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Aitor Gonzรกlez Ordinary Evaluation 2012-2013 Enterprising Initiative

My results

Linguistic: I have a good linguistic intelligence. I like lead interesting things for my as the sports press and I attempt the possible better thing to express to me and learnt dealing. Logical-mathematical: I have this intelligence small well-known. I to manipulate the numbers and the mathematical operations when I understand well the steps to do it. Interpersonal: I have a good note in this intelligence because I like to be with my people and to amuse myself with them. Intrapersonal : I have badly this intelligence because it is difficult to me to express my feelings that are my weaknesses often. I try to show always my strong points and not the weaknesses. Musical: I have a good results in this intelligence. I love music. I always am listening to music because when I when I listen to music he thinks about the music and according to my state of mind I listen to a type of

music or other one. Visual/ Spacial: I have an average note in the visual and spatial intelligence. I to represent the things of my alrededor. Naturalistic: I have a very good note in this intelligence because I like much all the animals and all the plants, almost all the alive beings. Kinaesthetic: I have a good note because I love the sport because I am charmed with the sport and to practise all kinds of sport outdoors. I like to solve problems.

What does “Intelligence� mean? The intelligence is the aptitude to deal or understand something, or aptitude to solve problems. The intelligence this one tied to other mental functions as the perception or aptitude to receive information, and the memory or aptitude to store it.

What abilities do school values and promote? At school, they promote different humanistic, linguistic, mathematical capacities... There is tried that the pupils prepare the possible better thing for themselves in all the intelligences. At school, they try that the pupils study and work day after day, in order that in the future it they is OK in his working places.

How do we measure a person's intelligence? A way of measuring the intelligence of a person is for examinations. But this one is not the only one, since it is possible to measure thanks to to works or computer projects.

Type of intelligence Michael Jordan: He has several types of intelligences, the logic and the Kinaesthetic. Michael is a great sportsman and has come very far for his physicist (Kinaesthetic) and he applies the logic because violence is of not. From all that his success comes. Mohandas Gandhi: He is a political and religious leader. He was a teacher and gave like problems dominated and to solve with not violence. Gandhi has two intelligences, interpersonal intelligence and a linguistic intelligences. Charles Darwin: Charles has the naturalistic intelligence. He has been a very important person because she was a curious person and with desire of knowing more, it discovered many things and I elaborate theories. He travel to isles Galapagos and when he was there he wrote the theory of the evolution. Oprah Winfrey: She is a person with two intelligences, the interpersonal one and the linguistics. She has one programme of TV where it is preseter and producer and I gain prestige in 50 anniversary of the national foundation of the book

Do these persons fit in the traditional definition of intelligence? They don't fit, because traditionally always a person lists she was an intelligent person. For example in class, Garazi is intelligent and Arlantz is intelligent in other aspects Conclusion every person a few virtues and a few faults.


The intelligence before only was to know many things, to be mentally rapid and to have general culture, but nowadays a person is not considered to be intelligent by these things but also if it can express and to communicate adequately, if it has Kinaesthic's intelligence, if it is naturalistic, a musical intelligence ‌ I think that a person who knows very much in an intelligence and it does not know anything in rest, this person is not an intelligent person, is an expert in his area. An example is a musician that alone can listen and interpret the music. This person has the musical intelligence very developed.

Comparison of the definition of intelligence of Gardner and the traditional one. Gardner was saying that there were several types of intelligences and was affirming that all the persons were dominating at least seven types.

Activities inside the classroom Inside the classroom the pupils we do many activities as exits that are always cultural, there do visits to us persons of whom the pupils we can learn and activities of pentacidad

Classroom assignments The tasks in this college it is one of the most important things that you must take day after day. The homework are a part of the final note of every subject. In class every person has a role that can be of tuning in, of communication and emotion, conviviality and learning. The this class divided in groups "GAM" (groups of mutual help) and each one has a role of before

mentioned. And they all depend on all, that is to say, that if a perona does not fulfill with his part other one persons meet affected.

Requirements to pass The requirements to pass are to do the tasks every day, to approve the projects and the examinations, to expire with the assigned roles, to do a good general project and to do well the challenge of every evaluation.

Since there are checked the skills of every person? The skills of every person are checked in day after day, in class with examinations of knowledge or it was a class with another type of tests.

Activities in the class In class we give B*G, mathematics, physics and chemistry, Castilian language and literature, english workshop, enterprising initiative, english, tutorship and orientation social sciences, religion, physical education and technology. With these matters there are extracted the qualifications of every pupil.

Requirements to graduate The requirements are to approve the subjects of the course, to fulfill the procedure of the center, to follow the steps of the pentacidad and to work and to study.

Which it is the most important “Intelligence�? I think that it is not good to have only an intelligence developed but there is necessary to have all the intelligences developed the possible better thing. For my most important intelligence it is the interpersonal one because it helps yourself to be sociable with the rest of the company and is something very important and the second most important is the linguistics because you have that to be able to express to you well always so much the feelings and emotions as in day after day with the people of your around.

Final conclusion This one is a point that seemed to myself to be important to add. I have learned very much on the intelligences realizing this project because now which are my strong intelligences and which are those that I must improve.

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