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08 Acqustic U3.3 09 Barspin Studios, SL T3.7 10 Comomola Studios T3.4 11 eStreamsTV T3.1 12 isnotTV (BAG Movies) U3.5 13 Libelista U3.6 14 MonkingMe T3.2 15 Playmoss T3.3 16 Playstark Games T3.5 17 Sekg T3.6 18 Tap Tap Tales U3.4 19 Tviso / Capsule Multimedia Corporation U3.1 Incubators 20 GameBCN 21 UPF Starting Lab

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T3 & U3

T3 & U3


Introduction We are very pleased to present the 12 startups and 2 incubators from Catalonia taking part at the Catalan Arts stands (T3 - U3) at 4YFN. This action is organised by the Government of Catalonia, through the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) under its internationalisation brand Catalan Arts, with the aim of strengthen the international visibility of the Catalan startups from the cultural sector and facilitate contact between professionals from all over the world. We hope you will have a chance to meet all of them and have interesting conversations. Three ICEC departments are also represented to attend and advise professionals on issues of internationalisation, financing and support policies. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance. DIGITAL CULTURE Marisol López Director of the Digital Department Pablo Serrano BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Edgar Garcia Director of Business Development Department Àlex Pi Head of Finance - Business Development Department

MARKET DEVELOPMENT Antònia Andúgar Director of Market Development Department Cata Massana Market Development



Acqustic (Acqustic Platform)


Acqustic is an online platform that allows you to order live concerts from great musicians in just a few clicks. Thanks to Acqustic you may have live concerts in a: Living room / Garden / Rooftop. Acqustic also organizes secret concerts anywhere and creates great music experiences for brands and corporations.

Contact at 4YFN Esteve Lombarte CEO Mobile +34 669 752 653


Barspin Studios, SL VIDEO GAMES

Barspin Studios is an action sports video games company and all their projects are under the same IP and based on actual emblematic cities. BMX The Game is the first game on this IP that has been thought up for PC and console. It is a BMX simulator that captures the essence of this action game. It is still under development and it has already achieved a reputation and important goals. There is a playable Pre-Alpha version and a lot of tools and modules have already been developed with the aim of speeding up the planned development.

Contact at 4YFN Luis Castro Co-Founder & CMO Mobile +34 633 790 304


10 Startups

Comomola Studios


Comomola is a design and development studio of children’s apps founded at 2017 in Barcelona. A project that aims to create interactive stories to entertain children.

Contact at 4YFN Jordi Bonet Product Manager Mobile +34 647 860 031

Our mission is to create a universe of apps to entertain children in a responsible way. Fun and creative apps free of violence, without advertising and without stereotypes. Our apps tell stories, have fun, transmit knowledge and teach human values such as tolerance, optimism or friendship.


eStreams is a platform of leisure and entertainment in the video game sector, specializing in electronic sports, offering these services through the construction of interactive communities. We index all streaming content and help convert passive content into active. We do it through 3 tools that help improve the engagment and the conversion of the community.

Contact at 4YFN Carles Rodriguez CEO Mobile +34 655 121 011

12 Startups



Content Generation SaaS for Newspapers and Bloggers around Movies & Series Content. A Freemium SaaS, isnotTV works with some of the bigest newspapers in Europe as well as bloggers, festival and content providers.

Contact at 4YFN Jaime J Candau CEO & Co-Founder Mobile +34 618 703 412 Ben Ickenroth CMO & Co-Founder

Startups 13


The future of independent bookstores is collaboration and teamwork and it is in this context that Libelista is born, by creating a common online environment that wants to visualize the essential prescriptive work of our booksellers, in addition, put at their disposal the best ecommerce tools. Our aim is also that the readers see in Libelista a useful tool that offers them a variety of options to acquire books without having to renounce the benefits offered by the local commerce. Contact at 4YFN Àurea Juan Project Manager Mobile +34 676 678 237

14 Startups



MonkingMe is the first music platform for listening to and downloading music for free while the artists are paid. Thanks to free remunerated downloads (where an advertisement is displayed before the download), you can get the song for free and listen to it offline. With this model we monetize an action that until now has not been able to monetize, piracy.

Contact at 4YFN Miquel Tolosa CEO Mobile +34 699 198 040

In addition, by taking advantage of the visibility and virality of free content, artists can link concerts and sell merchandising thought our shop to increase these income sources.

Startups 15

Playmoss MUSIC

Playmoss is a music platform and community that allows users to create playlists combining music from different sources (YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo and more). On Playmoss, users can access a huge catalog of music playlists (165,000+), follow the activity of other music lovers, listen to their playlists and like them: Users and their curated multisource playlists are at the very heart of our platform.

Contact at 4YFN Aleix Fernรกndez CEO Mobile +34 687 869 319

16 Startups

Playstark Games


Playstark is a videogames company focused on eSports & Virtual Reality. With the new trend of virtual reality, the videogames are entering into a new world, a new way of understanding entertainment. The possibilities are endless and we are working to bring the best experience to the users. In this scenario we are creating an amazing eSport videogame to compete against others players. Contact at 4YFN Josep Pedrรณs CEO Mobile +34 656 414 870

Startups 17


Sekg is the ultimate playtesting solution to understand an audience’s emotional reactions. We provide better and deeper insights of gamers and games, enabling developers to improve engagement and ROI. An online platform that automatically tracks multiple sources of information such as players’ emotional responses, behaviors and technical parameters of the game. A disruptive tool for game developers, gamers and eSports with huge potential in the rest of the entertainment industry, including Cinema, TV, Music and Digital Content Distribution.

Contact at 4YFN Aleix Canals CEO Mobile +34 635 987 160

18 Startups

Tap Tap Tales


Tap Tap Tales is a startup which develops educational apps for children, based on globally recognized licenses. We offer quality educational content in a mobile version, through children’s favorite TV characters, creating the most fun and interactive educational apps.

Contact at 4YFN Xavier Prats CEO Mobile +34 639 750 418 Pau Ors CTO Phone: +34 935 511 492

Our apps motivate learning and constitute a perfect working tool for parents and educators interested in children’s education.

Startups 19

Tviso / Capsule Multimedia Corporation ENTERTAINMENT, MOVIES, SERIES & DOCUMENTARIES

Tviso is the new way to watch television. We allow the user to have absolute control over what they want to watch so they don’t waste their time searching through the thousands of titles available online. We include all the content availability information from all the online platforms and personalise the content mix according to a user’s preferences. Our platform allows you to easily access more than 200.000 movies, series and tv programmes from over 20 different sources.

Contact at 4YFN Oriol Solé CEO Mobile +34 669 379 757 Andreu Caritg Product Manager Mobile +34 670 404 271

20 Incubators



Contact at 4YFN Oscar Sahun Program Manager Mobile +34 617 032 192

GameBCN is the videogame specialist program in Southern Europe, which offers the necessary training and mentoring to make a successful launch to the market. Gamebcn´s goals for the videogame industry are: • Create an entrepreneurship program that can serve as an European benchmark. • Promote the creation and development of new companies with a global vision. • Attract talent to develop their entrepreneurial activity in Barcelona and Catalonia. • Generate benchmarks of international success in entrepreneurship.

Incubators 21


UPF Starting Lab is an incubation program promoted by UPF and coordinated by Canòdrom - Creative Research Park, with the support of Generalitat de Catalunya (ICEC). Its objective is incubating Final Degree Projects (TFG) in Audiovisual Communication from UPF’s Interactive Communication specialty. UPF Starting Lab incubator is part of a more global strategic axis driven by UPF and the Faculty of Communication, focused on the relationship and projection of its students with the business world and the cultural institutions of the city.

Contact at 4YFN Oscar Sahun Program Manager Mobile +34 617 032 192

22 Institutions

The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) @culturadigicat

The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) is a public institution that looks after the development and the consolidation of the Catalan creative sectors as an uplift for its professionalization. In the frame of the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Culture, ICEC advises and accompanies Catalan companies in their development process in several sectors such as: performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual, books, music and digital culture.

Institutions 23

Catalan Arts Catalan Arts is the brand used by ICEC for the international promotion of Catalan companies. Via ICEC’s European offices network (Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris) we work on a variety of lines of action to connect, mentor and support creative companies in their international journey. To this end, with Catalan Arts we strengthen the presence of Catalan companies and creative works at international fairs and key professional events. We also offer all kinds of useful materials and resources to professionals based in Catalonia seeking to develop their projects internationally, as well as to professionals from other countries looking for artistic productions and willing to establish contact with their creators and promoters. @playcatalan catalanarts

Catalan Arts startups at 4YFN  

February 2018

Catalan Arts startups at 4YFN  

February 2018