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IN Norwin | WINTER 2011 |


elcome to the Winter issue of Norwin magazine. I hope you and yours had a wonderful fall, that the kids transitioned back to school well, and that you had an opportunity to catch a few Steelers games along the way. We all view winter differently—some see it as the holiday season, some see it as the gloomy period when we put away the swim trunks and patio furniture. Others see it as their opportunity to break out the skis and sleds and hit the slopes. No matter how you view it, winter is a time when we have to be the most diligent, despite our mood about snow, or our preoccupation with playing in it, for those who need us the most—our seniors. While it’s hard enough for many of them to get around in good weather, the winter months can be a trial of terror for the elderly. Who’s going to shovel the snow? How will I get groceries? Will I be home before it’s too dark for me to see the road well enough to drive? And for those who have transitioned to assisted living facilities, the questions might be of an altogether different, but equally unsettling nature. Will anyone visit me for Christmas? Wayne Dollard Hanukkah? New Year’s? These are our mothers, fathers, friends and Publisher neighbors, and they don’t like to ask anything of us. But they need us just the same. I know the economy is bad, and I’m not saying go out and spend money you can’t afford, but going caroling with a church group, or visiting someone who has no one is free to us all. Chances are, you’ll not only put a smile on their faces, you’ll be giving them something money can’t buy—the feeling that someone cares. Have a joyous holiday and a happy New Year!


 MAN AGIN G E DIT OR

   RE GION AL E DIT ORS

      OF F ICE MAN AGE R

  AD PL ACE ME N T COORDIN AT OR

  GRAPHIC DE SIGN

      W RIT E RS

       PHOT OGRAPHE RS

  

  N 

This is is the season of hustle and bustle, Christmas carols, and most importantly good cheer. In this edition, you’ll find out how the Norwin Marching Band did at the Bands of America Grand National Championship in Indianapolis. We also have a feature on “Dancing with the Staff,” an event where teachers and administrators got to cut a rug and help raise money for PTA programs. It is also the season of giving, and we’ve got a feature on the S.H.O.R.E. Foundation’s annual murder mystery fundraiser in North Huntingdon. The nonprofit organization assists transplant recipients and their families. Ladies in the Irwin area got a chance to get their pre-Black Friday shopping on, at a special Ladies Night in downtown Irwin. The Westmoreland County Historical Society Monica L. Haynes held its annual awards dinner to recognize those involved in keeping Eastern Regional history and historical sites alive. We have that story in this Editor edition as well. Our spring edition is next and we’d love to hear from you regarding the people, places and events you’d like to see us cover. During this holiday season, we’d like to wish you peace and goodwill. And as always we hope you enjoy this edition of Norwin Magazine.


  ADVE RT ISIN G SAL E S MAN AGE RS

   ADVE RT ISIN G SAL E S

                         This magazine is carrier route mailed to all district households and businesses. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Copyright 2011. CORRESPONDENCE Direct all inquiries, comments and press releases to: IN Community Magazines Attn: Editorial 603 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 Ph: 724.942.0940 Fax: 724.942.0968

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IN Norwin Winter 2011

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IN Norwin Winter 2011