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Programme THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th CHALLENGE PEGUERA-MALLORCA welcomes you Firstly, thanks so much for having chosen Challenge-Peguera Mallorca. You will be attending our fourth edition! We are working very hard to offer you the best race every so that you and your family enjoy the whole package: a great holiday in one of the most beautiful and fun destinations in Europe to participate / see the best race. Now, it is your turn. This is your homework: - Keep training hard - Get your equipment ready for the race - Book your accommodation, flights and other additional services - Read this guide carefully not to miss anything. Again, thanks a lot for joining us in Challenge Peguera-Mallorca and becoming a member of a big family. Look forward to welcoming you in Mallorca!

3:00 pm to 8:00 pm 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Expo / Fair Registration and race bag Zumba masterclass Nit de Foc Rock Concert

Finish line (Plaza Torà) Finish line (Plaza Torà) Finish line (Plaza Torà) Finish line (Plaza Torà) Finish line (Plaza Torà)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 10:00 am to 8:00 pm 11:30 am to 12:00 am 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Expo / Fair Registration, bib number pick up Pro ChMallorca Briefing Race Briefing (German) Race Briefing (English) Pasta Party Race Briefing (Spanish) Bike and Bags / Check in Junior Challenge Challenge W. Peguera

Torà Square Torà Square Casal de Peguera Casal de Peguera Casal de Peguera Casal de Peguera Casal de Peguera T1 & T2 zone Torà Square (finish line) Torà Square (finish line)


Service map

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14th 07:00 am to 8:30 am Transition Area / Opening T1 & T2 zone 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Expo / Fair Finish line (Plaza Torà) 08:45 am Pre-start area Torà Beach 09:00 am Elite men / Start Torà Beach 09:03 am Elite women / Start Torà Beach 09:06 am Paratriathlon / Start Torà Beach 09:10 am AG male <39 years / Start Torà Beach 09:15 am AG male>40 years / Start Torà Beach 09:20 am AG women / Start Torà Beach 09:25 am Relay / Start Torà Beach 10:35 am Swim course / Cut off Torà Beach 12:50 pm Winner / Finish Line Torà Square 14:30 pm 1st Bike Course / Cut off (km 75) Km 75 15:15 pm 2nd Bike Course / Cut off (km 90) T1 & T2 18:10 pm Cut off Finishline Torà Square (Finish) 15:30 pm to 20:00 pm Check out Bikes T1 & T2 zone 19 pm Awards Ceremony Torà Square (Finish) After the awards Closing Show/Party Torà Square (Finish)


registration of athletes and bag pick-up THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Registration & Bib Number pick up

Finish line (Plaza Torà)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Registration &bib number pick up

Finish line (Plaza Torà)

At registration all athletes will receive a bag containing the following items: 1 backpack 1 Athlete wristband 1 green bag (post race) 1 red bag (bike) 1 blue bag (run) 1 Coloured swim cap 1 tattoo (swim course) 1 BIB number 1 Bib number for your bike 1 cable tie (bib number bike)

1 CHFAMILY Nutrition guide 1 start number 1 envelope with 6 number stickers (3 number stickers for your helmet (front and one for each side) & 3 for your transition bags) 1 Pasta Party ticket 1 commemorative wristband 1 ChMallorca coffe cup … and more surprises!

TIMING CHIP You will collect your timing chip on Friday 13th during the BIKE CHECK-IN T1&T2.

TRIATHLON LICENSE 1) Federation license (FFTRI) 2) Identity document with photo (ID or Passport) If you don’t have a triathlon license, you will pay 10 € to be covered by the Challenge Peguera Mallorca accident insurance policy. The payment will be made at Registration.

Rules and regulations

TRANSITION BAGS When you register you will receive three bags (Transition Bags), with different colours (green, blue and red) to be used as follows: Green bag: Put in this bag all your street wear and things you may need once you have crossed the Finish Line. You can drop this bag at the Start Line Area on the day of the race. Our volunteers will take this bag to the Post Finish Area (Beach Club Post Finish Area) where you will find it at the end of the race. Red bag: This bag is for your bike gear, anything you will take with you for the bike course and you cannot fix on your bike beforehand. This bag will be hanged on a rack. Just find your bib number. After the swim course you will have to go to the rack, find your bib number with your bag, take all your bike things out and put your swimming stuff (googles, cap, etc) inside the bag. You should leave the bag where you found it, hanging on the rack Blue bag: It contains all your running gear once you have finished the bike course. There will be a rack in T1 & T2 where you have to place this bag, just by your bib number. After the bike ride, put all the bike gear in this bag, pick up your running stuff and place the bag back where you found it, hanging on the rack

RACE BRIEFINGS Different Briefings (in different languages) will be held to give you updated information on the race courses, the weather conditions, the stations and other norms and regulations to be followed. All athletes participating in Challenge Peguera Mallorca are expected to attend the Briefing. Briefing Pro (English) Day: Friday, October 13th Hour: 11:30 am to 12:00 pm Place: Casal de Peguera

The Challenge Peguera Mallorca conforms to the rules and regulations as formulated by the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU). Participants of the event are insured by the generic accident insurance of the FETRI on the day the participant takes part in races. Insurance claims have to be submitted to the organization of the Challenge Peguera Mallorca within one week after the concerned race(s). For a smooth and sporty course of the event, we feel compelled to draw your attention to some important rules once more: Participation in the event is at the participantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own risk!

German Briefing Day: Friday, October 13th Hour: 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Place: Casal de Peguera

The participant grants indemnity to the organization against all liability and claims possibly resulting from participation in the event. The officials have the right to disqualify participants for reasons of misbehaviour during or in advance of the triathlon.

English Briefing Day: Friday, October 13th Hour: 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm Place: Casal de Peguera

Furthermore, the race directors have the right to withdraw participants from the contests for the latters personal protection, e.g., for medical reasons.

Spanish Briefing Day: Friday, October 13th Hour: 4:00 pm to 4.30 pm

VERY IMPORTANT: do not forget to place the number stickers on the bags before dropping them off.

You shall adhere to the directions, instructions and rules of the volunteers and the officials under penalty of disqualification. These include, but are not limited to: No drafting allowed on the bike course Throwing trash in the designated trash zones

Cut-off times Challenge Peguera Mallorca is a 9-hour race, starting with the Pro-group at 9.00 am and finishing with the last athlete crossing the Finish Line at 18.10pm. In addition, you need to stay within the following cut-off times: Swim: 10.35 am Bike: 1st point at km 75.140 : 2.30 pm 2nd point at km 90: 3.15 pm The finish line closes: 6.10 pm To ensure the athletes safety, cut-off times have to be respected. Race marshals will notify athletes when they have gone beyond cut-off times.

Live tracking


You can follow all participants times at www. live or through the APP CHALLENGE MALLORCA (available at Google Play and Apple Store).

Final results will be published on the Web: and will also be displayed on a screen located at the Expo / Fair Challenge Peguera Mallorca Area.

The swim course The swim course is a single lap course and takes place entirely by the beautiful Torà beach. You will swim 1.9 K from the Bay of Peguera and return to Torà beach to proceed to the transition area (T1, T2), approximately 150 meters from the water.


The swim course IMPORTANT in this area:

Cut-off time swim: 10:35 h

Athletes who fail to comply this regulation will not be allowed to continue the race.

- The race swim cap shall be worn at all times throughout the swim course. - Be at the swim start zone at least 10 minutes before of your start time. There will be a timing mat to cross, so you will be registered as “starter” in the race. - If you are not the best swimmer, take it easy and let the fast ones pass by and then stick to your own pace and enjoy the pristine waters. - There will be buoys to mark the swim course. Should you need any help, there will be kayaks, lifeguards and marshals to assist you. - Rules concerning the use of wetsuits: 1st: From <16º (mandatory use of wetsuits) 2nd: From 16º to 24.5º (optional) 3rd: from >24.5º (use of wetsuits is not allowed). - Last year, we did a triathlon in the same area, on the 15th of October 2016, the water temperature was <24.5º and athletes were allowed to use wetsuits. - If wetsuits are not permitted on the day of the race, athletes will not be allowed to wear their swimsuits on top of their race suits. - No fins, paddles, snorkels or other floating devices are allowed! - Face, hands and feet must be completely uncovered at all times. - You may not wear your race number (bib) in the water; this shall be either in the red bag or on your bike. - When entering the water, please make sure your timing chip is securely fastened. - If the swimming sector is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, there will be two options: 1st / Depending on the weather and environmental conditions, this segment can be replaced entirely by a foot sector without changing the other segments. 2nd / The organisation may vary the swimming sector, adding more laps or modifying the swim course (entry / exit points), if the bad weather does not affect all the beach.

Swim course - rent a wetsuit

Transition area 1: swim to bike

Do you need to rent a wetsuit in Mallorca? Triatló Esports can help you. In order to apply to rent a wetsuit you only need to complete this form. The rental price is 25 € (2nd hand) and 50 € (1st hand) and you wil have to leave €100 of deposit that it will be refundedt upon return of the wetsuit. You can pay in cash or by credit cartd.

After exiting the water, you will enter the T1 (Transition Area, 150 m from the water exit) where you can get changed and get ready for the 90 km bike course.

WETSUIT PICK UP From monday 9 to friday 13th of october you must go to the TRIATLÓ ESPORTS SHOP (c/ d’en Francesc Gomila nº 81, Manacor). From Friday 13th you can pick the wetsuit at the CHMALLORCA EXPO (Triatló Esports tent)

You will collect your red bag (cycling gear) and get changed in the transition tent. Once ready, you will have to place all the things used during the swim course (wetsuit, goggles...) in the red bag and hang the bag on the rack by your bib number. REMEMBER: - Always change clothing, gear, etc…inside the tent. Then proceed to pick up your bike and run to the exit. - The first-aid station will be located after 10 km. - Your helmet shall be placed on the bike before the race. Apart from the helmet you can also leave there small items – always on the bike and not on the floor- such as sunglasses, your race number, energy bars etc. - Cycling shoes will be in the red bag or secured on the bike pedals. - Cycling shoes may not be placed next to the bike. All clothes will be in the red bag and never on the bike. - Please note that before picking up your bike you need to have the chinstrap fastened. - You have to cross the bike mount line before getting on your bike. The line will be clearly marked and an official will also be there.

The bike course

The bike course

The bike course runs through a beautiful landscape (mountains, coast…) and it is very hilly. This track is very technical and challenging. Athlethes will complete two 45 km laps along the coast, passing through some of the best known tourist resorts and alongside some of the island’s most popular beaches before heading inland into the midst of a breathtaking natural landscape on the foothills of the internationally famous Serra de la Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The altimetry in each lap is approximate 500 m. The bike course departs from Peguera and continues to Es Capdellà, a beautiful traditional town. The descent through Son Pillo takes athletes through the tourist areas of Calvià, El Toro, Santa Ponça and back to Peguera, along the coastline. .

IMPORTANT in this area: - You are fully responsible for your bike- performance and condition- on the day of the race. Please make sure that all mechanical parts are in good condition and that bike gear is securely fastened. - Your bike must comply with the regulations of the Triathlon Spanish Federation. In short, this means that your bike must be technically suitable and safe for a triathlon race. Wheels allowed by FETRI, including disk wheels, may be used (except in the case of strong wind). - Police officers and volunteers will be along the course to give directions and clear traffic. They will be there to ensure your safety at all times. - The roads will be closed by means of the extensive use of road cones, markers and road signs. - However, on the day of the race regular traffic may be crossing the bike course at relevant places. At all times, the traffic will be guided and regulated by traffic officials. - For your own safety, please pay extra attention when: crossing roads, making left and right turns or passing by aid stations - During the bike course, the race number stickers issued by Challenge Peguera Mallorca shall be at all times on the bike and bike helmet (3), the athlete race number shall be worn on the back side of the shirt, or on the back secured to a number belt. The race number shall be clearly visible at all times.

Cut-off time bike: 2.30 pm (km 75) 3:15 pm (km 90)

Athletes who fail to comply this regulation will not be allowed to continue the race.


- Please inform your family, friends, coach and supporters that it is not permitted to follow the athletes on bikes, cars, etc., during the race. Athletes may be penalized. - Please note that Mp3 players and other headphones are strictly forbidden throughout the race. - Challenge Peguera Mallorca athletes have to enter the transition area before 15.15 pm. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the race, and athletes will not be allowed to continue. - After riding the 90 K, you are on your way into the transition area (T2). You need to dismount your bike before passing the timing mat (dismount line): the dismount line will be clearly indicated. - Athletes are expected to follow directions and instructions from race officials, race marshals, police officers and volunteers. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Bike course. Drafting and other Illegal maneuvers 1.- It is forbidden to draft off another athlete or motor vehicle. Athletes must reject attempts by others to draft; 2.- An athlete is entitled to any position on the course, provided they get to that position first and without contacting others. When taking a position, an athlete must allow reasonable room for others to make normal movements without establishing contact. Adequate room must be available before taking over;

5.3.- 100 meters before and after an aid station or transition area; 5.4.- At an acute turn; 5.5.- If the Technical Delegate excludes a section of the course because of narrow lanes, construction, detours or for for any other safety reasons. 6.- Overtaking: 6.1.- An athlete is taken over when another athlete’s front wheel is ahead of his; 6.2.-Once overtaken, an athlete must move out of the draft zone of the leading athlete within 5 seconds; 6.3.-Athletes must keep to the side of the course and not create a blocking incident. Blocking occurs when an athlete who is behind cannot take over because the leading athlete is wrongly placed on the course; 6.4.-During the Briefing, the Technical Delegate will instruct athletes on how to take over another athlete when mounted on their bicycle.

3.- An athlete who approaches, from any position, another athlete to take advantage of the draft, bears responsibility for avoiding the draft; 4.- Drafting means entering the bicycle or vehicle drafting zone: 4.1.- Middle and long distance draft zone: the bicycle draft zone will be 12 meters long as measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 25 seconds will be allowed to pass through the another athlete’s zone; 4.2.- Motorbike draft zone: the draft zone behind a motorbike will be 12 meters long. This applies also for draft legal events; 4.3.- Vehicle draft zone: the draft zone behind a vehicle will be 35 meters long and applies to every vehicle on the bike segment. This applies also for draft legal events. 5.- Entry into the bicycle drafting zone: an athlete may enter a bike draft zone in the following circumstances: 5.1.- If the athlete enters the draft zone and progresses through it within 20 seconds during the overtaking manoeuvre; 5.2.- For safety reasons;

Penalties for Drafting or blocking Drafting a.) It is forbidden to draft in a race declared as draft-illegal; b.) Technical Officials will notify the athletes who draft they are subject to a time penalty. This notification must be clear and unambiguous; c.) The sanctioned athlete has to stop in the next penalty box and must remain there for a specific period of time depending on the race distance. One minute for the sprint distance, two minutes for the standard distance and five minutes for the middle and long distances; d.) It is the athlete’s responsibility to stop at the next penalty box. Failing to stop will result in disqualification; e.) A second drafting offence will lead to disqualification in standard distance events or shorter; Blocking a.) Athletes must keep to the side of the course and not create a hazard by blocking other athletes on the course. Blocking occurs when an athlete who is behind another athlete cannot take over because the leading athlete is wrongly placed on the course. Athletes seen blocking by a Technical Official will result in a “stop and go” sanction at the next bike penalty box.


Bike course. Aid Stations Aid stations: km 10 km 35 km 55 km 75 Number of provision station in the bike track: 4

Four IMPORTANT things about the bike aid stations 1.- There will be toilets at next to aid stations, please do use them if necessary! 2.- If you need medical support or help, contact one of our volunteers and he/she will call one of the doctors appointed for the bike course. 3.- Only with an aid station in sight are you allowed to dispose of bottles and garbage. Please keep the environment in mind before throwing rubbish away. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a penalty! 4.- Prepare yourself for the aid station in good time. Race officials will hand over the supplies when you pass by. But please be careful to avoid dangerous situations!

Transition area 2: Bike to run You have finished the bike course of Challenge Peguera Mallorca. Well done! Now you have to proceed to T2 (transition area). Here you will leave your bike by your number. Pick up your BLUE bag from the rack and head to the transition tent to get changed and get ready for the run course. Place all your cycling gear, including your bike helmet, in the blue bag. Cycling shoes shall remain on the bike pedals or be placed in the blue bag. Now, you are ready to leave the tent and start the 21 K, half marathon of Challenge Peguera Mallorca. You are almost done!

Run course

Official mechanical service Day

Expo & fair



Thursday 12th

3pm to 8pm



Friday 13th

10am to 6pm

6pm to 8pm


Saturday 14th


7am to 8.30

10 am to 3.15 pm Place: penalty box

For the 2017 edition we have introduced different changes to promote concentration of athletes, a better organization of aid stations and more people cheering athletes along the main boulevard, the heart of Peguera. The result is an entertaining course that runs through the center of the village. The running segment of Challenge Peguera Mallorca is both, beautiful and tough. The course elapses entirely through the neuralgic center of Peguera. Four laps which alternate between the busy boulevard and the maritime broadwalk linking the beaches of Tora and Palmira. Athletes will enjoy some of the most stunning coastal views of Mallorca. The finish line will be located at the main square between the beach and the boulevard, the heart of Peguera.

IMPORTANT in this area:

- During the run course, athletes must wear their race number on the front at all times, either on the shirt or on a number belt above the waist, clearly visible. The shirt shall be worn at all times during the run. - You will be given 1 bracelet /every run lap. To complete the course you must collect 4 bracelets in total. - MP3 players and headphones are forbidden throughout the race. - The first 3 men and first 3 women will be accompanied by bikes to clear their way along the course; athletes should keep to the right so faster runners can pass on the left. - Race officials will be on the course to show directions. Please follow their directions at all times. - Volunteers, police officers and organization staff will be along the course giving directions, etc. They will be there for your safety at all times.

Finish line Cut-off time Run: 6.10 pm

Athletes who fail to comply this regulation will not be allowed to continue the race.

Many of us will be at the Finish Line to cheer you up on those final meters. We know how important this challenge is for you and we will be as excited as you. Family, friends, spectators, volunteers, organization staff, the Media…we will all be there waiting for you with clappers, pompoms and other items to make a lot of noise. Get ready for the ball and give us YOUR BEST SMILE EVER! Winner at finishline Last finisher on the finish line Awards Ceremony**

12:50 pm 6:10 pm 7:00 pm

Finish line (Plaza de Torà) Finish line (Plaza de Torà) Finish line (Plaza de Torà)

* If it rains, the Awards Ceremony will take place at Casal de Peguera.


Run course. Aid Stations

Distance: 1,5 km each, approximately (km 1,8, km 3,7 (Red bull), km 4,8, km 6,9, km 8,8 (Red bull) , km 10, km 12., km 13,9, km (Red bull) 15,1, km 17,1. km 19 (Red bull), km 20,2, Finish line) Number of provision station in the bike track: 7

Four IMPORTANT things about the run aid stations

1.- There will be toilets at next to aid stations, please do use them if necessary! 2.- If you need medical support or help, contact one of our volunteers and he/she will call one of the doctors appointed for the bike course. 3.- Only with an aid station in sight are you allowed to dispose of bottles and garbage. Please keep the environment in mind before throwing rubbish away. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a penalty! 4.- Prepare yourself for the aid station in good time. Race officials will hand over the supplies when you pass by. But please be careful to avoid dangerous situations!

Bike check out The bike Check-out is at the T1&T2 area (map). After the race, all athletes are requested to collect their bikes and their red an blue bags from the transition area. The transition area is only accesible by athletes wearing a participant bracelet, the race number (bib) and chip timing. A family member will be allowed to collect your belongings provided he / she has got your race number (bib), timing chip and some identification. Hour: 15.30 pm to 20.00 pm (Oct. 14th) Place: T1 & T2

Medical care You are welcome to write down any medical information you may think should be taken into account in case you needed medical assistance. Please do it for your own safety. Should you need any medical assistance during the race, please report to one of our volunteers or members of the staff.

Drop out If, for whatever reason, you cannot finish the race and you have to abandon, please do inform ASAP a member of the staff or an official.

Post race area After crossing the Finish Line you will enter the Athletes Beach Club Area (Post Finish Area). There will be many volunteers willing to help you out in ay thing you need. You will receive Finisher Medal and T-Shirt. Then, you can go to pick up your green bag. This is what you will find at the Athletes Beach Club Area: - Water, gels and isotonic drinks - Food and drinks - Massage - Medical Center The Athletes Beach Club will be opened from 12.30pm to 19.00pm. Only athletes competing in Challenge Pegeuera Mallorca can have access to the Athletes Beach Club. .

Nutrition (NUTRISPORT)

As you know, NUTRISPORT is the sports nutrition company that will be in #ChallengeMallorca. Here you have the products you can consume during the race in our AID STATIONS. Carbo energy gel Nutrisport HGel Nustrisport Gel con Taurina Nutrisport HiGums Nutrisport Sport drink Iso Nutrisport Fusion bar Nutrisports Energy gel Vegan (Nutrisport)


Pro prizes These are the prizes for Challenge Peguera-Mallorca 2017. In addition, CHALLENGEFAMILY has introduced a pro athlete bonus scheme in the European races. The initiative provides professional athletes with the opportunity to race for a share of a €140,000 end–‐of–‐season bonus. Full distance races will pay eight deep, half distance races will pay six deep. The €140k bonus will pay five deep across both men and women with the top ranked pro taking home €25k, second will earn €17k and third will win €13k, fourth €10k and fifth €5k. Ranking will be based on the following POINTS system according to placings earned:

Men/women Prize Points 1st 3.500€ 250 points 2nd 2.100 € 200 points 3 1.400 € 150 points 4 1.150 € 100 points 5 850 € 75 points 6 500€ 40 points

All prizes are subject to the corresponding tax deductions, complying with the law. The first 6 male and 6 female participants of the Individual General Classification will get a trophy. Prizes are only for the top 6 Men Individual and Women Individual categories. Prizes will be paid according to the race ranking. Prizes will be subject to deductions according to the legislation in force. The Top 6 are entitled only to the money prize and not to the Age Group trophies.

Age groups prizes

Finish photos

Top 3 of each Age Group will receive a trophy. The first three male and three female participants of each age group will be given a trophy during the Prize Award Ceremony. The classification of the male and female Age groups will be based on following table, always bearing in mind that the age group of the participant will be that of his/her age on December 31st / the year of the race. AGE GROUPS: 18-24 / 25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54/ 55-59 / 60-64 / +65

Photos during the Challenge Peguera Mallorca are made by Marathon Photos; Some days after the race you will receive an e-mail with information on how to obtain your pictures.


Results and supporters The results of the race will be shown on our site: Supporters will love to follow you during your race. The Organizing Committee of the 2017 Challenge Mallorca offers them the following possibilities:

Top 3 paratriathlete category will receive a trophy.

App ChMallorca has its own App. Download it for free at AppleStore or Google Play and be constantly updated and informed!

Relay teams

LIVE results LIVE intermediate times can be found on our website:

Top 3 relay men, female and mixed will receive a trophy.

CHMALLORCA APP We recommend you to have our APP ChMallorca (Google Play, Apple store) updated with the latest Race News. This app will inform you about the latest news as well as maps, videos, etc.

Hotspots There are three locations on the bike course where athletes can best be ‘spotted’: 1) Es Capdellà 2) Calvià 3) Santa Ponça 3) Finish Line

Pasta Party

Paralel activities

Day: Friday 13th of October Place: Casal de Peguera (map) Hour: from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.


The Challenge Peguera-Mallorca’s Pasta Party will take place at the Casal de Peguera. It consists of an overflowing food buffet with mainly pasta and other carbohydrates. Do not forget that we love boasting about our cooking skills so at the Challenge Peguera-Mallorca’s Pasta Party you will find plenty of choice, not only pasta, and an excellent variety of international flavours and recipes. Remember that the PASTA PARTY is free for the participants of Challenge Peguera-Mallorca. Show your athlete’s bracelent and your Pasta Party ticket to access the Party. Additional tickets to the Pasta Party may be bought at registration or at the entrance. But…I would not wait until the very end… they may be sold out! Prices: €8 (over 12 years old), €4 (for children aged 5 to 12) and free for children under 5.

EXPO/FAIR Thursday 12th October 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Expo zone (map) ZUMBA PARTY Thursday 12th October 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Torà beach square (map) NIGHT OF FIRE Thursday 12th October 8:00 pm Start: Hesperia Villamil (map) Finish: Torà beach square (map) ROCK CONCERT Thursday 12th October 9:00 pm Torà beach square (map) EXPO/FAIR Friday 13th October 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Expo zone (map) PASTA PARTY Friday 13th October 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm Casal de Peguera (map) JUNIOR CHALLENGE Friday 13th October 5:30 pm - 6.30 pm Torà beach square (map) CHALLENGE WOMEN Friday 13th October 6:30 pm Torà beach square (map) EXPO/FAIR Saturday 14th October 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Expo zone (map) CHMALLORCA STARTS Saturday 14th October 9:00 am Start: Torà beach (map) AWARDS CEREMONY Saturday 14th October 7:00 pm Tora beach square (map) CLOSING EVENT Saturday 14th October After Awards ceremony Tora beach square (map)

Nit de Foc

(Security measures for viewers and people participanting) Thursday 12th at 8 pm and saturday 14th after the Awards ceremony


• Inform yourself well on the correfoc route and follow the recommendations of the organisers and the public order services so that your time in the correfoc is a real party. • To participate in a correfoc you should wear cotton clothing, with sleeves, long trousers, a cotton hat and leather sports shoes that hold your feet properly. Avoid participating actively in the correfoc if you wear synthetic-fiber clothing as, in case of an unfortunate event, this fabric will easily catch fire and you may get burnt. • If, for any reason, your clothing catches on fire, lay yourself on the ground and roll to put out the flames. Above all, do not run, as flames will spread and things could get worse. • Wait for the correfoc along wide streets and avoid crowds as far as possible. • Do not invade the space where the fire group is performing and don’t hinder or get hold of any of its members. • Fire cannot be lit and smoking is not allowed close to bags, pyrotechnic material or the equipment carriers used by these groups. • People participating should maintain an adequate and safe distance to be safe from sparks and detonations of pyrotechnic products. • Public who wants to participate actively in the correfoc must follow the safety rules: - Wear fireproof clothing and footwear, and in no case synthetic fiber clothing, wear a hat or scarf to cover your head, wear sport shoes or hard footwear, and never sandals or flip-flops. - Always jump forward and never backward, individually or in very small groups, never getting in between the drums and/or the peformers, and do not hinder any member of the groups. • Follow the instructions of the public order services at all times. In all cases and also in the event of an accident, failure to comply with these safety measures and recommendations pertaining to fire peformances will be the responsibility of every individual. • The public order service has the right to expel from the correfoc those people who do not wear appropiate clothing for the performance and who do not behave properly and/or according to the rules.

Finish the 2018 triathlon season in paradise! Remember that the registration for #ChallengeMallorca 2018 will open on the 12th of October. We will open the registration with the UNBEATABLE PRICES. If you register before October 22nd you can sign up for only 150 €. Don’t miss the race on October the 20th, 2018. More info:

INKARIA TRANSFER (OFFICIAL CHMALORCA TRANSFERS COMPANY) Inkariatransfer Do you need a transfer to get from the airport to Peguera? We propose you Inkariatransfer, our official transfer company. They will pick you up at the airport and will take you with your bike and your baggage to your accommodation. And if your flight is delayed, no worries, they will be waiting for you! More info:

Spectators & Hotspots Spectators will have enough to do and see during the Challenge Peguera race days. There are some possibilities to watch your favorite athlete in situ or online from your home. For athletes it would be great if as many people as possible cheer them along the swim, bike, and run course. Here below we have listed a couple of locations where you can see the athletes during their race:

To follow athletes on the swim course

Place: Torà beach The swim course will start and finish on the beautiful Torà beach.You can follow the swim from the “arena” (sandy area) of the beach or watch them from one of the bars along the promenade while enjoying a cool drink!

To follow athletes on the bike course Place: Es Capdellà: (bike course km 6,5 and km 53). Joana Nogues Square. Es Capdellà is a picturesque village nestled in the Tramuntana mountain range and located between the towns of Calvià and Peguera. Locals are organising their hotspot with music and some activities to cheer athletes.Es Capdellà is also a good place to enjoy one of our popular dishes, the “pa amb oli”. How to get to this village on October 14th during the race: By car: How to get to this village on October 14th: IMPORTANT, during the race this town will be totally closed to traffic from 9am to 2pm. We do not recommend using the car to get there. By bike: if you want to watch the cycling course from Es Capdellà, the best option is to cycle to the village. Es Capdellà is 6.5 km away from Peguera and you can use the walking path to get there and back to Peguera. The walking path goes parallel to the main road, used by athletes during the race. Place: Calvià: (bike course km 11 and km 56) Place: Vila square The historic town of Calvià is located on the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountain range, between Es Capdellà and Santa Ponça Locals are organising their hotspot with music and some activities to cheer athletes.How to get to this village on October 14th during the race: By car: If you decide go with car to Calvià you should park outside the town, and then walk to town. You can then leave Calvià and head to Peguera, Palma or Santa Ponça at any time. By bike: if you want to watch the cycling course from Calvià you can cycle to Peguera. Calvià is 11 km away from Peguera and you can use the walking path to get there and back to Peguera. The walking path goes parallel to the main road, used by athletes during the race.

Place: Santa Ponça (bike course km 40 and 83) Santa Ponça (C/ Riu Sil) Locals are organising their hotspot with music and some activities to cheer athletes Santa Ponça is one of Calvià’s most popular holiday resorts set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and offers a wide variety of holiday options and attractions to suit all the family. By car, by bike

Where you can follow the run course and T1T2

Place: Peguera. the Torà Square (Stadium) Finish line zone The Torà Square is the main place of the race. It is in front of Torà beach (swim course) and 150 meters away from T1&T2. From here you can follow all the updates and see the athletes swimming, through the transitions, running and crossing the finish line. DJs, speakers, expo and fair, screens and more surprises to follow the race and have the ball of your life! Important: before they “really” cross the Finish Line, athletes will cross it three times. Do not get confused!

Useful information about Peguera How to arrive to Peguera You have different options to arrive from the airport to Peguera: by bus, by car, by taxi, by shuttle. By bus: Mallorca Airport (Son Sant Joan) is 30K away from Peguera. Information about buses: By car: you can rent a car at the airport. It will take you 24 minutes to get from the airport to Peguera (take the Highway Ma-1 and then the Ma-20). By Taxi: it will cost you between 40 € and 46 € (special fee: night and holiday banks). Shuttles: some companies offer this service from the airport to different locations on the island. You can ask your hotel/hostel… Accomodation There are several options in Peguera (hotels, apartments, etc.) within 0-5k from the Start Line. We have 5 official hotels and all of them are close to Peguera or in the town. Visit to find info about accommodation, location, etc.

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