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6 Welcome to the July edition of The High Life, magazine. We have lots of reasons to ‘stand proud’ of our local area and take a look at all the fabulous pictures of some of the Jubilee events that took place in the Mansfield and Ashfield area. Thank you to those of you who sent in photos! Let’s stand proud of our local swimmer; Rebecca Adlington and wish her all the best in the countdown to the Olympics! No doubt many of you will have seen the torch relay on the 28th June passing through on the way to the games- ooh so exciting and I have my tickets for the games in my drawer all ready – with my raincoat and brolly ha! Please check out our new interactive website on www. thehighlifemagazine . Visit our new Diary Dates section -never miss another local event again! So have a fabulous July and I hope the sun shines – but if not I’m sure our magazine brighten your day!

Diane the Editor

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Enjoy The High Life in Mansfield & Ashfield Our aim at The High Life is to promote the fabulous community, culture & corporate life you can enjoy in the Mansfield & Ashfield Area. We want to simply shout about the numerous positive things about living in our area from both a business and personal perspective. Also whatever your age, sex, religion, race or background you can have a high quality of life with hope, vision and a future in the Mansfield and Ashfield area.

Reasons to Stand Proud of our Jubilee Celebrations

Sherwood Forest Celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee The Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre offers many attractions to entertain and educate about the Legendary Robin Hood. Visitors to the Centre must take the short walk to the Major Oak as it is said that he had hidden here, along with his merry men. Sherwood Country Park lies just north of Edwinstowe, two miles from Ollerton and 17 miles north of Nottingham on the A614 Nottingham-Doncaster road. The Centre offers a park, an art and craft centre, a cafe and a visitor information site. The Centre is surrounded with fabulous walks and cycle tracks and is visited by numerous families from all over the country, even the world, who love to take in the beautiful fresh air and scenery. Many love to follow the fun family nature trails, or just stand and admire the weird and wonderful shapes of the ancient oak trees, twisted by age and weathered into living sculptures.

also a woodland grazing project at Sherwood, with Hebridean sheep and Dexter cattle helping ensure that open areas of medieval heathland do not revert to scrub. The Jubilee weekend brought a fabulous celebration of Royal Sherwood with guests treated to a historical scenario. Sherwood Forest was once a Royal Hunting Forest and from the 3rd to the 5th of June visitors stepped back in time into Royal Sherwood's medieval heyday. This living history event gave visitors the chance to experience the sights, smells, sounds and atmosphere of the forest - just as it might have been back in the days of Robin Hood.

The natural decay of fallen wood means the woodland teems with insect life, fungi, birds and bats. In partnership with the Sherwood Forest Trust, there is

The photos show authentically costumed re-enactors carrying on the everyday business of medieval people. Visitors were encouraged to ask questions, have a go, and generally get 'up close and personal' with history! A fabulous event.


Mansfield Jubilee Food Fair Celebrations Hundreds of people came along to the Jubilee Food Fair Bank holiday on Tuesday, 5th June at the Mansfield Town Centre The event organised by the Mansfield BID on behalf of the town centre businesses kicked off at 10.30am with a range of food stalls giving tasters and samples of their produce. Local chefs took part in live cookery demonstrations and over 250 children decorated their own cookies and made badges to take home.

Earlier this year the BID held an event where children entered a competition to design a canvass bag for the Queen’s Jubilee, the two winner’s bags were printed and 500 were given away here at the event in the first hour. Live music was provided by the comedy trio ‘Kick ‘n’ Rush skiffle band who performed many of their old favourites, in the Market Place before jetting off to their tour of Germany the following morning.


Sports Luxe is Back? S port Luxe Is back for an O l ympic Fashion Summe r By Natalie This year the sporty look is back and it’s not just for the gym. Sport luxe garments make the casual, sporty trend sexy by blending athletic fabrics and patterns with feminine cuts. Sport luxe works in the catwalk context, looking good on athletic and waify figures, and the spring summer collections were heavily inspired by the sports theme. Yet it presents modern women with many questions about how they can pull off the trend in day-today life and make casual the new sexy. But, with the London 2012 Olympics opening in July, the high streets have this covered, responding with an incredible variety of sport luxe clothing and accessories. If there was ever a time to have fun with the sport luxe trend, it’s now. Shorts offer an easy way into the sport luxe style, ranging from tight cycling shorts to looser, boxer style examples. Look out for athletic fabrics and stripes. Dresses or tops with cut-outs can be very alluring, showing off the shoulders or decollete while still maintaining an athletic look. Garments using mesh fabric also provide a feminine edge to the casual sports mode. These seethrough pieces offer subtle glimpses

of the flesh that move the casual look out of the gym and into a bar or restaurant. As for shoes, you don’t have to match your outfit with trainers or pumps. Sport luxe means styling with chunky strapped wedges or super high-heels in sporty colours or patterns. The sport luxe trend can also be elevated for the evening. This isn’t as hard to do as it might seem. Look out for crisp lines and sharp cutouts in bold, vibrant colours or block white. This white column maxi dress from Wallis is a perfect example of a garment that can be accessorized with athletic heels, a masculine sports watch and a miniholdall for maximum sport luxe effect.

Wishing Rebecca well on her way to The Oympics The High Life would like to wish Rebecca and all the British Olympics Team good luck at the Olympics due to start on Friday 27th July. Rebecca Adlington, OBE (born 17 February 1989), is an English and British freestyle swimmer. She won two gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in the 400 m and 800 m, breaking the 19 year-old world record of Janet Evans in the 800 m final. Rebecca is Britain’s first Olympic swimming champion since 1988, the first British swimmer to win two Olympic gold medals since 1908 and Great Britain’s most successful Olympic swimmer in 100 years. Rebecca was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, where she attended The Brunt’s School. She started swimming with Sherwood Colliery Swimming Club, and was selected for the Nottinghamshire County Swim Squad (Nova Centurion) where she currently trains. She still swims in local swimming leagues for Nottingham Leander Swimming Club, taking part in the National Speedo ‘B’ Final in May 2010. Facts and more information related to Rebecca on

Accrediting for images: Pink Cotton Top and Multicoloured Suede Wedge both Topshop, 0845 121 4519, White Column Maxi Dress from Wallis, 0844 984 0266, Rubber Coated Parka, £179. Horseshoe Cardi, £110. Crawford Shorts, £110. All at Hobbs, 0845 313 3130,

7 The Good Life

For all of human history people have managed to feed themselves, either by fishing, hunting, gathering and/or subsistence farming. Now, with large-scale food production, gardening for many years has been just a hobby. However with the current recession many families are looking at means to save money and one such way is simply ‘Growing Your Own’. Shops are full of seeds, small plants and books on how to grow a variety of fruit and vegetables. The media hit on this new trend or maybe even set it a few years ago and there are numerous programmes showing how to grow your own produce and then how to cook it. Also with the growing essence on health, many people want to know more about what they are eating and desire wholesome natural products rather than foods covered in chemicals to perhaps boost their size or transform their colouring to simply make them more ‘saleable’. Allotments are the new fashion for those without the garden space and there are queues to step in when one becomes available. People’s back lawns are being turned into vegetable patches with neighbours and friends being offered a ‘tour of pride’ when you visit. Growing your own is no longer seen as an old fashioned hobby but a very modern way of living and offers security, health and enjoyment. Ooh the pleasure of eating something you have personally seen grown from seed! Visit the site for a great calendar offering when to seed and when to harvest. June/July is a great time to plant broccoli so here are a five great tips: 1. When planting broccoli in the spring, you want to make sure to allow plenty of time to harvest the broccoli before the weather becomes too hot. 2. When planting broccoli, make sure the rows are three feet apart. Plant the plants one and a half to two feet apart. 3. Growing broccoli is done best in soils that are well-drained with a texture between sandy and clay loam. For best growth ensure the pH is between 5.8 and 6.5.

The Barn Bacon Company also take great pride in their animal husbandry rearing free range animals which means keeping the animals “in a natural and stress free environment. Happy animals = tasty meat”.

Why not visit their website on to find out more about their vast range of products available to buy.

4. Provide a uniform water supply to your plants. You should water the garden in the morning so the foliage is dry before the sun goes down. Make sure you water the broccoli enough to moisten the soil to a depth of six inches at least. 5. Broccoli needs lots of nutrients. A general rule for fertilization of the plants when growing broccoli would be to apply 5-10-10 to the soil before planting broccoli in the soil.

Fresh Pork straight from the Farm at Hay Barn


lso people are now more aware of where their meat comes from and want to feel comfortable that the meal on their table has come from animals that have been reared in a clean and humane manner. Situated between the banks of the River Trent and the edge of Sherwood Forest is the Barn Bacon Company encompassing a farm, the infamous Hay Barn Cafe and the delightful farm shop full with fresh products. The Barn Bacon Company is renowned for its dry cured bacon and hams. Will Smith, joint owner stated “This family run business prides itself on offering the best in quality flavoursome meat. For 20 years we have reared our pigs in deep straw barns to the highest welfare standards. What started as a hobby, one June morning in 1998, has now grown, bringing the taste of the finest pork and bacon products”. “We dry cure our bacon slowly - the old-fashioned way using timehonoured recipes which eliminates the ‘white brine’ seen in modern mass produced bacon. The end product, being infinitely more succulent and satisfying”.

Barbecued Gammon with Salad & Tullberg Dressing

Serves 4 4 Gammon steaks (smoked / unsmoked) Large bowl of mixed green salad Small jug of Tullberg Dressing Tullberg Dressing Teaspoon of salt and Teaspoon of sugar Large teaspoon of French wholegrain mustard Two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar Four tablespoons of olive oil First mix the salt, sugar and mustard together in a small jug. Add the balsamic vinegar and the olive oil and stir vigorously. Add more balsamic or oil depending on your taste. Barbecue the gammon steaks, chop up and throw into the large bowl of green salad and tomatoes. Add the Tullberg dressing and toss! Serve with hot ciabatta bread or new potatoes and enjoy eating outside in the sunshine! Recipe by James Smith c/o ‘The Barn Bacon Company Recipe Book’


Samworth Academy Students Visits France “On May the 16th 2012 five year 8 students went to the Round Square Regional Conference held at Ermitage International School of France, situated in Maisons-Laffitte on the outskirts of Paris. Callum Green, SofieVancauwenbergh, Declan Parkinson, MuradKamali and Ross Bennett all accompanied by Mrs Owen on an adventurous journey. Twelve schools from all over Europe attended the conference giving Samworth Church Academy students the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities with 80 friends of the same age representing different nations.” Mrs Owen, Teacher at Samworth Church Academy.

Trip to Paris Report by Callum Green First person piece by Callum Green age 12.

My name is Callum Green and about a month ago I took part in one of the greatest experiences of my life, a trip to the Ermitage School in Maisons-Laffitte on the outskirts of Paris. On the trip was SofieVancauwenbergh, Declan Parkinson, MuradKamali, Ross Bennett and me, we were all accompanied by Mrs Owen. There were 12 schools from all over Europe that attended the conference; all together there were a grand total of 80 students at the conference. The activities we all took part in included: a day visit to Paris, a scavenger hunt in the Versailles gardens, rock climbing, abseiling and orienteering. For each activity we would be in our Barazza groups which were groups that allowed us to mix with one another and make new friends. ‘To infinity and beyond’ was the theme of the conference and our guest speakers included an astronaut and a man who took his family around the world on volunteer projects. Out of 80 students from all over Europe, 10 stood out as excelling in qualities, and two of the winners were from my school and I was one of them. Sofie won the hopeless optimist award for most optimistic and I won the chameleon award for the best co-operation and best adaptation to new situations because we were constantly toing and froing from one activity to another. I will never forget the brilliant experience that I was honoured to take part in and I don’t think the others will forget this extraordinary experience either. Finally I’d like to thank my teacher Mrs Owen and all the other teachers that helped make this trip possible because if they hadn’t taken the time to arrange this, and if Mrs Owen hadn’t given up her time to come with us, none of this phenomenal experience and extreme adventure would have taken place. I’d also like to say thanks to the staff at Ermitage for letting us come to their school. Photograph back row left to right: Declan Parkinson, MuradKamali, Mrs Owen, Callum Green, SoieVancauwenbergh and front, Ross Bennett outside the Ermitage International School of France

Photograph left to right: Outside the Palace of Versailles, Declan Parkinson, MuradKamali, Callum Green, SofieVancauwenbergh, Ross Bennett and Teacher Mrs Owen.

The fastest kids get off the block in Mansfield Pupils from primary schools across the District proved they are the fastest kids off the block, when they took part in the annual Fastest Kid in Mansfield competition at Berry Hill Park. (see photo below) Year five and six pupils from St Philip Neri, Berry Hill, Wynndale, St.Edumunds and King Edwards schools competed in a series of 80 metre races. The top three runners in each age group received a trophy, while fourth, fifth and sixth places received medals.  The event was run by Martin Cook, Sports Facilitator at Mansfield District Council and School Games Officer Nicola Biggs with the support of Mansfield Harriers and Athletic Club.  Martin said: “’The event was a great success and it was fantastic to see so many kids taking part and being inspired. It is hoped that more events like this and the legacy of the Olympics can lead to a greater uptake of sport by young people in Mansfield and will result in more people leading an active and healthy lifestyle.” The fastest kids in Mansfield for 2012 are: Year 5 girls: 1st - Amy Tivey, Wynndale Primary School, 2nd - Liz Johnson, St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School, 3rd - Sophie Stewart, King Edwards Primary School Year 5 boys: 1st - Chadd Wootton, Berry Hill Primary School, 2nd - Oliver Hague, Wynndale Primary School, 3rd - Eiron Cashin,  St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School Year 6 girls:1st - Megan Armson,  St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School,2nd - Olivia Roberts,  St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School,3rd - Abigail Eardley, King Edwards Primary School Year 6 boys; 1st - Thomas Heath,  St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School,2nd - William Swan,  St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School,3rd - Jack Weatherer, Wynndale Primary School

9 Developments Scoop Business Award Two newly-built developments in Mansfield District will compete for national awards after winning regional awards last week. The East Midlands Region LABC Building Excellence Awards were held at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel on Friday (18 May). Mansfield District Council’s Bellamy Road estate in Mansfield, which consists of 43 new affordable homes, won the Best Large Housing Development award. The properties were the first new Council homes built in Mansfield for 30 years and replaced outdated one-bedroom flats, which were previously demolished. The energy efficient homes have either ground source heat pumps or solar panels and water saving appliances. The scheme received £2.15m funding from the Homes and Communities Agency and the Council contributed the remaining £2.15m. The contractor William Davis used local labour from the Mansfield area and provided some training in conjunction with the YMCA. The Council also endorsed the nomination for Westfield Folk House Young People’s Centre, which won the Best Community Building category. The 1830s stately home underwent a £6.5m referb to upgrade the facility for young people, which was funded by the Governments Myplace fund, with Nottinghamshire County Council contributing £1.5m. Due to the Grade II listing, the District Council’s building control team, development control and conservation officer worked closely with the architect to ensure the project was fully compliant, whilst safeguarding an important historic asset. Architects were Lewis and Hickey and the project was constructed by G F Tomlinson. A home on Windsor Gardens, Mansfield, was highly commended in the Best Individual Dwelling category. Mansfield District Council’s building control department rectified problems to ensure that it would be possible to stand up and access the first floor. The building control officers worked with the architect and builder to solve the problem and the residents are now very happy living in their beautiful new home, designed by Neville Hardy Associates and built by NBKS Builders. The two larger schemes will go forward to compete in the national awards at The Brewery, London, in November. Finalists are not judged on architectural beauty, but on the excellence shown from a construction and technical building control point of view. The awards showcase buildings and design teams that have had to deal with technical issues, difficult sites, and come up with innovative and creative solutions. The categories include every class of building such as domestic extensions, social housing, apartments, schools, hospitals, commercial and retail to industrial properties. Martyn Saxton, Head of Planning and Regulatory Services at Mansfield District Council, said: “The Council’s Building Control department has always been at the leading edge in the provision of an outstanding building control service to the building industry, and winning these awards only cements this. “It is particularly pleasing that the Bellamy Road project beat developments for open market sale in the Best Large Housing Development category and not just other Social Housing developments.” The national LABC Building Awards 2012 will be held on 13 November in London.

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Living the High Life We may complain of tougher times, tighter purse strings, harder family life, but if we look back even to 25 years it may surprise you of the luxuries that our current lifestyle holds and just how lucky we are. A recent article in the Daily Express offered the following facts In 1977 – 25 years ago when we celebrated our Queen’s silver jubilee… „„ 56% of Britons owned one car or more whilst in 2012 the figure is 75%. „„ In 1977 74% owned a washing machine whilst in 2012 it is 96%! „„ In 1977, 50% of people had central heating in their homes, whilst in 2012 this figure increases to 96%! „„ In 1977 computers, DVD and CD players were non-existent, whilst in 2012, 77% own a computer, 88% own a DVD player and 83% a CD player. „„ In 1977 a couple with 2 children had an average net income of £363 a week whilst in 2012 it is £781 per week. „„ In 1977 a single pensioner received an income of £180. Today it is £295. „„ In 1977 we spent 25% of our income on food – now it is only 15%. „„ In 1977 we spent 10% of our income on leisure and holidays and now we spend 14%. „„ In 1977 93% of men aged 25 – 54 were in work. Today the figure is 86%. However female employment in the same age bracket has increased from 59% to 74% „„ In 1977 26% of jobs were in manufacturing – today it is only 8%! So when did we enjoy the better, higher, luxury life???? Ooh but we so love our central heating and washing machine and do take a lot of these previous ‘luxury’ items for granted?

10 Regular Feature

Preparing for Your Future by our Independent Financial Adviser and Long Term Care Specialists; Shirley Burns

Survey finds one quarter still hold unsecured loans at age 65.


istorically, when reaching retirement, home owners had paid off their mortgage and were debt free. Changing attitudes to debt and the current economic climate has changed this. The baby boomers who grew up at times of cultural change are entering retirement with increasing levels of debt and less retirement savings than preceding generations. Nearly a quarter of the retired population have unsecured debts such as credit cards, overdrafts or personal loans. Twenty four per cent of retired people hold unsecured debt with a further 4% of retirees hold secured debt; these statistics are backed up by several studies held over the past decade. Mortgage endowment policies taken out in the 1980/90s that are now maturing have failed to achieve their target value and have contributed to this situation. A 2004 consumer survey estimated that 82% of households with endowment-linked mortgages would face a shortfall. These borrowers are now entering retirement without the funds to repay their mortgages coupled with a fall in income paying off the mortgage is an impossibility.

Equity release Lifetime mortgages John Hart, 68, made the decision to release equity from his home because he wanted to continue leading a full life. To fund his lifestyle he took out a fixed interest rate lifetime mortgage. “Why should I leave money for my family to squabble over?” he asks. “I have lots of relatives and they are all independently welloff. The money I released has enabled me to travel the world and make lots of improvements to my property, such as installing new central heating and a modern shower.” John says he would recommend equity release to anyone despite initial scepticism. “I was very

Increases in property values usually means mean the home is the most valuable asset amongst the retired population. One option for alleviating the situation might be a lifetime mortgage for anyone who has significant amounts of equity in their house. Lifetime mortgages help retirees to release some of the funds tied up in their homes. The capital can be used to consolidate debts or to generate an income, without the policyholder having to move home. WARNING: It is imperative that you seek independent financial advice before signing up to a lifetime mortgage to ensure the mortgage will meet your future needs (eg if you want to move or sell your home or want your family to inherit it). For advice regarding your own financial situation, please contact myself in complete confidence. Tel: 01159 665079 Mobile: 07801 290172 email: website: P.O. Box 9689, Lowdham Nottingham NG14 7XZ This is an equity release plan. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

Visit our new interactive website on

apprehensive at first and it took me about a year to decide to do it. I looked around carefully at the market and chose the lender who agreed to lend me the exact amount I wanted. They encouraged me to get advice and made sure all the information they gave me was perfectly clear, including the amount of fees I would have to pay. I discussed it all with my family and have decided to leave the remaining equity in my property to charity.” WARNING: This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. Identities have been changed for confidentiality.

The High Life Images:


Regular Feature Care of Our Money Manager Expert: Lee Dunville of AMS So there I was driving around town and suddenly what struck me was……the amount of “FOR SALE” boards. Literally everywhere I looked there was another board. What was the cause? Is there a mass exodus planned? Last time I looked most people were very tightly “squeezed” by the double dip recession that we now find ourselves languishing in, so hardly the time for so many people to be moving up the property ladder. On top of this due to the need for squeaky clean credit files, sizeable deposits and lack of mortgage deals around there is a shortage of first time buyers. Was I witnessing the start of a new phenomenon “climbing down the property ladder” ? Were people cashing in on their equity, cutting their losses and planning on buying something cheaper or smaller or both or renting? Seems so! When I researched this on-line I found that according to Investec a huge 4.7 million homeowners were planning on downsizing to fund their retirement over the next 5 years. That’s a lot of “FOR SALE” boards, 4.7 million of them to be exact. I suppose if you have a lot of equity and a shrinking family unit I can definitely see the benefit of it, however for most this won’t be the situation and then there are the costs, estate agency fees, renovation of new property, legal fees, stamp duty, removal fees and possibly increased transport costs when you want to visit old friends and family. It could be a desperate act for many to repay debts when there could be some much better potential debt solutions available, we would advice speaking to one of our team and having a full financial review. If you google “downsizing your home is a stupid thing to do” you will find some very interesting articles. It could be a great solution for you, it really could BUT make sure your in full possession of all the financial facts. Next week the latest in new mortgage deals available on the market. Lee is the Debt Doctor on our our Local Mansfield 103.2 Radio station and visit www. for more advisory articles


Enjoy Good Health and Feel Great with The High Life Stepping out of the Darkness of Depression We all have days of feeling down and most of us cope with support from friends, or we treat ourselves to something nice, read a good book, enjoy a glass of wine or go for a nice coffee at our favourite café. However, when you’re depressed, you may feel persistently sad for weeks or months rather than just a few days. Depression according to the NHS website is quoted as “a real illness with real symptoms and it’s not a sign of weakness or something you can ‘snap out of’ by ‘pulling yourself together’”. “At its mildest, you may simply feel persistently low in spirit, while at its most severe, depression can make you feel suicidal and that life is no longer worth living. There can be physical symptoms too such as feeling constantly tired, sleeping badly, having no appetite or sex drive and complaining of various aches and pains”. People are often very scared to talk about their depression thinking they will be ‘labelled’, endanger their job or even risk losing their children. When to see a doctor -It’s important to seek help from your GP if you think you may be depressed. If you’ve been feeling low for more than a few days, visit the NHS website on to take a short test to find out if you are depressed. The NHS recommends you seek help from your GP as soon as possible to put you on the road to recovery. Sometimes there is a trigger for depression. Life-changing events, such as bereavement, or losing your job or even having a baby, can bring it on. Also people with a family history of depression are also more likely to experience depression themselves. But you can also become depressed for no obvious reason. Treatment-The doctor may recommend medication and/or alternative therapy dependent upon the type of depression you have. Also they often suggest a change of lifestyle such as cutting down on alcohol, increasing exercise, eating a healthier diet and self–help measures such as joining a support group. We spoke to Angela* who stated “After the birth of my child I breast fed her for several months, choosing to stop as I had a special occasion to attend where it may not have been appropriate. Almost overnight I started to get strong anxiety attacks, my heart would beat fast and I found myself unable to breathe. Also I woke wanting to cry all the time and felt unable to cope. At a time when everyone around me was thinking my life was happier and fulfilled with my new baby I felt I was drowning and was extremely scared”. Angela continued “I spoke to my GP who offered anti-depression tablets which I was reluctant to take – mainly scared due to the ‘labelling’ so we agreed on beta-blockers. However I decided to consider other remedies and visited my local health stores. I eventually found a natural treatment called St John’s Wart which I took as recommended alongside my medication and the black cloud gradually lifted. Also as the GP stated and as I gradually recognised, once my hormones settled the depression lightened. It was a very scary time”.

Good Health

Complimentary or Alternative Therapy as a Treatment for Depression - Some people may also consider complimentary therapy as this may help some sufferers of depression. We spoke to Lynn Holmes, a Holistic Therapist who stated “There are various complimentary treatments that can help with depression for example massage: there is evidence that

massage increases Dopamine & Serotonin (the happy hormone endorphins) these two hormones improve our mood and reduce the effects of stress.

Feel Great

Massage also lowers adrenaline and noradrenaline, the chemicals which trigger the nervous system’s “fight or flight” response, the initial reaction to short term stress. A calming massage helps the body to restore and heal itself by lowering these stress hormones and brings the immune system back into balance. Clients claim that massage improves the quality of sleep & promotes a restful sleep pattern. www.lynnholmes. Hypnotherapy to Treat Depression: For many years the therapists at the Clem Turner Hypnotherapy Cognitive and Behavioural Practice have been using their own six week programme which includes a variety of different treatments for anxiety and depression. They use an eclectic approach to help people overcome the negative issues associated with anxiety and depression by teaching them how to focus on what they do want rather than what they don’t want. This changes the client’s Behavioural pattern from negative thoughts to positive ones. In many cases their methods have helped people who have been off work with anxiety and depression get back to work in just a few short weeks. The treatments can also work if people have already been prescribed medication. The six week programme is structured although flexible and is designed specifically for each individual client. The Samaritans number if you do feel depressed and/or suicidal and wish to speak to a trained listener/specialist is (08457) 90 90 90. Please consult your GP for medical advice if you have concerns about your healthcare. Actual names have been changed to protect personal identities


The Clem Turner Hypnotherapy Cognitive and Behavioural Practice Offers you male and female Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists To Help You Start To Rebuild Your Life Take a look at some of our testimonials on To find out how we can help you or to book an appointment Call today Sutton in Ashfield 01623 556234 or Rosegarth Clinic on 01623 658224

Car Review: The Suzuki Kizashi By Sir Christopher Stirling


litre petrol engine and sadly the combination of this and the CVT gearbox does not do the car any favours. he Kizashi represents a clear statement of When you need intent by Suzuki to provide a serious contender in the the performance, mid-size family saloon sector, and this first model sets a high the engine noise is standard; yet the potential is even greater. intrusive as it revs The first thing that catches your attention with the the maximum if you want one to Kizashi is undoubtedly the striking and stylish design. under the control you will have of the CVT Just sat in the showroom it looks exciting, and it calls out to your senses to give it a closer examination. gearbox. When to be quick From there a test drive is both inevitable and highly driving this car quickly it is far better to select the 6 speed recommended. “manual” mode and use the gear change paddles on the steering wheel in order to get the most out of the experience. The interior is a happy balance of leather and solid plastics that The handling and steering are excellent, as is the balance that has instantly bring to mind quality and comfort; and the instrumentation been achieved between the sporty handling and the comfort of the and switch gear are all well thought out, clear and easy to use. There ride. The Kazashi is crying out for more suitable power units as well is a good feeling of space, even though this car is smaller overall as a manual gearbox option; and I am pleased to hear that a diesel than many of it rivals, and the rear seats allow plenty of comfort engine will be available in the UK soon. for adult passengers. In the front however, the headroom is a little The boot space is good and with the rear seats folding down, lacking for those on the taller side, something which is compromised carrying capacity is certainly versatile even if the access has been by the electric sunroof which comes as standard. compromised slightly in favour of the styling. Living with this car In the UK at present Suzuki have adopted the approach of putting would be a pleasure; it is a delight to drive hard when you get chance out just one model with many of the usual extras coming as (and can ignore the engine noise) and it is easy and relaxing on more standard. The list of standard equipment is therefore impressive for mundane journeys to the office or motorway runs. a car costing £21,995 and includes 10-way electric memory seats, I am told that a meaningful translation of the Japanese word Kizashi automatic lights and wipers, dual sector climate control, cruise control is “A sign of good things to come”…in which case this car certainly and a keyless entry system; as well as a host of safety features has the potential to live up to its name. Only 500 are initially available including the Electronic Stability Program, ABS and several airbags. in the UK so if you want one you will have to be quick. The car I Also as standard on the UK spec cars is a switchable four wheel drove is available in the showroom to buy now and I fully expect this drive system and a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) model to be a success for Suzuki so look out for additional models to automatic gearbox. The only power unit available right now is a 2.4 hit the showrooms.



Welcome to the High Life Corporate Section 33 Keep up to date with local business news 33 A great platform for your business promotion 33 Diary dates, Networking News, Business Events 33 PLUS, Positive Information about Corporate Life in the Mansfield and Ashfield Area

image: chanpipat

Watch out for your invitation to join the business forum to get involved in our online business networking, discussions and read reviews and recommendations (see panel below right for an example of the website Forum page). Open to all SME business and for your personal invitation contact Diane Carter, Editor on Note: only invited members can get involved in our discussion for security purposes

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HELP ACCOUNTANT RAISE £5000 FOR JIGSAW MANSFIELD Training has kicked off in earnest for Chris Holder, Director of McGregors Corporate Chartered Accountants as he and his daughter Sophie stepped up their efforts to raise £5,000 for Jigsaw Mansfield. Chris has met with Ginny Cullen, fund raising manager for Jigsaw to kick start his training regime and raise awareness of his appeal to other local Mansfield businesses to enter the marathon by taking part with the McGregors Corporate / Jigsaw half marathon team, or alternatively pledge donations to their fund raising webpage:


Hope for Home Buyers!


ome buyers are not an extinct species! That is the view of The Mansfield Building Society’s chief executive Gev Lynott who stresses the need to speak to the experts before deciding whether to buy or rent. Whilst it’s true to say that that the number of home buyers has fallen in recent years, there is still plenty of interest from people seeking to gain a foothold on the housing ladder and sound advice is a key part of the process. Gev explains “Potential purchasers, particularly those buying for the first time, should always seek professional advice”. “Buying a house is an exciting but daunting experience so it is vital to consider all the options before deciding what to do. Property ownership is not for everyone, but whether to purchase or rent is a decision that confronts most of us sooner or later. Affordability issues or simply personal preference means that many people prefer to rent and there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that”.

p u rn 10%s* a E 2. Gros to AER/

For those thinking about buying however Gev says The Mansfield is an ideal starting point. Gev continues “We have a strong regional identity and we offer a range of affordable solutions. For instance, we are one of a small number of lenders offering 95% mortgages without insisting on a parental guarantee which is rare in the current market. We also offer a discounted scheme under the FirstBuy initiative which provides an equity loan of up to 20% of the cost of a new house, paid for by the Government and house builder on selected housing developments. In addition, for those who are interested in part rent/ part buy arrangements, we also offer discounted Shared Ownership schemes to intermediaries and housing associations throughout the East Midlands. Gev concludes “The important thing is to speak to the experts to find out what is available. There are some innovative and affordable solutions around and it is only by speaking to the experts that you can establish the facts and decide what is right for you”.

Need a savings account for business funds? Reap the benefits of a Business Deposit Maxi Account • Interest credited 31 December annually • Interest rates variable • Minimum investment to earn quoted rate of interest is £250,000

*AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. The gross rate is the contractual rate of interest payable before the deduction of income tax.

Call 01623 676350 or visit our website for full details and terms & conditions


Welcome to Mansfield 2020

The pioneering business development and networking organisation was setup with The aim of promoting and revitalising the Towns of Mansfield and Ashfield

Introduction to a 2020 Board member Name: Irvin Robinson Business Name: Irvin Robinson St. James’s Place Wealth Management Business Type: Wealth Management Why you joined the Mansfield 2020 Board: I was invited to join in 1998 and was pleased at the time to work alongside colleagues under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer at the time, Terry Nash. I was, and still am, very interested in working for the betterment of Mansfield as the regeneration agenda is as relevant now as it was back in 1990 when 2010 was launched. What do you have to offer to the board and the local business community: Passionate enthusiasm for dealing with local issues of regeneration and economic development. I will always try to maximise the opportunities created through collaborative work

Welcome to New 2020 Members Darryn Evans, Handelsbanken Jonathan Dawson, Business in the Community Paul Judge, Air-IT Limited James Grundey, Nottinghamshire YMCA Erica Holden, Wright Virtual PA

Mansfield 2020 Patrons

Mansfield 2020 Up and Coming Events Thursday 26th July 12: Business Breakfast Meeting Venue: Mansfield Civic Centre Time: 7.30 am until 9 am


e warmly welcome you as a guest or member to come along to our July meeting. Following the early networking and traditional English breakfast the July meeting offers a presentation by Nigel Lamb of Xposure Creative Brand Marketing entitled “Making the Most of Membership for Business Success”. Mansfield 2020 Director, Nigel Lamb, will give a brief overview of the benefits of membership to Mansfield 2020. In this top tips session, Nigel will provide some helpful hints to ensure businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities to optimise their profile and network of contacts. This informative presentation is followed by a talk by Paul Thomas; Mansfield District Council Regeneration Shared Service Manager entitled “Ambition for Ashfield & Mansfield –Supporting your Business”. Paul said “Mansfield District Council is awaiting the approval of funding from the ERDF PA2 fund, to allow it to deliver a range of services to businesses in Ashfield and Mansfield. The project is called Ambition for Ashfield & Mansfield and we hope to have confirmation of the necessary funding by the end of July.”   To reserve a place at the above event or to find our more about membership of this prestigious & well established business group please contact Sam Saunders on 01623 422010 or email: for further details. Don’t forget to visit the virtual directory to discover members you may want to do business with at www.myvirtualbrochure. com/vbook/a4b57754/


Welcome to Mansfield 2020

Mansfield 2020 networking organisation represents the heart of the local business community, offering news, information and the opportunity to promote your business

Managing a Better Cash Flow and Debt Management Seminar Following on from the May Mansfield 2020 Breakfast meeting; members and guests were offered an informative workshop to support them through the issues related to debtors and cash flow problems. The workshop was well attended by local Business Owners, Managing Directors, Senior Managers, Accountants, Personnel & Solicitors, all involved in the cash flow and debt management process. The seminar was presented by Trevor Morley of TM Financial & Management Services Ltd and Russell Jones of Fidler & Pepper Solicitors. The workshop briefed the attendees on:How to check whether your business is trading, cash positive Understanding the impact of ‘working capital’ on your cash Enabling your business to manage its Cash through the improvement of Debtor collections and avoid the perils of bad debts upon your business This free seminar was presented to offer key tips as well as an alternative approach to avoid the discomfort and root causes of cash and payment problems, which may even cause you to lose your business. Mansfield 2020 is committed to offering regular workshops to provide invaluable business support as part of the Mansfield 2020 membership’s benefits. Contacts: Trevor Morley TM Financial & Management Services 07860 653 655 Russell Jones at Fiddler & Pepper Solicitors, Tel: 01623 448 304

5 Great Reasons to Join the M2020 Membership in 2012 33 33 33 33

Excellent networking opportunities Business information and updates Members’ database Business listing in members’ directory and virtual directory 33 Event sponsorship 33 Opportunity to promote your products and services

Mansfield 2020 Patrons

2020 Late Summer Golf Day

Thursday, 13 September 2012 Arrival 12:00 noon

Mansfield 2020 cordially invites you to attend our annual four-ball golf day which takes place at Rufford Golf & Country Club, Rufford, Notts. • Arrival 12 noon • Light buffet lunch • Tee times start at 1.00pm for 18 holes of golf • Presentation 6.30pm • 2 course dinner (main and dessert) at 7.00pm This is the ideal social arena to connect with other businesses and entertain your clients. Why not take advantage of this fabulous marketing opportunity to promote your business and services to your customers and help support the local business community? The cost is £180 per team and we would be happy to make a team up for you if you are unable to get a team of four together. There will be a presentation for best team score, best individual score, longest drive and nearest pin. If you are able to provide a golf related prize for the competition it would be greatly appreciated and of course, all sponsors will receive recognition for their support. The cost is £180 per team and we would be happy to make a team up for you if you are unable to get a team of four together. Book Online Now at event/3746758656 Please note there will be a small booking fee charge by the service provider for booking online. Book by Post.  Please email or visit the website at for further details and to request a booking form. There will be a presentation for best team score, best individual score, longest drive and nearest pin.  If you are able to provide a golf related prize for the competition it would be greatly appreciated and of course, all sponsors will receive recognition for their support.

We look forward to seeing you on the green. Sam Saunders Mansfield 2020

18 Go for Gold with Marathon Media Marathon media are a local leading marketing consultancy, PR & publishing business working throughout the East Midlands area. Marketing Consultancy Marathon Media offer a FREE initial consultation to discover the potential of your business. Our marketing consultancy service offers a professional, individually tailored support and advisory service. Visit our testimonials page online at to see how we have helped many local businesses. Public Relations Marathon Media offers a ladder to increase your profile providing renowned experience and expertise of working with local, regional and national media. We offer you the right tools to reach your target market: •

Advertising campaigns with monitoring & analysis

Copywriting for promotional materials

Press releases and magazine articles

Direct Mail

Customer Relationship Management

Publishing Marathon Media publishes 2 local magazines offering an affordable, effective advertising platform and an outlet for local news and information The High Life Magazine for Mansfield & Ashfield, a positive, pro-active and interactive magazine focusing on the community, culture and corporate lifestyle on offer in the local area. Please visit www.thehighlifemagazine to view editions and see media packages and distribution areas. Advertising from only £70 per quarter page! The Sherwood Community Newsletter -A well established magazine distributed to approx 50,000 local residents in the Sherwood area. Visit www.sherwoodcommunitynewsletter. to view online editions and our media package and distribution areas. Advertising from only £35 per edition! Marathon Media has now expanded its services to meet local demand with:-

33Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation from only £200 33Lead Generation – let our professional sales team open doors for you. For all the above services visit or call Diane Carter, Managing Director on 07916 245 367 Email:

19 New café hits the spot with help from Council's Empty Shop scheme A new café has opened with the help of a grant scheme set up by Mansfield District Council to encourage businesses to take over empty shops.

The café offers freshly made, quality products and a varied menu, which includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon and early evening meals. They also offer a catering service for external events. The focus is very much on offering great customer service in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Portfolio holder for Economic Regeneration, Cllr Kate Allsop said: “We are delighted to welcome the Time Café Bar to Mansfield. The Empty Shop Grant scheme has helped businesses and supported the Council's wider aim of revitalising the town centres within the District, by not only bringing empty units back into use, but also in some instances supporting new businesses and creating employment."

Time Café Bar in the Four Seasons Shopping Centre was opened by Executive Mayor Tony Egginton. It is run by Time Food Services Ltd, a successful Sheffield-based business, which signed up for the Council’s Empty Shop Grant scheme. The scheme offered awards of up to £5,000 to new retail businesses, wishing to take up vacant units in Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse or Warsop. The café received a grant of £5,000, which will be used to purchase kitchen equipment. Fifteen new jobs will be created locally and the company prides itself on using local produce wherever possible.

The Empty Shop Grant scheme has now ended. However, there are still a range of cashback incentives and grants available to people looking to take on business premises within the District. Executive Mayor Tony Egginton with Rebekah O’Neill, Centre Manager, Four Seasons Shopping Centre

Café owner Wayne Fenton said: “One of the things which made Mansfield so attractive to us, was the fact that the Council clearly supports local businesses. This gave us a lot of confidence to take a risk in today’s economic climate and build up our brand.  The grant we received through the Empty Shop scheme was important, but this is not just about money. The positive support we have received from the Council to set up and promote our business has been equally valuable. We really want to put something back into Mansfield's economy and community.”

The Council is offering £250 to its existing business tenants, if they refer a new business to the Council that results in a letting of vacant business premises.

£500 is available for new tenants at any of the Council's four Business Places at Armstrong Hall, Burns Lane, Park Road and Langford Road. The Council is also offering £1,000 to businesses taking on new leases at any of the Council's vacant commercial properties. If you are interested, please call Mansfield District Council on 01623 463 463 for further details. Terms and conditions apply for each of the offers.


Monthly Meeting every 2nd Tuesday 07.30am to 09.00am Venue: The White Post Restaurant, Ollerton Rd Farnsfield Notts NG22 8HN • • • •

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EAM HALL FAST COMPLETE THREE PEAKS CHALLENGE RAISING £5,000 FOR ACTION MEDICAL RESEARCH A team from award winning Mansfield based industrial supplies company, Hall-Fast, has completed the Three Peaks Challenge in aid of Action Medical Research. So far they have raised £5,000 and will be keeping their fund raising account open until 30 July in the hope that further donations will enable them to reach their target of £10,000. In total 45 teams took part in the event, and whilst all teams completed the challenge, only 15 teams managed to travel and complete their climbs within the idyllic 24 hour period. The winners posted an incredible time of 20 hours 28 minutes and a climb time of under ten hours! Meanwhile, the Hall-fast team recorded a very credible time of 29 hours and 45 minutes and a total climb time of 15 hours 36 minutes despite a hold up on Ben Nevis to rescue an injured climber from another team in front of them, and incredible congestion on the roads around Fort William due to the Olympic torch procession! The Hall-Fast team, comprised Malcolm Hall from Hall-Fast, Matt Jones from Merrix-Grogan financial advisers, Rob Bray from Accountants Stopford Associates, Dean Bray from Estate agents

Lime Living, Skills Broker and Leadership and Management Specialist Bruce McLeod and Mark Pearson from Thera East Midlands. Starting at the foot of Ben Nevis in the spectacularly beautiful setting of the Scottish Highlands, finishing at the foot of Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, with a climb of Scafell in the Lake District in between, the team was tested to the limit ascending and descending the three mountains - Ben Nevis at 4,409 ft, Scafell Pike at 3,206 ft and Snowdon at 3,560 ft. And in an extra special challenge, teams had to take the charity’s mascot Paddington Bear up and down each mountain! Team members also had to cope with changing clothes, eating, drinking and sleeping as they travel to their next destination by road, but this was slightly more comfortable for team Hall-Fast who were provided with a luxury camper van by Dean Hyde at Camper UK Ltd (Lincoln). They also had T-Shirts kindly donated by NRG Fuels. Commenting Malcolm Hall said, “I have worked hard to be successful in my business and I’m really passionate about giving something back and helping others. Each year Hall-Fast has supported a worthy cause and I’m delighted to be supporting Action Medical Research.”

21 Lightening the Load for Insurance Claims A new scheme is being offered by a local vehicle bodywork repair business to support businesses when a company car or vehicle in their fleet has been involved in an accident that is not their fault. Alfreton based; Alfreton Autosprays provide the new Accident Claim Management Scheme in partnership with S & G Response and have received immense response from local businesses. The process is simple with Alfreton Autosprays simply taking on the accident claim as soon as the incident occurs. They deal with your insurance company and the other drivers’, handle the legalities of the claim and provide you with a replacement vehicle—therefore keeping your fleet on the road. You pay nothing. Online Access to Claim Process Also clients can have access to the status of their insurance claims 24/7 via the internet. This means that at any time you can view the status of your insurance claim. The access is specific to each client and is password protected. Credit Hire and Repair No longer pay and claim back repair & associated costs when the accident is not your fault. All costs for repairs are invoiced directly to the third party insurer. This is vital in the current climate as it has a positive effect on cash flow within your business. The claims are personally managed by Director & Owner Ian Williamson and his professional team and all clients are provided with a direct dial telephone number and direct email, coupled with online tracking of your case and updates. Ian stated “We just want to support local businesses and make their lives easier – resources are reduced and pressure is increased for fleet managers so we just want to help as much as we can – this system simply lightens the load and speeds up the claims process”. [Advertorial]

£140bn Cash Injection Must Reach Businesses


ommenting on the announcements around new lending schemes from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Governor of the Bank of England, George Cowcher, Chief Executive of the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Whilst the Government’s measures to reduce the deficit are crucial to the long-term health of the economy, we still need to see more positive action to promote growth and get the economy moving again. “If the Government truly wants private sector business to drive future economic growth, then it must re-focus its efforts on enabling firms to create the employment, wealth and economic activity needed to secure and sustain the recovery. “Shoring up the financial system and kick-starting the flow of lending to businesses and consumers are essential for generating sustainable economic growth here in the UK, particularly given the ongoing debt crisis across the eurozone. “As such, any measures to improve liquidity and boost lending are of vital importance, particularly given that almost a quarter (22%) of local firms that have tried to access finance in the last six months have reported having problems in doing so. “We still need more clarity on how these new measures will work and how quickly they will be implemented. Additional Quantitative Easing and the previous Credit Easing programme have not yet had their desired impact on the real economy, so in order for the new schemes to be a success, the Treasury and the Bank of England must ensure that any further money pumped into financial system here in the UK filters through to businesses quickly and effectively.”


Profile Plus Name: Mike Taylor Position: Sales and Marketing Manager Business: The Mansfield Building Society Introduction: Mike is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Banking and joined the Society as Sales and Marketing Manager in 2009. Mike is responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing and a network of 4 branches. He has been involved in sales and marketing since obtaining a Law Degree at Nottingham Trent University and prior to joining The Mansfield he spent 19 years with another midlands based building society. Mike also manages a number of key business partnerships including the financial planning service and a new relationship with The Legal & General Group. This includes overseeing a dedicated team of mortgage specialists providing a range of mortgage protection solutions. Mike is keen to develop the strong ties to the local community by providing a broad range of mortgage, savings and protection solutions in an open and friendly environment where trust and personal service are a major factor in customer relationships. Mike is married with 2 children and is a Derby County season ticket holder

Name: Malcolm Hall Position: Managing Director Business: Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies Limited Introduction: An award winning company which Malcolm established in 2006. His business has grown significantly and as well as supplying local firms, the company exports to over 75 countries and is currently Midlands Exporter of the Year. Malcolm works tirelessly within the business community to share his knowledge and experience so that other local businesses and young people can replicate this success for themselves. He has also arranged a partnership with Nottingham Rugby Football Club to provide coaching to local young people in Mansfield to encourage them to widen their horizons and realise their ambitions. Malcolm is a board member of Mansfield 2020 and also sits on the board of Governors of West Notts College

Profile Plus Would you like to have your profile on this page? Please offer your details as per the profiles on this page. Also send a high resolution (200dpi) head and shoulders photo. We will do our best to place your business profile on this page. Send to diane@marathon-media. Get involved in the corporate Forum discussion group. An invite will be presented to all members of Mansfield 2020 Business Group, NNN and It’s Women’s Business Club in July. All SME’s businesses are warmly invited to join our The High Life Business Group. Also view our Corporate Calendar – available to The High Life members only. Please offer any events you wish us to consider for publication. High security is in place therefore only invited guests can contribute.

For a personal business invitation or to offer ‘Corporate Calendar Events’ contact Editor: Diane Carter, Chair on: This is your website and your corporate section to encourage local business to business networking.


IWB Celebrating Women in Business Now with almost 300 local professional members Be part of a friendly, supportive, informative & inspirational women’s business group. IWB offers a totally holistic approach with a Team of experts on hand for our members to offer advice & guidance for your business, personal & financial life. Enjoy a healthier, stronger & happier work/life balance with IWB. Regular Networking events including our monthly It’s Women’s Business Ladies at Lunch

A delightful, delicious and friendly way to:XX Meet like minded business people in your local area XX Build brilliant business relationships & friendships XX Enjoy informal networking to promote your business

Next Event: Ladies at Lunch Thursday 19th July More details to follow Join our FREE IWB Membership or for more information call Diane Carter; Chair & Founder on 07916 245 367 Or

Due to the Success of the It’s Women’s Business May Exhibition We are Proud to Announce the 2nd Extravaganza Exhibition

Thursday 11th October 2012 The Towers Corporate Suite Botany Avenue, Mansfield.  A Fabulous Opportunity to Showcase your • Business to our IWB Members  Meet the Business Specialists who will be there to offer FREE business advice & support •  Plus short workshops & seminars tailored to meet your needs •  Guest presentations to motivate, inspire and challenge you both • personally and in your business. •   A fun and fantastic networking ladies lunch in our traditional IWB party style.  Fabulous exhibition space and  •

Exhibitors from all Members and Non Members businesses are welcome 5 Stands SOLD already! BOOK NOW as limited spaces “Excellent Day” “Well Organised & Executed” “I was Impressed with the Quality of Stands & the Amount of Enquiries Generated”

Call Today 07916 245 367 for more info or to book Or email Visit  *More details to follow-view online at www.


July 2012 Tuesday 10th July – No Nonsense Networking Breakfast Business Group Venue: White Post Restaurant, Ollerton Road Farnsfield. Time: 7.30 am – 9 am – See advert page 20 To book contact Chair; Diane Carter on: 07916 245 367 or email; Thursday 26th July – Mansfield 2020 Business Breakfast Meeting Venue: Mansfield Civic Centre Time: 7.30 am – 9 am To book contact Sam Saunders on: 01623 422010 or email; View pages 16 & 17 for more details. It’s Women’s Business Events Thursday 19th July –IWB Ladies at Lunch Venue: TBC Visit for more details. See page 23 for Membership & Future Events Promote your networking event, workshop, business opening day or launch in our Corporate Calendar* Send details to Editor; Diane Carter on:diane@ Register at to view our Corporate Calendar online and to add events. *Small Fee may apply to certain events



In this section of Your ‘The High Life’ magazine the focus is on the ladies.

The swimsuit. Decorative day wear is a big hit on the summer catwalks and this pretty swimsuit from River Island brings the best of this daywear trend to the beach.

See our great fashion article by Natalie highlighting ‘The Best Beach Buys’ Di’s Leisure Blog once again proves our Editor is ‘hopping mad’ – dressed as a little bunny? And our final wine review for a while offers a fabulous bottle of Don Perignon Rose Vintage 1988 – for those of you who love to really splash out.

image: Salvatore Vuono

Fashion by Natalie: Best Beach Buys

The bikini. This pastel Bow Bandeau bikini from Red Herring at Debenhams evokes the girlish charm of the Vintage Americana look (left). Dress it up with a pair of cats eye sunglasses.

The cover up. Shelter from the hot summer sun in style with this Aztec Kaftan from Accessorize. The tribal patterning is ideal for exotic beach locations.


t’s time to start shopping for those holiday essentials but looking good in the sun doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s my pick of the high street’s best beach buys.

The sun dress. This beautiful Dipped Hem Maxi dress from Matalan has the floral summer trend covered. Priced at only £20 it’s a summer must have.

The hat. A wide brimmed hat provides essential shade when reading on the sands. I just love this Straw Stripe hat by Jasper Conran at Debenhams.

The finishing touch. A bold necklace looks great with a bikini or swimsuit. This one from Monsoon captures the catwalk tribal vibe with an opulent twist for just £45.

Accessorize and Monsoon 08448110068, Matalan 0845 330 3330, River Island 0208 991 4904. Red Herring Bow Bandeau Bikini Top and Bottom and Jasper Conran, Straw Stripe Hat, both at Debenhams, 0844 561 6161

26 coat next time too love!

Hi and thanks for taking the time out to read about my weekend of leisure for June. Question: Do I still rant on about the weather like in the last edition; complaining about the ice cold wind and rain - still in the early days of Summer? No I refuse to be downtrodden and will fight till the last days of Summer to get the best of every drop of sunshine we are blessed with! At least I don’t have to get my bikini out or brave the elements with a pair of shorts - I can stay well hidden with my jeans and even bootsyes the only time I dare to bare even my toes to the sun wearing strappy heels I ended up walking through a sewage flood on my way into a local store, caused by a surprise downpour on the way -yukky! What a Jubilee Celebration though and didn’t it make you proud to be British? I thought the Queen amazing - to not only continue without a blink at being left alone and no doubt concerned, due to the health of Prince Phillip but also to face the Spanish Armada (the Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant) in those treacherous conditions! The only person I had no sympathy for was Kate - please lady put a little more weight on and stop trying to complete with your Sister for the best figure - you looked far better a little ‘bonnier’. A warmer


The High Life Ladies Guide to Finding Fine Wine

So in-between watching the Jubilee celebrations including the fantastic concert, I had a lovely bank holiday Monday with a trip out to the Harley Art & Craft Gallery at Welbeck, Worksop, having great fun dressing up in some of the costumes on display. See the little bunny ears above. Following on I took a visiting friend to the Sherwood Visitor Centre as he didn’t even know that the Major Oak is here in Mansfield and couldn’t understand why Nottingham puts their ‘claim to fame’ on it - my words exactly! Lots of people getting into the spirit and wearing all their authentic outfits. Well done to everyone who got involved and the Centre was packed with people of all ages enjoying our local history. I’m now getting excited about my trip to London for a day at the Olympics, having bid and won the opportunity to watch some semi final athletic contests. I have no idea who I will be watching not being a big sports fan but dragging my Son with me is the highlight. The reasons being it will probably be our last expedition together for a long time as he flees the nest to go to University in September. Watch for my tears in that edition. And of course let us wish our fabulous local hero; Rebecca Adlington all the best for the Olympics - she is amazing and to have achieved so much is brilliant. I am sure she will bring some medals and glory back to our town. So let’s wave the flag once again for Britain! Go British Team Go!

Pamela takes a careful sip “The first is always the most fun” she states then quickly the half glass is gone “Ooh a delicious vintage champagne of suitable maturity, soft, yeasty and simply oozing class - just like me - well without the yeasty”!


She continues “Absolutely exquisite and if you want to impress a definite yes”.

So who could we get to test this high flying delicious drink but a local lady with taste, flair, style, pizzazz and of course a party of friends and a trail of admirers.

Don’t touch cut price champagne “lean, mean, acidic stuff that you simply push up your dental bill ruining your tooth enamel” - Avoid!

his is our last fine wine review for a while and so we thought we would offer a Celebratory Champagne in pre- fever for our Olympics hopefuls who will no doubt bring some glory to our lands.

Posh Pamela - bright, witty, intelligent and oozing with class was the only lady we could ask to test ‘The High Life’s’ extravagant closing choice; Dom Perignon Rose 1998 Magnum. The Champagne Direct online review reads “ The first perfumed floral notes quickly open up into orange peel and dried fruits, with the characteristics of a well-matured harvest and woody spices”. It continues “on the palate the envelope is ample and the structure remarkably balanced, precise and sophisticated. The warm, radiant complexity persists and vibrates, barely touched by the subtlest hint of bitterness. Visit for more details about the harvest, the grape and the history but we know you want to know about the taste so here goes...

However ladies the surprise - the price £670 for the Dom Perignon Rose 1998 Magnum (1.5 litre) in D-P Box. So if your budget doesn’t stretch that far here are a few tips:

Do try as a great alternative a Spanish Cava with a wide variety on offer at a variety of prices. Spain’s bargain fizz isn’t massively exciting but offers lots of fresh fruity flavour with joyful bubbles-great for a ladies night party and we love those. We hope you have enjoyed our insight into the variety of wines available. General tips - always search for the half price offers, avoid cheap and cheerful, Scour the top and bottom shelves whether in a supermarket or wine shop as often the best deals are hidden and buy a good wine book! Or pop into your local wine store and have a chat, or taste of a few new wines - life is short and the choice of grape is endless


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Palace Theatre July Not Much Matches Mansfield hits all the right notes! A local piece inspired by the local people surely has something for everyone local. Not Much Matches Mansfield by Kevin Fegan, is the new community play for Mansfield performed on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 July as part of the Mansfield Arts Festival, in settings across the town. The play is truly taking shape and excitement is mounting with one month to go. Weekly rehearsals see the 60 strong cast develop and grow as the production dates draw closer. Excitement and enthusiasm continues with the confirmation that a choir of up to 80 Mansfield school pupils and Newstead Brass Band are to join what promises to be a grand finale and celebration of local talent in Mansfield. Musically, the productions are progressing further and further. From words written by Kevin Fegan, Ian Carter, the Composer and Musical Director, has encompassed all ideas and desires with the fabulous catchy title song ‘Not Much Matches Mansfield’. Ian said, “We wanted a number that Mansfield could not help but join in – a shared bit of fun for all. I think we have achieved this with all involved in the project not being able to get the chorus out of their heads!” The Four Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water inspire much of Kevin’s writing particularly in the play Mansfield: In The Beginning performed at St Peter’s Church. Once again, the musical response to illustrate the connection to these Four Elements has been explored well and will be performed by a Brass Sextet. This project is an ambitious one which has been largely funded by Arts Council England / National Lottery. Local sponsors and Mansfield District Council have also added to the financial backing, making the project possible. All involved want to create high quality and thought-provoking theatre in the streets of Mansfield in a way that the Town has not seen before. This energised, fun and engaging play, made up of different parts which can be viewed on their own or in any order, is designed to encourage all ages, theatre going and non-going theatre audiences to give it a go. For more information on the performance areas, play summaries and times, please visit:

Film Review The Dark Knight Rises Release date: 20th July Starring: Christian Bale, Ann Hathaway, Gary Oldman. When Commissioner Gordon stumbles upon a plot to destroy the city from within, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as the Batman. Waiting for him is the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman’s legacy piece by piece. Eight years after Batman took the fall for Two Face’s crimes, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham’s finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

Book Review The Woman Who Died Alot (Thursday Next 7) Release: 12th July Hardback The BookWorld's leading enforcement officer Thursday Next is four months into an enforced semi-retirement following an assassination attempt. She returns home to Swindon for what you'd expect to be a time of recuperation. If only life were that simple. Thursday is faced with an array of family problems - son Friday's lack of focus since his career in the Chronoguard was relegated to a might-have-been, daughter Tuesday's difficulty perfecting the Anti-Smote shield needed to thwart an angry Deity's promise to wipe Swindon off the face of the earth, and Jenny, who doesn't exist. And that's not all. With Goliath attempting to replace Thursday at every opportunity with synthetic Thursdays, the prediction that Friday's Destiny-Aware colleagues will die in mysterious circumstances, and a looming meteorite that could destroy all human life on earth, Thursday's retirement is going to be anything but easy. Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (12 July 2012) ISBN-10: 0340963115 ISBN-13: 978-0340963111


The High Life Event Diary Dates Sunday, July 1 Rufford: Yoga in the Park - Have a go at yoga in the great outdoors, on the beautiful lawns of Rufford (indoors if wet in the ancient atmospheric Undercroft next door to Savile Restaurant). You will need to bring a yoga mat, or exercise mat, or large towel. Venue: Rufford Abbey Country Park. Time: 10am – 11am Cost: £5 per session. Booking essential – pay on the day but need to book in advance. Contact Dawn Taylor - email: yoga., tel: 0794 120 6952, July 5 and July 6 Mansfield: Battle of the Bands Young bands compete for the title of Best Band. Venue: The Old Library, Mansfield 5/6 July (heats), 13 July (final), 7pm £3/£2 concessions. For more information: Tel: 01623 644377 Email: countyyoutharts@ 7th to 15th July

Mansfield Arts Festival will take place. The festival will see Mansfield District Council, including its Palace Theatre and Museum, Mansfield Library and the Old Library, Vision West Notts, schools and community groups, come together to create an exciting programme of activities and events

for everyone across the District to get involved in. A number of events have already been confirmed for the festival including: • Project 2012: Mamesfelde to Mansfield, from the Palace Theatre • The opening of Mansfield Museum’s Summer Exhibition • Vision West Notts’ I Heart Mansfield Film Festival screening • Post 16 Fringe Festival at the Old Library, Leeming Street, Mansfield • The annual Warsop Carnival • Events are also being planned at Mansfield Library. There’s also the opportunity for people to get involved during the week by either holding their own performance or exhibition, or getting involved in one of the events currently being organised. If you would like to stage your own event during the week please register at A full programme of the Mansfield Arts Festival activities is available online at Saturday 7 - Saturday 14 July Mansfield: Mansfield Cultural Festival: Youth Fringe A programme of young people’s performances: 9 July: Dance night 10 July: Music night 11 July: Drama night 12 July: Film night 13 July: Band night 14 July: Big Street Dance Day Venue: The Old Library, Mansfield. Cost: £2. For more information, Tel: 01623 623149 Email: berni@ Sat 7th Jul-Wed 29th Sep Mansfield Museum’s Summer Exhibition - The Annual Summer

Diary Dates Never Miss a Local Event Again

Exhibition will be a celebration of sport. Sunday 8th July Warsop Carnival Time; 12noon to 7pm Venue: Carrs Show Ground. Church Lane, Church Warsop. The event includes a parade and a variety of arena acts, displays and side stalls and an open air music Monday, July 9 Mansfield: Mansfield Memories Matinee Performances - special screening of rarely seen footage cared for at the Media Archive for Central England Venue: Mansfield Library Auditorium, West Gate, 90 mins running time Time: doors 12.30pm, 1pm start Cost: £1 (prices of yesteryear) 25th July 11 am – 3pm Mansfield BID Event Venue: Market Square Summer fun with face painting, balloon modelling

Let us know of your next event and we can publish it here. Follow the gold arrow below to find details of how to submit

If you have a diary date for a cultural or celebratory event that you would like publicing in the Mansfield and Ashfield are, then please contact us at: or use our new online diary dates facility by visiting


Did You Wear a Tiara to Work? Mansfield Charity Jigsaw Support Scheme’s first Wear a Tiara to Work Day on June 1st kicked off the day before at Mansfield 2020 with the ladies at the networking meeting joining in the fun and wearing their tiaras to show their support for Jigsaw.

Jigsaw’s mission is to ensure that no adult in North Nottinghamshire falls through the net of service provision. The charity provides a common sense approach to meeting the support needs of vulnerable people in Mansfield and Ashfield and because it raises its own funds it provides help when it’s not available from other sources.  See their website for case studies. Jigsaw is continuing its fundraising tea parties throughout June.  It’s an ideal way for businesses to get together with customers both old and.  Karon Maxwell,  Manager at FA Henshaw Furniture says she would certainly recommend having a tea party “We held one on Friday 8th June and the weather was terrible.  But despite that we managed to raise £70.00 for this very worthy cause.  And we had a lot of fun too!”  Contact Ginny Cullen for your comprehensive fundraising pack on 01623 662200. Top Picture shows - Katerina Atherton of A-star Media, Diane Carter, Marathon Media and Ginny Cullen from Jigsaw all wearing their tiaras for Jigsaw’s special day.  The picture also shows Graham Kirk Managing Director of Mansfield Garage Doors, that meeting’s sponsor.  The lower picture (above) shows the ladies at The Works Hair and Beauty Salon in White Hart Street in Mansfield wore their tiaras and raised a magnificent £30.00 which is enough to fund 3 befrienders for

three months. The befriending project reduces chronic isolation amongst Mansfield’s elderly and prevents mental health issues developing due to loneliness

Regular Feature Please send us your short stories and poems about the local area. Send via email to Editor or call the number at the bottom of the page for postal details.

Please note if you wish for them to be returned send a SAE. They must not be previously published material. Thank you Please send your material to: or

30 The Coral Tree From the lane You can see acre after endless acre Of azure sky Patched with alabaster clouds Blown ragged by high cold winds. Below the billowing sky There’s a surging field A vibrant swell Like a tropical sea Wave after wave of emerald green. At the top of the field, pinned against the sky Stand the living bones of a bare tree, Stretching knotted branches Like a coral lattice Filtering the wind. Inert, The coral tree is ready to burst into life And dress itself in the greenery That the field is to exchange For an expanse of gold. Chris Pearson

PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION Can you take a good photo? Would you like recognition with a Prestigious Image or if appropriate you may even make the front page? AMATEUR OR PROFESSIONAL Full Accreditation for your work Format — digital colour image in high resolution Subject: Capture a “Flavour of Mansfield and Ashfield Area” This can be buildings, Parks, Scenes, People in the community, Landmarks or Famous places Please send entries to: Diane carter, editor:

Sutton-in-Ashfield - A Flavour of the Jubilee Celebrations (Anonymous) See the panel on the left to submit your local area photos to gain credit and get published!


Samworth Church Academy Celebrates the Jubilee in style!


amworth Church Academy celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee in style with some staff and students wearing red white and blue outfits and having a picnic- for the whole school! Kitchen staff prepared over 900 picnic bags for students and staff containing sandwiches, fruit, sausage roll, cake and a fruit juice. Even the rainy weather outside didn’t put a damper on the day as students provided their own live music and took part in the jubilee celebrations. Photos: (Top) Callum Green finds a patriotic cake in his picnic bag, (left) Student Sharny in her wonderful red white and blue dress

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