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The New Era of Dry Ice

Dry ice does not mean ice getting dried or something like that. Dry ice simply denotes the idea of Carbon dioxide in their solid form. The dry ice is colder, rather acts as a better cooling agent than mere water frozen ice cubes or slabs. This is the reason when refrigerator is not found or any other means of cooling agents are not possible Dry Ice is used extensively to store effectively frozen food stuffs and ice creams at their best form. Dry Ice is the best cooling agent where water ice is not available. When it sublimes into the atmosphere, unlike the conventional water ice, it does not leave behind any residue. Dry ice cleaning is exclusively used to remove any kind of unwanted greasy, oily, molds and other such tough residues from the machine parts and other sort of equipment in industries and factories which otherwise would render the machinery completely useless and dysfunctional. Dry ice machine helps this cleaning using the pellets of dry ice shot out at very fast speed from a nozzle using compressed air technology. Dry ice machines are commonly known as Dry Ice Blasting Machine that uses maximum efficiency in cleansing the greasy and oily residual substances in comparison to any other means of cleansing them.

Dry Ice Maker helps in getting Dry Ice Pellets, Dry Ice Slices, Dry Ice blocks by which many useful things can be done just like Dry Ice Cleaning. Dry Ice finds several applications in Mechanical fields, Aerospace, Automotive industries, Chemicals in Laboratories, Construction and Building works, Energy and UTILITY SECTORS and Food and Beverages fields etc. Ice Tech World is a renowned producer of Dry ice machines, and other related services and products. For further enquiry contact them at .


Ice Blasting  

Ice Tech World is one of the leading suppliers of innovative dry ice blasting, duct work cleaning equipment and professional high pressure c...

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