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Primavera Sound 2018

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Catalan bands to discover at Primavera Sound 2018 Primavera Sound is one of those “can’t miss” music festivals. The 2018 edition will again turn Barcelona into a music capital with a marathon of around 200 performances staged at several venues around the city. At this booklet we’re delighted to be presenting the 28 Catalonia-based bands. Be sure you don’t miss them! Once again, we’re sponsoring its international meeting Primavera Pro, a great networking opportunity to meet with fellow professionals from the music industry during the festival. We invite you to meet them during the “Botifarrada”, the welcome lunch for international and Catalan professionals at Primavera Pro organised by the Catalan Government’s Ministry of Culture, through the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies and its internationalisation brand, Catalan Arts - Music. Join us on Wednesday 30th May at the CCCB! If you want more information on a particular band, please do not hesitate to contact them directly, or turn to any of our offices –located in Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris– for further assistance. The Live Music Scene in Catalonia. Quick Facts & Figures: • 345 music festivals (Primavera Sound leading the list) • 209 public venues • 58 private venues • 4.500.000 audiences • 55.700.000 € turnover (Sources: Catalan Ministry of Culture, Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, APM, ASACC, SGAE)


Primavera Sound 2018

Catalan Bands Lineup

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Alicia Carrera Bad Gyal Damed Squad Delorean DJ Coco El Último Vecino Holy Bouncer Indiespot DJ Intana John Talabot La banda trapera del río Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés Marina Herlop Marion Harper

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

Miqui Puig Mujeres Nightcrawler North State Núria Graham O’o Olympic Flame Playback Maracas Puput The Crab Apples The Suicide of Western Culture The Zephyr Bones Xavier Calvet Za!

Primavera Sound 2018

Alicia Carrera ELECTRONIC

Somebody is playing unbelievably good music. There were perfectly placed whispers of kraut, as if the person responsible had spent time in Berlin. There were also elements of psychedelic, icy pop and hypnotic drones. The only clues that we had were in a Hivern Discs tote bag: a pen drive with lovely photos and graphics, very professional! Podcasts called Zauberstab and files with references from the Barcelona label that were worthy of being owned by the label’s manager… Suddenly a girl with a Galician/Catalan accent, stands up and proudly confesses: “It was me”.

Saturday, June 02 18:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Desperados Club (Parc del Fòrum) aliciacarrera @Aliciacarrera /aliciacarrerafoto Management Hivern Discs Alicia Carrera



Primavera Sound 2018

Bad Gyal Thursday, May 31 02:15 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)


Nicest Cocky Puro Records Canadà 2017

www.laeditorialdecanada. com/artista/badgyal @akabadgyal /akabadgyaloficial Management Entre lineas Martin Boragno Record label and press Canada Borja Rosal

How do you go in a year and a half from uploading a Catalan version of Rihanna’s Work on Youtube to being on the cover of Pitchfork? Send your theories to Alba Farelo, better known as Bad Gyal. She talks directly to those who have gotten into trap through twerking and celebrate the arrival of dancehall to the mainstream, those who want to shake their arses as a socio-political statement. Provocative aesthetics, first division beats and lyrics with sentences in tweet form: nowadays music is spread on the net but is danced in the streets.

Primavera Sound 2018

Damed Squad TRAP

Saturday, June 02 17:40 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)

El contrato Onovo Music 2017

Mishii, Lil Moss and Enry-K have charisma, credibility and the vibe. On their EP El Contrato you can feel the complicity of people who have spent countless silly hours together on the half-pipes in the park, taking the piss out of everyone on the “sad” vibe, going crazy with southern trap, playing hip hop and electronic tracks to one another on their mobiles, fooling around to flex tunes, making fun of each other and those around them, ignoring the beef, trying to compose songs, looking for their voice, dreaming for free. Damed Squad have it, yeuh they have. damed-squad /damedsquad

Management Southside LTD Jesús J. Amores



Primavera Sound 2018

Delorean Thursday, May 31 16:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Auditori Rockdelux (Parc del Fòrum) /dlrean Management Live in Dallas Fernando Yáñez


The fab four from Zarautz, currently based in Barcelona, have loads of experience. After years of opening horizons and competing around the world, Delorean is closing horizons and delving into the great legacy of the great master of music in Euskera, Mikel Laboa, the explicit inspiration behind the record which they will perform in its entirety at the festival. And on this side of the mirror they are bathed in oblique lights, with virgin sounds and… with the more suggestive, personal and defined version of themselves. More local yet more universal.

Primavera Sound 2018


After three days of record numbers of festival goers and visitors from all around the world, Abel Suárez always wraps up the festival with an intimate gesture reminding those near and far that this is nothing more and nothing less than the culmination of the dream of four musicloving friends from Barcelona. Lest we forget. That is why we do it every year. The La (2) de Apolo resident DJ invites you to close the Saturday night with a false private party; a get-together among friends to which paradoxically everybody is invited. And remember: don’t stop believin’.

Saturday, June 02 04:15 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Ray-Ban (Parc del Fòrum) @diyeicoco /djcoconitsa Management El Segell del Primavera Farmway Records Fermín Lorente


10 Primavera Sound 2018

El Último Vecino Friday, June 01 17:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Ray-Ban (Parc del Fòrum)


Dónde Estás Ahora Está Pasando / Canada Editorial / Club Social 2017

elultimovecino.bandcamp. com @ElUltimoVecino /ELULTIMOVECINO Management Canada Borja Rosal

El Último Vecino (The Last Neihgbour) is a good name. Gerard Alegre’s project has that deep-seated oxymoron: danceable melancholy, sweet farewells and tears on the dance floor. The echo of guitars and accelerated drums shout euphoria, whilst the lyrics sing a beautiful requiem full of nostalgia. Now, after the validation marked by Voces in 2016, everything is set for their third LP to be the culmination of an ascension from underground music to the dizzy heights of synth pop. And with it, the feeling of a whole generation which, despite everything, doesn’t want to stop dancing.

Primavera Sound 2018 11


Wednesday, May 30 17:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Primavera With Apple Music (Parc del Fòrum)

Coyote self-published 2017

Blessed are the bouncers, because they are the rulers of the nightclub. Holy Bouncer are the rulers of the kingdom of old school psychedelia, of rock with roots and of evil on acid. If Woodstock had taken place in the main park of Barcelona, these mighty Catalan guitar players would have been there to sign their pact with the devil with Ladies & Gentlemen (2014) and to renew it two years later with Hippie Girl Lover. They are hitting the road again, to take the less trodden path of the antihero. It is impossible not to have sympathy for these devils. @HolyBouncer /holybouncer Management Holy Bouncer Miguel Robres

12 Primavera Sound 2018

Indiespot DJ Saturday, June 02 01: 30 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Radio Primavera Sound (Parc del Fòrum)


Intana Satélite K 2017 @indiespot / Management indiespot Aleix Ibars

Six DJs from different countries share the same objective: to remember through hits the great pop, rock and indie anthems of the festival. Jonathan Villicaña (chief editor of Brutal Content) from Mexico and the people behind the club Karrera Klub from Berlin, the BBC radio 6 DJ presenter Jon Hillcock, the omnipresent Miqui Puig, the Italian selector Carlo Pastore and Indiespot DJ, directly from the musical web that is celebrating its tenth anniversary will be in charge of responsible for making us dance, sing and remember those wonderful indie years.

Primavera Sound 2018 13


Sunday, June 03 14:30 h Primavera al Raval Sala Teatre (CCCB)

Intana Satélite K 2017

In the background, the sea breaking against the rocks, the sunlight glistening on the water, a lock of hair in the wind and the silhouette of a face with a faint smile. It feels like summer, or like a bright winter morning. A whiff of intimacy, a young voice with character, classicism, pop melodies, folk tradition, steel pedals, sweet piano arrangements, a rough outburst or two but in general an oasis of peace. Sung in Catalan and English, by Núria Moliner the soul of Intana (accompanied by Guillem Callejón, Jordi Mestre and Ricard Parera), it is a refreshing debut (Intana). @intana_music /intanamusic Management Unpictured José Miguel Garanto

14 Primavera Sound 2018

John Talabot Saturday, June 02 02:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Desperados Club (Parc del Fòrum) @JohnTalabot /JohnTalabot.JT Management Live in Dallas Fernando Yañez


Oriol Riverola from Barcelona, better known as John Talabot, has for a few years now started a new tradition with his closing set on the Saturday. Sometimes incognito, and others as a last minute incorporation, one thing is sure at John Talabot’s end of party session at Primavera Sound: disco will be the name of the game. Shaped by thousands of nights of techno and house, and about to release his anticipated second album, here Riverola let’s loose celebrating analogical dance and electronic music before it was what we now know as electronic. And so do we.

Primavera Sound 2018 15

La Banda Trapera Del Río PUNK ROCK

Friday, June 01 23:30 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Adidas Original (Parc del Fòrum)

1978/1982. Grabaciones completas Munster 2006

Almost forty years later if you play Ciutat podrida, A mi dosis voy, and Nacido del polvo del borracho y del coño de una puta for somebody without warning they could still end up spontaneously spitting out their herbal tea in shock. They are not songs, they are live wires. La Banda Trapera del Río can still get under your skin, which is almost the best thing you can say about any original punk legend. Their explosive songbook is a source of pride for everyone from Barcelona and for all rock lovers who consider sound short-circuits as music. @LaBandaTraperaR /Banda.Trapera Management Producciones Vikingas David López

16 Primavera Sound 2018

Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés Wednesday, May 30 18:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Auditori Rockdelux (Parc del Fòrum)


45 cerebros y un corazón Fina Estampa 2017 @mariaarnaldimas / @marcel_bages /mariaarnalimarcelbages Management Fina Estampa Gerardo Sanz

They get you with the very first line of 45 cerebros y un corazón and by the time they get to “Adquiéreme, adquiéreme” you are head over heels in love with Maria and Marcel. Daring adaptations of the folklore, of texts by Ovidi Montllor, Joan Brossa and Vicent Andrés Estellés and self-penned words that seem to have been waiting a lifetime to be activated. Maria’s edgy voice and the totally free guitar of Marcel say many things, primarily that tradition cannot be understood without the avant garde and that revolution cannot be understood without love (and vice versa).

Primavera Sound 2018 17


Sunday, June 03 15:30 h Primavera al Raval Sala Teatre (CCCB)

Nanook Instrumental Records 2016

On a sea of classical piano with constant bursts of spontaneity, Marina Herlop’s melodies float with the gracefulness of the best literature. She does use words, but they are invented, they belong to a language that only exists in her imagination and in the emotions that she transmits to the piano. The result is hypnotic, elusive and comforting, a protective cloak. It is totally understandable then that James Rhodes decided to launch his label Instrumental Records with Nanook, the first chapter of the fascinating world of Marina Herlop. @marinaherlop /marinaherlop Management Mireia Madroñero mireia.madroñ Record label and booking Aloud Music Sergio Picón

18 Primavera Sound 2018

Marion Harper Wednesday, May 30 13:30 h Primavera Pro Day Pro (CCCB)


Friday, June 01 17:40 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)

Hydraganea Luup Records 2017 @MarionHarper_ /marionharpermusic Management Luup Records Meri Lane

Sometimes, the title of an album perfectly explains what you will find there: Cotton Candy (2015), Marion Harper’s letter of introduction, used bright, sweet and unapologetically contemporary electropop to make a place for herself among the promising artists of her generation. Hydraganea (2017), can be seen as the gloomy side of that debut. It is a transformation thanks to which this Barcelona-based Uruguayan artist is now closer to Lorde: icy atmospheres and dreamy synthesisers dominate, at the service of a mesmerising performance which is already gaining international audience.

TUESDAY, MAY 29 Za! (post world music)

Apolo Venue (Primavera als Clubs)

20:45 h

Marion Harper (electronic pop)

Day Pro (Primavera Pro - CCCB)

13:30 h

The Zephyr Bones (psychedelic rock)

Day Pro (Primavera Pro - CCCB)

14:20 h

North State (electronic pop)

Day Pro (Primavera Pro - CCCB)

15:10 h

Holy Bouncer (psychedelic rock)

Primavera With Apple Music (Parc del Fòrum)

17:00 h

Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés (folk)

Auditori Rockdelux (Parc del Fòrum)

18:00 h

Delorean (electronic pop)

Auditori Rockdelux (Parc del Fòrum)

16:00 h

The Zephyr Bones (psychedelic rock)

Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)

17:40 h

O'o (electronic)

Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)

18:00 h

Nightcrawler (synthwave-darksynth)

Bacardí Live (Parc del Fòrum)

18:30 h

Za! (post world music)

Adidas Originals (Parc del Fòrum)

20:05 h

Bad Gyal (dancehall)

Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)

02:15 h

El Último Vecino (techno pop)

Ray-Ban (Parc del Fòrum)

17:00 h

Marion Harper (electronic pop)

Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)

17:40 h

Playback Maracas (psychedelia)

Bacardí Live (Parc del Fòrum)

18:30 h

La Banda Trapera del Río (punk rock)

Adidas Original (Parc del Fòrum)

23:30 h

Miqui Puig (indie electronic)

Radio Primavera Sound (Parc del Fòrum)

03:15 h




SATURDAY, JUNE 02 Núria Graham (alternative indie)

Ray-Ban (Parc del Fòrum)

17:00 h

Damed Squad (trap)

Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)

17:40 h

Alicia Carrera (electronic)

Desperados Club (Parc del Fòrum)

18:00 h

Indiespot DJ (indie electronic)

Radio Primavera Sound (Parc del Fòrum)

01:30 h

John Talabot (electronic)

Desperados Club (Parc del Fòrum)

02:00 h

Mujeres (garage-rock)

Adidas Original (Parc del Fòrum)

03:20 h

DJ Coco (pop)

Ray-Ban (Parc del Fòrum)

04:15 h

Xavier Calvet (pop-folk)

Sala Teatre (Primavera al Raval - CCCB)

13:30 h

The Crab Apples (pop-rock)

Barcelona (Primavera al Raval)

14:00 h

Intana (american folk)

Sala Teatre (Primavera al Raval - CCCB)

14:30 h

Olympic Flame (indie)

Barcelona (Primavera al Raval)

15:00 h

Marina Herlop (classical avant-grade)

Sala Teatre (Primavera al Raval - CCCB)

15:30 h

Puput (alternative-indie)

Sala Teatre (Primavera al Raval - CCCB)

16:40 h

The Suicide Of Western Culture (psychedelic rock)

Barcelona (Primavera al Raval)

21:00 h

North State (electronic pop)

Apolo Venue (Primavera als Clubs)

22:30 h


Primavera Sound 2018 23


Six DJs from different countries share the same objective: to remember through hits the great pop, rock and indie anthems of the festival. Jonathan Villicaña (chief editor of Brutal Content) from Mexico and the people behind the club Karrera Klub from Berlin, the BBC radio 6 DJ presenter Jon Hillcock, the omnipresent Miqui Puig, the Italian selector Carlo Pastore and Indiespot DJ, directly from the musical web that is celebrating its tenth anniversary will be in charge of responsible for making us dance, sing and remember those wonderful indie years.

Friday, June 01 03:15 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Radio Primavera Sound (Parc del Fòrum) @miquipuig /MIQUIPUIGFC Management Buenritmo Jordi Ramírez

24 Primavera Sound 2018

Mujeres Saturday, June 02 03:20 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Adidas Originals (Parc del Fòrum)


Un sentimiento importante Sonido Muchacho 2017 /mujerestheband Management Sonido Muchacho Luís Fernández

Are there women (“mujeres”) in the lineup? Of course! There are women and there’s Mujeres. This Barcelona band had to be in the lineup this year. Because Un sentimiento importante (An important feeling) is an album that does honour to its title. Because it’s an anthem that creates a spirit of fraternity and because it is vital that, with so many bands taking themselves so seriously, Yago, Pol and Arnau have a laugh… make us laugh. Because after ten years of fooling around, their uninhibited garage is no longer just a flash in the pan, but a way of life.

Primavera Sound 2018 25


Thursday, May 31 18:30 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Bacardí Live (Parc del Fòrum)

Beware of the Humans Electronic Purifications Records 2017

John Carpenter was the first to sense that four strategically placed synth notes would infect the whole future of horror film music. Georges Gold, better known as Nightcrawler, testifies this from his base in Lleida. His vintage electronic music is dark and minimalist, analogical and intriguing. Neon melodies pierce the insomnia of Beware of the Humans, the latest album by this mysterious creator of atmospheres, visions and emotions. We could call it retro wave, but it is happening now. We celebrate Halloween every year don’t we? @GeorgeGold79 /nightcrawlermusic Management Nightcrawler Joan Oró

26 Primavera Sound 2018

North State Wednesday, May 30 15:10 h Primavera Pro Day Pro (CCCB)


Sunday, June 03 22:30 Primavera als Clubs Apolo Venue

Can’t Forget You Club Ruido 2017

/northstateofficial Management Álvaro Gutiérrez

You see the name. You check out a few of their videos, such as Can’t Forget You. You listen to another track, I Know You. No, they didn’t came out of the United States or Australia. Yes, they are the latest sensation in electronic pop, but they are from Figueres (Girona) and they are a collaboration between Laia Vehí and her little brother, Pau. It’s as simple as that. That is globalization: furiously contemporary with influences that include Chet Faker, Flume, James Blake and The xx, North State play auto-tune, future bass synth, elegant drops and bursts of colour.

Primavera Sound 2018 27


Saturday, June 02 17:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Ray-Ban (Parc del Fòrum)

Does It Ring A Bell? El Segell del Primavera 2017

If reincarnation exists, Núria Graham is somebody who has lived several lives. We know that her latest one has her in Vic (Barcelona) in her very early twenties, but in the depth of her third album Does It Ring A Bell? we discover snippets that go much further back. With the americana folk rock rhythm of Cass McCombs passing through the warmth of Mac DeMarco and the emotional elegance of Angel Olsen. Her intoxicating intimacy reveals an artist that shines in every step that she takes. We are lucky that this time we have lived it in first person. @nuriagraham /nuriagrahammusic Management Lizard queen Music Maria Blay Label and booking El Segell del Primavera Anna Romeu

28 Primavera Sound 2018

O’o Thursday, May 31 18:00 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum) @MohoBraccatus /mohobraccatus Management mohobraccatusmusic@


Until today, O’o was the name of an extinct bird which the ancient Hawaiian kings adored. But now, the union of those two twin circular vowels is another rara avis: the duo formed by the Barcelona-based French artists Victoria Suter and Mathieu Daubigné. An intriguing project in which Suter’s captivating and unclassifiable voice becomes another instrument in the electronic fabric woven by the samples and elusive harmonies encapsulated in the six tracks of the EP Spells (2018). A fascinating sound that led O’o to be proclaimed the winner of the 2018 edition of Bala Perduda and to perform at Primavera Pro.

Primavera Sound 2018 29

Olympic Flame INDIE

Sunday, June 03 15:00 h Primavera al Raval Barcelona

Voyager Hidden Track Records 2017

The most restless ears have been predicting it since the beginning of this year: the Barcelona band Olympic Flame are heading straight for the podium of discoveries in the 2018 musical Olympic Games. After four years of warming up, they are more than ready to run that marathon. They wouldn’t pass an antidoping test if the police were looking for poignant synthesisers, triathlonic instrumentations (long live the cello!), small indie achievements and tracksuits with ambient stripes… but don’t they look great? EPO for the soul. Shoots like an arrow. /olympicflameband Management Hidden Track Records Louise Samson

30 Primavera Sound 2018

Playback Maracas Friday, June 01 18:30 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Bacardí Live (Parc del Fòrum)

@PlaybackMaracas /playbackmaracas Management Pau Corbalán


If you try to find an album, an EP or just a studio single by Playback Maracas, you won’t find anything. But if you look on YouTube you will find quite a few videos of these nutters from Mataró (Barcelona) with their Hawaiian shirts, playing live surrounded by keyboards, synthesizers and a double neck guitar. That is how Álex and Eloi want to introduce themselves to the world. Robotic voices, loops, disco moves, generous arrangements with pop rock moments and explosions of music to dance to, a little electro tropical rhythm and lots of other stuff. Tons of fun!

Primavera Sound 2018 31


In the oneiric pop by this quintet from Manresa one can make out forms, landscapes and still life paintings: a path in a poplar grove at daybreak, trench coats walking through the old quarter, still life in which organic forms come to life‌ Puput know that the fermenting agent that distills their music is special because it is dual: it is not only noise. It is their way of understanding the overlapping of these opposites. Note to self, refresh search for news about this band every day as each step they take is an event in itself.

Sunday, June 03 16:40 h Primavera al Raval Sala Teatre (CCCB) @puputmanresa /puput.puput.3760 Management Eduard Serra

32 Primavera Sound 2018

The Crab Apples Sunday, June 03 14:00 h Primavera al Raval Barcelona

@thecrabapples /thecrabapples Management Black Elephant Sergio Arribas


Listening to each member of The Crab Apples separately is already thrilling in itself: the bass arrangements by Laia Martíare just what you would expect. Laia Alsina’s guitar is a free rhyme. In Mauro Cavallaro’s drums there is an echo, there is power and a careful attention to detail. And Carla Gimeno’s voice is a window to infinity. When you listen to it all together it is magic! We all want to make friends with the evocative pop of the quartet from Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana; we want them to tell us that they understand that love is everything.

Primavera Sound 2018 33

The Suicide Of Western Culture PSYCHEDELIC ROCK

Sunday, June 03 21:00 h Primavera al Raval Barcelona

B-Map 1917 + 100 El Segell 2017

Fermin Muguruza isn’t somebody who avoids conflicts, in either politics or music. He never has. He always pushes the boundaries of his time or even his audience. After over thirty years of insubordinate ideas, FermÏn has joined up with the Barcelona duo The Suicide of Western Culture to explore new waters: those of industrial punk rock, of electronic explosions and political song that destroys both geographical borders (almost all the points of conflict in the world are addressed on this album) and stylistic barriers.

thesuicideofwesternculture. com @TSWCband /TheSuicideOfWestern Culture Management El Segell del Primavera Carles Baena carles.baena@

34 Primavera Sound 2018

The Zephyr Bones Wednesday, May 30 14:20 h Primavera Pro DayPro (CCCB)


Thursday, May 31 17:40 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Pitchfork (Parc del Fòrum)

Secret Place La Castanya 2017

thezephyrbones.bandcamp. com @thezephyrbones /thezephyrbones Management La Castanya Joan Guàrdia Albert Guàrdia

Googles’ mathematical processes may predict what your next favourite band will be. The Zephyr Bones can. Google 0 - The Zephyr Bones 1. The Barcelona quartet originally from Chile has the prized formula to envelop you in an oasis of melancholic psychedelic surf pop that they have lovingly put together. Although they started in 2015, it was not until the end of 2017 that they released their debut album, Secret Place. Now they are ready to invite us into that secret corner in which everything is calm and where summer is a state of mind.

Primavera Sound 2018 35


Joie de vivre. That is the feeling that the photo on the cover of Firebird gives. Satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment. We were used to hearing Xavier Calvet shaking the sounds of punk rock as frontman of Bullitt. We would never have imagined him debuting solo with an album of such a robust and healthy American sounding pop (think The Long Winters, The Jayhawks and Buffalo Tom and you’ll be on the right path). These compositions built around a folk-pop skeleton are dense; it is powerful music, the sound of people who start each day with an endless search for new emotions.

Sunday, June 03 13:30 h Primavera al Raval Sala Teatre (CCCB)

xaviercalvetmusic. @xaviercalvet /xaviercalvetmusic Management To Be Confirmed Berta Ferrer

36 Primavera Sound 2018

Za! Tuesday, May 29 20:45 h Primavera als Clubs Apolo Venue


Thursday, May 31 20:05 h Primavera Sound Barcelona Adidas Originals (Parc del Fòrum)

Loloismo Gandula 2015 @zamegaflow /putosza Management Gandula Alfons Serra Edi Pou

According to the musical purity police, over a million different musical styles meet on stage at every Za! concert. According to the organisers, in the case of Pau RodrĂ­guez and Edu Pou, there is really only one: theirs. Because Za! are a style-band. What is true is that every song by the Barcelona duo should be accompanied by a weather map that forecasts all the mood changes that they provoke. But every unexpected crazy thing that they do makes all the sense in the world in their inimitable work in progress. Unique in every sense of the word.

Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies Catalan Arts - Government of Catalonia The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) is a public institution of the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Culture that looks after the development and the consolidation of the Catalan creative sectors as an uplift for its professionalization. ICEC advises and accompanies Catalan companies in their development process in several sectors such as: music, performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual, books and digital culture. It offers grants and financing tools, as well as services for the internationalisation, business and audiences development. Catalan Arts is its brand for the international promotion of Catalan companies. Via ICEC’s offices network (Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris) we work on a variety of lines of action: connecting, mentoring and supporting creative companies in their international journey. To this end, Catalan Arts strengthens the presence of Catalan companies and creative works at international fairs and key professional events and offers all kinds of useful materials and resources to professionals.

Primavera Sound 2018  
Primavera Sound 2018