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Apple iPod, iPhone & iPad March 2011

CONTENTS Docking Stations 3 Jarre 4 JBL 5 Harman Kardon 6 Conran Audio 7 Vibe 8 Revo 9 iTamTam 10 Amethyst 11 Sonos Cases & Chargers 13 Covertec 14 Cellular Line 16 LostDog 17 Speck 18 Tetrax Headsets 19 AKG 20 Etymotic 21 Bluetrek 22 Novero Chargers & Batteries 24 iGo 25 A-Solar 26 HyperJuice 27 Swiss Charger Other innovative brands 28 A4T 29 QED 30 Messless 31 ClickFree 32 Dectel 32 Samsonite 32 MyDitto SPECIFICATIONS Integrated amplifier 1 subwoofer 60 W RMS 2 speakers 2 x 30 W RMS Ports iPod 30-pin for iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone USB 2.0 Host: reads any type of digital audio file Auxiliary input for mini-jack analog / digital 3.5 mm IR Remote iPod functions Colors Silver or Black Frequency range -6dB at 52Hz&20kHz Drive units 1×135mm (5.25in) bass 2×75mm (3in) satellite

Amplifier output power 1×60W (bass) 2×30W (satellite) Power input voltage 200V~240V - 50/60Hz Inputs 30-pin iPod connector 3.5mm mini jack USB with WMA & MP3 decoder Height 1085mm (42.7in) Cabinet External Diameter 115mm (4.5in) Base External Diameter 260mm (10.2in) Net Weight 14.36kg Material&Finishes Cabinet: Toughened glass Grilles: Stainless Steel with Chromium

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Jarre technologies is an innovative brand for home-entertainment products focusing on design, simplicity and maximum performance. Designed and engineered in France, our products are the result of 4 years of research & testing. Benefiting from the unique expertise of Jean Michel Jarre and his team of sound engineers, who have successfully delivered major live outdoor concerts with pristine sound quality for audiences of over 3.5 million people

JBL Multimedia Docking Stations


Portable loudspeaker dock for iPod and iPhone

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Compatibility: Frequency response: Transducers: Power rating: Input connections: Battery requirement: Power requirement: Available finishes: Dimensions (D x W x H): Weight:

Compatible with all docking versions of iPod and iPhone from 4th generation and later generations, MP3 and CD players, and desktop and laptop computers (all platforms) 85Hz – 20kHz 4 x 1-inch (25mm) JBL Odyssey transducers 10W x 2 iPod and iPhone dock (main connection); 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack (auxiliary connection) 6 x AA NiMh or alkaline 12V DC, 1.5A Black or white 210mm x 210mm x 68mm (8-1/4" x 8-1/4" x 2-11/16") 1.6 lb (0.7kg)


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If power and portability are what you want in a loudspeaker dock, the JBL On Stage®* IV has them – in style. Four JBL® Odyssey® full-range transducers and a digital amplifier will fill virtually any room (or outdoor space, for that matter) with realistic JBL sound, and 6 AA batteries will give you hours of continuous use. The IR remote control lets you navigate your music library from across the room, and a USB cable will sync your iPod or iPhone with iTunes and keep it charged. So anywhere you and your friends get together, you’ll want the JBL On Stage IV to be there, too.


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Soundsticks II

• Class leading audio performance, engineered by the award winning Q Acoustics design team • Optimised sound settings for different room types • Stream music wirelessly from iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Bluetooth enabled smart phones, tablets and laptops • New ‘apt-X’ Bluetooth streaming technology for optimum quality sound from ‘apt-X’ compatible devices • Dock rotates to allow both horizontal and vertical operation to enhance menu visibility • Remote control locates in the side of the dock • Auxiliary input to connect other music sources

Ready for ‘apt-X’ quality Bluetooth Stereo In addition to its ability to play music from physically docked iPods and iPhones, the Conran can also play ‘wireless audio’. You can wirelessly stream music to the dock from your iPhone, iTouch, iPad or MacBook as well as other Bluetooth compatible smart phones, laptops and tablets.

Furthermore, the Conran dock’s in-built Bluetooth receiver chip is compatible with ‘apt-X’, the new high-performance audio coding technology which transmits CD-quality full-bandwidth stereo over Bluetooth connections. ‘apt-X’ is fast becoming the next ‘must have’ technology feature in high-end consumer audio devices with pre-installed or dongle-enabled Bluetooth Stereo capability.

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Speaker dock features:

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INTERNET Radio’s with digital DAB function and IPod & iPhone docking.

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Sonos Controller for iPhone The Sonos Controller for iPhone® is a free application that turns your iPhone (or iPod touch®) into a full-fledged Sonos Controller. Plus, it fits in your pocket so you can carry it with you all over the house.

Sonos Controller for iPad The Sonos Controller for iPad™ is a free application that takes music control to a whole new level. Optimized for the iPad’s large touch screen, everyone in the house can quickly and easily find and play music—in landscape or portrait mode.

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Sonos Wireless Dock Dock anywhere. Play everywhere. Charge anytime. That’s why the Sonos Wireless Dock is the perfect accessory for your Sonos system. Now you can wirelessly play all the music that’s stored or playing on an iPod® or iPhone® in all the rooms where you have Sonos.

Speel elk nummer. In elke kamer. Draadloos.

Sonos Multi-Room Muzieksysteem Het Sonos multi-room muzieksysteem biedt u kristalhelder geluid en eindeloos luisterplezier in elke kamer van uw huis. Draadloos, moeiteloos, probleemloos. Plaats Sonos ZonePlayers in kamers waar u muziek wenst en bedien uw favoriete muziek in alle kamers met de gratis Sonos App op uw iPhone, iPod touch of iPad. Speel iTunes draadloos vanaf uw computer op audio-apparatuur in uw woonkamer of luister naar internetradio in uw keuken of slaapkamer.

Sonos ZoneBridge (BR100)

Speel verschillende nummers in verschillende kamers of hetzelfde nummer in alle kamers tegelijk. Installatie is eenvoudig en kan binnen enkele minuten zonder enige technische kennis. Sonos geeft uw muziek de ruimte!

Sonos ZonePlayer S5

(zie afbeelding, excl. iPhone, iPad)

5 geïntegreerde speakers en 5 versterkers leveren kristalhelder, kamervullend geluid.

The Sonos ZoneBridge 100 makes setting up an all-wireless Sonos system wonderfully fast…and easy. Instead of using a ZonePlayer, simply connect the ZoneBridge to your router to instantly activate the SonosNet wireless mesh network. Now all your ZonePlayers and Controllers can work wirelessly and be put anywhere in your house. It’s the ideal solution if your house doesn’t have Ethernet wiring or your router is in a room where you don’t want music..

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Draadloos te bedienen vanaf iPhone en iPad.

iPhone 4 Wool Cases

Article: 28604 / SX318/03 Leather Case iPhone 4G Brown EAN / UPC : 4897007194582 Enduser 39,95 EUR

Article: 28603 / SX318/02 Leather Case iPhone 4G Red EAN / UPC : 4897007194575 Enduser 39,95 EUR

Article: 28608 / WCL01 Wool Case iPhone 4 Black EAN / UPC : 4897007194612 Enduser 14,95 EUR

Article: 28602 / SX318/01 Leather Case iPhone 4G Black EAN / UPC : 4897007194568 Enduser 39,95 EUR

Article: 28609 / WCL04 Wool Case iPhone 4 Grey EAN / UPC : 4897007194629 Enduser 14,95 EUR

Article:28613 / WCL06 Wool Case iPhone 4 Green EAN / UPC : 4897007194667 Enduser 14,95 EUR

Article: 28614 / WCL07 Wool Case iPhone 4 Navy EAN / UPC : 4897007194674 Enduser 14,95 EUR

Article: 28611 / WCL02 Wool Case iPhone 4 Red EAN / UPC : 4897007194643 Enduser 14,95 EUR

iPhone 4 Cables

Article: 28605 / SX319 Bamboo Hard Case+Screen Protector iPhone 4G EAN / UPC : 4897007194599 Enduser 34,95 EUR

Article: 28598 / CCS78 Micro Car Charger iPhone/iPad EAN / UPC : 4897007194377 Enduser 19,95 EUR

Article: 28607 / SSP318 Screen Protector (2 pieces) EAN / UPC : 4897007194551 Enduser 9,95 EUR

Article: 28599 Micro Travel Charger iPhone/iPad EAN / UPC : 4897007194360 Enduser 24,95 EUR Article: 28600 / TK78 Micro Travel+Car Charger iPhone/iPad EAN / UPC : 4897007194384 Enduser 29,95 EUR

iPad Hard Shell Cases iPad Neoprene Sleeves


Article:28612 / WCL05 Wool Case iPhone 4 Blue EAN / UPC : 4897007194650 Enduser 14,95 EUR

Article: 28589 / HCI iPad Hard Shell Case EAN / UPC : 4897007194278 Enduser 29,95 EUR

Article: 28601 / SSP78 iPad Screen Protector EAN / UPC : 4897007194391 Enduser 14,95 EUR

Article: 28594 / NSIR iPad Neoprene Sleeve Red EAN / UPC : 4897007194322 Enduser: 24,95 EUR

Article: 28596 / NSIG iPad Neoprene Sleeve Grey EAN / UPC : 4897007194346 Enduser: 24,95 EUR

Article: 28593 / NSIB iPad Neoprene Sleeve Brown EAN / UPC : 4897007194315 Enduser: 24,95 EUR

Article: 28595 / NSIN iPad Neoprene Sleeve Navy EAN / UPC : 4897007194339 Enduser 20,62 EUR

Article: 28592 / NSIP iPad Neoprene Sleeve Purple EAN / UPC : 4897007194308 Enduser: 24,95 EUR

Article: 28591 / NSIBG iPad Neoprene Sleeve black EAN / UPC : 4897007194292 Enduser: 24,95 EUR

iPad Cables Article: 28590 / ITC iPad Travel Case EAN / UPC : 4897007194285 Enduser 34,95 EUR

Article: 28598 / CCS78 iPad Micro Car Charger EAN / UPC : 4897007194377 Enduser 19,95 EUR

Article: 28600 / TK78 iPad iPad Micro Travel + Car Charger EAN / UPC : 4897007194384 Enduser 29,95 EUR

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iPhone 4 Cases







Kit of 3 universal protective films for widescreen display

Packaging: -


CRAB FOR IPHONE 3Gs Packaging: Special blister BIG CRAB

IPHONE 3G/3GS/4 in-car holder

Range: Compatibility: Universal for devices with Wide Screen


Article Code:

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone® - iPhone® 3G - iPhone® 3GS

Article Code:



190mm 225mm 75mm

Anti-glare and anti-fingertips screen protector


CRAB FOR IPHONE 4 Packaging: In-car holder blister

In-car holder for iPhone 4

Packaging: Cellular Line® dedicated pack

Range: Compatibility: For iPhone® 3G/3GS and iPhone® 4

Range: Compatibility: For iPhone® 4

Article Code:

190mm 275mm 75mm




Anti-glare and anti-fingerprints wide universal screen protector

CRAB SUPERGRIP FOR IPHONE Packaging: Premium pack

In-car holder with supergrip suction cup

Packaging: Screen protector pack

Range: Compatibility: Universal for display size max 74mm x 133mm Range:

125mm 190mm 5mm

Compatibility: For iPhone 4/3GS/3G 105mm 230mm 50mm

Article Code: Article Code:




MAGIC CLIP Packaging: Cellular Line® 3D blister

Adhesive clip for suction cups on instrument panel or centre console

Front and back anti-glare and antifingerprints screen protector for iPhone 4

Packaging: Screen protector pack



Compatibility: For iPhone® 4

Compatibility: Universal

125mm 190mm 5mm

105mm 230mm 40mm

CAR 26


CATALOG OF 07/02/2011

CATALOG OF 07/02/2011


IPHONE® CASES Article Code:

Cellular offers a large range of cases, screenprotectors, chargers and much more for your Apple products


CIRCLE for IPHONE® Rubber case with screen protector

Packaging: New Cellular Line® premium box

Range: IPHONE 3G/3GS AVAILABLE COLOURS: Compatibility: For iPhone® 3G/3GS 125mm 196mm 35mm

Article Code:




Shiny rubber cases with screen protector


Packaging: New Cellular Line® premium box

FLAP CASES for iPhone 4

Range: IPHONE 3G/3GS AVAILABLE COLOURS: Compatibility: For iPhone® 3G/3GS

Article Code:


GLAM for IPHONE 4 Rubber case with screen protector

Packaging: Window pack



Range: Available in 4 different colours Compatibility: For iPhone® 4 125mm 190mm 15mm

Article Code:


DISCO for IPHONE 4 Hard cases with laminated back and screen protector

Packaging: Window pack FLAPIPHONE4W

Package Packaging description FLAP iPhone 4 leather case

Range: Available in 5 different colours Compatibility: For iPhone® 4 125mm 190mm 15mm


CATALOG OF 07/02/2011

Packaging Cellular Line® book pack

Packaging features - Pack with full-size front/rear window - Flap with magnetic closure - Customised product picture according to compatibility - Euro hole

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125mm 196mm 35mm



Article Code:


CLEANING SLEEVES for IPAD Universal case for the IPAD, with microfibre lining

Packaging: Bekonnekt® book pack for IPAD

CASES Article Code:


NEOPRENE SLEEVES FOR iPAD Range: 3 assorted colours: black, violet and pink

IPAD neoprene sleeves

Compatibility: For iPad® 225mm 320mm 30mm

Article Code:


FRUTA® HARD CASES for iPAD Super-protective hard cases for the IPAD

Range: 3 assorted colours: black, violet and pink Compatibility: For iPad®

Packaging: Customized band

Article Code:

Range: 2 colors: pink and black



Compatibility: For iPad®

Packaging: Bekonnekt® pack for iPad®

Silicone case Article Code:

Packaging: PVC bag and customised band


GLAM foriPAD Packaging: Bekonnekt® pack for iPad®

Rubber case

Range: Compatibility: For iPad®

Range: Compatibility: For iPad®

Article Code:




Eco-leather multi-angle stand case


Packaging: Bekonnekt® book pack for IPAD

Packaging: Bekonnekt® book pack for IPAD

Transparent hard case

Range: Available in two colours: black and white Compatibility: For iPad®


225mm 320mm 30mm

Compatibility: For iPad® 225mm 320mm 30mm .


CATALOG OF 06/02/2011



MAGIC GLASS for IPAD Protective film for iPad®


Packaging: Bekonnekt® pack for iPad®


CATALOG OF 06/02/2011

Compatibility: For iPad®

Article Code:


SECRET FOR iPAD Packaging: Bekonnekt® pack for iPad®

Range: Compatibility: For iPad®

Article Code:


ULTRA GLASS for IPAD Anti-glare and anti-fingertips screen protector

Packaging: Bekonnekt® pack for iPad®

Range: Compatibility: For iPad®

Article Code:


VANITY for IPAD Mirror screen protector

Range: Compatibility: For iPad®

Packaging: -

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Privacy screen protector

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SPECK + Apple iPad ExCluSivE

SPECK’S got 3 AwESomE nEw iPad CASES, ExCluSivE to Apple ! PixelShield



It’s amazing new devices like the iPad™ that really inspire us to charge

ahead in our case making mission: coming out with new products for the coolest devices, creating cases with original Speck style and ultimate protection. We’re excited to release these three new products for iPad exclusively to Apple® retail stores. Apple customers around the world will be thrilled to choose what case best fits their needs; the cozy PixelShield™ carry sleeve, the amazingly cool CandyShell™, and the distinctively stylish Fitted case. We hope these products will inspire even ™

$39.95 MSRP

Black IPAD-PXSD-A02A00 875912009737

Triple-layer protection carry sleeve for iPad • Reinforced inner layer for extra screen protection • Textured neoprene exterior stretches to hold you iPad in place • Plush scratch-free micro-fleece interior lining • Comfortable integrated carry handle • Airport security checkpoint-friendly design

Red IPAD-PXSD-A07A08 875912009812

more excitement and fun to the burgeoning iPad culture!


$49.95 MSRP

• Form-fit two-piece hard shell case design protects from scratches and scuffs • Access to all buttons, controls, sensors and connections


Tartan Plaid Fadeaway Light Gray IPAD-FTD-A02A018 875912009676

Tartan Plaid Fadeaway Blue Gray IPAD-FTD-A02A019 875912009683

NightShade Purple PAD-CNDY-A15A13 875912009621

Batwing Black IPAD-CNDY-A02A03 875912009607

$49.95 MSRP


Hard Shell. Soft Center. Sweet Looks... The ultimate in protection for iPad • One-of-a-kind design; seamless hard shell case with soft, rubberized interior lining • Flip-back panel for use with dock and keyboard (not included) • Rubberized interior and button covers offer shock absorption and protection • • 650.462.2040 • let’s talk sooN!

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Because Dressing Up is Fun... Let your iPad in on some style! • Original fabric-wrapped patterns give your iPad a fabulous tailored look

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Car fixing without gooseneck

Dectel Apple Products - March 2011 - page 19


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Business Pack Metal Evolution Optimized Bluetooth® connectivity and compatibility, specially audio tuned for iPhone 4 & 3GS. Its superior NoiseLock™ technology effectively eliminates noise up to 80dB background environment. Multipoint technology supports active connections with two Bluetooth enabled mobile or devices simultaneously.Best in class noise cancellation Its superior NoiseLock™ technology, which effectively eliminates noise up to 80dB background environment.(the average noise level on a busy road noise) Multipoint technology Supports active connections with 2 Bluetooth enabled mobile or devices simultaneously VoIP - Supports Bluetooth enabled computers for VoIP calling, such as Skype

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Other operation features Volume up, volume down, mute, unmute, transfer calls between phone and headset, call waiting, call reject, last number redial etc

TheTalkyOne universal Bluetooth speakerphone Goes here, goes there, goes almost anywhere


Key Features Bluetooth 2.1, HFP 1.5, A2DP 1.2 Multipoint (active connection with two phones) Caller name recognition (Textto-Speech) SIG Simple Pairing Automatic off micro USB charging and Software update via USB noise reduction and echo cancellation with best in class DSP Multicompatible with most Bluetooth enabled phones universal car installation, user self installable 180 hours of stand-by and up to 15 hours of talk time

When you’re driving, safety comes first: you need your hands at the wheel and your eyes on the road. There’s no time to check your mobile to see who’s calling, so TheTalkyOne tells you, out loud, in your language. There’s no time to fiddle with a complicated keypad, so TheTalkyOne does everything with just one big button. Hit it, and you’re talking. Rock it, and the volume changes. It’s that simple.

Key Selling Points Ease of use through one illuminated big button Excellent audio quality with Full DSP caller name identification via TTS from phonebook entries Active connection to two phones (multipoint) Can also be used as desk-top speaker phone with 2 stereo loudspeakers Mounting flexibility - speakerphone supports various installation methods: dashboard, sun visor and a universal Richter interface for hundreds more

Technical Specifications

Sales Package Content

Dimensions Weight Security Op. range Talk time Stand by Color Connector

TheTalkyOne speakerphone Sunvisor Clip Dashboard Car Holder 3 Glue/Velcro Pads Car charger Micro USB cable UG on Mini CD Quickguide on the inside of the box

105 x 63 x 20 mm 95 g Encrypted link 8-128 bit Up to 10m Up to 15 h up to 180 h off white micro USB

Dectel Apple Products - March 2011 - page 22

Fix it to your dashboard; clip it to your sun visor. Tack it to your monitor; stick it on your desk: we believe wireless means the freedom to put technology wherever you like, and that’s why, whether you want it out of the way or on display; you can mount TheTalkyOne universal speakerphone almost anywhere.


”– “


‟ ‟

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•“ ”

‟ ”–

‟ ‟

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A-solar Power Pack for iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 is a great and multifunctional device, but due to all the possibleconnectivity also a demanding device powerwise. ThereforeA-solar developed a Power Pack for iPhone4. This is in fact a powerplant molded within a protective case. The 1700mAh batterycase fits like a glove.It provides in no-time the extra energy and also protection. The Power Pack charges trough USB or solar power.

A-solar iPhone Super Charger This versatile mobile charger has a buffy 1900mAh Li-ion battery and a solar panel to charge your iPhone. Simply place the charger in direct sunlight and it accumulates the power to it’s battery.There’s also the possibility to charge via USB and the standard iPhone cable. This unique and user-friendlyaccessory makes your iPhone complete.

A-solar iPhone Power Pack This powerfull charger fits seamlessly to your iDevice. It holds a potent 1600mAh battery. This one charges rapidly trough the big solar panel in the back of the charger. There is still the possibility to get some extra power trough the usb plug or to simply hook it up to your PC.

A-solarPower BankPro

A-solar City Bag Presenting: The City Bag : The City bag is an ideal companion for daily use, on the go or at festivals. This compact bag holds many usefulcompartment’sfot you to fill. The main space is as good as an A4 so your iPad fits in nice and cosy. The solar panel is fitted in the the closing flap. The City Bag has an removable shoulder strap, is splash proof and made of recycled PET bottles.

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Versatility in a white box ! Super power from A-solar Power Bank Pro :a universalcharger with 5000mAh internal battery. It has 2 USB outlets 5V, one 1.5A, one 500mA. The 500mAh outlet is used for standard devices. A diversity of plugs are in the box. The 1,5A outlet can be used for all devices and iPad. The powerbank can be charged trough USB, power socket, solar panels of our bags. iPod, iPad and iPhone can be charged with the standard Apple cable.

For Macbook

10 Hot Colors, 3 Different Capacities, Batteries Never Looked So Sexy! The 1800mAh HyperMac Nano is the world’s only iPhone/ iPod lithium-ion battery pack with a built-in charging cable and holds enough power to fully recharge an iPhone 1.5 times. Unlike traditional battery packs with built-in rigid connectors, the HyperMac Nano features a flexible connector cable to allow the battery to move freely from the device, instead of simply sticking out of the base of the iPhone/iPod, which increases the chance of damage to the iPhone/iPod socket.

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The 3600mAh HyperMac Micro holds enough power to fully charge an iPhone up to three times, while the 7200mAh HyperMac Mini can fully charge an iPhone up to six times. Both output 5V/1A power through a USB port and the user can charge any iPhone, iPod or USB-powered device with the provided iPhone/iPod and USB cables. The batteries are rechargeable via USB or wall outlet with the provided USB cable and AC adapter.

SWISS CHARGER iPhone 4 Power Pack SCI6 “ The Smallest Case with Rechargeable Battery in the WORLD! ”


With the Swiss-Charger iPower SCI6 you can Protect, Sync & Recharge your iPhone4 . The SCI6 allows you to enjoy favorite movies, music, games, phone calls and internet surfing without worrying about running out of battery power.

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3 in 1 - Protect, Sync & Recharge

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A4T GAMING accessories

Effortlessly stream fantastic, high quality music, wirelessly to your Hi-Fi system. uPlay Bluetooth™ receiver Includes: 3.5mm Jack line-in cable and Phono adaptor

The all new uPlay Bluetooth™ receiver from QED LIVE, is ultra-simple to use and incorporates new ‘apt-X®’ technology for ultimate Bluetooth™ sound quality. The receiver is compatible with: • iPhone™ 3G and 3GS iPod™ touch 2nd and 3rd Gen • Bluetooth™ enabled PDAs and Mobile Phones • Bluetooth™ enabled Computers and Netbooks If your device is apt-X® enabled you’re able to enjoy cd quality wireless streaming. For more information about uPlay and apt-X® visit:

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Armour Home Stortford Hall Industrial Park, Dunmow Road, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, CM23 5GZ |

iPhone, iPod, iPad are a trademarks of Apple Inc.

Cables & Wireless

CD quality wireless audio

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Portable Multicard reader USB

Supports the most recent card types as SDHC, MMC4.2, MS HG and CF4.0. This cardreader also supports SIM and Smart Card like eID identity cards. It also reads all kinds of cards without any adapter.

Electronic Travel Accessories: Product Range The Selected Travellers world moves around few selected items: Laptop, Smartphone and Ipod. They are looking for Fashion Accessories to match with their Fashion devices. Portable laptop devices - Mouse, wireless or retractable Portable audio/mobile phone devices - Headset, earphones, noise reduction earphones Portable electrical devices - Multiplug, powerbank

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Turn any iPod or iPhone into a Clickfree Automatic Backup Solution. Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod allows you to backup your important content to the excess storage space of your iPod or iPhone. No instructions to read. No software to install or setup. Just connect the Transformer for iPod to your computer then connect your iPod or iPhone - The backup will automatically begin! Only the excess capacity of your iPod/iPhone will be used and existing content will never be over written. Do you have music that’s stuck on an old iPod? You can also Import music from ANY iPod/iPhone to your computer at the click of a button! Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod works with bot PC and MAC and can be used on multiple computers.

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