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Welcoming New Physicians Please visit or call 1-800-533-UPMC (8762) for more information about any of our physicians.

UPMC St. Margaret is pleased to welcome the following new physicians: Georges Al-Khoury, MD V as cul ar Surgery

Jennifer P. Johnson, MD P s ych iatry

Irina Scutaru, MD I n tern al M ed icin e

Sumana Bangalore, MD F am il y P ractice an d P ed iatrics

Lea Ann Lope, DO O p h th al m o l o gy

Alex Senchenkov, MD P l as tic Surgery

Donald T. Baril, MD V as cul ar Surgery

Frank A. Mino, MD R ad io l o gy

Brian W. Shippert, DO E m ergen cy M ed icin e

Aaron M. Brown, MD E m ergen cy M ed icin e

Lara Murphy, DPM P o d iatry

Jaspaal Singh, MD P h ys ical M ed icin e an d R eh ab il itatio n

Chris C. Cook, MD C ard io th o racic Surgery

Kevin T. Nguyen, MD, PhD G en eral Surgery

Bryan W. Tillman, MD V as cul ar Surgery

Daniel DeLo, MD R h eum ato l o gy

Christopher Passero, MD R en al M ed icin e

Lisa A. Weidner, MD A n es th es io l o gy

Jonathan Engh, MD N euro s urgery

Louis E. Penrod, MD P h ys ical M ed icin e an d R eh ab il itatio n

Albert B. Zajko, MD R ad io l o gy

Linda M. Farkas, MD G en eral Surgery

Leela V. Raju, MD O p h th al m o l o gy

Margarita Zuley, MD R ad io l o gy

Nathan T. Gilmore, MD E m ergen cy M ed icin e

John D. Sangl, MD E m ergen cy M ed icin e

What’s Happening at UPMC St. Margaret Classes

Support Groups

Event Spotlight

Car Seat Safety Program 412-784-5262 COPD Educational Sessions 412-784-5827 CPR/AED Training 412-784-5262 EMT Program 412-647-4674 Insulin Pump Class 1-866-334-5227 Look Good, Feel Better 1-800-227-2345 Managing Your Diabetes 1-866-334-5227 Paramedic Program 412-647-4674 Smoking Cessation Program 412-784-5043

Alzheimer’s Support Group 412-784-5054 Bariatric Support Group 412-784-5900 Diabetes Support Group 412-784-4194

St. Margaret Foundation Fitness Classic 5K Run/Walk Sunday, May 16, 8:30 a.m. Call 412-784-4205 for more information. Free Bicycle Rodeo Saturday, June 5, Noon to 2 p.m. UPMC St. Margaret Employee Parking Lot Helmet fittings, bike safety checks, and obstacle course.

Weight Loss Sessions and Support Group Free patient education sessions and support group meetings are held monthly at UPMC St. Margaret. Call 412-784-5900 to register. Visit w w w . u p m c . c om / b ar i at r i c s u r g e r y for more information about UPMC St. Margaret’s surgical weight loss program.

Volunteer Opportunities For information about volunteer opportunities at UPMC St. Margaret, call Volunteer Services at 412-784-4081.

F or m or e i n f or m at i on ab ou t an y of t h e c l as s e s or g r ou p s l i s t e d h e r e , c al l t h e n u m b e r i n di c at e d or c al l Com m u n i t y R e l at i on s at 412-784-5160.



IN Fox Chapel Area Spring 2010  

IN Fox Chapel Area Spring 2010