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Mission Immaculate Conception High School educates and transforms students into young women of competence, compassion, and commitment in a Catholic Felician-Franciscan tradition of leadership and service.

About Us

For over 100 years, Immaculate Conception High School has provided students with academic excellence, extracurricular enrichment, and a variety of service opportunities. We offer a diverse, loving environment firmly grounded in the Roman Catholic faith and are proud to be a Felician Sponsored Ministry. Students will leave ICHS confident and comfortable reflecting on ways to challenge and grow themselves. We strive to inspire their passions and teach students to become strong, meaningful, and caring world citizens.

About Us

Core Values Felician Sponsored Ministries (Adopted by Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council) In pursuit of our mission the ICHS community is guided by five core values, each of which is given its meaning in developmentally appropriate ways throughout our students’ high school years. Respect for human dignity Our reverence for and commitment to promoting and protecting the dignity of persons. Compassion An empathetic consciousness of others expressed in caring service. Transformation The process that encourages an open mind and heart, leading to continuous improvement of the person and ministry. Solidarity with the Poor Ensuring the needs of the poor and vulnerable are met through advocacy and action. Justice and Peace Forging right relationships ... re-creating a sustainable environment ... promoting the common good ... all in the pursuit of peace.

Core Values

Single Gender Education High school is a time of learning, discovery, and fun. It is also the time when girls develop their self-concept and inner strength. Single-gender education gives girls a distinct advantage. At ICHS all students are leaders. They are encouraged to find their voice and be active both in and out of the classroom. ICHS is preparing tomorrow’s leaders to be independent and successful. The benefits of attending an all-girls’ high school • Enjoy greater opportunities both in academics and extra-curricular activities • Learn to be confident and powerful women • Expect nothing less than success • Develop everlasting friendships and an unbreakable sisterhood that leaves a mark long after graduation • Be yourself!

ICHS has given me a home; a place where I can be confident and comfortable being myself. Sophomore, Jennifer

Single Gender Education

Academic Profile, Curriculum & Bell Schedule The ICHS curriculum is challenging and engaging while giving students opportunities to excel in core subjects and develop new talents with various electives. The required program of study is college preparatory; every ICHS student will have completed the necessary units for her admission to college. ICHS is the only catholic girls high school in New Jersey to offer a block schedule; similar to course offerings at colleges and universities. Our modified 4x4 block schedule allows for Math and English instruction to be taught all year long to freshman, sophomores, and juniors, while offering six (6) other courses in two semesters. Students taking Math and English all year, take five 80-minute courses each academic semester for a total of eight (8) courses each year. Classes are held Monday through Friday, on a two day cycle which only effects the Math and English course rotation. A student receives five credits for a full year core class and six (6) credits for all laboratory based Science courses. Electives can include: • Psychology • Communications • Studio Art • Creative Writing • Business/Financial Literacy • Health 1 & 2

• • • • • •

Study Skills World Cultures U.S. Government Marketing Physics Anatomy

• • • • •

Forensics Journalism Pre-Calculus Calculus Statistics

Honors courses are offered for History, Math, Science, and English.

Academic Profile, Curriculum & Bell Schedule

Felician Online Academy ICHS encourages students to enroll in at least one online course throughout their high school career. Our online courses are designed to teach time management, organizational skills, and preparedness for future independent online learning. The courses presented are geared to cultivate students’ passions and interests, and are taught by our certified online learning staff. • Art of Happiness • Art History • English Test Prep • History of Rock and Rock • Catholic Social Teaching • Intro to Mythology

Community Service

ICHS students are required to complete twenty-five (25) hours of community service per school year and truly live out the Felician Core Values. Through their required service, students are encouraged to be responsible and active citizens, and become aware of the multiple needs in their community. ICHS provides many volunteer opportunities around campus and in our neighborhood, allowing students to not only complete their service hours, but exceed them. Each year, students volunteer for many different initiatives including Breast Cancer Awareness, Thanksgiving Food Drives, Christmas Toy Drives, and more. ICHS encourages our students to step out of their familiar environments and expand their horizons through service.

Felician Online Academy & Community Service

Collegiate Academy

ICHS Collegiate Academy is a co-ministry sponsored project with Felician University and a recognized program for upperclassmen with academic talents offering more than a traditional high school learning environment. Juniors and seniors with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher are invited to participate in Collegiate Academy and take college level courses while still enrolled in ICHS. While many local public and private high schools have recently begun to roll-out this type of learning program, ICHS has been an academic leader by offering this program with Felician University since 1983. Formerly known as Project Forward, ICHS is proud to have paved the way to a unique learning environment for our students. By giving academically talented students the opportunity to take university level courses, we are strengthening their educational experience and encouraging them to step out of the mold of a “traditional” high school student and expand their horizons to be a forward thinker, a confident student, and a capable adult. The Collegiate Academy program provides our students with a much greater vision of their own potential futures and what it takes to succeed at a competitive college and beyond. ICHS graduates arrive onto college campuses with not only more confidence that they can handle college coursework, but a number of college credits toward their degree. Four Reasons to Participate in ICHS Collegiate Academy: • • • •

Expanded course selection Academic challenge Affordable tuition College credit while still in high school

Collegiate Academy

Extra-Curricular Activites & Athletics ICHS offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities both on and off campus. Besides being fun and a great way to socialize with peers, extra-curricular activities will enhance students' time management and stress management skills, improving overall productivity. Extra-curricular activities also increase a candidate's appeal when applying to colleges and universities. With so many clubs and award-winning sports teams offered, every student can develop a passion, talent, or interest, all while flourishing in a small-school setting. Something missing? Be a leader and start your own club or group. ICHS encourages students to create a community that allows them to develop their talents or interests. Student Council Yearbook Senior Gift Drive Committee Student Ambassadors National Honor Society Rho Kappa Honor Society Origami Literary Magazine

Art Club Math Club Science Club Photography Future Nurses Music Appreciation Club Newspaper Book Club

Award-Winning Athletics Soccer* Tennis Volleyball

Cross-Country Basketball* Swimming*

Track & Field* Indoor Track Softball*

Youth Group Knitting & Crocheting Club Vocal Ensemble Choir Spring Musical Broadway Bound Fall Drama

Dance Team* Cheerleading* * Award-winning

Extra Curricular Activities

Blue Wolf for the Day Visiting Immaculate Conception High School for the day is the most beneficial way to learn more about ICHS and begin your high school journey. Visitors speak with students and find out what inspired them to choose ICHS, take a walk in their shoes, and most of all, get the true ICHS experience. We invite and highly recommend both seventh and eighth grade prospective students to spend the day at ICHS and be a “Blue Wolf.” All eighth grade students are invited to visit in September, October, November, and the beginning of December. All seventh grade students are invited to visit in April and May. Transfer students are invited to spend the day anytime throughout the academic year. Blue Wolf for the Day begins at 8:15 am and ends at 2:00 pm. Lunch is provided. Blue Wolf visitors are paired with a student ambassador, or they may request a specific ICHS student. Blue Wolves for the day will make wonderful memories, start new friendships, and leave with gifts and gear to show their ICHS pride! Permission slips can be found at www.ichslodi.org/admissions.

Visiting ICHS made all the difference! Being immersed in the student’s day and meeting so many wonderful teachers and staff, I knew this was the place for me Incoming Freshman, Maria

Blue Wolf for a Day

Alumnae Over 99% of our graduates pursue their education beyond ICHS. Our alumnae are 3500+ strong around the United States and the world, including educators, government officials, journalists, physicians and healthcare workers, lawyers and corporate professionals, to name just a few. Among them are mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, granddaughters, aunts, cousins, and nieces, representing the true meaning of sisterhood that is essential to keeping the spirit of ICHS alive and growing. ICHS takes great pride in our alumnae and their continued involvement and support. ICHS alumnae have graduated from top schools across the country including but not limited to Clemson University, Loyola University, Princeton University, Temple University, Seton Hall University, Rutgers University, Fairfield University, Salve Regina University, University of Maryland, Penn State University, Felician University, FBI Academy, University of California, Marist College, University of Rhode Island, Chapman University, University of Massachusetts -Dartmouth, The Catholic University of America, James Madison University, FIT, George Mason University, and more.

Affiliations & Accreditations

• Felician Sponsored Ministry for over 100 Years • Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools • Association of National Honor Society • Association of Rho Kappa Honor Society • Association of Student Councils Girls with dreams become • Archdiocese of Newark Catholic School women with vision” • National Catholic Education Association –Unknown • Tri-M Music Honor Society

Alumnae, Affiliations & Accreditations

Be Extraordinary!


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