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The ICHI temperament

The ichi Temperament Feminine fashion for the edgy, vibrant and sophisticated city girl. ICHI is cheerful in its mixing of styles and constantly challenging in its use of fabrics, shapes and colours. ICHI is affordable fashion, yet with a clear designer’s signature.


The ICHI temperament


The ichi girl dares


The ichi girl dares

The ichi girl dares The vintage grace of her grandmother, Berlin’s arty underground or the elegant CafÊ de Flore in Paris; the ICHI girl makes sense of it all and dares to combine the unthinkable. The result is her dynamic, easy-going and yet sophisticated look. Everyday is fashion day and she can look like a million without spending one. The ICHI girl soaks inspiration from everywhere but knows exactly where she wants to go in life. She expresses her attitude through her feminine, edgy way of dressing. Her life is now. What was and what could have been: Why bother? She dresses to express the mood of the moment and her extraordinary clothes look so easy to wear. Her admiring friends wonder how she does it. Well, first of all, she dares.


ichi collections

The ichi collection ICHI is proud to be merchandised in 1.500

coordinated mix of basic, core and profile

shops around the world. Our collections

styles for easy and effective merchandising.

are designed, made and delivered with the principal aim of optimizing the rentability

The palette concept guarantees that the

in the shops.

colours of each month’s styles match perfectly when merchandised.

ICHI’s six yearly Main Collections and six Express Collections will keep any fashion

The Palette Styles are the basis of the

shop flawlessly up-to-date, all year round.

collections. Each style is carefully selected and designed for the season.

In order to fine tune each month’s shop sales,


our Main Collections are subdivided in

Get an easy overview of all the styles in ICHI’s

monthly Palette Collections. These are colour

Visual Merchandising Guide.

ichi collections


ICHI pre autumn


ICHI main autumn


ichi fundamentals

Feminine an Edgy, urban

Extraor but easy 010

ichi fundamentals

nd sensual n and arty

rdinary y to wear


ICHI main spring


ICHI high summer


ichi’s universe in your shop

ICHI’s universe in your shop ICHI’s rich and wide-ranging collections will bring a lively ICHI-feel to your shop and your customers. The colour-coordinated Palette Collections ensure aesthetic and effective merchandising. ICHI’s versatility and its perfect price and product mix will maximise shop sales.


ichi’s universe in your shop

ICHI SOFT SHOP SHOULD CONTAIN: • 2 JACKETS • 2 T-SHIRTS • 1 SLINKY/FEMINInE TOPS • 2 SHIRTS • 2 DRESSES • 2 JEANS/BOTTOMS • 1 SKIRT • 2 KNITWEAR Remember accessories such as belts and scarves. The items are created to complement each other for aesthetic and effective merchandising.

Colour palette Each month’s delivery represents a carefully coordinated palette of colours. Therefore, we call them Palette Collections.


Get it now!


Get it now!

get it now! Improve your shop sales with ICHI’s rich collections. Now. Business with us is easy. Start at or call us at +45 7943 3000. Be assured: We are just waiting to serve you.


ICHI and the btx family

ICHI and the BTX family ICHI was born in 1999 as an independent family member of the BTX Group. The BTX Group celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2010 and leads 16 lines. The group has a turnover in excess of DKK 2 billion stemming from successful sales in over 25,000 stores worldwide.


ICHI and the btx family

reasons to buy

The name ICHI is easy to pronounce for anyone. In Japanese it means ‘number one’. And that is what we want to be, in both business and design. It’s a commitment.


Denmark (Head Office): +45 79 43 30 00 . Belgium/luxenbourg: +32 3 280 10 10 . Finland: +358 (0) 9 870 3061 . France: +33 486 110 114 . Germany: +49 211 688752 00 Greece: +30 210 2770050 . Hungary: +36 309541321 . Ireland/Northern Ireland: +353-225 34 10 . Italy: +39 06 5020400 . The Netherlands: +31-0-20-4080308 . Norway: +47-52 84 51 70 Poland: +48 184490020 . RUSSIA: +7 495 755 65 48 . Spain/Portugal/Andorra: +45 79433000 . Sweden: +46-0-31 748 38 8 . United Kingdom: +44 2074 368 332

ICHI Brand ID  

ICHI Brand ID 2012

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