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Welcome to ICI Models

I C I Models Events Media started in 2010 as a modelling agency and has progressed to becoming involved with casting, film production and events. We partnered with “Orocci Pictues� which brought us much pleasure in working together with Universal Pictures, filming and producing the advert for Fairly Legal as well as working with Fox pictures doing the advert The Walking Dead . I C I Models participated in 2011 in the Guiness Book of Records 150 model, 72 hour shoot, held at SA beauty in Sandton, Johannesburg Leon Munro, co-owner and founder of I C I Models has more than 20 years of experience in events, he is serving the Executive Committee for Heritage arts and Culture and on the SubCommittee for marketing for Sedibeng Regional Tourism Association. In 2015 Leon Munro was also elected to serve on the Gauteng Fashion Council. We have models for all ranges of the industry. Working in promotions, catwalk and magazine shoots, we always have a model ready to work. Our models have been featured in Biker Lifestyle Magazine and many other magazines. Mostly teens to your adults who are interested in the industry, work in the industry, who want to work in the industry, who dreams of being in the industry as an artists, models or whatever. The objective is to have regular articles of modelling, the what’s what, how to be a model, artists, what is required, what to do how to go about it and so on. I C I Models Magazine is aimed at being the front runner to a whole new concept of magazine bringing the industry to your average teens and informing them of the industry. All content in the magazine is researched and is based on correct facts, The focus of the magazine is to be published monthly and shall be online on the I C I Models website and Facebook page it shall also have its own Facebook page. The magazine shall cover all aspects of the modelling fashion and entertainment industry. In 2015 Steven Matheson came on board as partner with his extensive skills as entrepreneur and a vision to help grow "I C I Models Events Media" to the front runner of agencies in South Africa and a business model for international modelling agencies. He has been in business for the last 20 years and has had many successful business ventures.


Her biggest dream is to become a successful model and actress. She stated to us in her interview she still wants to be the kind hearted soft person she is even when she achieves stardom and help the under privileged and abused. She also wants to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

She also stated she would like to help abused woman as she was also a victim of it in the past.

Chantal Kokott One of our new rising stars in South Africa She was born in Pochefstroom and grew up in the Freestate Town Of Welkom. She started Judo when she was 6 and achieved her Junior and Senior Colors. She won Gold at The Youth Games In America at the Common Wealth Games she Achieved 4th Place. She was chosen to Represent South Africa at the Common Wealth Games in April 2016.

She had a role in Covert Affairs as the P.A. and is starring in “binnelanders� as a background Doctor. She loves music and her favourite food is roast lamb and cherries. Her favourite pass time is spending time with her 7 year old son and going for long drives. She is a peoples person and the most happy when everybody around her are happy.



Amber Rose : 7

Her stage name suits her , when this girl starts singing its like Adelle, Demi Lovato in the room‌‌. Amber-rose (16) born 1997-07-01 in South Africa. She's a singer , lyric composer and performer . Infuenced by her caring and supportive mother. Truely inspired by artists like Pink , Rihanna , Adele ect. She already received a grade 3 Unisa theoretical cetificate and is writing gr. 4 this coming October 2014 . She also has her Trinity grade 4 and doing (worchoice) gr5 this coming August . She can also read notation and is a beginner pianist. Her first vocal coaching was between gr8 and gr9 from Jacky v.d. Berg and then middel grade 9-10 from Jenni Lonmon from 80's band Little Sister . Contact numbers

: 081 358 4674 or 081 773 1042

Artist philosophy--> She believes that she probably wouldn't be here today if music didn't exist . Music is the only way to express who she is and how she truely feels. She believes that her voice will be heard, even with only the support of her mom and no other family members. She loves listening to various genre's but her music is mostly in the alternative pop genre. She also performed at various places like eg. Montanna Traders , Lemon Jack Theatre and the South African Talent Championships hosted by Jaco Booyens ,she was invited to I.M.T.A in April 2014 , school events , weddings and High School halls where events were hosted ( Highschools Zwartkop , Eldoraigne , Centurion) Primary schools ( Hennopspark , Bakenkop )and fesitvals like the Kraalfestival , Impromptu en Barnyard, Dross idols, School idols 2ND place etc . She's inlove with music and very passionate abou it . It's all she wants to do with her life. She is a very bubbly person ,once u get 2 know her also kind , loveable and fanatic about music and especially performing live. She is now Managed by Leon Munro owner of I.C.I . Modelling ,Casting ,Filim production & Events Agency . For bookings contact e-mail:


Adriana Janse van Rensburg, 11: Adriana became a model at a Modelling and Promotions Agency in 2013. She’s always loved being in front of a camera and being the centre of attention. She is an only child and I am a single mother. She is not a spoiled brat though, and really represents the hashtag #BeautyWithBrains as well as #BeautyWithAPurpose. Adriana has always been a straight A student. From Gr R in 2010 up to Gr 5 in 2015 she received the prize as overall achiever in her grade! She was also a grade 5 monitor and this year she’s also a grade 6 monitor! Last year, she made history in Arboretum Primary School, because for the first time ever the school awarded a student with a Cultural award, for representing KZN on a national level at Miss & Mr Junior South Africa 2015 (she received 1st princess as Face of SA), as well as being crowned as the overall winner of Face of Miss Teen South Africa Universal 2015.

Adriana doesn’t really love being a runway model and in June 2015 she decided to stop taking part in the local competitions, but instead concentrate more on what she loves. She became an official volunteer at CANSA under the tutelage of Lizette (Lizzy) van Zyl and she loves working at the Shaveathons or any other fundraiser that need She chose to take part in Karen Landman’s Miss & Mr Ambassador KZN 2015 and won the Pre-Teen division. She is also a supporter of Cupcakes for Kids with Cancer and all other charity events that raise funds to stop child abuse or finding a cure for cancer. Adriana’s dream for the future is to be a writer and world famous photographic model. She wants to see her face in magazines and on billboards and bring a smile to people’s faces by helping wherever she is needed at the time. She hates fighting and believes that one has to work hard to achieve one’s


Adriana’s motto really and truly is: “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!”

“That is my Adriana in short! I am her proud mother and will do everything in my power to support her in her dreams! We are both honest and hardworking and never have hidden agendas. What you see, is what you get!” Santie van Zyl said to us.


NAME : Kerry Whyte Where are you from : Vaal region What is your goals and dreams ? : I want to be a successful model in fashion and a published model and to realize my dream as a model. Modelling Experience : I have been with a modelling school for the last 2 years running courses and have recently joined I C I Models Events Media as a model .


NAME : Jennifer Marais Where are you from ?: Free State What is your goals and dreams ?: ever since I was a little girl my Dad use to call me his little model, I wanted to do modelling since the age of 9 but only got a chance at the age of 19. I would like to just have a chance of getting published as a model and be a fashion model as well . Modelling experience: I am currently signed with I C I Models Events Media.



PAST Riversands Farm is a beautiful piece of land rich with history and stories. It all started in 1947 when Granny LeMay started making her homemade chicken pies and sold them on the side of William Nicol Drive ( which was still a dirt road in those days ) As time went on the farm grew into one of the first and most famous free range chicken farms in SA, there was also a dairy. With the growth of Fourways in the last 15 years, people needed a place to enjoy the outdoors and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city so the animals moved and the face of the farm changed. PRESENT Our first event in 2001, took a journey back in time to celebrate Medieval Times, where we once had knights on horseback jousting to win over their fair maidens !! Since then we have hosted some big music events like, Coke Zero Fest, Ram Fest, 94.7 JHB day to name a few, where 28,000 people enjoyed the likes of Snow Patrol, Oasis, The Parletones, Prime Circle to name a few. For the outdoor and sport lovers we hosted the XTreme Outdoor Expo, and have even had smaller events like Easter egg hunts for children in the forest, a Shebeen, Fairy Festival and so much more ‌. The farm is popular as a venue for movies shoots due to its rich history and rural beauty.

FUTURE The future 13 we are offering is a glimpse into the past by giving you a farmstyle experience. We are going green and organic ! Apart from the many market stall holders and vendors selling their wares, there will be a vast array of activities available from a petting zoo and animal farm to an Ice Museum, Peddle boat rides on the dam, picnics on the lawn overlooking the dam and the forest. We invite you to join us to experience this farm, untouched by development, frozen in time and it’s all here waiting for you !

Riversands Farm Village Market. Every Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. Open every day for casual walks and Tree Tops Adventures. Some of the other attractions will be opening soon during the week. Watch this space.

THE EMPHASIS IS ON THE “Farmvillage” CONCEPT. If you are looking for something to do on weekends to earn a bit of extra income we would love to have you come and take a stall to sell your wares. YEAR END EVENT or just a time to celebrate something ? How about bringing out your inner hilly billy and let us arrange a Country Bumpkin themed year end event on the farm. Hay bale seating, tractor rides, beautiful setting, local food and craft beer will all add to the atmosphere. Children activities and zip lining in the tree tops are all available to add to make your function memorable. Call Cecile 082 448 5535, Andrea 082 927 9675 Want a chilled country wedding, let us help you to co ordinate your special day. STALL HOLDERS Come and speak to us about booking your tailor made space. We want all our villagers to be involved in making this market THE market in JHB, so tell us what you want to do or see here, and we will see what we can do for you! Fill out our Application form or come for a site visit by contacting Andrea

Art in a Glass tap house, Playscapes and The Tin Kitchen are now open Fridays from Free Wifi Things to do : 12 - sunset, Saturdays 12 - sunset and - Childrens activitiies Sunday market 9 - 4 pm Due to public demand we will be opening the village on public holidays. GPS co ordinates - 25.961758 - 28.027661 Please email us on

- Coffee shop and cafes - Exhibitions - Musicians and upcoming events - Craft Beer tap house - Recycled goods and pallet furniture At the market :Accessories Art Books Candles clothing

Childrens toys and



Children are malnourished and sick and parents are dehumanised and desperate.

This Organisation is dedicated to assist and help abused woman and They live in tents and make shift structures, battling all elements of nature. children and Families in need

The facts A large percentage of the South African Population are living in crippling poverty as a result of retrenchment and poor economy, resulting in the inability to provide for their families.

Meals are days apart in a lot of instances.

The Vision Build self sustainable communities based on kibbutz system, off the grid , to teach and educate people with skills , thus empowering them to better their lives .


Vintage Car Shoot What a lovely shoot with Angela Leal at a vintage car collector in Pretoria, if you getting married or have a valentines ball or a senior dance this si the place to rent your vintage car. Some of these cars are one of a kind in the world . For more info contact Leon : 081 773 1042


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