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Because children grow • 1 bed = 1001 options

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For babies • Baby and junior beds, high chairs, playpens, etc.

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For children • Beds, furniture and accessories for young children

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For many children • Creative solutions for your child’s bedroom

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For older children • Beds, desks, chests of drawers and more for homework and games

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For storage • Wardrobes, chests and cupboards

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For teenagers

Inspired by children How do you create the perfect environment for your children? That is the question all parents ask themselves. So did I, when – many years ago – I found myself a father of young children. It was the dream of finding the perfect children’s bed – A bed that was functionally practical and which also suited a universe of play and fantasy – that started FLEXA. The solution was a flexible bed system with plenty of options to extend it to meet the new needs that occur as your child grows.

• Beds and furniture with a pure, unpolished design

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Accessories • Mattresses, pillows, duvets, bed linen, textiles, chairs, boxes, and much, much more

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Behind the scenes at FLEXA • Quality, guarantees, safety, etc.

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For more than 25 years, we have been manufacturing furniture tailor-made for children. Furniture that covers the whole spectrum of phases from infant to youth. Furniture where the emphasis is firmly on quality, creativity and safety. Furniture intended for a world where there are no limits to the imagination: the world of children.

Product overview • The complete list

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Arrangement and assembly • FLEXA makes it easy for you

Design your child’s room on your PC

Henning Lykke Jensen Founder of FLEXA

Read more about FLEXA 3D, the room layout program, on page 39.

FLEXA Møbler A/S • Bjørnkærvej 16 • DK-8783 Hornsyld Telefon: +45 7668 8055 • Fax: +45 7668 8069 • E-mail: •

Please note that this brochure is only intended as a guide. On account of different legislative and market requirements, the product range available may differ from country to country. If you have specific enquiries, please contact your local FLEXA dealer or submit your query online at



1 bed = 1001 options What kind of bed should we choose? What do we do when our child grows up? Will there be enough room if we have more children? With a FLEXA bed, there is no end to the options available. You can add new beds, and other units from our wide range of accessories – extra legs,


3-year-old Mathilde’s bed can be a hiding place


6-year-old Mathilde’s bed is now an entire playground


9-year-old Mathilde’s bed provides plenty of room for homework

Because children grow Imagine a bed that grows with your children. A bed your children can use for sleeping, playing – and, later on, doing homework. A bed that can be adapted to suit your children and their needs as they grow. FLEXA supplies beds that suit your children as they and their needs grow and change. Thanks to our flexible system, the bed functions and combinations can change over the years: through the addition of a slide, towers and curtains to create an inspiring play area. You can make room for homework by adding a desk, a chest of drawers or a cupboard under a higher bed. You can keep the same bed as the quality and durability of our units mean that they last throughout childhood.

ladders, rails, etc. – and open up a huge range of possibilities. We always have just what you need. With FLEXA, you will always be able to redesign your children’s rooms again and again to match your needs – and those of your children.





One and the same bed The same basic bed can be used to create various combinations through simply adding different ladders and legs. 4.5


12-year-old Mathilde’s bed is still the same







Sleep well, mum and dad Give your child a safe, secure “nest” in which to grow. If you choose a FLEXA cot, there is plenty of room for your child to move around, while the bars make sure that he or she will sleep safely all night. This means nights of unbroken rest – for both parents and child. It is also easy to convert the cot into a bigger bed for junior, which means you

can use it for years and years. The same applies to our extendable trainer bed, which can be extended from 120 cm to 200 cm. This makes these beds good long-term investments from a purely financial perspective enabling mum and dad to sleep easier, too …



Loooooong life The FLEXA extendable junior bed literally grows with your child. So does the mattress. The first stage is 120, the next is 160 cm, and the last is 200 cm. See page 29 for details of the extendable mattress.



A canopy to dream under The canopy can also be used to make a cosy nook on a larger FLEXA bed when your child grows. See page 16.

A 2-in-1 bed Remove the bars, adjust the bottom and hey presto! The cot becomes a bed for junior. Practical and economic.


Grows up with your child A high bottom is practical for a new-born baby, but a lower bottom is safer when your child learns to stand. And later on, you can remove the bars so he or she can get in and out of bed without assistance. 7.4




Appetite for life Anything can happen when your child starts to discover the pleasure of mealtimes, to explore the world from floor level, to play at changing times, and when he or she suddenly stands for the first time. Safe and stimulating surroundings are the highest priority when your child starts the voyage of discovery.

A home-and-away chair FLEXA high chairs are simple to fold up and put away – or take with you on family evenings out in town.

Maximum back support for all ages The high back ensures that your child cannot fall over backwards and that older children (and adults) sit comfortably.

Make the most of your space The practical pull-out panel can be positioned on either side of the changing table. 9.7

King-size or compact? The wide changing table has plenty of room for play and for keeping things within reach. The compact changing table takes up less room, but the practical pull-out panel provides plenty of room, for example, for a wash bowl, so there is plenty of space for safe play. The changing surface can be removed from both models to give you a practical chest of drawers.

A safe playpen With brushed aluminium bars and a sturdy mattress.







Great spirit With safety-bar, the harness and cushion unite Safety and comfort for the benefit of both parents and children.

Easy to fold up Takes up little space when it is folded up – and can be folded with ease without use of tools.



Extended lifetime It is easy to convert the playpen into a Wendy house for older children to play in.




Move to Wonderland 10.2

Figure 8 pads Fun to sit on and play with. Many colour combinations available.


A bed is more than a bed. It can be a hiding place, a stage, a jungle, a palace or a …? Children use their beds for more than just sleeping. They play in them, act out stories, explore fantasy worlds and create new games. Stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity by extending the bed to make it a playground. FLEXA beds can be expanded with ladders, towers, slides and much much more. The various accessories can transform the bed from a palace to a grocery store, to a Wendy house and back to a bed again.

Tea party with the queen The protector enables the table top to remain undamaged when children use the little table for drawing, “cooking” and playing with dolls.




Come and buy! The little counter under the bed can be used for selling groceries or as a stage for a puppet show.


Dream bed? The princess bed has a multitude of fabulous details such as the curtain that can be used to create a cosy hiding place under the bed.

In the world of the imagination Anything can happen when you crawl into the hiding place, the tent, the cloud, and the curtains that can be set up on the floor or in the bed.


Mattress protector The soft, comfortable underlay (terry cloth on one side and plastic on the other) protects the mattress against little 11 accidents at night.



For the bed or the wall. With six pegs there is plenty of room for a cycling helmet, sports bag, caps, etc.



Storage bag with Velcro closing Perfect for both toys and dirty clothes. Easy to take off the bed when it is full. Available in a range of colours.

Full power! There are championships to be won, aliens to conquer, records to smash and jungles to explore. FLEXA provides children with plenty of options with football goals, target practice, soft balls, stairs, towers, slides and much more. The solid wood, the stable design and the



Bed roll A simple and practical way to roll bed linen up during the day.


Fitness centre and sleeping area With a play tunnel, football net and curtain with target practice.

robust joins ensure that the beds can withstand pretty much anything – without injury to your child or damage to the bed. And when the day is done, it is good to be able to snuggle up with paper, crayons and teddy ‌


Amusement park The platform can be used to fit a ladder, slide or tower.


Couch with hiding place A good place to start for young children who need to stay close to the ground.






Safe assembly Our patented assembly system makes assembly simple, stable and safe.

Lack of space? Not here!


It is all about making the most of the available space. This demands creativity and fantasy, and a flexible bed system that suits the room irrespective of whether the walls are straight or angled, the floor space is limited, or the number of children growing ‌ Or you may simply enjoy unconventional arrangements.


At right angles or staggered? The L-combination makes for an interesting place to sleep or play, while the elongated setup is ideal for angled walls.

Combinations to suit all needs With legs of different lengths, angled or straight ladders, beds of different widths and a range of accessories, you can build beds in multiple levels, cosy nooks, family beds and much, much more.







Children's Room 2005  

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