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May 17 – May 30, 2018 Exclusive interview

Summer sips

Facing Summerland, just off the roundabout at the Language School



Walk For Life

Sangha animal sanctuary

The best of berries

The BRA project

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ARN Culture and Business Pride

Arona for everyone The National Police took part in the case

Shock in San Isidro

During mid-May, National Police officers arrested three Moroccans suspected of radicalising a compatriot and persuading him to join the terrorist group Al-Nusra in Syria. The three suspects, aged 27, 35 and 37 years old, live in San Isidro and are now facing charges of recruitment, concealing criminal evidence, and financing a terrorist organisation. According to information from the Ministry for the Interior, the trio abused their position within the Muslim community, as imam, readers and guards of the local Nour mosque, in order to win over their 35-year-old compatriot for their own goals. Continued on page three

ARN Pride

Suspected terrorist trio detained

The ARN Culture and Business Pride event in Arona will be celebrated for only the second time this year, from May 29 to June 2, yet is already one of the top 10 international events for lesbians, gays, trans, bisexual and intersexuals (LGTBIQ). This fact could be due to the festival having been created with a different aim in mind right from the start. Of course, the usual social events and live concerts form a part of the programme but, we are told, that is not the most important factor. Olga Payar, director of the local festival, explained: “For example, we don’t have a parade like most Prides. Our main aim is to reduce reservations regarding our sector of society, to highlight Actor Brays Efe from Las Palmas is known for his role in the Spanish series Paquita Salas

people who have achieved a lot for this collective and, above all, to interact with each other in a new way.” The ARN Pride event deliberately addresses the entire population and, instead of the well-known attribute ‘gay friendly’, it uses the expression ‘hetero friendly’ – meaning anyone is welcome to join in. Charlie Marrero, President of LGTBI Algarabia stated that, “We want to love differently and be proud without having to talk about it. We want these issues to be taken for granted.” As part of the Arona Pride event, the Alan Turing LGTBIQ Awards will be presented at a ceremony on June 1 at Golf Las Américas. They are presented to international personalities who have done a lot for the LGTBIQ scene through their actions, with a broad spectrum of topics and covering various interests. Continued on page two





Inclusive and innovative Continued from front page Among this year's winners of the ARN Pride Awards are Spanish writer Boris Izaguirre (Icon Award), the acclaimed singer Alaska (People Award), Drag Queen Violet Chachki (Colours), designer Palomo Spain (New Talent), dancer Nacho Duato (Life), politicians Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Juan F. López Aguilar, during whose term of office the legal marriage, adoption and right to recognition of identity for homosexuals was adopted (Special Award), the revolutionary Minister of Taiwan and transgender Audrey Tang (Innovation), politician Ana Helena Chacón, who works for gay issues in Puerto Rico (Compromise Award), entrepreneur Bernardo Hernández (Company), Víctor Gutiérrez, a National player of Waterpolo who came out publicly (Visibility in Sports), activist Jordi Petit (Spirit), artist Justin Favela (International Artist), model Daniel Rodríguez (Arona Award), director of the magazine ICON, Lucas Arraut (Communication), the Harvey Milk Foundation (Foundation Award) and the charity ACNUR (Social Organisation). One of the guests of honour who agreed to take part early on is Stuart Milk, an activist

Spanish indie group Izal are also on the bill. More details about the programme can be found online at www.

Still much to do

In 2005 during José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s term of office, a law was passed that allows homosexual couples to marry and adopt and guarantees transsexuals a right to recognition of their identity

for human rights and nephew of the late American politician Harvey Milk, who fought hard for homosexuals. His foundation is among the winners. Just as diverse as the awards are the national and international artists who will provide the festival with plenty of life and the right party atmosphere. These include Rudimental, stars of British electronic music, with their latest hit These Days. Gus Gus from Rejkiavik will also present dance music from their newest album. Delicate melodies and intimate lyrics characterise the music of Surma from Lisbon, while the Argentine group Chocolate Remix is known for lesbian, feminist reggaeton. DJs The Tripletz as well as Alaska and Mario, and the

President of the Algarabia Association Charlie Marrero reported that: "Events like ARN Pride are important because they are a step towards normalising our sexual orientation and not making it the subject of exclusion." Especially during the last decade, European society has opened up considerably to respectful coexistence. Nevertheless, Marrero knows from experience that much remains to be done. He added, "Young adolescents suffer most just when they have enough to do with finding themselves, and then they have to learn to deal with the idea that they have

a different sexual orientation. Or the older generation, who bowed to the pressure of society decades ago and still lead a 'wrong' life today. We are lucky in the Canary


Kanaren express

Island Connections Media Group S.L. CIF: B-38748315 Depósito Legal: TF-287/93

Новости теНерифе

On January 1, the association, supported and funded by the Island Council, launched the first observatory to defend the rights of LGTBIQ. The aim is to assess the current situation, provide a focal point and, consequently, draw up a catalogue of measures at a political level to cover the needs that arise as a result of the Observatory. As well as being informative, the plat-

form can also be used to report hate crimes or bullying attacks. Marrero added that "In the first four months of our existence we had already looked after 49 people, who can be divided into two groups. For one thing, transsexuals turn to us. They have the most difficult role in the gay scene and often have difficulties finding a job or being

Celebrated stars: Alaska and Mario

The Gala for the Drag Queen of Las Palmas was recently awarded the Premio Pluma as a symbol of diversity and freedom by the State Association of Lesbians, Gays, Trans- and Bisexuals (FELGTB) in Madrid


Islands. Recently, open information campaigns have been launched in schools that do not exclude any topic. But that's more of an exception in Spain." In his opinion, there are many fears that are simply based on misinformation or old myths, and that our general use of language should be reconsidered, as words such as ‘queer’ are still used as an insult.

Foreign Language News Calle Francisco Feo Rodríguez 6 E-38620 San Miguel de Abona Tel. +34 922 750 609 Print: Artes Gráficas del Atlántico S.A., Agüimes, Gran Canaria Circulation controlled by

What is hate crime? Any crime (against persons or property) in which the victim is chosen on the basis of his actual, or perceived, sympathy for, or connection with, a particular social group is considered a hate crime. Such groups include communities developed on the basis of race, origin, language, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation. Discrimination and bullying are prohibited on all levels in modern European societies.

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accepted without prejudice. They can easily become victims of bullying attacks. On the other hand, people come to us who are immigrants who sometimes have no documents and have fled their country because homosexuality is punished there with prison and even death, or at least with severe exclusion." The help that people who turn to this platform are given is varied. It's about work, recognition, documents, health and much more. This is precisely why this politically supported inventory is important, because only if the real situation can be assessed can appropriate measures be initiated. Pride Days have been celebrated since mid-May. "This means that until International Pride Day, on June 28, numerous campaigns will take place, in schools and aimed at the general public, whose aim is a tolerant, respectful and informal interaction with each other. Because that is exactly what we want", sums n up Charlie Marrero. Publishers: Tina Straub Schacher, Joe Schacher Designer: Javier Gómez Editor: Andrea Abrell · Editorial team: Xena Fox,Theresa Willson, Sheila Collis, Barbara Belt Contributors: Chris Todd, Katy Kennedy, Sabine Virgin Sales manager: Jamie Lee Armstrong Tel. 616 460 728 · Classifieds:

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018

South Tenerife



emphasised: "Here, children, young people and the elderly come and go every day to say their prayers and there has never been a problem of this kind. We emphatically reject any connection with terrorism, because that is not our way of life. We fight for peace and a good life together. Muslims of many different nationalities come to this mosque. It is an open house." He also explained that it is often not so easy to recognise radicalisation, because those who pursue extreme attitudes would usually also hide from the moderate believers of the Islamic faith. A hotel employee from the enclave of Melilla also explained, "It saddens me to hear what has happened here. But there are always two or three cuckoo eggs in the nest, as in every nationality and religion. They want to sow fear but Islam stands for peace." Tijani El Bouji, the advisor for the Islamic Association in the Canary Islands, also regretted the incident. He stated that: "Muslims and Canarians live here in perfect harmony. This can also be seen from the fact

that we have never experienced problems or resistance because a mosque has been set up in the neighbourhood", referring to the relaxed coexistence that has always been a part of island life. There are more than 75,000 Muslims in the Canary Islands, and about 22,000 of these are in southern Tenerife. Hence, ten of the twelve mosques on the island being concentrated there. These can be found in San Isidro, Guargacho, Guaza, El Fraile, Los Cristianos, Adeje, Guía de Isora, Alcalá and Playa de San Juan, as well as in Santa Cruz and Puerto de La Cruz in the north. Five prayers are offered daily in each, but not all of them can afford their own imam. In Granadilla de Abona alone, more than a hundred different nationalities live together. In addition to its function as a central place of prayer, the mosques offer language classes in Arabic or Spanish as well as Koran lessons. Recently, representatives of the Conference for Intercultural Cities and Peaceful Co-existence were guests in Santa Cruz and also visited another mosque in the south of the island, in El Fraile, where they were welcomed and entertained by those n of the Muslim faith.

Undercover extremism

Continued from front page The suspects in the San Isidro radicalisation case apparently met their victim in an Internet café they run in San Isidro and inspired him to study Salafist teaching. The three accused are said to have befriended him and convinced him to join the terrorist group Al-Nusra as a so-called foreign fighter. During his conversion he also relocated to San Isidro and apparently completely changed his personality and look. So strong were his new beliefs that he even had a 'Zabiba' on his forehead, a mark that occurs when a person presses his forehead onto the prayer mat frequently while praying. Before the apparent brainwashing, the Moroccan was known to the police in connection with drugs and his way of life was considered completely ‘Western’. Only after he became acquainted with the detainees did he evidently take on the religious teachings. In 2013, he travelled to the war in Syria, from where he returned two years later after losing his left hand


Every year on February 7, congregation calls the common prayer for peace. Representatives of different religions gather to set an example for a peaceful coexistence

in battle and suffering a disabling ankle injury. During the mission, and until his return in a migrant boat to Tenerife in 2015, his contacts are said to have known where he was at all times and continued to support him financially. After they realised the convert would not be able to keep his connection with the terrorist organisation a secret in Tenerife for long, they decided together to smuggle him to Central Europe via the refugee influx from Libya and Syria. He is believed to have left the island using fake identification documents and

to have used various different identities. One of the arrested men purportedly financed his flight with money transfers to Hungary. Finally, the ex fighter was arrested in Budapest and deported to Morocco the very next day by Hungarian authorities. From there, he somehow disappeared and continues missing to this day. His accomplices, however, were detained, though have been released on conditions awaiting trial. The joint investigation was carried out by the National Police and Europol. In the course of the enquiry, a two-storey build-

ing in Calle Hermano Pedro and the suspects' shop in San Isidro were searched. On the lower floor of the building is the prayer room where faithful Muslims meet and above it the apartment used by the suspects. Several boxes, bags and suitcases containing possible evidence were confiscated as part of the ensuing police raid. Believers who visited the mosque regularly to say their daily prayers were shocked by the recent accusations, stressing that it is very important for them to exercise their Muslim faith peacefully and with respect for their environment. Though inclusive, the prayer room in San Isidro is mainly used by people from Morocco, the Sahara, Senegal and Mauritania. The investigation and arrests were carried out under the supervision of Court Number Six in Madrid in cooperation with the public prosecutor's office.

Peaceful togetherness A local resident who has lived in San Isidro for over two decades and visits the mosque regularly




Gridlock on the TF-1 motorway

Suggestion for a third reversible lane

Train or motorway - both projects are still on the table and may bring relief in the future. At the moment, the motorway is congested every day during the rush hours

The business owners' and professionals' circle in the south of Tenerife, CEST, has asked the Island Council and Canarian and Spanish Governments to accept a temporary formula to solve the daily traffic problems on the TF-1 motorway. The association explained that it had commenced a round of contacts with the various administrations with the aim of urgently pushing forward with measures to help ease the gridlock suffered every day on the southern motorway. They

suggest that a third reversible lane be created, which could be used for southbound traffic in the morning rush hours and northbound in the evenings. They also suggest the measure should be adopted on what is usually the most congested stretch, between Playa de Las Américas and Parque de La Reina. CEST sees it as quite viable to use one of the existing lanes for this purpose, hence in the mornings, three of the four lanes could be used for traffic heading south, leaving one

for northbound traffic, and this could be reversed for the evenings. They say it would only require some points in the central reservation to be prepared to allow for the diversion of traffic, and no further work would need to be done. Bearing in mind that a promised third lane for the motorway has for the last four years not become a reality, CEST believes the authorities should be open to this latest idea for a temporary solution because business owners, workers, residents and tourists on the

island do not deserve the Siam Mall problems caused by persistent traffic jams. In any case, CEST stresses that the proposal must in no way be considered a definitive solution and insists on the need to speed up all necSiam Mall in Costa Adeje will be celebrating its first three wonderful years with all its clients between May 14 and 21. essary steps to ensure that Hence, the shopping centre will be hosting a stand where boroughs in the south have clients will be able to present a receipt for purchases of a road network at the level €20 or more made in the facility, which will entitle them needed by the region as soon to participate in a draw for 4,555 fantastic prizes, as well as possible. This will prevent as having the chance to win an unforgettable weekend for companies from continuing to two at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife and spend €1,500 suffer these problems and, to at the shopping centre. What better reason could there the same extent, ensure the be for shopping at Siam Mall! n island does not continue to deteriorate as a holiday destination due to traffic inconveniences experienced by the millions of visitors. Finally, they suggest the next move should be to permanently adapt the central reservation as a third lane in the northerly direction, or one which can be used in said reversible manner. Incidentally, the Tren del Sur (southern train) project, which has been on ice since 2011 and planned to run from Santa Cruz via the southern airport to the tourist area as far as Costa Adeje, was also revived at the end of last year by the transport company Metropolitano Tenerife, chaired by island president Carlos Alonso. RD If everything goes accordFrom 14 to ing to plan, the first section 21 of May from Santa Cruz to Candelaria would begin in 2020. Construction of the railway line was originally scheduled directtop prizes to begin in 2010 and to start Thousands ofThousands direct prizes andof a fantastic prize of €1,500 a weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel operating in 2017. After the of purchases and and a fantastic top prize Tenerife. stoppage for financial reasons of €1,500 of purchases and a weekend at the seven years ago, the project Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife n is now being resumed.

Third anniversary celebrations




17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018

Excellent Canarian beaches Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 20 flags

Province of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: 15 flags

Tenerife: Adeje: Torviscas, El Duque Arona: Las Vistas, Los Cristianos, El Camisón Santiago del Teide: Playa de La Arena La Laguna: Piscinas de Bajamar Los Realejos: El Socorro Puerto de La Cruz: San Telmo, Complejo Playa Jardín Guía de Isora: Playa y Calas de la Jaquita Tacoronte: La Arena-Mesa del Mar

Gran Canaria: Las Palmas: Las Canteras San Bartolomé de Tirajana: San Agustín, Maspalomas, Meloneras, El Inglés Telde: Hoya del Pozo, Salinetas y Melenara, La Garita Mogán: Amadores Gáldar: La Sardina Villa de Agüimes: Arinaga Ingenio: El Burrero Arucas: El Puertillo, Los Charcones

La Palma: Breña Alta: Bajamar Breña Baja: Los Cancajos Tazacorte: El Puerto Los Llanos de Aridane: Puerto Naos, Charco Verde La Gomera: Alajeró: Santiago Beach San Sebastián de La Gomera: San Sebastián El Hierro: Pinar de El Hierro: La Restinga



Lanzarote: Tías: Matagorda, Los Pocillos, Blanca Yaiza: Playa Blanca Teguise: Las Cucharas, El Jablillo Arrecife: Playa del Reducto Fuerteventura: Tuineje: Tarajalejo Puerto del Rosario: Playa Blanca, Puerto Lajas, Los Pozos La Oliva: Grandes Playas, La Concha (Chica), Charco de las Agujas, Corralejo Viejo (La Goleta)


Who are the winners?

Blue flag Awards for Canarian coasts A total of 50 beaches in 31 Canary Island towns and communities will be decorated with a Blue Flag this season. The coveted recognition is awarded by the FEE Federación Europea de Educación Ambiental (European Federation for Environmental Education), according to criteria such as the quality of the water, safety standards, emergency services and sanitary facilities. To receive one is an important recognition as they are given only after independent assessments. This year, a total of 50 Blue Flags will be flying on Canary Island beaches, one more than in 2017. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include Tenerife’s capital city Santa Cruz, which after intensive reconstruction and 14 years without a Blue Flag, was hoping to be awarded one for the renowned Playa de Las Teresitas. Sadly, there is apparently more work to do

Playa de La Arena in Santiago del Teide was one of the three beaches to receive the first awards in 1988

Soon the proud mayors will hoist Blue Flags again, demonstrating the quality of their beaches

still and the area is emptyhanded once again. The Blue Flag system was introduced in Spain in 1987 and the Canary Islands have been involved since 1988. At the very beginning there were only three granted: For Playa de Troya in Adeje, Playa de La Arena in Santiago del Teide (both in Tenerife) and Playa

del Inglés in San Bartolomé de Tirajana in Gran Canaria. By the turn of the millennium, 22 flags had already flown in 16 boroughs on five islands and there are now 50, plus five Blue Flags for the marinas at Mogán and Pasito Blanco in Gran Canaria, Puerto Calero in Lanzarote, and Los Gigantes and the Real Club Nautico in

Santa Cruz in Tenerife. Three special awards for visitor centres on blue beaches went to the one at the Maspalomas Dunes in Gran Canaria, the Aula de la Naturaleza Rambla de Castro in Los Realejos in Tenerife and the Museo de la Restingolita in El Hierro. The path from Bahia del Confital to Playa de Las Canteras in Las Palmas, the coastal trail Faro de la Punta del Hidalgo in La Laguna and the Azul del Time path at Tazacorte in La Palma have been classified as blue hiking trails that are sustainable and lead along the coast n of blue beaches.



Sangha takes care of five pot-bellied pigs All photos: Sangha Animal Education Centre


Rayo the mule has become a symbol for the centre

Exclusive interview

All my children Started in 2007, Sangha is an animal refuge like no other in Tenerife

Anyone interested in the subject of abused or abandoned animals will know that there is an endless supply of beasties looking to be re-homed. Often, people and especially children, continue clamouring for the latest popular pet, but they take them on without really going into what their proper care will require or the cost in time and financial terms. For instance, the recent release of the Peter Rabbit movie has sparked warnings from animal associations about the possible impulse buying of bunnies after filmgoers see Beatrix Potter’s lovable character on the screen.

Enter Sangha, a small animal sanctuary in San Miguel in south Tenerife which is now a permanent home for domestic pets, farm and exotic animals that it seems no one else wanted. They take care of the abused and abandoned and combine that task of daily loving care with an educational function for young people, offering hands-on visits and seminars on subjects such as their work and objectives, the animals they look after or general farm life in the Canaries. It was the brain-child of Netherlands-born Mark Van den Reek who has a lifelong love of animals and a handy 2,000 square metre smallholding in San

Miguel. He named the sanctuary after the Buddhist Sanskrit word for equality, to emphasise that “we are all equal, people and animals”. The first ‘tenants’ were two goats. The Live Arico association was contacted to see if they would look after them, and they placed them with Mark. He told us, “Over the next 12 months, more and more animals arrived. Potbellied pigs, chickens, a duck, a sheep… and it soon became too expensive for me to finance on my own, so Live Arico started to help with the costs of the food.” Mark now works parttime at Live Arico and fulltime at the finca, a busy but rewarding day that keeps him occupied from 5am to 9pm, seven days a week. However, he enjoys what he does and loves the sanctuary, which houses what he calls “all my children” and he describes it as “a beautiful environment, children love it, there is so much positive energy”. He called visits there “a healing thing”. The influx of animals from homes where they were unwanted gave him the idea of setting up the sanctuary as an educational centre, so that young people especially could learn about the animals and

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018


come to realise what is involved in their care. “You’ll know that kids these days, especially from urban areas, think that chickens and eggs come from the Mercadona supermarket,” he joked. “They get pets - terrapins, birds, dogs, cats, iguanas. People take an animal on but don’t know how to care for them.” So they have created this educational sanctuary to “make people aware that we are all sentient beings”. So far the visits have been from individuals and families who heard about the sanctuary, but they are working towards getting all the paperwork in line plus insurance so that they can open regular hours and accept visits from schools or other young people’s centres. Sangha is an animal sanctuary with an awareness objective for young people, where they are able to access animals safely and learn to feel confident around them. It’s run by volunteers and raises money to pay for all the animals’ feed and needs. “It’s a good afternoon out and a chance to enjoy and learn”, Mark says of their organised visits. A lot of the daily care is in his own hands, along with volunteers which include his two godchildren and their mother, who are part of the sanctuary’s committee. Colin Stevens, a popular and talented entertainer and compere in south Tenerife, is the public face of the partners and he combines his artistic career with fundraising for the sanctuary. “I am very good with animals and he’s very good with people. It’s a great combination” Mark affirmed.

Another perfect combination is animals and children, which is why the sanctuary got together with Gillian Banks and her work for the Guaydil Centre for underprivileged children in Granadilla. Mark has been to the centre to teach the children

chicken, a lame duck and five pot-bellied pigs. “People get pot-bellied pigs because they see an article about some actor like George Clooney with one and after six months they realise that they are eating everything in the house. These problems always start the same way, all based on ignorance, which is why our educational focus is so important. The pigs listen like a dog and are very, very intelligent and sociable, but they are farm animals.” This isn’t like a normal refuge as they are not looking to rehome these animals, which

who has become something of a symbol animal for the centre. He is about 30 years old and was picked up from the north of the island several years ago. He was bought by a man who couldn’t bear to see it still being forced to work with a broken hoof. Unfortunately, the gentleman who saved it died two years later. Some Good Samaritans in Ifonche took him in and he spent five years in the mountains up there, but the local authorities kept getting calls about a ‘dying horse’ as he spends a lot of time lying down. In the end they got fed up and told the carers they had to find somewhere else for him, so he ended up in the sanctuary. He had a splint for a while, but no longer needs that. He now


lived in an apartment in Golf del Sur, but they didn’t have the time for her and she eventually arrived at Sangha. “She’s very

ally, when all the paperwork and insurance is organised, it’s hoped that the centre will be open on a regular basis

The enclosures house some strange bedfellows

Kes loves to pose for a photograph You can sponsor an animal for just a few euros a month

how to plant vegetables, and the big upcoming fundraiser (information below) will see the cash raised split between the two charities. The sanctuary houses a wide selection of animals, not just pets but farm animals and some exotic species too. They are all cared for on a daily basis and have all their medical needs looked after. All of the animals have been rescued and now live a comfortable and safe life in their care. There’s a large selection of farm animals which roam freely in special enclosures built for their safety and there are domestic animals which you can hold and pet during your visit, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, iguanas and turtles. Their guests even include a blind


will mainly be at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives, but people can sponsor an animal for just a few euros a month and help towards its care, and be free to visit it and make friends. One of the unusual aspects of the sanctuary is the mix of animals in the pens. “They have their own community”, says Mark.

A new home The sanctuary’s permanent guests include Rayo, a mule

has a prosthetic hoof which he wears for a few hours a day so that he can wander about. He stands out according to Mark for his “lovely spirit and behaviour with people and all the other animals”. Another resident is Kes, named after the falcon in the 1969 Ken Loach film. She is an Indian ring parrot who is very photogenic and loves to perch on your mobile phone or even your head whilst she’s waiting for her photo opportunity. She was bought by a couple who

sociable” Mark told us “and she lives in a cage with two rabbits and two iguanas”. Rosy was the first of the potbellied pigs to arrive at the sanctuary as just a tiny piglet. She was an unwanted prize at an event during one of the Canarian feast days. Now 10 years old, she knows her name and will listen to commands, but “pot-bellied pigs want to eat all the time. They will kill themselves overeating if you let them.” Whenever they turn their backs, Rosy tries to pinch her enclosure-mate’s food and the goat is daft enough to let her. She does obey a command to leave it – until, that is, the carers turn away again…

The future There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Eventu-

for free visits. In the meantime you would need to call to make an appointment on 652 297 853. They are currently building a website and their fundraising efforts are taking a leap forward with their first major event on May 26. Organised jointly with Gillian Banks, it’s called That’s Entertainment and is billed as an evening of performances and fun to be held at the Top Square in Golf del Sur from 7pm onwards. Raffles and all the usual fundraising fun on offer, the more the merrier. The cash will be divided between the Guaydil Children’s Centre and the Sangha Animal Education Centre. With Colin in charge of the entertainment, it’s sure to be a great night out, for two fabulous causes – don’t n miss it!




Cool and wet weather

March winds and April showers Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and the northern sides of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. In certain regions of those two main islands, it rained three times as much as it would normally rain during the month of April.

On the sunny side Looking at the hours of sunshine, however, only the northern Los Rodeos airport in Tenerife, with only 139 hours, was below average, to about a third. Meanwhile, other weather staThere were alerts in force for strong winds on April 8, 9, 19 and 20 Rainfall was abundant in the north of Tenerife and Gran Canaria during April

If anyone considered April’s weather in the Islands as being unusual for the time of year they would be quite correct, as confirmed by the latest monthly summary from the Spanish meteorological office Aemet. According to Aemet, parameters such as wind direction, temperature and rainfall were all atypical for the period. For example, during the fourth month of 2018, 79 per cent of the Canary Islands were significantly colder and wetter than normal and temperatures stayed within their usual range in only 21 per cent of the archipelago. In fact, it was colder in 30 per cent of the region, much colder in 28 per cent, and ‘extremely cold’ in the remaining 21 per cent of the territory. The coldest night of the month was registered at almost a third of all weather stations on April 1, and though on many occasions day-time temperatures reached their optimum 25

Samoon up to size 50

degrees Celsius, nights were very cold in general, especially at Izaña in Tenerife. Ten nights with temperatures below freezing were measured there, more than would normally be seen in the season. In terms of precipitation, it was tremendously damp, especially on the otherwise dry islands of

tions registered an excess of sunshine hours, including the Reina Sofia airport in south Tenerife where, with 283 hours of sun, the average value was exceeded by 30 per cent, and the airport of La Palma, where the sun shone for 221 hours: 27 per cent more than usual. The most sunshine hours on the

Quality Ladies’ fashion Nearby

C.C. Plaza del Duque, Shop no. B23 / 1st floor Plaza Playas del Duque, Costa Adeje C.C. Metropolis Center, Shop no. 2A, Arenas Blancas 3 (right on the seafront), Playa de Las Américas

C.C. Plaza del Duque, Shop no. B42 / 1st floor Plaza Playas del Duque, Costa Adeje

C.C. Canary Center, Shop no. 7, 11 + 12, Urb. La Paz, Puerto de La Cruz

C.C. Canary Center, Shop no. 9, Urb. La Paz, Puerto de La Cruz

coast were recorded at Lanzarote airport with 286 hours. Even the wind followed a different pattern. Normally coming in from the northeast during April, this time it originated more from the north and north-west, meaning it had less strength than usual. However, two intervals with particularly violent gusts were measured on April 8 and 9 and April 19 and 20. The first episode showed severe turbulence at 30 per cent of the weather stations, with the highest wind speeds reaching 117 kilometres per hour at Alto Igualero in La Gomera. The second phase brought gusts of up to 112 kilometres per hour, especially on April 20 at Izaña in Tenerife. There were no calimas bringing warm winds laced with fine sand from the Sahara in April, but the skies were certainly overcast on some islands. The heavens were clearest in April in the southwest of Gran Canaria, which registered an average 30 per cent cover. The situation was similar in Antigua and Tuineje in Fuerteventura with 30 to 40 per cent. It was completely different in the north of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma, however, at 70 to 80 per cent. The ocean, on the other hand, has been warming up continuously since March and, at 19.3 degrees Celsius, is very close to the average value for n the last 18 years.

Police warning

Canary Islands’ canine fraud

Sadly, a scam long used in Peninsular Spain was detected for the first time in Gran Canaria at the end of April. Fraudsters specifically target dog owners who report their canine as missing on public portals such as www.leales. org. They contact the owner via WhatsApp and claim to have found their beloved pet, then demand payment of a certain amount of money to a bank account for its return, in some cases as much as €500. The blackmailers even apparently use audio recordings of dogs howling to increase pressure on the owners. Typically, the perpetrators avoid arranging meetings, have an extremely aggressive manner and gradually become more coercive. Anyone who has lost a dog and suspects they are a victim of this type of fraud should contact the Guardia Civil immediately, as their information could lead to an arrest. In 2015, nine people from Murcia who’d tried to extort money 33 times in a similar manner were detained. They had been operating in Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Valencia and Logroño. More recently, several people who’d placed adverts about lost dogs in Gran Canaria were contacted via a call from the same phone number, and came forward to report their experiences. The website, one of many where owners can post reports of missing dogs, has, among other things, now added another internal question about the physical characteristics of the missing canine, which only a true finder would be able to know. Thus further similar cases of deceit can hopefully be avoided. n

The fraudsters shamelessly exploit the owners of missing dogs

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018



Morning robberies

Burglars busted As part of the police operation named Domun Sur, officers from the Guardia Civil judicial police unit have arrested six people and seized a large number of valuables as well as over €18,000 in cash. The stolen property is believed to have been collected via a number of burglaries that have been committed since the beginning of this year, mainly in the boroughs of Icod de los Vinos, Candelaria and La Victoria. Five of those arrested are accused of belonging to a criminal gang and of having carried out 15 robberies, while the sixth person is charged with receiving stolen goods. The modus operandi of the perpetrators usually followed the same pattern, with break-ins being committed during the mornings when home owners were at work, shopping or out with their children. Apparently, the thieves carefully studied the daily habits of those affected before undertaking the burglaries -and gathering swag of valuables and cash worth around €60,000 in total. Seven apartments in Guargacho, Arona and Granadilla de Abona were searched during the course of the investigation. Members of the police force seized pieces of stolen jewellery, €18,570 in currency, one short barrelled firearm, a simulated long weapon, knives and machetes, a defence spray, cartridges of ammunition of various calibres, as well as electronic devices, video consoles, television sets and mobile phones. The tools, clothing, gloves and balaclavas believed to have been used during the burglaries were also found on the premises. Some of the stolen items have already been returned to their rightful owners, while the police are still trying to identify the legal owners of other goods. The case was The Guardia Civil judicial police handed over to the court in Icod de los Vinos. n unit arrested six people


High level of interventions

Border control in the Canaries One of the main tasks of customs’ authorities at external borders is to prevent goods being smuggled across borders, as well as clamping down on any ensuing black market transactions. The work which goes into tracking and discovering infractions is perhaps more indepth than some would imagine. For instance, it includes the comparison of imported goods with sales, in order to detect possible ‘underground’ networks, as well as the tax office analysing all foreign trade declarations submitted in the country of origin on the basis of risk profiles. The type of product, business partners and the sites involved are examined thoroughly. If there are discrepancies or anomalies, a closer look is taken. In the Canary Islands, the customs authorities have

Time and again, the police uncover trade in goods bearing fake brand labels

the second highest level of interventions in the country. Last year, for example, during 2,999 operations, 3.1 million counterfeit products were seized. A total of 87 charges of infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights were filed. Counterfeiting is a widespread phenomenon

in the Canary Islands, especially in the tourist areas. Just recently, the National Police from San Bartolomé de Tirajana arrested eight men and two women between the ages of 24 and 62 for selling counterfeit branded goods. Fake products worth €383,400 were seized in six shops. These were primarily

sports shirts, sunglasses and counterfeit goods bearing wellknown, but fake, brand labels. In this case, the goods were not seized by the customs authorities at the time of import, but a note was made of the delivery address, and National Police officers confiscated them at the points of sale when the products were already on offer to the public. Interestingly, last year 960,000 pens from China were confiscated in Melilla on the border with Morocco, distorting the statistical image a little. This one operation increased the number of confiscated office supplies to 1.3 million products in 2017. In addition, more than 354,000 personal hygiene products and 276,000 items of clothing, shoes and accessories were confiscated, corresponding to 8.8 per cent n of the total volume.




Intercultural cities

One European language: integration Island President Carlos Alonso (left) opened the event with Hallvard Gorseth

At the end of April, an Intercultural Cities seminar took place at the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz, with a focus on integration and multicultural coexistence. After a meeting held in Lisbon last November, Tenerife president Carlos Alonso aroused the interest of the organisation and invited the seminar to the island. Delegations from a dozen European countries, including France, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine, discussed how integration can succeed and continue. The participants spoke different languages, but they had one thing in common: the will to shape integration positively and to make the world a better place through the peaceful coexistence of

Several representatives presented successful concepts

people from different cultures. Together with the European anti-discrimination commissioner, Hallvard Gorseth, Alonso opened the most recent event and explained: "We have managed to build a diverse and

inclusive society in Tenerife, in which those who come to us from outside are perceived not as something strange and negative, but as enrichment. It is no coincidence that the Intercultural Cities seminar

is taking place here today. We want to show how we can successfully incorporate newcomers into the labour market through special measures or through projects with public participation." Diverse measures that have yielded positive results were presented by a variety of working groups, including the Romed community mediation programme, coordinated by Tomás Moreno, which began in Tenerife in 2016 with the aim of training people from gypsy communities to mediate between their own people and Tenerife culture. Vice-President Efraín Medina was also involved in the meetings. He presented various theoretical and practical projects in the districts of La Cuesta, Taco and El Fraile. Apart from Tenerife, other cities also presented their own successful concepts: Getafe and Madrid from Spain, Vinnytsia in the Ukraine, and Paris, France. The Intercultural Cities project was launched in 2008 as a pilot programme to develop joint strategies and exchange ideas on problems and solutions. Now over 100 cities are included in the initiative, which Tenerife joined in 2012. The focus is on the challenge of how to deal successfully with the topic of migration, so that immigration is perceived in society as an opportunity and not as a burden. Inclusion and a peaceful coexistence between different culn tures are the goal.


Call for suggestions

New name for museum

In the last week of April, the Museum of Nature and Man, Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre, called on specialist companies and professionals to suggest a new name for the establishment. The reason given was that the title of the museum is not gender neutral due to the fact it contains the word ‘man’ (hombre) and therefore poses a disadvantage to women. Another reason stated is that the name is very long and therefore difficult to remember. This also apparently applies to the abbreviation MNH which is difficult to pronounce because the letters do not make up a word. It’s hoped that a new name will be found in about two months. Please note, however that the initiative refers only to the name, not the logo. Proposals that reach the final round will be awarded prizes, and the winner will be rewarded with an extra accolade. The museum, located in a building characterised by its distinctive neoclassical style, received its title in 1997. It used to house the old civil hospital and was designed by the architect Manuel de Oraá. The complex includes the Natural and Archaeological Museum and the Canary Islands Bioanthropological Institute Research Centre. A special exhibition called Athanatos can be visited there until the third of June. It deals with death and immortality in earlier peoples and their burial rituals. The museum opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 6.30pm as well as Mondays, Sundays and bank holin days from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

The museum is located in an imposing building from the neoclassical period The special exhibition Athanatos is based on mummies and other funeral rituals


14 to 21 of May From



Thousands of direct prizes and a fantastic top prize of €1,500 of purchases and a weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018



New law approved in Congress

Express removal of squatters

Photo: ©Gerard Zenou 634 173 766

In April, the Justice Commission in Congress approved the bill proposed by the PDeCAT party and supported by two other parties, which accelerates civil proceedings in the case that a property has been occupied illegally. Included are private property owners, social entities and public administrations. The change in the law provides for express clearance within 20 days, but does not apply to those who have failed to pay their rent or mortgage. The aim is to guarantee the rights of owners and expel squatters within weeks, rather than the months or years it can currently take. Occupiers are asked to voluntarily vacate the premises or to prove they have a legal right to be living there. If neither of these circumstances comes to pass, then a rapid eviction can be applied for. At the same time, an agreement must be made with the relevant social welfare office, which must be informed of the process in order to provide replacement housing from the social housing sector if necessary, especially for particularly vulnerable persons. However, there is no guarantee for this alternative for any squatters concerned. n

Evictions of occupied houses - as happened in San Isidro in 2017 will be faster in the future


Former nurse cashes in

Death benefits Last autumn, a 42-year-old woman, A.N.G. was arrested in Gran Canaria and until now the investigation fell under a secrecy order, but now she has been formally charged. The Spanish woman, who worked as a carer for a handicapped man, is accused of failing to report his death. She continued to make purchases and other payments from the man's bank account, where his social security pension payment continued to be credited. She spent around €20,000 of a deceased man’s benefits. Four other people are under investigation for fraud and forgery of documents. However, the suspicions against them haven’t been substantiated. To date, there's nothing to indicate that they knowingly debited the deceased person's account. However, there seems to be no doubt that the former caregiver took advantage of the death of the man, who probably died in September or

The man was found dead in his house in Santa Brígida

October 2015, and she now has to answer for it. Family members began the enquiry. They believed that the deceased lived with a former friend, but after they hadn't heard from him since 2015, they alerted the Guardia

Civil in San Mateo. The police found the man's body in his own home in Santa Brígida, where his body had probably lain for the last two years. The atypical circumstances of his death initially led the police to suspect that it could have been

a homicide, but this suspicion has not been confirmed. The woman has not been charged with murder, but for the unlawful use of the bank account. She is currently free, on the condition that she reports to the court every 15 days. n




El Médano hiker

Five years to walk around the world

We’re good to go: An exciting journey, which began in Tenerife and leads Molinos, above all, to himself

On April 28, brave El Médano resident Franc Molinos realised his dream and set out to cover 49,000 kilometres on foot, through 39 countries across four continents. Molinos moved to Tenerife last year. It was only recently that he celebrated his 30th birthday and the next day his friends and family were waving him off at the Reina Sofía Airport as he set out on his great adventure. The nature lover, who lived for years in his beloved Andorra and earned his money as a dog walker, explained his mission: "It's never too late to make a life's dream come true”, he said. My project, called Feet on the Ground, is a cry for freedom and for the preservation of our planet. I want to draw attention to pollution and deforestation and show people that we can leave consumer madness behind. You can live with less and be happy." A keen runner throughout his life, Molinos first flew to Bar-

The first step of his long journey began in Barcelona

celona, from where he will hike towards the French border. From there he will continue to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey, from where he is expected to leave Europe in four to five months. The happy hiker stated that this will be his "warmup phase, because only 15 per cent of the journey runs through Europe." His first destination in Asia is Georgia. Then he will travel through Azerbaijan and cross over the Caucasus to Iran. From there he will fly to New Delhi in India and travel to Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore - where he will leave Asia behind and fly to San Francisco to run the Pan-American route from north to south. In California he will cross the border to Mexico and then hike through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá. A ferry will take him from there to Ecuador, and

A journey around the world in aid of freedom and our Earth’s ecosystem

Farewell at the Reina Sofia airport in Tenerife

on to Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, bringing his trek through that continent to an end. An aircraft will then take him to Africa. From the east of South Africa he will work his way through Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria to Morocco. He

will then cross the Straits of Gibraltar on the final leg back to Spain and, ultimately, the beach of El Médano – where he is aiming to be sunbathing again in five years. Throughout the journey he will allow his fans and friends to participate in his life at a distance, regularly posting his

impressions and photos on Facebook and via live ticker, so his trek to date can be followed. He explained with typical fraternal joking: "In between, I hope my sister Carmen can meet me somewhere in the world and maybe walk with me for a while, now that running has become an option for her. She runs a lot more now, but in the past she even got into the car just to pick up sandwiches!" For him, the journey is an adventure and a task

for self-conquest. At the same time, he is committed to saving Earth, which we are destroying step by step. The dog walker who became a planet walker says, "I want to feel free wherever my path leads and overcome the fears and doubts I face." If you are interested in finding out how the story continues, you can follow it up on Facebook at www. or on the website www.feeton n

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018




Dutch court judgement

Morgan’s home is Loro Parque The case of an orca found in difficulties off the coast of Holland and released into the care of Loro Parque in Tenerife is one which has caused furore both here and abroad, as various organisations have repeatedly called for the animal’s release. First and foremost of these has been the Free Morgan Foundation, made up of representatives from international groups such as the Orca Research Trust, Centre for Whale Research, and Project SeaWolf Coastal Protection. The group has consistently criticised conditions at the famous Puerto de La Cruz attraction and has instigated various legal campaigns in an attempt to force authorities to stick to the original plan of releasing the orca back in to the wild. The female, christened Morgan by her captors, was found by the Dutch coastguard in the shallow waters of the Wadden Sea on June 24, 2010, the first stranded cetacean to be found off the Dutch coast since 1963. The young animal, estimated to be one and a half to two years old at the time, weighed only 430 kilos and was severely undernourished. After a time convalescing in the region’s Harderwijk Dolphinarium, Dutch authorities decided to place Morgan in the care of Loro Parque, as a return to nature was deemed impossible due to it having been discovered that Morgan is hard of hearing and would find survival on her own very difficult. Hence, in November 2011, Morgan was moved

to the Orca Ocean facility at Loro Parque.

Morgan is fine at Orca Ocean

Latest ruling

The incredible story of an unusual friendship between Morgan and Miranda

At the end of April, courts in Utrecht passed a verdict stating that Morgan cannot be released and will have to stay in Tenerife – the eighth time a ruling has been made with this end. The Court confirmed that the protection of Morgan under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), granted by the Dutch authorities, is in conformity with the law and complies with both Community and CITES regulations. It was also noted that the Loro Parque complex is one of the most modern in the world, where animals are cared for by experienced and competent veterinarians and keepers. For Loro Parque, it is important that independent judicial and administrative bodies have recognised and highlighted the excellent conditions in the park,

despite, they say, the constant campaigns to discredit the facility. Loro Parque is a zoological complex accredited under the European Zoo Directive. All laws and standards are said to be strictly observed and Loro Parque is inspected annually by assessors from the field. Loro Parque also applies these standards to the keeping of orcas, recognised by the European Zoo and Aquarium Association or the European Marine Mammal Association and independent organisations such as American Humane, ABTA, Biosphere Parks, etc. As well as being highly regarded in many scientific corners, Loro Parque is also popular amongst visitors, being named ‘Best Zoo 2017’ in the Travellers' Choice Awards on TripAdvisor. It can certainly be said that, under the care of the special-

ist teams, Morgan has gained 1,100 kilos, is in good health and is pregnant for the first time. She has also been taught how to communicate with her trainers via a system of light signs - pioneering work and the only known method worldwide that has been developed for an orca with a disability. Morgan apparently now happily takes part in all the group activities, despite her restrictions. You can follow Morgan’s story on the website

Animal-human friendship There is one story surrounding Morgan which brings a tear to many a person’s eye. Back in the days when the orca was resting in the Harderwijk dolphinarium, an unusual friendship developed between the cetacean and a lady called

Miranda Theunissen. The Dutchwoman, who is deaf and severely visually impaired, had a close relationship with the orca from the very beginning, and has now visited Morgan an incredible 88 times. Miranda has related that during her visits to Harderwijk she communicated with Morgan via looks and gestures, and that Morgan regularly jumped and danced for her, even offering her fish on occasion. After the first few visits, Morgan seemed sad when Miranda had to leave, but the orca soon gained confidence that her human friend would return, and she certainly did. Over time, Miranda noted that Morgan's condition was improving, and that she’d gained so much in weight and size that her home would soon be far too small for her. Despite the separation that went with it, she said she was happy to hear of

Morgan’s move and vowed to visit her here on the Islands. The first time this happened, neither Miranda nor the trainers could believe what they saw. The orca immediately recognised Miranda, paused as if she could not believe she was seeing her friend, and then followed her constantly, staying as close as possible. Since then, Miranda has returned to the island six times to visit her cetacean chum. When she comes to Tenerife, she goes to the Park almost daily and never misses the orca show. But when she leaves, she does so with mixed emotions. On the one hand, she says, she is sad because she will miss her friend, but on the other she is also happy as she knows Morgan is doing well now, and is a totally different animal from the one that appeared on the n Dutch coast.




Summer sips When the ice is a slice

Tenerife Food Bank The Tenerife Food Bank (Banco Teide) provides 117 associations for the needy in Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera with food donations. On this occasion on May 25 and 26, the Food Bank will be holding food collections at 27 supermarkets on the island. In Adeje these will take place in four stores. In order to carry out this social work, volunteers are needed, many of whom live outside of the collection areas. Meetings have recently been held regarding the need to fund a group of volunteers who can help the Food Bank in Adeje, a town which is in need of humanitarian social action. There was a very good response, and Alfredo, who is president of the Piedra Redonda Association, will be the leader of this future volunteer group. To find out more about this and other volunteer projects, and how the Food Bank receives, stores and distributes food, please call n Alfredo on 627 548 909.


Warm days and evenings call for lots of liquids and there’s certainly plenty to choose from, but to avoid piling on the pounds over the holidays, plan your drinks menus well.

Volunteer group in Adeje

Plan for success and success you shall have. We always keep bags of whole frozen fruit in the freezer to pop into our drinks, they add to the flavour and keep them chilled without watering them down. Think lemon slices, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, chunks of mango and pink grapefruit, halved baby figs, melon and water melon balls etc. or even small sticks of celery for your Bloody Marys! Smaller additions such as wimberries or colourful whole peppercorns can be frozen into ice cubes. You can also make your own frozen fruit swizzle sticks using toothpicks to add chill, colour and flavour. Glasses can be decorated by the age-old method of egg white and sugar (or salt for tequila based drinks) or beautified any which way with fruit, mint etc.

Cider Pink gin is all grown up!

This old favourite has had a renaissance the last few years

Photo: Kirsty Jay


Cocktails Tasty, refreshing and smooth, they go down way too easily. A recent study showed that the average holidaymaker has 44 cocktails during a twoweek stay! Mojitos and Piña Coladas are still popular and ready mixes make life easy and save on the waste. One of this year’s favourites seems to be the Pornstar Martini. However, remember there are more calories in a Piña Colada than in a Big Mac, so unless you want to supersize-yourself, go

and although we can’t get the massive, weird and wonderful selection that is now to be had all over the UK, these two delicious choices of strawberry and lime and wildberries cider by Kopparberg are widely available in most Canarian supermarkets. An alternative would be to try authentic Basque or Asturian cider in a ‘sidrería’ – a fun experience, but quite intoxicating!

More craft beers are coming on the market

easy. Think about using smaller glasses maybe?

Smoothies This ‘new-age’ power drink took off with a bang a few seasons ago and became super popular,

Beer tap clip for the Armada Sur brew

unfortunately many of their followers forgot one of the ingredients of fruit is a sugar called fructose. Think about adding a few more veggies and stick to the high fibre, high vitamin fruits within the lower sugar ranges such as guavas, raspber-

Try using smaller glasses

ries, blackberries, blueberries, papayas, strawberries and cantaloupes and cut back on the high-sugar end such as mango. Tip: Use frozen fruit to make smoothies – it’s cheaper and they chill your drink without watering it down with ice.

‘Exotic’ ciders readily available here

A refreshing beer on a hot day remains a cool favourite and Tenerife-brewed Dorada is very popular here. The average Spaniard drinks 48 litres a year! However, craft beers are coming into their own in the Islands. A 2017 country-wide competition voted a beer brewed and designed by Damm, Ferran Adría (who else) and the sommeliers of the Bulli as the winner, but more are coming through. A new taproom offering artisan beers has now opened in Gran Canaria (The Jaira company) and craft beer festivals are becoming popular on all the islands. A craft beer fair in San Bartolomé de Tirajana in mid-July last year attracted over 1,500 people and another a week or so later in La Laguna was equally well attended. Another new edition with links to Tenerife is currently only available as a cask-conditioned, draught, real ale from the brewer’s at Number 39

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018



Bridge Street, Hopstar Brewery Tap, Lower Darwen, Lancashire. The brew was invented by Armada Sur (CD Tenerife’s most vociferous fan club) member Barry Tyson and named for the fan club. Coming soon at a bar near you...?

For children, focus on fruitbased cocktails if possible, or milk shakes. The internet abounds with recipes and here again some of our frozen fruit will come into play. If it looks grown-up, they’ll like it! Try not to overdo the recipes that call for sugar or sugar syrup.

Spirits and mixers A few years ago, it was vodka that was getting all the attention with the introduction into the market of brands like Grey Goose, Absolut and our own particular favourite made from the run-off whey from cheese production, Black Cow (rumoured not to give you a hangover). Lately, however, gin has come into its own and is suddenly all grown up. Led by companies like Burleighs, the numbers, varieties and qualities of

Spanish liquid refreshment When in Spain, why not do as the Spanish do? Opt for Sangria! It’s a forgiving recipe that accepts just about any mixture, use red or white wine and mix in equal amounts

Freeze fruit for fun and tasty ice cubes

The range of tonics has grown too Ready cocktail mixes make it easier and less wasteful Fun and refreshing, but easy to overdo it

15 with a sparkling non-alcoholic mixer. This can be fizzy water, La Casera, lemonade or even lemon or orange Fanta. Chop up some fresh fruit, apple and oranges for red sangria, and lemons and peaches or the local duraznos for white (don’t forget to scrub the citrics’ skins). Add some brandy, Gran Marnier, lemon vodka or Cointreau if you want it to be a little stronger. Serve over lots of ice cubes! And don’t forget, for your non-drinking guests (or designated drivers), there are excellent pre-made nonalcoholic varieties available. Try Don Simon’s Tinto de Verano Clásico, Sin Alcohol. Other options are Calimocho (wine with coca cola) and Tinto de Verano - wine with a lowcalorie, lemonade-type mixer such as La Casera. A popular Spanish cocktail is Agua de Valencia, made with fresh orange juice, cava and several shots of various liqueurs. Refreshing and lethal!

Water is a great option too

Who said water was boring?

the gins available have shot up exponentially. Inspired by the Leicestershire woodland in which the distillery is housed, the Burleighs London Dry Gin range, founded in 2014, features three expressions, Signature (40 per cent ABV), Export Strength (47 per cent ABV) and Distillers Cut (47 per cent ABV). Handcrafted with eleven carefully selected botanicals including silver birch, dandelion, burdock and elderberry it’s these ingredients and the great skill of the master distiller, Jamie Baxter, which all contribute to the smooth nature of the gin. In 2016 Burleighs made a new addition to the range. Inspired by a visit to Tokyo, Japanese cherry blossom, hibiscus, rose and pink grapefruit are added to the Burleighs London Dry recipe, to create Burleighs Gin Pink Edition (40 per cent ABV). Add to that the massive changes that

The grown-ups’ ice lolly

have happened within the tonic options, with various colours and flavours, blue ice, hibiscus, pepper, fever tree etc. that are now available and you have an amazing array of mix and match options. Gin fests are popular all over the UK. Hopefully somebody over here will take note soon!

For the big kids! Pimm’s used to be a much anticipated part of summer for many of us, along with egg and mustard cress or cucumber sandwiches. For those who never grew up, Pimm’s have

Sangria can also be made with white wine

Forget about the boring image of water. Use a pretty glass, chill the water well and jazz it up with some of your frozen fruit, a touch of lemon or lime juice and some bubbles. It looks like the real thing, does you nothing but good and tastes fantastic! Keep hydrated (with special attention to children, the elderly and those doing lots of exercise), keep healthy, everything in moderation and enjoy those long, warm sumn mer days and nights!

brought out an ice popsicle! Mega cool!

Alcohol free, children and diabetics Infusions are increasingly popular and some of them make excellent refreshing drinks when chilled. Try homemade mint tea or one of our own favourites, red tea with plum from Mercadona – a great colour and flavour. Your diabetic friends will know what their limits are, or should be, so make sure you have some artificial sweeteners on hand, together with low-sugar, low-sodium mixers for them.

Located on the main road to the Golf del Sur Avda. El Guincho No 4, Edf. Polivalente, Las Chafiras Tel. 922 45 41 69 sushikingtenerife@

We welcome you to Sushi King, where you can enjoy a certain quality that your palate desires and deserves

Summer fruit


Berry good for you!

Blackberries Containing tons of polyphenols, chemicals that may cut inflammation that leads to heart disease and cancer, these berries may also help your small intestine break down sugar better, which could lower your odds of type 2 diabetes. A cup of plain blackberries has just seven grams of sugar.

Blueberries The deep blue colour of these berries comes from potent compounds called anthocyanins. Scientists believe that these antioxidants may help protect you from cancer, heart disease and dementia, and boost your immune system. These juicy treats can be eaten fresh or frozen, and contain water and fibre, which fill you up without

wrecking your diet. A half-cup has only around 40 calories.

Delicious summer goodness Amazingly good for you! Chock full of anti-oxidants

Photo: William Stadler/

These grape-like fruits, which are often referred to as a super-food, may have more antioxidants than other berries: the nutrients that can stop the cell damage which leads to many diseases. Eat them fresh or frozen. Do be aware that large doses can be harmful and may affect how some medicines work.

Photo: Nathalie Dulex/

Summer is sneaking up on us with all its fruitful berry bounty. Wimbledon followers will already be lusting after strawberries and cream, but the benefits of berries go far beyond their yumminess factor. There’s still research needed, but enjoying a fresh serving of any one of the following will certainly do you good. However, you need to talk to a doctor before taking extracts or supplements.

Acai Berries


Cranberries If you’re prone to urinary tract infections, you’ve probably already drunk cranberry juice. It won’t treat UTIs, but cranberry supplements may reduce the odds of getting them later. The berries may make it less likely bacteria will stay in your stomach and cause infections. Scientists are studying if they can prevent cancer and boost heart health. However, too much may upset your tum and lead to kidney stones.

Elderberries Famed in Women’s Institute recipes for wine, these berries (cooked) have been used

for hundreds of years to fight colds and flu. However, they

are on the no-no list for pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, anyone with immune system problems or are taking diabetes medicines, diuretics, or laxatives.

control your blood sugar and weight. There are also some indications that ginseng berry extract in skin products may help fight skin damage and the effects of aging.

dence suggests these berries could help fight cancer, boost liver health, prevent osteoporosis, and treat parasites and infections.

Raspberries Parts of raspberry plants have been used to treat morning sickness and stomach pain as far back as the fourth century A.D. Raspberries are loaded with nutrients that may help fight different types of cancer and others that may protect your brain.

Photo: Ronald Schuster/



Ginseng Berries


Ginseng root is a common treatment in Chinese medicine. However, studies in mice have shown that its berries may be able to lower cholesterol, fight cancer, and lower gut inflammation. If you have diabetes, there’s some evidence that ginseng berry juice could help you

Much beloved in the UK, especially in fruit fools and crumbles, these berries may be light green, pink, or red when they ripen. In India, the Amla variety has long been used to treat colds and fever, help digest food, and as a hair tonic. Now, some evi-

These sweet, heart-shaped fruits are full of vitamin C, folic acid, fibre, and antioxidants. They may help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, help you manage blood sugar, and fight the effects of aging on your brain. They do spoil quickly, however, so buy little and often and don’t wash or hull them until you’re ready to eat and n enjoy.



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Marina Bay Avenida Juan Carlos I Los Cristianos (Arona) Opening hours: daily 10:00–22:00 market days 9:00–22:00

& 922 791 371 A new sensation has hit Los Cristianos, and that is the Marina Bay Restaurant and Sunset Bar. Occupying an elevated position next to the Arona Gran Hotel, just behind the market site overlooking the sea, Marina Bay is the place to switch off and enjoy food and drinks. A daytime snacks menu and a full international menu provide for all tastes and ages. Watch amazing sunsets, enjoy live music in the evenings and maybe even dance too! The priority at Marina Bay is good customer service and quality food at reasonable prices.

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Mamma Las Mia Vistas Bodegón Av de Las Américas Calle Bencomo 58 7 C.C. Américas Santa Úrsula Plaza Playa de Las Américas Open: Opening hours: Daily, except Tuesday daily 11:30–23:30 12 to 11 pm

922 108 797 923 082 & 822 &

ide urant in & outs Heated Resta

Freshness and tradition: Tasteful, canarian kitchen, Mamma Mía and is where you’ll find a rustic authentic excellent Italian in the ambience and cuisine a breathtasouth of Tenerife. Enjoy its king panoramic view all chaaromas andthe textures, and with racterise Bodegón Las aVistas new menu at the beginning in Santa Úrsula. Also of will also beserviceable to theJuly, veryyou hospitable try some typical dishes fromprithe staff and the favorable north and south of welcomes Italy. Only ces. This place the best quality authentic ingreeveryone, from local Canadients used,residents all of Italian rian or are foreign who origin. Mamma Mía has won don‘t want to cook, to holithe TripAdvisor of daymakers whoCertificate find themExcellence for extraordinary years, confirselves in an ming of the of cuisine, placethe in quality the middle typiand demonstrating that you the cal island life. A place essence of fine Italian food is will never forget. synonymous with Mamma Mía.



Calle Bencomo 42 Piedra Carretera General Puerto de La Hincada 42,Cruz Guía de Isora Opening Openinghours: hours: Daily – 3.30pm Tue –from Sun1pm 12:30–16:00 and 6.30pm – 11pm Wed – Sat 19:00–22.30


Brunelli’s Steakhouse La Guinguette


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d bodegonlasvistas

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018





Estate agents and exclusivity The question regarding whether someone has the right to sell their own property once they have signed a contract with a real estate agent is one that often arises. Many people use an estate agency when they make the decision to sell a home or other property, but if over the course of time a buyer goes directly to them, could they sell it, or is the real estate company the one that has to carry out the transaction? Well, first of all, the contract between the seller and the estate agency would have to be analysed. These often contain a section called the ‘exclusivity clause’, by means of which the agency is assured that it’ll have sole rights to sell the property and that the owner cannot entrust the task to another agent. Contracts such as these are not covered by any specific regulation in the Spanish legal system, so the section corresponding to contracts in the country’s Civil Code

When it comes to exclusivity clauses, it is the specific contract you make with the estate agent that counts legally

is applicable, specifically, article 1255. This literally says: "The contracting parties

may establish the covenants, clauses and conditions they consider appropriate, pro-

vided they are not contrary to the law, morality or public order".

In other words, the parties may agree in the contract whatsoever they deem appropriate,

such as, for example, the aforementioned exclusivity clause, which is perfectly valid and effective from the perspective of contractual freedom. However, if an exclusivity clause is not included, the owner can then sell the property on his own account without there being a breach of contract. Courts generally consider that, in the absence of an express agreement between the parties (i.e. an exclusivity clause), the owner may proceed to sell his property without the intermediary (the estate agent) being entitled to any compensation or to receive his fees, provided that the sale is not, of course, closed due to the intermediary’s actions. To sum up: In an exclusive brokerage contract, it must be expressly stated that the prohibition applies to the owner of the property, as otherwise the owner can make a sale himself without the agency being entitled to any n commission.


Linea Directa home assistance service Linea Directa can now offer clients urgent assistance for emergency household repairs. Blocked drains, burst pipes or even a broken boiler, accidents around the home can happen at any time of the day or night. Whatever the minor emergency, it can often be daunting, as well as cost valuable time and money to sort out.

Línea Directa knows that owning and maintaining a home is a big responsibility and that extra protection against accidental damage offers customers peace of mind. Accidentally drilling through a water pipe in order to hang a picture can disrupt what is probably already a busy day, for instance. Thankfully, they are

now offering customers their Home Assistance Service that covers a wide range of very useful guarantees such as emergency change of locks, TV and video technicians and home computer assistance to help set-up reliable Wi-Fi reception, amongst others. One call to their home helpline and they’ll arrange for

an authorised contractor to resolve your problem as fast and efficiently as possible. Their vast supplier network offers accredited professionals with expert knowledge in electrical, plumbing, locksmith and appliance servicing. This facility is extremely convenient and designed to make customers' lives a little simpler.

The Home Assistance Service provides emergency cover and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no need to get your hands dirty, no need to get frustrated and no need to worry. With Línea Directa, one of Spain’s leading insurance providers, their Home Assistance Service will soon sort out any minor acci-

dents around your home and property, giving you ultimate peace of mind. Línea Directa is definitely an intelligent decision when it comes to making life in Spain a little easier, as not only will their new service take all the worry out of property ownership, but they also offer the best price n and cover around.

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018




Blevins Franks

Home bias vs diversification: truths about investing By Paul Montague, Partner, Blevins Franks

income tax benefits and potentially mitigates capital gains and inheritance taxes. Even if you remain UK resident, being overly weighted in UK investments is ill-advised, especially amidst Brexit uncertainty. To minimise risk, it is important to spread your interests across geographical areas, sectors, markets and asset types in line with your risk profile.

Home may be where the heart is, but is it where the savvy expatriate investor should focus? We explore the tax implications of two types of ‘home bias’ – UK-based investments and a concentration in property – and look at why diversification is so important. Property

UK investments Many expatriates keep savings and investments in UK structures, but this becomes less beneficial once you are no longer UK resident. ISAs, for example, will lose UK tax relief and interest or dividends become subject to Spanish taxes. Non-UK residents should explore investment options that may be more tax-efficient in Spain while providing additional estate planning advantages and currency flexibility. For example, many expatriates in Spain benefit from wrapping investments in a form of life policy that provides

While investing in real estate has advantages, it can carry a heavy tax burden, including council tax, stamp duty and capital gains taxes. Additionally, non-Spanish residents with Spanish property and assets worth €700,000+ generally face an annual wealth tax. For Spanish residents, worldwide assets, including UK property, count towards wealth tax liability. Taxes on UK properties have surged in recent years, including new liability for expatriates on capital gains (since April 2015), a stamp duty surcharge on second homes, increased

Home may be where the heart is, but is it where the savvy expatriate investor should focus? council taxes on vacant properties and the gradual elimination of buy-to-let tax relief. Since 2017, UK residential property owned through certain offshore structures has attracted UK inheritance tax. You need to calculate the overall tax burden of investment property alongside other expenses, such as management

fees and maintenance costs, plus inflation, to establish the real returns. There is also the issue of liquidity: being able to access your capital when needed. With property, it can take many months to retrieve your initial investment and you could invite a loss by selling at the wrong time.

Why diversification matters Having a home bias, in either sense, does not just present tax efficiency and liquidity concerns. When you concentrate your money in one or just a few areas, it becomes exposed to more investment risk. By spreading

across different regions, market sectors and asset types, including equities, gilts, corporate bonds and cash, as well as property, your capital has the chance to produce positive returns over time without being vulnerable to any single area under-performing. Ultimately, successful investing is about having a strategy specifically based around your personal circumstances, time horizon, needs, aims and risk tolerance. With personalised, cross-border advice, you can reduce your exposure to risk at the same time as ensuring you hold all of your assets, both home and away, in the most tax-efficient way possible. Summarised tax information is based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which may change. Individuals should seek personalised advice. Blevins Franks provides tailormade advice on investment strategies, tax mitigation and estate planning. It has decades of experience advising British expatriates in Spain. Contact Paul Montague on 922 716 079 or

WHAT’S ON 2018




mas Opera Choir, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €18. 9pm: Musicando, Rogelio Botanz, modern Canarian music, alternative percussion fused with electric instruments, Auditorio del Parque Doramas, LPGC, free entry, limited places. www.

May 19

FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEWS 088 leather work, Centro Insular de Turismo (CIT), Playa del Inglés, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, free entry. 8pm: Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra with the OFGC Choir and mezzo-soprano Raia Lubomirova, varied repertoirre, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15. June 2 8.30pm: Sharif, Spanish rap/ hip hop, The Paper Club, LPGC, €13. 9pm: Musicando, Mayte Martín, boleros, Auditorio del Parque Doramas, LPGC, free entry, limited places.

May 18 9pm: Cruz Cafun, hip hop, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, €10 in advance, €15 on the day. May 19 All day: Guided walk (in Spanish), Geological and biological diversity in El Teide National Park, Pinceladas series, free event, limited places. 6am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

Until further notice 9pm: Status Quo, rock, one of the most successful British bands of all times, Gran Canaria Arena, LPGC, from €39.

Thursday – Sunday: CamBuyon Market, art, second hand, vintage, Mercado del Puerto, LPGC, Thursdays and Fridays, 7pm – 11pm; Saturdays 6pm – 11pm; Sundays 12pm – 3pm.

May 27 8pm: Ensemble Matheus, Vivaldi - Four Seasons, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15. May 28 9pm: Mike Moreno Quartet, jazz, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €15. May 22 8.30pm: Opera, Carmen by Georges Bizet, Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra and Las Palmas Opera Choir, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €18. May 24 8.30pm: Opera, Carmen by Georges Bizet, Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra and Las Palmas Opera Choir, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €18. 9pm: Luz Casal, Spanish pop/rock, Festival Mar Abierto, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €45.

10am - 2pm: Semana Canaria (Canarian Week), crafts fair, traditional arts such as clay and leather work, Centro Insular de Turismo (CIT), Playa del Inglés, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, free entry. May 30 10am - 2pm: Semana Canaria (Canarian Week), crafts fair, traditional arts such as clay and leather work, Centro Insular de Turismo (CIT), Playa del Inglés, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, free entry. Canaries Day. Most boroughs will hold a range of celebrations and activities. See individual council websites. May 31

9pm: Andrés Suárez, Spanish jazz and ballads, The Paper Club, LPGC, €20.

10am - 2pm: Semana Canaria (Canarian Week), crafts fair, traditional arts such as clay and leather work, Centro Insular de Turismo (CIT), Playa del Inglés, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, free entry.

May 26

June 1

8.30pm: Opera, Carmen by Georges Bizet, Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra and Las Pal-

10am - 2pm: Semana Canaria (Canarian Week), crafts fair, traditional arts such as clay and

May 25

EXHIBITIONS Until May 27 Claudia Casarino, Iluminando la ausencia (Illuminating absence), first time in the Canary Islands for Paraguayan artist Claudia Casarino, 12 mixed media works with women as the theme, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM), LPGC, Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 9pm, Sundays 10am – 2pm, free entry. Until May 27 Retrospective exhibition of 100 works over five decades by renowned Canarian painter Paco Sánchez, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM), LPGC, Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 9pm, Sundays 10am – 2pm, free entry. www.

10am–2pm & 4pm-7pm: Games and activities for young and old alike, celebration of International Games Day, Plaza de La Luz, El Sauzal, free event. 8pm: Garachico Chamber Choir, varied programme, Caprichos Musicales festival, Ntra. Sra. de Los Remedios Church, Buenavista del Norte, free entry. 10pm: Minor Empires and Marvel Hill, indie/ rock, Aguere Espacio Cultural, La Laguna, €8 in advance, €10 on the day.


TENERIFE DIARY DATES May 17 11am-1pm: Guided walk around Tegueste historic town centre followed by a visit to Casa Los Zamoranos (in Spanish), Tegueste, €2. www.

May 19 & 20 8am-1.30pm: Farmers market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 8am-2pm: Farmers market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo. 8am-2pm: Farmers market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). 8am-2pm: Farmers market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte.

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018

WHAT’S ON 2018


8am-4pm: Farmers market, Ctra. General, km 7.8, La Esperanza.

traditional dress obligatory, behind the Antiguo Convento de San Sebastián, €5. May 26 – June 3

8am-3pm: Farmers market, Ctra. General TF5, km 49, La Guancha.

XX FICMEC, International Environmental Film Festival, Garachico.

9am-2pm: Farmers market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto.

May 26 & 27

9am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor.

8am-1.30pm: Farmers market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje.

May 20

8am-2pm: Farmers market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo.

8am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos.

8am-4pm: Farmers market, Ctra. General, km 7.8, La Esperanza.

9am-2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico.


Canaries Day. Most boroughs will hold a range of celebrations and activities. See individual council websites. 8am-1pm: Farmers market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa San Juan. 10am: Arts and crafts fair, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá. 1pm-7pm: Farmers market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to fire station). 3pm-7pm: Farmers market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 9pm: Gira de Operación Triunfo, concert by contestants from the 2017 popular talent show, Palmetum, Santa Cruz, from €48. www.

8am-3pm: Farmers market, Ctra. General TF5, km 49, La Guancha.

May 31

May 21 9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá.

9am-2pm: Farmers market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto.

6am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

May 22 6am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. May 22 - 24 10.30am-8.30pm: V Gastro Canarias, gastronomy, 200 exhibitors, tastings, workshops and more, Recinto Ferial, Santa Cruz, €8 pp, per day, €15 for all three days. May 23

9pm: Angel Stanich Band, alternative rock, Búho Club, La Laguna, €15 up front, €18 on the door. 9pm: Status Quo, rock, one of the most successful British bands of all times, Pabellón Santiago Martín, Los Majuelos, from €42. www.

9am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor.

6am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

May 27

All day: Guided walk (in Spanish), flora of El Teide National Park, Pinceladas series, free event, limited places.

8am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos.

8am-1pm: Farmers market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa San Juan. 1pm-7pm: Farmers market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to fire station).

9pm: Andrés Suárez, Spanish jazz and ballads, Ocean Club, Santa Cruz, from €20. www.

3pm-7pm: Farmers market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje.

9pm: Canto al trabajo (Sing whilst working), Canarian folk, labour songs from the past, Espacio Cultural La Pirámide, El Sauzal, €9. www.

6am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

9am-2pm: Farmers market, Av. Villa de Arico, Porís de Abona. 9am-2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico. 6pm: David Guapo, humour and music (in Spanish), Aguere Espacio Cultural, La Laguna, €18. May 28 9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá. May 29

11am-1pm: Guided walk around Tegueste historic town centre followed by a visit to Casa Los Zamoranos (in Spanish), Tegueste, €2. www.

6am-2pm: Farmers market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 8pm: Benito Cabrera and José Manuel Ramos, Étnico (Ethnic), Canarian folk music, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Santa Cruz, €10. www.

8pm: Arizona Baby, rock/indie, Espacio Cultural Cajacanarias, Santa Cruz, €12. May 25

May 30

6pm: III Festival de Corearte, choral music, varied programme, Caprichos Musicales festival, Monasterio Concepcionistas, Garachico, free entry. 7.30pm: Consagración (Consegration), Stravinsky and Bartok, Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, FMUC festival, Auditorio Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €16. 8.30pm: Wine & Jazz Night, Alexis Alonso Quartet, Casa del Vino, El Sauzal, €10. www.

8am-2pm: Farmers market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte.

May 26

9pm: Luz Casal, Spanish pop/rock, Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz, from €35.

May 24

8am-2pm: Farmers market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to fire station).

10pm: Gran Baile de Magos, La Sabrosa and the Corinto Band, Canarian meal and music,

11am - 1pm: Guided walk around Tegueste historic town centre followed by a visit to Casa Los Zamoranos (in Spanish), Tegueste, €2. 7.30pm: Opera, La Traviata by Verdi, Ópera de Tenerife, subtitles in English, Paraninfo, La Laguna University, from €15. 9.30pm: La Sra. Tomasa, world music, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, €12 in advance, €15 on the day. June 1 7.30pm: Opera, La Traviata by Verdi, Ópera de Tenerife, subtitles in English, Paraninfo, La Laguna University, from €15. 8.30pm: Sharif, Spanish rap/hip hop, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, €13. www. Until further notice Open air cinema at the Magma Centre, Adeje, from €4 for residents, many films in the original language. Every Saturday morning Events for specific groups, families, seniors, women, etc. Activate Sports Club.

EXHIBITIONS Until May 26 Tutankhamón (Tutankhamen), 65 photos which illustrate the archaeological work of British explorer Howard Carter and his team, who first discovered the Egyptian King’s tomb, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Garachico, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 2pm, 4pm – 7pm; Sundays 10am – 1.30pm, free entry.

For regular church, charity and recreational events, please see:

According to the cancer observation unit of the AECC Spanish Association against Cancer, one in every eight women will suffer from breast cancer. The latest statistics are that 1,132 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in the Canary Islands in 2017, an increase over the 2016 numbers. Breast cancer is an illness that affects many women, though there are rare cases of men who may contract it. In Tenerife every year over 300 women will undergo a mastectomy (breast removal) as a result of breast cancer. These women are of all ages and backgrounds. Worryingly, it isn’t just the number of those affected that is on the increase, but the incidence of the illness in younger women. To ensure a rapid recovery, particularly after such an invasive procedure such as a mastectomy, one of the important elements to take into consideration is the use of a specialised bra following the operation, one that is made to fit each patient, fabricated from a particular material that isn’t abra-

The bra project


Even though these solidarity gestures will continue, there is now an alternative. The BRA project has evolved precisely to help every woman who’s had a mastectomy to have a bra that is made just for her, to meet her needs. The initiative was born following the many testimonies of women who use the Pink Room- the facility for cancer patients and their families run by the Carrera por la Vida (Walk for Life) foundation. The Foundation will give a first post-mastectomy bra (with a base for a prosthetic breast if needed) to every woman affected. This will be a new bra made specifically for each woman to her measurements, as, of course, they firmly believe that any women who’s had to undergo such a massive operation has the right to receive, in a dignified manner, a new undergarment fitted to her needs. This action, officially colaunched and supported by the Adeje council (in the person of Councillor Amada Trujillo) which has always been so supportive of the Walk For Life movement and Foundation, is being undertaken in conjunction with the AECC and AMATE associations, medical centres and hospitals, to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency for all recipients. An informative flyer will be on display in all the above-mentioned centres to reach any and every woman affected - whether she is part of an association or not – to let her know she can count on the Foundation and request her first bra absolutely free.

Sadly, breast cancer victims are getting younger

sive, that closes in the front, is comfortable, and can be adapted to suit the needs of each woman. These special bras are essential for those women who’ve been affected by breast cancer, but unfortunately are quite expensive and some simply can’t afford to buy them. In fact many women who’ve overcome breast cancer have donated their bras to other women, demonstrating the kind of solidarity that is common in this situation. These donations are made possible through the AECC and AMATE (Tenerife Breast Cancer association). Both these organisa-

Photo: Evert-Jan van Scherpenzeel/

Walk for Life Foundation


Photo: APatterson/


Post op, your bra choice is restricted for a while

tions have been helping people for many years to pass

on these bras to those who need them.

How will they do this? An information flyer is being prepared which will be available


in all relevant zones and centres for any and every woman affected, whether she belongs to an association or to an organisation committed to fighting breast cancer or not. All any patient has to do is simply contact the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation to request her first post-op bra. Flyers will also be sent to hospitals, medical centres, can-

needs it, wherever and whoever they are. Another way of contacting the Foundation would be via the doctors or medical centres that can help put their patients in touch with them directly to take advantage of the BRA project. People can also use social networks through the webpage, etc. In this way they hope to ensure that every



their calendar which this year features the work of 12 professional photographers. This is a solidarity initiative which works, on one hand, to raise awareness about the importance of early detection in breast cancer and on the other hand is there to meet the needs and demands of people affected by breast cancer and their families. This solidarity movement has now been in existence for 13 years, raising awareness and funds which are given to relevant associations and service providers, assisting research and investigations

into improving the quality of life of those affected by the illness and ways to improve their recovery, both physical and psychological, in as short a time as possible. What started out 13 years ago as a one-off charity walk in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has grown over the years and is now one of the biggest solidarity events in the south of the island, with almost 5,000 people taking part last year. Recently, the movement became a Foundation, and in this way they can better work with other associations in their fight against cancer, and support them in helping sufferers and their families. It’s essential too that there’s a better level of investigation to fight cancer and this is the main reason that some funds this year are going towards projects that are exploring liquid biopsy of cancer, which is a new technology that is faster and less invasive for the analysis of tumour mutations and is now a reality in treating some forms of cancer. The Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation can now do more and contribute more, organise more activities, help more people, and thus continue to make even more of a difference. To make all of this happen they need your help. They really need you! The people behind the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation are waiting to hear from you. See to make a difference n to someone’s life.

Every case will be treated with the maximum discretion and all dealings with individuals come under the law governing the protection of data.

How can you help them? Solidarity is one of the fundamental pillars of the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation. To make the BRA

Photo: Acrocynus/Wikipedia

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018

Councillor Amada Trujillo A special bra will make life more comfortable

cer associations, etc. What the Foundation is working to do is ensure the information reaches everyone who

woman can have direct access to a product that will improve their quality of life and their recovery after the operation.

Pedro Alegre Alonso Pilates trainer ä Physiotherapist ä

Tel. 699 521 649

project a reality they will need money to fund the acquisition of these adapted bras, the campaign administration, delivery of the bras, etc. Fortunately, the Foundation can depend on a number of donations that have been received from various sponsors and other individuals and the annual walk, but they are also happy to accept more voluntary (and anonymous, if so desired) donations. They would also like to Therapies, Spiritual hypnosis, Past life regression

©2014 FLN

Come, unleash your internal power and heal your mind, body and soul completely through energy healing, hypnosis and past life regression. Get Space Clearing carried out for more positivity at home and in your work place

Call 619 519 858


point out that any funds given to the Foundation are used strictly and only in the fight against cancer and are legally declared to the tax office. Anyone is free to check to see that all donations are properly registered. And in the same way donations can also be treated as tax deductions as they are a legally registered charity. Another source of finance for the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation is from sales of

IF YOU HAVE A FEAR OF THE DENTIST, we want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE – and that THERE’S HELP. Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US at or at +34 922.737.838 if you want to make the NEXT STEP towards a NEW-ANDIMPROVED SMILE.

Our Team is extremely experienced in all DENTAL TREAMENTS offering you several personalized options. Our goal is to provide you a welcoming environment that is free of ANXIETY and PAIN.





Animal charities’ round up Cats Welfare Reasons for sterilisation One female cat can produce an average of 12 kittens a year and if these aren’t sterilised then in only six years there will be a staggering 40,000 extra cats! Letting your feline have kittens may seem like a fun thing to do. Some believe it’s healthier for the cat, but neither is true. Having a litter in no way alters the maturity of the cat, either physically or mentally. In most cases it’s hard to find good homes for all of them, even if given away, and the mothers also face birth complications and more. In addition, mammary cancer is the third most common cancer in cats, but those who’ve been sterilised have a 40-60 per cent lower risk, plus unsterilised cats can develop severe uterine disease, which, if undetected, is almost always fatal. Spaying female cats not only eliminates many medical and behavioural prob-

lems, it probably adds years to their lives or at least provides them with a more comfortable, less stressful life. Cats Welfare can secure inexpensive spaying. Contact us for details. Adoptions All of our cats go on a week’s trial in your home so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. If you adopt two kittens together then kitten injection, micro chip and neutering is free for the second one. Adopt a black kitten or two and both will receive the above treatments for free. Contact us via our website at or ring/whatsapp Sharon (English) on: 662 524 006, seven days a week 9am to 6pm, or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 6pm on: 671 282 773. Alternatively, message us on Facebook. Our shop Find it on San Blas in Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino), open seven days a week, 10am until

Santi is one of the beautiful dogs at the K9 refuge needing treatment

6pm. If you don’t have transport or have large bulky items to donate you can ring Mark

on: 636 590 557 to arrange collection. Or maybe you would you like to help in the shop?

K9 Fundraising for heartworm treatment A few of our lovely dogs at K9 are currently suffering with heartworm (a roundworm which infects the heart) and need treatment. The severity of the disease depends on the amount of worms present and how long the dog has suffered with it. Most make a full recovery when treated, however treatment is expensive, costing around €50 per 10kg of dog. We held a special fundraiser for this on May 13, and as it is our 25th anniversary, we have several other fundraising events lined up which are sure to make it a great year: On June 9 at Polygon bar in Los Cristianos, July 21 at Howlin at the Moon in San Eugenio, and our 25th anniversary summer dance/dinner in September or October, date and location to be announced. Do come and join us. Also, dogs recovering from heartworm require a quiet and warm place to stay, so we are looking for foster homes for these dogs for three weeks after their treatment. Over the years we’ve had our ups and downs, but have weathered it all. Now, in our 25th year, we would like to commemorate our ex-K9 pup-

sters by printing our very own K9 success stories calendar next year. We are asking our supporters to send photos of their K9 dog or cat over the last 25 years. Please send a photo plus the name of the dog or cat and the year he/ she was adopted. An independent judge will pick the best 12 to appear in the calendar. We are also asking for 12 companies to sponsor the calendar and have their details appear on a month of their choosing (first come, first served basis). We have many dogs waiting for their forever homes. You can see them on our website at Or visit the Refuge on Calle Chimbesque, between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas, any day between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively, call us on 667 638 468 or email You will also find stories of our dogs’ antics on Facebook at: Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker or K9 Tenerife. Shop till you drop Visit our shop at Alcalá Plaza, every day from 10am to 2pm. Donations of quality household goods, clothes, books, shoes or other items are very welcome as well. Call: 646 561 035 to arrange collection of larger items from all local areas. Proceeds from our shop are essential to ensuring our K9 dogs have everything they need to make their time at the refuge as comfortable as possible. There are always lots of bargains to be had and our volunteers will make you very welcome.

Acción del Sol With more than 230 dogs looking for new loving homes please do come and visit us to see if maybe one is the dog for you. Every one of them has a full clean bill of health and is fully inoculated, micro chipped, passported and castrated, which is compulsory to try to reduce the large numbers of unwanted litters here on Tenerife. There are no adoption fees but donations are welcomed towards the rising upkeep and running costs of the refuge. How you can help Many times we are asked how people can help. We need many things for the animals


In need of love

This gorgeous older female was recently taken into the Acción del Sol refuge. She arrived in a very malnourished state, as well as anaemic and terrified – she has obviously suffered terrible trauma. The refuge are desperately seeking a new home for her, where she can live out the rest of her life experiencing the love and kindness she truly deserves. Acción del Sol will pay all veterinary costs, they just want to see this beautiful lady homed. Call them on 922 778 630 for more information. n

and refuge, such as products for our clinic and cleaning products and utensils, building materials, dog toys, leads, etc., tinned food for our elderly dogs, puppy milk, and dog jackets for when our dogs travel by flight to Germany, as well as materials to help with our educational programme (pens, paper, glue, play-doh and crayons). Every donation is greatly appreciated. In addition, we are desperately looking for people who are travelling to Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin or Frankfurt who would be prepared to escort a dog. All that’s needed is a little time at the airport: all necessary paperwork and handling of the dogs is done by AccionTier staff. Please do call: 922 778 630 if you can help in any way, or visit us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm, and Saturdays 1pm to 4pm. We’re situated directly under the wind turbines, from exit 52 on the TF1 north bound, just after the El Médano junction. Head for the windmills on the coast and we’re located in the buildings on the right hand side. Alternatively, email us on or visit our Facebook page: Action tier n Acción del Sol.

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018

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Edu leads in the European cup

Edu Blasco (centre) won the gold medal on 50 metres of towing and thus successfully defended his title

Adding to his inspiring list of achievements so far, swimmer Edu Blasco from Fuerteventura successfully defended his title as Spanish Champion in the 50m Towing category recently, as well as

winning the Open de Salvamento Lifesaving Championships and shooting to the lead in the European Cup. Held over the first weekend of May in Madrid, the Open saw Blasco race home with a

float on his back over 50m in an impressive 0.29:65 seconds, as well as grab silver in the combined 100-metre, a few strokes behind Italian Francesco Ippolito, but ahead of previous runner-up in the

European Championships and World Games, Joshua Perling from Germany. All this, despite Blasco not being on his best form for the competition. However, he rose to the challenge and produced top class swimming. Blasco is now ahead of the next fastest Spaniard by a whole second, and it’s worth noting that other male European athletes who compete at this level are usually professional swimmers employed by the military or security services in their home countries. We can only imagine what times Blasco could achieve if he had the same ideal training conditions as most other competitors. But even so, water is simply his element in which few can n move as fast as him.


Blood (brother) sports The young Expósito brothers from El Rosario are racing ahead on the road to a professional motorsport career. Domingo and Daniel Expósito Cruz, ten and six years old respectively, have been chosen to represent El Rosario in this year’s Copa de Iniciación Karting Championships, as well as the Trofeo de Promoción Tenerife 2030, a project aimed at ensuring the ongoing development of motorsports in the Canaries, ever a popular pastime in the Islands. In a press conference held in La Esperanza town hall in the borough of El Rosario, the youngsters were presented to the public by councillor for sports Iván Armas, who said, “We are proud to have two young karting pilots in these training competitions, to ensure this sport will continue to play an important role in our society and enjoy a large following in the future”. The Copa de Iniciación (Beginners’ Cup) and Trofeo de Promoción Tenerife 2030 (Promotion Trophy) are aimed at young athletes aged seven to eleven and are organised in collaboration with the Karting Club Tenerife in Arona. Amongst other skills, the budding pilots will learn driving skills, road safety, and competition etiquette, before taking part in various races later this year. Younger children with no former experience will focus on acquiring basic knowledge, whilst older competitors will n receive more practical training as well.

La Palma

National Hiking Day 2019 Two brothers who have karting running in their blood

This year the hikers were in Asturias, next year La Palma will be the host

The Island Sports Councillor in La Palma, Ascensión Rodríguez, along with Gilberto Morales, president of the El Atajo Hiking Club, was pleased to take part in the National Hiking Day celebrations at Cangas de Onís in Asturias over the last weekend of April. More than 700 walkers enjoyed various routes through the mountain hiking area of Picos de Europa, and during the event it was announced that next year's National Hik-

ing Day will be celebrated on the island of La Palma. After the weekend in north-western Spain, Rodríguez summed up, "Our Asturian colleagues have set the bar very high, but we are proud that the 2019 hiking day will come to us, and we’re sure we are well prepared for it, thanks to the many people who visit us for hiking, as well as local enthusiasts, and as demonstrated by the network of trails that our island has to offer." n

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018



National volleyball

‘Angel of the Dunes’ Canarian player The San Bartolomé de Tirajana council in Gran Canaria officially welcomed Jessica Rivero Marín recently, a Canarian volleyball player of Cuban origin. Rivero made her Spanish national volleyball team debut at the age of 15 and has now been called up to play in the European League for the Spanish team as part of the Mediterranean Games. She is one of the most famous Canarian players on the scene, and currently plays in the Italian league for Club Mondovi. In an interview with Mayor Marco Aurelio Pérez Sánchez and Sports Councillor Roberto Martel, she spoke about her experiences in the Italian league and the mayor congratulated her on her return to the national team. As a gift, she was presented with a reproduction of the painting ‘Angel de las Dunas’ (Angel of the Dunes) created by artist Pepe Dámaso for the council on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of n the tourist area of Maspalomas Costa Canaria.


Inclusive Mount Teide expedition

Step by step

People with disabilities wish to make everyone aware of their needs and abilities

The Cuban-Canarian volleyball player was delighted with the gift of a picture

A group of youngsters who recently climbed Mount Teide as part of a #YosoyTenerife (I am Tenerife) initiative, have illustrated perfectly both their personal strength and that of the island’s inclusive policies. The inhabitants of the Canarian archipelago have always welcomed the diversity that characterises the Islands, an attitude which is nicely encompassed in the #YosoyTenerife slogan, which also emphasises how everyone here is a representative of their home to visitors.

More than a simple catchphrase, however, various ongoing projects aim to support and promote diversity, including the latest challenge to a group of youngsters with learning and/or physical difficulties. The 15 intrepid adventurers, aged between eight and 32 years old, didn’t let conditions such as Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy or autism stop them from achieving their dreams, however. Accompanied, amongst others, by island president Carlos Alonso and tourism

councillor Alberto Bernabé, the group successfully scaled the mountain during the second weekend of May. Prior to the event, Bernabé explained, "It is a wonderful initiative to make the needs of these people visible. It will certainly be a very special day for the youngsters, who perfectly embody the spirit of #YosoyTenerife". In fact, despite their individual challenges, the participants prepared for three months for their expedition to the highest peak in Spain,

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under the supervision of Reyes de Miguel Renedo, the ambassador of the #YosoyTenerife initiative, and her team from the Allé School of Mountaineering. Step by step, they walked more than 100 kilometres. Twice a week they also trained at the Escuela Yo Soy Portero (I am a bouncer school) to build strength and endurance. The adventure was supported by the cable car concern Teleférico Tenerife, transport company Titsa and Tenerife Outdoor, n amongst others.

Pickup Point

Paul Ruane

Tenerife Property Sales C/ Flor de Pascua 43, Los Gigantes




CD Tenerife

Playing for pride as Sporting Gijon visit town By Chris Todd With three matches of the season still to play, CD Tenerife sit seven points off the playoff zone and, unless there is a miracle set of results, will spend another season in the Spanish second division. But we do have a lot to look forward to. Next season promises to be the most competitive in many years, with the likes of Málaga, Deportivo de La Coruña and the old enemy UD Las Palmas joining from La Liga. The Canarian derby days are something all fans look forward to and the fact that the two clubs have not met in over three years will add even more spice to the occasion. The fixture list for the 2018/2019 season should be drawn around July 10, just before the return to preseason training. The blanquiazules’ recent slump in form can be put down to the lack of strength in depth perhaps, but also down to the incredible injury list which has seen 19 of the 23 man squad suffering injuries at one point or other. An astonishing one hundred matches were missed by players and Tenerife were unable to field their strongest team one single time during the season. Crucially, both main strikers, Samuele Longo and Juan Villar were out for long periods. Reasons for the injuries could well be down to the lack of rest after

Premier Money Exchange Los Cristianos

Before the match against Almeria, tributes were made for ex-player Rommel Fernández on the 25th anniversary of his death

Tenerife player Alberto from Fuerteventura has come on leaps and bounds this season

last summer’s Play-off Final, with most players only enjoying a three week break, whilst another factor could be that the club gambled on a few of the new signings recovering from long term injuries and, needless to say, the risk did not pay off. Throw in several controversial refereeing decisions in key games going against us and it adds up to a season where we did not quite make it. It must be said though that the club are not looking for sympathy, it is just part of the game. If one

positive comes out of this, it is that Tenerife now have all summer to plan for next season.

05/05/2018 CD Tenerife 0 Almería 0 As the score line suggests this certainly was not a classic played in front of 11.378 supporters in the Heliodoro Stadium. Almería were desperate for the points to avoid being sucked into the relegation zone whilst the blanquiazules were lacking that spark

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and intensity that new manager Etxeberria had originally installed into the team. The referee was again in the spotlight when he failed to award a penalty to Tenerife in the first half after a clear hand ball by an Almería player in the box. Replays later showed the referee looking at a tussle in the area rather than the cross. If VAR (Video Assistant Referee) had existed in Spain this year we may have been in the top two! But, gripes aside, Tenerife did not deserve to win the game, heads have dropped recently after failure to reach the top six (although not yet mathematically) and most involved with the club just want to see the end of the season. The second half was a slight improvement on the first (it could not have been much

worse). When Tenerife midfielder Bryan Acosta was sent off on 77 minutes we feared the worst, but strangely it brought out the best in the team and for the first time we attacked with aggression. When Casadesús was upended in the box the whole stadium was waiting for the referee to point to the penalty spot but he waved play on. The last ten minutes were the best of the game, with both sides attempting to snatch a late victory. In the very last minute Almería should have sealed the match but Nano shot straight at keeper Dani. An exciting finale to a rather dull game.

12/05/2018 CF Reus 1 CD Tenerife 1 In a match marked by horrendous conditions in Catalunya, with driving rain and fierce winds, Tenerife scraped a draw but it should have been better. The weather was more January than May and it forced most of the home fans to move under the only covered stand in the small Nou Municipal Stadium. Reus only needed a point to retain their 2nd division status, a great achievement for a

modest club, they had made their home stadium a fortress, only losing twice and conceding 11 goals all season, so it was a tough place to visit. Tenerife were putting in the effort but nothing was coming off and the worst was feared when Reus took the lead on 12 minutes. However, soon after local player Olmo received a red card after a silly head butt incident and when Tenerife equalised through a superb Juan Villar goal on the half an hour mark you expected the blanquiazules to go on and win the three points. Reus sat deep and defended like lions for their survival, half chances did fall the blanquiazules’ way but at the same time Reus could have sneaked an unlikely victory when they squandered two chances on the break. The draw suited 10-man Reus but it was a frustrating afternoon for Tenerife. Next up for CD Tenerife is an interesting match against third placed Sporting Gijón on May 18 at 8pm in Santa Cruz. Sporting need to win to return to the automatic promotion places and Tenerife will be playing for pride and, dare I say it, always raise their game for n these occasions!

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018







Horoscope for period: May 17 to May 30 Aries 21.03 - 20.04 You’ve got a secret that you don’t want anyone to find out about, so it’s better not to give even the most obscure reference to it with those close to you. A Scorpio provides the passion and intrigue for you this month, but beware the sting in the tail!


Taurus 21.04 - 20.05 You have many decisions to make now all the facts are evident and mainly in front of your eyes. Don’t jump into anything without forethought: research and give yourself an escape hatch in case you change your mind later. Rely on close friends for advice.

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Gemini 21.05 - 21.06 Instability and adjustments ahead, be careful of jealousy from an unexpected quarter. Changes and lots of work will be on the cards and you’ll also alter something about yourself. The emphasis is on secret thoughts and an event veiled with covert innuendos. Cancer 22.06 - 22.07 Many friends seek your company but you may want to be alone. Be clear about financial arrangements, especially if friends or group activities are involved. Single Cancers can fall in love and married ones may experience a second honeymoon. Leo 23.07 - 23.08 Many things are presented for your enjoyment during this period but few seem to work out exactly the way anticipated. You could run into an enthusiastic person who plants new ideas and motivates you to move beyond your boundaries. Virgo 24.08 - 23.09 Trips are sadly anything but smooth. Reservations can change without notice and transportation may prove unreliable. Better to plan for setbacks and have a plan B and even C so you are prepared. A frustrating time for you, but it won’t last long. Libra 24.09 - 23.10 Love gets in the way of practical decisions as you still have your head in the clouds. Curb extravagant spending and don’t co-sign for anyone, especially loved ones. Your financial situation could quickly spiral totally out of control. Scorpio 24.10 - 22.11 Relationships are confusing and the air needs to be cleared. Someone may be hiding their real feelings. Your home life could be busy with remodelling, landscaping and decorating, with important visitors close on the horizon and not always welcome. Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12 Someone could leave for what appears to be greener pastures and all the facts may not be fully disclosed now, but will come out over time. The poet in you emerges and dreams are particularly powerful too. Write them down; they may be prophetic. Capricorn 22.12 - 20.01 Dealing with children and lovers is confusing and any compromise seems like merely a temporary solution. Be open to an adventure a Scorpio friend brings. It could take you beyond your limits and into joyful, new and exciting pastures. Aquarius 21.01 - 20.02 A career or reputation crisis could be the result of faulty thinking or an error in judgment on your behalf. Admit your mistake and move on, because covering up or keeping quiet won’t work. A contemplative mood strikes around the 19th and 20th. Pisces 21.02 - 20.03 Many people have the innate ability to see the future but are unable to live totally in the present. Turn your self-absorbed, inner dream world into focussed, positive actions. The full moon on the 29th will begin a new cycle of confidence.

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17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018

Across 1 - young aquatic bird (8) 6 - chop finely (4) 8 - common bird (6) 9 - arthropod (6) 10 - signal booster (3) 11 - children (4) 12 - keeps (6) 13 - song words (6) 15 - outcome (6) 17 - view of the world (6) 20 - cement (4) 21 - note down (3) 22 - deep blue (6) 23 - spiny tree (6) 24 - bowed stringed instrument (4) 25 - explode (8)

Down 2 - service (7) 3 - hinge joints (5) 4 - internal organs (7) 5 - clutches (5) 6 - dictators (7) 7 - storage space (5) 14 - first (7) 15 - unpleasant person (7) 16 - eye specialist (7) 18 - dissatisfaction (5) 19 - inlet (5) 20 - small particle (5)


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Join us and combat cancer




17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018






Homes and properties for sale in the Canaries

Southwest Tenerife

Property of the month The well maintained grounds host a communal swimming pool and sunbathing area, and there is a garage space on site that is included in the asking price of £350,000. n

Exclusive interview: Paul Ruane Part TWELVE

Past, present and future

Paul Ruane has been a leading figure in the property market in southwest Tenerife for the last 38 years. This is the final part of an exclusive interview which has been published over 12 editions. You moved to the Los Gigantes area in 1979 when you were just 20 years old and have enjoyed an interesting and full life on both a professional and business level. What have been the highlights and what do you have lined up for the future? Working for the property developer J. P. Fulda for 15 years taught me a lot and helped me set up my own estate agency business. This is, of course, one of my greatest achievements here, as I enjoy helping people out and it’s the perfect way to do so. Working with the Lions and María García Estrada charities has also been an important part of my life, and being involved in the local community in general. My future is definitely here in the southwest – who would want to move when we have everything we could possibly want here? Los Gigantes will always be different to other major tourist resorts on the island and will soon have even more to offer thanks to the two top-quality developments starting this year. For the moment, I shall continue working and simply enjoying being here. I’ve been exceptionally lucky: it’s been a very good life so far. Thank you Paul for sharing a little about yourself with us: We’re sure the readers have also n found it very interesting.

STUDIO 4 D E C O R C/ La Marina, 29. Los Abrigos Tel. 922 749 793 · 626 955 725 Opening hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm and 3pm to 6pm Website: Email:

Los Gigantes Properties S.L. has a wide range of homes for sale in the south of Tenerife. For anyone who is thinking of buying a property, be it a family home, winter retreat or holiday haven, there are plenty of opportunities to suit all budgets and tastes, and the staff at Los Gigantes Properties are always happy to answer any enquiries at any time.

Delightful duplex New on the market is an extremely well presented apartment located in the delightful resort of Los Gigantes.

Constructed on two levels, the duplex enjoys incredible views across the Atlantic Ocean to La Gomera and the famous sea cliffs after which the town is named. Fully furnished to an excellent standard, the lower floor boasts a goodsized lounge with open plan kitchen and dining area, plus a double bedroom and shower room. A terrace leads off the lounge area. On the upper floor can be found the master bedroom suite: an attractive, generously sized room with wooden floor and ceiling, en suite bathroom and a private balcony. Both of the outdoor areas take full advantage of the amazing vistas and all-day sunshine starting from 11am.

For a mini face lift including made to measure curtains and bedspreads to a complete make over with the personal touch, call into our showroom in Los Abrigos for a free design consultation. Leave your keys with us and come back to a new home with the “Wow” factor without any of the stress. Complete upholstery service with hundreds of fabrics to choose from, all machine washable.

Situated in the modern Avenida Apartments complex, the duplex is based on the top floor and offers easy access via a lift.

If you would like more information on this or other opportunities in the area, please contact

Los Gigantes Properties S.L. by calling: 922 861 313 607 371 666 647 943 721 Alternatively, see their website at: Or call into the office at: Calle Flor de Pascua, 43 Los Gigantes 38683 Santiago del Teide




Villa in San Eugenio Fotos: D. D’Elisio

Villa with wonderful panoramic views in the residential complex La Tagora, San Eugenio Alto. 3 bedrooms, spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, storage room, garden with the possibility to build a private pool, terrace, 3 bathrooms (2 en suite), independent studio apartment on the ground floor, Jacuzzi, garage, community pool. Excellent location with the best view in Costa Adeje

€ 780,000

Tenerife Property Partners Calle El Sauce 5 | Residencial Los Castaños | Local 3 | El Madroñal | Tenerife Tel. 922 707 205 + 679 154 297 + 649 469 282 | Email:

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018







Townhouse in Residencial El Galeón

& + 34 822 144 541 The triplex consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, 3 terraces (one with ocean views), 74 metres, 200 metre floor area, furnished, no community payment, pre-installed solar powered hot water as well as air conditioning and terrace Jacuzzi, fully renovated, exterior, bright.

€ 365,000 Calle Ramona Martín Artista | C.C. Mencey | local 27 | El Camisón | Los Cristianos |

17.5.2018 – 30.5.2018







PaulRuane losgigantesproperties s.l.

Calle Flor de Pascua 43 | Los Gigantes | Tenerife

& +34 922 861 313 | +34 607 371 666 | +34 647 943 721

Contact us for a full selection of re-sale properties | Who is selling your property?


Fully refurbished apartment situated in the small community of Sol y Mar in central Los Gigantes. Based on street level this property offers easy access with no steps and comprises of one double bedroom, one bathroom, lounge and open

plan kitchen with breakfast bar. Great sized terrace with wonderful sea views also benefiting from winter sunshine. Completely refurbished. Centrally located within walking distance to all local amenities. Must be seen. Ref: TPS1670


Good sized apartment situated in the complex of Hibisco I in Los Gigantes. Fully refurbished, this apartment comprises of two double bedrooms, two bathrooms one of which is an en suite, lounge and open plan kitchen. The rear balcony is

accessible from the second bedroom and the main terrace is to the front of the property offering views of the area and partial sea views. Close to all local amenities. Must be seen. Communal swimming pool. Ref: TPS2979


Spacious and unique apartment situated in the popular complex of Tamara in the centre of Los Gigantes. Located on the ground floor with easy access, this apartment comprises of large lounge, dining room, kitchen, three double bedrooms, two shower rooms, and a fam-

ily bathroom with separate shower. The front terrace boasts views of the communal swimming pool and all afternoon sunshine. The rear terrace has been partially enclosed to offer a utility area and also a workshop. Garage and a car included. REDUCED. Ref: TPS3275


A very spacious villa situated in a tranquil area in the urbanization San Francisco. Constructed over two levels this beautiful villa comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms, large living space, kitchen

and separate dining area. Sold fully furnished to a high standard this property boasts its very own Private garage, terraces and heated swimming pool. REDUCED FROM £585,000. Ref: TPS4243


Well presented apartment situated in the complex of Balcon De Los Gigantes in Puerto Santiago. Based on the fourth floor this apartment comprises of one double bedroom, one bathroom, lounge and separate

kitchen with breakfast bar. The terrace is accessible from both the lounge and bedroom and offers views over the communal swimming pool area. Close to all local amenities. Ref: TPS1641


Top floor apartment situated in the popular complex of Santa Barbara. Extremely well presented, this property comprises of two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge and open plan kitchen. Large ter-

race accessible from the lounge offering wonderful views out to sea and benefiting from all day sunshine. Well maintained tranquil community. Garage included. Ref: TPS2017


REDUCED Bargain penthouse apartment situated in the complex of El Marques Palace in Puerto Santiago. Based on the top floor of the back block this property comprises of three double bedrooms, two bathrooms one of which is an en suite, separate kitchen and a spacious lounge with dining area. The

large terrace is accessible from the lounge and all three bedrooms and offers wonderful views over the communal swimming pool area, the sea and the famous cliffs. Extremely well maintained complex with touristic license, lift, reception and swimming pool. Garage space included. Ref: TPS3286


Spacious villa situated in the tranquil urbanization of San Francisco just minutes outside of Los Gigantes. Modernly furnished this property boasts three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open plan

walk through lounge, dining room and kitchen. Extensive terraces surround the property offering a private heated swimming pool and wonderful sea views. Garage attached. Ref: TPS4303

We have clients waiting to buy. If you wish to market your property please contact us

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