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‫إفطار يوم عرفة في المسجد إإت‬ ‫بالقهوة والشاي والحالويات‬ ‫ الساعة‬-‫ يوم الثالثاء‬- ‫صالة العيد‬ ‫ صباحا‬0088.

Iftar - Day of Arafah: Monday Oct 14th It is Sunnah to fast on the Day of Arafah, 9th of Dhul Hijjah, which falls on Monday, October 14th. Join us in Iftar at 6:29 pm. Bring tea, Coffee or sweet.

Eid ul Adha Prayer: Tuesday, October 15 Salah at 8:00 am Khutbah by Sh. AbduRahman Mohammad Al-Harbi.

At ASU Convocation Center- 217 Olympic Drive, room A and B

‫إفطار بعد صالة العيد – إإت بطعامك‬ ‫المفضل لتشارك إخوانك المسلمين‬ ‫في جونزبوو‬-

Eid Breakfast and Carnival: Tuesday, October 15th, After Khutbah at ICJ Potluck breakfast (bring your favorite. Join us in jubilation of The Eid (Take the day off, be proud of your religion). Some

will go to Slaughter their Udhiyah to reviving the Sunnah (every able Muslim must scarify his/her Udhiyah), bring Knif and bags to put your meat in.

‫ عليكم‬-‫حفلة العيد بعد صالة المغرب‬ ‫ وعلينا‬-‫القهوة والشاي والحلى‬ ‫الطعام‬

Eid Dinner: Friday, October 18th, After Magrib 6:45pm

‫للتصدق من األضحيةعلى الفقراء‬ 8821292 ‫إتصل‬- ‫إإتي بها للمسجد‬

To share 1/3 of your Udhiyah:

870 275-5535, 202 957-7719

‫عنوان المركز اإلسالمي و مكان‬ ‫صالة العيد‬ 118 n. Rogers St. Jonesboro AR 217 Olympic Drive, Jonesboro AR

Come with your Arabic coffee, tea and sweet. Have fun.

A joyful celebration for all (contest, prizes, games, tribute & drawing).

Bring 1/3 of your Udhiyah; we will give it to those in need in the society. Call 870 275-5535, 8821292, 202 957-7719.

Islaamic Center of Jonesboro 118 North Rogers St. Jonesboro AR. 72401

Eid prayer Place 217 Olympic Drive Jonesboro Map it on

Eid ul-Adha will be Tuesday, October 15th!! Saudi house will have Eid Party on Sat Oct 19th on Joe Mack Campbell Park 3021 Dan Ave, Jonesboro, AR 72401

‫ المركز اإلسالمي بجونسبورو يهنئكم بالعيد المبارك‬--- Ei’d Mubarak From ICJ! Taqabala Allah minna-waminkum Islamic Center of Jonesboro wishes all Muslims, the Muslims in the US and in Northeast Arkansas Jonesboro area in particular a happy Ei’d and invite you all to a breakfast in the Masjid (bring your favorite dish) after SalatulEi’d. AND to the annual Ei’d dinner on Fri Oct 18th at 6pm. join us all.

SalatulEi’d is at ASU Convocation Center- 217 Olympic Drive, room meeting A and B at 8:00am on Tuesday Oct 15th. Park your car at lot D and E.

Direction to ASU Convocation Center from ICJ (Masjid) SalatulEi’d Place:      

Head north on N. Rogers St. toward E Johnson Ave/US-49 BUS Turn right at E Johnson Ave/US-49 BUS Right at University Loop Turn left on Alumni Blvd First Right look for Lot E and D Go to Room meeting A and B(SalatulEi’d Place)


Sunan Al-Eid: 1. It It is Sunnh to make Takber for men with sound and women without sound starting from the first day of Thulhijjah (Oct 6th to Oct 18th at home or work or market, standing or sitting or lying down. * One of the Sunnh of Takber: is saying individually Allah Akber, Allah Akber, La Eelaha Eelaa Allah, Allah Akber, Allah Akber, wa leelahee alhamd. (‫ إال إله ال كبر أ هللا أكبر هللا‬،‫)الحمد وهلل أكبر هللا أكبر هللا هللا‬. 2. Bring prayer matt and keep the place clean and do not leave your belongings. 3. Take a bath (Gosol), put oil or teeb (Women do not put perfume), and use Islamic toothpick (Sewak). 4. Eat after SalatulEid from your Udhiyah preferably. 5. Come to the place of SalatulEid one route and go a different route. 6. Great each other by saying to each other: ‫ تقبل هللا منا ومنكم‬،‫ عيد سعيد‬،‫ عيد مبارك‬Ei’d Saeed, Ei’d Mubarak. 7.

The Islamic Center of Jonesboro For more information or questions please contact: 870-275-5535 Website: 118 N. Rogers St. Jonesboro, AR - 72401

Eid mubarak from icj 1434 oct15 icjar  
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