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Eidul-Adha Prayer Place, Jonesboro, AR:

‫م كان ال ص الة‬

Arkansas State University (ASU) FOWLER Center next to Convocation Center Jonesboro, AR 72401 201 Olympic Drive, Jonesboro, AR Direction from the Islamic Center of Jonesboro, 1. Head north on N. Rogers St. toward E Johnson Ave/ U.S. 63 Business 2. Turn right at E Johnson Ave/ U.S. 63 BUS 3. Right at University Loop 4. Turn left onto Alumni Blvd 5. Take the 2nd right onto Olympic Dr, Destination will be on the right. Park in the parking an adjusted to it. For more information or questions please contact: The Islaamic center of Jonesboro @ 1-870-275-5535 1-870-882-1292 Website: *** Please bring a prayer mat *** **Keep the place clean** ***Salatul-Eeed AT 8:00AM

followed by potluck Iftar(bring your favorite), a joyful celebration for all (tribute, contest, prizes, games & drawing). Join us in jubilation of our Islaamic celebration. ***Eeed Al-Adha, The Big Eeed (Take a day off, be proud of your religion) ***.


ASU Fowler Center

‫عيد مبارك من المركز اإلسالمي بجونزبور‬

Eid Mubarak from ICJ!

Taqabala Allaah minna-waminkum

‫ إإتي‬,‫إفطار يوم عرفة في المسجد‬ ‫بالقهوة والشاي والحالويات‬

Iftar - Day of Arafah, Oct 25th It is Sunnah to fast on the Day of Arafah, 9th of Dhul Hijjah, which falls on Thursday, October 25th. Come join us for Iftar at 6:15 pm.

‫ الساعة‬،‫ صالة العيد يوم الجمعه‬Eid ul Adha Prayer, Friday, October 26th SalatulEid at 8:00 am ‫ صباحا إإتبسجادةت ق بل‬8:00am Pray either Eid or Jumaah, best both. Bring a mat ‫هللا م نا وم ن كم‬

‫ إإت بإفطارك‬- ‫فطور بعد صالة العيد‬ ‫المفضل لتشارك إخوانك المسلمين‬

(Sejaadah) with you for SalatulEid. Khutbah by Sh. AbduRahman Mohammad Al-Harbi. At FOWLER Center next to Convocation Center 201 Olympic Drive Jonesboro, AR 72401

Eid Breakfast and Carnival through Friday, October 26 at the Masjid After Salatul-Ei'd followed by potluck breakfast (bring your traditional dish). Take the day off; be proud of your religion, Join us.

‫ عليكم‬-‫حفلة العيد بعد صالة المغرب‬

Eid Dinner, Friday, October 26, After

‫ وعلينا الطعام‬-‫ القهوة والشاي والحلى‬Magrib 6:14pm ‫س ب ق ت ش ر سح ج ائ ز‬ .‫ا دع ة ع ة ج ع‬ ‫كر‬

A joyful celebration for The entire family, lots of fun (food, contest, prizes, games, piñata, tribute & drawing). Bring Arabic coffee, tea and sweet. Join us in jubilation of this great occasion.

‫ق‬ ‫ح‬ ‫ ت ب ث ث األ ضح ة‬To share 1/3 of your Udhiyah Oct 26-29 ،‫ع ى ا ح ج ن‬ ‫ ا سجد ب ز‬Bring 1/3 of your Udhiyah to cook it and another 1/3 for those in need in the society from Oct26th ‫صد ق‬ ‫ج هد‬ ‫ صل ب أب‬to Oct 29th. Call 870 275-5535, 870 8821292. ٨٧٠٨٨٢١٢٩٢، ٢٧٥٥٥٣٥ ‫عنوان المركز اإلسالمي و مكان صالة العيد‬

118 n. Rogers St. 201 Olympic Drive Jonesboro

Islaamic Center of Jonesboro 118 North Rogers St. Jonesboro AR. 72401 Eid prayer Place 201 Olympic Drive Jonesboro

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Arafah Eid-al-Adha 1433 programs  

Arafah Eid-al-Adha 1433 programs