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Dry-Ice Blasting Dry ice blasting offers a versatile surface cleaning and decontamination solutions for a diverse range of challenging applications.

How Dry-Ice Blasting Works Dry Ice Blasting is a new cleaning process using solid CO2 pellets made by taking liquid carbon dioxide from a pressurised storage tank and expanding it at ambient pressure to produce snow. The snow is then compressed to make hard pellets, which are propelled at supersonic speed, impacting and thus cleaning a given surface.It cleans without the need for chemicals, with zero water-usage and minimal waste products.

There are three specific steps involved in dry ice blasting:

1. Energy Transfer: dry ice pellets are propelled out of the blasting gun at supersonic speed and impact the surface. The energy transfer knocks off the containment without abrasion and the force of this impact is the primary means of cleaning.

2. Micro-Thermal Shock: the cold temperature of the dry ice pellets hitting the containment creates a micro-thermal shock (-79 °C) between the surface contaminant and the substrate.

3. Gas Pressure: the final phase of the process where upon impact, the pellet warms and expands underneath the contaminant surface and therefore separating the contaminant from the substrate. The Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning There are a number of benefits to this method of cleaning:

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution u u

The Dry Ice Pellets simply disappear on contact, adding nothing toxic to the environment

Waste volume is minimised by eliminating the creation of secondary waste and the need to dispose of harmful toxic chemicals

Increases Uptime Through In-Situ Cleaning u


Dry Ice Blasting can be performed on-line without disassembly, and without the need for cool-down or drying time Dry Ice Blasting units are portable, so they can go to where the equipment to be cleaned is located, thus the need for disassembly, transporting and reassembly is eliminated.

Safe Around Electrical Components u u u

Dry Ice Blasting cleans thoroughly, leaving equipment dry and in place

It works without the need of harmful chemicals, lubricants, solvents or water

Dry Ice Blasting is an ideal cleaning solution for electrical equipment or other water/ dust sensitive applications

No Media Entrapment u

The cleaning medium disappears as a gas, and therefore it cannot become trapped in holes, corners etc.

u It cannot block up ventilation holes or lead to damage moving parts such as bearings, chain link etc.

Sanitises While Inhibits Bacteria & Mould Growth u

u u

Dry Ice is a natural, anti-bacterial cleaning method.

The extreme temperature of -79째C kills bacteria and fungi immediately upon contact

While it cleans, it sanitises without the need for chemicals, toxins or additional agents

Cleaning Oil Resins Dry Ice Blasting removes grease quickly due to the cold temperature whilst not adding contaminated waste around the area.

Fire Remediation Dry Ice Blasting is the ideal cleaning medium to remove soot and carbon caused by ďŹ re by keeping the waste dry and therefore easy to be vacuumed up. Dry Ice Blasting acts as a massive advantage in these situations, as it does not require any on-site facilities being selfsuďŹƒcient run by the compressor, requiring no electricity or water.

Cleaning Automated Moving Parts in Situ Dry Ice sublimates, and therefore will not damage equipment if it becomes lodged inside small gaps. This allows the operator to dry ice blast the equipment without dismantling; saving time and disruption. Dry Ice Blasting can clean conveyor belts without damaging the rubber belt, allowing cleaning to take place whilst equipment is still in use.

Cleaning of Bunds in A Chemical Plant Bunds require cleaning due to the build up of oil and grime. Dr ice is used to clean bunds for a number of dierent reasons: u u u u

No secondary waste

Safe around electrical equipment

Results are more superior compared to traditional cleaning methods

Safe around harmful chemicals

Retail park environments: Cleaning of Roofs & Facades, Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal Whether the surface preparation for re-coating or just to clean a building, Dry Ice Blasting oers and non-disruptive solution, cleaning without spraying water or chemicals anywhere near the public. This allows shops to clean the externals without closing. Dry Ice Blasting removes chewing gum with speed and leaves it non-sticky as other solutions such as steam cleaning.

Marine Dry Ice Blasting can be used to remove anti-foul without removing the layers of coatings underneath, or can remove the layers of coatings if needed with higher pressure without damaging the gel coat. This technology saves time for surface preparation but also prevents damage to the fibreglass substrate.

Health & Safety Ice Blasting Solutions Limited is highly experienced in working within safety-critical environments and will work closely with suppliers to the public to ensure that all health and safety concerns are addressed throughout the cleaning process.

At Ice Blasting Solutions Ltd. Health & Safety of our employees, clients and the environment we work in are all important parts of our business.All of our employees are provided with specialist PPE and additional PPE to suit the particular environment and limitations identified in the detailed risk assessment for the specific work in question. We use the services of an independent Health and Safety Consultant who can visit the site and provide the risk assessment of sensitive sites and advise and liaise with clients Health and Safety advisors. Ear protection is necessary and because the temperature of dry ice can be as low as -79°C, gloves should always be worn when working. As with any dusty area, a mask is recommended for eye and nose protection, never point the gun at another person. Blasting is an enclosed area and is safe when used with proper ventilation. CO2 is 40% heavier than air, therefore placement of exhaust fans at or near ground level is necessary when blasting in an enclosed area. In an open shop environment, existing ventilation is sufficient to prevent undue CO2 build up.

Examples of Dry Ice cleaning in Production Environments:



7/7 Memorial Cleaning, Hyde Park, London:

Ice Blasting Solutions were invited to carry out the cleaning of the 7/7/ war memorial situated in Hyde Park, London. Dry Ice cleaning was identified as the preferred method due to the non-abrasive and environmentally friendly nature of the system. We will now be considered for other memorials including the cleaning of heritage stone.

Automotive Moulds & tools:

Ice Blasting Solutions were approached by a leading automotive parts manufacturer to address the problem of residue build up, on both pressing tools and manufacturing moulds. Having carried out an in depth trial on their units, it was found that our process removed debris in a far more effective manner than existing traditional methods employed could achieve, with additional benefits of cleaning gas vents in the same operation. They have found that by utilising our system they do not have any on-going issues of abrasive damage that had been experienced utilising media blasting. They are now able to clean all tools and presses without the need to dismantle equipment, or having to carry out secondary cleans to remove media waste.



Rollers, Cogs & Machinery

Restoration of mechanical surfaces including delicate metal rollers without the worry of water contamination

Fire Restoration

Cleaning Operation of wood and timber after severe smoke damage

Paint Booths:

Ice Blasting Cleaning carried out a clean of paint booths for a leading aerospace manufacturer. They were successful in removing over 5 years of overspray build up from various areas throughout their facility, including walk way grid units, beams, filter units and walls.

Nuclear Industry:

Ice Blasting Solutions were asked to clean a mixing rig and shute for a supplier to the nuclear industry. The clean involved high level and restrictive working access, which we were fully qualified to carry out. The clean involved removing concrete waste from all areas of the rig/shute areas, which they required carrying out utilising no water. The added benefits to the client were the non-abrasive element to our system and no secondary clean, which had proved problematic in the past.

Tank Cleaning

Dry ice blasting removes tough contaminants from tanks without mess of sand or water.

Cleaning of silicone station

Dry ice blasting removes tough silicones without mess or harm to machinery.





Paint removal

Dry ice blasting removes large paint build up from printing stations and paint booths.

Electrical equipment

Dry ice blasting cleans electrical motors whilst running thus means no downtime on equipment.


Different clients working in different sectors require service providers to have the appropriate training and accreditation. At Ice Blasting Solutions Ltd. we strive to satisfy those needs. All of our operations team are trained and accredited with the following:

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