Iceni Magazine Issue 06

Page 11


The Little Lending Company’s owner was a very ‘particular’ bride. She knew exactly how she wanted her wedding day to be – a simple, rustic wedding in a beautiful Norfolk church, then onto an old barn for afternoon tea and dancing. Finding what Penny needed though was not easy and she freely admits there were a few Bridezilla tantrums! Local suppliers were hard to find for simple tiered cake stands, bunting and gingham table cloths, so she set about making them herself; 120 meters and plenty of man hours on bunting, hand drilling plates for cake stands and hemming checked linen, not to mention trawling local charity shops for old suitcases, lawn games, vintage glass, crochet and more. But what a day it was and more than worth the hard work with sunshine, laughter and lots of compliments on the detailing. After a relaxing honeymoon it was clear what Penny would do with her collection… hire it out to Norfolk brides with no time for DIY or room to store items for months while planning. The little lending company have had a fantastic start hiring across the county from North Creake to Great Yarmouth with prices that are affordable and delivery to your door it seems to work. Through social media, facebook, twitter, instagram and pintrest, Penny has built up a small following and will be attending various wedding fairs in the area in the up-coming months. Find The Little Lending Co.’s product pictures and inspiration gallery at