have not yet been offset by other airlines. In addition, resorts in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia are once again pushing more strongly onto the market.” The German market is relatively stable with a decline of only 0.5 per cent, and 213,007 German tourists visiting Tenerife during this period. The trend in Belgium (+4.6 per cent), France (+0.9 per cent) and the Netherlands (+0.9 per cent) and especially in Ireland (+18.3 per cent), Eastern Europe (+15.2 per cent) and North America (+8.1 per cent) remains positive. However, in Italy (-3.9 per cent), Russia (-5.4 per cent), the Nordic countries (-4.4 per cent), Switzerland (-3.3 per cent) and Austria (-16.7 per cent) it’s declining. The average hotel occupancy rate between January and April was 68.7 per cent and the length of stay 7.43 days. The number of guests staying in hotels fell by 2.1 per cent, while holidaymakers spending their holidays in five-star luxury resorts increased by 1.8 per cent. The development was also positive for non-hotel accommodation, with 2.8 per cent more holidaymakers choosing this option. n

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018








Photo: Ayto. Arona ©Daniel L. Cetrulo

Wild parties, myths and romance ever. The Noche de San Juan is not only a night of romance, but also of purification. That’s why it is said that bathing in the Atlantic at midnight washes away illnesses, worries and hardships and can allow something new and liberating to begin. Some write down everything they want to let go of and burn it in the big summer bonfire. Sometimes wishes for the coming months or for a loved one are

bathing pleasure, as from now on the Atlantic will calm down and warm up. On the day after San Juan, in Puerto de La Cruz, goat herds are traditionally driven from the Orotava Valley to the harbour

very different ways. The fireworks that seem to emerge from the sea in the bay of La Caleta de Interian in Garachico are particularly noteworthy. Big parties are celebrated at: Playa de las Teresitas, in the tourist

People join the image of San Juan in the sea A megaparty on Los Cristianos beach with a great atmosphere

Summer begins on June 21 and on June 23 this is celebrated all over Spain with a big festival, on the evening before Saint John’s Day, the Noche de San Juan. This year the big day falls on a Saturday, so nothing should stand in the way of an exuberant party. The proximity of most areas to the sea means that the majority of parties are held on the beaches with

The burning hachitos

music, fireworks and burning torches or piles of wood. If a couple jumps over the flames together, it’s said that the love between them will burn for-

sent off in a banana leaf boat on a long journey across the ocean. For many, the Noche de San Juan is the beginning of summer and also of beach-

early in the morning. In the bath they get there, the water is supposed to clean them of parasites, heal wounds and provide for plentiful and healthy offspring. It’s a spectacle which fills the whole morning. There will be events on all the Islands and they take place in

areas in the south of the island, in Candelaria and in Puerto de La Cruz. In Icod de los Vinos there is another special custom, the hachitas - decorated crosses are set alight and carried from the mountains to the beach there and in San Juan de La Rambla their procession

is heralded and accompanied by the sound of the blowing of the Bucio - the conch shell which was used by the island’s aboriginal forefathers for communication, celebrations and religious services. Celebrations are also held in Gran Canaria at Playa de las Canteras and at Playa de Melenara. In La Gomera, the capital San Sebastián has already organised a colourful programme for the whole day of the evening before San Juan with events for youngsters starting early in the morning and the big bonfire will be lit at around 9pm. Since most details will only become known shortly before the big night, there will be regular updates on the Island Connections Facebook page. You could also simply ask at your local council about the celebrations in your area. This festival should not be missed, it’s a magnificent party for islanders and visitors alike, on what is normally a balmy summer night. n

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




Illegal ambulances When patients are picked up by ambulance transport to be taken to their appointments, it could normally be presumed they are in good hands, though a recent case has certainly brought that into question. When members of the local police in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria detained an ambulance that was transferring patients on behalf of a well-known insurance company, they discovered that the vehicle had neither the necessary transport license nor proof of inspection by the Health Department. In addition, the driver was already known to the police as they had stopped him once before under similar circumstances in the Santa Catalina district, with the added complication that he was not carrying his driver’s license at the time, a legal requisite in Spain. Investigations are currently being made into whether the company the driver works for, which also operates in the borough of Firgas, actually holds any of the legally required documents for carrying out medical transportation. n



A Canarian village in Asia What they both have in common is a whole piece of history and soon also a Canarian village. That sounds unusual, and it is. On June 1, Gran Canaria Island President, Antonio Morales signed an agreement with the Korean representative in Gran Canaria, Lee Kim Hweng-Dwon, in which the Canarians pledge their full support for a joint project. It’s about a Canarianstyle village that is to be built in South Korea. It’s expected to take about two years to build and will be a tribute to the thousands of fishermen who fled Korea in the middle of the last century and found refuge in Gran Canaria. Many

Gran Canarian architecture in South Korea. Around 100 apartments will be built on an area of 100,000 square metres by the company Ichthus Holding. In the future this area could even be extended to up to 250,000 square metres. In addition to the residential buildings with shops, there will be a town hall and two museums. One will be dedicated to Canarian wines, and the other to the history of Korean fishermen. Nevertheless, this village will not be a museum, but will be filled by normal everyday life and without a doubt it will also become a tourist attraction - a piece of the Canaries in the middle of Asia.

Antonio Morales signing the contract with Lee Kim Hweng-Dwon

of experiences. There is something else that links this spot to the Canary Islands. Jeju is also a subtropical volcanic

Equipped only with a wetsuit, diving mask, fins and their own very deeply held breath, they dive to depths of up to

island dominated by South Korea's highest mountain, the 1,950-metre-high Halla volcano. Until about 100 years ago the island was almost isolated from the outside world, today it’s income comes mainly from the 13 million holidaymakers who visit the island every year, in fact many South Koreans spend their honeymoon in this little paradise and that’s why the island is also called Love Island. Oranges, mushrooms and tea are exported and another special aspect are the Haenyeo, the so-called sea-women, who follow an old fishing tradition.

20 metres and collect algae, snails, shells, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and other seafood. The whistling sound they make when they appear on the surface is legendary on the island. The family structure on this island is matriarchal. An official twinning of Gran Canaria with Jeju Island and an exchange of experiences between politicians on both sides at all levels is planned for the near future. And very specially, a visible image is soon to be created for the close connection between these peoples of such different cultures and traditions. n

The Haenyeos start their training at 11 years old The crater of Halla on Jeju Island

of them stayed, created families and now rest in a cemetery on the island, but their history should not be forgotten. Shortly after the Second World War, from April 3, 1948 to September 21, 1954, the South Korean government was subject to American supervision. There were uprisings, around 400 villages were wiped out and tens of thousands died. However, there were others, like the fishermen who fled to Gran Canaria, and cultural, social and economic aspects still connect the two peoples today. This connection is to be recognised by the creation of a village with typical

Gran Canaria on Jeju Island Where will this Canarian village be? The village, which will be called Park Hyun Wook, is expected to be built on Jeju Island which is about 85 kilometres south of the mainland. It’s currently inhabited by 700,000 people and follows a strict strategy for clean energy with only electric cars driven there and electricity generated exclusively by renewable energies. The Gran Canaria Island Council is also interested in this fact and is looking forward to an exchange




Dead Pilot Whale found off El Hierro

On the evening of June 4, the body of a pilot whale was spotted off the coast at Playa Tejada on El Hierro. The lifeboat based in El Hierro towed the carcass to the port of La Restinga the following day. There is to be an autopsy to

The animal was towed to the port of La Restinga The whale’s carcass indicated a recent death

determine the cause of death. The body of the whale was still 'semi-fresh', so it was probably

Photo: Cab. El Hierro - Miguel Ángel Rodríguez

over a ton. Scientists from the University of La Laguna, ULL, explained that the shortfinned pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) is native to the Canary Islands. There is a strong population between La Gomera and Tenerife. The presence off El Hierro testifies to the biodiversity of the

only recently deceased. The male specimen is three and a half metres long and weighs

sea around the island which is home to some of the most stable populations of various marine mammals in the world, including beaked whales. They number around 200 examples, many of which are permanently present. Finding out where and how the whale died is of scientific importance for the best possible protection of marine mammals in Canary Islands’ waters. n


Fluoride content now harmless

Accompanied by the Island Councillor for water Santiago Pérez, the mayor of Santa Úrsula Juan Acosta proudly announced “After a long time and thanks to a real feat of strength, we have succeeded in reducing the fluoride content of the drinking water in the Pino Alto area, the only area in the community to contain too much fluoride since 2012. “Today we can lift the restriction on drinking the water or using it to prepare food for children under eight years of age.” For four months, during bi-weekly controls, the fluoride content has been below the limit of 1.5 milligrams per litre, and currently it is only 0.8 milligrams. The approximately 870 residents who are supplied from the Pino Alto area can breathe a sigh of relief. This success was primarily achieved by mixing the water with that from other sources. The water from the Canal de Aguamansa, which feeds the Pino Alto basin, in particular, is contaminated with too much fluoride. Other sources in the area have less contamination, so mixing water from different sources leads to a reduction in the level. Further improvements are to be made in the future, including further minimising the water coming from this channel. To achieve this, other sources in Casablanca and Tijarafe will be tapped. The Santa Úrsula council is also negotiating with the owners of the Rosas de Aguilar gallery, which has good water quality. In the future, investments will also be made in improving the reservoirs and overhauling the water supply network in order to detect and remedy possible leaks at an early stage. n

Photo: Ayto. Santa Úrsula


The mayor is pleased with the water all-clear after six years

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018





Two soldiers died

A soldier and a commander from the Canary Islands brigade number 16 died at the military training area in Pájara, Fuerteventura at the beginning of June. The armoured vehicle in which commander José Luis León Socorro and the soldier Eynar Esau Mina Lozano as well as two other comrades sat, turned over in the zeal of the mock battle. Two people were killed. The other two were recovered injured and taken to the Hospital General in Fuerteventura. The soldiers’ families were immediately informed and attended to by military personnel. The funeral service for the two deceased took place in the barracks at Puerto del Rosario on the first Saturday in June. Approximately 600 soldiers and 100 vehicles were taking part in the routine exercise that formed part of an annual plan. Similar manoeuvres will take place in Gran Canaria and Tenerife during the year. Although most Canarian soldiers are stationed in the archipelago, there are also some units involved in international operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. n

The two soldiers were killed in a vehicle like this

Ripped off, intercepted and deported No suffering for immigrants, that was part of the message of this year's sand carpet in La Orotava. This means saving them when they are in distress at sea, as well as receiving them, caring for them, integrating them and giving them a right of residence. However, it’s not only a question of what happens to people when they have reached European soil, because various European and North African authorities are increasingly trying to prevent this, but also what they have to endure on their journey. Only at the beginning of June a patera, as the rickety boats are called in Spain, was intercepted off the coast of Nuadibú in Mauritania. There were 53 people on board, most of them from Senegal. They had been travelling along the coast for some time and had paid for their


No mad cows here! At the beginning of June, a hoax was spread via Whatsapp that caused some turmoil. The message referred to a doctor from the university hospital Doctor Negrín in Las Palmas and said that new cases of spongiform encephalopathy, BSE for short or 'vaca loca' in Spanish (mad cow disease), had occurred in the Canary Islands. Allegedly, seven people had already died and the

Samoon up to size 50

Cows and oxen are part of everyday life and tradition in the Canary Islands and none of them are mad

scandal was being kept under wraps. Fortunately, everything in this report was a huge lie. The Canary Islands Agricultural

Department denied this news as soon as it became known. They advised social network users "There are no cases of BSE on any island. Only believe official sources." This incident is further proof of how opaque reporting has become on the social networks. It’s more important than ever to be able to rely on professional and official media and double check information before passing it on. n

Quality Ladies’ fashion Nearby

C.C. Plaza del Duque, Shop no. B23 / 1st floor Plaza Playas del Duque, Costa Adeje


C.C. Metropolis Center, Shop no. 2A, Arenas Blancas 3 (right on the seafront), Playa de Las Américas

C.C. Plaza del Duque, Shop no. B42 / 1st floor Plaza Playas del Duque, Costa Adeje

C.C. Canary Center, Shop no. 7, 11 + 12, Urb. La Paz, Puerto de La Cruz

C.C. Canary Center, Shop no. 9, Urb. La Paz, Puerto de La Cruz

Migrants are sent on a dangerous crossing across the Atlantic in completely overloaded boats

crossing. At Nuadibí, the captain made a stop, just off the coast. He told his passengers that he was going to buy provisions, but instead, he disappeared and the would-be immigrants were intercepted by the Mauritanian gendarmerie and handed over to the police ashore. After an interrogation,

they are usually deported to their home country. On February 12, the then Spanish Minister for the Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, visited Nuakchot and Nuadibú. He emphasised that since 2016 no illegal immigrants have travelled from Mauritania to the Canary Islands, a

great contrast to the massive wave that headed towards the archipelago over a decade ago. At the worst time in 2006, a total of 599 boats arrived on the coasts of the Canary Islands. They had 31,836 undocumented migrants on board. The number of people who have perished in the ocean is unreported and to a large extent unknown. To contain this flood, the Spanish government deployed National Police and Guardia Civil officers in Mauritania to work with local authorities to intercept refugee boats before they attempted crossing. This concept has been successful in that fewer and fewer illegal migrants actually arrive in the Canary Islands. However, it does not solve Africa's problem of giving the people living there hope for the future in their home countries. n





Prison warden threatened with rape At the end of May, inmate Domingo Antonio G.R. from Santa Úrsula was sentenced to another year in prison by the Criminal Court number eight in Santa Cruz. He had threatened a prison officer in 2014 and 2015 among other things with rape. For months he wrote letters in which he denounced her lesbian way of life and announced that something would happen to her partner. A fellow inmate testified that the accused had fallen in love with the female warden. However, the notes were not declarations of love, but were clearly hateful and motivated by violence. Finally, a written threat was seized in

2015, which was clearly attributable to the prisoner. The continuous letters had actually led to the officer becoming afraid of the inmate so, after the investigation began, she was immediately transferred to Gran Canaria. The court eventually sentenced the prisoner to a further 12 months of jail. The 55-year-old has been in the Tenerife II prison in La Esperanza since 2005. At that time he brutally murdered his partner Gregoria by stabbing her 78 times after a year in a relationship in which he gained her trust. He had made sure that the woman died in agony and suffered for as long as pos-

Even after ten years in prison the defendant does not seem repentant, but is full of hatred for women

sible. In an expert’s opinion, which was presented to the judge at the time, it was stated that the accused was socially retarded. This, in turn, does not mean that he is any less guilty as it is said that he knew exactly what he was doing. In a psychiatric report, the accused was classified as “dangerous

and violent”. At the time he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for this brutal murder, which has now been extended for another year by the new sentence. In addition, he may not approach or communicate with the warden for two years and must also pay the court costs. n


Turtles rounded up in La Laguna Jaime de Urioste, founder and manager of the Fundación Neotrópico in La Laguna, recently announced that two specimens of the yellow-bellied slider turtle (Trachemys scripta scripta), which are land and water creatures, were captured in the Parque de La Vega in La

Laguna by members of his organisation. Sadly this isn’t an isolated case, time and again exotic animals are first acquired as pets and then abandoned. Some have no chance of survival due to the climate conditions, whilst others can do great damage to the local flora and fauna as an

invasive species. According to the Royal Decree, 630/2013, these turtles are among the exotic species that are considered as potential invaders in Spain. Urioste explained "Although we draw attention to this problem with posters in the park and address the public with reports like this,

we are still repeatedly called by the city council and asked to capture abandoned animals". He pointed out that it is illegal to release exotic animals into the wild, or to abandon pets in any other place. This is considered a serious offence and is punishable by a minimum fine of €3,001. n


Forgotten hiking trail reborn

As early as 1905 and 1906, two French globetrotters Louis Proust and Joseph Pitard recorded their memories of a coastal path between the districts of San Andrés and Igueste in Santa Cruz in their travel diaries. The locals used this path, which was part of the ‘royal road’ network, to connect different parts of the capital. Besides the royal roads, which had to be secure, paved (normally with cobblestones) and seven metres wide, there were also so-called hoof paths, Caminos de Herradura, on which the locals moved goods with the help of pack animals. The paths along the steep terrain were laid out in a zigzag course to make it easier to master them. A similar royal road also leads from San Andrés to Taganana. It’s nine kilometres long and has already been repaired, but not so the coastal path, which had actually fallen into oblivion until now. Juan José Martínez, city councillor for municipal heritage said “We are currently in the research phase in order to reconstruct the exact course of this path and make it accessible again”. Thus, the city aims to keep its historical heritage alive. Charts will later explain the tradition associated with the trail and give practical hints The almost-forgotten path on length and height differ- along the coast from San Andrés ence challenges en route. n to Igueste

The yellow-bellied slider turtle is listed as an invasive species in Spain

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




David Arrebola takes the reins José Antonio Mesa who was the President of the Bartenders Association of Tenerife (ABT) for many years, has delegated his position to David Arrebola, who was previously acting Vice-President. Arrebola who is 37 years old and manages the bars at the Gran Hotel Costa Adeje GF, is taking the reins of one of the most important associations in the Canary Islands. ABT is a member of FABE (Federation of Spanish Barmans Associations) which oversees the education and training of bar professionals throughout Spain, under the rules of the International Bartenders Association (IBA), which in turn has associations in 64 affiliated countries, making FABE and ABT members of a world-elite group of bartenders governed by the same code of service and competence techniques. David Arrebola takes over with a group of collaborators from La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife. Recent challenges met by this new board of directors were the successful development of two important commitments acquired and supported by Mesa, including the recent Gastro Canarias event in which four competitions in different categories were held over two days. At the same time an ABT delegation represented by José Ramón Bustillo and made up of four participants entered the National Cocktail Competition in Segovia where they obtained three first places for the ABT and the Canary Islands - first place in the National Young Bartender Category (Emilio Rodríguez), first place in the National Tiki Cocktail Category (Jonathan Rodríguez) and finally first place in the Best Delegation of the National Cocktail Category (Jonathan Rodríguez). Another great commitment of this new directive is the organisation of the Regional ABT Championship, which will be held in the GF Costa Adeje facilities at the end of June, where the Canary Islands representative for the National in Zaragoza in the Classic category will be revealed. n

Barmen from Tenerife at the national cocktail championship in Segovia



Guide dogs and public transport A regulation has been in place for a few weeks in Tenerife's capital Santa Cruz, which states that taxi and bus drivers can decide for themselves if they want to take a passenger with a pet on board, or not. But this does not apply if the animal companion is a guide dog, as people with severely impaired vision have the right to travel with their guide dog. These animals are an important and indispensable everyday help for the blind. In Santa Cruz, representatives of the Association for Auxiliary Dogs in the Canary Islands (Aupcan) recently called a meeting to ensure compliance with this right to transport. Santa Cruz Mayor, José Manuel Bermudez emphasised that "The use of public transport with a guide dog is not a voluntary question, but is one of legality" and appealed for a responsible and respectful coexistence. Those present were reminded that both national and European legislation recognise the right of the user to take their guide dog on all types of public transport. Bermúdez added "All we have to do is comply with the law and help others". The president of the Aupcan association Sandra Santana thanked the taxi drivers for attending the meeting. She explained "We want to feel part of this society, but that is only possible if we can be confident in our daily lives that the rules will be fol-

lowed and that we are sure we can use public transport". She also thanked their colleagues who had come from Gran Canaria to support the meeting. The taxi drivers' representative Yamilet Socas said "The guide dogs have never caused a problem, on the contrary, they make no difference to normal transportation". Further considerations of good practice for all road users were also discussed. One should never approach too fast or too close when a blind person is crossing the road with his dog, to avoid frightening the animal. They also warned not to cross red lights because that gives the animal, which is taught that the green pedestrian light which gives permission to cross, an erroneous feedback and causes confu-

The meeting gave information and clarity for daily interactions A guide dog is an indispensable companion for the person it accompanies

sion as his training and reality don't match. A guide dog replaces a person's eyes and must therefore not be denied access to public buildings or means of transport. If a dog is on the bus, he should be made comfortable and the driver should drive with extra care. If you meet a guide dog on foot, you should not distract him from his task by shouting or offering him delicacies. One should always speak first with the blind person to ascertain whether the dog may be greeted. Your own dog should be maintained on a leash to avoid distracting the working dog.

The meeting was also used to clear up some false myths that are circulating. The president of the association emphasised that the dogs, mostly Labradors, are not aggressive and do not transmit any diseases. They are clean and only do their personal business in suitable places. It’s hoped that the meeting should serve for a better coexistence of blind and sighted people in society. Many mistakes are made in daily life simply due to negligence or ignorance, and this can be prevented. n





Photo: Twitter © A.Pampliega

Nobody is born hating another

Antonio Pampliega didn’t mince his words, but showed his audience the cruel truth

En La Oscuridad (In the Darkness) is the title of the book written by Spanish reporter and author Antonio Pampliega after he survived ten months of being held hostage by Islamic State terrorists and was finally allowed to return to Spain. He was one of three journalists who were attacked in Alepo, dragged out of their car and abducted. He spent the first

Photo: Cab. FV

Ethnicity and language doesn’t matter. No man is born hating another

three months with his colleagues, José Manuel López and Ángel Sastre, guarded by Al-Nusra, the Syrian arm

of Al Qaeda. On October 14, 2015, they separated Antonio from the other two and locked him in a room alone until May

7, 2016. Once a day he was allowed to leave the room for ten minutes to go to the bathroom. At all other times he sat in the darkness, in uncertainty, expecting to be beheaded or killed in some other way by the terrorists at any moment. By a great miracle, he survived all this. During an interview in May 2017 he said "I don't hate them, but I won't forgive them either, not for me, but for what they did to my family". During a master class at the book fair in Fuerteventura, he spoke to students about the brutality of war, telling them stories and showing them photos. He told them "I'll show you what the news doesn't show you. Never forget that you were simply lucky to have been born on the ‘good’ side of the Earth. You have no idea what it's like to live on the other side." For the reporter, the point is not to shock, but to show the misery behind the face of war and to awaken compassion. One of his photos shows a young Somali carrying a swordfish on his head. He asked his audience "Who are the bad guys? The fishermen who became pirates out of necessity, or the foreigners who came with their boats and took advantage of the fact that there was no Government to control them?" He has seen a lot in the course of his reporting and suffered a lot in his hostage situation, yet he has a clear understand-


Your island needs you!

From May 24 until July 5, a delegation from the Island Council will visit a total of 14 boroughs to present a citizen participation project. The inhabitants are invited to express their opinions on existing social needs either directly in a discussion or via the website Everyone can contribute with suggestions to help shape the social measures to be taken by the Island Council. The initiative is being implemented by the Gran Canaria’s councillor for Citizens’ Participation, María Nebot, who explained “We have been building up civic participation for quite some time to get closer to the basis of our society and to create policies in conjunction with the public.” The itinerary of the campaign includes events in Santa Brígida, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Agaete, Santa Lucía, Teror, Guía, Telde, Valleseco, Arucas, Gáldar, Mogán, Agüimes and Tejeda. The events all take place between 5pm and 8pm. n

ing of it all and knows the harsh reality where the poor are truly very poor and sometimes only fight for their dignity. Talking of a person who cleaned up rubbish in the middle of a war zone, he added "In the end this is often all that remains for the people". He justified her work stating that she didn’t want the Western world to see the remains scattered on the ground.

Antonio concluded "We're all the same at birth, we just have different skin tones. It simply depends on whether we are born in the first or third world. No infant is born with hate." Antonio wants to report further on the atrocities of war in this world, so that what war means for the individual human being is also documented - only, unsurprisingly, he never wants to return to Syria. n

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




Emergency services success

When the fire brigade coordination centre was integrated into the 1-1-2 emergency service in Tenerife 15 years ago, it was a pioneering project. Today, it can be said that it was a clever move to provide those seeking help with a competent centre which can mobilise the forces as quickly as possible and provide tele-assistance. In Tenerife, 44 firefighters are always on standby and eight technicians alternate at the headquarters to coordinate operations. An emergency call is answered after an average of 12 seconds. The technicians are members of the fire brigade and therefore know the processes exactly. In recent years, for example, they have ensured that aid arrives at the scene faster and more effectively. Since 2003, almost 285,000 calls have been received by this centre. In 2017 alone, there were 19,438 emergency calls, 9.5 per cent more than in the previous year. The balance for the last 15 years at the emergency call centre is very positive and the concept has proven itself. n

The integration of the fire brigade into the 1-1-2 service has reduced reaction time enormously



German fugitives arrested At the end of May, police officers from the organised crime unit and the special security group arrested a German couple at Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria. They were the subject of a European detention and extradition order issued in Germany. Uwe G. aged 52 years old from northern Germany and his wife Stephanie K. are accused of a robbery and murder. They are said to have broken into a chalet in Germany, deliberately drugged the owner to sedate him and then robbed the property. The victim died as a result of the substance administered. The two then took flight and Europol began a search for them. They had already been traced to various locations in Spain, back in 2016 in Playa del Inglés, and later in Cádiz and Marbella. It recently became

The couple had already stayed in Playa del Inglés in 2016

known that the two had arrived in Gran Canaria by ferry in a blue Opel Insignia with a German registration plate. At first they settled on a campsite in Pasito Blanco. This is where the officers first tried to appre-

hend them, but once again they managed to escape until they were seen near the Gran Chaparral shopping centre in Playa del Inglés. The police proceeded with extreme caution, because Uwe G. was con-

sidered “armed and dangerous”. Both were arrested and transferred to Madrid after a short stay in a Canarian prison. From there, their extradition to Germany is being prepared by the courts. n






World Zoos Conference 2022 Loro Parque recently applied to host the 77th WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Conference, which will be held in 2022, and was awarded the prestigious task. WAZA is a world community of zoos and aquariums which aims to support all members and exchange experiences. The focus is on animal care and welfare, environmental education and global species conservation. The main goal is that all zoos and aquariums optimise their contribution to the preservation of life

in nature. The association has more than 300 members from the most renowned zoos and aquariums in the world and every year there is a meeting to interchange experiences and knowledge, thus enabling the experts to make a major contribution to the preservation of wildlife. Wolfgang Kiessling, president of the park said "Loro Parque is very happy to have been chosen to host WAZA's 77th annual conference in 2022". He emphasised that "This major event allows us to stress the

The Master’s Daughter

Loro Parque looks forward to hosting the WAZA 2022 congress

importance of zoos and aquariums in preventing the extinction of wildlife. An example, underlining the importance of their contribution to species conservation, showcases the community knowledge and experience of zoological parks in breeding animals threatened with extinction. For many species, this is the only way to survive." Loro Parque won out over members from Asia, North

America, Africa and other parts of Europe. In the same publication, the Moscow Zoo was announced as the host of the 2021 WAZA Conference. WAZA Managing Director Doug Cress said that "Both recommended each other as a venue due to a strong presentation. Based on the fact that our meetings are growing every year, we look forward to being received by these two renowned organisations. n

The exhibition called La Hija del Mestre (the Master’s Daughter) continues on show, commemorating the first silent movie with Canarian content, and can be seen until July 13 in Las Palmas. It’s based on the changes seen through the eyes of the composer of a Canarian zarzuela during his life. Composed in 1902, it was the only Canarian zarzuela that survived from that time and was premiered as a silent film on May 18, 1928. The composer, Santiago Tejera Ossavarry, was born in 1852 after a cholera epidemic hit the area and died in Las Palmas in 1936 just as the military coup plunged Spain into civil war. In this drama, the musician and composer tells the story of a fisherman who defies his daughter’s marriage to a hairdresser. The exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating photographic tour of the landscape, economy, political, social and cultural realities at a time when the city of Las Palmas only had 15,000 inhabitants, from 1860 to 1939. The photos show the development of the city along today’s main shopping street, Calle Triana, the construction of the government building in 1912, and until the 1930s, by which time Gran Canaria’s capital already had 100,000 inhabitants. Currently there are 377,650 dwellers in the capital (as of 2017). The exhibition is complemented with paintings by the artist Loren Morín, who was inspired by history. It can be seen at the CICCA Cultural Centre, Alameda de Colón 1, in Las Palmas and is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1.30pm. n

Around 15 minutes non-stop salsa

Photo: Ayto. Candelaria

On the first Saturday in June a mass of people danced in the square in front of the Cathedral of the Black Madonna in Candelaria. The theme of the day was Cubaneando por Candelaria and the aim was to try to beat the existing record set by Cuba in the Rueda de Casino category, which was 14 minutes and 38 seconds. The participants, who came from over 30 schools around the island, made it, and they have set a new record. However, the official confirmation is yet to be received so techni-

cally it cannot be named yet as a new record. The youngsters’ dancing time was estimated to be around a quarter of an hour. In addition, the Canarians

just missed setting a second record in terms of the number of participants, and only lacked 37 dancers to break the record of 1,102 dancers set

by Greece. Not to be deterred, there will be another attempt next year when there will be even more dancers who will of course dance for a longer period of time. The Rueda de Casino dance comes from Cuba and was invented in the middle of the 20th century. The name comes from the fact that people usually gathered in large halls, called casinos, to dance. The Rueda is basically a salsa that is danced by a group in a circle. At least two pairs form the 'wheel' and swap their partners on a certain command. n

Puerta de La Luz early 20th century

Photo: Cab. Gran Canaria

Candelaria made it, or did they?

Photo: Cab. Gran Canaria


Triana’s shopping street back in the day, bordering directly on the old town of La Vegueta

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018



World Cup Russia 2018 From June 15 to July 15, enjoy the excitement of the World Cup Russia 2018 on a giant screen located on our terrace. You can buy food to take away in our restaurants and enjoy the games with all your friends and family. This will be a very exciting month! n



Chipping and vaccination at a discount Providing your four-legged friend with a chip so that it can be identified at any time is just as much a law in the Canary Islands as vaccinating against rabies, and noncompliance is punishable by a fine of between €30.05 and €1,502.53. In the borough of Antigua in Fuerteventura, councillor for sports Fernando Estupiñán not only reminded dog owners of the obligation to protect animals and keep them in a good state of health, but also offered them an attractive option. Until June 19, micro-chipping and vaccinations against rabies are being subsidised in various districts so that every dog owner can afford to comply with the obligatory requirements. The animal is given an identification chip for €10, and a rabies vaccination costs as little as

Chipped dogs that are lost can be brought back home quickly

€3, prices that everyone can afford. So there is no excuse for any owner failing to fulfil his obligation. Owners can find out where and when the mobile campaign will

be in the community, by asking at the Antigua town hall. Payment must be made at the time of taking advantage of the service. Besides the fact that chipping and vaccinating a dog

gives it protection, it is also a form of insurance for the owner because if the dog escapes and becomes lost, identifying the animal is easy and the owner can be notified. n

Ben and Diane Myles, Joanne Morgan, Canary Islands T Shirt Company, Magic Moments and Jamie Armstrong and the team at Island Connections. “Grateful thanks to all the entertainers on the island who give of themselves freely each and every time. Simply put, if it weren’t

for faithful supporters like you, we wouldn't be able to support people suffering this terrible disease. Thank you all so much for helping us to do what we do.” Please continue to support FACT at their next fundraiser on June 23, at Yate’s Bar in Playa de Las Américas. n


FACT thanks all supporters FACT (Fighting Against Cancer Tenerife) are delighted to announce that they are now a fully legal registered association, and at the same time,

they would like to thank everyone who has supported them over the past year. "There have been some outstanding fundraising efforts

made on our behalf. FACT would like to thank The Tenerife Golf Shop (the Smith family), The Scottish/Tenerife Open Golf Tournament, Crystals Palace and the Star Bar for an amazing night and day of entertainment and hilarity. Also, the 60's Bar, Hoops Bar, Polygon, The Club House, The Pink Parrot, Eldon House, Picasso's, Clouseau's Bar, Paloma Beach Golf Society and the Tuesday Crafters, thank you all for the

time and effort you have put into raising funds for FACT. “Massive thanks to Yate’s Showbar for a phenomenal fundraiser last year, and a shout out to the PR team, you guys were awesome. Thank you also to The Palms Sports Bar for your continued support, and to the Rhodes family (Club Olympus), The Ibex Girls, Headquarters Hair & Beauty, The Bakery, Margaret Tully, Alice and Ray Parr,





Life’s a picnic!

The free picnic areas are set in some beautiful places

We’re getting into that wonderful time of year when eating outdoors can become a regular occurrence.

Spice up a filling with curry mayonnaise Guacamole (Photo: Lin Kwan) Gazpacho and taramosalata

Where to go We’re incredibly lucky here that not only are there a wealth of lovely beaches to visit, and most of them are black sand which is heavier and so less likely to blow into your lunch, but there is a wide network of ‘zonas recreativas’ (recreational areas) where benches, tables, barbecues, public toilets and often children’s play areas are provided. These are free to use and are set in some of the loveliest areas of the Islands. Check with the tourist office of the borough you want to visit, or even the one you live in, for the locations and facilities. And remember, even should the weather go against you, you can have a fun picnic with the children on the living room floor with a

online pdf file edition 596 on page 37: it can be made days in advance and taken chilled in a flask. Or buy some in readymade: Supercor’s brand got the best rating from gourmet tasters. Unfortunately, smoked cod roe is difficult to get here, but Iceland sells a good taramosalata. Guacamole recipes abound on the net. Add chopped, skinned tomato with green pepper to make it fresh and crunchy, and if you make it the day before don’t mix the onions in, sprinkle them across the top before sealing as close to the surface as you

big rug and paper plates – but the TV stays off!

What to eat If egg, chicken or ham sandwiches are your thing, then go ahead, you could even try spicing them up a little with our curry mayonnaise (recipe below). However, with a little planning you could whip together something pretty spectacular and memorable. Many of our recipes are vegetarian, or can be adapted for

vegetarian members of the group, and most can be made at least a day in advance. As a starter, think gazpacho, taramosalata on crispbread with black olive garnish or guacamole with nachos/crudités. You can find our recipe for a quick blender gazpacho in our

Recipes CURRY MAYONNAISE To allow the flavours to develop, this has to be made at least an hour ahead and chilled. Ingredients: 1 cup of mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons curry powder, 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne, paprika to garnish (optional). Preparation: Stir all the ingredients together (except the garnish) in a bowl, cover and chill. Garnish and serve with your choice of veg/meat/fish/shellfish.

PA AMB TOMÀQUET Ingredients: 3 crushed cloves of garlic, a large ripe tomato, pinch of salt, 2 tablespoon olive oil. Preparation: Grate the tomato pulp, add the remainder of the ingredients and stir.

SALPICÓN Ingredients: 150g flaked tuna/sliced octopus/prawns/mussels etc. (optional), 2 large tomatoes, 1 each large red and green pepper, 1 medium onion, 1/2 a cucumber, 2 crushed garlic cloves, salt to taste, 2 tablespoon wine vinegar, 1/2 a cup of olive oil. Preparation: Peel cucumber and onion, wash remaining ingredients and chop them all uniformly. Add salt, garlic, vinegar and stir gently before adding the oil. Add fish/shellfish if using, stir gently again and serve with crusty bread.


can w i t h clingfilm, which will help prevent it oxidising. Store-bought? Mercadona’s brand is great. Get away from slices of bread by choosing bagels or rolls. Nothing beats a toasted bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and a few capers for piquancy. You can toast the bagels at home and build them when you get to your destination. You can stay heart-healthy by avoiding mayonnaise and butter and try Catalan style tomato spread (Pa amb tomàquet – cheats’ version recipe below) or guacamole. The former is often served with Serrano ham, but

Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes, 1 large carrot, 75 grams frozen peas, 1 large onion, 100 grams chopped pickled veg (variantes picadillo from Mercadona main branches), 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 red pepper, olives, a jar of Musa mayonnaise (Mercadona), salt, 4 cloves garlic, parsley. Preparation: Peel, boil and mash the potatoes. Chop the carrot and onion very finely, add peas and picadillo. Blend veg mix into the mashed potatoes. When cool, press garlic cloves, mix into the mayonnaise and add to vegetables. Season to taste. Grill red pepper and pop into a plastic bag for a few minutes to loosen the skin. Peel, cut into strips and use to decorate the salad with sliced eggs, olives and parsley.

PASTEL DE BACALAO Ingredients: 400g salt cod crumbs (migas de bacalao), 12 Piquillo peppers (pimientos de piquillo), olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, 1 small onion (cebolleta tierna if possible), 4 eggs, 200ml double cream, sugar, salt, butter. Preparation: Soak the cod for 24 hours, drain and squeeze dry. Sauté the finely chopped onion and garlic and add the cod. Cook well to make sure that all of the remaining water has evaporated. In a separate frying pan, lightly fry the peppers on both sides dusting equally all over with a sprinkle of sugar and salt. Whisk the eggs, blend with the cream and add the onion and cod mixture. Preheat the oven to 180º. Butter the loaf tin or pie dish well and layer the cod mixture, then peppers, cod etc., finishing with a layer of cod. Bake for 30 mins.

SPANISH CRUST Ingredients: 350g. plain flour, ½ sachet baking powder (levadura), 50g butter, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, approx. 4 tablespoons cold water, pinch of salt. Preparation: Sieve flour, salt and baking powder into a bowl, add softened butter and oil and mix with your hands. Add water until you get a pastry which holds together but has a sticky consistency. Knead thoroughly until the stickiness has almost gone and the pastry leaves the sides of the bowl easily. Preheat oven to 180º. Fill with your choice of filling and bake in oven for ½ hour. For the tuna pie filling, chop 3 boiled eggs and 2 small tins of pre-cooked bell peppers. Flake in 2 small tins of tuna and add a small tin of chopped tomatoes. Season to taste.

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018


is equally as good with boiled ham, and creamy avocado dip goes with most things. For salads, forget the leafy versions that tend to go limp after a while out of the fridge and try some alternatives. Apart from the aforementioned crudités, try a salpicón (recipe on previous page). Our garlic mushroom recipe is great cold too and you can find it in our online pdf file, edition 593 page 37. For a switch on a normal potato salad, try our Valencian version (recipe on left) for a great Spanish summer taste. As an alternative or an addition to sandwiches, think of Spanish omelettes. Make your own or buy ready-made. Mercadona even has individual ones for around €1 each. There are loads of recipes online, as well. Add a handful of fresh breadcrumbs soaked in milk to ensure moistness. Or for something a little more exotic, try our pastel de bacalao (recipe on left), which is excellent hot or chilled. Our stuffed piquillo peppers are another favourite and equally good hot or cold. Find the recipe at www.islandconnections. eu/1000003/1000013/0/ 24527/food-article.html. A great store cupboard standby is a heart-healthy Spanish crust (which switches out some butter with oil) with a tuna pie filling (recipe on left), or alternatively use the same pastry for your favourite quiche recipe. Fresh fruit salad or even melon on its own are great for dessert and add important water into your diet for a warm day.

packs to keep your food fresh and chilled as well as then becoming a great refreshing drink and, of course, there’s a wide range of soft drinks on the market. Check out a

Drinks Stay away from alcohol if you can, it dehydrates rather than hydrates, which isn’t what you need when sat out under the sun. Or stick to beer, cider and wine rather than spirits and mixers. Small bottles of frozen water act as ice-

FOOD A picnic hamper for the beach or designated picnic areas, or a picnic backpack for less easy to reach destinations. The design shown here comes with optional sleeves. To be honest,


tummy upsets away by making sure every food item is thoroughly chilled before you pack it and is kept that way. Wash fruit and veg thoroughly before packing them. Home-made mayonnaise isn’t a great idea when it will be out of the fridge for any length of time. Stick to bottled to be on the safe side. Open the

Garlic mushrooms, great hot or cold Pastel de bacalao

There’s nothing like a smoked salmon bagel

Try this heart-healthy Catalan spread

An insulated backpack for out of the way picnics Keep your food bug-free with Lakeland’s food covers

Don’t forget Martin Boose

Delicious and refreshing

local-made brand of additivefree, fizzy apple juice called Appletiser.

Equipment Down to basics, you just need the food, drinks and something to carry them in, but if you enjoy picnics on a regular basis, think about adding some of the following: A rug or blanket to sit on and lay out the feast. Flasks for hot or cold liquids.

they’re not very good at keeping tins cold, but are great for holding frozen bottles of water. A cooler or two. Remember to add chilled water to the ice to increase the amount of surface of the contents in contact with the cold, plus a kilo of salt (sal gruesa) to keep it colder longer. Ice packs look good, but frozen bottles of water do the same job and you can drink them later. Distribute the ice throughout the cooler, not just on the bottom. Fold-away food covers will keep your food free from flies. Try the local Chinese shop or buy from an online store like www.

Health and hygiene It’s never easy when you’re on the move, but help to keep

cooler as little as possible. For a large group it’s a good idea to keep drinks in one and food in another. Put edibles back in the cooler when people have been

tiser if you have no water and soap available, and use paper straws for tinned drinks if you are not taking any kind of cups with you.

A corkscrew/bottle opener, good cutting knife, wet wipes and paper towels, some simple games such as cards and bags for the rubbish and recycling. served. If you’re out less than two hours and the remains still feel cold when you get home it can go in your fridge, if not throw it away. Keep hands clean with wet wipes and liquid sani-

However simple or special you choose to make your picnic, we hope that there are some extra ideas here and a little help to enjoy the great outdoors even more this summer. n

Located on the main road to the Golf del Sur Avda. El Guincho No 4, Edf. Polivalente, Las Chafiras Tel. 922 45 41 69 sushikingtenerife@

We welcome you to Sushi King, where you can enjoy a certain quality that your palate desires and deserves





Canarian sushi school

Photo: Nagoya Sushi School

In their Nagoya Sushi ateliers, the Canarians produce thousands of such snacks every day. They supply hotels, catering companies, private individuals and sell online. In Telde and Las Palmas there’s even a home delivery service and all this sushi is prepared according to the old traditions. That's because they know that the secret of great sushi lies in the choice of ingredients. It’s important that the rice, fish, seafood and marinades are of the best quality.

At the end of May, the first official sushi school was opened in Gran Canaria, in accordance with an old Japanese tradition and it’s the first branch of the renowned Nagoya Sushi School in Europe. This means that interested professionals from the hotel and catering industry can be trained in this Japanese art right here in the Islands, without having to travel to faraway Japan as the school's training is recognised by the All Japan Sushi Association (AJSA). The school will have two branches: one in the capital Las Palmas and a second in Playa del Hombre in Telde. Sushican SL at Playa del Hombre

The art lies in the detail and in particularly fresh ingredients

Tasty tapas

Croquettes traditionally form part of Spanish and Canarian cuisine, and they are really delicious! They are as versatile as the cooks’ imagination and can be filled with fish, meat, prawns, eggs, cheese, chicken and much more. Originally a kind of food recycling, a way to use leftovers, today they are often ordered as an appetiser or tapa with a glass of wine or beer. See for yourself just how varied the ‘lowly’ croquette can be when you set off on the Ruta de la Croqueta in Puerto de La Cruz. A total of 16 restaurants and bars are taking part this year, offering a wide variety of croquettes at a price of only €3 with a choice of a glass of water, wine or beer included. Why not try some? If you rate your favourite tapa on the Rutómetro, you will also be entered into the prize draw and it’s a great opportunity to get to know new and different places and maybe return in the future. The Ruta de la Croqueta runs until June 24. n


Carmen Rodríguez and Nobuyuki Kawai

was founded in 1987 by the two Canarians Eduardo Jiménez and Carmen Rodríguez. This project was born following the experience lived by Eduardo and Carmen, who at that time travelled to Japan to participate in international Judo competitions, a martial art in which Eduardo excelled. During those sports trips, they stayed at the residence of a Japanese family with very important gastronomic roots going back several generations. For them, the creation


of sushi was more like a religion than a culinary art. The two Canarian visitors not only tried this family's food, but they also learned how to make it. They were impressed and inspired, and soon they recognised where their possible professional future could lie. They have now been offering sushi in Gran Canaria for over 30 years. Raw fish snacks are booming there, as in many other parts of Europe.

The Nagoya Sushi School is not just an academy to introduce you to sushi cuisine, although this is also offered. Rather, it will be a national and international reference centre led by two outstanding teachers: the owner Carmen Rodríguez and the founder of the Nagoya Sushi School in Japan, Nobuyuki Kawai, who will travel regularly to the Canary Islands to conduct the training locally. n

Wine tasting for connoisseurs

A group of seven wine experts from the USA spent a week on the islands of Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife to get to know the special features of Canarian wine. Using all their senses they were able to learn where and how grapes are grown in the Canaries, what differences exist within the growing area, Denominación de Origen Protegida Islas Canarias Canary Wine, and why. The specialists are wine connoisseurs, importers, sommeliers or so-called wine influencers from New York, Florida and Oregon. It’s necessary to taste the wine and enjoy the Canarian atmosphere in order to develop a bond with our local wines. The selected winegrowers, who already export their wines to the USA, welcomed the guests both in their own wine cellars and at dinner, in which they participated and explained their wines at the table. In keeping with the Canarian culture, the gastronomic offer served to the visitors was also typically Canarian and prepared only from local products. The participants completed a tight programme, and also received many incentives to enjoy this trip. By the time they left, they had gained many impressions which they in turn can now use to explain the Canarian wines and their peculiarities to their own guests, customers and readers. n

On site, the wine connoisseurs enjoyed the which has bathed the grapes



922062 857600 327 & &922

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La Guinguette is a French Every gourmet’s dream becorestaurant where you can enjoy mes a reality at Brunelli‘s, a music, dancing, good food and steakhouse that is in the perwine. We have to created a place fect location inspire the where combine meat art, food palate.weSelected of and the drink at Laquality, Guinguette in South very best in a fantastic Tenerife. on ambience The rightfood nextistobased the sea, traditional French cuisine, comthe culinary pleasure revolves bined with country-specific and around the Southbend: The local products. of only oven of its Musicians kind on the Canary Islands, heats up all genres provideit inspiratioto 800°C, the juices nal shows, sealing theme nights, and and perform flavour during inside our theSunday meat. also Plus top from BBQ. Ourquality terrace wines with shady the island Spain, andview the trees and aand breathtaking restaurant’s invites you tocrowning relax. Ourglory: team an uninterrupted view the awaits you to offer you anof unforAtlantic Ocean. gettable time.

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Marina Bay Avenida Juan Carlos I Los Cristianos (Arona) Opening hours: daily 10:00–22:00 market days 9:00–22:00

& 922 791 371 A new sensation has hit Los Cristianos, and that is the Marina Bay Restaurant and Sunset Bar. Occupying an elevated position next to the Arona Gran Hotel, just behind the market site overlooking the sea, Marina Bay is the place to switch off and enjoy food and drinks. A daytime snacks menu and a full international menu provide for all tastes and ages. Watch amazing sunsets, enjoy live music in the evenings and maybe even dance too! The priority at Marina Bay is good customer service and quality food at reasonable prices.

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Mamma Las Mia Vistas Bodegón Av de Las Américas Calle Bencomo 58 7 C.C. Américas Santa Úrsula Plaza Playa de Las Américas Open: Opening hours: Daily, except Tuesday daily 11:30–23:30 12 to 11 pm

922 108 797 923 082 & 822 &

ide urant in & outs Heated Resta

Freshness and tradition: Tasteful, canarian kitchen, Mamma Mía and is where you’ll find a rustic authentic excellent Italian in the ambience and cuisine a breathtasouth of Tenerife. Enjoy its king panoramic view all chaaromas andthe textures, and with racterise Bodegón Las aVistas new menu at the beginning in Santa Úrsula. Also of will also beserviceable to theJuly, veryyou hospitable try some typical dishes fromprithe staff and the favorable north and south of welcomes Italy. Only ces. This place the best quality authentic ingreeveryone, from local Canadients used,residents all of Italian rian or are foreign who origin. Mamma Mía has won don‘t want to cook, to holithe TripAdvisor of daymakers whoCertificate find themExcellence for extraordinary years, confirselves in an ming of the of cuisine, placethe in quality the middle typiand demonstrating that you the cal island life. A place essence of fine Italian food is will never forget. synonymous with Mamma Mía.



Calle Bencomo 42 Piedra Carretera General Puerto de La Hincada 42,Cruz Guía de Isora Opening Openinghours: hours: Daily – 3.30pm Tue –from Sun1pm 12:30–16:00 and 6.30pm – 11pm Wed – Sat 19:00–22.30


Brunelli’s Steakhouse La Guinguette


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d bodegonlasvistas

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




Restaurant Pizzeria & Chill Out Shisha Bar

FIFA World Cu

F La Flaca Cafe

GROUP A 14.06 15.06 19.06 20.06 25.06 25.06

Pizzas · Burgers · Live music everyday · All live sports · Big screens · Free Wifi Av. Ernesto Sarti, Urb. Mareverde Fañabé - Costa Adeje · Tel. 650 755 727

16:00 13:00 19:00 16:00 15:00 15:00

Russia Egypt Russia Uruguay Uruguay Saudi Arabia

__ __ __ __ __ __

GROUP 17.06 17.06 22.06 22.06 27.06 27.06

13:00 19:00 13:00 19:00 19:00 19:00

Costa Rica Brazil Brazil Serbia Serbia Switzerland

__ __ __ __ __ __


GROUP Saudi Arabia Uruguay Egypt Saudi Arabia Russia Egypt

__ __ __ __ __ __

15.06 15.06 20.06 20.06 25.06 25.06

16:00 19:00 13:00 19:00 19:00 19:00

Morocco Portugal Portugal Iran Spain Iran



Serbia Switzerland Costa Rica Switzerland Brazil Costa Rica


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17.06 18.06 23.06 23.06 27.06 27.06

16:00 13:00 16:00 19:00 15:00 15:00

Germany Sweden Germany South Korea Mexico South Korea


__ __ __ __ __ __

Iran Spain Morocco Spain Morocco Portugal

__ __ __ __ __ __

F Mexico South Korea Sweden Mexico Sweden Germany


__ __ __ __ __ __


30.06 · 19:00


06.07 · 15:00

2ºB 30.06 · 15:00

1ºC 10.07 · 19:00

2ºD 02.07 · 15:00


06.07 · 19:00

2ºF 02.07 · 19:00

1ºG 2ºH




EXPRESS BAR DELIVERIES Private orders available with home delivery free of charge 7 days a week. Call before 4pm for same day delivery.

For enquiries call

603 341 116

15.07 ·

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




up Russia 2018 C

GROUP 16.06 16.06 21.06 21.06 26.06 26.06

11:00 17:00 13:00 16:00 15:00 15:00

France Peru France Denmark Denmark Australia

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18.06 18.06 23.06 24.06 28.06 28.06


16:00 19:00 13:00 13:00 19:00 19:00

Belgium Tunisia Belgium England England Panama

16.06 16.06 21.06 22.06 26.06 26.06

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14:00 20:00 19:00 16:00 19:00 19:00


GROUP __ __ __ __ __ __



Australia Denmark Peru Australia France Peru

Argentina Croatia Argentina Nigeria Iceland Nigeria

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19.06 19.06 24.06 24.06 28.06 28.06

13:00 16:00 16:00 19:00 15:00 15:00



Poland Columbia Japan Poland Senegal Japan

Iceland Nigeria Croatia Iceland Croatia Argentina

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Panama England Tunisia Panama Belgium Tunisia


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Senegal Japan Senegal Columbia Columbia Poland

All World Cup 10 screens Great drinks Live games shown inside and out promotions entertainment


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Alejandra Almenares NutritioN & Dermo A esthetics

SLOW DOWN THE PASSAGE OF TIME Specializing in: Botox · teNsor threADs hyAluroNic AciD · AcNe l Aser DepilAtioN

LAST EIGHT 01.07 · 15:00


07.07 · 19:00

Pebble Beach Amarilla Golf


FRee aSSeSMenT cOnSUlTaTiOn

f CME Alejandra Almenares · w O 627 524 985 / 922 394 326 · , Av. Santa Cruz, 80 · San Isidro

01.07 · 19:00

1ºD 16:00

11.07 · 15:00 19:00


03.07 · 15:00


07.07 · 15:00

2ºE 03.07 · 19:00


Freshly cooked pastas and pizzas with locally sourced ingredients

2ºG g match The bar with the bi over 25 ith w atmosphere, ! s! en en re re sc sc HD rgeeHD larg la

For reservations or take away call 628 610 797 Pebble Beach, Amarilla Golf · San Miguel


! ! D N A L G N E N O COME Food also available all day and night Avd. San Francisco · Los Cristianos (Opposite the hotel Paramount)

The bar that has the huge roar whe n England score!





Keeping customers on the move

Linea Directa will provide you with a replacement car in the case of accidents and breakdown repairs

Spanish insurance company Línea Directa is investing €3 million in a bid to keep motorists moving. If a customer’s car is involved in an accident or has a breakdown and needs to go in for repairs, Línea Directa will offer a replacement vehicle, absolutely free of charge, until their car is repaired.

Brand new service This new service is backed by a joint renting agreement

to provide a fleet of replacement cars, in conjunction with their trusted network of official repairers, to ensure customers’ transportation problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

Technology provides fast response times Following breakdown or accident, a customer’s vehicle will be towed to the nearest approved garage and a replacement vehicle will be provided even before a claim is made

and processed. By digitalising these processes, Línea Directa now have the technology to ensure enough replacement vehicles can be provided to customers, whatever the time of day or night.

Convenience and peace of mind Línea Directa has been providing roadside assistance to help keep drivers safe on the roads for over 20 years, as well as advising customers how to

drive more safely and more efficiently, saving fuel and reducing the number of accidents. Peace of mind with a 24/7, Englishspeaking helpline and an extensive network of trusted garages throughout mainland Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands. We hope the information provided in this article is of interest. If you would like to contact Linea Directa please call 902 123 151. More information about Linea Directa can be found online at www. n


Bye bye Bonobus Tenerife’s public transport system is switching over to a contactless card and the old paper bono bus will soon be a thing of the past. The new plastic card will cost €2 for the initial processing fee. It’s safe, eco-friendly, rechargeable, all existing discounts apply and if you lose it or it’s stolen, you will be able to cancel the card and reclaim the balance. You can order it online at, buy it from Titsa and Metro tram sales points or at any one of the network of shops across the island which are now displaying the ten+ sticker. Once you have registered the card, it can be recharged online, or at any of the above sales points from €5 in increments of €5, up to a maximum of €100 for the generic cards. To use it on the tram, as there is a fixed rate for any length of journey, you just ‘check in’ by placing the card on the reader at the bottom of the new Ten+ machines in every carriage. The machine will confirm you have paid and let you know the balance left on your card. If you use it on a bus, you must remember to check in and out, or you will be charged for the journey until the end of the line. When you check out, you will be notified of the remainder on the card. If you are getting the tram, just as with the existing paper Bonobus card, you have to make sure you have enough for the journey before travelling. On the bus, you can pay the rest of your ticket to the driver if the balance on the card is insufficient. The usage is the same as the current bono systems, depending whether it is a group card, individual, monthly, etc. You can still use the card for more than one person if it’s the generic Ten+ card or Monadero. Monthly cards or individualised cards can only be used by the person they are issued to, as is currently the case with the paper versions. If you have an existing Bonobus card, use it up as soon as you can. If you know regular holiday-makers or swallows who are public transport users, they may have a balance left on their Bonobus and they should be informed. No date has yet been announced for the cancellation of the Bonobus cards, just that it will be “soon”, so they may be wise to send the cards back to Tenerife for the use of friends or family before they become obsolete. n

Safe, eco-friendly and rechargeable

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018





Preparing for Brexit and residency in Spain By Paul Montague, Partner, Blevins Franks

The Brexit transition period agreed in March gives British expatriates and those wishing to move to Spain more time to prepare. The clock is still ticking however to get any necessary paperwork ready in time. The key issue for many people is residence. If you are already living here, will there be any problems with you staying after Brexit? If you are still arranging your move to Spain, how can you secure residence in time? The UK and EU27 have committed to maintain existing residency rights for Britons and EU nationals who are “lawfully residing” within either area before the withdrawal date and they can continue “to live, work or study as they currently do under the same conditions as under Union law”. Although the official Brexit date is March 29, 2019, the transition period effectively ‘pauses’ Brexit until December 31, 2020 to enable citizens and

The clock is ticking to get any necessary paperwork ready in time… businesses to prepare for the changes. But what does “lawful residency” mean in practice? How close can you get to demonstrating this by that time? Although December 2020 may seem some way away, it’s

advisable to start the process as soon as possible rather than risk being caught in an administrative queue nearer the date. Beyond Brexit, we do not yet know how acquiring residency, visas and permits will work, but can expect this to be less

straightforward than today. As a foreigner living in Spain, there are a number of things you should do anyway to register here, regardless of Brexit. All EU/EEA nationals staying in Spain more than three months should have the resi-

dence certificate called Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión. If staying more than 183 days you also need to register with your local municipal registry (Padrón Municipal). Residents (and Spanish property owners) should have the NIE fiscal identification number. Of course, if you meet any of the criteria to be tax resident, you also should have formally registered with the Spanish tax office and submitted annual income and wealth (if applicable) tax returns. Longer-term residents of Spain could consider permanent residency or even Spanish nationality, depending on how long you have lived here. There may be other steps you can take to help demonstrate your Spanish residence before Brexit. Once you are settled in an EU country, existing partners and close family members will be able to join you, even after Brexit. Freedom of movement is still under discussion. Take personalised advice to establish what steps you may

still need to take to formalise your residency in Spain. Talk to a financial adviser early-on for guidance on how your affairs should be structured to avoid unintended consequences. They can review your tax and estate planning, pensions and investments, to help you set them up in the best way for your life in Spain, pre and post Brexit. Blevins Franks accepts no liability for any loss resulting from any action or inaction or omission as a result of reading this article, which is general in nature and not specific to your circumstances. Summarised information is based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which may change. Individuals should seek personalised advice. Blevins Franks provides tailormade advice on investment strategies, tax mitigation and estate planning. It has decades of experience advising British expatriates in Spain. Contact Paul Montague on 922 716 079 or paul.montague@

WHAT’S ON 2018


GRAN CANARIA DIARY DATES June 14 8.30pm: Opera, Turandot by Giacomo Puccini, Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra and Las Palmas Opera Choir, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €18. June 15 12pm: Donde el Alma Suena (Where the soul dreams), tangos, varied repertoire, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €20.

8pm: Musical drama inspired by the works of Gran Canaria poet Pedro Lezcano, Folk Canarias Company, Centro Insular de Turismo (CIT), Playa del Inglés, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, free entry. 8pm: Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra with the OFGC Choir, varied repertoire, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15. www. 8pm: Musical, La Hija del Mestre (Mestre’s Daughter), 19th century Canarian Zarzuela, Asociación Cultural Taller Lírico de Canarias and the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €20 8.30pm: Three-piece dance theatre show, Holberg Suite (choreographed by Tony Fabre), Gods and Dogs by Jirí Kylián, and Por vos muero (Dying for you) by Nacho Duato, National Dance Company, Teatro Cuyas, LPGC, from €15. www.

June 16

June 23

8.30pm: Opera, Turandot by Giacomo Puccini, Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra and Las Palmas Opera Choir, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €18. 8.30pm: Bikini Pop, mini music festival featuring Los Secretos, Coti, Obk, La Guardia, Danza Invisible and La Frontera, Recinto Ferial Infecar, LPGC, from €30. 8.30pm: Luis Morera, El Arte De Vivir (The Art of Living), Auditorio Valleseco, Valleseco, from €9.

Día de San Juan: Fires will be lit all over the Islands on the eve of the day held in honour of St. John, many towns and villages will hold celebrations during the evening, contact local councils for individual information. 8pm: Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra with the OFGC Choir, varied repertoire, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15. www. 8pm: Musical, La Hija del Mestre (Mestre’s Daughter), 19th century Canarian Zarzuela, Asociación Cultural Taller Lírico de Canarias and the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €20 8.30pm: Three-piece dance theatre show, Holberg Suite (choreographed by Tony Fabre), Gods and dogs by Jirí Kylián, and Por vos muero (Dying for you) by Nacho Duato, National Dance Company, Teatro Cuyas, LPGC, from €15. www.

June 17 12pm: Quiero ser pirata (I want to be a pirate), children’s’ theatre workshops, music, juggling, acting and more, Teatro Víctor Jara, Vecindario, €6. June 22

FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEWS 090 June 24 12pm: Concert for Día de San Juan, Asociación Voces Soul (Soul Voices Association), youth orchestra and band, varied repertoire, Gabinete Literario, LPGC, €10. facebook/vocessoulcanarias 8pm: Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra with the OFGC Choir, varied repertoire, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15. www. June 26

9pm: Raül Refree, acoustic pop, guitar and voice, improvisation, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15. Until further notice Thursday – Sunday: CamBuyon Market, art, second hand, vintage, Mercado del Puerto, LPGC, Thursdays and Fridays, 7pm – 11pm; Saturdays 6pm – 11pm; Sundays 12pm – 3pm.


4pm & 7pm: Jurásico - La Isla Perdida (Jurassic – The Lost Island), children’s theatre, Teatro Guiniguada, LPGC, from €15. 8pm: Musical, La Hija del Mestre (Mestre’s Daughter), 19th century Canarian Zarzuela, Asociación Cultural Taller Lírico de Canarias and the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €20 June 28 8pm: Ballet, Cuerdas en el aire (Strings in the air), dance show to orchestral music by Mozart, Massenet, Rachmaninov, Puccini, Berlioz and Liszt, directed by renowned Canarian choreographer José Manuel Armas, performed by members of his dance company, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €15. 8pm: Jurásico - La Isla Perdida (Jurassic – The Lost Island), children’s theatre, Centro Cívico Carrizal, LPGC, from €15.

Tradición y arte en barro (Tradition and Art in Clay), Centro Insular de Turismo (CIT), Playa del Inglés, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm; Saturday 9am - 1pm, free entry. Until June 25 Exhibition of photos, documents and donated objects detailing the conservation of Canarian history undertaken by the Casa de Colón organisation, Casa de Colón, LPGC, Monday to Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 3pm, free entry.



June 29 8pm: Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra plays Ravel, Mozart and Schumann, with guest solo pianist Matthias Kirschnereit, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15.

DIARY DATES June 14 - 30 9.30pm, every day: Cabaret Tropicana, journey through the history of Cuba via its music,

Pedro Alegre Alonso Pilates trainer ä Physiotherapist ä

Therapies, Spiritual hypnosis, Past life regression Come, unleash your internal power and heal your mind, body and soul completely through energy healing, hypnosis and past life regression. Get Space Clearing carried out for more positivity at home and in your work place

Call 619 519 858

Tel. 699 521 649

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14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018

Pirámide de Arona, Las Américas, from €35. June 14 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 11am-1pm: Guided walk around Tegueste historic town centre followed by a visit to Casa Los Zamoranos (in Spanish), Tegueste, €2. www. 7.30pm: N.J. Zivkovic and Schalagwerk Wien Ensemble, marimba and percussion, FMUC festival, Auditorio Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, €10. June 15 7pm: Dance show, Municipal dance groups, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, free entry. www. 7.30pm: Destino (Destiny), Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €16. 8pm: Samuel Socas, indie rock, El Búho Club, La Laguna, €6. 8.30pm: Wine & Jazz Night, Samuel Labrador Trio, Casa del Vino, El Sauzal, €10. www. June 16 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 11am: Open air rapid painting competition, Plaza del Principe, El Sauzal, free entry. www. 6pm: Children of the 80’s, retro concert, Sabrina Salerno, Dream3Team Reload and Puretas Party, Hard Rock Hotel, Costa Adeje, from €22.50. 8pm: AlQuinto Brass, brass band, varied programme, Caprichos Musicales festival, Edificio de Usos Múltiple, El Tanque, free entry. www. June 16 & 17 8am-1.30pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte. 8am-3pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General TF5, km 49, La Guancha. 8am-4pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General, km 7.8, La Esperanza. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor. June 17 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos. 9am–2pm: Farmers’ market, Av. Villa de Arico, Porís de Abona. 9am-2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico. 7.30pm: Dile Que Sí, summer dance festival, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, €8.

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

8am-3pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General TF5, km 49, La Guancha. 8am-4pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General, km 7.8, La Esperanza. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor.

June 20

June 24

8am-1pm: Farmers’ market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa de San Juan. 1pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). 3pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje.

8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos. 9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Av. Villa de Arico, Porís de Abona. 9am - 2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico. 10am: Charity bike ride in aid of families in need, plus raffles, demonstrations and more, registration costs 1kg of dry foodstuffs, Plaza de la Constitution, La Orotava. 11.30am: Sundance festival, family dance music sessions, Teatro Leal, La Laguna, €5 for adults, free for under 18s.

June 18 9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá. June 19

June 21 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 11am-1pm: Guided walk around Tegueste historic town centre followed by a visit to Casa Los Zamoranos (in Spanish), Tegueste, €2. www. 7.30pm: Integral de Beethoven I, Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven’s concerts for piano and orchestra, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €16. www. 8pm: Surf Movie Night Tenerife, one night, four films: This Time Tomorrow, Con/Trast, Freezing, and San Borondon, plus late-night concert from the Blues Riders, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, €10 up front, €15 on the door. 8pm: Kroke, instrumental jazz/world music fusion, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Santa Cruz, €12. June 22 7.30pm: Integral de Beethoven II, Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven’s concerts for piano and orchestra, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €16. June 23

June 25 9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá. June 26 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. June 27 8am-1pm: Farmers’ market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa de San Juan. 1pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). 3pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. June 28 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 11am-1pm: Guided walk around Tegueste historic town centre followed by a visit to Casa Los Zamoranos (in Spanish), Tegueste, €2. www.


June 29 9pm: Antonio José, pop, Plaza de San Pedro, El Sauzal, from €18. June 30 7pm: Jurásico - La Isla Perdida (Jurassic – The Lost Period), humorous theatre show, in Spanish, Paraninfo, La Laguna University, €15. 7.30pm: Opera, Luisa Fernanda, Ópera de Tenerife and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €20. Evening: Discover Experience, guided walk (in Spanish) to enjoy a night-time view of the stars and galaxies from El Teide National Park, part of the Pinceladas series of hikes, free event, limited places.

EXHIBITIONS Until June 21 Impulso abstracto (Abstract Impulse), paintings by Gran Canarian artist Lola Massieu, Fundación Cristino de Vera-Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, La Laguna, free entry, Monday to Friday, 11am–2pm & 5pm–8pm; Saturday, 10am–2pm. Until June 22 Exhibition commemorating the visit of author Camilo José Cela (Nobel Prize in Literature winner) to Tenerife and Gran Canaria in 1957, photographs and press releases, Biblioteca Canaria, Adeje, free entry, 9am–2pm. Until June 30 Paintings by Canarian artist Cándido Delgado Martín, landscapes and more, Museo del Pescador, Puerto de Santiago, free entry, Monday to Friday 10am – 1pm and 4pm – 7pm; Saturday 10am – 1pm.

For regular church, charity and recreational events, please see:

Día de San Juan: Fires will be lit all over the Islands on the eve of the day held in honour of St. John, many towns and villages will hold celebrations during the evening, contact local councils for individual information. 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 7pm: SFDK, hip hop/rap, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, from €15, VIP from €50. June 23 & 24 8am-1.30pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte.


WHAT’S ON 2018


IF YOU HAVE A FEAR OF THE DENTIST, we want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE – and that THERE’S HELP. Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US at or at +34 922.737.838 if you want to make the NEXT STEP towards a NEW-ANDIMPROVED SMILE.

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Animal charities’ round up Cats Welfare Cats make great pets as they’re low maintenance and thrive in families with children. They love to leap, run, and pounce, which is great fun to watch, and they enjoy being stroked and cuddled. Introducing children to pets and their care is an important way to teach them to respect animals. If you choose to have a kitten it’s important to lay out some rules for everyone ahead of time. Choose areas where your pet will be allowed to roam. Will it be an indoor cat, or will it be allowed outside? Is it allowed to jump on the worktops? For youngsters, set boundaries on when and how to play with the kitten and how to pick it up, making it clear that it’s not OK to pull on any part of its body and that it is not a toy! Set each child a role in the pet’s care. One could be responsible for its fresh food and water every day, while another ensures its bedding is clean and toys are available. Cleaning the litter box should be done by adults though, as children can forget to wash their hands thoroughly. When you bring your kitten home, your children will be excited and ready to play with him or her, but your kitten will be less stressed if you let it get comfortable with its new surroundings at its own pace. Remind children that their new companion needs

time to adjust and that soon they will have a friendly, playful and loveable pet. Adoptions All of our cats go on a week’s trial in your home so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. If you adopt two kittens together then kitten injection, micro chip and neutering is free for the second one. Adopt a black kitten or two and both will receive the above treatments for free. Contact us via our website at or ring/ whatsapp Maria (English) on 646 629 129, seven days a week, 9am to 6pm, or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 6pm on 671 282 773. Alternatively, message us on Facebook. Our shop Find it on San Blas in Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino), open seven days a week, 10am until 6pm. If you don’t have transport or have large bulky items to donate you can ring Mark on: 636 590 557 to arrange collection.

K9 A Massive Milestone! The K9 Animal Refuge has come a long way since its origins. Back in March of 1993, K9 president Elsie rescued her first street dog from Tenerife. She soon became aware of the amount of abandoned and unwanted animals on the island. Along with Silvia and

These two young ladies are regular helpers at Acción del Sol

modifications necessary to help improve the welfare of the animals in our care to the best of our ability. It’s a massive project which will take time and money to execute, but we are excited. This has only become possible thanks to our volunteers and supporters throughout the years. We have many dogs waiting for their forever homes and some cats, including many young kittens. You can see them on our website at Or visit the Refuge on Calle Chimbesque, between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas, any day between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively, call us on 667 638 468 or email info@ You will also find stories of our dogs’ antics on our Facebook page at Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker or K9 Tenerife. Shop till you drop Visit our shop in Alcalá Plaza, every day from 10am to 2pm. Donations of quality items are very welcome. Call 646 561 035 to arrange collection of larger items from all local areas.

Acción del Sol Great news for K9’s 25th anniversary – they’ve now bought their kennels and land at Las Zocas

Kay, Elsie decided to help these animals find new homes, and that’s how K9 started. Not long after, a sister group for K9 was founded in Germany by a lady called Susan. For all these years we have been renting our kennel facilities but have now finally been able to purchase the property and land at our current location in Las Zocas. This is a fantastic achievement for K9, and with this year being our 25th anniversary, there couldn’t have been a better time. It means we can now make all

Sometimes, it’s people’s kindness that keeps us going. The two lovely young girls pictured here initially came to the refuge as part of our educational programme. They now regularly visit the refuge to play with the puppies and walk some of the many dogs in our care. Also, a wonderful couple who were in Tenerife on holiday found a dog abandoned on the streets of Arona. They duly called the police and the dog was collected by Protection Civil and brought to us. Later on in their holiday, the couple visited the refuge to see how the dog was, fell in love with him and decided they wanted to


Too cute for words!

These seven gorgeous puppies were found in a cave in Los Cristianos, abandoned by some heartless person. They are about one and a half months old and will grow to be medium sized dogs. They will be looking for a forever home very soon so do visit or get in touch with the Acción del Sol refuge if you are interested in adopting one of these lovelies or any dog. Call them on 922 778 630. n

adopt him! They contacted an English company in Kent to collect the dog after the legal 21 days had passed. We sorted out all the necessary treatments and paperwork for him to travel. He was escorted door to door by the company, which provided an excellent service, and is now enjoying his new life. It really gives us so much happiness when we find such amazing people to adopt the dogs. An important date for your diary is July 7, which is our next fundraising event so please pencil it in and come and support the many dogs in our care. With more than 230 dogs looking for new loving homes please visit us to see if maybe one is the dog for you. Every one of them has a full clean bill of health, has a passport and is fully inoculated, micro-chipped and sterilised. There are no adoption fees but all donations towards the rising upkeep of the refuge are welcomed.

How you can help We need many things for the refuge, including cleaning products, building materials, dog toys, leads, tinned food for our elderly dogs, puppy milk, and dog jackets for when our dogs fly to their new forever homes. Every donation is greatly appreciated. In addition, we are desperately looking for people who are travelling to Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin or Frankfurt who would be prepared to escort a dog. It costs you nothing except a little time at each end of your journey. Please call 922 778 630 or visit us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm, and Saturdays 1pm to 4pm. We’re situated directly under the wind turbines, from exit 52 on the TF1 north bound, just after the El Médano junction. Head for the windmills on the coast and we’re located in the buildings on the right hand side. Alternatively, email us on or visit our Facebook page at Action Tier Acción del Sol. n

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018








The young climbers venture quite high up the wall

Youth meeting at the rock climbing wall The San Fernando Sports Pavilion at Maspalomas in Gran Canaria has just hosted the fourth meeting of children and young people between the ages of seven and 16, whose great passion is climbing. They demonstrated the dexterity they have already developed on the specially installed rock climbing wall. Around 70 young athletes from various clubs, even from the two major boroughs of Telde and Las Palmas, took part. A visually impaired young athlete showed a special example of courage and self-

conquest. The thrilling event was divided into two sections. In the morning they spent three hours climbing with harnesses and ropes and in the evening two exciting 'non-stop' hours in the bouldering category were on the agenda. This means climbing without a safety rope, using only one's own hands, feet and muscle power, but only up to ‘jump’ height which is a height at which jumping off is still safe and does not involve any risk of injury. This event expressly had no competitive character, but was all about


fairness, joint fun and good cooperation. Nevertheless, in the end there were medals and cakes for everyone. The

event was organised by Club Topatrás, which has been making climbing in Gran Canaria popular for 20 years. n

Super fire-fighting heroes

The third national championship for rescue in cases of traffic accidents and emergencies was recently held and for the third time in a row the winners came from Lanzarote. The competition, which this time took place in Jaén on the Spanish Peninsula, is obviously looking for a winner, but basically it’s about combining social contacts, sport, cooperation and experience exchanges, always with the purpose of being able to act as professionally as possible in an emergency. The evaluation of each team includes the coordination of the rescue group, the professionalism of the responsible paramedic and his psychological knowledge. Both simulated salvage operations which consist of the controlled extraction of the victim and other emergencies are examined. In addition, there is a combined variant in which different teams have to join forces to resolve another incident. Lanzarote fire brigade entered two teams in the competition. The winning team consisted of the commander Oliverio Torres, Juan Ramos (paramedic), Acaymo Rodríguez (paramedic) and the three firemen Chedey Rodríguez, Néstor Crespo and Claudio Cabrera. Island Councillor Echedey Eugenio praised them, saying “We have invincible champions on the team who won the national championship for the third time in a row”. n


Tenerife Walking Running trail Festival trial

also reflected in the thanks and positive comments by the participants”. There is no time to lose, preparations for the Tenerife Walking Festival 2019 are already underway. By the way, the TWF also achieved its environmental goal ‘Huella Cero’ (No Footprint) and compensated for the CO2 emissions and greenhouse effects caused by the festival. The calculations for this included factors such as transport, hotel stays, electricity, gas, air conditioning and paper consumption. n

Gomero becomes world sub-champion

At Barranco Ruiz the race goes steeply uphill, at Risco Mazapé however, it goes downhill

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge in one of the toughest races on the north coast? On June 23, the fourth Running Trail Villa de San Juan will start at Plaza Rosario Oramas in San Juan de la Rambla. It’s a nine-kilometre challenge, characterised above all by the abruptly rising and falling terrain. In some places it goes uphill almost vertically. The toughest stage is

Island President Pedro San Ginés is proud of the island’s delegation


Photo: Credit: Ayto. San Juan de la Rambla

The end of festival party

At the end of May the Tenerife Walking Festival was celebrated with a big end of festival party in the Plaza Europa, in front of the town hall in Puerto de La Cruz. Almost 200 hikers from 14 nations, including Germany, Great Britain, Malaysia and Israel had explored the island on foot. Around 20 hiking trails through the most beautiful landscapes were on offer this year. The Island councillor for Tourism, Alberto Bernabé summed up, saying “The TWF met all expectations, which is


the ascent to Barranco Ruíz. Anyone who wants to master this gradient, must have quite strong legs. The challenge offers Junior, General and Veteran categories. If you want to register, you can find out more on their Facebook page Running-Trail Villa de San Juan de la Rambla. The registration lists will remain open until June 19 and the fee to participate is €10. n

Canary Island President Fernando Clavijo met the world trail sub-champion, Cristofer Clemente from La Gomera, who won the runner-up spot for the second time to congratulate him on his personal win and for his contribution to the gold obtained by the Spanish team in the World Championship held in Castellón on the Penyagolosa Trails. Last time he won this title in Badia Patraglia, Italy. His career has already been crowned with success on several occasions, including the UltraSkyrunner World Series in 2016 in which he won the world champion title. Athletes like Cristofer, both on and off the Canary Islands, demonstrate the enormous talent and potential that the archipelago has to offer. Of course Clavijo wished the athlete good luck for the next challenges of the season. These are the Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail from June 15 to 17 and the Ultra Trail del Mont Blanc in August. The young Gomero is slim but tough, and he will undoubtedly be an athlete Cristofer Clemente (left) talkto be reckoned with in these upcoming races as well. n ing to Fernando Clavijo

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018





Summer sort out at CD Tenerife By Chris Todd ical staff will be undertaken. Player comings and goings has been the main news surrounding CD Tenerife in the past few weeks. Around seven players will be leaving the club this summer in a major reshuffle of the team but after some speculation manager Etxeberria will be staying after signing a new contract. His record of eight wins, five draws and four defeats after taking over in February convinced the club that he is the man to lead the team into the new season. However the Basque coach was not shy about putting forward his demands on the club. Improvements to the training facilities, coaching and med-

He was also critical of the away trip schedules to the mainland which have been tiring on the players. Flights often were arranged to Madrid to save costs followed by hours on the road. Players that are leaving will be stalwart captain Vitolo who despite having another year on his contract was told that he did not figure in the new bosses’ plans. It is a shame in a way that he has left ‘out the back door’ so to speak after many years of service to the blanquiazules but I am sure he will return to his home town club in some shape or form. It looks as if Samuele Longo will return to Inter Milan from his loan deal and flying winger Alex Mula

Vitolo leaves the club after a mutual agreement

who will return to Málaga CF. So what does next season bring? One thing for sure is that the Spanish 2nd division will be stronger than ever! Dropping into the league from the top flight will be Deportivo, Málaga and UD Las Palmas. All three will be desperate to a return to the big time and their budgets will dwarf any team currently in the 2nd tier. To add to the mix there will be Sporting Gijón and Real Zaragoza (who both failed at the play-off semi-final stage this year), Real Oviedo, Osasuna, Granada, Cádiz and of course our very own CD Tenerife. The blanquiazules will probably not make the top 10 budgets for the new season but what gives you hope is the success of the more humble teams in recent years in Spain. If you can get a decent committed side with the fans united behind the team it can go a

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long way. At CD Tenerife the powers that be have a lot of sorting out to do this summer to get the fans back on their side. At the last home game, a 1-1 draw against Albacete, the supporters turned on the board and president by holding a silent protest throughout the whole 90 minutes. The pre-season has started to take shape although the only confirmed friendly thus far is the annual Mahou Cup Final against UD Las Palmas on July 21 in Maspalomas. Two training camps will be held, one in the south of Tenerife, where they are likely to play two friendlies and one on the mainland, which at a guess would likely be in the Bilbao region due to manager Etxeberria’s roots. Another match pencilled in is the Teide Trophy game at La Orotava against La Liga side Girona or Rayo Val-

lecano according to rumours. One thing for certain is that no pre-season games will be played at the Heliodoro Stadium. A new pitch is in the process of being laid and the club has asked the league to

play their first game away from home to give the grass more time to settle. The new fixtures will be released on July 23. All eyes will be on the dates of the big Canarian derby games against Las Palmas. n




Horoscope for period: June 14 to June 27 Aries 21.03 - 20.04 With your ruling planet Mars in evidence, this whole period will see you focusing on plans and ideals in your social sphere. There is no doubt that you are filled with dreams. It’s time to put those into practice and meet new people.


Taurus 21.04 - 20.05 At the full moon due on June 28, break ups and losses can administer exaggerated pain if you are too vulnerable. Perspective can be lost in passionate emotions. Be prepared and rely on a close friend to help keep everything chilled.

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This luxury Villa in Torviscas Alto with spectacular views of the surrounding areas and out to sea. The property comes completely furnished to a high standard and benefits from a private heated pool. Property offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a garage, which is currently a GYM as there is street parking in front of the property. Built to High Standards. €850,000 IÑAKY AZURZA

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14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018


Island Connections Online:

CLASSIFIEDS DEADLINE NEXT EDITION The deadline for edition 824, which is published on 28th June, is 26th June. No classifieds will be taken after this date.

Head Office: Calle Francisco Feo Rodríguez 6º- first floor. Pol. Industrial Las Chafiras 38620 - San Miguel de Abona. Tel.: 922 75 06 09 Fax: 922 795 810 OFFICE HOURS: Mon-Frid 9:30 -16:30 hours

Classified Info Adverts for our Classifieds Section must be sent by email or hand delivered to the office. If you would like to advertise, please send your classified text to: classifieds@ Alternatively, place your classified advert with one of our four agents: Now in Golf del Sur, Redhound Bookshop in Los Cristianos, The Bookswop in Las Américas, Petras Deutscher Bücherstand in Puerto de La Cruz.

Rates: * LINEAGE CLASSIFIEDS: From €16 * SMALL & LONG TERM: Ask for long term advertising (3, 6, 12 months) and our special discounts. * FURTHER OPTIONS: color / boxed adverts. TO PLACE YOUR ADVERT CALL: 922 75 06 09 You are welcome to come to our offices in Las Chafiras to place small ads. Card payment facilities are available.




Santiago del Teide Lions Club

General Services

Bargains galore From clothes and children’s toys to kitchenware and books – there are plenty of great deals on second-hand goods. They even have sets of golf clubs! Don’t miss out – visit their shop below the plaza in Puerto Santiago (Behind Vigilia Park). Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am – 1pm and Wednesdays 2pm to 8pm.

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Second Hand Sale LAS CHAFIRAS

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Santiago del Teide Lions Club Bargains galore From clothes and children’s toys to kitchenware and books – there are plenty of great deals on second-hand goods. They even have sets of golf clubs! Don’t miss out – visit their shop below the plaza in Puerto Santiago (Behind Vigilia Park). Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am – 1pm and Wednesdays 2pm to 8pm.

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price. Tel: 611 277 578. www. Professional massage therapy, available at the client’s home/apartment. Certified and experienced masseur for remedial, deep tissue, Swedish, sports and relaxing massage. Mobile/WhatsApp: (+34) 683 141 129

Rental Classifieds

After school classes, help or activities in English, German or Spanish, please contact Mrs. Garus. Tel. 602 506 793. We are 5 minutes away from Wingate School in Cabo Blanco. Qualified specialist from Germany helps you with back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches and insomnia. Tel. 0034 699 15 61 47 (ask for Eugene). Are you looking for an opportunity with financial independence and personal fulfillment? Become an Independent Beauty Consultant!!! More Info: 642 601 553. Teacher (English and Spanish) and interpreter gives Spanish lessons. I would also like to work as a secretary. Tel: 747 790 001 or email: k.arim555@ Body, foot reflexology, Breuss massage, manual lymph drainage. Let yourself be pampered by Simone’s hands. Economic

Winter letting Puerto de La Cruz Studio apartment, 24 hour concierge, pool, sea views. Minimum three month contract. €500 per month. 669 652 149 Looking to swap my house in Tenerife for a house in Dublin or surroundings. If agreed, the time could be arranged. From a month to a year time gap. Call Carmen 693 727 683 Apartment and Villa for rent in Tenerife south. Tel: (0034) 662 507 191. Garage to rent, double width. Victoria Court 1, Los Cristianos. Close to Sunday market. Very secure lock-up. Tel: 679 919 623

Sales Classifieds For rent: Long term, 2-bedroom Bungalow with garden and trees in quiet situation near Las Galletas, elderly people are preferred, €750 all inclusive. Tel. 609 531 178 or 606 777 979 or email melquiadesm@ Wanted urgently: an apartment to rent in El Médano with 2 bedrooms and a garage. Tel: 676 243 558. Apartment for rent, 1 bedroom, fully equipped, near Playa Martiánez, in Puerto de La Cruz, €470 /month + electricity. Tel: Theresa on 606 105 101.

APARTMENT TABAIBA ALTA For sale, only five mins away from the German school, roughly 102m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living ro om, utilit y ro om, garden, big terrace. Spectacular views of the sea and mountain, big garage with 2 spaces, 2 closed store ro oms, price €180,000, mob. 686 798 367, email e optene rife @ m Beautiful seafront apartment for private sale. One bedroom, garage, sea views and in a sunny position. Price: €120,000. No agents. Tel: 922 752 759. Mobile: 608 425 426. For sale, Bungalow 160m2 Costa Sauzal, situated front row with guaranteed spectacular sea-views, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with panoramic windows, modern kitchen, dining room connected to the terrace, including a heated 4 x 8 m pool, all on same level, garage and a marvellous tropical garden with 800m2 landscaped with various plants and lots of fruittrees. Private sale contact: info@ Tel.: 00 34 699 444 879

Situations Vacant / wanted



Come and join our Dynamic Team! Te l e m a r k e t i n g company on the coast surrounding Marbella / Fuengirola is looking for Brokers /Qualifiers. High revenue. English, German, Dutch and Scandinavian. Send your CV to: telesalestenerife@

Vehicles To advertise please call 922 75 06 09 Car needed for long-term rental. Tel. 676 378 618

Qualified horse riding instructor (Swedish equestrian federation) available for individual and group classes in CHS Buzanada and La Caldera del Rey (San Eugenio Alto) or privately in the south of Tenerife. All ages and levels are expected. Schooling and management of private horses by appointment. Ulrike Fagerlund has competed successfully to a high level in dressage and show jumping in the Canary Islands and Europe. Swedish/ English/Spanish/German speaking. IGEQ equestrian passport holder. Tel: 660761270, e-mil: ulrika.fagerlund18@

Educator required to share useful information with two brainy kids, aged 8 and 10 years. Full or part time. Tel (+34) 696 713 635


(For Crossword and Sudoku solution see pag 30)

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018

For sale, Peugeot 206 plus, 1.4 engine, white, year 2010, mileage 24,500km, Spanish registration. In very good order. Private sale. €4,750. Tel: 922 727 155 or 652 291 474.



1 - rush of animals (8) 6 - forefather (4) 8 - flock (6) 9 - winning playing cards (6) 10 - wheeled vehicle (3) 11 - exercise form (4) 12 - shouted (6) 13 - damaged (6) 15 - creative act (6) 17 - sell (6) 20 - satellite (4) 21 - opposite of outs (3) 22 - increases (6) 23 - choosing (6) 24 - remain (4) 25 - uncertainty (8)

2 - eating house (7) 3 - hot rock (5) 4 - voter (7) 5 - start (5) 6 - gusty winds (7) 7 - Indian coin (5) 14 - learning institution (7) 15 - small plums (7) 16 - secures (7) 18 - proclamation (5) 19 - registers (5) 20 - dull finish (5)

Wanted, second-hand, twoseater, four-wheel disability scooter. Tel: 669 444 031.

Mercedes AMG Tiptronic

For sale, Peugeot 206 plus, 1.4 engine, white, year: 2010, mileage 24,500km, Spanish registration. In very good order. Private sale. €4,750. Tel: 922 727 155 or 652 291 474.

Sept. 2015, 30,000km, perfect condition, car registered in Spain, no import, full AMG Kit, from 177bhp tuned to 277 bhp or 376 horse power.

Tel: 626 171 399



Beige leather upholstery, Multifunction leather steering wheel, Navigator, Power-adjustable seats with heating and lumbar adjustment, Rear headrests, Air conditioning, CD player, Integrated telephone, Rear parking sensor, electric windows and retractable mirrors. Fog lamps, Central locking with remote control. MOT OK! All new tyres, brake pads, suspension arms, discs, battery (2 year guarantee) and starter motor. Gear box and general service undertaken. Very good condition, always kept in a garage. 250,000km, €6,200

629 244 958




14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018






All photos: Wikimedia Commons

Homes and properties for sale in the Canaries

STUDIO 4 D E C O R C/ La Marina, 29. Los Abrigos Tel. 922 749 793 · 626 955 725 Opening hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm and 3pm to 6pm Website: Email:

For a mini face lift including made to measure curtains and bedspreads to a complete make over with the personal touch, call into our showroom in Los Abrigos for a free design consultation. Leave your keys with us and come back to a new home with the “Wow” factor without any of the stress. Complete upholstery service with hundreds of fabrics to choose from, all machine washable.




14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




G.I.P.E. NO. 3722



1 BED APARTMENT Costa Adeje €320,000 (approx. £285,714)


Award Winning Estate Agents


2 BED VILLA Golf del Sur €495,000 (approx. £441,964)

Two generations of a Family Business Over 30 Years of Experience Service & Security in your purchase Professional Indemnity Insurance 20 Year Insured Title Deed Guarantee This Immaculate one bedroom apartment is located in the prestigious Terrazas del Duque development in Costa Adeje. The property is bright, spacious and is finished to a very high standard. Large terrace area with sea views... great for barbecue parties and relaxing in the sun. Exclusive surroundings. If you are looking for high quality then you have found it! The complex has an excellent communal pool and terrace area.


Ref: LA01806

0034 922 714 700

From UK: 0845 862 1634 Offices in Puerto Colon & Golf del Sur

This two bedroom, two bathroom villa is full of charm and character and surrounded by tropical gardens. No hassle artificial lawn, BBQ area and an attractive private swimming pool, with Tenerife’s wonderful climate could sunbathe in this beautiful garden all year round!!! Ideal as a permanent residence or a holiday home. Close to all amenities. Good location for golfing.


Ref: GOLF01466




Townhouse in Residencial El Galeón

& + 34 822 144 541 The triplex consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, 3 terraces (one with ocean views), 74 metres, 200 metre floor area, furnished, no community payment, pre-installed solar powered hot water as well as air conditioning and terrace Jacuzzi, fully renovated, exterior, bright.

€ 365,000 Calle Ramona Martín Artista | C.C. Mencey | local 27 | El Camisón | Los Cristianos |

14.6.2018 – 27.6.2018




Villa in San Eugenio Fotos: D. D’Elisio

Villa with wonderful panoramic views in the residential complex La Tagora, San Eugenio Alto. 3 bedrooms, spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, storage room, garden with the possibility to build a private pool, terrace, 3 bathrooms (2 en suite), independent studio apartment on the ground floor, Jacuzzi, garage, community pool. Excellent location with the best view in Costa Adeje

€ 780,000

Tenerife Property Partners Calle El Sauce 5 | Residencial Los Castaños | Local 3 | El Madroñal | Tenerife Tel. 922 707 205 + 679 154 297 + 649 469 282 | Email:




Island connections 823 FLN 90  

Officially the largest foreign language newspaper in the Canary Islands.

Island connections 823 FLN 90  

Officially the largest foreign language newspaper in the Canary Islands.