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The Advantages Of Applying Colored Rubber Mulch There are multiple advantages to purchasing colored rubber mulch. This eco-friendly product is increasing in popularity with schools, businesses, landscape companies and even horse trainers. Some of the reason people are choosing rubber mulch is because of its safety, durability and curb appeal when compared with traditional wooden or pine needle mulch, which is the reason they're investing in this repurposed land cover. For people who have ever driven past an area piled with old used tires, the thought often springs to mind concerning the wastefulness of the worn out goods, or the harm these tires may cause to the environment when discarded. This latest product is an eco-friendly solution to recycle tires, thus giving them a new useful purpose elsewhere. The rubber tires are converted into clean, shock absorbing mulch that may be used in several different ways. A great way colored rubber mulch is being used today is on school playgrounds and under swing sets across the country. Previously, Safety guidelines advised that 12 inches of mulch, usually of a wood chip variety, be used in these areas. When using this new product, the recommendation is only 6 inches. You will be able to save time and effort in getting the playground ready and achieving the highest level of safety. Add to this the idea that this mulch comes in a wide variety of colors that do not fade, though they may be exposed to many years of the elements, and the savings keep adding up. Another way individuals are finding to use this mulch is in home and business landscaping. Typically, springtime has been a time for people to get outside and work on their yards. This usually demands buying, transporting and spreading brand new mulch for all the flower beds, around trees and on the sides of walkways to help you beautify and get ready for the summer months ahead of us. Sadly, wood mulch has a tendency to wash away, blow away, or fade away. None of this will happen when using new colored rubber mulch. The rubber mulch doesn't float, basically meaning even the best of rain storms isn't going to move any of the mulch from its area. Typically, it has enough weight that the mulch won't blow away. As far as fading goes, the colors are produced using a specific UV binder that holds their color for countless years. These factors will add up to great savings of your time and money. Along with homeowners, many landscaping companies are also realizing the financial and ecological advantages of choosing rubber mulch and have begun using it on all of their properties, from retirement homes to business parks. Many horse enthusiasts have started to use the rubber mulch because of the increased health and safety of the horses, along with their own safety too. Horse owners are known to go to great lengths in protecting their horse's legs and working to minimize injuries to the horse's bones. It has been determined that colored rubber mulch is effective in helping horse owners in this area. Horse lovers are able to save a substantial amount of money through this investment, since the product has shown to last for a long time. It is far more related to horse owners too due to the savings that they will experience. It's a well-known fact that people do fall off of horses. When this occurs, the rider will be less likely to incur some type of injury when they fall on this mulch rather than on a dirt packed arena, barn or a stable floor. A big benefit of the specific type of ground cover is definitely the time and money that is saved. People have seen many benefits when they have chosen to replace their existing kind and style of Recycled Products Distributor LLC

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The Advantages Of Applying Colored Rubber Mulch mulch with the new, more innovative rubber mulch. The protection, ability to beautify, and longevity of the product make it one that consumers should check into so they will know if they, too, can save time and money by using it. Once you change outdated resources for red rubber mulch on the playground for the kids, you're incorporating safe practices. Take a look at for much more info on Discount Rubber Mulch.

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The Advantages Of Applying Colored Rubber Mulch  

Once you change outdated resources for red rubber mulch on the playground for the kids, you're incorporating safe practices. Take a look at...

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