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Contents TOP CITY BREAKS FOR UNDER £100 Matt Hull gives us his guide on how to get away from it all for less than your Christmas shopping bill!

XMAS DINNER FROM THE PRO’S Prepare for the Christmas Dinner to beat all Christmas Dinners with advice from Gordon, Jamie & Nigella.

HAS GOOGLE GOT A DARK SIDE? Everyone’s favorite search engine. But are you in danger of letting Google take over your life?

OUR PROPERTIES Last but certainly not least you can find all of this month properties throughout the magazine. Enjoy!

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Country Style



GU10 Four Bedrooms Three Reception Rooms Master Bedroom With Ensuite

ÂŁ850,000 An individual country home in a semi rural location two miles from Farnham. A large three bay barn style garage/carport with a room over provides a tremendous additional facillity.





GU10 Three Bedrooms L-Shaped Lounge/diner Kitchen

ÂŁ350,000 An individual three bedroom bungalow that nestles in a delightful south Farnham location ideal for buyers looking for peace and quiet, yet with local facilities and amenities close at hand. A full inspection is recommended by the selling agents.






In a time when many skeptics have claimed it’s near impossible to sell your property, one of the few people you would be wise to take advice about buying and selling from is millionaire James Caan. With a fortune of around £80m, Caan’s many businesses reach out as far as buying and selling property. In fact, back in January he bought a six-storey townhouse in the heart of London’s Mayfair for £4.2million. Taking advantage of the property collapse in London’s historically bank-emptying West End, he has already nearly doubled his investment with the building now valued at around £8m.

Top city breaks for under £100

From partying in Prague to culture in Krakow, we bring you the pound-stretching weekend getaways that defy the credit crunch.4 by Matt Hull Kerb appeal They say you can only make one ‘first impression,’ and people usually form their first impression within 30 seconds. The front of your house is a good place to spend a little extra time and money. Plant flowers, trim bushes, weed, pick up leaves, repaint your front door, replace tarnished house numbers or a dented mailbox, get a brand-new neutral doormat, park your old car somewhere else. In addition, garden at the back of your property are seen nowadays as an additional room, so be sure to make it feel like a space to entertain and relax.


If you’d rather not spend the money re-decorating, it is essential that your home must sparkle. Spring Clean your house from top to bottom before putting on the market. Having a weekly cleaning service while selling is probably a pretty good investment, or if you have only a limited time to sell the property, getting industrial cleaners in will be money well-spent; have the carpets, sofa covers, oven and windows cleaned while you’re at it. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, which need to be inviting and hygienic; finish up with a new loo seat; fresh white towels.

Fix Thisand summer replace saw hundreds of cash-strapped Brits cast away their sun cream and flip-flops, in place of 99’s and woolly jumpers, as the the or most popular holiday destination for families fearing the exchange rate overseas. Got a dripping tap,UK a became cracked tile a door Who needs a beach body and a tan when that doesn’t open properly? These will send the you’ve got subzero seas and a stick of rock, right? wrong message to potential buyers. Getting all But in reality, you you needn’t have to on confine problems fixed before put your house the yourselves to your living room while the economic world is in crisis. Yes, the pound continues to lag behind the Euro, but you can still treat yourself to a proper holiday and not break the bank. market is a smart idea.

Understandably, when someone offers you a great deal on a holiday, it usually comes at a price; the price in this case Eliminate Clutter being Both andto.Easyjet are offering flights to over 20 destinations, for under £27.99 (including This may your be thecomfort. hardest rule of Ryanair all to adhere taxes, check-in fee, etc), so if you can bare the bumpy and, indeed, grumpy ride over – there are endless opportunities We love our clutter – it reflects our memories, at the other end of the terminal. hobbies, and values. But most important 4 of all, it doesn’t sell homes. Clutter makes homes seem smaller and disorganized. (Have you ever noticed that the really expensive stores seem to have


FEATURE PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC Situated in the heart of the Czech Republic, Prague sits on the Bohemian plateau and the Vitava river, (Czech’s longest river) diving the city in two. Yet it is this divide that allows Prague to offer such a diversity for tourists; from those who are looking for a 48-hour party (Karlovy Lazne Dance Club is one of the biggest in Central Europe), to a plethora of culture and history to unearth. Hotels Located a little further outside the main tourist area, Quality Hotel Prague is a bargain, at around £20 per night, for a decent sized room. Yet its distance won’t cause too much of a problem, as there is a tram-line just outside the hotel and a shuttle straight to and from the airport, so it might be worth buying a 24-hour bus ticket. But if your looking for something closer to the city’s attractions, then Residence Casa Italia Prague Czech could be much better for you. Although an Italian themed apartment in the centre of Prague might be a bit of cultural mismatch, at £22, it’s hard to complain. Attractions Everywhere you look in Prague you’re bound to see something of cultural value, with hundreds of concert halls, galleries, cinemas and music clubs in the city. But you needn’t spend hours pottering around the museums when the cities landmarks tell the tale for you. From the Charles Bridge, which connects the Old Town to Mala Strana, to the city’s typically eccentric architecture, such as the Dancing House (pictured). Also, be sure to try the famous Czech beers while you’re there!




KRAKOW, POLAND One of Poland’s largest and oldest cities, Krakow has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish academic and artistic life, dubbed the countries ‘culture capital’. While it’s not your usual holiday destination and, perhaps, definitely not one to take the kids away to, Krakow still brings in around seven million tourists a year – and for good reason. Hotels Paszkówka Palace, although located only 30 km from the centre of Kraków, is an ideal place to relax in peace, offering an excellent environment for holidays, active rest and for work. While, surprisingly a little more expensive than those in Prague, at £51 per person, Paszkowka Palace (if you can say it), offers tradition you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the country. But if you’re willing to sacrifice this for a cheaper option, which is just as comfortable, then be sure to check-out the Olimpia Hotel, located in the up-town quarter of Krakow at £46.02. Attractions: One of Krakow’s most popular site seeing attractions and one likely to be quoted as ‘unmissable’ in any guide book, from Portsmouth to Poland, is Osweicim, or in it’s German name - Auschwitz. Whilst gruesome in its history, the concentration camps are absolutely heartstopping and, well, unmissable. But for those opting for a slightly less intense weekend, Kazimierz, offers a brighter alternative and a chance to escape the crowds. With a sizable Jewish population


of Krakow having moved to this district at the end of the fifteenth century, Kazimierz offers a historic smorgasbord of Jewish culture, pre-World War II. MADRID, SPAIN Now if you’re the type of person who can tell a Dali from a Disney, then Madrid is the perfect weekend away for you. Considered to be one of Europe’s top destinations concerning art museums, Spain’s capital has around 14 museums to venture round, not to mention one of the world’s most exciting football teams. Hotels: Located only around 10 minutes from the Barajas airport, Axor Barajas is ideally suited to travelers who are not looking to spend much of the day in their rooms, but when they are – to be pampered like el supreme (kings to you and I), all for a sensible £50. Attractions: While Madrid has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighbourhoods and streets, it still maintains a reputation as quite a young town, noted in particular for its nightclubs. On weekends, Madrilenian youth are known for dancing all night long, stopping only to go home, take a shower, shave (or not) and go to work. But, for a more family friendly weekend, be sure to check-out the newly built theme park, Faunia Madrid. Built with the aim of bringing the wildlife into the city, it is an oasis of biodiversity amongst Madrid’s residential neighbourhoods, with 140,000 square meters of this biological park, playing home to over 1500 different animals.


DUBLIN, IRELAND Somewhere a little closer to British shores is the ever-popular capital of Ireland, Dublin. Offering far more than green fields and a sore head in the morning, Dublin’s economy has risen dramatically over the past five years, becoming a tourist hotspot. Hotels: Situated only 20 minutes outside the main city centre, The Louis Fitzgerald Hotel features over 190 four-star guest rooms and suites, some with stunning views of the Dublin Mountains. But as you may expect, quality doesn’t come without a price within this fair city, as it will set you back around £54.99.

for around £40 on Easyjet and only a trainride away from the small town of GamischPartenkirken. Whilst it does sound like the noise you make when you sneeze, this petite town, located in Southern Germany, near the Austrian border, is one bound to stick on your head once you leave.

Hotels With Garmisch-Partenkirken leading you slightly away from the tourist flock in Munich, you’re left with either over-priced or woodland-shack, with very little hotels sitting in between. One such hotel is Drei Mohren, which, for around £30, will provide you with a

Attractions: While Dublin may not be the best place in which to save your pennies when out and about, there are a number of activities and attractions that won’t have you breaking open your child’s piggy bank. The Irish House Party combines all the singing and dancing of a traditional Irish house party, with a real learning experience, where house guests learn about Irish music, dance and culture. Guests can meet and talk with the musicians and presenters in the private bar and even perform themselves. GARMISCH-PARTENKIRKEN, GERMANY Munich is the only exception to the poundstretching rule, as it is one of the only airports that Ryanair won’t fly to for under £64.99. However, you can get to the German capital

comfortable place to sleep as well as some of the most spectacular views you will ever see. Take the mountainous scenery from ‘A Sound of Music’ and the thrill of a Bond skichase and your half way to exploring what this town has to offer. Attractions Garmisch-Partenkirken combines the quaint buildings of the town’s architecture, with the grand mountainous landscape – home to Germany’s largest mountain, Zugspitze, which, if you’re brave enough, you can venture up. For the thrillseekers, particularly those not afraid of heights, The Partnach Gorge and the 100ft high Olympic Ski Slope are available all year round. n



Everyone’s home is their Castle 7 South Street, Farnham, GU9 7QU

175 Victoria Road, Aldershot, GU11 1JU

Tel: 01252 715333

Tel: 01252 333003




How to make the best Christmas dinner in the world! Christmas dinner, a meal that never disappoints, or should that be: never disappoints to put the pressure on the poor soul who has taken on the responsibility of creating the perfect festive feast! But before you start thinking what a terrible mistake you have made by inviting everyone over to yours for Christmas this year, help is at hand. by Grace Knight The images all over our televisions over the past 6 weeks, of golden brown roast potatoes, gently falling out of their roasting tin and succulent turkey, falling off the bone as it is sliced, have ensured

that any attempt that falls anywhere short of this perfection come the big day, may be met with a polite smile on the outside by your gathered guests, but will surely be the ‘topic’ of conversation

on their journey home. However, help is at hand. We have gathered some of the best tips from some of the country’s top chefs to make sure that your Christmas dinner is a cracker...4



The Turkey Gordon Ramsay From Nation’s Favourite Food



Ingredients FOR THE HERB BUTTER - 250g/9oz pack unsalted butter, softened - 3-4 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves only - sprig of fresh rosemary, chopped leaves only - 2 tbsp fresh parsley leaves, chopped - salt - freshly ground black pepper - 5-6kg/11-13lb medium-sized turkey - 3 or 4 good quality, thick sausages, skins removed FOR THE STUFFING - 200g/7oz white breadcrumbs - 125g/4½oz butter - 1 onion, finely chopped - large sprig of thyme and rosemary, chopped leaves only - 6 fresh sage leaves - 1 lemon, zest only - 50g/2oz pine nuts - 3 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped - 1 tsp sea salt - freshly ground black pepper

FOR THE GRAVY - 1 onion or large shallot, chopped - 2 tbsp olive oil - 125ml/4fl oz dry white wine - 1 sprig fresh thyme - 1 bay leaf - 500ml/17fl oz chicken stock - 200ml/7fl oz double cream - pan juices from roasting - sea salt - freshly ground black pepper

Method 1. Pre-heat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4 2. Make the herb butter, mix herbs and butter together to form a paste, season well and chill. 3. Prepare the turkey, to remove legs, cut through the skin and pull joint firmly away from body then cut through ball and socket joints. 4. Cut away the ‘oyster’ on the back of the turkey so leg and thigh comes away cleanly. 5. With a thin, sharp knife, bone both legs and stuff with sausage meat. 6. Wrap tightly in tin foil and chill to set the shape. 7. Prepare the crown, cut off wing tips and, for easier carving, take out the wishbone and cut away back bone with poultry shears. 8. Lift up the breast skin with your fingers and separate it from the flesh. 9. Divide the herb butter between the two breast flaps and pull the skin back over. 10. Season well, place in a roasting tin and cover loosely with butter paper or foil. 11. Cook the turkey, put the foil-wrapped legs in a roasting pan and cook at 180C/350F/Gas4 for 45 minutes. Reduce temperature to 160C/320F/Gas 2 and cook for a further 15 minutes then remove foil and cook for a further 30 minutes, straining off any juices for the gravy. 12. Cook the crown for 1-1½ hours at 180C/350F/Gas 4 until juices run clear and let the bird rest for 30 minutes before carving. 13. Make the stuffing, melt butter in a large frying pan and gently sauté onion and garlic for five minutes until soft. 14. Stir in the herbs for one minute then add breadcrumbs to absorb butter. 15. Mix in zest, pine nuts and seasoning and cook over medium heat for about seven minutes until crumbs start to brown and crisp. 16. Take off the heat, mix in the parsley and serve warm. 17. Make the gravy, sauté the onion in the olive oil for about five minutes. Pour in the wine, add the thyme and bay and boil until reduced right down. 18. Add stock and boil until reduced by half then add cream and boil for further five minutes. Season with freshly ground black pepper. 19. Remove from heat, cool for ten minutes and strain. 20. Add turkey pan juices, boil for two minutes, season with salt and strain. (This can be made in advance and frozen before the juices are added. When thawed, simply heat until boiling and follow point 20.) 4



Roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots Jamie Oliver From Jamies Ministry of food



Ingredients -

1.2kg potatoes 6 parsnips 6 carrots 1 bulb of garlic 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary sea salt and freshly ground black pepper olive oil

Method TO PREPARE YOUR VEGETABLES - Preheat your oven to 200°C/400°F/gas 6 - Peel the vegetables and halve any larger ones lengthways - Break the garlic bulb into cloves, leaving them unpeeled, and bash them slightly with the palm of your hand - Pick the rosemary leaves from the woody stalks

TO COOK YOUR VEGETABLES - Put the potatoes and carrots into a large pan – you may need to use two – of salted, boiling water on a high heat and bring back to the boil - Allow to boil for 5 minutes, then add the parsnips and cook for another 4 minutes - Drain in a colander and allow to steam dry - Take out the carrots and parsnips and put to one side - Fluff up the potatoes in the colander by shaking it around a little – it’s important to ‘chuff them up’ like this if you want them to have all those lovely crispy bits when they’re cooked - Put a large roasting tray over a medium heat and either add a few generous lugs of olive oil or carefully spoon a little of the fat from the meat you’re cooking - Add the garlic and rosemary leaves - Put the vegetables into the tray with a good pinch of salt and pepper and stir them around to coat them in the flavours - Spread them out evenly into one layer – this is important, as you want them to roast, not steam as they will if you have them all on top of each other The best time to put the vegetables into the oven is about 40 minutes before the meat is ready to come out. While it rests there’ll be more space in the oven and you’ll be able to move the veg up to the top shelf to finish them off to perfection. 4



Chestnut Cheesecake Nigella Lawson From Feast: Food to Celebrate Life



Ingredients FOR THE BASE - 4 ounces (2 cups) Graham cracker crumbs - 1/2 stick butter - 1 heaped tablespoon sweetened chestnut purée

FOR THE CHEESECAKE - 2 cups cream cheese - 3/4 cup superfine sugar - 3 eggs - 3 egg yolks - 3/4 cup sour cream - 1 teaspoon lime juice - 1 teaspoon vanilla extract - 1–2 tablespoons rum - 1 cup sweetened chestnut purée

FOR THE SYRUP - 1/3 cup water - 1/4 cup rum - 1 tablespoon sweetened chestnut purée - 1/4 cup superfine sugar - 1 tablespoon butter

Method Preheat the oven to 350°F, and put the kettle on to boil. For the base, process the crackers, butter and heaped tablespoon chestnut purée until like fine crumbs. Press the mixture into the bottom of a 9 inch springform pan and place in the fridge while you make the filling. Beat the cream cheese until smooth and add the sugar. Add the eggs and egg yolks, beating them in one by one until they are incorporated into the cream cheese and sugar. Pour in the sour cream, lime juice, vanilla extract and rum, and beat again until smooth and creamy. Finally fold in the sweetened chestnut purée. Don’t worry about making a fully amalgamated mixture: smooth cream cheese with grainy streaks of chestnut is just fine. Line the outside of the springform pan containing the crumb base with a good wrapping of plastic wrap, so that the whole of the bottom and sides are enveloped in plastic. Do the same with aluminum foil, covering the layer of plastic wrap to make a very watertight casing. Stand the springform, thus covered, in a roasting pan and pour in the chestnut filling. Once that’s done, pour water from a recently boiled kettle into the roasting pan to come just over an inch up the side of the pan (the plastic wrap will make it bob up and down a bit) and place in the oven to cook for an hour. When the cheesecake’s ready it should be just set on top with a hint of wobble underneath; it certainly carries on cooking as it cools. Take the cheesecake out of the roasting pan, take off the foil and plastic wrap and let the cheesecake cool on a rack. Refrigerate overnight before unmolding and leaving it to get back to room temperature. If you need to unmold it long before you want to eat it (I often do just because I like to get all bothersome stuff out of the way before people arrive) then just sit it on its serving plate in the fridge until about 20–30 minutes before you want to eat it. I’d take it out as you sit down to dinner or lunch or whatever. You can make the syrup in advance but do not pour over until the actual point of serving. You just put all of the syrup ingredients into a saucepan and melt together. Let the syrup boil for 10 minutes, then cool to just warmish (or even room temperature) before criss-crossing the top of the cheesecake with it. n


Character Cottage



GU9 Double Bedroom Freehold Parking

ÂŁ163,000 A smart character cottage that has been the subject of a complete modernisation programme. Noteworthy features include a new kitchen and bathroom, full gas central heating and double glazing, making it an ideal first time or buy to let investment property.


Folly Hill

GU9 Private driveway 4 bedrooms Double garage

ÂŁ415,000 A substantial detached house situated at the end of a private drive with approximately a fifth of an acre. The property offers four double bedrooms together with a 24ft lounge, dining room, study, breakfast/utility room and double garage. A must see property for any family.



BISHOP'S KEEP, SURREY Brand new attached town house with accommodation over three floors and allocated parking.


WINDERMERE WAY, FARNHAM A detached house situated in an elevated position with outstanding views to the rear.


BISHOP'S KEEP, FARNHAM Farnham town centre. Three floors, lounge and private sun terrace. Completion spring 2010.


GLYNSWOOD, FARNHAM Extended detached house situated in a cul-de-sac within easy reach of Rowledge village centre.




Is there a da side to Goog

Anyone who uses the Internet knows who Google is. In fact it is very hard to imagine the In most of us Google are seen as the good guys, after all they are colourful, free and they bri you want. However, the company is valued at a reported $80 billion, so where do they mak Fraser takes a look at where Google came from and more worryingly where they may be go



ark gle? by John Fraser

ternet without Google. For ing you all the information ke their money from? John oing?

For those of us old enough to remember the Internet in the nineties, you will remember that there was a time before Google. Search engines such as AltaVista and WebCrawler were the way in which you would ‘surf the super highway’ and in those days finding a new search engine to use, with new results, was as exciting as today’s version of finding a new app on the iphone. However, all this was to change. Google began in January 1996, as a research project by Larry Page, who was soon joined by Sergey Brin, when they were both PhD students at Stanford University in California. They hypothesized that a search engine that analyzed the relationships between websites would produce better ranking of results than existing techniques, which ranked results according to the number of times the search term appeared on a page. Their search engine was originally nicknamed “BackRub” because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site. A small search engine called Rankdex was already exploring a similar strategy. Convinced that the pages with the most links to them from other highly relevant web pages must be the most relevant pages associated with the search, Page and Brin tested their thesis as part of their studies, and laid the foundation for their search engine. Originally, the search engine used the Stanford University website with the domain The domain was registered on 15 September 1997, and the company was incorporated as Google Inc. on 4 September 1998 at a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. In March 1999, the company moved into offices in Palo Alto, home to several other noted Silicon Valley technology startups. After quickly outgrowing two other sites, the company leased a complex of buildings in Mountain View, California at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway from Silicon Graphics (SGI) in 2003. The company has remained at this location ever since, and the complex has since come to be known as the Googleplex. In 2006, Google bought the property from SGI for $319 million, but how did they make their money? In the late nineties the Google search engine attracted a loyal following among a growing number of Internet users, who liked its simple design and useful results. In 2000, Google began selling advertisements associated with search keywords. The ads were text-based to maintain an uncluttered page design and to maximize page loading speed. Keywords were sold based on a combination of price bid and click-throughs, with bidding starting at 2 pence per click. Thus, while many of its dot-com rivals failed in the new Internet marketplace, Google

quietly rose in stature while appearing to be ‘free’ but generating revenue. Google floated on the stock market on 19 August 2004. Shares were offered at a price of $85 per share. The sale gave Google a market capitalisation of more than $23 billion. The vast majority of the 271 million shares remained under the control of Google. Many Google employees became instant paper millionaires whilst Yahoo!, a competitor of Google, also benefited from the IPO because it owned 8.4 million shares of Google as of 9 August 2004, ten days before the float! In 2006 Google flexed its muscles, buying the ‘free’ online video site YouTube for $1.65 billion and again left many people scratching their heads wondering how Google would make money from a ‘free’ site. As recently as November 2009 YouTube announced a new “Shows” section of its site for UK users, bringing together in one place full length programming and clips from its professional content partners. At launch, the Shows section includes almost 5,000 videos (of which almost 4,000 are full length programmes) from over 60 partners, totalling over 3,000 hours, and YouTube expects this to significantly increase in the coming months. Full length programmes available through the Shows section include: Peep Show, Derren Brown, Hollyoaks, the Inbetweeners, Gordon Ramsay’s F Word, Jamie at Home (all Channel 4), Dead Ringers, Day of the Triffids, This Is Dom Joly (all BBC Worldwide), Adult Swim (Turner Broadcasting), ITN News (ITN), Guinness World Records, He-Man (Classic Media), Baywatch (FremantleMedia), World Rally Championship (North One), The Listening Post, The Fabulous Picture Show (both Al Jazeera), and others. The Shows section also brings together clips of programmes including Wallace and Gromit (Aardman), Top Gear, The Mighty Boosh, Eastenders, QI, Spooks (all BBC Worldwide), Mr Bean (MyVideoRights / Tiger Aspect) and others. All of this adds up to giving Google the foundations of a real competitor to television as we know it. Also in November 2009 Google released the source code for its Google Chrome Operating System. Allowing Google to begin on the long road of convincing people that they no longer need or want a Windows based computer but rather a Google based one!, I mean why not? They are the guys who make everything work, right? And finally back in October 2009 Google acquired a company known as Gizmo5 allowing Google to offer telephone calls for ‘free’ through the internet. Google will now set itself up as a VoIP provider to rival Skype, which holds the vast majority of the market and accounts for 8% of all international voice traffic.4


FEATURE While Google already offers a feature for users to speak over the internet via Google Talk/Voice, it does not have the ability to make incoming or outbound calls to “real” telephones – a service Gizmo5 has already established. Interestingly, Gizmo5 has already been integrated with Google Voice, a service that replaces a user’s telephone numbers with a single number for all devices. Google also has its fingers in such pies as Gmail (email) and Orkut (Social Networking). Through GMail Google stores and never deletes your email. They catalogue it and can do a lot with that data. With time google could write scripts to go through the data and find out every bit of information about you, who you know, what you talk about, etc. Using Gmail bundled with Orkut Google really has a solid grip on your social network with more detail and structure than email alone. Google knows who really is, where he lives, what his pastimes are, and can link it up with your email conversations. Maybe even know things about you that not even your partner knows! To get even further into your life they have the Google Desktop Search which has already been called invasive, bypassing security on people’s PC’s and cataloguing files that it shouldn’t. Now, step back for a second, Google now knows who you know, what you talk about, details about every person, everything you say on your computer, what files you have, what is in each file, basically all of your Digital Data. Oh, also if you use the Google search bar in your browser they track every webpage you go to, although the desktop search tool does that as well. Using their TV (YouTube) they will know what you watch and when you watch it and using their Telephone system they will know who you call and when! Basically Google may just as well stamp your forehead and own you. Oh, let’s not also forget, using Goggle Maps they also know what your house looks like. Quite aside from the invasive nature of all this; given that all of Googles tools are ‘free’ to use for the public it is easy to see how this company that began life in a garage is becoming more fundamental to our everyday lives than we could ever image – let’s just hope that once the day comes when we no longer remember what we know today as television without Google and telephones without Google, the handle on the ‘free’ door does not become stiff, leaving us with no choice but to take a painful diversion in through the ‘paying’ door.n



The path to World domination... Since 2001, Google has acquired several companies, mainly focusing on small start-ups. In 2004, Google acquired a company called Keyhole, Inc., which developed a product called Earth Viewer, renamed in 2005 to Google Earth. In late 2006, Google bought the online video site YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. Shortly after, on 31 October 2006, Google announced that it had also acquired JotSpot, a developer of wiki technology for collaborative Web sites. 13 April 2007, Google reached an agreement to acquire DoubleClick. Google agreed to buy the company for $3.1 billion. 2 July 2007, Google purchased GrandCentral. Google agreed to buy the company for $50 million. 5 August 2009, Google announced the purchase of video software maker On2 Technologies for $106.5 million - its first acquisition of a public company. 10 October 2009, Google buys VoIP Company Gizom5 for $30 Million.

NORTH AVENUE, FARNHAM Tree lined avenue approximately one mile from Farnham town centre. Quarter of an acre plot.


BISHOPS KEEP, FARNHAM Selection of three storey town houses situated within easy reach of Farnham. Completion spring 2010.


MANOR ROAD, FARNHAM A brand new three bedroom three storey town house situated within easy reach of Farnham town centre.


THREE STILES ROAD, SURREY A detached bungalow situated along a no through road within reach of Farnham centre and countryside.



HALE PLACE, FARNHAM A town house situated on an exclusive development approximately one mile distant from Farnham.


BISHOP'S KEEP, FARNHAM The property affords accommodation over three floors. Off road parking for two cars and rear garden.


WEYBOURNE ROAD, FARNHAM This extended family home is beautifully presented throughout This is a must see property.


BISHOPS KEEP, FARNHAM A brand new three bedroom three storey town house. Part exchange. Due for completion spring 2010.




LOW LANE, FARNHAM A bungalow in the village of Badshot Lea. The property offers potential. With no onward chain.


GREENHILL WAY, FARNHAM A semi detached house situated in a pleasant cul-de-sac location to the southern side of Farnham.


WESTBURY GARDENS, FARNHAM A three bedroom link detached home situated within walking distance of Farnham town centre and


BISHOPS KEEP, FARNHAM Three double bedroom town house situated on the outskirts of Farnham town centre.



Castles offer a refreshingly different approach to moving home 7 South Street, Farnham, GU9 7QU

175 Victoria Road, Aldershot, GU11 1JU

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Tel: 01252 333003



RIVERDALE, FARNHAM A well presented home offering a double garage and attractive rear garden. £275,000

THE OLD ORCHARD, FARNHAM Situated in a quiet south farnham cul-de-sac within walking distance of local schools and amenities. £255,000

UPPER HALE ROAD, FARNHAM A double fronted detached three bedroom Victorian home overlooking Hale Cricket Green. £250,000

RUSHDEN WAY, FARNHAM A conservatory addition and a modern refitted kitchen provide excellent living/entertaining space. £250,000

LITTLE GREEN LANE, FARNHAM A three bedroom home situated in an elevated position with schools and ammenities nearby. £259,950




Well located for schools and amenities benefiting from off road parking and a large garden.

A flat situated in a quiet lane offering great space but does require significant improvement.



LONGHOPE DRIVE, FARNHAM Detached home in a peaceful South Farnham cul de sac with attractive gardens. £474,950



A well presented house affording far reaching views to the rear.

A spacious two double bedroom mews style property located on a private estate in Rowledge.





BARDSLEY DRIVE, FARNHAM A one bedroom starter home situated in a cul de sac location to the southern side of Farnham. £154,950

WELLS COTTAGES, FARNHAM A three bedroom semi detached property in an elevated position south of Farnham town centre. £215,000

FAIRVIEW GARDENS, FARNHAM A purpose built one bedroom first floor flat conveniently situated approx 1 mile from Farnham town. £136,500

BROOK HOUSE, FARNHAM A very well presented one bedroom first floor flat situated within easy reach of local amenities. £135,000

HILLCREST, FARNHAM A first floor apartment situated within close proximity to the Rowhill Nature Reserve. £135,000


THE FAIRFIELD, FARNHAM A first floor flat that is offered for sale with no onward chain. £199,950



Situated in an elevated position affording distant views. Ideal first time buy.

Two bedroom shared ownership appartment. The headline price represents 50% of the full value.







A one bedroom ground floor property that is quietly situated close to Rowhill Nature Reserve.

An ideal first or second home. Access to local schools and town centre.



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Castles Magazine Farnham Edition Issue 1  
Castles Magazine Farnham Edition Issue 1  

Property and lifestyle magazine for castles estate agents based in Farnham, UK