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Christian Hermosilla Moreno 3rd Evaluation E.I 9th Competence

PRESENTATION My company is going to be one of the biggest one in the motor world, we are going to make something that anyone else never do, we are going to make our own artesanal cars, and we are going to sell it with one brand “CHR�, it wont be like Ferrari or Lamborghini, our cars are going to be cheaper then them, at the first the car arent going to be as good as that brands, but when we take much more money, we will start to make better cars for our costumers, that they are going to buy our cheap cars and in the future, the most rich people would like to buy those cars for its quality and price, buy the normal people can get another car, that they arent as good as the other cars, but are only a little wors like the other, every person of the world can get a great and cheap car Our objetives of the fist time its that at least one costumer have a CHR car, and that person tell the things of the car to other people for finally other person buy another car etc. Thats a chain

Our competitors, will be the great business, like Opel, BMW etc. At the first they are going to have more production than us but in the future we will be better than them, the caracteristics of my cars is that the will be try one by one for have a great car


Thats the logo of my company, the star means the quality of our cars, and the lines the speed, that is that i want to show to the customers, Quality and Speed

Thats the motto of my business, the life over wheels, its that you shouls have a car for have a better life to everyone, because the cars can be great and cheap at the same time

Setting My company is going to be in San Sebatian De Los Reyes, in Madrid, its a great space for present the car and for make fixes Link: It will have the most modern workshops with the best proffesionals of the sector, to help to the max to our customers, because the customer its the first

EMPLOYEES Our employees will be select of a big group, only the better mechanics will work for us, because the young people also have opportunities, they can be working for a salary too, but they have a year of trying period, the mechanics need to pass an exam with many things abour the job, and they must have a great experience in other companies

Here you can see some of the curriculums that the people sent to us, we have too much so we show some of the new employees of CHR motors, they will learn about the best and in a time they will be the best

Economic At the firs, the cars will be pay with a credit of the bank and help of the people, but when CHR sell more cars, we will give the money of our pocket, because at the first we havent got too much money so we cant make many cars, and the people who want cant be accionist of our business and in the future have a better position and more money. We need at the first 6000 â‚Ź for make a car and sell it, and with the time we will earn more money for us, that will need time, but we can wait, to be with the time one of the best.

CHR Cars  

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